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  1. What is your sensible/practical plan for $1Million
  2. My birthday party - a time to learn FAMILY SECRETS
  3. Johnny Knoxville to be new face of Microsoft
  4. 18% gratuity at a Buffet?
  5. Trying to buy a used car, have some questions
  6. Sex on religious holidays
  7. Sending social security card to a company over the fax.
  8. A Lynchian state of fugue
  9. School me on TELESCOPES for the casual viewer
  10. Hey! What the HELL's wrong with you, anyway?
  11. Taking a vacation day... to work
  12. Got bums? Get a Bum Bot 2000!
  13. Is everything close today?
  14. Click FBI's bogus link, and get a pre-dawn raid
  15. Disabled pregnant woman used as target practice
  16. 10% Tax For Propane At The Walmarts?!!
  17. What is your mortgage rate?
  18. Calling all gay otters!
  19. 'There's nothing quite like a mouth full of bile and chipped teeth...
  20. What's the deal with sales tax at Subway?
  21. NYC Otter Meet
  22. Red or Black? (another bet)
  23. What's your crazy/impractical for when you win an obnoxiously high lottery jackpot?
  24. Good Friday
  25. Favorite product that no longer exists?
  26. The three stages of a male's adult life.
  27. How's the coffee in your place of employment?
  28. Filling a beanbag chair solo - suggestions?
  29. Ever been overcharged (after you left) at a restaurant?
  30. Boss demoted; New boss has no clue
  31. YASNT: Clueless Guys Can't Read Women
  32. Who's to Blame for "Under the Bus?"
  33. Online VIDEO news content
  34. Welcome to the Dewmocracy!
  35. Daughter Dying, Dad Not Allowed To Leave Prison To Spend Last Days With Her
  36. School me on Ventura, CA
  37. Are you a creature of habit?
  38. Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead
  39. Disfigured woman who wanted euthanasia dies
  40. So, is now a good time to buy a house?
  41. Mugshot - like father like son (pics)
  42. Do you have 'people'?
  43. Do you get money?
  44. Does Twix taste different to anyone else?
  45. Christmas Story Gone HORRIBLY Wrong!
  46. Anyone buy some Visa stock today?
  47. Lucid Absinthe - revisited....
  48. Craigslist Question about posting ads
  49. Cheetos Flamin' Hot!!
  50. Are Humans Meant to be Monogamous?
  51. Student claims teacher told him to pee in a lunchbox in classroom
  52. honeymoon in vietnam and possibly cambodia or laos
  53. 71 MPG Hybrid Vehicle
  54. So I got into a fight tonight
  55. Rum suggestions
  56. Post a picture of your spit slits!
  57. Arthur C. Clark died tomorrow. Wait, what?!
  58. Oral sex for gas offer ends in scissor attack
  59. How many social networking/blogging/etc type sites do you belong to?
  60. Texas Woman Sues American Airlines After Flight Turns X-Rated
  61. How would you bet?
  62. East Coast Vacation - need advice
  63. The corn dog diet
  64. To respond or not to respond?
  65. Spirit of Truth+Vanilla Ice=win
  66. If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you rather have...
  67. I'm starting to believe in astrology...
  68. Jacobian Insults
  69. Female Question
  70. Any contractors in the house? Quick question about painting bathroom tiles.
  71. How long until SkyNet awakens?
  72. anyone else unable to get into yahoo mail?
  73. Can they deny unemployment?
  74. Car Rentals
  75. Another Stupid School System
  76. YAHT: House foundations... and house design
  77. Happy St. Patrick's Day!*
  78. corn flake shaped like the state of illinois
  79. My little brother is my hero.....
  80. My day as a klutz
  81. Update on the 400 pound 7-year-old
  82. Wrong to go after a girl with a boyfriend?
  83. Saturday Morning: Cartoons + Commercials
  84. What a way to go
  85. Meet Kristin Davis
  86. Moon Advertising
  87. Where was Spider-Man? Inspector Arrested In Fatal Crane Collapse
  88. Nothing sounds good to eat, nothing sounds fun to do, nothing sounds good to watch...
  89. Worst tattoos EVER NSFW!
  90. My Car just died on the Freeway.
  91. March 15th, 2008
  92. Tornado hits downtown Atlanta
  93. YACT: Best place to get brakes
  94. Flying British Airways question
  95. China overtakes USA for internet users?
  96. Help needed: Processing speed
  97. Reports: Disney World planning 5th theme park
  98. RIAA now wants $5 a month from every broadband user
  99. Emotionally letting go of someone/a week of my twenties left
  100. When you see some1 pick their nose at a traffic light, I encourage you to engage them
  101. Attack of the killer Gnome!
  102. I am having one lucky week! YMMV
  103. Traditional IRAs, Roth IRA's or CD's: Which one will save you more?
  104. School: 22-year-old can't attend prom
  105. Does anyone have any "home build" experience or advice [including DIY publications]
  106. School me on blinds
  107. I got pulled over because of racial profiling
  108. What to do in Tampa Bay, FL?
  109. I'd hit it.
  110. Strange Credit vs. Debit Situation at Local Market
  111. Weirdest thing you ever found in your food...
  112. 752 dogs rescued from "crazy dog couple's" mobile home
  113. Mom on trial for leaving toddler in car..10 ft away!
  114. Which would you do... or... having a budget sucks!
  115. What to do when GF locks herself in the bathroom?
  116. 8th Grader Busted in School for Buying a Bag of...Skittles
  117. I've been asked to direct a rap video...
  118. YA"IHP"T (or, yet another "I hate Paypal" thread...
  119. two money ratio/percentage questions
  120. I put my hand up on your hip, when I dip you dip we dip!
  121. What to do in Laredo, TX??
  122. Overreacting co-worker?
  123. Man Buldge. Hide it, or flaunt it?
  124. Oral Sex And Pot Linked To Cancer
  125. Take the awareness test!
  126. Abnormal Behavior for a pregnant woman?
  127. Extreme case of diarrhea? Nope just a crazy person.
  128. Woman sits on boyfriend's toilet for 2 years
  129. Woman sits on Boyfriend's toilet for 2 Years
  130. Court: Upskirt Case Off-Target
  131. Leave Your Sprog At Home Day: Its Time Has Come
  132. Is Darwinism for humans in modern society dead?
  133. Parents Believe Plastic Surgery is Best Option for Child With Downs Syndrome
  134. A good grout cleaner?
  135. Fruits and vegetable storage
  136. Fake Ferrari, star of anti piracy show
  137. What does Mary Ann And Snoop Dogg have in common
  138. Income vs. Mortgage
  139. Hot off the Presses! Seven New Sins
  140. Help with figuring out a math formula.
  141. Crazy Neighbor
  142. "Depressed" area mortgage help...
  143. Detroit CL Ad: Horny 40 yr old offers Ms Pac Man machine for 1 night of sex...
  144. How fast can you type?
  145. Favorite Girl Scout cookie?
  146. Does anyone else love when women wear leggings?
  147. Anyone here going to NY Comic Con?
  148. If Celebrities Lived in Oklahoma
  149. simple tax prep question
  150. 1 in 4 teen girls has an STD
  151. Recommend me a good online Poker site
  152. Heating & Air Question
  153. Tragic accident or natural selection?
  154. Online poker cheating software
  155. STS 123 launch thread :latest shuttle launch ever?
  156. Osgood-Schlatters disease - Anyone else have it?
  157. Wal-Mart cahsier begs Muslim veiled customer, "Please don't stick me up."
  158. You can't buy forever stamps in rolls?
  159. X-rays question
  160. HELP! I broke my favorite statue today
  161. Stock market talk: enernoc going in class action lawsuit?
  162. 5 hour layover in Detroit, suggestions?
  163. Longest Ear Hair in the World
  164. Do you hate people using your Bathroom (or even using others/public RRs)?
  165. So I drove into a tree today....
  166. Do you put your shopping carts in the shopping cart thing?
  167. Electrical breaker melted?
  168. Get to know your drinking water
  169. Will the dollar keep dying against the euro?
  170. Any been to Montreal and Quebec City?
  171. So, who forgot to switch their clocks forward? (the DST thread)
  172. Weird, this guy's car payment was on top of my fridge.
  173. YACT....windshield
  174. How will you use your economic stimulus payment?
  175. store i work at got robbed at gunpoint
  176. Found Top Bunk
  177. I think I got caught staring at someone's buttocks
  178. Receiving harrassing phone calls from a collection agencies @ ex's ex-husband's debt
  179. When is too early to invite a girl out to meet your friends?
  180. Woman sprays daughter with high pressure hose
  181. Arrrrr.. thar be a white whale! Er.. it be more off white.
  182. What should I do?
  183. Man commits murder, suicide in attempt to fake death and steal another's identity
  184. Wha!? One of my best friends in high school was arrested for molesting his students!
  185. How to Send a Vinyl Album in the Mail?
  186. Mayor Resigns, Claims Abduction By Satan Worshippers
  187. IRS refunded me more than expected - anything I should do?
  188. Question For Parents Of Teens: Are we being unreasonable?
  189. Restaurant scammer busted!
  190. YAHT: When to List "For Sale"
  191. Cars with European front plates - is this cool or something?
  192. Child Psychology or Child Torture?
  193. Anyone own a Honda Civic Si?
  194. Arizona high school institutes "2 second hug limit" rule.
  195. Buying/Selling a Car for the First Time
  196. School takes bold step to stop pedophiles
  197. Ex-Lax Fish
  198. Sakura-Con
  199. Today has been one news day (3/6/08)
  200. Post-retirement investment advice needed
  201. Men who do housework may get more sex
  202. Forbes: Richest persons (2008)
  203. Please Recommend Your Favorite Bank
  204. Stuff White People Like
  205. Las Vegas clinic may have sickened up to 40 thousand people (Hep C & HIV)
  206. How well do you know your States?
  207. Help!!! Photochop My Friend!
  208. Pretty good deal over at amazon...
  209. Banks & CD's ??
  210. What do people do? Seriously, what do they do?
  211. Celebrity (non) look-alikes
  212. More on my basement issue aka sealing an asphalt driveway
  213. Help Me Buy a Treadmill
  214. yo can you help me out?
  215. Patrick Swayze dying from pancreatic cancer- weeks left to live
  216. More Shame for the Military
  217. Is celebrating Black History Month with fried chicken and greens a racist thing?
  218. Hallucinations Can Be Good Fun!
  219. R.I.P. Linn Hayes
  220. Crazy old man visits store; hilarity ensues.
  221. Shots ring out - What do you do?
  222. J.G. Wentworth must be destroyed!
  223. When you dial a toll free # where you live do you have to dial "1" first
  224. BREAKING NEWS! Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead
  225. Marine throws puppy off a cliff
  226. Airborne helps prevent catching a cold... NOT!
  227. Few things are more painful than "kicking" something barefoot
  228. Weight Training: Better in the Morning or After Dinner?
  229. Monsters from Dungeons & Dragons
  230. What Rewards Card Do you Have?
  231. Gamer geeks everywhere in mourning, D&D creator Gary Gygax passes away
  232. Dungeon Master rolls 00
  233. Win/Buy a date with Scarlett Johansson
  234. YAET - I'm not going to pay
  235. We as Americans are lucky:
  236. How to learn english?
  237. Question about "forever stamps"
  238. 2008 Dodge Challenger ... $99,000 ?!
  239. YAST: 2 dead (including gunman) + 5 injured at Wendy's shooting
  240. Interesting Star Trek photo
  241. School me on eating in Miami Beach.
  242. Rhodium-plated sterling jewelry care?
  243. Question for Ladies/Metrosexuals (waxing)
  244. DVDTalk's Biggest Loser: March 2008
  245. Do you ever feel the need to just up and move and start a new life?
  246. Do women require a certain amount of drama in their lives?
  247. Is drinking too much Gatorade bad for you?
  248. 5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do
  249. Shirt Patrol 101: Another fashion / laundry thread
  250. TRULY bad parents (warning:death)