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  1. Whats your oldest still working appliance/electronics?
  2. Anyone build robots?
  3. Strange Photo Request
  4. How do you handle a co-worker who THINKS he's your boss?
  5. does your employer ask you to do illegal, unethical things?
  6. Vegas. Busy in December?
  7. Importing a car from Mexico...
  8. So, I woke up this morning to a strange noise and found this...
  9. Ever see "The Spy Who Loved Me"? Check this out...
  10. So apparently black friday is also the day everyone gets trashed
  11. YACT: Kelly Blue Book's Predicted 2008 Resale Values
  12. My work blocked DVD Talk :(
  13. Canadians Jump Into Black Friday Frenzy
  14. Dating question/advice
  15. What are the point of rain gutters?
  16. Question about a state job application
  17. Eco-Nuts are stetilizing themselves to save the planet
  18. News Story as bad as Freddy Kruger's Origin
  19. What time do you have Thanksgiving dinner at your house?
  20. How Often Do You Lose (Honestly)
  21. Help me out with UPS shipping to a vacant home
  22. School me on Navigation systems for Black Friday
  23. Crap, I am not symmetrical
  24. Won't work at home, but works when you take it back to the store. Even happen to you?
  25. I took a shortcut and then ripped my jeans and my leg bot bloodied (I think) and then
  26. Are there stores, restaurants, or places you will refuse to shop in?
  27. Any of you poor saps gotta work tomorrow or friday?
  28. Heather Mills hates rich people
  29. Scientists discover biggest bug ever - and I started the wikipedia article on it!
  30. Happy Turkey Day
  31. Utah Trooper Uses Taser on Driver Who Wouldn't Sign Ticket
  32. Ok, did I blow my chance with a potential hook up?
  33. What 'spirit' goes best with hot chocolate?
  34. Wis. Man Upset Over Beer Shoots Goat
  35. What does it mean when a girl says she wants to take a step back?
  36. How do I print out 1st Class shipping labels?
  37. Lions vs Crocodile vs Water Buffalo
  38. Thanksgiving Dinner help
  39. Pumpkin seed recipe question
  40. School me on "low hand" games
  41. Post Your Desktop - The Return!
  42. Propane tanks: Does size matter?
  43. Pa. Hunter Bags Rare Albino Black Bear
  44. Anything worse than listening to someone else drop a deuce?
  45. Father and son fend off would-be burglars
  46. British Chancellor admits 25 million personal records "lost"
  47. Customized magnets
  48. I don't want to go to work today.
  49. Dominoes and Billiards
  50. Heather Mills Suggest Everyone Should Drink Rat, Cat, and Dog Milk to Save the Earth
  51. Engagement Ring Help
  52. Anyone ever done transcribing? (Interviews/Documentaries, etc...)
  53. is there a legit way to make 100-200 bucks a week online?
  54. CDC: New Respiratory Bug Has Killed 10
  55. Shopping on black friday talk: do you have what it takes?
  56. RIP - Mr. Whipple
  57. Best Service for Finding People?
  58. in the US we have little league, in Mexico there is kid bullfighting
  59. Am I getting screwed (YEAT)
  60. new razor has three (3!) blades--how do you get under the nose??
  61. Need help finding a t-shirt
  62. Victoria Secret Lingerie
  63. What is "light commercial" with regard to zoning?
  64. Online Gambling Concern
  65. What drugs have you taken?
  66. Cop tasers business owner as a prank
  67. So I'm now 18...
  68. Need a new water heater
  69. My Daughter tested for and received her Black Belt(Karate Vids)
  70. Can a ninja dodge a bullet?
  71. Am I going to die?
  72. Sgt Podge baffles owners
  73. Hoboken, NJ SWAT Leader in trouble
  74. Cinder the dog
  75. Chinese people wear used condoms in their hair.
  76. Men, how many of you know what a "Douche Bag" looks like?
  77. Malnourished Newborns Found Near Dead Mother
  78. What the hell kind of bird smashed into my window?
  79. Favorite day of the week?
  80. A Guinness commercial what won't creep you out. Very Cool!
  81. A moment of your time, please...
  82. Nicest huge cock I have ever seen
  83. Human Remains Dumped On Disney Ride
  84. Whats the drunkest you've ever been?
  85. Klutzo the Clown dies after being tazed
  86. Have a license plate frame? What does it say?
  87. How come it's ok to steal money if you're a contractor?
  88. What are you doing for Thanksgiving / Thanksgiving week?
  89. What Are Your Plans Tonight?
  90. Woman Stabs Dog That Attacked Her Cat
  91. Need Help with portable mp3 player!
  92. Do you Hate/Don't Mind Friends/Family just Dropping by ?
  93. National Smoke-Free Day was yesterday. Did you smoke?
  94. Man Breaks Cannonball Run record (31 hours)
  95. 3rd Cousin, Once Removed
  96. Anyone know anything about kitten with tremors?
  97. Obese woman dies in front of refrigerator
  98. Travel Insurance Recommendations...please help.
  99. Does this item exist? Individual beverage cooler
  100. I just wrote this wikipedia article on a newly discovered dinosaur!
  101. A woman of ill repute made me an offer I could refuse.
  102. 911 call : man shoots/kills two burglers [merged yet again]
  103. Tree Man
  104. Do you think women have hit their peak or their only going to get hotter?
  105. Anyone ever been to the new Prudential Center in Newark, NJ?
  106. Question for you ebay sellers
  107. Where's the Hispanic Al Sharpton when they need him?
  108. nnew dinosaur discovered, the Hooversaraus
  109. How much do you spend on gasoline on a weekly basis?
  110. Where do DVD Talk people Volunteer their Time?
  111. I harnessed the Power of Otter: Sibling Relationships
  112. Bathroom faucets: One handle or two?
  113. Santa Claus loses a ho
  114. What was the last thread you started?
  115. Have you ever A.C. Slatered? Pooping Thread
  116. Good/cheap place to get engraved pens?
  117. double speak against or for the issue?
  118. Man arrested and toad taken into custody.
  119. Fat People on the T
  120. A friend of mine needs help -OR- The Tale of the Flooring Desperado
  121. Girlfriend's in Hong Kong, what should I ask for?
  122. Teen steals over $5k in virtual furniture, gets busted by very real cops!
  123. The Online Poker Player Apprectiation Thread
  124. Do you ask your kids to please do something, or you tell them to do it?
  125. The ten most addictive online flash games ever made
  126. Comma Question - I know, boring
  127. 7.7 Quake Rocks Chile, Tsunami Advisory Issued
  128. Vaccinate your kids or go to jail
  129. Anybody been demoted?
  130. Coyotes, kittens, and skunks....oh my!
  131. Dallas gives Army the boot
  132. i dont watch many movies...am i the only here that doesnt?
  133. Job Interview tomorrow....going from Technical to Management
  134. Pay the lump sum or finance?
  135. Teacher Dispatches Raccoon With Nail Gun
  136. Things you want to buy (for Christmas?) but they apparently don't make.
  137. Birthday gift ideas for new lady friend
  138. Sony LCS-TWAT
  139. I need me a workout program...
  140. Supplemental health insurance advice?
  141. Need tips for Mexico/Cancun trip
  142. I need help figuring out the name of this old toy!!
  143. The Random Picture Post Thread III: Back in Training
  144. XM radio Shennanagins--Fix or replace?
  145. 10 things you should never do at work
  146. Running a half-marathon
  147. Hydrogen Breakthrough??
  148. I'm out of gas can you spare some money?
  149. When teen comedies come true
  150. One of my local radio stations is already playing X-mas music 24/7
  151. So you win 1k a week for life, would you retire?
  152. I'm having toilet problems (pics included!!)
  153. Comments on the '08 Impreza Hatchback (non-WRX)?
  154. Woman fugitive caught 33 years later
  155. If you could take 1 trip forward in time
  156. If you could take 1 trip back in time
  157. Man Gets Stabbed, Blowtorched, and Head Sawed Off
  158. Anything wrong with giving 3 weeks notice instead of 2?
  159. Can you learn DVORAK and QWERTY?
  160. Is today a holiday?
  161. Clip from my church yesterday
  162. Japanese Lunar Explorer shoots flyby of Moon in HD
  163. flying with medical marijuana.
  164. The doc says I have to start eating right none wite bread need help
  165. Guy Wants To (Voluntarily) Swim With Great Whites....And Tape It
  166. Recommend me a fridge
  167. EEEEW! Former legislator convicted of rape
  168. Lost on the way to heaven
  169. Have you ever been trapped under your blanket?
  170. Music 'hidden' in Last Supper art
  171. Celebrating Xmas
  172. Re: Out-Dated Terminology: Have you ever called your refrigerator an 'ice box'?
  173. Cheesy Christmas Card Ideas?
  174. cat's at it again - the subungual hematoma thread!
  175. Anyone here on Twitter?
  176. 800-588-2300.....EMPIRE...Carpet
  177. Lady Questions
  178. Why do people get so freaked out about the end of the world?
  179. Candy Orange slices. Does that just describe the color?
  180. Looking to get shoes resoled -- any recommendations?
  181. My first date after divorcing
  182. What Conventional Home Decor Do You Not Own?
  183. His name is Mitzvah!
  184. Get ready folks: Ham flavored soda on the horizon!
  185. The dog washing machine (as invented by the French!)
  186. I'm making some delicious au gratin potatoes!
  187. Help me pick out new shoes
  188. YAET - Filing a dispute with a seller advice needed
  189. Do you ever go out (to eat, to bars, to movies) alone?
  190. What do you do if you get too much $$ from a refund?
  191. How do you (honestly) handle the religious stranger?
  192. Is Kittydreamer's son now designing furniture?
  193. Poor Grandma :(
  194. Words You Know That You Don't Know
  195. eBay: Buy the Dalai Lama's '66 Land Rover
  196. In praise of Simple shoes
  197. Do you have mental images of fellow Otters?
  198. Best Online Place for Travel Insurance
  199. So, I had an interesting commute this morning.
  200. How do you deal with annoying friends that won't leave you alone?
  201. loans to former military personnel
  202. DC otters, good night clubs/bars in the Adams Morgan area?
  203. Where can I find a jacket similar to this one?
  204. Arizona health officials warn about lead in poker chips
  205. How Sensitive Are You to Less Fortunate People?
  206. Curious George Sunglass Recalled--Only 2.5 Years Late
  207. Writer's Strike Blog
  208. Worst pain you've ever felt?
  209. How willing are you to work overtime?
  210. Have you ever intentionally cracked your windshield?
  211. How much money do you spend in an average day?
  212. Shopping in N.H. Question
  213. Giant Spiderweb
  214. Anyone here tried to get fired, a la "Office Space?"
  215. Major bank stocks: time to buy?
  216. Will a second credit card affect my credit score?
  217. A sign from my cousin
  218. Writer's Scabs
  219. Seattle Otters-What ISP do you use?
  220. Do your parents still give you money?
  221. Why do people buy their own drinks on their birthday?
  222. Where in Seattle shoud I live?
  223. 13 year old girl gets detention for hugging two friends
  224. Does this do something more that it claims?
  225. 8 things (interesting) to do in Minnesota...
  226. Moving to Jersey
  227. Do you date outside of your race/culture/socioeconomic class?
  228. Finally, we can go through life in the third person
  229. 100 Unsexiest Men of 2007
  230. I'm considering an additional hobby
  231. Cow Falls Off Cliff, Crashes Onto Van on Highway
  232. Are your children still sleeping in your bed (or vice-versa - you're in their bed)?
  233. Grown children of Interracial Parents - do you prefer white or black mates?
  234. Society Shocks Me (Drug Related), Hometown Edition
  235. Toy recalled because it contains date-rape drug!
  236. Why did Gargamel want to eat the Smurfs?
  237. Lets talk turkey...
  238. Caption This: W is wrong with some parent's today?
  239. The Other Forum has ruined me - Cow Punch and other related tales
  240. How do you motivate yourself when feeling lazy?
  241. Man tortured with freshly baked cookies.
  242. Gift ideas for a girl I'm dating
  243. Chessboxing
  244. Cow Falls Off Cliff and Hits Van
  245. Man With Knife Holds Off Aggressive Deer
  246. Make a photo into video...
  247. Britney Spears' expenses
  248. Poker on a Cruise
  249. I Know...lets use our own fecal matter too get high.
  250. So my 6 year old has mono. What should I expect for those that have had it?

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