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  1. Robocop Alternate Ending created by myself
  2. Feline reunions
  3. Facebook is stalking me. Re: twikoff
  4. What was your favorite G.I. JOE (Hasbro) action figure "accessory" as a kid?
  5. Espresso machine advice needed
  6. Do not feed the bears.
  7. The Father of Michael Jackson's Kids is...
  8. What do to when someone you love leaks oil all over the neighborhood like an idiot?
  9. Sooooory! I didn't know I was on LESBOS!
  10. I think my dad is starting to lose it.
  11. food talk: stew
  12. YACT:Corolla or Civic
  13. Any electricians here? Estimate needed.
  14. Anyone with a copy of the book "Private Parts" by Howard Stern...
  15. Have you been to Burning Man?
  16. My 3000th post!
  17. Cat downloads child porn
  18. Online Poker - Real $$$ or Fake $$$?
  19. Taking that first step.
  20. YAPT: PETA Unhappy meals targeting Kids
  21. YACT: Do I have a lemon?
  22. Where does this Hunter S. Thompson quote come from?
  23. So, my neighbor said he might pitch a tent over his house...should i be worried?
  24. Saying "goodbye" to someone you love. :( And when you don't get that chance...
  25. noob
  26. One of the coolest thing's I've seen on the web in awhile...in B flat.
  27. I've been bitten! + Bonus Thread: Gardening is for suckers — Bets accepted
  28. Whats the name of the video where the stick figure world implodes?
  29. So, I have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.
  30. Californians: Do You Go to The State Fair?
  31. The solution to stopping cell phone drivers
  32. Have any of you guys taken an all online college program?
  33. Men Stare at Women 43 Minutes Per Day
  34. YAFIT Newlywed Charged With (Hit and run) lot on Husband
  35. Night (and Day) of the Living Bill Collectors!
  36. Howard Stern on Vacation...again
  37. Random Picture Post Thread .22
  38. So is it bad to have a fan blow all night?
  39. So, anyone here have vinyl fence?
  40. Visiting DC with the kids. Any suggestions?
  41. Martians invade earth!!
  42. Favorite drunk food
  43. Woman getting married to fairground ride
  44. Hightway patrol camera cars on Phoenix highways...what are they for?
  45. Prescription costs. Do you call around for prices?
  46. YASVRT: Help My Friend with the "Mad Men" Open Casting Call
  47. Any giant rotating chicken buckets out there?
  48. LA Fitness shooting in Pennsylvania
  49. Debt Collection Call... Possible Scam?
  50. Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  51. Vacation Ideas?
  52. Defunct Retail Stores you miss
  53. Has anyone ever had their house stuccoed?
  54. Name Change Question
  55. From the 'It Only Gets Worse' Corner: NYC Family Sues Over Funeral Home Horror
  56. Idiot of the day: Driver texting and talking, two phones.
  57. How to get the best deal on a cruise?
  58. Weird stomach pains, any idea what might be wrong?
  59. Is there a site that tells HOW they made those Blackjack charts?
  60. I may go solar at my house. Anyone else do this?
  61. Jobless College Grad Sues School Over Inability to Find Work
  62. Biggest Loser 2009 Part II
  63. What "Must be nice" in your life that isn't?
  64. Would you attend a co-ed baby shower?
  65. Should cat people adopt dogs?
  66. Sell furniture on craigslist or donate?
  67. It's good to have a hobby
  68. Man loses $500k lotto ticket..
  69. Antimicrobial Skin Sanitizer, Now with Free Harmful Bacteria
  70. Nissan rolls out electric car at new headquarters
  71. Ever had roommates you didn't know before?
  72. 1991 Miss USA Winner > Soap Opera Star > Porn Actress
  73. Laser Portraits: My New Favorite Blog
  74. Drag racing teens hit 81 mph; passenger sues the driver of the car they struck.
  75. Look at the kitty condo I built!
  76. Mich. man jailed for assault during Monopoly game
  77. Worst Mom in the World, Australian Edition
  78. YAACT: Kid Throws Dog Off 6th Floor Roof
  79. Bugs, bugs, bugs! Can anyone identify these guys?
  80. wait...I thought downloading free music was deemed LEGAL...
  81. margaritta mix turned clear in the sun. is it still good?
  82. Why do fat people have to lie with: "The plate was so big I couldnt finish it!"
  83. Would anyone like to psychoanalyze me?
  84. YALT - is it illegal to post an email you received?
  85. YAET: Ebay may have to shut down Skype
  86. woo hoo, free parking in San Francisco for all
  87. Crooked Cop tries to frame woman after rearending her
  88. I'm going with some friends 16th-20th any recommendations?
  89. best pickles?
  90. Scent talk: wild sex panther
  91. Hyper Evolution- New interesting study...
  92. Poker Sheep: Viva Las Vegas!
  93. Cake Wrecks
  94. Real Estate Mgmt Company sues tenant for libel from a tweet
  95. Washington, DC - What's a good family hotel close to everything?
  96. Methimazole and hyperthyroidism
  97. Anyone else think it's annoying when your with someone who is constantly texting?
  98. Recession Busting: Brothels Offering Buffet-Style, Flat-Rate.
  99. Lets talk about Insurance for Home and Auto..
  100. Man charged with with having sex with a horse....for 2nd time!
  101. So, what's a good orange squeezer?
  102. Website Updated - if interested!
  103. Ok Otters, I have a real high classified objective priority that I need accomplished!
  104. Man Arrested For Being Army Deserter Was Never In The Army
  105. Your Vote for the Atypical Scum of the Earth
  106. Going to The Big Easy what should I eat?
  107. Financial Talk: I need help to get my parents finances under control
  108. Earlylife Crisis at 23?
  109. Confidentiality agreements or lack there of
  110. Wrong-way crash kills eight
  111. Coke is testing a milk/fizz drink.
  112. Mom accused of killing infant eats brain
  113. Anyone else Cash-for-Clunkering?
  114. Ménage à Taser?
  115. YAMT: Will we ever see below 5.0% interest rates?
  116. Portland-Seattle area residents, we got a Heat Wave!
  117. (Dumb?) Mortgage interest rate question
  118. Favourite Species in Star Wars Books/Movies/Games/Shows/etc.
  119. Tonight all the chickens die!
  120. Carnival of Morons
  121. AT&T Censoring the Internet!
  122. What should I get for dinner? (or: bored and hungry in DFW)
  123. Translation, please... medical video
  124. My Official Wedding Rant Thread (aka: who likes flow charts?)
  125. Any experience with Basement Watchdog sump pumps?
  126. Best Wedding Entrance Ever...
  127. What have you contributed to DVD Talk?
  128. good websites for selling used textbooks?
  129. Cheer me up, Otter...
  130. Burger Seasoning and Packing
  131. First time shaving head
  132. Damm days away from 10 years since i joined DVD Talk
  133. So.......is marijuana pretty much legal in California now?
  134. Was I wrong?
  135. Any mylife.com premium members here?
  136. Selling my car - where should I sell it?
  137. English continues to succumb to entropy...
  138. John Barry, the man behind WD-40, dead at age 84
  139. Odd calls from people you don't know?
  140. New Annoying Work Rule...
  141. AP reports sheriff's deputy in NC won't have any trouble catching speeders
  142. I Can't Drive 65!
  143. My dog just killed my mom's chicken.
  144. Do we matter?
  145. Principal fired for jumping on students in cafe
  146. Unknown...Sized Object Hits Jupiter
  147. Strange Behavior at work
  148. Shopping on Indian Land
  149. Anyone been to Vegas for New Years?
  150. "The Onion" sold to the Chinese!
  151. Zod's feelgood obituary thread
  152. A question for Wrigleyville/NW side Otters...
  153. 100 Flavor Coke Dispenser
  154. I just wanted to let you know that I just sent you an e-mail
  155. My co-worker intentionally cut off one of his fingers
  156. Can I get some cliff notes about this sheep game on dvdtalk?
  157. The celebrity deaths continue: Taco Bell chihuahua dies at 15
  158. Legal Question - Deficit Reduction Act
  159. Just got some spam...and I want to try it. (Roulette method)
  160. I just had an Ocular Migraine
  161. This Week in Public Comment
  162. Central Park International Airport ?
  163. Did Ed Grimly have a daughter?
  164. Questions about vitamins...when do I take them during the day?
  165. New Zealand on the move - inching towards Australia!
  166. Airman lost legs after gallbladder surgery
  167. October best time to go to Florida?
  168. Tarted up house was asking for it!
  169. World's largest telescope to be built in Hawaii
  170. Katherine Heigl - still a b*tch
  171. Off duty firefighters and police save family from burning SUV
  172. Should I go to the wedding or not?
  173. The Beef is... very rare
  174. Pedestrian Right of Way
  175. I resent that...
  176. YEAT: DTV Receivers?
  177. Best deep fryer?
  178. Sprite add deemed to "adult" - banned from airing
  179. Ever get an online loan?
  180. Need Help - online college summer school courses
  181. Drinking alcohol and making babies
  182. Police Arrest Cops For Selling Drugs to the Police
  183. Virgin Mary spotted in bird
  184. Finally, a push to reinstate horse slaughtering.
  185. Do "Footlocker" shirts shrink?
  186. I was just fired...
  187. Cataracts
  188. YAPIT. PETA offers CA money to rename state park.
  189. How many phone numbers (other than your own) do you know by heart?
  190. Would you tell someone you like them even if they are in a relationship?
  191. Man Fights Off Mountain Lion With Chainsaw
  192. Problem with Amazon MP3 Downloader
  193. This seems to be a really common fetish...
  194. Money Question: Is it possible to make over 1% interest these days?
  195. Pardon Me, Your Wiener is stuck in my entryway
  196. I'm at war.......... with ants!
  197. Jump the Shark is gone
  198. Holy Crap!
  199. Ahh, Celebrities are Human After All!
  200. Heading to Vegas - Sunday!
  201. Random Picture Post XXI - Finally Legal
  202. Concrete panel crushes woman while at b-day dinner
  203. What are the best podcasts to LEARN something?
  204. Vibram FiveFingers Shoes
  205. Do you look at what you ae about to eat?
  206. Check me out on Comedy Central's Jokes.com
  207. Military robot feeds on dead bodies
  208. Girl kills cat in an oven
  209. Softball coach fired because of alcohol at private party
  210. Man Attacked, and Molested By a Gang of Girls
  211. The true meaning behind the "give me a call" game?
  212. Best job sites?
  213. The Greatest Thing ever: Bacon Jam
  214. YADT: I lost 19 lbs in 10 days??
  215. Private Number? Leave a message!
  216. Help me design a tattoo...in memory of my grandfather.
  217. Twiter is useless, free music is popular and other obvious things
  218. Any This American Life fans here?
  219. Fred Phelps: Civil rights attorney turned bigot?
  220. Which is more badass (Animal fights)
  221. Any way to reverse search a cell number?
  222. Times Square showdown: Superman, Batman & Cops
  223. Cooking with liquid nitrogen?!?
  224. Romantic Weekend - Southern California
  225. Need suggestions for home gym flooring!
  226. Would you go to Rwanda?
  227. My girlfriend...and MORE
  228. What are your thoughts on dating a coworker?
  229. Apollo 11 - LIVE!
  230. Tell us something we don't know
  231. Burn Blister: Pop or Not?
  232. Are you a "location" snob?
  233. Photochop Please: Friend holding a video game
  234. Three Wolf Moon "Official" T-Shirt
  235. Zoo penguin couple breaks up
  236. Diagnose me!
  237. Pergola Talk
  238. So, anyone here use Ooma?
  239. Swearing Makes Pain More Tolerable
  240. What celebrity death would have a similar impact to Michael Jackson?
  241. Need a running costume idea
  242. What Do You Believe? - Top 10 Mysteries of Life
  243. Windows? Pella, Anderson, Marvin????
  244. YAEB: Buying insurance.
  245. YAPT: Can anyone make the logo in this photo clearer?
  246. Bereavement/Compassion airline fares help
  247. Artie Lange Arrested for Suspicion of DUI
  248. Any sites that wont charge international/bank charges
  249. Garmin gps help (registering used unit)
  250. Looking for a decent car stereo with iPod integration.