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  1. Shadow Hare patrols the streets of Cinci
  2. My wifes grandfather has a suspicious war record
  3. So, would you use mass transit at this time?
  4. YAWT: Making the couple kiss...
  5. Whatever happened to the Flesh Eating Virus?
  6. A friend is moving to the greater Atlanta area...
  7. So, do you bite yourself or other people?
  8. Spring time is the worst time of the year!!!
  9. Advice sought - Minnesota censoring gaming sites
  10. Ya ever see someone crying, but producing NO TEARS? WELL! No tears? = NO SALE!
  11. popeye's runs out of chicken
  12. Pick a number, any number.
  13. So, what exactly is semi-formal?
  14. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
  15. What are those things called? Tent poles?
  16. America's Most Dangerous Cities - 2009
  17. Credit Card Dispute help
  18. Chew on this: Malnourished Miss Universe
  19. Question about step down transformers
  20. Houston, Texas I45 South - What's going on?
  21. plumbing talk: washing machine hot water.
  22. Cape Cod
  23. Anyone tried Pop Chips?
  24. Rocket Pops and Rape...
  25. Greenpeace goes PETA on toilet paper.
  26. do you spice up your frozen pizza?
  27. Plumbing:No hot water in the shower. All the other hot water faucets are fine though.
  28. How often do you KISS? (...or Make-Out, including wiggling T-willies, etc...)
  29. Legal question regarding hearing impaired drivers
  30. 15 Biggest Websites: 1999 vs. 2009
  31. Driveways in D.C. Now a No-Parking Zone
  32. Heavy Boots
  33. Best Man Speech
  34. Photoshop help?
  35. Will You Be Here Tomorrow? (Hilarious Safety Video) Possibly NSFW
  36. YAWT: Should all men in Wedding Party dress alike?
  37. The final frontier: Boob milk cheese
  38. Need a recommended teeth whitener
  39. Life insurance after retirement
  40. Worst. Logo. Ever.
  41. Question about car accident
  42. I got a speeding ticket......on purpose.
  43. Username Origins
  44. how many phone numbers do you have?
  45. So I just resigned today!!
  46. So...ummm... I kinda have this sign
  47. Long time no see, Lynne Russell
  48. Lady contemplates killing herself on my way to lunch...
  49. I hate inspirational speakers
  50. Crack is the reason for glass broken
  51. There was a lawyer... Yoshinogari?
  52. Bullied kid kills self
  53. Mexican swine flu deaths raise epidemic fears
  54. Lost in Translation
  55. Jalapeño Poppers: Cream or Cheddar Cheese?
  56. I had THREE women gawking at my MANLY NAKED TESTICLES this morning!
  57. Woman chased by bear, hit by car
  58. Marriage For Life? Not Anymore, Just Sign a 5 Year Contract
  59. Left or right handed?
  60. Kindergartener sent home from school with bag of crap!
  61. Most AWESOME (DVDTalk related) License Plate EVER!!!
  62. Going to Greece!
  63. Advice: When to propose?
  64. Thurs morn joke
  65. Car People: Tire shine. What do you use?
  66. Good credit/background check site for screening renters?
  67. So, do you cover your mouth when you yawn?
  68. Why is it that, whenever I eat a lot, i tend to get hungry faster?
  69. So, have you found out that someone has the same birthday as you?
  70. New Doritos! "Late Night" Line of Flavors
  71. Pepsi and Mt Dew Throwback
  72. Home Safe Recommendations?
  73. Beyonce sings, live!
  74. this sofa is PERFECT for a black person
  75. Fethry Duck from Walt Disney's
  76. Road rage, or: why is FOX News so lazy?
  77. Freddie Mac CFO found dead
  78. Paypal for PokerStars
  79. I have my meat, but I don't have fire!
  80. Amy Fisher performing at the Admiral theater in chicago
  81. Upsidedown Tomato planters - Any success?
  82. "Animal tissue" miscarriage... why?
  83. eBay auction-style listing fees sale or price change?
  84. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day...
  85. Annie Duke's BJ skills
  86. Stop getting fooled by "chicks"
  87. Let's all play Broken Picture Telephone.
  88. Temperature Check!
  89. What to do in St. Louis?
  90. Pic of Kermit the Drog humping a stuffed bunny?
  91. 4/20 parties?
  92. What to do around mackinack island
  93. Bulletproof?? Even the EYES?
  94. What should I do? (car accident related)
  95. 7-9 day last minute trip OOTC - where to go?
  96. Columbine - 10 years later - what was true and what wasn't!
  97. AmEx cancelling accounts?
  98. Kids Band Playing Journey
  99. Are digital cameras and laptops harmed by airport screening?
  100. Mis-use of an industrial robot.
  101. Please help me find these Champion shoes in size 15
  102. The Five Constipated Men of the Bible
  103. Could Desiree Washington go to jail for lying?
  104. Have you started to feel the effect of prices on everything going up?
  105. Have You Ever Dated A Cougar?
  106. 21st Century Auto Insurance -- Any bad experiences?
  107. Bursting balls!
  108. Creepiest Mom Ever
  109. How high can a Polish firefighter climb?
  110. Seth Rogen's standup act as a kid
  111. Ever become obesessed with a person (non-creepy/stalking way)
  112. YARET: Trustee sale
  113. Just had my hours slashed at work
  114. I call on the power of the Otters!!!! (AKA: the plea for votes)
  115. My second royal flush
  116. Snakes on a plane!
  117. YACT: Transmission is leaking. $5000 to fix?!
  118. Hey, Lets Sell Florida To The Chinese
  119. So I had a vasectomy today
  120. Handyman help - type of bolt needed?
  121. Sex in Commercials
  122. Snopes.com - The married couple behind it!
  123. Russian Woman Beats Up Robber, Then Makes Him Her Sex Slave
  124. Talk to me about Police Scanners.....
  125. I just found KvrDave's long lost brother
  126. Picture talk: chess
  127. Domino's Pizza special sauce
  128. What's a good caulk?
  129. Summary of Internet Blogs
  130. Andy Warhol's 15 Random Picture Post Threads of Fame
  131. Bellagio Deal
  132. What's the worst/best car you've ever owned?
  133. Religious program interrupted by porn, QUESTION
  134. Facebook Users have Lower GPAs
  135. 5 cm. fir tree removed from Russian patient’s lung
  136. 47 year old woman on Britain's Got Talent
  137. Vitamin Water 10 - not too bad
  138. Citing sources question..
  139. Need opinion on car floor mats!
  140. Ever been so busy you can't send email?
  141. RIP: Porn star Marilyn Chambers found dead in L.A. County home
  142. For the loved one that has everything...
  143. Tell me about Costa Rica
  144. Estimated Tax Question
  145. man jumps into garbage, dies ........ Not Florida
  146. I ate chocolate cake with a Nazi fork!
  147. Vacationed in Philadelphia the last five days...my impressions
  148. See which videos have been pulled from YouTube
  149. A little tax help
  150. Polar bear attacks woman at Berlin Zoo
  151. I just found a shedded cockroach skin next to my couch...
  152. Would you worry about buying a GM? (Chevy)
  153. Just bought a Jeep Liberty!
  154. What are you doing Easter Sunday? (aka zombie Jesus day)
  155. Thief who stole guy's computer listening to Usher
  156. I need some friends - how to meet new people?
  157. It's after your underpants!
  158. Bitch please... I'm from California
  159. How do you put a bike rack on a car with a spare on the back?
  160. and the dirtiest job in the world is......
  161. Help finding a painting
  162. Off-Duty Cops Drive Around Drunk and Egg People
  163. PETA Asks Pet Shop Boys to Change Name
  164. 2009 World Car of the Year
  165. Sleep Tracker Watch
  166. Not news: Billy Bob Thornton is crazy
  167. Those darn Asians and their crazy gibberish names!
  168. Real time mug shots (Florida)
  169. Photochop Stallone!
  170. New Baby question: cord blood banking?
  171. Mom wants to harvest dead son's sperm.... ew!
  172. Man stabbed after making a 'stink' - Not Florida
  173. Nigerians move to the next stage.
  174. Go ahead and try to beat my Brute
  175. US Marines forced Saddam Hussein to watch South Park movie repeatedly
  176. Does anybody know the weight loss program BILLY BOB THORNTON used?
  177. Favorite Mascot?
  178. YEAT: State sales tax question
  179. Gah!!!! The zombie uprising is upon us!
  180. Just got my kitten spayed...Why was she kept there overnight?
  181. Finally going to Japan! Any travel suggestions?
  182. A DIRE warning against downloading/purchasing media in non-physical form...
  183. Feeling Old?
  184. Move our grandparents to Arizona and blow Florida up!
  185. Banks Raising Interest Rates - Class Action?
  186. Good news: Spam level *declines*... to 97.3 percent of all email sent!
  187. "Aww" story to offset the "Ugh" stories.
  188. Youtube entraps more stupid criminals!
  189. Question about hot water heater
  190. help finding a site that does old photos to digital
  191. Another round of sexting lands 18 year old on sex offenders registry
  192. the new auto maintenance rules
  193. Woman kills son, self at gun range...Florida
  194. A little "english to spanish" translation help please...
  195. Anyone ever build their own camcorder dolly?
  196. Recommend me a Meat Thermometer
  197. Best Happy Meal Toy ever
  198. Movie Theater Suicide
  199. food talk: bread maker
  200. This Topic Sucks! - Vacuum Talk
  201. So, according to the DMV, you do not need to pass the vision test to drive!
  202. Please buy some magazines from me so I don't become a gangbanger!
  203. Zero Tolerance strikes again, part 2.3 million
  204. Most sincere movie critic ever.
  205. Picking up running again....and I need help with shoes, etc.
  206. Survivor dog voted off the island...
  207. How do you like your yogurt?
  208. Favorite Frozen Pizza
  209. How fast could you eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts?
  210. 6.7 earthquake hits 53 miles from Rome, Italy!
  211. Where is good for Indian food and another thing...
  212. Words cannot describe my absolute horror...
  213. Mattress/box spring question
  214. Electrical/wiring question
  215. Volcano cam
  216. Here Come the Flies!
  217. Diagnose my ear!
  218. Another day, another shooting.....
  219. Yet Another Housing Thread
  220. What's the deal with donating stuff to non-profit organizations from a tax standpoint
  221. Gang of villagers chase away Google car
  222. NYC fried chicken joints under fire for Obama name.
  223. Death by badunkadunk
  224. Guys, what would you think if a girl proposed to you?
  225. Family Brags About Shoplifting Over $100k in Loot on Dr. Phil; Get Busted
  226. BREAKING NEWS: Monkeys on the loose in Portland!
  227. Question about buying a car
  228. what facebook apps do you use?
  229. Car insurance question
  230. 6 shot, hostages taken in Binghamton, NY
  231. Help me troubleshoot my dad's golf cart.. It won't start!
  232. I love soup!
  233. What would you have put on the ipod that Obama gave the Queen?
  234. Baby formula, now new and improved with rocket fuel!
  235. Best take-to-work coffee mug.
  236. Eleven things in my fridge
  237. Going to New Mexico 4/3 - 4/5. What do you suggest?
  238. pic -google map- is this guy mid beat down on his old lady?
  239. Do you think google "street view" is an invasion of privacy?
  240. Comcast: Switch to Us Because You Are Mindless Drones Who Can't Sing
  241. Woman locked inside car calls 911 (Florida again!)
  242. Free monies on Pokerstars April 1
  243. There's Salmonella in My Nuts Pt. 2 — The Pistachio's Burden
  244. Check out this beautiful orange fireball as a smoker lights up at a gas station!
  245. The Motley Fool receives US Government Funding
  246. Congratulations on being admitted to our University! Oh wait, sorry, our bad.
  247. Tattoo art shirts: Douchey or not douchey?
  248. DVDtalk's April Fool is changing avatar?
  249. Vinyl floors linked to autism
  250. IBM patents outsourcing and offshoring