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  1. G.D. it!!!!
  2. UPS and USPS Suck (merged)
  3. (7-card stud) Oh, hey, I have quads on 4th street, ship that cheddar...
  4. How Much does a Decent Apartment in New York cost to Buy ?
  5. Post your crappy Christmas presents here
  6. Whoa! Check out the Christmas tree worm!
  7. 15,000,000 School Children are Defectives (1913 NY Times article)
  8. YACT - Chewing Cords
  9. PokerStars now supports Mac users, woohoo!
  10. Place to download HIGH QUALITY photos from the 1800-1900's?
  11. Merry Christmas!!!!
  12. NORAD tracks Santa 2007
  13. Bouquet of Flowers in the Fridge?
  14. Tesla Roadster transmission "will fail in a few thousand miles."
  15. Car crashes into ABC7 Chicago studio live on air (youtube videos)
  16. Water Heater Problem (not heating water)
  17. Count your blessings?
  18. Rednecks with dogs and rhinos
  19. eBay or Craigslist...what's the best place to unload electronics?
  20. Some people are just FUBAR
  21. I Just went Postal at Christmas (semi long rant)
  22. I'm finding "pretty much" to be pretty much an annoying phrase.
  23. Calling All Austin Otters
  24. Torn to Heck (This one's for KD and Vib)
  25. Tell me about BEIRUT, LEBANON (without the politics, please)
  26. New Sunkist Cherry Limeade.
  27. Help! How do you hide your wires in your living room?
  28. How do you deal with complainers at work?
  29. 21 year old, unwed, mother of 4 gets 5th baby for Christmas
  30. Cooking Advice? Help?
  31. Gov't Jobs - Easier Than Corporate Jobs
  32. A Very Perry Christmas
  33. How do you pronounce Coyote?
  34. Define "Closed"
  35. do you leave your car running during winter?
  36. So now there are only TWO (WWI Vets)
  37. Stephen Grant convicted of second degree murder
  38. Looking for Michael Jackson puppet photo
  39. Random Funny Christmas Pictures thread
  40. What did you buy your sister in law for Christmas?
  41. First Poker Game w/ Father-In-Law
  42. Who's at work today?
  43. Need guitar buying advice...
  44. House wiring problem
  45. YACT: 99 Sunfire Brake problems
  46. How'd I miss this?
  47. Slayer2005 Thread Part 3 - Slayer Has A Couple Of Upcoming Dates!!!
  48. School Bus Driver of Special Needs Student Propositions Cop With Kids on Bus
  49. Fostering a long haired cat, question about fur care
  50. YAET - buyer opens dispute 3 days after sale
  51. So who else gets yelled at, at work?
  52. IRS Gift Tax Question
  53. Food talk: Fries
  54. Why does the word 'Second' have such diverse meanings?
  55. Some woman just SPIT IN MY FACE!!!
  56. Loa Alumbrados 2007 - Damn that's a lot of lights...
  57. The Next Hollywood Whore To Get Knocked Up?
  58. taking blood pressure?
  59. Are you surprised there have been no SAW Copycat Serial Killings ?
  60. Cast your Vote for "BEST THREAD OF 2007"
  61. My Nostrils are different shapes
  62. How much to pull a dent out of a car?
  63. AZ doctor in trouble for photographing tattoo on man's "no-no spot" during surgery
  64. Why does jewelry sparkle so much more in the store?
  65. Please school me on Punta Cana, Dominican Rep.
  66. Woman I used to work with arrested. Good times!
  67. Pay statement confusion
  68. Let us all cry for the poor Goldman Sachs employee!
  69. Honda owners... clicking noise while cruise control is on?
  70. Who else is having a crappy Christmas?
  71. Dog Stolen at Honolulu Golf Course Slaughtered and Eaten by Course Workers
  72. Anyone waste time on Freerice.com ?
  73. I Think I'm In Love (with Cheddar Jalepeno Cheetos)
  74. Now that Absinthe is legal...
  75. Another death on a Disney ride
  76. Help: Calling all plumbers [or those with plumbing knowledge]
  77. Late night Nashville dining recommendations needed (by Friday)
  78. Spears Is Pregnant! But.. Wait.. This Time it's NOT Britney!
  79. Fight Over Heat Makes Wife Hot
  80. Giant Rat Discovered in Indonesia Jungle
  81. Are we going to nominate a 'Thread of the Year'?
  82. Favorite Kind of Cookie?
  83. 401K invesmtent directions???
  84. Cheapest parking near LAX with Shuttle to airport?
  85. Men who look like lesbians??
  86. Old Circuit Board Art Projects?
  87. What's your escape plan?
  88. I Saw Mommy...Groping Santa Claus!??!?!
  89. Photoshop Help/Request
  90. Turning Caucasion (I really think so)
  91. What is your carbon footprint?
  92. Mom spends more on XMAS gifts for my SO than me
  93. Caption this photo thread
  94. Please Tell Me (Job Related)
  95. Atheists and Christmas?
  96. Howard Stern: The History of Howard Stern (Sirius 100)
  97. Slayer2005 Hijacked Thread Continues In Own Thread - Slayer2005 Applies For Job
  98. Sold out (Hard to find) X-Mas gifts
  99. YACT: Car decision to make
  100. Can anyone recommend some cool comic/toy shops and DVD stores in Paris, France?
  101. good website that lists vegas poker games/tourneys?
  102. I have some major decisions that can be bad
  103. UPS has mistaken a Wal-mart for my residence.
  104. Help! I need an arty necklace for my wife.
  105. What's with all the liars on here lately?
  106. YACT....overheating?
  107. Guitar Hero Gift Confiscated...Auctioned for $9100 on eBay...
  108. Most Disturbing. Amazon Wish List. Ever.
  109. Otter advice on lost luggage?
  110. Hobbies: Why are they so darn expensive nowadays!
  111. what to get your mom for christmas?
  112. What are you getting your SO for Christmas?
  113. Small group of US experts insist global warming not man-made!!!
  114. garbage disposal is stuck, do I need a new one
  115. Stupid job application question.
  116. You have stuff that needs batteries...
  117. "Headless Bluetooth Mobile Phone"
  118. two cool gadgets
  119. Drinking some Elijah Craig & Coke...about to watch a film
  120. Victoria's Secret GC - Creepy gift for a friend?
  121. What are you getting your dad for Christmas?
  122. Do you leave your Christmas lights on all night?
  123. What hygiene habits do you skip on the weekend?
  124. What easy-to-make foods do you enjoy?
  125. Has anyone ever been a tutor/teacher for Kaplan?
  126. How to deal with co-workers that stink?
  127. Bald dudes unite
  128. First bad beat jackpot in 2.5 years
  129. Has anyone picked up new hobbies/projects after completing one's dream home theater?
  130. Fun with a fishing forum
  131. YAET Feedback Related
  132. The 12 Cats of Christmas
  133. YACT: Coming to nearest pet store: Glow-in-the-Dark Cats
  134. Canadian hit with whopping 85,000-dollar cellphone bill
  135. Don't read your email after Midnight.
  136. Andy Capp's Hot Fries -- Anyone else like 'em?
  137. Paypal help please.
  138. You're NEVER going to believe this...Jodie Foster is gay!
  139. I feel so violated!
  140. YACT: Hybrid SUVs....
  141. How to get to heaven?
  142. Help me on a car purchase: 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
  143. Calling all traffic lawyers
  144. Christmas Shopping for the Ladies Just Got Easier...
  145. Bodog craps?
  146. Would you eat a can of fruit cocktail 15 years old?
  147. Slayer2005 Hijacked Thread Continued In My Own Thread! [aka the Slayer Subforum]
  148. Snow Storm-Anyone else get out of work??
  149. Root Canal Question
  150. ASK MOJO: The Advice Column for the Seasonally Snafued
  151. Man rescued from car suspended 7 stories high.
  152. Avoid Death!
  153. A Question about the end of the world
  154. Brain Removal Workers contract neruological disease
  155. Trapped in the Toilet!
  156. Things you smoked as a kid
  157. Get Down On It with this Sexy Dancing Otter Loop!
  158. So the movie "Alive" got me thinking...
  159. Ike Turner - Dead
  160. Santa cussed at me :(
  161. Good cheap wine </= $20
  162. w00t! Check out what won Word of the Year!
  163. Brain Stew Are You Still in LOVE?
  164. The Mom Song.
  165. Jessica Alba is Preggers!
  166. Need nice womens watch for xmas - $200 or so
  167. Any autograph collectors here?
  168. Bad Decision
  169. On Friday I R offically edumucated
  170. How many toys does a child need?
  171. how does knowing your credit score save you money?
  172. What are the Disadvantages of Filing for Bankrupty
  173. Will UPS deliver to PO Boxes?
  174. Wow -- worst music video ever....
  175. New game show coming soon: "Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen"
  176. "I'll take 'crippling chest pains' for $500'" ... Alex Trebek has heart attack
  177. Don't think. Just answer. What food could you go for RIGHT now!?
  178. A Question to Posters'
  179. December in Kansas: Time for IDIOTS ON ICE!
  180. YEAT - Sold my truck on eBay.. Few Questions..
  181. Warning! Don't drink from the glasses in hotels!
  182. The Slanket
  183. BazookaJoe.com -> One of the most hilarious/ridiculous songs...ever.
  184. Does anyone have a bathroom set from Bath & Body Works?
  185. Tipping etiquette (YATT)
  186. Is it me or is there a comet in the sky? Anyone?
  187. Kids and Pets Christmas Cards with Santa at the Mall?
  188. Delicious for Chanuka
  189. Birthday gift for an autistic child?
  190. whopper discontinued?
  191. Why men dont want to be friends after breaking up
  192. Going to China Friday - anyone been and did you take Malaria prevention drugs?
  193. I made two YUMMY desserts yesterday!
  194. That time of year again - How many Christmas cards do you send out?
  195. So, how long before gas...
  196. Elf Yourself!
  197. Colorado Church Shooting
  198. nobody saw this? -- Baltimore teens attack bus passengers
  199. Pet Peeve about other people's TVs
  200. Cursive writing vs print writing
  201. Yay car accidents! 4 in 4 years. Share your winter snow smash-up stories.
  202. Help me find the pic of the ugly bride tattoo
  203. China prepares for American tourists
  204. Gifts to get the girlfriend?
  205. Best way to handle cheap winos
  206. Which is the best ipod nano armband for the price?
  207. I think I just fell in love (Guest appearance by Slayer2005!)
  208. pain talk: gout
  209. Need Christmas ideas for amateur animator
  210. CompUSA shuts down retail stores
  211. Pirates Vs. Ninjas....Who will win in the long run?
  212. McDonald's McSkillet Burrito [merged]
  213. Looking for new floor mats for Honda Fit... best place?
  214. If Miller High Life is the champagne of beers....
  215. Best way to handle wine cheapos
  216. Jen. Love Hewitt - hot, right? :/
  217. YAIIHNIHTFT (Yet another item I have no idea how to find thread)
  218. Former Teacher Debra LaFave Arrested Again!
  219. The Random Video Post II: The Next Year
  220. From the Corny Corner of OtterVille: 'Thank you, Ya'll!'
  221. The "Scared of Santa" Photo Gallery
  222. Lawyers: Terms of Sale waive right to Trial by Jury?
  223. Do you remember the best part of Christmas: The Sears Wishbook
  224. Easy to make coffee at home?
  225. Best ways to find a real job?
  226. Which direction does your skin grow?
  227. Poor sheep
  228. what should I do with my ROTH IRA?
  229. Auto Battery Jump Starters?
  230. Anyone ever use an eBay selling service?
  231. Post Your Predictions For 2008
  232. Opinions on Stubhub?
  233. 8 year old girl shot 6 times trying to defend her mothers life
  234. Breaking News: 9 dead in Nebraska mall shooting..
  235. Help me find some pics!
  236. What to do with an old wedding band?
  237. Duels - Browser Based MMO
  238. Got $200,000 to spare? How about a vacation for two?
  239. Women - you should know why I'm mad!
  240. Grandma at 29: The Cycle Continues
  241. Do you give a Gift/Tip to MailMan, GarbageMan, Paperboy?
  242. So I was behind a Bimbo today
  243. Do you get a Christmas bonus?
  244. Do the Ionic Breeze type air cleaners really work?
  245. Yet Another Taser Video
  246. Moving - Upstate NY - Help
  247. Best Standalone (website) Photo Gallery?
  248. What are you getting your boss and secretary for Christmas?
  249. Raise a glass. It's Repeal Day!
  250. Question about Comcast Digital Voice service