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  1. Inventor Offers 75 Million To Sterlize Pets...Hopefully Certain Humans Will Be Next
  2. YABP: Guys, which urinal would you use?
  3. Christie Brinkley's Ex and Diana Bianchi Sex Tape
  4. Husbands: Enter bathroom to do business, notice wife got a new scale. First response?
  5. Electric Baseboard Heaters: A Question...
  6. So, I think the government is overcharging me on property taxes
  7. When Helping People Screws You Over
  8. Help me find a light bulb
  9. Describe Madonna in one word
  10. So, my boss said that my co-worker was late when he wasn't late.
  11. I hate being misquoted by the press!
  12. Anyone have experince with arc fault circuit breakers?
  13. Justifiable Homicides Increase to Highest Level in 10 Years
  14. Daughter, Grandson Allegedly Cremate Dead California Woman, Steal Her Retirement Chec
  15. Key Childrens Crusade architect and Reverend convicted of molesting his 6 yo daughter
  16. Otter Photoshop experts - need your help.
  17. Lawsuit against God dismissed
  18. RIP - Mother's cookies
  19. Prostitution Sting in Tennessee
  20. Where can you get caramel frosting?
  21. YATT: Now I am a cheap tipper because I can do math?
  22. INSANE news story...what would you do?
  23. Wal-Mart Canada selling the douche look
  24. Pump check: How much for a gallon of Regular? (early 2009 Edition)
  25. Going to Boston...
  26. Text Message: "Hey Jesse. Your a hoe. Whats up?"
  27. Is this guy King of the Nerds?
  28. The homeless guy and dog laying against the entrance to Little Caesars - yay or nay?
  29. Was FDR's wife also his cousin?
  30. Wildfires burn homes, kill 1 in Los Angeles area
  31. A question about making observations...
  32. Happy 100th Birthday: Cellophane!
  33. I would double check, make really sure...
  34. Anit-smoking attacks Bette Davis!
  35. Happy 25th Birthday: Cellphone! (10-13-08)
  36. I've been served, but...
  37. So, who has Columbus Day off?
  38. best way to transfer money?
  39. YACCT: Who to lodge complaint with?
  40. Is there a way to PURPOSELY shrink shirts?
  41. Lord British Goes to Space
  42. 10 (More) Reasons You're Not Rich
  43. Question for those who really love their cars
  44. Open relationships
  45. So is your city going to have enough salt for the winter?
  46. What is the rudest thing another driver has done to you?
  47. What kind of "police" was this?
  48. Look whos running for President!
  49. Talk about dividing property in a divorce...
  50. Naked Woman Leads Police Chase Without Headlights
  51. Introducing the 105 year old virgin!
  52. DJs claim Magic Johnson "faked AIDS"
  53. Bank robber uses Craigslist to help rob a bank
  54. McDonalds is like Space Food!
  55. "That's So Gay" ad campaign
  56. What to do if you see a cat with fake inspection and registration stickers?
  57. OH! Man Jumps Off Cliff For Girl In Real Life On YT Making People Cry!
  58. FBI seeks 'Mullet Man' bank robber.
  59. Megavideo.com: No longer free
  60. Pre Paid Oil Changes?
  61. New TASER Weapons Produced For Crowd Control
  62. 990-pound man dies pleading for help
  63. Can I request some photochops?
  64. It's time for Eyegasm again, so here's some comics.
  65. neighbors/block party advise. please
  66. That bagged lettuce: How many days does it last in your fridge?
  67. HPV? Have it or given it?
  68. Good news! My son doesn't need Cialis!
  69. So, what have I missed and who's gone Hi-Def?
  70. CNN says human powered car that goes 0 mph is actually going 60 mph!
  71. Ohio teen charged for sending nude phone photos
  72. Crazy Mother
  73. Plan My Winter Trip. Suggestions and Advice Chicago, Boston, and New York
  74. Britney's teenage sister pregnant again? Tabloid Hell
  75. It's the greatest of seasons... Mallomar season
  76. I'm in love... with a tv commercial girl!
  77. Detention!!!
  78. The 1920s
  79. loan payment calculation help?
  80. DVDtalk's Biggest Loser: 2008
  81. HR/Hiring candidate question
  82. Halloween/scary computer wallpaper?
  83. Nepal appoints 3-year-old as new living goddess
  84. To all In-N-Out Burger Lover (60th Year Anniversary)
  85. Polygraph test.
  86. Gmail's "Mail Goggles" - A friend that helps you rethink your drunken email
  87. My house was broken into!!
  88. Bra Saves Man's Life
  89. So, do you respect your boss? So, do you think your boss is competent?
  90. A drunk girl pulled me into the bathroom last night
  91. Cannibal Seasons and Fries Thigh
  92. Signs that the end is near....I gave help to the hippies.
  93. What's your favorite costume?
  94. Camera / Photography question
  95. Potato chips and other snacks - reviewed
  96. More life moments: Friendship
  97. What would you do? My daughter got burned at a Marriott Hotel
  98. Mr. John Morgan sent me an official email
  99. Geez, I thought people knew better than this by now.
  100. Have you eliminated your computer room and moved the desk into family space?
  101. what's the farthest you've ever strayed from home still wearing slippers?
  102. Men (and women) please settle this dispute that my wife and I are having about hair
  103. Joker asks Abortion, "Why so serious?"
  104. School me on RSS Feeds
  105. Discount tix for Carrot Top at MGM Grand in November??
  106. Youtube Spanking Video Help
  107. Going to Europe for a week and need some suggestions....
  108. Mother And Daughter "Tag Team" Prostitutes
  109. YAET: Deadbeats & new feedback system
  110. help me choose a new SUV
  111. Seven year old boy feeds zoo animals to croc
  112. Water on Mars! (pic)
  113. Man shoots himself twice after being denied sex
  114. Anyone know who the model used in this Yahoo Personals ad?
  115. If Web Bot makes predictions based on web chatter...
  116. Whos a douchebag?
  117. Need real estate help (foreclosure listings? and, my realtor stinks).
  118. One Sentence Stories -- cool website...
  119. Are goldfish cannibalistic?!?!?!?!
  120. KFC Fines Woman for Staying Too Long
  121. Something's CLICKING inside my EAR!!!
  122. TV's 'Mr. Clean' dies at 92
  123. Woman buys home on eBay for $1.75
  124. Mom accused of performing sex act on toddler son
  125. Treesa & I got honked at by two militant lesbians...in a GRAVEYARD!!! :eek:
  126. Ever have a splinter and ya CAN'T find it?
  127. Crowd Goads Suicidal Teen to Jump to His Death
  128. What happen to SBH?
  129. Denver PD commemorative DNC t-shirt: "We get up early to beat the crowds"
  130. Question for runners
  131. Best Steaks in Denver?
  132. Buying prescriptions online, anyone?
  133. I need some kayaking advice
  134. Do you love or hate your gallbladder?
  135. i was fired from my last job. do i add it to my application?
  136. Anyone want to help me write some trivia?
  137. YAFT: Investment Questions
  138. Robbers leave loot because getaway car to small
  139. Where's the beef? In jail.
  140. Going Pro (Poker)
  141. Recommendations on finding fine art
  142. Congratulations kvrdave!!!
  143. Guy runs from and attacks police, police shoot and kill him, community cries foul
  144. Dating advice?
  145. Was Helen Keller a fraud?
  146. How cool is this?
  147. How do I turn down a job offer?
  148. Rep. Markey launches bill for HD Radio mandate in all Satellite Radios
  149. Will the Dow fall below 10,000?
  150. Campaign Cola!
  151. NY state 2008 STAR rebate
  152. Dead Bat Coffee
  153. Anyone ever popped thir knee before???
  154. Camping recipe suggestions (now with Cumberland Island pics)
  155. I hate it when people use the word, "laughably"
  156. Father of the year 2008
  157. The Adventures of Philosophy Chicken
  158. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Wed in Canada
  159. Sarah Palin of the Corn
  160. Perhaps the cleverest home page ever HEMA.nl
  161. Teen Tries To Kill Mom For Boobs
  162. School Me On Pool Care Otters!!!
  163. Driver fixing her hair crashes
  164. Family cat has strong resemblance to Star Wars legend
  165. When did comedians become so emo?
  166. Dang! I messed up my knee with no insurance or job!!!
  167. stupid is as stupid does
  168. No more 99 cent only stores.
  169. What's Your Color IQ?
  170. Time to buy a condo?
  171. YEAT: eBay Sellers - What would you do in this situation?
  172. Car insurance question (want to cancel after car accident)
  173. Robert Wagner mulled killing Warren Beatty due to breakup with Natalie Wood
  174. Combined Federal Campaign - Inefficient Charities List
  175. Help needed on a visual I am working on...
  176. Enter me as I am trapped at the airport.
  177. Preparing for the end times?
  178. Buy This Dude A Box Of Condoms
  179. How to feed 130 cats
  180. sanitized for your protection
  181. Anyone have or know someone with Attention Deficit Disorder?
  182. Naked man dies after being Tasered by cops
  183. School me on Baltimore
  184. Gone for a Year or Two
  185. I'm going to Boston! What do I do when I get there?
  186. Georgia
  187. Plato, Aristotle, Pre-Socratic
  188. I made the baby cry :(
  189. Ever wanted to settle marital disputes?
  190. The Magnificent Random Picture Post Thread 7
  191. Women should be barefoot and pregnant
  192. Atlanta is out of gas
  193. The 80's - and people attitudes
  194. Two airplane pilots suspended for sleeping through flight's landing procedure
  195. Man Passes Gas, Charged with Battery on Officer
  196. To protect the children, city stops circus clowns from playing their trumpets.
  197. Web Bot Sees Catastrophe Coming 10/7/2008
  198. Furious Anger! or: My Wife's PayPal Account Got Hacked and I'm Super Effing Pissed
  199. Long shot I suppose, anyone know their car parts and spelling? ('68 Impala)
  200. Hot Chicks With Douchebags
  201. PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk (Merged)
  202. Clay Aiken shocks the world -- announces that he's gay.
  203. Text Messaging Explodes In America
  204. Train crushes railway sex couple
  205. Anyone playing Omerta again?
  206. Pediatrician refuses to see my daughter, what action should I take?
  207. Beggar accused of shooting disabled man because he didn't giver her money
  208. is there any reason to keep old payment stubs?
  209. Good News of the Day! (dance, you bananas! Dance!)
  210. Best Obit Ever
  211. Grossest Apartment in Houston.... (NSF reading while eating)
  212. Marjorie Knoller gets 15 to life, finally
  213. YACT: Removing and Installing a new driver seat
  214. Things/Places to do/see in Philly with Children
  215. Red Bull Cola
  216. Knocked up - the aftermath
  217. Another reason to keep women off the road
  218. How did you find your job?
  219. 20th Century Fox Deleted my Youtube Vid because of Copyrite Infringement
  220. Ever try Dinosaur Jerky??
  221. New bankruptcy laws ?
  222. Entertainment Center Criteria?
  223. Commuter bicycle recommendations?
  224. Can't Cook, Wish They Could
  225. I hate my eyes.
  226. Home Owners Claims
  227. So, what's a good no-iron dress shirt?
  228. Random Thoughts by...(insert otter here)
  229. Any Paintball players?
  230. Problem while jump starting cat
  231. seeking randy or another motorhead for some help
  232. Computers are making us stupid!
  233. Spray paint advice?
  234. San Fran considering legalizing prostitution
  235. I want to move out of the US
  236. Buddhist meditation
  237. Getting old. How do you deal with it?
  238. Pet Owners! Ever use POOP FREEZE?
  239. Mortgage/loan question...
  240. Adam Corolla - funny or not funny?
  241. Saying goodbye to the Home Theater Forum and moving to DVD Talk
  242. 99% of Spanish men lost their virginity at a brothel according to Spanish politician
  243. Hey OtterVille! Get into Disneyland for Free on your Birthday in 2009!
  244. Travis Barker and DJ AM in plane crash
  245. 15 Year Old Breaks Up With Girlfirend, and Then Bang's Her Mom.
  246. Poker Rates?
  247. What's the deal with Petfinder.com?
  248. High school reunions: love them or hate them
  249. Dancing Matt - Stride Gum
  250. Too special for the random video thread