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  1. "It's Okay. My Child Is In The Car"
  2. I'm finally going to learn how to swim...any tips?
  3. Murder at the Olympics (2008 Edition)
  4. The Christian history thread
  5. Caption This: W at the Olympics Edition
  6. Help decipher my dream!
  7. From God.....
  8. Bernie Mac 1957-2008
  9. Larry Bird Skechers?
  10. Extinct jobs?
  11. Reborn Dolls... What In Tarnation?
  12. Do you love/hate your job?
  13. Best VHS Tape to record Olympics
  14. 106 Miles Per Gallon In A Car That Runs On Air
  15. Suicide by Decapitation
  16. What's the worst/dumbest thing you've ever spent money on?
  17. DVDtalk's Biggest Loser: August 2008
  18. Light Sweet Crude
  19. YAFT: 0.99% APR for life of balance?
  20. Clarke Rockefeller: has anyone else been following this story?
  21. Father arrested for spanking 20 yr old daughter over $5,000 phone bill
  22. Alleged drunken driver knocks on the wrong door
  23. Is homophonia exceptable?
  24. Do You Think Park Benches Are Sexy?
  25. So, how can the same unemployment rate be both high unemployment and high employment?
  26. Grandma arrested for driving with child on roof
  27. In honor of macnorton Come see my tattoos & Tell me what you think
  28. Mayor wants federal probe after SWAT raids house, kills dogs
  29. Does breastfeeding in public bother you?
  30. living without electricity
  31. Peta at it again: Compares Bus beheading to Animal Rights abuses
  32. Those with Financial Planners/Advisors-How'd you find them?
  33. YADKT: Two-Face Cat Dies
  34. Lizard love: 110-year dinosaur descendant to become daddy
  35. Just what is in our water?!
  36. Valet parking is $30/day .. Should I still tip?
  37. The Gelatin in Jell-O comes from boiling animal skin, tendons, ligaments, & or bones?
  38. Help me fix my refridgerator please!
  39. Is homophobia acceptable?
  40. are receipts with the last 4 digits of a CC number safe?
  41. My cell phone's voicemail doesn't alert me of my message until 24 hours LATER! Arg!
  42. The dog, the problem, and my stress level
  43. Anybody here selling MonaVie
  44. camera & lens warranty question
  45. Otter Help With Identifying A Photo/Screenshot?
  46. Our DVD player is broken... fire the nanny?
  47. Have you thought about your 2008 Halloween costume yet?
  48. Would you buy a house someone recently committed suicide in?
  49. The "Push Present" - aka Here is a Gift for Bearing my Children
  50. Any good recommedations for a sore throat?
  51. Going Gray?
  52. So is anyone else apparently a child molester?
  53. School me on Grills
  54. How large is your house?
  55. What's wrong with my eyes?
  56. Can't get to sleep... suggestions?
  57. Question for Tax Experts: Gift Tax
  58. Bloody Nose. Yuck. (Do you get 'em?)
  59. Anyone drive a Vespa?
  60. Anyone drive a Dodge Grand Caravan?
  61. Someone was murdered right down the block from me!
  62. Ever hear of 'Twee'? Is this the new emo?
  63. Free Monkey!
  64. Shipping alcohol to Washington State?
  65. So Paul McCartney stopped by our local convenience store the other day...
  66. Weird habits ...have any?
  67. Re-Pet: It's a reality! "RNL Bio" is open for business! (CNN)
  68. Anyone ever get a tattoo on the arch of their foot?
  69. Lava Lamp HELP PLEASE!
  70. Quick question about responding to an online job posting by email
  71. School me on the Canadian Rockies - Back with Pics
  72. Dragon*Con 2008
  73. Is the term "Wasabi pants" racist? Proper etiquette?
  74. Al Capone's eldest brother was...a Prohibition Agent?!
  75. "Account Services" credit rate reduction (scam?)
  76. So, what are some Good Places to See in Los Angeles for a non-resident?
  77. Federal agent shot at post office
  78. Anyone work at Hertz?
  79. Help! I'm sick and stuck at work!
  80. Upgrade Me! - by Tarantino.
  81. Man calls 911 after Subway left sauce off sandwich
  82. Chicago Tornado Sirens
  83. Advice on creating coffee table photobooks (online)
  84. Headlines you never thought you'd ever see...
  85. Little girl climbs into claw machine
  86. The Montauk Monster! (Pic)
  87. Did you ever "Call the number on the screen now!"
  88. Morgan Freeman - Serious condition following car accident
  89. The tale of the unscrupulous lender....
  90. So, could you survive on minimum wage?
  91. Do you ever kiss inanimate objects?
  92. I finally got my first Nigerian scam email!
  93. Question for frequent air travelers
  94. Audiochop This
  95. Heading to Las Vegas...
  96. Whats up with all the paparazzi style web sites for regular people?
  97. Has anyone used mypublisher.com photobook creator?
  98. 1031 Exchanges
  99. Need Help Stolen Corvette!
  100. So I hear my neighbors fight and its getting increasingly worse...
  101. Cleaning a toilet that hasn't been cleaned in 4 years
  102. Is Loveline still on the air?
  103. a moment of silence, please.
  104. Your Five Conversations
  105. true or fake: girl catching fly ball
  106. Credit card question: change in APR?
  107. Knit your own Dictator.
  108. Is There Something I Can Do If I Never Got My Stimulus Check?
  109. Help me find a new Pet!
  110. Hey! Funny Folks! Can you control your laughter in a really funny situation?
  111. what is the point of age verification on alcohol websites?
  112. Just got my tattoo done...
  113. Experts predict that a cure for anorexia will be found by the year 2048.
  114. So, wanted to share my car buying experience
  115. Social injustice, on Yahoo's home page
  116. What simple idea/concept was a revelation to you?
  117. What to do in Door County, WI?
  118. Anyone besides Bandoman hate me?
  119. Reverse phone number lookup?
  120. Stealing things from work
  121. Rat People In Pakistan?!?!
  122. Boy with broken back tasered 19 times
  123. Bathroom Etiquette
  124. Redneck gets fried trying to steal electricity
  125. Only in Alabama.
  126. Unintended Car Passengers
  127. I am a prisoner in my own mind
  128. KVRDave is World Famous (and on PETA's watch list)
  129. Your ideal woman?
  130. employment
  131. Don't Go Into the Vending Machine Carol Ann
  132. Car Question
  133. Going to Japan and I have questions.
  134. Driving w/o insurance ?
  135. Officer foils Cadillac driver's free gas plan
  136. World's Oldest Joke Discovered
  137. Beheading on Greyhound Bus In Canada
  138. Do people still play D & D ?
  139. Finally, the JET PACK!!
  140. Cheech & Chong "light up" for new comedy tour
  141. Home Security Scam? [Anyone heard of VMS Alarms or Monitronics?]
  142. Ever wake up in a bad mood?
  143. Burt's Bees...anyone use their products?
  144. Free Draw + Survey for University Students
  145. Take A guess on how much dvdtalk was sold to IB for
  146. A real estate agent stole from me!
  147. The Chicken Cow aka The Montauk Monster [Merged]
  148. Anybody else forget to check their private messages
  149. Skipping Breakfast and lunch
  150. The Official "Something Positive" thread
  151. Well Shoot, Now Where Will I Get Chipotle Bleu Cheese Burger - Bennigan's merged
  152. Earthquake in So Cal....WOW. That was kinda heavy! 7.29.08
  153. Recipes for a genius!!
  154. THIS! Help to Save or Doom Someone! Do you have a FEAR of FERRIS WHEELS?
  155. It's all part of the plan...
  156. 6-week-old puppy kills 8-week-old baby
  157. Let the Obsession begin
  158. Everyone needs this sculpture in their garden...
  159. Anyone into r/c cars?
  160. This may be the dumbest gambler/criminal ever
  161. Lease Question for Otter Lawyers or Landlords
  162. Anyone using Jango?
  163. Georgia Aquarium markets tee for our very own kvr dave!
  164. Mr. T Says, "Candy Bars Make Me Wanna Shoot Mincining Girly-Men"
  165. Need help figuring math question out
  166. A broken toilet flange question
  167. YAAFTDI...Houston Edition
  168. Health Insurance? 31 Day Grace Period?
  169. Foot problems
  170. Why is it eateries at the mall are STINGY with condiments?
  171. Otter Help - I Need an Editor For a Story...
  172. what to see in san francisco?
  173. DVDTalk Tournament - August 4th, 7 PM PST/10 PM EDT
  174. Passanger tapes plane scare, lucky landing
  175. When you move, stuff gets broken/scratched/dented...thats just the way it is.
  176. What the hell is going on around here?
  177. Products you never knew you needed....
  178. How can I make friends?
  179. How do you fight this kind of violence?
  180. Drunk shoots uncooperative lawnmower
  181. Feelgood video of the year...
  182. Boy leaves daycare center....walks to Hooters
  183. Man-Bear-Pig (almost)
  184. Car stereo question
  185. Which Jack Daniels...
  186. Arkansas recalling license plates some claim racist
  187. Randy Pausch, 'Last Lecture' Professor Dies
  188. Can you spot the funny part of this FAQ?
  189. Ever have to use one of those cone collar things on your pet?
  190. Let's Play: Brand Names that become known for the Product/Activity
  191. Peru wants jail for nude woman using flag as saddle
  192. What do you do when a pit bull bites you? You bite it back.
  193. L.A. Times Pic - Is This Backwards?
  194. The Cheapest way to go to Disneyland!
  195. casino workers sued for insulting ladies in spanish
  196. I Survived Hurricane Dolly ... Now Where's My Lousy T-Shirt
  197. What type of doctor should I see?
  198. Woman Commits Suicide Over Foreclosure
  199. YALT: real estate law advise. PA
  200. Ever notice how fountain cokes & other flavored drinks sometimes taste really crappy?
  201. Question for the Lawyers: Should you take the plead deal?
  202. Animal Identification help needed
  203. stock option talk
  204. Has anyone stopped drinking soda pop?
  205. Remedies for being tired besides coffee?
  206. Panel OKs one-year ban on new fast-food restaurants in LA.
  207. Anyone wanted to open a can of whoop-arse on someone in the real world lately?
  208. Does this sod need to resod his yard? (pic)
  209. How much are regular candy bars in your area?
  210. How come I can't name my kid "Sex Fruit"?
  211. New stupid racism claim
  212. Is now a good time to increase 401k contribution
  213. Yet another weird online dating moment...
  214. Coke or Pepsi....?
  215. Aliens Have Been to Earth: Government Cover Up!
  216. Escaped chimp turns the tables on his zookeepers
  217. Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?
  218. Like Being Molested, Groped, or Leered At? Then Go to the Airport.
  219. What are your smoothie recipes?
  220. The results of a 25 minute intense thunder storm.......
  221. Caption these dogs
  222. Caption these...ummm...people
  223. These reserved parking spaces are getting out of hand
  224. The Adventures of "Female Surgery"--Vibiana Gets Spayed
  225. Post your face, you big... person with a face. Cont'd.
  226. Another Female Teacher Gets It On
  227. Daydream while driving?
  228. No plastic bags in Los Angeles stores - July 2010
  229. Lebanon woman runs sword into foot during Wiccan ceremony
  230. CNN: All the latest headlines and hotties
  231. Looking for Maui luau recommendation
  232. Would you have given her a toy? [Watch video]
  233. Help please from any present or past Arizonans!
  234. Survey + Freebie Draw : Where can I post?
  235. So, how do you board a train that isn't there?
  236. Seattle and Portland Fun
  237. Looking for names of restaurants/ coffee chains for friend looking for job.
  238. Search for criminals in your town!!!
  239. Otters - school me on San Francisco
  240. Tenant wants a roommate...can we raise rent?
  241. Best way to store Digests?
  242. So, it's hard to type after getting poked
  243. Bernard Pivot's 10 Questions
  244. HEY FOUR EYES! Do you use the spit or the HAAA-HAAA to clean your glasses?
  245. Going to South Lake Tahoe for five days, where should we stay?
  246. I saw two kids in the back seat of a car stopped at a stop sign for one second.
  247. Learning an instrument on your own....
  248. South Carolina is so gay
  249. Don't like toddlers in the movie theater? You'll LOVE this guy...
  250. When Actors Attack ... Their Mother