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  1. Kite surfer makes an attempt at Darwin award.
  2. Irony of the Day: AARP Sued For Age Discrimination
  3. Man Threatens Beheading On Bus
  4. The sweet, cute and cuddly thread
  5. I have a problem with the law, please read... there are naked pictures in here.
  6. Myspace getting kicked out of Anime Expo - Video
  7. Have a Business, and the Customer Doesn't Want to Pay? Then Go to Jail.
  8. Picked the car.. now the negotiations.. thoughts?
  9. Armed 85-year-old woman forces 17 yr old intruder to call cops
  10. Does your company blog?
  11. Too much weekend at Bernies?
  12. So, is it better to wait for food to cool before putting it in the fridge?
  13. photoshop my dumb ass.
  14. People hit during childhood: Do or would you hit your child?
  15. Jack in the Box Smoothies?
  16. Creeepiest Guy Ever?
  17. How do you pronounce 12th?
  18. why were they laughing at him (mideval cartoon)
  19. YACT: Feedback from Aveo/Cobalt/Ion/Focus owners
  20. How did a crawfish end up in my garage?
  21. So I just adopted a new kitten - I need a name!
  22. Finally finished my family room / media room remodel
  23. Job Interview, presentation question...
  24. This call is being recorded for blah blah blah...Can I get a copy of that?
  25. 08/18/08 GatorDeb becomes a U.S. Citizen !! :banana:
  26. Is showing yer high beams commonly accepted nowadays?
  27. The Most Beautiful Women - As Picked by Gay Men with Bruce Willis Fixations
  28. So, my dog just ate a chocolate candy bar...should i be concerned?
  29. Question for the Landlords on this forum...
  30. Any cool stuff to do in Atlanta?
  31. the insomniacs hot deals thread
  32. Mint-type Weed: Pain In My Arse
  33. Washington Post "Against Depression, a Sugar Pill Is Hard to Beat"
  34. Where is the hurricane prediction thread?
  35. Cookie chain Mrs. Fields to file for bankruptcy
  36. Where can I find a Kobra Kai hoodie?
  37. Do we have any otters in Mexico City?
  38. Caption this picture: Olympic Gymnast style
  39. Bat or Knife?
  40. So, are cash contributions tax deductible?
  41. YARET: Selling the house once realtor's contract is over.
  42. Going to the DC area, need advice
  43. What is Wrong With These People?
  44. I have a skunk problem. Oh...and their rising from the dead.
  45. Passport talk: is it still backed up?
  46. So I got married. What paperwork do we have left to do?
  47. Guy tries to place bet with a bag o'weed
  48. '40-Year-Old Virgin' actor charged with attempted murder
  49. reciting the alphabet backwards - is it a trap?
  50. Russia attacks the other Georgia (USA)
  51. The Otter Outage Giveaway
  52. Elizabeth Taylor Murdered NOT
  53. What to do/where to stay in Cape Cod?
  54. Sandy Allen DEAD at 53 (World's Tallest Woman)
  55. The Pill makes women crazy...
  56. Dating a mom...
  57. What time is it at the South Pole?
  58. How Smart Are You: 2 Minute Test
  59. Oven Question
  60. Police: GA man held family captive in squalor for years!
  61. El Chupacabra found?
  62. Bigfoot found dead, film at 11
  63. Have you ever been the recipient of a gift from co-workers?
  64. How Do You Know What a Toy is Worth?
  65. OtterVille's gonna be shut down for 'SIX' HOURS on Thursday (8/14)? What WILL you do?
  66. Replica watches? Really?
  67. So, what's a good non-oily sunblock?
  68. Are professional resume services worth it?
  69. Revenge of the dogs: puppies eat owner
  70. Where are the Best places to Eat at Disneyland/Disney Hotels/California Adventure?
  71. The best ways to gain weight/muscle at home?
  72. CVS Caremark to buy Longs Drugs in $2.54 bln deal
  73. So, a needle pulling thread? School me, or them rather, on it.
  74. So, do you double check to make sure that the store charges you the right amount?
  75. So, how often do you use checks?
  76. Any more Usemywallett/Quicktender rooms?
  77. Arbitron to start using Portable People Meters to measure radio audience
  78. Do you like your nuts warm & toasty or just room temperature?
  79. Lets talk about pickles
  80. Need a Padlock for storage shed. Suggestions?
  81. Home energy sources (electricity, gas, wind, solar)
  82. Giant dog turd wreaks havoc at Swiss museum
  83. Possible Vampire Outbreak in Venezuela!
  84. Man Beaten, Kidnapped After Getting In Way Of Illegal Street Race
  85. How often do you take the longer route because it's more scenic?
  86. A case of Burger King's "Have It Your Way" taken way too literally. (Merged)
  87. DVDTalk Tournament - August 18th 7pm EST/10pm PST
  88. ways to avoid 95 and 495 during rain (dc/va)
  89. Hey Religious People/Paranormal Believers - What does this mean?
  90. Why do people say..."color me ________"
  91. Favorite Thread That Everyone Hates?
  92. Quick! Help me hide the body!
  93. ZOMG !!!! Pepsi & Diet Pepsi w/ lemon is back !!!
  94. The movielibs: 35 years of wedded bliss
  95. Anybody buy a new car recently? Good loan deals?
  96. Custody/Visitation Question
  97. Just had a bratwurst for the first time in 9 years
  98. Eletronics "protection" from credit cards
  99. Photoshop my brother please!
  100. How can my mom get rid of some party favor merchandise?
  101. Spanish shopkeeper finds Homer Simpson euro
  102. Any legitimate "work from home" opportunities
  103. Smoke Alarm Starts Fire
  104. School me on getting a new roof.
  105. YACT - AC question
  106. Board Games in Los Angeles
  107. DC Metro ?
  108. It's not racist, because that's what it used to be called...
  109. cell phone broke - need a new one
  110. Isaac Hayes Dead At 65
  111. OK which otter did this? Fess up now...
  112. Tostitos Recipe Contest Help
  113. "It's Okay. My Child Is In The Car"
  114. I'm finally going to learn how to swim...any tips?
  115. Murder at the Olympics (2008 Edition)
  116. The Christian history thread
  117. Caption This: W at the Olympics Edition
  118. Help decipher my dream!
  119. From God.....
  120. Bernie Mac 1957-2008
  121. Larry Bird Skechers?
  122. Extinct jobs?
  123. Reborn Dolls... What In Tarnation?
  124. Do you love/hate your job?
  125. Best VHS Tape to record Olympics
  126. 106 Miles Per Gallon In A Car That Runs On Air
  127. Suicide by Decapitation
  128. What's the worst/dumbest thing you've ever spent money on?
  129. DVDtalk's Biggest Loser: August 2008
  130. Light Sweet Crude
  131. YAFT: 0.99% APR for life of balance?
  132. Clarke Rockefeller: has anyone else been following this story?
  133. Father arrested for spanking 20 yr old daughter over $5,000 phone bill
  134. Alleged drunken driver knocks on the wrong door
  135. Is homophonia exceptable?
  136. Do You Think Park Benches Are Sexy?
  137. So, how can the same unemployment rate be both high unemployment and high employment?
  138. Grandma arrested for driving with child on roof
  139. In honor of macnorton Come see my tattoos & Tell me what you think
  140. Mayor wants federal probe after SWAT raids house, kills dogs
  141. Does breastfeeding in public bother you?
  142. living without electricity
  143. Peta at it again: Compares Bus beheading to Animal Rights abuses
  144. Those with Financial Planners/Advisors-How'd you find them?
  145. YADKT: Two-Face Cat Dies
  146. Lizard love: 110-year dinosaur descendant to become daddy
  147. Just what is in our water?!
  148. Valet parking is $30/day .. Should I still tip?
  149. The Gelatin in Jell-O comes from boiling animal skin, tendons, ligaments, & or bones?
  150. Help me fix my refridgerator please!
  151. Is homophobia acceptable?
  152. are receipts with the last 4 digits of a CC number safe?
  153. My cell phone's voicemail doesn't alert me of my message until 24 hours LATER! Arg!
  154. The dog, the problem, and my stress level
  155. Anybody here selling MonaVie
  156. camera & lens warranty question
  157. Otter Help With Identifying A Photo/Screenshot?
  158. Our DVD player is broken... fire the nanny?
  159. Have you thought about your 2008 Halloween costume yet?
  160. Would you buy a house someone recently committed suicide in?
  161. The "Push Present" - aka Here is a Gift for Bearing my Children
  162. Any good recommedations for a sore throat?
  163. Going Gray?
  164. So is anyone else apparently a child molester?
  165. School me on Grills
  166. How large is your house?
  167. What's wrong with my eyes?
  168. Can't get to sleep... suggestions?
  169. Question for Tax Experts: Gift Tax
  170. Bloody Nose. Yuck. (Do you get 'em?)
  171. Anyone drive a Vespa?
  172. Anyone drive a Dodge Grand Caravan?
  173. Someone was murdered right down the block from me!
  174. Ever hear of 'Twee'? Is this the new emo?
  175. Free Monkey!
  176. Shipping alcohol to Washington State?
  177. So Paul McCartney stopped by our local convenience store the other day...
  178. Weird habits ...have any?
  179. Re-Pet: It's a reality! "RNL Bio" is open for business! (CNN)
  180. Anyone ever get a tattoo on the arch of their foot?
  181. Lava Lamp HELP PLEASE!
  182. Quick question about responding to an online job posting by email
  183. School me on the Canadian Rockies - Back with Pics
  184. Dragon*Con 2008
  185. Is the term "Wasabi pants" racist? Proper etiquette?
  186. Al Capone's eldest brother was...a Prohibition Agent?!
  187. "Account Services" credit rate reduction (scam?)
  188. So, what are some Good Places to See in Los Angeles for a non-resident?
  189. Federal agent shot at post office
  190. Anyone work at Hertz?
  191. Help! I'm sick and stuck at work!
  192. Upgrade Me! - by Tarantino.
  193. Man calls 911 after Subway left sauce off sandwich
  194. Chicago Tornado Sirens
  195. Advice on creating coffee table photobooks (online)
  196. Headlines you never thought you'd ever see...
  197. Little girl climbs into claw machine
  198. The Montauk Monster! (Pic)
  199. Did you ever "Call the number on the screen now!"
  200. Morgan Freeman - Serious condition following car accident
  201. The tale of the unscrupulous lender....
  202. So, could you survive on minimum wage?
  203. Do you ever kiss inanimate objects?
  204. I finally got my first Nigerian scam email!
  205. Question for frequent air travelers
  206. Audiochop This
  207. Heading to Las Vegas...
  208. Whats up with all the paparazzi style web sites for regular people?
  209. Has anyone used mypublisher.com photobook creator?
  210. 1031 Exchanges
  211. Need Help Stolen Corvette!
  212. So I hear my neighbors fight and its getting increasingly worse...
  213. Cleaning a toilet that hasn't been cleaned in 4 years
  214. Is Loveline still on the air?
  215. a moment of silence, please.
  216. Your Five Conversations
  217. true or fake: girl catching fly ball
  218. Credit card question: change in APR?
  219. Knit your own Dictator.
  220. Is There Something I Can Do If I Never Got My Stimulus Check?
  221. Help me find a new Pet!
  222. Hey! Funny Folks! Can you control your laughter in a really funny situation?
  223. what is the point of age verification on alcohol websites?
  224. Just got my tattoo done...
  225. Experts predict that a cure for anorexia will be found by the year 2048.
  226. So, wanted to share my car buying experience
  227. Social injustice, on Yahoo's home page
  228. What simple idea/concept was a revelation to you?
  229. What to do in Door County, WI?
  230. Anyone besides Bandoman hate me?
  231. Reverse phone number lookup?
  232. Stealing things from work
  233. Rat People In Pakistan?!?!
  234. Boy with broken back tasered 19 times
  235. Bathroom Etiquette
  236. Redneck gets fried trying to steal electricity
  237. Only in Alabama.
  238. Unintended Car Passengers
  239. I am a prisoner in my own mind
  240. KVRDave is World Famous (and on PETA's watch list)
  241. Your ideal woman?
  242. employment
  243. Don't Go Into the Vending Machine Carol Ann
  244. Car Question
  245. Going to Japan and I have questions.
  246. Driving w/o insurance ?
  247. Officer foils Cadillac driver's free gas plan
  248. World's Oldest Joke Discovered
  249. Beheading on Greyhound Bus In Canada
  250. Do people still play D & D ?