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  1. Justice of the Peace refuses to marry interracial couple (Not Florida)
  2. Weird Food Habits
  3. kid, balloon, hoax, charges filed, story over ... people keep posting though ;)
  4. Lotto hoax causes riot (not FL)
  5. Are hipsters the new hippies?
  6. Budgeting for my house - anybody see anything wrong?
  7. Some quick photoshopping help needed - a cookie as a reward
  8. House was broken into today
  9. The Fun Theory (contest for money!)
  10. The consequences of counterfeit drugs on the third world
  11. Captain Lou Albano dead at 76
  12. An Animal Story to Warm kvrdave's Heart
  13. Ralph Lauren Fires "Overweight" Model
  14. Renting furnished condo through agency?
  15. Calvin and Hobbes picture request
  16. How do I purchase stock?
  17. Ceiling fan question
  18. Makers of Monster Energy Drink bully Vermont Microbrewery
  19. So, have you ever gotten full just by drinking water?
  20. So, would you go to an amusement park in the rain?
  21. Life Insurance Question
  22. Where is the coolest place you have ever been alone?
  23. Marge Simpson Graces Playboy Cover November 09??
  24. Need help wiring a thermostat
  25. Insurance weasels out of covering baby, says he's too fat.
  26. Shut Up Woman and Get On My Horse
  27. Man gets lung transplant with cancer and dies a year later
  28. Street Performer: Human statue with silver or gold body paint, what's the story...
  29. Lady takes nudes of herself, uploads to Facebook, sues Facebook
  30. Man Asks Teen Daughter For Sex On Facebook
  31. YACT: What Your Car Says About You
  32. In Loving Memory Of Tommy
  33. "Open to Blacks"
  34. Things to see and do around the Vegas area...but not in Vegas itself
  35. Help! My House Key is Stuck in My Front Door Lock!
  36. Germany's most popular women's magazine says "nicht mehr" to professional models
  37. Pizza Nazi's
  38. 80's Party Tonight at 8....I have 9 hours to plan...
  39. Special Ed. student beaten by cop for an untucked shirt.
  40. Hitler Parody
  41. Ever been SLAPPED in the FACE?
  42. "Internet Eyes" game
  43. Screwed-Up Dolls
  44. Hell yes, I want fries with that!
  45. Did the Otters inspire a playwright?!
  46. 24 year old woman arrested for posing as 15 year old boy, tried to enroll in school
  47. What to do in southwestern New York state?
  48. Egypt and the artificial hymen scourge
  49. So, um, you know we are bombing the moon tomorrow morning, right?
  50. The Hearing
  51. 2010 -- "Twenty-Ten" or "Two thousand - Ten"
  52. 81 year old Marathoner to be stripped of win for borrowing catheter?
  53. Insect life dillema- need Otter advise!
  54. First Kiss
  55. OtterVille Neighbor! How long has it been since you gave your knobs the ol' rubdown?
  56. Australian TV show apologizes for Jackson blackface skit
  57. 1 Gay Man + 2 Lesbians + 3 Legged Cat + 1 Can of Slug Pellets = Attempted Murder
  58. Attack a Transvestite, Get a Roundhouse Kick to the Head
  59. CBS Early Show - No Way Home Segments
  60. Living next to railroad tracks - would I ever get used to the noise?
  61. So, I bought a Volvo...
  62. Class action lawsuit?
  63. Credit Card Chargeback - What are YOUR bank's rules?
  64. Fun things to do in Charlotte, NC?
  65. Flex Spending Accounts... where did they come from?
  66. UFC bar business?
  67. can you question/argue a hospital bill?
  68. Dumb Somali Pirates Are Dumb
  69. Horrific murder by thrill-seeking teens in small town New Hampshire
  70. New invention may bring people back to movie theaters
  71. Single Guys, Do You Cook?
  72. I used "lady soap" today :(
  73. If your adult child was $60k in debt, would you pay it off for them?
  74. Anyone here work in aerospace/defense?
  75. Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  76. Need some help with pricing
  77. Gadget Lab Hardware News and Reviews Artificial Virginity Hymen. Yes, It Exists
  78. NYC schools ban bake sales
  79. school me on smoke detectors
  80. I need some advice (religion, politics, bipartisan marriage, oh my)
  81. Couple beats a man at KFC over request to be polite (NOT Florida!)
  82. Good Recipe Website
  83. Had a mail break-in.
  84. Conneticut passes stupid toilet law.
  85. Would you take a toddler to a concert?
  86. I wanna sell some stuff - which shoud I use: ebay/half/amazon/other ?
  87. Bumper Guard
  88. So, how much is your utility bills each month?
  89. Hey, D.Pham00, tell us about your avatar.
  90. Real answers given on tests.
  91. changing internet/cable providers
  92. Otters, I need your help to win a $10M film deal...
  93. Another reality show contestant killer -- former priest kills former porn star!
  94. Nyc
  95. YAMT: Questions about Refinancing
  96. Your Mom...
  97. Hi
  98. Ted Williams' frozen head abused
  99. Are you ever glad to get in before they changed the terms of service? (ooma related)
  100. SelectTech v. PowerBlock???
  101. Give candy to a baby, he/she will murder you!
  102. Chicago Olympics Countdown Thread -- REJECTED
  103. Study shows that carrying a gun makes you more likely to get shot during an assault
  104. Thought you guys might like this!!
  105. Feces Covered Man Trespasses for a Swim - Yes, Florida.
  106. Letterman: I faced extortion over sexual affairs
  107. Phone Talk When's the last time you...
  108. Your Dad.....
  109. Watch out for the ass bomb!
  110. Fossils (find) may turn 'evolution on its head'
  111. Prostitution illegal...Yes or No?
  112. Do You Have a Fear of Elevators?
  113. Homebuying: Houses with Cracked Walls
  114. The latest epidemic: distracted driving
  115. Jack Bauer's Random Picture Post Thread 24 "You're out of time!"
  116. Stand-Up Comedian- Anyone here ever given it a shot?
  117. Electrical Problem - Ceiling Fan
  118. Student-Teacher Sex? Check. Florida? Check!
  119. Right now, how many miles are you away from where you were born?
  120. How do you say Mature?
  121. National Science Foundation Loves the Porn
  122. Help! My Neighborhood Is Being Invaded!
  123. Where does one find V for Vendetta type gloves?
  124. YACT: My parents Toyota may have a stuck accelerator problem
  125. Grandma gets busted for buying cold medicine (not Florida)
  126. When making cheeseburgers, do you melt the cheese on the patty or on the bun?
  127. 8.0 earthquake hits Somoa, tsunami deaths and Hawaii could be next!
  128. would you accept this answer in "TRIVIAL PURSUIT?"
  129. Wisconsin loses battle against the internet
  130. YAET - Seller scam with feedback?
  131. Buying Suits
  132. Just had my identity stolen. Good times!
  133. YEAT: Has anyone left negative feedback?
  134. A question about motivation (ACLU and email rumors)
  135. Do you keep tabs in collars of dress shirts?
  136. marijuana being illegal...yay or nay?
  137. What is etiquette for finding out someone has cancer or other such illness?
  138. Has anyone seen this
  139. YAET: This is why I hate Ebay buyers
  140. Beating death caught on tape...
  141. Dr Pepper Cherry?
  142. Quiz
  143. Need suggestions for kitchen knives for daughter
  144. Do you have any OCD symptoms?
  145. Roman Polanski Arrested, Facing Extradition To U.S.
  146. Sick, Disgusting, Pedo Perv of the Day
  147. Poland Okays Forcible Castration on Pedophiles
  148. Caption This + New Otter Mascot
  149. Phoenix, Arizona - What to do?
  150. ROTH IRA Question - for those financey types..
  151. I found a cute little vase today! Guess what was INSIDE!
  152. Top 10 Things That Are Surprisingly Good For You
  153. Biggest Loser III: The Thread for Diets, Exercise, Workouts, etc.
  154. Unemployed Brit finds very old scrap metal
  155. Annoying new trend with local news. Does yours do this?
  156. There I Fixed It
  157. Can anyone quite place this?
  158. Is anyone here in Ireland?
  159. Peanut Butter Hot Dog
  160. Gmail is down!
  161. Looney shoots self in head
  162. National Punctuation Day!
  163. Help solve my electrical problem... lights flickering
  164. Celebrate Bisexuality Day
  165. House sniped out from under me ...
  166. The World's Second Easiest Sheep Game
  167. Tallcat may be new Longcat.
  168. Never Ending Sequitur Picture Thread Part 3-D!!!!!
  169. Someone please photoshop this!
  170. Here's video, from three different angles, of customer tackling bank robber.
  171. Hey there, foxy! Want to lick my balls?
  172. What could possibly go wrong?
  173. Cops Make Drug Raid Then Finish it Off By Playing Some Wii (Florida!)
  174. WARNING: Models not as thin or pretty as they appear
  175. Flying to Chicago for the day, where to eat?
  176. Mackenzie Phillips: I Slept with My Own Father
  177. Atlanta is Flooding!
  178. plumbing ? Is whole house chlorine removal bad?
  179. Which SUV would you get?
  180. Can you name the Asian country from its capital?
  181. I can't imagine ...
  182. I sniped a real estate bid today...
  183. Please give me a new avatar. (Win a DVD!)
  184. Booking a trip as a gift for parents to Ireland.
  185. Fish Tank/Goldfish Talk and Advice thread
  186. Google weirdies again
  187. Family's Life Ruined Over Innocent Pictures
  188. Question about infringement...
  189. $25 via paypal for whoever does my homework by 11am CST
  190. Supermarket discriminates against Jedi religion
  191. The Really Bad Tattoos Thread
  192. Payoff credit cards completely or keep a small balance?
  193. Mexico City subway shooting footage
  194. desktop wallpaper post?
  195. Fixing a Computer Chair
  196. So, I wanted to buy a hockey puck...
  197. Pick my avatar
  198. At what point do you drop full coverage on your car?
  199. NSFW: News anchor drops the bomb
  200. Any entomologists in here ?
  201. YAFT: Can you identify this?
  202. Post Your Stock Portfolios!
  203. Mystery creature found dead in Panama City - A Modern Day "Stand by Me"
  204. Blood In The Stool?
  205. What Equal Justice Looks Like in Reading, Pennsylvania
  206. This "Auction Site" has to be the biggest ripoff in the history of ripoffs..
  207. The tip was too big for her...
  208. Life imitates art (alternate title-- Voom! Voom! Whoosh!)
  209. YAVT: Need a cheap sucker
  210. So, do you ever round your age?
  211. Bears!
  212. Cycling question - clipless pedals and shoes?
  213. Does Middle Eastern Wealth Piss You Off?
  214. What's your douchebag name?
  215. Banana sex cult leader splits
  216. Harry Potter Park Confirmed Opening Spring 2010
  217. YACT: The Ford Ecoboost engine
  218. "The Bitter End"
  219. Cereal that's great plain but terrible once milk is added
  220. YACT: 2010 Honda Accord
  221. Woman Finds Stiff Replacement for Boyfriend in Iraq
  222. Transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard runs 47 marathons in 51 days
  223. Man wins 'Ladies poker tournament' in Atlantic City...
  224. College student kills intruder with sword
  225. How old were you when you had your first kid?
  226. Disney World Expands Fantasyland
  227. Patrick Swayze Dies
  228. What's more important--Your Job or Your Health?
  229. I am now a homeowner!
  230. Am I drinking too much water?
  231. Diagnose this, Otter doctors
  232. it's early, entertain me
  233. People who can't use debit/credit card machines... why can't we just kill them?
  234. People asking for money who ran out of gas...
  235. Going to Dulles, VA. Anyone been there?
  236. Be the last person to post in every forum, become a MOD?
  237. What's the most food you've ever eaten...in one sitting
  238. car loan - pay it off or not?
  239. More fun with all-party consent wiretapping laws
  240. Nearly eight years of romantic sobriety, down the drain
  241. The growing problem of "pedophile clusters?"
  242. esurance - good insurance company?
  243. Anyone else have a fear of flying?
  244. Your insurance saved you $472.99
  245. So I Was Getting Coffee This Morning...
  246. YAEBT: Buying from States and shipping to Canada
  247. LA folks - Did you hear the sonic booms from the shuttle landing?
  248. Woman tracks down son she gave up for adoption - then has sex with him
  249. "Will it Blend" butane lighters super slo-mo
  250. help mllefoo and not dave aka help from dog lovers