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  1. Puppy go "boom!"
  2. Where in the USA is NCMojo???
  3. YACT: Something chewed some wiring in my car.
  4. Ever been a host family for an "au pair"?
  5. YACT: Green/Yellow fluid
  6. Favorite Energy Drinks
  7. Tell me about THAILAND (PHUKET environs)
  8. Question about Cruises
  9. Anyone traveled to Israel?
  10. Do you Backwash or have you seen a Backwasher or know of a 'known' BACKWASHER???
  11. What to do with a beat up old car?
  12. I almost got into a fight at the Taco Bell drive through last night
  13. so how many of you use LinkedIn?
  14. I have to fire someone today
  15. Unusual Behavior in Airport Bathroom
  16. The latest fashion trend: women who want to look like Jonny Quest!
  17. Woman struck by golf ball files suit, alleging design flaw in Beach course
  18. How many jobs have you had in your life?
  19. I had dinner next to the world's biggest biceps
  20. Drinking water: Reverse osmosis systems
  21. How much do you spend on groceries per month?
  22. Chicken Bones Lead To Arrest
  23. Will civilization collapse? Lay your odds here.
  24. Face Shave talk: How does it feel?
  25. Electrical Question - Outdoor lights not working
  26. The Ninja Burglar is back in action!
  27. Another Money/Investment Question (YAMIQ?)
  28. Kids kidnap a dog for ransom, then kills it!
  29. Ex-Pro Wrestler + FRAUD = Pure Comedy Gold!
  30. Taser Parties!
  31. Emergency Cellphone question
  32. dealing with depression
  33. Recently separated/divorced Otters: Are you dating?
  34. Writing in "Chinese" - mocktyping?
  35. Allergic reaction to Keflex
  36. Photoshoppers of Other Unite, I Needs Me Some Help or The Blemished 15
  37. back in the day talk: smoking in public places
  38. From outta nowhere Treesa just yelled, "Stop LICKING me, Paul!!!"
  39. Anyone Ever Used The Perfect Pushup?
  40. Why do you post here?
  41. any good gift card exchange websites?
  42. 56% of French people think the sun goes around the earth.
  43. Man, 85, Clocked at 100 Mph in Snow, Ice
  44. Cats. Huh?
  45. School me on glass shelving (regular or tempered)
  46. RECOMMENDATIONS:Want to start film making - What should I get?
  47. COBRA insurance -- ever had it?
  48. Yow! I had a car accident this morning!
  49. Parent Of The Year Nomination (yes, again, so soon)
  50. Why Do People Just Hang Up On You When Told They Have the Wrong Number?
  51. Distraction!
  52. Win Gary Coleman's pants
  53. Anyone have a WWE wrestlers replica belt?
  54. Anyone have to do self-reviews at work?
  55. YAET: Ever luck out with a bad seller?
  56. Storm Watch - Southern California
  57. Man blames GPS for his crash with train..
  58. Let's talk Cordless Power Tools
  59. FICO Being Overhauled for 2008
  60. Why do people with heart conditions shovel snow?
  61. How do you explain this?
  62. Beauty Queen Who Tortured BF: Free on Bail
  63. Do you Wiki? Help Needed
  64. Who eats these horrible cold cuts??
  65. Sales tax for online purchases - anytime soon?
  66. MC Hammer's next act: Tech entrepreneur
  67. More real life mimicing the Simpsons: 'Hearty Eaters' Say Buffet Banned Them
  68. Travel advice, Australia
  69. Travel advice: Kona
  70. Otter Lawyers: Dispute with lawn service
  71. Credit Card Question: Closing Account
  72. I hate leap years...
  73. Hail to Alka Seltzer Snot Blaster 5000
  74. I eat 33,000 calories a day!
  75. The Most Misleading Headline Since Dewey Beats Truman
  76. Cats Are Creepy
  77. Best "Scene It" Game?
  78. Found out my friend's brother in law got a silver star
  79. What should my sister do?
  80. (heads up) new Two plus Two pokercast this Jan 2.
  81. DVDtalk's Biggest Loser: January
  82. Disney World question
  83. Post a picture of your man-crush/girl-crush
  84. Dead pool 2008
  85. School me on Sewickley PA
  86. Happy New Year!
  87. What are your New Year Resolutions?
  88. I hate my job!
  89. I'm being audited by Labor and Industries
  90. How many hours did you work this year(2007)?
  91. Can you wear grey pants with a brown suit-jacket / blazer?
  92. Anyone up for a "biggest loser" style of weight loss competition?
  93. Grass Fire Near the Molotov Estate
  94. CDs or software to learn Spanish?
  95. Can You Laminate A Birth Certificate?
  96. Need some guidance on photocells for outdoor light control
  97. Ways to take the day off work tomorrow?
  98. Does anybody remember these?
  99. Job interview question
  100. New year's plans?
  101. What flavor creamer do you put in your coffee?
  102. Cool kid foils petty thieves!
  103. Is gym/workout equipment difficult to use?
  104. Go fly a helicopter...
  105. Fellow Otters, check out this ownage
  106. Help me with a fun, simple prank!
  107. What song do you uncontrollably and repeatedly whistle throughout your life?
  108. 6 year old/her mother girl lies, "My daddy died this year in Iraq", to win tickets.
  109. Caption this bunny
  110. Forum Follies, NSX Prime Ownage
  111. What can suck?
  112. Traffic lights question/problem
  113. Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays ... ?!
  114. Phillie Cheesesteak debate
  115. Are you competent or incompetent at your job?
  116. Roth IRA Question: Can I have more than one?
  117. Kitty's selling her house thread
  118. Colds suck
  119. Priests brawl at Bethlehem birthplace of Jesus
  120. NYPD To Replace Their Motorcycle Fleet With Electric Scooters
  121. Quick sex sucks...
  122. How do you eat your Spaghetti-Os?
  123. Wedding gift etiquette question
  124. College debt is the suck!
  125. Another Celeb... Another DWI... Another Arrest.
  126. Recipe Request
  127. Burglary victim told not to put up security 'in case it injures criminals'
  128. Looking for Tequila suggestions.
  129. How much do you make a year?
  130. Tell me about SINGAPORE
  131. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated at rally in Pakistan
  132. I'm Not Dreaming Of A Goodwill Christmas...Need Some Advice...
  133. Police hoping to nab thieves instead find good Samaritans
  134. Help:Best time to go to Vegas in January2008
  135. What's the best dental insurance?
  136. Anyone gonna be in Vegas 18-25 March 08 ??
  137. Skybus=Skybust
  138. Would you be offended?
  139. Doctored Granite installation - description and advice needed
  140. Can Americans fly to Canada without a passport?
  141. YACT: Advice on New/Slightly Used Car Purchase??
  142. Why does everyone want to be my friend on My Space?
  143. Favourite FOODS to eat when totally Maggoted !
  144. I hope you all had a good day (for real).
  145. Meet Pepper.
  146. So was this a good year or a bad year for you?
  147. Home AC question.
  148. I'm lonely, anyone want to come keep me company?
  149. Tiger escape
  150. Best Online Photo Book Site?
  151. So what did you get?
  152. Nollaig Shona Daoibh!
  153. G.D. it!!!!
  154. UPS and USPS Suck (merged)
  155. (7-card stud) Oh, hey, I have quads on 4th street, ship that cheddar...
  156. How Much does a Decent Apartment in New York cost to Buy ?
  157. Post your crappy Christmas presents here
  158. Whoa! Check out the Christmas tree worm!
  159. 15,000,000 School Children are Defectives (1913 NY Times article)
  160. YACT - Chewing Cords
  161. PokerStars now supports Mac users, woohoo!
  162. Place to download HIGH QUALITY photos from the 1800-1900's?
  163. Merry Christmas!!!!
  164. NORAD tracks Santa 2007
  165. Bouquet of Flowers in the Fridge?
  166. Tesla Roadster transmission "will fail in a few thousand miles."
  167. Car crashes into ABC7 Chicago studio live on air (youtube videos)
  168. Water Heater Problem (not heating water)
  169. Count your blessings?
  170. Rednecks with dogs and rhinos
  171. eBay or Craigslist...what's the best place to unload electronics?
  172. Some people are just FUBAR
  173. I Just went Postal at Christmas (semi long rant)
  174. I'm finding "pretty much" to be pretty much an annoying phrase.
  175. Calling All Austin Otters
  176. Torn to Heck (This one's for KD and Vib)
  177. Tell me about BEIRUT, LEBANON (without the politics, please)
  178. New Sunkist Cherry Limeade.
  179. Help! How do you hide your wires in your living room?
  180. How do you deal with complainers at work?
  181. 21 year old, unwed, mother of 4 gets 5th baby for Christmas
  182. Cooking Advice? Help?
  183. Gov't Jobs - Easier Than Corporate Jobs
  184. A Very Perry Christmas
  185. How do you pronounce Coyote?
  186. Define "Closed"
  187. do you leave your car running during winter?
  188. So now there are only TWO (WWI Vets)
  189. Stephen Grant convicted of second degree murder
  190. Looking for Michael Jackson puppet photo
  191. Random Funny Christmas Pictures thread
  192. What did you buy your sister in law for Christmas?
  193. First Poker Game w/ Father-In-Law
  194. Who's at work today?
  195. Need guitar buying advice...
  196. House wiring problem
  197. YACT: 99 Sunfire Brake problems
  198. How'd I miss this?
  199. Slayer2005 Thread Part 3 - Slayer Has A Couple Of Upcoming Dates!!!
  200. School Bus Driver of Special Needs Student Propositions Cop With Kids on Bus
  201. Fostering a long haired cat, question about fur care
  202. YAET - buyer opens dispute 3 days after sale
  203. So who else gets yelled at, at work?
  204. IRS Gift Tax Question
  205. Food talk: Fries
  206. Why does the word 'Second' have such diverse meanings?
  207. Some woman just SPIT IN MY FACE!!!
  208. Loa Alumbrados 2007 - Damn that's a lot of lights...
  209. The Next Hollywood Whore To Get Knocked Up?
  210. taking blood pressure?
  211. Are you surprised there have been no SAW Copycat Serial Killings ?
  212. Cast your Vote for "BEST THREAD OF 2007"
  213. My Nostrils are different shapes
  214. How much to pull a dent out of a car?
  215. AZ doctor in trouble for photographing tattoo on man's "no-no spot" during surgery
  216. Why does jewelry sparkle so much more in the store?
  217. Please school me on Punta Cana, Dominican Rep.
  218. Woman I used to work with arrested. Good times!
  219. Pay statement confusion
  220. Let us all cry for the poor Goldman Sachs employee!
  221. Honda owners... clicking noise while cruise control is on?
  222. Who else is having a crappy Christmas?
  223. Dog Stolen at Honolulu Golf Course Slaughtered and Eaten by Course Workers
  224. Anyone waste time on Freerice.com ?
  225. I Think I'm In Love (with Cheddar Jalepeno Cheetos)
  226. Now that Absinthe is legal...
  227. Another death on a Disney ride
  228. Help: Calling all plumbers [or those with plumbing knowledge]
  229. Late night Nashville dining recommendations needed (by Friday)
  230. Spears Is Pregnant! But.. Wait.. This Time it's NOT Britney!
  231. Fight Over Heat Makes Wife Hot
  232. Giant Rat Discovered in Indonesia Jungle
  233. Are we going to nominate a 'Thread of the Year'?
  234. Favorite Kind of Cookie?
  235. 401K invesmtent directions???
  236. Cheapest parking near LAX with Shuttle to airport?
  237. Men who look like lesbians??
  238. Old Circuit Board Art Projects?
  239. What's your escape plan?
  240. I Saw Mommy...Groping Santa Claus!??!?!
  241. Photoshop Help/Request
  242. Turning Caucasion (I really think so)
  243. What is your carbon footprint?
  244. Mom spends more on XMAS gifts for my SO than me
  245. Caption this photo thread
  246. Please Tell Me (Job Related)
  247. Atheists and Christmas?
  248. Howard Stern: The History of Howard Stern (Sirius 100)
  249. Slayer2005 Hijacked Thread Continues In Own Thread - Slayer2005 Applies For Job
  250. Sold out (Hard to find) X-Mas gifts