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  1. 140-year-old lobster freed
  2. Dealing with "Fatty" on the Plane
  3. Facebook friend req from 13yo girl. What to do?
  4. Texas death row inmate pulls out eye, eats it
  5. Anybody else getting a ton of these emails lately.
  6. Caption this: Golf edition
  7. I hate it when girls burp!...... Am I wrong?
  8. Random Picture Post And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama
  9. Women Can Smell A Man's Intentions
  10. "Thanks to the recession, women are... finally growing a little hair down there."
  11. Husband Gives Wife Kidney To Save Her Life, and She Then Cheats On Him
  12. Bacon explosion!!!!!!!!!
  13. YAFRT: Hot Pockets Calzone
  14. Scientists hear a mystery roar coming from deep space
  15. NY Restaurant Week Jan 18-23, 25-30: Recommendations?
  16. Patent filing, attorney / client confidentiality
  17. Leather Furniture: Conditioners/Cleaners Question
  18. Who here can solve the Rubik's Cube?
  19. 2009 Heads-Up Poker Championship (NBC) Schedule + Info
  20. Annoying pain in wrist? Carpal Tunnel or worse?
  21. Considering walking away from my mortgage...
  22. Will I be able to get into grad school with a low GPA?
  23. Porn industry want part of the government bailout.
  24. For my 10,000th post, I figure I should post something pretty.
  25. School me on "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
  26. Cat possibly ate a Tylenol - help!
  27. Whats the DVD Talk record for most views w/o reply?
  28. Post your pic ya big wuss! (2009)
  29. My (ex) family home went up in flames!
  30. Why James Bond doesn't need new gadgets: CES 2009.
  31. YAET: Am I getting scammed??
  32. American Apparel ads tasteful or tacky?
  33. Which car should I buy: Honda Civic sedan OR Toyota Prius?
  34. Beards are torture
  35. Questions about 1-way car rentals....
  36. No more used Childrens Toys, clothes and books!
  37. Legitimate Work at/from Home opportunities?
  38. Does anyone have a link to the original of this pic?
  39. Whisteblower or rat?
  40. NYC “Skank” Sues Google
  41. Ask Me About Gambling in Macau (China) + 3-way Trip Report + Pictures
  42. So I just registered for a Freeroll Tourney at Pokerstars...have some questons.
  43. I just found out i'm going to be a Dad!
  44. Investigation: Text messages cost carriers virtually nothing
  45. Active talk: sports you play/hobby
  46. I think I upset a waitress. *sigh*
  47. Anyone have an ARM that adjusted DOWN recently?
  48. Family Advice Needed: Younger cousin said something
  49. riddle me this...
  50. Dieting - Is this normal?
  51. Building Wall Shelving - Tips? Plans? Etc...
  52. Gun-totin' tot shoots babysitter
  53. Guy kidnaps ex-girlfriend to get ironing done
  54. Police Shooting on New Year's
  55. Shortest "word" that gives you 0 results in Google?
  56. Need gift ideas for 3-year-old birthday boy.
  57. Help me find an avatar!
  58. 2012 AD - we're all going to die!
  59. Any deals on the Strip?
  60. Parents didn't report boy missing for a decade
  61. Vegas on the Cheap - Four Queens Hotel almost free for 3 nights
  62. Coupe Tries To Elope To Africa, Gets Stopped By Police
  63. I just dont really know what to say about this......
  64. The no Cussing Club
  65. The Pastor of My Old Church Has Been Suspended For Inappropriate Conduct
  66. What's the legality of posting redited/fan videos on YouTube?
  67. R.I.P Grandpa Papouli
  68. Someone is using my address, and defaulting on school loans, etc.
  69. How does one go about getting a boat license?
  70. Cleon from The Warriors beats the drums for Viagra
  71. Our new puppy dog: Sophie
  72. I'm thinking about taking a cruise. What do I need to know?
  73. Anyone ever install a new garage door opener?
  74. Heart Attack Grill
  75. I thought Google was cautious of piracy?
  76. The List - if I could sleep 5 famous people, who would they be?
  77. Dad ordered to pay child support kills son
  78. YACT: cat has crystals?
  79. Does owner history affect a house's value?
  80. Contraceptive pill is polluting environment: Vatican newspaper
  81. Would this be against the law?
  82. Why does FACEBOOK have such a Rubbish Search ?
  83. Amazing Ice Sculptures
  84. Saving money is costly
  85. "Peaceful, loving" man shot after pointing rifle at police
  86. Interesting math challenge - Those good old trains.
  87. Giada is hot
  88. Locked out of my condo, do I.....
  89. Why Bumper Stickers Aren't So Smart
  90. "Biff" from Back the Future Stand Up
  91. John Travolta's Son Dies
  92. What kind of 2009 calendar do you have?
  93. Greatest James Bond tribute video ever?
  94. Mariah Carey Pisses Off Scientists!
  95. YAET: Problems with seller
  96. Would this be a funny idea for a spoof video?
  97. Hitler Meets Christ
  98. Random New Years Phone Call
  99. 88 year-old stops nude intruder by taking matters into her own hands (aka YATT)
  100. Hear now my tale of Washing Machine woe ...
  101. Adulthood Spent Satisfying Childhood Desires
  102. Dane Cook relative is charged with thefts
  103. Do you clean your belly button?
  104. Anyone have any good crackpot bbq beef/chicken/pork recipes?
  105. Who is at work today?
  106. Past New Year Resolution Success Stories
  107. Kathy Griffin's Inappropriate Language at CNN's NYE Coverage
  108. Forget Blu-Ray movies...
  109. Happy New Year 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. Let's go Travel: Boston edition
  111. What Are Your New Year Resolutions -- 2009 Edition
  112. Seeking home heating advice
  113. School me on buying a stationary bike
  114. Anyone buy kitchen appliances at Best Buy before?
  115. Cat advice needed: Broke large plate in kitchen and now cat is hold his paw.
  116. CDucate me
  117. Man accused of ramming wheelchair into officer
  118. What Are Your NYE Plans?
  119. Traffic ticket in another state?
  120. "the Long way": the new Drink-Man comic
  121. Help me find the perfect Secret Santa Gift! Hello Kitty Shock Pen.
  122. What the hell?
  123. A late xmas present too me...
  124. The Gettin' Ready Thread: How Much and How Long?
  125. Driver in hot water after plow falls through ice
  126. Bad recycling: Pay stub used as bank robbery note
  127. Another Bad Parent Thread: 11 y.o. girl dies on 10 mile walk in snow
  128. 36 Year-Old Guy Beats 2 Kids to Death with a Baseball Bat
  129. Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston
  130. Do you wear a uniform at work?
  131. Butler accused of murdering two people!
  132. The Buzzwords of 2008
  133. Etiquette question: Christmas gifts at work and thank you notes
  134. Is that guy from the Optimum online commercials really....
  135. Need Hotel Recommendations: Houston, Lexington, etc.
  136. Do You Still Leave a Tip or Complain After Bad Service at a Restaurant?
  137. Expiring Checking Accounts?
  138. Santa Claus wars
  139. Anyone here have to totally avoid MSG in food?
  140. Woman: if you use a Chi straightener, I have a Q
  141. One Day in Orlando, FL - Which Theme Park?
  142. Dog dies after traffic cop stops couple for speeding
  143. Ending Sentences With a Preposition
  144. Need Career Advice - Help! / Esp. IT and Entertainment
  145. I got looted over the holidays!
  146. Anyone know a good laptop lap desk? My crotch is on fire!
  147. Aftershock hits from Earthquake in 1727
  148. Mechanical-hand-wind watch...anyone have one?
  149. Intimidation, and other's views
  150. Coolest projection shows ever I've seen.
  151. Caution: Leap Second Ahead
  152. Man shot for talking during movie
  153. Central Pennsylvania just had an earthquake!
  154. My 2 year old is the most wonderful Ow! OW! STOOOOP! Cme here you Www2 NO! You put th
  155. vicky guerrero
  156. Any Hyundai Santa Fe owners out there?
  157. Did you or anyone you know get a car for xmas?
  158. Christmas Loot 2008
  159. Vegetarians/Vegans: Why?
  160. Do you ever feel guilty for what you have? (non-holiday related)
  161. Questions about personal bankrputcy
  162. PS2 console sold but not paid for on eBay.
  163. With Santas Like These...
  164. Pinball Machine
  165. The demise of Kwanzaa?
  166. What are you drinking this Christmas?
  167. Christmas pics. 2008 version thread
  168. Jesus Christ!
  169. Merry Christmas DVDTalk!!!
  170. Flying J files for bankruptcy
  171. When did USPS shipping costs get so high?
  172. YAET- Shipping Advice
  173. How awesome are bagels?
  174. Mega-Orgy cancelled ! ! !
  175. High School athletic trainer arrested on sex charges
  176. Ever tried Rice Nog?
  177. Random Picture Post Thread Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
  178. Random Picture Post Thread Goes to Hell: The (
  179. Wagner power sprayer. Does it work indoors?
  180. Help! One of my Christmas Eve guests doesn't eat meat
  181. The 2008 Relationship Outcome Thread
  182. Homeless get caviar for Christmas
  183. 'Merry Christmas' got me FIRED!
  184. Large Ebay Purchase
  185. Booze Talk: your favorite Christmas/winter drinks?
  186. I just won a sweepstakes from my newspaper!
  187. The math of tankless water heaters
  188. WHo looks better topless? Obama or Putin? VOTE NOW!
  189. Pastafarians take a stand!
  190. Consumers Union - "Firefighters should spread the word about analog shut-off!"
  191. Michael Jackson Said to Need Lung Transplant
  192. 20 Hottest Hip-Hop Wives & Girlfriends of 2008
  193. Credit card companies may lower your credit limit based on where you shop
  194. 'Sopranos' actor cleared of murder in NYPD death
  195. Why Can't You Pump Your Own Gas in Oregon?
  196. Carmax alternatives (spec. in California)
  197. kids figure out how to fool speeding cameras
  198. 2008 Mug Shots Of The Year
  199. Freaky spider bug thing on my balcony window!!!
  200. Mantis vs. Spider in photographs
  201. Garage Door Control Panels
  202. CA Supreme Court strikes a blow against Good Samaritans?
  203. is there a site that gives vegas sportsbook odds?
  204. "Hey, I'm Paul from the Diamond Center!"
  205. Strangled to death by a foot massager!
  206. So what do you think they're talking about in the Premium Members forum?
  207. Term for combination of Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza?
  208. What to gift an artist (painter)?
  209. My Brother is Caught In A Pyramid Scheme!
  210. YAPBT - this time a SoCal grandfather
  211. Better decade your 20s or 30s?
  212. Keurig Coffee Makers: Some Advice
  213. The RIAA new method of trying to stop illegal downloads
  214. Need some Orlando theme pork advice
  215. Running a marathon
  216. Best mug shots of 2008
  217. Dog Malfunction
  218. Quick FedEx Question
  219. Snow Day! What's your favorite thing to do?
  220. CA Good Samaritans Beware!
  221. Looking for a certain type of blanket...
  222. Denver meet this weekend!
  223. Has Boldly Gone where pretty much everyone goes. (RIP)
  224. Burger King Cologne
  225. Former UFC Fighter and Wife Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
  226. Pierced 'Gothic' Kittens
  227. Need help with conservative family members
  228. Concert seating suggestions..
  229. More Domestic Violence..... Yes FLORIDA!!!
  230. Best Chirtsmas present for a MAN!!!
  231. So, what do you want for Christmas?
  232. See's Candies
  233. Shark Commits Suicide on Waterslide (Real)
  234. Suspicious wife who demands to smell husband's genitals beaten
  235. Father kills son for not keeping the house clean
  236. Ferrero Rocher
  237. Oh No I just banged a big'em
  238. Doctor finds foot in baby's head
  239. Woman killed at ATM. Darwin Award?
  240. Dad punishes son for vandalism by making him advertise his offense
  241. YATWT: Christmas Themed Flash Game
  242. X mas present dilemma
  243. Hate it when you think of a retort hours after you should have said it?
  244. In Need of a Christmas Prank
  245. Shepard Fairey gets Time Magazine's cover
  246. Santa Invasion!
  247. Santa gets parking ticket while delivering toys
  248. jeff dunham.... funny or not?
  249. Omg dad i lost my virginity
  250. Gift (flat-screen) exchanged--should I be annoyed?