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  1. Oklahoma Highway Patrolman fights with and threatens to arrests Paramedic
  2. Make everything taste like bacon
  3. How Do You Keep Your Golf Handicap
  4. Which cartoons (funny pages) do you still enjoy?
  5. Cancer cure on the horizon
  6. Scorned Russian Woman + Alcohol + Fireworks = Bad
  7. Hi everyone
  8. Is it against the law to dress up as a phantom and scare people?
  9. Facebook comment causing some problems, who is to blame?
  10. Credit report help
  11. Where Can I Buy Cheap Boxes?
  12. Need help picking the right escort in Vegas
  13. Can i play for real money on Full Tilt if I live in the U.S.?
  14. Wal-mart Mother mayhem!
  15. This mother / daughter abduction story sounds a little fishy to me!
  16. Women asked to take down American flag at work.
  17. Got 300 million dollars? Then you can buy Playboy!!!
  18. Donate a Free Box of Kraft Mac & Cheese
  19. Awkward Family Photos
  20. Can I carry a tent on an airplane?
  21. Help me find dog chews
  22. Favourite Number Thread
  23. SC Inmate uses eBay, goes to Chuck E. Cheese and tries to marry Guard
  24. How do I get rid of basement mold?
  25. Mike Tyson's daughter in critical condition (hung by treadmill cord). [Update - DEAD]
  26. Cameron Frye's house for sale for $2.3 million
  27. Memorial Day 2009
  28. Orange and white ball of fur
  29. Hypothetical quandary: Would you rather?...
  30. Is anyone in here a millionaire?
  31. Lady rolls at craps table for 4 hours 18 minutes without sevening out...
  32. I'm Drunk!
  33. The OtterTwitter thread
  34. Moving ideas other than Uhaul?
  35. Youtube Avatar?
  36. The Random Video Post 4: Salvation
  37. Anybody here member of/ever a member of Toastmasters?
  38. Harnessing the Power of the Otter - Antique Lawn Tractor Edition
  39. Se7enteen random picture post thread: Mark Grace edition!
  40. 1999: what do you remember about it?
  41. Cordless Phone Recommendation?
  42. Broken leg (tibia and fibula): when will I be able to run again?
  43. Dammit, the rain was bad enough!
  44. Would-be suicide jumper pushed off bridge
  45. Paypal - what do I need to know as a seller?
  46. So, who's still stuck at work???
  47. Appalling?
  48. Chocloate or White Milk
  49. Why is "Other" the coolest DVD Talk Forum
  50. Memorial Day's Weekend Plans 2009
  51. Turn that music down! No, how about I drive through City Hall instead!
  52. How do you deal with jet lag?
  53. I had a PUNCH biopsy this morning.
  54. The official "Isn't my new puppy Cute?" thread for 05/21/09
  55. Help with college "placement" testing.
  56. Little nothings that make you feel smug.
  57. Neighbor!
  58. Anybody else go Geocashing????
  59. why only two flavors of low-fat Pop Tarts?
  60. Fast, cheap way to get rid of stuff in storage unit?
  61. When at home, do you say excuse me to your S.O. when you burp or otherwise expel air?
  62. Woman gives birth to twins fathered by two different men
  63. Appalling cruelty to an animal!
  64. So, have you ever tossed a keg into the fire?
  65. What age did your kids start school?
  66. How to Poop at Work
  67. Cheating or bad play?
  68. ShamWow Guy and Billie Mays Move Over -- It's Obama Shoes!
  69. the real Pineapple Express
  70. Wannabe School Shooter Fails at Life...and Death
  71. Bread Talk: What kind do you eat?
  72. Hawaii Honeymoon!
  73. YAET: What was the best bargain you've ever "won"?
  74. Tell me about Tulsa, OK!
  75. Bad Tans
  76. Best use for spam emails
  77. Earthquake - Los Angeles ?
  78. SSDI-still waiting
  79. Quick MLA format citation question
  80. Valet Parking----One of the biggest ripoffs/scams ever?
  81. Robber Eats his Weapon
  82. YATT: Do you tip at a fast food restaurant?
  83. So, what is the first image that comes up when you Google your user name?
  84. Earthquake...in Dallas (Euless)
  85. Nationstates 2 anyone?
  86. Father Bites Then Eats Son's Eyes
  87. It's that time again: Bad Tattoos!
  88. Omg!!!! I had no internet for two whole days?!?!?!?!?!!
  89. Relationship killer: how many people have you been with?
  90. Post your favorite animated GIFs 2 - Fa2ter and Animateder
  91. No Panties + Yearbook Picture = Funny Story
  92. whats the best way to let a mail carrier know that you have the hots for her?
  93. HELP! Does anyone have any Wiki experience?
  94. Poll! Choose the best pet.
  95. YADT: I need advice for paper training a puppy
  96. Bridge Players?
  97. Don't Get Pissed On Old Faithful
  98. HLEP‼ I'm locked IN my house + Bonus Thread: What did you have for dinner?
  99. Some people at wikipedia want to delete my newest article.
  100. In honor of wendersfan: dumbest chart ever
  101. YAST: Straight Razors
  102. It begins... Machines have become self-aware Robot attacks man in Sweden
  103. Facebook app sends your info to drug companies
  104. Missouri mom accused of using baby to block taser
  105. My Mom passed away today
  106. Black couple decide to discriminate for a year
  107. What's your favorite fruit in a fruit salad?
  108. website for "Good" companies VS "Bad" companies?
  109. What to do in Madrid?
  110. Recommend a Good Inexpensive Backup Generator
  111. Garment steamer or iron?
  112. Recomendations for an online Wine Guide / software
  113. $500 traffic ticket? Ouch.
  114. Help me pick a car
  115. Detergent questions for new front loading washer
  116. Mynd you, Kamikaze mse Kan be pretty nasti...
  117. Sick feeling in the pit of stomach - re: job
  118. So how long before I get my driver's license back (IL)
  119. Have you evered Peed in the Pool, etc.?
  120. Parasitic flies, fire ants, zombies...oh my!
  121. eBay to eliminate some fees for "casual" sellers
  122. Any electricians in the house?
  123. Public displays of grossness: spitting
  124. Toilet snake attack: urban legend comes true?
  125. Just shaved beard, how long until color comes back?
  126. Man walks in on Mom being raped, and Sister beaten. What would you do?
  127. wal-mart shopper sues
  128. Help me decide where to vacation for Memorial Day?
  129. Father uses dog collar to shock kids "Because He Thought It Was Funny"
  130. Ranch Photos
  131. Going to LA in a month or so... Question(s)!
  132. Tell me about your grill
  133. Amazing Beatbox Duo
  134. Rocks, Ruins, and Holes in the Ground, Day 1
  135. Lawn Mower Assistance
  136. What's your favorite cheesecake? (I'm having 'The Cheesecake Factory' for Mom's Day)
  137. Buying a New Mattress...Help!
  138. Photoshop Help - Glare Removal
  139. Is a 401k a good idea if the company does not match?
  140. N.J. Student Suspended Over 'Hot Girl' Tournament
  141. Can I file a police report two weeks after the fact? (Car incident)
  142. Texts From Last Night...
  143. Ohio Christian school tells student to skip prom
  144. Best Material for a Couch/Sofa/Lounge
  145. Awesome Video
  146. Ugh. lame HR jokes
  147. Cover Letters
  148. By Grabthar's Hammer! It's Kingons!
  149. I was a victim of a Hit and Run Car Accident after work tonight
  150. Drew Peterson charged with murder
  151. PANormous Pizza from Pizza Hut
  152. Can A Possum Be Trusted?
  153. Help! Please photoshop my niece!
  154. Need advice.. Paint stairs to match trim or no? (Photochop would be great!)
  155. How long is your ignore list?
  156. Sweet Sixteen Random Picture Post Thread starring Molly Ringwald
  157. Cheap, healthy things to eat?
  158. Need help fixing a photo
  159. Have You Ever Known Someone That Was Ugly or Overweight Then Turned Attractive?
  160. Kirstie Alley - 83 lbs heavier...
  161. M*A*S*H Star Comes Out
  162. Birdbrain! Smuggler held at airport with 12 rare songbirds strapped to his socks
  163. Moving back home as an adult...
  164. Baby dies after being thrown from car, man arrested (Tampa)
  165. Running your own forum
  166. So Spider-Man, Tinky Winky and an Oompa Loompa get into a fight...
  167. OUCH!!...... Woman bites lover's penis off in car
  168. Need help with this light fixture thingy....
  169. have you ever paid for parking at a hotel?
  170. Bring your kids to work day + stun gun = Florida fun!
  171. Canoes---Info Needed...I want one
  172. Dom DeLuise dies at 75
  173. Pataks Indian Cooking Sauce...might fine stuff indeed.
  174. Don't let your kids play with poop.
  175. Advice Needed: Home Rented To Family Member, How To Get Them Out?
  176. Mercedes E-Class
  177. Do you have to pay royalties for playing music in the office?
  178. YACT: Trying to decide whether or not to get a hybrid
  179. Lets Lose Weight
  180. Photochop my friend please
  181. Autotune The News
  182. Dumpster Diving - Freegans
  183. Chat with Andy Bloch and Howard Lederer -- Tuesday, May 5th, Noon ET
  184. Let's play Diagnose Bandoman
  185. Man Accused Of Toe Sucking Pleads Guilty To Rape
  186. Should I close my Amex Gold card account?
  187. Anyone having Porkchops tonight?
  188. Worst Wax Museum? Or Best Wax Museum?
  189. Hydroxycut? That stuff will kill ya.
  190. Mattel releases a new Barbie with a tramp stamp.
  191. So who knows a thing or two about Strontium-90 and its decay?
  192. Calling all Otters who know patios/concrete
  193. Silver: where to exchange it?
  194. Mint.com: Safe?
  195. Sorry fellas - she's Gay!
  196. Paypal dispute after 45 days? Pre-order gone wrong!
  197. I am a poker newbie
  198. Swedish woman falls for internet lottery deception
  199. Renting a suit
  200. Shadow Hare patrols the streets of Cinci
  201. My wifes grandfather has a suspicious war record
  202. So, would you use mass transit at this time?
  203. YAWT: Making the couple kiss...
  204. Whatever happened to the Flesh Eating Virus?
  205. A friend is moving to the greater Atlanta area...
  206. So, do you bite yourself or other people?
  207. Spring time is the worst time of the year!!!
  208. Advice sought - Minnesota censoring gaming sites
  209. Ya ever see someone crying, but producing NO TEARS? WELL! No tears? = NO SALE!
  210. popeye's runs out of chicken
  211. Pick a number, any number.
  212. So, what exactly is semi-formal?
  213. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
  214. What are those things called? Tent poles?
  215. America's Most Dangerous Cities - 2009
  216. Credit Card Dispute help
  217. Chew on this: Malnourished Miss Universe
  218. Question about step down transformers
  219. Houston, Texas I45 South - What's going on?
  220. plumbing talk: washing machine hot water.
  221. Cape Cod
  222. Anyone tried Pop Chips?
  223. Rocket Pops and Rape...
  224. Greenpeace goes PETA on toilet paper.
  225. do you spice up your frozen pizza?
  226. Plumbing:No hot water in the shower. All the other hot water faucets are fine though.
  227. How often do you KISS? (...or Make-Out, including wiggling T-willies, etc...)
  228. Legal question regarding hearing impaired drivers
  229. 15 Biggest Websites: 1999 vs. 2009
  230. Driveways in D.C. Now a No-Parking Zone
  231. Heavy Boots
  232. Best Man Speech
  233. Photoshop help?
  234. Will You Be Here Tomorrow? (Hilarious Safety Video) Possibly NSFW
  235. YAWT: Should all men in Wedding Party dress alike?
  236. The final frontier: Boob milk cheese
  237. Need a recommended teeth whitener
  238. Life insurance after retirement
  239. Worst. Logo. Ever.
  240. Question about car accident
  241. I got a speeding ticket......on purpose.
  242. Username Origins
  243. how many phone numbers do you have?
  244. So I just resigned today!!
  245. So...ummm... I kinda have this sign
  246. Long time no see, Lynne Russell
  247. Lady contemplates killing herself on my way to lunch...
  248. I hate inspirational speakers
  249. Crack is the reason for glass broken
  250. There was a lawyer... Yoshinogari?