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  1. Happy Willie Horton Day?
  2. Have you digitized your family photos?
  3. Um...ok...keep the change?
  4. Black Monday: Never again? (Happy 20th Anniversary)
  5. Burglars move into Alabama woman's home
  6. Bird talk: where'd all the blue-jays go?
  7. What do you say when you drop something?
  8. Need some advice on a car sold to a friend...
  9. What do you find most annoying/amusing about PARROTS?
  10. PARENTS what do you find most annoying about GRANDPARENTS?
  11. IRS to poker winners: Pay up!
  12. Comcast is blocking some Internet traffic
  13. Anyone ever use an air duct "dust removal" service (for hvac systems)
  14. Nonparents: What do you find most annoying/amusing about other nonparents?
  15. Is she turning clockwise or anti-clockwise....?
  16. PARENTS: What do you find most annoying about other PARENTS?
  17. Nonparents: What do you find most annoying/amusing about people with children?
  18. Rain Forest Cafe - anyone been?
  19. How do you say The Blessing (Grace) in your home before a meal?
  20. So...if I tell my co-worker to go f' themselves, it would be good for me?
  21. Wingsuit Base Jumping........Woah.
  22. ImprovEverywhere...is back! Shirtless in A&F!
  23. Sexual Harrasment against men at work.
  24. Whoever thought it would be a good idea for women to work should be dug up and shot
  25. Dudes with light racks, need a little help....
  26. Rant - Write my lunch order down and you won't get it wrong!
  27. Joey Bishop Dead at 89
  28. Anyone know where to buy jetons or plaques?
  29. Train, Stalled Vehicle on Tracks Video
  30. Parents: What do you find most annoying/amusing/both, about people without children?
  31. Dallas/ Fort Worth Otters...Need Some Help Please
  32. Fired for drinking on the job. How to explain when looking for new job?
  33. Toll Booths - Any way to find out where?
  34. Do you dress up for Halloween?
  35. Anyone here hypoglycemic?
  36. Halloween is coming!
  37. Where are the Haunted Houses in the Chicagoland area?
  38. do any men remember when their doctor fondled their penis until you had a hard-on?
  39. Tax Deduction Question - Examples of legit deductions?
  40. GOOD / AFFORDABLE Hotel in NYC ? (So I can propose to my girlfriend!)
  41. jfahgsd HOW can i get my money!?
  42. Early Seafood, Makeup Found in S. Africa
  43. What happens to mail with incorrect postage?
  44. Esurance question
  45. Need Some schoolin' on Toronto
  46. Ellen cries for the puppy. :-(
  47. Is this print too girly for my dining room?
  48. Has there ever been a "successful" kidnapping (from the kidnapper's point of view)
  49. Russia Visa Help Needed - Do I need one?
  50. Very hard water
  51. I'll Be Your Mirror
  52. Traffic ticket not affecting insurance?
  53. A plea for internet poker legalization by Chris Young
  54. Stop with all the stickers on your cars
  55. Disney to spend $1.1 billion to overhaul California Adventure
  56. Does Your 11yr old Need Some Birth Control Pills?
  57. Jessica McClure: 20 Years Later
  58. mold in the bathroom
  59. Anyone else like drinking beer in the shower?
  60. How to tell whether a pic is photoshopped or not?
  61. A sign of weakness?
  62. Aspiring Horor Novelist Arrested for Murder of 3
  63. Don't play at Absolute Poker
  64. woman sues florist for 400k because of wrong color
  65. Where do the pretty / affluent people get their drivers licenses renewed?
  66. 4 tenant limit imposed on man-whores
  67. Woman Overheard Yelling Obscenities at Toilet Could Face Jail Time
  68. Oh, Yummy.
  69. Smile, it's National Boss Day!
  70. Pope waves from the grave (pic)
  71. Is there any DVD or movie MAGAZINES?
  72. Good Website for auto parts?
  73. Photocroppers & Graphic Artists: "ALTer Debbie" & Impress DeArmond Blu-Ray Contest
  74. Just because I apply for a credit card doesn't mean I want it!
  75. keeping dry cat food fresh?
  76. Halloween Costume Idea Thread 2007 Edition
  77. You're at a group picnic, and the host calls for a prayer...
  78. Erasable felt tip marker?
  79. Does Oklahoma City have really high sales tax?
  80. Concert talk: Crowd surfing
  81. Burnt pretzel sticks
  82. Fish oil ?
  83. homeowner tax question
  84. Don't ride shotgun in a rally car unless you reaaaally want to...
  85. Bankruptcy Question
  86. I'm in line, so you get in line too...
  87. 3 Americans to Share Nobel Prize in Economics
  88. My wife just gave birth to my brother.
  89. YACT: Best credit monitoring service?
  90. Halloween Game
  91. living in indiana, but working in illinois (tax question)
  92. has anyone tried the "free car" website?
  93. Knives
  94. CNN goes The Onion on us (priest-related)
  95. Anybody got the Immortal costume from the movie 300?
  96. My divorce update - merged
  97. My latest rant: Government websites!!!!!
  98. Grade School B*tch & Moan Thread
  99. Car totalled. Need used Bimmer buying help
  100. If a friend of yours killed someone and you knew, would you turn them in?
  101. Do eyelashes have any useful purpose?
  102. Cat question - ringworm related
  103. Ann Arbor, MI -- where to stay?
  104. Dummy of the Day
  105. Star Wars geek and have $800 to spend??
  106. Good place to buy fake plants/trees?
  107. P.F. Chang's Lucky Eight
  108. Was this a one night stand?
  109. Former SAC trader says he was told to take female hormones to curb aggressions
  110. Netherlands Bans Hallucinogenic "Magic" Mushrooms
  111. Calling In Sick- Does Your Boss Give You A Hard Time
  112. Walmart Love
  113. Comedian Louis CK finds Catholic Church is all about boys
  114. Anybody been to Antibes, France?
  115. I'm thinking of taking Naltrexone.
  116. Otter withdrawals subsiding, finally.
  117. 2 quick questions about Universal Studios Florida
  118. Pull Up Your Pants!
  119. Let Me Steal Your Work Wasting Website Idea
  120. Branson Rappels 400 Feet Down Hotel
  121. Branson Rappels 400 Feet Down Hotel
  122. Going back to school for my MBA
  123. Cop sues brain-damaged toddler's family
  124. I've had it with Prescription Drug Adverts...
  125. The Laughing Anchor People
  126. Canker sores: how bad can they get?
  127. Money Market Checking Account question (Maybe dumb, but...Any risk?)
  128. my online banking "statement" what's wrong here
  129. Charlie Sheen and a latex cheerleader
  130. Singer Bobby Brown has heart attack
  131. Who knows anything about building an addition to a house?
  132. The Right Brain vs Left Brain test
  133. The Move of the Adult material to Xcritic.com
  134. YAST: Yet Another School Thread...
  135. The Odyssey Years
  136. Post your pic, ya big wuss! (2007)
  137. Going on my first cruise! Looking for advice...
  138. Another Photoshop Help Thread!!
  139. Do you get a flu shot?
  140. Looking for floodlights w/ a wireless control switch
  141. Yum: Salmonella Pot Pies
  142. ConAgra Stops Pot Pie Plant Production
  143. Fruit trees
  144. Grad School B*tch & Moan Thread
  145. Any Pokemon card knowledge around here? I need me some knowledge.
  146. How long have you been able to say **** on broadcast tv?
  147. I'm coming home...
  148. Removing Paint from grout??
  149. Where do all the little city critters go to die?
  150. Good Marketing means Knowing your Customers
  151. School me on how to bet football properly
  152. Great American Beer Festival in Denver this weekend, anyone going or been?
  153. is there a religion that teaches about 'us being dropped off millions of years ago?'
  154. Anyone participated in a zombie walk?
  155. Nissan reveals the car of the future...and it is easy to park! (w/ Pics!)
  156. Thoughts on Scheduled Maintenance..
  157. Calling a radio station a blow torch?
  158. NEWS FLASH ------The Forum is Broke------------
  159. Big Gay Chickens take over City Government in Ohio!!!!!!!
  160. Deftone bites Thor's cracker, Pedagogue investigates!
  161. DVDTalk user stuck in refrigerator eats own foot!
  162. Insert Horrendous News Story Headline Here
  163. New owners rescue mutilated dogs
  164. This is the new chatroom software, yes?
  165. This is the way DVDTALK should be all the time
  166. Pad
  167. Hiya Thor :) Whatcha up to?
  168. Man I hope they fix this fast. Anyone out there? New thread me.
  169. Db Problem
  170. School me about Hawaiian cruises
  171. Wal-Mart shoppers, sheep?
  172. 10-yr old commits suicide, 'cuz his parents say no video games
  173. Oh Yes, Another Cat Thread - Possible New Cat Owner looking for tips
  174. Orange. Orange. Orange. Orange. Orange. Orange. Orange. Orange. Orange. Orange.
  175. Anyone here worked at Walmart in NY? Overtime question
  176. Minorities and Disproportionate Representation
  177. Tasers are safe, study says
  178. Urban legends at work: What to do?
  179. Bambi Meets Godzilla
  180. Actual Fun With Family Circus
  181. Wall to Wall Carpet in Basement?
  182. Help....dry skin in winter/fall!
  183. I know it makes me a geek but I want this shirt
  184. Red Six, Standing By
  185. I are a convention geek (photo)
  186. Rheingold Beer
  187. Columbus Day?
  188. Pamela Anderson Married.....In Vegas!
  189. What you know about (indoor) rock climbing?
  190. How to fix a wobbly toilet tank?
  191. State Fair of Texas - Ever go?
  192. How could I go about making a room filled with balls?
  193. whats up with these radio sports bet handicappers
  194. Don't Speak English? No Criminal Charges For You!
  195. Getting fired because of your blog... Right? Wrong?
  196. wanna make some money, sue someone in pennsylvania
  197. Can someone help me figure out a phone number, by the tones??
  198. Kids in car during sex, drug bust
  199. Old Skool otter roll call!!!
  200. I need a new phone, any suggestions?
  201. Child molester does good...
  202. Dramatic Dashcam: Screaming 15-Year-Old Girl Pepper Sprayed After Biting Officer
  203. where do you buy ron popeil products separately?
  204. I just shaved my armpits and I'm already feeling the pricks
  205. Is it safe to store CD's in a hot attic?
  206. New kitten litterbox problem!
  207. Noobler the Tinker Gnome
  208. Where do you keep your wallet?
  209. Maine Eatery May Ban Free 'Skinny Dip' Sandwich for Patrons Willing to Plunge Naked I
  210. Topps Meat Company goes out of business
  211. Man hit by car, people steal his groceries
  212. I need a giant foam head!
  213. What's your favorite wolf shirt?
  214. Campbell's Soup - mmmm, mmmm ackkkkkk!!!
  215. Woman kills boyfriend over porn collection
  216. Man swigs beer, flips bird, gets tasered
  217. Do you think people actually see you as you see you?
  218. What's the last song that was stuck in your head?
  219. Why do contractors blatantly lie?
  220. 100 Reasons It's Great To Be A Woman
  221. How to create more sales for my business?
  222. got my first ticket today..
  223. How sick is this?? "Woman allegedly had relationship with boy, 8"
  224. why is it sooo flippin hot... in October.
  225. Is It Really Just "All Pipes"?
  226. Fair baby name resolution?
  227. Good places to eat in Las Vegas???
  228. Danny Bonaduce Knocks Jonny Fairplay on his Ass
  229. Has anyone here ever had a nervous breakdown?
  230. A lesson in Economics....
  231. 77 arrested in international e-mail scams
  232. Caption This: Jersey Prom Night Edition
  233. N.Y. Human Waste Raises Stink in Alabama
  234. What images come up when you google your user name?
  235. Size does matter! It's the little things in life that can make all the difference!
  236. Go to a Lecture on Civics - Get Boobies
  237. Blind people: Hybrid cars are 'killing' machines!
  238. Ever wonder where the Middle East is?
  239. Two Calif. cities to vote on banning smoking in apartments
  240. Glasses making me blind?
  241. The last lecture of Randy Pausch
  242. Artists Built Secret Apartment in Mall
  243. Going "back" to school?
  244. Bank Talk
  245. So, is there a way to get collection agencies to stop calling my cell phone?
  246. Best Home Alarm System?
  247. Identify the snake please
  248. Woman Sues Over Apple's iPhone Price Cut
  249. Job Talk: paralegal
  250. New Kleenex with Vicks....