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  1. They just found a....
  2. Caption this Doritos bag
  3. Caption this!
  4. How to Find a Doctor Who Will Take You With No Insurance?
  5. Is there a 'novice' camera in the $1000 range?
  6. Laws about (Foreign) Language in the Workplace?
  7. I was doing a little reminisceing and found this (longest member thread)
  8. Manson Family member Susan Atkins: Should she be allowed to die outside prison?
  9. Am I being paranoid? Automatic bill payments for classes
  10. Do you like inflight movies?
  11. someone explain to me how annual percentage rates work
  12. When Will Cops Learn?
  13. Discover card: changing credit card numbers?
  14. Its Official: Kimmel and Silverman No Longer
  15. Some douche got ahold of my credit card number
  16. What is the purpose of the house fly?
  17. "Fountain of Blood" or "ER on a Sunday evening"
  18. So, you think YOU'RE having a lousy day
  19. Official 'FRO Announcement: Passport Office Opens Late
  20. Would you Hire/Employ an EX-CON ?
  21. Pissing People Off
  22. InBud Light? I Asked For A Bud Light (InBev Buyout Certain)
  23. Random sites you have in your 'Favorites'
  24. Who is this a photo of?
  25. Wendy's "SUPERBAR"
  26. Weird Food Habits?
  27. Angelina Jolie gives birth to twins
  28. No ifs, ands, or butts as police chase off over 8,000 drunken mooners in CA
  29. Homeless bat in bra
  30. Crossing the Canadian border
  31. Otters, I give you.....Tetanus Dog
  32. Let's talk about Scotch Whisky , Shall We?
  33. "Passed" and other euphemisms.
  34. Anyone filling their tires w/nitrogen?
  35. Here is an awesome combo for a night
  36. Winnipeg 'white pride' mother regrets redrawing swastika on child's arm
  37. Man Angry Over Sex, Accused of Trying to Start Fire
  38. What exactly is "original" flavor?
  39. 'Men At Work' signs to disappear in Atlanta
  40. Quick queston: should I tip the DirecTV installation guy?
  41. Santa Civil War
  42. My New Twins
  43. It's not easy to say goodbye.
  44. Euthanizing a dog
  45. After 44 years Calcutta beggar deposits 200 lbs of coins at bank
  46. Weird online dating moment...advice needed
  47. Management group sent out personal information, do i have rights?
  48. Is it worth trading in that gas guzzler?
  49. When a pet Loves You, it's FOREVER!
  50. APT talk: have you used them before?
  51. 19 years late or 7 years early? Nike finally produces Air McFly's
  52. Do you like having your picture taken?
  53. "Black Hole" is a racist term now?
  54. High school student teaches AP economics class.
  55. 2008 SF Pride Parade Photos
  56. Otters... I give you... PUZZLEFARTER!
  57. What Got You The Drunkest You've Been? Why'd Ya Do It?
  58. Starting my own company?
  59. I am in love with something that I usually don't like
  60. How do you sleep at night?
  61. Know anyone famous personally, or someone that is?
  62. Bikini Clad Reporter Sues
  63. DNA clears JonBenet Ramsey's family, DA says
  64. Woman shoots self, friend trying to kill mice
  65. Did you have Fluffernutter sandwiches as a kid?
  66. Do you wash it out with Sauerkraut or Bubblegum?
  67. The Holy Land Experience: Come watch the crucifixion!
  68. Just got back from my physical (Part One)
  69. How old are you?
  70. Painting Question - Sprayer Related
  71. Are we a couple of years away from the end of the internet?
  72. We really need better health care in this country
  73. So which famous Otters do you think are the same person?
  74. Crazyness!!
  75. What are you favorite fast food items?
  76. Is it just me, or are there really Beautiful, Cute, & Pretty Women EVERYWHERE I look?
  77. Where can I fill up a CO2 container?
  78. Lottery email scam...except by regular mail WITH A CHECK INSIDE!!!
  79. Who will love me when she's gone?
  80. Southwest Airlines Does It Again
  81. When applying for a new job
  82. My friend was a target of an extremist animal liberation group (SHAC)
  83. Describe the person you hate (or hated) at work (past or present)
  84. Your Ideal Multi-Restaurant Meal?
  85. Which one of you is this?
  86. Received EXTRA money in a Bill-Fold at a Restaurant..do you keep it, or give it back?
  87. Slumlord chronicles - The angry neighbor edition.
  88. The Last Person U Want 2 C In Otter?
  89. How do you like your nuts?
  90. What's wrong with my washing machine?
  91. Jury duty - the bane of the Otter
  92. Neighborhood etiquette: Who introduces themselves to new neighbors?
  93. I need a suit!
  94. Otters - school me in foreclosure investments
  95. might start dating a japanese girl. is her dad likely to go kamikaze on my gaijinass?
  96. Happenned
  97. Who uses math beyond algebra in their daily job?
  98. The new girlfriend doesn't wear underwear - should I be concerned?
  99. "Hall of Fame Stupid" house maintenance
  100. Have you ever been written up for something at work?
  101. COSTCO Mattress Problem: Anyone Have This?
  102. spider help (identifying)
  103. Paypal question, will I get screwed?
  104. What's the oddest/most random item you've accumulated?
  105. FYI> Second Floor Vending Machine is out of Butterfingers
  106. Need help with a poem
  107. Things to do in Cozumel?
  108. Rosetta Stone Language software, does it work?
  109. Lousy hosts at graduation party?
  110. might buy car on ebay, except....
  111. Going to Vegas -- need some hotel / nightlife advice
  112. Man accused of faking heart attacks to avoid bills
  113. how old of an ipod does someone have to have before you assume they're poor?
  114. How long do you think it takes an average dieter to eat 4 weeks of NutriSystem food?
  115. When your balls itch which hand do you use and which nut do you scratch first?
  116. What kind of animal is this [living under my porch]?
  117. Someone I know was just murdered
  118. So, where did the flag go??
  119. Whats wrong with my fridge?
  120. Busty Heart Uncensored
  121. Want to Start Your Own Country?
  122. Personal Batting Cages: Anyone recommend any Soft Toss machines?
  123. Is everyone playing The Game?
  124. Riding mower recommendations. Just moved and need one.
  125. Bombs in the schoolyard!
  126. Golf ball help
  127. I used to think children were like animals but now I realize...
  128. Research claims stimulus checks helping to create rising porn sales
  129. Larry Harmon, longtime Bozo the Clown, dead at 83
  130. Gummi Lighthouses: When Candy Design Goes Terribly, Hilariously Wrong
  131. a good price for firewood?
  132. Awkward Workplace Experiences?
  133. Oral Drool is waking me up in the middle of the night and it's making me ANGRY!!!
  134. Diagnose me Otter....
  135. 9/11 - Who was the guy with the cam-corder, and how much did news channels pay him?
  136. New Guy
  137. YAYY! I'm going to be RICH, thanks to this pyramid scheme!
  138. Fess up...which one you Otters is writing a screenplay?!
  139. Woman Whores Herself Out for $100 Gas Card
  140. So i almost got some free baby clothes today
  141. Favorite online comic strips and toons
  142. For Teachers...got a demo lesson tommorrow, advice?
  143. Breaking news: The secret of a Stradivarius violin's sweet sound found!
  144. Watermelon the new blue pill?
  145. YARET - Re-assessing Escrow
  146. Yes! Liquor stores are open on Sunday now!
  147. I'm a victim of a crime! My postal carrier is prosecuted for stealing Netflix discs!
  148. It Was Only a Matter of Time
  149. 15 year old's remains found in neighbor's freezer
  150. Check your credit card statement for iTunes
  151. Florida executes Mark Dean Schwab
  152. Oral allergy drops?
  153. McDonald's sued by Devo
  154. "Uh, yeah....somebody called me from there...."
  155. Hey X, pssss...I got to tell you something
  156. DVDTalk's Biggest Loser: July 2008
  157. If we lived in a "gravity-free" world, would we live longer and stay younger-looking?
  158. Critics claim that US Olympic Swimsuits are Technological Doping
  159. What is this?
  160. What are your thoughts on beards? Buzz cuts?
  161. Happy Canada Day
  162. British Student Gets Credit For Expletive On Exam
  163. Does this product exist? (lighting)
  164. Are you aware of Flex Fuel? If so, question for you gassy folks.
  165. If you go by something other than your birth given first name...
  166. Anyone have one of those new freestanding range with double ovens?
  167. Insurance check question.
  168. What's with this "Nana" and "Pop Pop" crap? They're Grandma and Grandpa!
  169. Man Auctions his worldy possessions on EBAY
  170. Things you have done on a dare...
  171. Ever had a piece of food stuck in your throat?
  172. How do you find the source page of a quicktime song?
  173. Why Don't Parents Call Their Kids By Their Given Names?
  174. So, how long are doctors required to give notice before closing their practice?
  175. What do you drink water out of?
  176. What do you have your children call your neighbors?
  177. Kids Don't Call Their Parents Mom, and Dad Anymore?
  178. Advice on Divorce
  179. What are you doing for the 3-day July 4th holiday weekend?
  180. Brothels in Nevada losing business due to high fuel prices
  181. Christian Websites Rock.
  182. Why the love for Winehouse, Hate for Kramer?
  183. What to do when everyone's wrong and you're right?
  184. Cheer Me Up!
  185. YAGT: What is this mystery plant in my Garden?
  186. Anybody use Escrow.com?
  187. Weirdest thing you ever found in your food?
  188. Canvas print from Costco
  189. Will Smith - Scientologist???
  190. The Three Day (Calling) Rule
  191. Shaving Cream: Whats the point?
  192. How NOT to leave a message with a girl you met at a bar/club
  193. Florida woman offers marriage to man who buys her house
  194. Free photography portfolio sites without porn?
  195. This antenna used for what???
  196. Fixed?
  197. McConaughey robbed in Nicaragua
  198. Amusement Park Decapitation
  199. The Official 2008 OTTERVILLE Election Thread: The Real Campaign
  200. Did you ever molest a dog?
  201. Ordering checks online
  202. Ok, so now I need an electrical question answered
  203. Ever been on that Indiana Jones ride? Here's how you can ride it ANYTIME & ANYWHERE!
  204. Still owe $158K on $163K home loan after 2.5 years. Normal?
  205. Bob Dylan Says Not To Expect Purity From the Poor
  206. Anyone going to Flashback weekend?
  207. Bill Gates leaves Microsoft - yesterday
  208. Would you lie to me? TELL THE TRUTH!!!
  209. Show us your pooch!
  210. Why can't married people be alone with members of the opposite sex?
  211. NY millionaire convicted of enslaving workers
  212. Need some help about buying flowers...
  213. Got some kind of invoice in the mail today...
  214. So, i received a census survey today...what happens if i don't fill it out?
  215. Would you hire me?
  216. Casino Buffets in Reno with Seafood AND Steak?
  217. Would you hire someone that was ugly?
  218. Men who would make good looking women
  219. What cool stuff do you do with your cell phone?
  220. Why some men shouldn't skydive naked! (Definitely NOT work safe!)
  221. If you found a Dr.'s bag on the street marked only with initials, would you keep it?
  222. "Ninja in Woods" Causes Lockdown at Elementary School
  223. a What Would You Do In This Situation thread.
  224. Tattoo etiquette questions
  225. Anyone use "Save A Blade?"
  226. Fla vacation & Shark Fishing
  227. Here I go again...
  228. Auto Tires
  229. Would you hire someone that was fat....?
  230. Amy Winehouse has Emphysema
  231. Retail
  232. Show us your Ink (2008)
  233. The Official 2008 OTTERVILLE Election Thread: Runoff # 1!
  234. Got a promotion/raise at work. How do I thank my manager?
  235. How old were you when you first drank alcohol?
  236. Apartment Lease Troubles
  237. Gmilf
  238. The I-Other Thread: Where's the closest interstate highway?
  239. Does anyone know of an chip/memory-card e-dictionary for one's cell phone?
  240. New York London in 1 Hour
  241. Would you hire someone with tattoos?
  242. From the Personal Corner: Did you ever think your folks would split up?
  243. Our stairs are rotting, and the land owner's making excuses. Ever file a complaint?
  244. Florida to Buy Sugar Maker in Bid to Restore Everglades
  245. Sarcasm impairment explained!
  246. Slumlord Chronicles - Bipolar man edition
  247. Do we give a wedding honorarium to the minister... if he's my boss?!
  248. Do we give a wedding honorarium to the minister... if he's my boss?!
  249. Anyone ever lose their wallet?
  250. Laid off... for two weeks?

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