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  1. Coming soon - Human head transplants
  2. Police: Express Jet pilot accused of stalking American Airlines flight attendant in T
  3. Air India co-pilot beats up captain inside cockpit
  4. Police: GPS may have told couple to drive off Cline Avenue bridge
  5. Holy crap what else is going to go wrong?
  6. Blacking out from drinking
  7. What's Wrong With a Good Old Alarm Clock?
  8. Healthy man gets kidney failure from drinking one gallon of iced tea per day
  9. Fact or Fiction?: Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs
  10. Couple Arrested for Selling “Tickets to Heaven” (Sort Of)
  11. Easter Bunny
  12. Heart transplant teen killed in car crash
  13. Is it just me or is this new yogurt flavor too tangy?
  14. Where is the best BBQ and Chips & Salsa in Austin?
  15. April 1st Shenanigans
  16. This guy got fired from $200K/year job after uploading this video
  17. Girl Facetimes Ex Whilst Giving Another Dude A Blowie. Ex Puts It On Facebook
  18. Jack Nicholson Had A Secret Tunnel From His House To The Playboy Mansion, Obviously
  19. Tuxedo-clad NJ gas station attendant fired for urinating on a customer's side mirror
  20. Sweden's New Gender-Neutral Pronoun
  21. DVD Talk - thing I wanna know...
  22. N.B. education minister angry after learning French and English students have been sh
  23. How long can police hold on to phones as evidence? Bonus: Bronies / Cloppers
  24. There's Gold And Silver In Your Poop And It Could Be Worth Millions
  25. Trigger Warning: There May Be Clapping
  26. Germanwings Flight 9525 plane crash
  27. Need a job? Berlin's looking for a 'Brothel Tester'
  28. Do YOU have Misophonia?
  29. South Koreans eat 2 million dogs per year
  30. Officials say cigarette sparked fatal motel fire
  31. Putting your Pet down.
  32. How to stop Drudge Report and other websites from automatically reloading
  33. School me on Myrtle Beach...
  34. Is there a website that will photoshop privately for you? Or easy to use software?
  35. What's wrong with my thumb?
  36. Mitt Romney to fight Evander Holyfield
  37. Let's talk Child Care - Switching daycare/dayhome experiences
  38. Doctors Perform the World's First Successful Penis Transplant
  39. Own your own state - Alabama for sale on eBay
  40. Do you ever lack motivation?
  41. Photoshop request- Lady and a bottle
  42. Coffee in the Office
  43. Real life version of the Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series
  44. Flooring Advice Needed
  45. Men who hold doors open and smile may actually be sexist, study claims
  46. Madam Convicted Of Murder For Fatal Butt Injections
  47. Why does a Subaru WRX have such MASSIVE mud flaps?
  48. Cop Threatens to Confiscate 4-yr-old’s Bike, Brings Child to Tears
  49. What's your LEAST FAVORITE range of temperatures (in Fahrenheit)?
  50. 10 French Nationals die in Helicopter Crash, Including 3 French Sports stars
  51. Grr... bank's overdraft protection charged me $50 in four days
  52. What are you doing right now?
  53. the Alzheimer's thread
  54. Pretty sure wife wants to leave... (and she's gone)
  55. Universal Studios Orlando
  56. Would you message bad eBay seller on Facebook?
  57. Summer 2015 -- Any vacations planned? Where are you going?
  58. Listen to the Incredible New Instrument That Made $80,000 on Kickstarter in Just Six
  59. the piss and moan about DST thread
  60. Harrison Ford plane crashes into LA Golf Course; 5 dead (but only caddies)
  61. Nigerian woman files for divorce because her husband's penis is 'too big'
  62. Jodi Arias Escapes Death Penalty After 2nd Hung Jury
  63. Maps to the Stars
  64. 2015 Tax Refund --> what will you do with it?
  65. KFC Gets Occupational Business License To Sell Marijuana In Colorado Restaurants
  66. 21 Questions Australia Has For The US
  67. Spocking!
  68. San Clemente, CA Teachers charged with throwing cocaine/sex beach parties
  69. San Fran travel advice
  70. The 'sex selfie stick' lets you FaceTime the inside of a vagina
  71. Curt Schilling (former Red Sox) vs. Cyber-bullies
  72. loser.com
  73. Hey otters, have you ever felt sexy?
  74. New Study Shows Which Country Has The Biggest Penises In The World.
  75. The Wankband (Why masturbation will finally pay off)
  76. Let's try this here: What color is this dress?
  77. Postponing an execution due to weather
  78. Cytherea was gang raped?
  79. Road trip - Traveling West.
  80. Kentucky Cops Get Sick Of Winter, Issue Arrest Warrant For Queen Elsa From 'Frozen'
  81. The DUFF
  82. Leave it to Australians to resurrect gladiator duels with carbon-fiber suits
  83. Customer Shares Her Nightmare Experience at Victoria’s Secret
  84. Cause of death: BATMAN
  85. A little top heavy.
  86. Measles Parties
  87. My neighbor who smokes inside the apartment building just died from a heart attack.
  88. Vanilla Ice stole my blu-ray player
  89. Florida! Public Masturbation!! Female!!! Guilty/Not Guilty?
  90. Afroman
  91. gear heads:2015 VW Golf R; yay or nay?
  92. Anyone use gofundme?
  93. HVAC / Furnace Question.. Troubleshooting advice needed please..
  94. Question for Cleveland Otters
  95. Hundreds of teens attempt to take over a theater. Yes, Florida.
  96. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive starter drone/quadcopter with decent HD camera?
  97. Woman killed herself after struggling to deal with being unmarried and childless by 3
  98. What's Your Line? (Occupation of posting members)
  99. Imgur Pro Goes Free
  100. New Type of Selfie?
  101. Death And Pizza: How Domino's Lost Its Mascot
  102. The CHARMS of Porn
  103. Bruce Jenner causes fatal auto accident to avoid paparazzi
  104. Family plots to teach child a lesson with fake kidnapping (Not Florida!)
  105. You can earn $13,000 a year selling your poop
  106. Jean-Claude Van Damme Released A Ton Of Green Screen Footage And The Internet Is Havi
  107. Man gets 173 prostate exams in 3 days, sues hospital for 5 mil.
  108. Heil Hydra! Meet the real life Red Skull!
  109. Carbon monoxide poisoning incident at Wisconsin theater
  110. Randy Quaid Update: Still Nuts
  111. 2015 Anything to do with Taxes Thread
  112. Who downloaded the Jeff Bridges Sleeping Aid?
  113. Happy Groundhog Day 2015
  114. Eco-Friendly Tips - Using Lemons
  115. Boy suspended for saying he could make classmate ‘disappear’ with LOTR sorcery
  116. Fake Cop Behaving Badly?
  117. Anyone have experience renewing with Sirius xm radio?
  118. Long gone amusement park rides you miss
  119. Arkansas Teachers Now Have To Wear Underwear
  120. Thrift store find: ORVIETO leather coat
  121. Oregon State Student Cited for Filming "Solo Sex Act" in Library
  122. Skymall files for bankruptcy
  123. Talk to me about Air Purifiers
  124. Have you ever been humiliated?
  125. Resynching live musical performances to make the sound terrible?
  126. Student arrested after classroom attack on NJ high school teacher
  127. someone is dressing like a Yeti & walking around Boston in the midst of a blizzard
  128. Hey fellas, do you wear skinny jeans?
  129. Unrecognizable Celebrities Because of Plastic Surgery
  130. Nancy Grace is so alluring.
  131. soccer game
  132. Two days in Sacramento... What to do?
  133. Inside the Frat Party that Caused $75,000 of Damage at a Ski Resort (pictures)
  134. Moment on Facebook
  135. A New Level of Archery
  136. Super-Fit Mom Is Being Criticized For An Instagram Picture Critics Say Is Fat Shaming
  137. There's a Mural of a Superhero Gang Bang in a Hospital
  138. King Tut's Burial Mask Has Been "Irreversibly Damaged"
  139. Are Americans really dumb enough to worry about food containing DNA?
  140. Anyone remember Zubaz pants?
  141. Daughter plans to marry father
  142. Never Forget: Marky Mark Once Gouged a Guy's Eye Out
  143. Getting Cable for Free?
  144. 15 Exercises You Should Try, According to Old-Timey Cigarette Packs
  145. Woman Raped by Her Husband 300 Times While She Slept
  146. Butt Model’s Legs Are Rotting After Botched Plastic Surgery
  147. Name The State?
  148. People are blaming Muslims for Chipotle's lack of carnitas
  149. Girls in Yoga Pants/Leggings-No guys in this thread
  150. High School Basketball Coach Suspended for Winning Game
  151. Ever known anyone with a really strange name?
  152. Police investigate parents for doing the unthinkable-letting kids walk home alone
  153. Rick Springfield in butt-injury lawsuit
  154. In this instance, 'cops behaving badly' would have been damn appropriate...
  155. Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Penis…Twice
  156. Google Chooses Puerto Rico as a Testing Ground for Its Modular Phone
  157. What do your wallpapers look like?
  158. Showering Daily Is 'Such A White People Thing'
  159. What are your quirks?
  160. How do you get the news?
  161. Neighbor who flies Palestinian flag. What's up with that?
  162. Woman guilty of performing illegal silicone butt lifts with a caulking gun. Canada!
  163. So my 17 year old son has a pajama party, and they are doing drugs.
  164. NY man framed by crooked cop cleared of murder after 21 years in prison.
  165. Food Printers - Print your food and eat it
  166. 5 1/2 foot (real) snake found in toilet (not FL)
  167. Photoshop request- Workout selfie
  168. Father Throws 5-Year Old Daughter Off Bridge (Don't ask where from...)
  169. British Farmers Battle Nazi Super Cows
  170. Bill Gates drinks a refreshing glass of poo
  171. Roswell man told $500k winning lottery ticket a 'misprint'
  172. Organic Beating at NYC Whole Foods
  173. Movie Theater Etiquette - Art House Weirdos
  174. What Tax Software for 2014
  175. Request for recommendations re: hotels/motels in Seattle & Portland
  176. Need Help: Margaritas
  177. Florida couple 'trapped' in unlocked closet for days
  178. Diner etiquette regarding sitting at the counter
  179. What does Bronycon say about the Human Race ?
  180. Indiana Scooter/Moped Crackdown!
  181. Man Decapitates His Mother New Year's Eve (FLORIDA)
  182. Biggest Loser 2015 Health & Fitness Thread
  183. 2015 New Years' Resolutions - Post 'Em Here
  184. 2-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots Mother To Death Inside NOT FLORIDA Walmart
  185. Is your job(s) cutting it for you? (Are you making enough?)
  186. Do you wear glasses, if so, where do you get them?
  187. Manspreading
  188. Astronomers Discover Planet Identical To Earth With Orbital Space Mirror
  189. Whatcha Doin' For New Year's?
  190. Air Asia flight missing between Singapore & Indonesia
  191. I'm engaged!
  192. Dry skin...what do you use?
  193. Elf Yourself!
  194. X-Mas Bonus 2014
  195. Christmas 2014 (What did you get?)
  196. Do you like hipsters?
  197. Spurned wife leaves cheating husband and twin naked in busy car park
  198. So… what have I missed?
  199. Job Hunting Sites
  200. Can I get a home loan with poor credit?
  201. Nose Hairs: Do you pluck them or trim them?
  202. 2014 Thread of the Year
  203. Can you swim?
  204. Christmas gifts early in a relationship
  205. Buying baby gifts
  206. Do you have any "dead malls" near you?
  207. best free photo/picture editor?
  208. National Anthem or Metal Song
  209. Gift suggestions for a man.
  210. How many mpg do you get?
  211. Weight Training Vest
  212. What bank is the best?
  213. Things to see and do in Miami?
  214. Indoor heater question
  215. Pizza Crust
  216. Small rock hit my windshield...
  217. Kids are actually stupid enough to play Russian roulette? NOT FLORIDA
  218. Abu Dhabi police video of murder - Now that's how you do it!
  219. Reports: Carry-on ban considered in light of terror threat
  220. What's Up With The Moon Tonight?
  221. Man uses McChicken as a weapon - NOT Florida
  222. Wanderers a 3 minute video about Space Exploration.
  223. Emotional Support Animals
  224. How do I deal with bad behavior from my Nephew?
  225. You can't have your cake and eat it too
  226. Setting up Christmas Tree
  227. Are you patriotic?
  228. 84-Year-Old Man Tied Up and Robbed by 17-Year-Old Twin Sisters on a Date
  229. Black Friday 2014.
  230. What do you give thanks for?
  231. Serial Podcast - Who killed Hae Min Lee?
  232. Anyone ever hear of 'Co-insurance' pay for a Dr visit?
  233. Transgender Woman's Family Presents Her as a Man at Open Casket Funeral
  234. What happened to my toothpick?
  235. I have a judgment against a deadbeat
  236. Why get drunk at company Christmas Dinner?
  237. There was a used toothpick in my dinner
  238. Misadventures in graphic design
  239. To get husbands, Pastor Undresses And Kisses Female Church Members Asses At Beach
  240. Michael Phelps and his intersex girlfriend
  241. Weirdest/Oddest Work Memo You've Gotten
  242. Time share question
  243. Florida woman STEALS liquor, hides bottle in her VAGINA, in front of her SON! WTF?!
  244. Barbie: I can be a Computer Engineer (aka: Barbie F***'s it up again)
  245. My dad passed away last night
  246. Extracurricular activities/Hobbies you wish you had time for or more time for
  247. File this under ... WTF!?
  248. Story responds.
  249. Favorite candy?
  250. Woman Sues Owners of Dog Killed by Her Pit Bulls

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