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  1. I see beaver
  2. GM says goodbye to Saturn, Pontiac, Saab and Hummer
  3. Snack Week Vent
  4. Chimpanzee Goes Bananas in Connecticut - Victim sues for $50 million [merged]
  5. Nuclear submarines collide in Atlantic
  6. I'm Gonna Be A Dad!
  7. Does In-N-Out Advertise?
  8. Axe Dark Temptation
  9. I'm New Here - First Post
  10. smart to pay my capital one charge off? 13 mnths to delete..
  11. how much did you pay for your wedding photos?
  12. Masturbating dog
  13. Tell me about Miami and Keys
  14. Possibly racist question....
  15. How many pets does Fred Flintstone have?
  16. Beef Jerky ...best kind that can be bought @ most B&Ms?
  17. What is this cat's name?
  18. Man who started TV network to show Muslims in positive light arrested for beheading
  19. What digital photo do you regret accidentally deleting most?
  20. Coppelia vs ??
  21. Who won't use the microwave at work?
  22. Who's intrested in buying Gold?
  23. Should I open my brand new copy of "Angus" on VHS?
  24. Friday Night Drinking Thread
  25. Is word association still allowed?
  26. Bandoman's Avatar
  27. Florida? Associate Dean steals student's bicycle - caught on video
  28. Vanity thread
  29. Batman is dead on my deck!
  30. Advertised product vs. reality product
  31. US Currency, Quarters Trading?
  32. 13-Year Old Dad - Not Florida
  33. best google suggestions?
  34. Man refuses to remove picture of underage relative in swimsuit from internet
  35. The Pantheon of Wonderful Smells
  36. Cross-dressing mobster arrested in Naples
  37. NAACP Stands for What?! MSNBC Anchor "Slips Up"
  38. Money changing hands
  39. Continental jet crashes in Buffalo
  40. Ladies and Gentlemen, please describe your next period in detail!
  41. Insurance question about diminished value...
  42. Science: For gamblers' brains, "almost" counts
  43. Yogurt Talk 2009: What's your (cultured) poison?
  44. Gunnar Optiks glasses - Anyone own a pair?
  45. Billy Mays is ready to throw down with Vince Offer
  46. Please help me identify this ring....
  47. I Got Braces
  48. Pennsylvania judges accused of jailing kids for cash
  49. Burning smell fails to tip off driver who drags man 17 miles underneath van, not Fla
  50. America's Ten Most Miserable Cities Do you live in one of them?
  51. Consumer Wireless Webcams for Condo/Apt Building Security?
  52. Should DVDTalk change its name to Bluray Talk?
  53. Help with funny video, it was on one of these threads
  54. Hi.
  55. The Day the Musak Died
  56. They're here, I've seen them, run!
  57. British girl starves to death after dentists pull all her teeth
  58. Went to a visitation for an 11 year old tonight
  59. Good dinner to make for V-day?
  60. Non-single guys / gals, what are you doing (or not doing) on Valentine's?
  61. Honest Feedback Needed: Novice Song Writer
  62. Vegas Trip planned February 22-26th
  63. Sony Leads the Way Again! (NSFW)
  64. Are people REALLY worse off now than they were 3 or 4 years ago?
  65. Help me identify this childhood toy..
  66. Ode To C-Span's Greta Brawner.
  67. Phrases which when you hear you want to Punch Hard the mouth that said them
  68. Megan's Law hasn't lowered statistics.
  69. When news papers began to plot their own demise
  70. YARET - How long will it take me to mow my lawn?
  71. NYC Restaurant Recommendation
  72. Chris Brown arrested for putting the beatdown on Rihanna!
  73. was this an honest mistake or a scam?
  74. Huge Hotel Fire in Beijing
  75. I'm off to Vegas.....What should be on my hitlist of things to do and see?
  76. Guy Shot In Leg, Then Hijacks Taxi, Runs Over Shooter
  77. Single guys/gals what're you doing for V-Day?
  78. Ex-Series T-shirts - Is this for real?
  79. Post #250 since joining in Nov. 2001....
  80. Bush's Beans (what's the deal)?
  81. Settle this dispute...
  82. Hole-y crap! Something ate through my car seat (pics!)
  83. Obama Goes Off On an Ignorant White Guy
  84. Trying to find a baby carousel ceiling light spinning thing
  85. Ice fishermen that are trapped on floating ice ?
  86. What kind of voice tones annoy you?
  87. Women Outed As A Madam in Paper, But They IDed Wrong Person, So She Sues For $80 Mil.
  88. Best Buy Manager
  89. So, my roof is leaking
  90. Top 10 ticketed cars (or cops are racist)
  91. The Official Layoffs Thread
  92. Beware Cash4Gold
  93. Lawnmower + Drinking = Taser Hilarity
  94. IB-Dick represents HOPE and CHANGE for the Vegas forum. Yes we can! (new emoticons)
  95. YARET: Positioning to Sell House
  96. School me on bargaining with car dealerships
  97. Star Wars Fan Donates Kidney to Fellow Fan
  98. Please, have mercy! Vote for my girlfriend and get her to the Great Barrier Reef!
  99. YAOA: Vancouver's winter games will expose the city's dark side
  100. Exotic dancer set on fire outside club
  101. Grammar thread: affect and effect
  102. The Official Otter Weird Stories Thread: Florida Version(2009 Edition)
  103. The Official Otter Weird Stories Thread: Other Version(2009 Edition)
  104. So I'm furnishing my new apartment...
  105. Man busted after public display with blowup sex dolls (yes it was in FL)
  106. Where's the best island/town/city to retire NOW w/ less than $200,000 in the bank?
  107. Can someone recommend a good Blender?
  108. 7 black Houston firefighters sue because they have to take a written test..
  109. YA-Something Something-T: Electric Baseboard Heaters
  110. Nightmare Rental Property
  111. Bill Gates unleashes swarm of mosquitoes
  112. Kermit the Frog + Christian Bale
  113. DC Area Otters: Assistance is Needed
  114. Help please from Phoenix-area dvdtalkers!
  115. YACT: How Much Will the Other Guy's Insurance Pay?
  116. Legal To Have Sex With, But Not Legal To Record
  117. Objectum Sexuality: When Relationships With Inanimate Objects Become Intimate
  118. YATT: Self paid insurance
  119. Can we reset the forum?
  120. Omaha "What's the Nuts?" (reverse) Riddle
  121. So, would you send nude photos of yourself to someone else?
  122. Teen accused of sex assaults in Facebook scam
  123. Video of hero dog saving life of other dog who was hit by car!
  124. One Night Stand Turns Horrible
  125. YADT: LDRs
  126. Buying a business in today's economy.
  127. TurboTax Advantage Program - Worth it?
  128. School me on - Fixing loose Floor Tile
  129. My love of movies tore apart my marriage!
  130. Passion fo Christ Movement Apparel
  131. FBI searches home of man linked to 1982 Tylenol deaths
  132. Surgeons remove healthy kidney through donor's vagina
  133. 5TH Grade dies after being hung onto a hook in school bathroom.
  134. Denny's Grand Slam promotion: how did they make money?
  135. I just created the wikipedia article for the biggest snake ever discovered.
  136. T-Shirt Hell
  137. Caption this - Mary-Kate Olsen edition
  138. Jeff Goldblum
  139. I bang the worst dudes...
  140. Anyone fear having their minds read?
  141. Ticketmaster, Live Nation in merger talks
  142. YAWW2T: What would you do with this?
  143. Anthony Bourdain and Suicides
  144. What was that viral video?
  145. Installing a wall oven. What's with the wiring?
  146. Help me understand this car loan.
  147. Have you seen Mii?
  148. Kid high after trip to dentist
  149. Seven-year-old kid is drugged and caught on camera "Is this real life?"
  150. Unauthorized gym charges
  151. Cell Phone Companies: Do They All Suck? (iPhone worth it?)
  152. So, could you bench press your spouse/SO?
  153. Library waives Hudson pilot's late fees
  154. YADT: School me on Promise Rings
  155. I need help solving a riddle!
  156. Christian Bale goes off *audio*
  157. YAET: How to respond to this neutral feedback?
  158. Soldier lands safely after skydive instructor dies mid-jump
  159. Police question hamster as possible suspect in kidnapping &murder of 16 year old girl
  160. Roadkill ...do you get sad when you see on the road?
  161. National Talk Like Christian Bale as Batman Day
  162. Mac N Cheese
  163. YAET - How do I take a seller to small claims court?
  164. Jack Box Hit By a Bus
  165. Happy Groundhog Day 2009
  166. school me on roadside "bad credit ok move in $500" signs...
  167. FAFSA question re: EFC
  168. Coffee
  169. Jessica Simpson is fat!!!
  170. White Men: Do you really have a fetish for Yellow Women?
  171. Woman tried to have BF kidnapped so they could talk about their relationship
  172. Does anyone else not like sports at all?
  173. Collecting CA CRV - does the stuff need to be sorted
  174. Food sticking to my stainless steel pans?
  175. Taxes - Filing Marrie Jointly vs. Married Separately
  176. Tax Question - Newly Married and 1099-G
  177. More yummy peanut ingrediants discovered: Metal
  178. YABFT: Couple Vows to keep having kids until "God closes the womb"
  179. Bart Simpson Promotes Scientology!
  180. YAPST: little asswipes stealing mail
  181. problems with a leased car
  182. Florida company nixes plan to sell Caylee doll
  183. So, eh, how do you tyep?
  184. Help me squeeze the most out of $45,000
  185. When 8 is more than enough!
  186. Female Teacher does it again- My town in the news
  187. Heading to Vegas for the first time in years, March 20th-22nd...any deals?
  188. YAPG&ET - High Electricity Bill!
  189. Car battery dies every few weeks - why?
  190. Girl: I was tired of my dad abusing my sister and impregnating her 4 times
  191. Nazi Zombies reported sightings in Louisville KY
  192. There's a mystery afoot! RIP Sherlock Holmes
  193. Florida beach closed as 1,000 sharks gather!
  194. They got the pwnd!
  195. I hit a Pothole and caused $1300 in damages! Who's responsable?
  196. The Cult of Snuggie
  197. New $3 Light Bulb 12 Times More Efficient, Lasts 60 Years
  198. 93yr old veteran freezes to death due to stupid power company
  199. Yatt: 1099-b
  200. Where, oh where, have our adverbs gone?
  201. anyone been part of a class action lawsuit?
  202. Florida couple clones dead dog - pays $155,000
  203. Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter?
  204. 'Teddy Bear' faces federal charges
  205. The Defiant Ones 2. You're doing it wrong.
  206. Teenager puts large firecracker between legs to try to muffle explosion.
  207. Woman Arrested After Teaching Kids How to Shoplift
  208. How to Grind on the Dancefloor
  209. Have You Ever Been Detained at US Border Crossings?
  210. What will you be eating while watching the Super Bowl?
  211. Pop quiz. You just lit a firework in grandma's house. What do you do?
  212. It's Lupus.
  213. Post Office MAY cut delivery days (UPDATE: UNCUT!!)
  214. Boys With Unpopular Names More Likely to Break Law
  215. Fallen Preacher Ted Haggard on Oprah
  216. Man Dissolves More Than 300 Bodies in Acid
  217. YAWT: Bereavement Leave
  218. Stay Out of Austin. Zombies on the loose.
  219. Previously unseen Bill Hicks Routine to Air Jan 30
  220. Botched Calzone Order Leads to Beating, yeah is in Fla.
  221. Ocean's Random Picture Post Thread Eleven
  222. So, I may not get my mail due to hordes of marauding wild turkeys...
  223. What do you know about concussions?
  224. Finally! Doctors admit there's no such thing as cello scrotum
  225. The More You Know
  226. My F150 is using alot of gas, what could be wrong?
  227. What can I do with a loaf of Italian Bread?
  228. Peru, anyone?
  229. Collecting Money at the Office
  230. I have a great idea for the FBI to catch wanted criminals!!
  231. What your fav healthy junk food snack?
  232. FedEx plane crashes on landing in Lubbock, Texas
  234. Cat owners: School me on litter mats
  235. Who's having bacon for dinner?
  236. Parents Take Away 16 Yr Old Girs Phone, So She Chases Them With Two Knives
  237. French Toast Batter: Sugar or No Sugar?
  238. Happy new year!
  239. Danger! Zombies Loose in Austin
  240. (800) 588-2300... EMPIRE! Anyone ever used them before?
  241. Kook randomly discharges weapon outside nightclub, 9 shot.
  242. Millions of People Were Nice Today
  243. Is it exploitation...all these severe crime threads?
  244. Quick Chicago Q - Michael Jordan statue @ United Center
  245. 14-year-old boy impersonates Chicago cop
  246. Should I go out and get ice cream?
  247. Bank accounts & taxes ....
  248. Do you work out at the gym or at home?
  249. Goat detained for armed robery
  250. So, i was walking down the street and saw a huge explosion