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  1. The Cult of Snuggie
  2. New $3 Light Bulb 12 Times More Efficient, Lasts 60 Years
  3. 93yr old veteran freezes to death due to stupid power company
  4. Yatt: 1099-b
  5. Where, oh where, have our adverbs gone?
  6. anyone been part of a class action lawsuit?
  7. Florida couple clones dead dog - pays $155,000
  8. Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter?
  9. 'Teddy Bear' faces federal charges
  10. The Defiant Ones 2. You're doing it wrong.
  11. Teenager puts large firecracker between legs to try to muffle explosion.
  12. Woman Arrested After Teaching Kids How to Shoplift
  13. How to Grind on the Dancefloor
  14. Have You Ever Been Detained at US Border Crossings?
  15. What will you be eating while watching the Super Bowl?
  16. Pop quiz. You just lit a firework in grandma's house. What do you do?
  17. It's Lupus.
  18. Post Office MAY cut delivery days (UPDATE: UNCUT!!)
  19. Boys With Unpopular Names More Likely to Break Law
  20. Fallen Preacher Ted Haggard on Oprah
  21. Man Dissolves More Than 300 Bodies in Acid
  22. YAWT: Bereavement Leave
  23. Stay Out of Austin. Zombies on the loose.
  24. Previously unseen Bill Hicks Routine to Air Jan 30
  25. Botched Calzone Order Leads to Beating, yeah is in Fla.
  26. Ocean's Random Picture Post Thread Eleven
  27. So, I may not get my mail due to hordes of marauding wild turkeys...
  28. What do you know about concussions?
  29. Finally! Doctors admit there's no such thing as cello scrotum
  30. The More You Know
  31. My F150 is using alot of gas, what could be wrong?
  32. What can I do with a loaf of Italian Bread?
  33. Peru, anyone?
  34. Collecting Money at the Office
  35. I have a great idea for the FBI to catch wanted criminals!!
  36. What your fav healthy junk food snack?
  37. FedEx plane crashes on landing in Lubbock, Texas
  39. Cat owners: School me on litter mats
  40. Who's having bacon for dinner?
  41. Parents Take Away 16 Yr Old Girs Phone, So She Chases Them With Two Knives
  42. French Toast Batter: Sugar or No Sugar?
  43. Happy new year!
  44. Danger! Zombies Loose in Austin
  45. (800) 588-2300... EMPIRE! Anyone ever used them before?
  46. Kook randomly discharges weapon outside nightclub, 9 shot.
  47. Millions of People Were Nice Today
  48. Is it exploitation...all these severe crime threads?
  49. Quick Chicago Q - Michael Jordan statue @ United Center
  50. 14-year-old boy impersonates Chicago cop
  51. Should I go out and get ice cream?
  52. Bank accounts & taxes ....
  53. Do you work out at the gym or at home?
  54. Goat detained for armed robery
  55. So, i was walking down the street and saw a huge explosion
  56. Student decapitated at Virginia Tech
  57. Cany Anyone Suggest a Home Rice Cooker?
  58. Buy/Eat 1 burrito, get unlimited free (fine print: ladies only, burrito is 7 pounds)
  59. Guy Asks Girlfriend to Marry Him, But It Was All An April Fools Joke
  60. I threw my back out with a hug
  61. Learning a musical instrument as an adult
  62. Obamicon Yoselves!
  63. Waydrn....?
  64. Happy 50th Birthday (Coors) Aluminum Can (1/22/09)
  65. Miss World contestant has hands and feet aputated after contracting urinary infection
  66. Any Otters Work For Any of the 100 Best U.S. Companies?
  67. The Subwoofer Cat
  68. School Me on....health insurance
  69. Recommend someone I know an online sportsbook.
  70. 8 Year Olds With Baseball Bats Stop Attacker
  71. Video game violence... now with tacos!
  72. Postman gets scammed by two "American women" for £130,000
  73. Skittles cars.......?
  74. Do you, or significant other, wear pajamas in public?
  75. IPOD Question
  76. Anywhere to buy neutral prescription glasses?
  77. Restaurant trouble: Who's the douche here?
  78. Restraunt/Store closings..
  79. YAET: Shipping charges
  80. Who is your favorite cereal spokesperson/animal/thing?
  81. YAET: item not presented correctly
  82. What to do in Orlando (or nearby) for a day...
  83. Resume Talk - How should I list side businesses?
  84. Caption This! (2009 Inaugural Edition)
  85. Lessons for Learning English - Advanced (For Spanish Speakers)
  86. quick question--terminology for mortgage
  87. Who's been to THE HEART ATTACK GRILL?
  88. If your car is parked outside during a snowstorm
  89. Bank sale (Sorry, another housing thread)
  90. Tax question (just this one time, I promise)
  91. Scratch and Sniff avatars
  92. YADBT: babysitter dries infant to death.
  93. "legal speed trap", can anyone explain?
  94. FDA urges people to avoid peanut butter products
  95. Daughter is diabetic
  96. My grandpa is kind of a jerk.
  97. Paying for college
  98. Your Favorite Smileys/Emoticons
  99. violence talk: Mortal Kombat death
  100. Find me some HOT sauce!
  101. The first time you discovered the internet
  102. YATT: So, how come US citizens do not qualify for the first time home buyer credit?
  103. Anyone want to do some graphic design pro-bono?? :)
  104. recommend Las Vegas shows
  105. The 2009 Non-Political Inauguration Thread — Are you going to Washington, DC?
  106. speech talk: raspy voice
  107. Cost of gas at the pump...
  108. I'm not having the best week
  109. Lost my SS Card, what steps do I need to take?
  110. Do you Believe in BLACK MAGIC ?
  111. The Stingiest Studio in Town
  112. Anyone feel bored with life?...
  113. YATT: Mortgage points and tax deduction
  114. Memorable Job Interviews?
  115. My car got broken into ... computer stolen
  116. PTC Analysis of YouTube Finds Explicit Content is One Click Away from Children
  117. Did your love for DVD get you to join DVDTalk?
  118. Baltimore Official steals gift card meant for the poor
  119. US Airways 1549 crashes in Hudson River off Manhattan
  120. YAJST: Out of work for several months - should I put part time exp on resume
  121. Food — Favorite type/brand/recipe of pasta sauce?
  122. Let's talk refinacing...
  123. YACRT: 99 Sunfire won't start
  124. Muppet Art - Six Degrees of Muppet
  125. YARET: Short Sale and Credit Q's
  126. Slap Chop
  127. Tax talk : the ROTH IRA rollover mulligan
  128. How Can I Qualify For Financial Aid Without a Parent (Long Life Story Inside)?
  129. Texas Death Row Inmate Gouges Out Own Eye Then Eats It
  130. The Star Wars saga as told by someone who hasn't actually seen the movies
  131. U.S. Army Using Video Games to Recruit at Shopping Malls
  132. Legal Question Storing other people stuff
  133. Breaking news: Steve Jobs to take medical leave of absence until at least June 2009!
  134. Talk to me about financial what-ifs.... mortgage talk again
  135. Man jailed after selling daughter, 14, for $16k, beer, soda, gatorade, wine & meats
  136. Anyone have a hairless cat? (This thread will not deliver)
  137. Legal sports wagering might be on the way in Delaware
  138. YACT: I hate my leased VW! What are my options?
  139. Would you buy a gas guzzler now?
  140. So, i was riding in a vehicle, and all of a sudden, the power and lights go out
  141. Biggest Lobster 2009
  142. Couple sent to jail after bank error
  143. YouTube Mutes Videos With Unauthorized Audio
  144. Funny Newspaper Headlines.
  145. Naked Denver Man Found in Florida Teen's Bedroom
  146. kvrdave Stars in Brand New Commercial
  147. Returning to the US. Fiancee is approved for K1 visa!
  148. That guy you stuck in your mouth in elementary school
  149. Man on death row for nearly 30 years may get off...
  150. Dad, Son Arrested After Cop Said They Cut Line
  151. Here's a (not so) subtle hint...
  152. Need help with Spanish obscenity
  153. I need some serious dog advice.
  154. Microsoft Songsmith - Probably their cheesiest and worst product ever
  155. Broken Furnace — Now concerned with freezing pipes
  156. Words or phrases that set you off
  157. Biggest Loser 2009
  158. New Restaurant Lets You Make Love To Your Food Before Eating It
  159. Don't Reply to All...at least in the State Department
  160. Soap on a Toothebrush
  161. Wallpaper patterns and suchlike
  162. Snoring help
  163. To dress up, or not to dress up?
  164. Best way to sell/appraise older foreign currency?
  165. Closing costs when using private lending?
  166. Questions before getting a smog check done?
  167. Teen sends 14,528 text messages in a month
  168. Nice Job Post Office. Seriously? 1 Cent?
  169. How to dispose of a live rifle bullet?
  170. What's your favorite microwave dinner?
  171. Giant plasma TVs face ban in battle to green Britain
  172. Fellow Otters: What's Your Weight?
  173. The Secret: Revealed
  174. Wallpaper patterns and suchlike
  175. Woobies - Do you have any....?
  176. Need an old Arby's commercial: Where Is Everybody?
  177. Beer drinkers, do you care about these things? (Re: Advertising/Marketing)
  178. I've cut out caffeine, how long until these (minor)headaches go away?
  179. Steak help
  180. Teacher had sex with 13 year student 300 times
  181. YADT - Not very physical
  182. Angry Whooper - who's had one?
  183. On average how much does a moving company charge?
  184. Billy Mays Dubs
  185. Help me find a cool water bottle <$30
  186. Roth Ira Question
  187. Received 1099-G from IL Dept. of Revenue
  188. KittyDreamer, I think I Can Help You With Your Frizzy Hair
  189. Any HVAC experts here - Thermostat location?
  190. YAET - Seller ships empty box
  191. What states give out tickets for driving around in snow emergencies?
  192. Is this a scam?
  193. 140-year-old lobster freed
  194. Dealing with "Fatty" on the Plane
  195. Facebook friend req from 13yo girl. What to do?
  196. Texas death row inmate pulls out eye, eats it
  197. Anybody else getting a ton of these emails lately.
  198. Caption this: Golf edition
  199. I hate it when girls burp!...... Am I wrong?
  200. Random Picture Post And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama
  201. Women Can Smell A Man's Intentions
  202. "Thanks to the recession, women are... finally growing a little hair down there."
  203. Husband Gives Wife Kidney To Save Her Life, and She Then Cheats On Him
  204. Bacon explosion!!!!!!!!!
  205. YAFRT: Hot Pockets Calzone
  206. Scientists hear a mystery roar coming from deep space
  207. NY Restaurant Week Jan 18-23, 25-30: Recommendations?
  208. Patent filing, attorney / client confidentiality
  209. Leather Furniture: Conditioners/Cleaners Question
  210. Who here can solve the Rubik's Cube?
  211. 2009 Heads-Up Poker Championship (NBC) Schedule + Info
  212. Annoying pain in wrist? Carpal Tunnel or worse?
  213. Considering walking away from my mortgage...
  214. Will I be able to get into grad school with a low GPA?
  215. Porn industry want part of the government bailout.
  216. For my 10,000th post, I figure I should post something pretty.
  217. School me on "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
  218. Cat possibly ate a Tylenol - help!
  219. Whats the DVD Talk record for most views w/o reply?
  220. Post your pic ya big wuss! (2009)
  221. My (ex) family home went up in flames!
  222. Why James Bond doesn't need new gadgets: CES 2009.
  223. YAET: Am I getting scammed??
  224. American Apparel ads tasteful or tacky?
  225. Which car should I buy: Honda Civic sedan OR Toyota Prius?
  226. Beards are torture
  227. Questions about 1-way car rentals....
  228. No more used Childrens Toys, clothes and books!
  229. Legitimate Work at/from Home opportunities?
  230. Does anyone have a link to the original of this pic?
  231. Whisteblower or rat?
  232. NYC “Skank” Sues Google
  233. Ask Me About Gambling in Macau (China) + 3-way Trip Report + Pictures
  234. So I just registered for a Freeroll Tourney at Pokerstars...have some questons.
  235. I just found out i'm going to be a Dad!
  236. Investigation: Text messages cost carriers virtually nothing
  237. Active talk: sports you play/hobby
  238. I think I upset a waitress. *sigh*
  239. Anyone have an ARM that adjusted DOWN recently?
  240. Family Advice Needed: Younger cousin said something
  241. riddle me this...
  242. Dieting - Is this normal?
  243. Building Wall Shelving - Tips? Plans? Etc...
  244. Gun-totin' tot shoots babysitter
  245. Guy kidnaps ex-girlfriend to get ironing done
  246. Police Shooting on New Year's
  247. Shortest "word" that gives you 0 results in Google?
  248. Need gift ideas for 3-year-old birthday boy.
  249. Help me find an avatar!
  250. 2012 AD - we're all going to die!