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  1. Need wine recommendation for tonight...
  2. Best One-Liner of the Day.
  3. Declassified Government Document: How to Be a Jerk - er, Saboteur
  4. Should a crown be close to identical to your fixed tooth?
  5. Progeria guy on Youtubes
  6. 250 rabbits are not enough!
  7. Help me, I'm moving to DC!
  8. Just dropped 1k on medical bills for my cat
  9. Just more Proof Pixar can do no wrong...
  10. World's Largest Barbeque in Florida
  11. Do you eat raw cookie dough? If you do, it may have an added bonus - E. coli - FREE
  12. People with Superiority complex
  13. Pizza Hut to become.... The Hut!
  14. Why didn't the kitty play nice?
  15. Border Country - Painting
  16. Doritos with "Flavor Pockets"?!? Or was I hallucinating?
  17. OMG I hit a frog?
  18. Want to work for Bozeman, MT, then give up your social network usernames & passwords
  19. worth checking out the WSOP?
  20. 14-yr-old black kid efficiently clamps down women's wombs (Florida!)
  21. The New & Improved 2009 NYC Otter Meet 6/21/2009
  22. Obscenely low Electricity bills, what should I do?
  23. Anyone with Bank of America (tons of cards canceled)?
  24. Digital Cameras- Which One to Choose
  25. Graduating senior blows kiss to mom in crowd, denied diploma!
  26. How to Spot Counterfeit Money
  27. The 19th Nervous Random Picture Post Breakdown
  28. Credit Bailout: Issuers Slashing Card Balances (NYT story)
  29. School me on Bush Gardens - Virginia
  30. Mona Lisa: The Original Girl Gone Wild
  31. YADT when do you call back after first date?
  32. Random Picture Post - Party like it's 19... well just 19.
  33. Talk to me about Austin, TX
  34. Abortion issue: your take
  35. To Hell with Sham Wow!
  36. Dieting with Jesus!
  37. IRS to start charging taxes on personal cell phones
  38. Apartment rental question
  39. Help me out, Otters - planning a vacation to Colorado
  40. World's worst water: No swimming in the acid puddles
  41. YAVT: What are some good, low cost vacation ideas?
  42. So, anyone have a Vornado fan?
  43. So, did you get your vanity Facebook URL?
  44. How do I buy a $5 poker chip?
  45. Fired from my job today - any suggestions? Help?
  46. did I just ruin a good bottle of wine?
  47. Co-Ed Bathrooms and the Feasibility of Co-Ed Locker Rooms
  48. No more 'Wong Way'
  49. Fun Guide - hispanic guy + black guy = more inclusive.
  50. You don't bring any of that in his house, TYLER.
  51. Cooking Help please
  52. Got my wisdom teeth out this morning...
  53. Chastity Bono decides to become a man
  54. Emailing shipping labels instead of seller print their own label
  55. Feds Freeze Poker Champ's Winnings
  56. is this normal with ebay sellers?
  57. Homeowner Says Crews Demolished Wrong House
  58. This might be worse than the Snuggie.
  59. Anyone ever had the Black Label Burger?
  60. PETA at it again: Flying Fish at Pikes Place Market
  61. Trump to Miss California, you are fired!
  62. Reccomend a good juicer
  63. Wake/Funeral etiquette help
  64. Crazy Mall of America Video
  65. Are all women born like this?
  66. Stock question... companies in bankruptcy/trouble?
  67. "But If We Started Dating It Would Ruin Our Friendship"
  68. Whataburger
  69. So, why would someone run and smoke at the same time?
  70. What %age of people will STILL be surprised by the digital transition?
  71. Banks and Mortgages
  72. Need sheep advice...
  73. YEAT: Sellers using Private feedback to hide their comments?
  74. Where can I find a good debt repayment spreadsheet template?
  75. I think I may have just had an asthma attack.
  76. Birthing Shackles banned in New Mexico
  77. YAAT: Can a washer leak from overloading?
  78. Question About the Post Office
  79. Neighbor Car Alarm Issue
  80. YABUT: In need of advice I should already know
  81. YAGT: Gas prices June 09 Edition
  82. feeling left out
  83. What exactly means the word "Conchords"?
  84. if anyone can fix this pic via photoshop, they'd be gods
  85. A Thank You 65 years later
  86. Question about a criminal summons
  87. YAET: UPS shipping and Paypal
  88. How do you fight a Homeowners Association (HOA)?
  89. Fashion Question: What color socks with black running shoes?
  90. Who else has gotten sick while visiting Guatemala?
  91. Way to block e-mails from an address in Hotmail?
  92. Breaking News: The Crunch Berries are NOT Fruit
  93. Will you be remembered? Do you want to be remembered?
  94. PayPal related question; seller is M.I.A.
  95. Cash for Gold parties
  96. Fill in the rest of our itinerary for us!
  97. Going to San Francisco for three days, what to do?
  98. Is this a scam email? What's the angle?
  99. "Happy Friday" Why is this a Thing, and when did it start?
  100. Big busted 17 yo tennis player wants to get a breast reduction
  101. husband goes to craigslist to hire someone to rape his wife, not florida
  102. CEREAL ALERT! Crunchberries are not real berries.
  103. EEEW! Bad Mom du jour
  104. If you had to recommend 1 Vegas show, what would it be?
  105. Scammer's sister is a nutjob.
  106. Random Picture Post Thread — just not a plain 18
  107. Otter docs, what do you know about Early pre-B ALL
  108. Actor David Carradine found dead
  109. Is it possible for a cell phone to set off a store's alarm?
  110. Eye Sight Procedure - Possible Cure for Blindness
  111. Guys, do you pee in the hole?
  112. Will Ferrell Introduces Sunscreen For Men
  113. Those HP Commercials...
  114. Poker Outs
  115. Worst safe sex talk ever
  116. Your first cop pull over?
  117. LOL's for Otters
  118. World of Warcraft Mountain Dews
  119. Playboy announces new CEO
  120. Looking for your suggestions on Bangkok, Phuket, and Tokyo
  121. So, do you have a disability?
  122. email talk: oldest email in inbox
  123. Contact lens loses strength?
  124. Coloring page with Super Mario and Princess Peach together?
  125. I'm now a victim of the recession!
  126. Gift idea for graduate going into teaching?
  127. Air France Jet not missing in the Atlantic.
  128. Etiquette talk: huh?
  129. Recommend me some cool art/prints for my new apartment.
  130. Guitar question
  131. The end of an era--- The final Titanic survivor dies
  132. Lawnmower part help needed-clutch/safety brake???
  133. Concrete Stamping & Other Patio Recommendations?
  134. Jedi cat uses the Force to survive 26 story fall.
  135. Pick the Perp
  136. Aloha man calls 911 over messed up fast food order (911 call included)
  137. Oklahoma Highway Patrolman fights with and threatens to arrests Paramedic
  138. Make everything taste like bacon
  139. How Do You Keep Your Golf Handicap
  140. Which cartoons (funny pages) do you still enjoy?
  141. Cancer cure on the horizon
  142. Scorned Russian Woman + Alcohol + Fireworks = Bad
  143. Hi everyone
  144. Is it against the law to dress up as a phantom and scare people?
  145. Facebook comment causing some problems, who is to blame?
  146. Credit report help
  147. Where Can I Buy Cheap Boxes?
  148. Need help picking the right escort in Vegas
  149. Can i play for real money on Full Tilt if I live in the U.S.?
  150. Wal-mart Mother mayhem!
  151. This mother / daughter abduction story sounds a little fishy to me!
  152. Women asked to take down American flag at work.
  153. Got 300 million dollars? Then you can buy Playboy!!!
  154. Donate a Free Box of Kraft Mac & Cheese
  155. Awkward Family Photos
  156. Can I carry a tent on an airplane?
  157. Help me find dog chews
  158. Favourite Number Thread
  159. SC Inmate uses eBay, goes to Chuck E. Cheese and tries to marry Guard
  160. How do I get rid of basement mold?
  161. Mike Tyson's daughter in critical condition (hung by treadmill cord). [Update - DEAD]
  162. Cameron Frye's house for sale for $2.3 million
  163. Memorial Day 2009
  164. Orange and white ball of fur
  165. Hypothetical quandary: Would you rather?...
  166. Is anyone in here a millionaire?
  167. Lady rolls at craps table for 4 hours 18 minutes without sevening out...
  168. I'm Drunk!
  169. The OtterTwitter thread
  170. Moving ideas other than Uhaul?
  171. Youtube Avatar?
  172. The Random Video Post 4: Salvation
  173. Anybody here member of/ever a member of Toastmasters?
  174. Harnessing the Power of the Otter - Antique Lawn Tractor Edition
  175. Se7enteen random picture post thread: Mark Grace edition!
  176. 1999: what do you remember about it?
  177. Cordless Phone Recommendation?
  178. Broken leg (tibia and fibula): when will I be able to run again?
  179. Dammit, the rain was bad enough!
  180. Would-be suicide jumper pushed off bridge
  181. Paypal - what do I need to know as a seller?
  182. So, who's still stuck at work???
  183. Appalling?
  184. Chocloate or White Milk
  185. Why is "Other" the coolest DVD Talk Forum
  186. Memorial Day's Weekend Plans 2009
  187. Turn that music down! No, how about I drive through City Hall instead!
  188. How do you deal with jet lag?
  189. I had a PUNCH biopsy this morning.
  190. The official "Isn't my new puppy Cute?" thread for 05/21/09
  191. Help with college "placement" testing.
  192. Little nothings that make you feel smug.
  193. Neighbor!
  194. Anybody else go Geocashing????
  195. why only two flavors of low-fat Pop Tarts?
  196. Fast, cheap way to get rid of stuff in storage unit?
  197. When at home, do you say excuse me to your S.O. when you burp or otherwise expel air?
  198. Woman gives birth to twins fathered by two different men
  199. Appalling cruelty to an animal!
  200. So, have you ever tossed a keg into the fire?
  201. What age did your kids start school?
  202. How to Poop at Work
  203. Cheating or bad play?
  204. ShamWow Guy and Billie Mays Move Over -- It's Obama Shoes!
  205. the real Pineapple Express
  206. Wannabe School Shooter Fails at Life...and Death
  207. Bread Talk: What kind do you eat?
  208. Hawaii Honeymoon!
  209. YAET: What was the best bargain you've ever "won"?
  210. Tell me about Tulsa, OK!
  211. Bad Tans
  212. Best use for spam emails
  213. Earthquake - Los Angeles ?
  214. SSDI-still waiting
  215. Quick MLA format citation question
  216. Valet Parking----One of the biggest ripoffs/scams ever?
  217. Robber Eats his Weapon
  218. YATT: Do you tip at a fast food restaurant?
  219. So, what is the first image that comes up when you Google your user name?
  220. Earthquake...in Dallas (Euless)
  221. Nationstates 2 anyone?
  222. Father Bites Then Eats Son's Eyes
  223. It's that time again: Bad Tattoos!
  224. Omg!!!! I had no internet for two whole days?!?!?!?!?!!
  225. Relationship killer: how many people have you been with?
  226. Post your favorite animated GIFs 2 - Fa2ter and Animateder
  227. No Panties + Yearbook Picture = Funny Story
  228. whats the best way to let a mail carrier know that you have the hots for her?
  229. HELP! Does anyone have any Wiki experience?
  230. Poll! Choose the best pet.
  231. YADT: I need advice for paper training a puppy
  232. Bridge Players?
  233. Don't Get Pissed On Old Faithful
  234. HLEP‼ I'm locked IN my house + Bonus Thread: What did you have for dinner?
  235. Some people at wikipedia want to delete my newest article.
  236. In honor of wendersfan: dumbest chart ever
  237. YAST: Straight Razors
  238. It begins... Machines have become self-aware Robot attacks man in Sweden
  239. Facebook app sends your info to drug companies
  240. Missouri mom accused of using baby to block taser
  241. My Mom passed away today
  242. Black couple decide to discriminate for a year
  243. What's your favorite fruit in a fruit salad?
  244. website for "Good" companies VS "Bad" companies?
  245. What to do in Madrid?
  246. Recommend a Good Inexpensive Backup Generator
  247. Garment steamer or iron?
  248. Recomendations for an online Wine Guide / software
  249. $500 traffic ticket? Ouch.
  250. Help me pick a car