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  1. Modern Technologies That You Wish Had Not Been Invented?
  2. 14 Suspected terrorists accidentally blow themselves up
  3. YAKRT: Looking to upgrade my kitchen range
  4. Strange? Odd? Weird? Bizarre? That's Florida!
  5. My last rental purchase.....and this time I mean it!
  6. Ballistic McDonald's Woman (NOT Florida)
  7. My brother's cat has allowed herself to be misplaced in my house
  8. Good resistance bands for working out?
  9. YAHT: Possible mold issues?
  10. Just 5 Missions Left for NASA's Space Shuttles
  11. Is this legit from the IRS? Reimbursement for the period 2008-2009
  12. YAEBT... $12.00 scam?
  13. Have You Ever Had Original SoupMan ("The Soup Nazi") Brand Soup?
  14. YABT: The meat In-N-Out just feels so small in my mouth
  15. Longest no vomit streak?
  16. The top 20 Fark.com headlines of 2009
  17. Mom of 9 claims sterilized against her will
  18. Have you ever told your boss you don't want to do something?
  19. Bottles vs canned coke --- any difference ?
  20. Throwback Pepsi with real sugar.
  21. My "People Who Won't Shut Up on a Plane" Rant
  22. Biggest Loser 2010 Edition: Start by posting your 2010 goals!
  23. Sister accidentally runs over, kills brother.
  24. So, what was the most number of stamps you have used to send something through USPS?
  25. Buffalo wings: coat them with sauce before, during, or after cooking?
  26. Eighteen People You're Scared Of on Facebook
  27. Anyone know anything about ovens?
  28. So I have definitely conviced myself that I'm getting old.
  29. New Year's Surprise: Our Mortgage Rate Adjustment for 2010
  30. Is it legal for a business under new ownership to fire all non-Asian employees?
  31. Any of you ever replace a dishwasher?
  32. texting strangers
  33. Who's at work on New Years Day?
  34. Stop with the late night fireworks thread aka the first complaint of Two Thousand 10
  35. So I Just Woke Up...
  36. You May Not be Paranoid; Your GPS May Be Trying to Kill You
  37. Thoughts on interracial dating?
  38. The Year We Make Contact
  39. Pediatrician sexually abused more than 100 toddlers.
  40. YAHCFT: Watt caused it?
  41. Joyless Cop Pulls Gun on Snowball Fight
  42. Best Threads of 2009
  43. Redneck Vampire Attacks Trailer Park!
  44. How often do you talk to yourself?
  45. So, what is everyone else doing for New Years Eve?
  46. Plumbing/Toilet Help??? - Slow Drain
  47. Funeral home offers drunk drivers a free burial
  48. Earthquake!!!!
  49. Skiing near SLC?
  50. Does anyone use a battery tender?
  51. New car and highway rock = dinged windshield
  52. Famous Murdoch's: Bradley John Murdoch
  53. I need help with ceiling tile...where do you find replacements?
  54. The Charlie Sheen Thing
  55. Farting turtles set off alarms
  56. Incredibly boring question for homeowners ...
  57. What language is this (& where can I translate)
  58. YAET: Should I Contact the Seller For a Partial Refund?
  59. So my package arrived in Los Angeles today but I can't have it until the 30th???
  60. How dangerous is it to put a 90w bulb in a 60w lamp?
  61. When was the last time you gave or received a HICKEY?
  62. New Years Resolutions (2010 Edition)
  63. YAEBT International bidding without permission
  64. YACT: 2008 Chevy Malibu
  65. DVDTalk (Reverse) Sheep 2009 — The Year in Revue
  66. What's the most embarassing situation you've ever been in?
  67. What is it about kids and gun safes?
  68. Happy Boxing Day!
  69. How often do you eat turkey? and bonus - are you sick of turkey?
  70. Happy Holidays to all Otters...
  71. Otters delay Continental flight in Houston
  72. Christmas Eve, Neighbor's Wife Stops to borrow eggs, Topless
  73. Jarhead ruins Christmas in CA
  74. Flying Solo this Xmas: What to do?
  75. What's the point? pictures
  76. Vidoes of criminals committing crimes, and then testifying that they didn't do it.
  77. Do these otters post here at DVD Talk?
  78. white Christmas 2009?
  79. Chester's Puffcorn Appreciation thread
  80. Pre-popped popcorn?
  81. School Me, Otters!
  82. Track Santa with Norad
  83. What did you get for Christmas (or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or...)..
  84. Bringing Pics of a C-Section to a Social Dinner: Yay or Nay?
  85. Marble Hornets--Anyone else watching this?
  86. We are presently recovering from the 'HONEYMOON SUITE ADVENTURE' at DISNEYLAND.
  87. Miss Gibraltar 2009 Contestants - Interesting Contestant
  88. Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon Call it Quits
  89. So how much was your Christmas bonus this year?
  90. Ohio mom calls cops on her shoplifting 6-year-old
  91. Do you / can you drive a manual transmission (stick) car? + Bonus Thread
  92. Five Year Old Boy Looking for Pussy, Ends up Rubbing Angry Beaver
  93. "I have a question for you..." -ever encounter the nail smoothing mall kiosk people?
  94. New Years in Joplin
  95. Priest says it is sometimes acceptable for desperate people to shoplift
  96. Black Desi and White Wanda
  97. NYC Otter Meet - Day-after-Xmas?
  98. Takezaki Suenaga is dead.
  99. Man Impaled With Knife Orders Coffee
  100. Two Pierce County sheriffs shot (In Critical Condition)
  101. EMT duo on break let pregnant mom die
  102. US Armed Forces
  103. North Face sues South Butt
  104. Any cool Christmas light displays/shows in your area?
  105. Loophole lets mentally ill Texas juveniles go free
  106. The human voodoo doll
  107. Brittany Murphy [still] Dead!
  108. Woman thrown in jail for failing to return 53 DVDs to the library
  109. Caretakers keep old lady's house tidy. Don't notice she's dead.
  110. The 2009-2010 Snowpocalypse Thread of Winter* Precipitation
  111. Murderer of three is killed by his own pants
  112. "10 Worst Cars of the Decade"
  113. Real Estate Talk: Buying a property with cash - what are my closing costs?
  114. Hazlenut in Caramel Cup w/ Hazlenut Chocolate filling, topped w/ Chocolate
  115. Discontinued Boston Market turkey sandwich
  116. Random strangers chatting you up in public...
  117. Ever have a hemorrhoid? I need your help!
  118. My wife got this strange object in a gift exchange - What is it? (pics)
  119. For those with crowned teeth: how old were you?
  120. Wells Fargo makes me feel like Barry Egan
  121. Drunk 4 year old steals presents, becomes cross dresser.
  122. 401k - Max or not to max?
  123. Hell just froze over...Bret Hart signs with WWE
  124. Homemade shake n bake
  125. How old would you say this little one is?
  126. Energy-efficient traffic lights can't melt snow
  127. Roy E. Disney Dead at 79
  128. Expired gum OK?
  129. 2010 Roth Conversions
  130. Some jerk parking in my driveway. What to do?
  131. The deer I shot last weekend (pics)
  132. Cops Shoot and Kill Woman Who Was Stabbing Herself in Front of Elementary School
  133. Headlights - if one burns out-can the police pull you over and give you a ticket?
  134. Oral Roberts Dead at 91.
  135. What to do with weed when cops are chasing you? Not this.
  136. What's the worst present you've ever received?
  137. Question about renewing/replacing a U.S. Passport
  138. Oakland To Pay Officers To Dress For Work
  139. Who lives in a coconut under the sea?
  140. If your 8-year old kid looked you in the eye and asked for the truth about "Santa..?"
  141. Advice/Suggestions on Wedding Rings
  142. Help me ID a toy from the 1970's
  143. When does the new decade begin?
  144. Prime Rib Advice
  145. Anyone into RC Helicopters?
  146. This spot reserved for fuel efficient vehicles
  147. Most Unusual Competitive Circuits in the USA ?
  148. Apartment application fees?
  149. Honey solidified in the bottle, any way to re-liquify it?
  150. Dumb product of the day.
  151. Woman, 98, charged with murdering 100-year-old roommate
  152. Why men shouldn't write advice columns
  153. couple random vegas questions
  154. Help finding game (or even proper name of game)
  155. Animal tamer fighting for life after being mauled by three tigers in 'playful' attack
  156. Holy smokes, look at what the little kid from Family Ties turned into.
  157. Garbage disposal help needed
  158. Let's Say Thanks
  159. Toy mouse recalled after claims it sings paedophile instead of Jingle Bells
  160. Chemistry student chews on chewing gum, blows off jaw and dies
  161. Welcome to faith-based investing!
  162. How about some hottie teachers doing each other for a change..
  163. The return of YADT
  164. Hot Toys for 2009
  165. Angel Tree Rant
  166. How much have illegal downloads hurt the music/movie industry ?
  167. best christmas decorations ever?
  168. Confusing Things Women Do - Insecurity Confessions
  169. Why can't cars all have the gas cap on the left side?
  170. How long have they been selling these Charlie Brown trees?
  171. Post your (Insert generic Winter Solstice Holiday here) Tree
  172. "I kill a friend" Sick or not?
  173. Posers! (Google StreetView)
  174. Booking a trip to Vegas.
  175. Amanda Knox/ Italian Murder Case
  176. My Facebook got hacked
  177. Seattle Coffee Direct = SCAM
  178. Wal Mart checking receipts; my Ari Gold moment.
  179. Chicken Pot Pie- Do you like it?
  180. Laptop Steering Wheel Desk Amazon reviews
  181. Should I make this car insurance claim?
  182. Senator credits tracking system in finding daughter's stolen car
  183. Jesus, Crist!
  184. Help Me Find Sinalco Orange Pop!
  185. Wrestlers that RIP - List at Fox
  186. Question about traveling
  187. Brrr. It's COLD outside!
  188. 5 Things that are annoying me at the moment
  189. Okay, who's in the tree?
  190. From Cavemen to Billionaires
  191. Need white elephant ideas for Saturday
  192. Bureau of Engraving scraps gift card incentive program
  193. Man rapes son's rapist....
  194. Migraine :(
  195. Should Ted Haggard Get a Second Chance?
  196. Is this art?
  197. 2009 Rockefeller Tree Lighting from the Inside
  198. Screw Help Please
  199. Just primed a ceiling sheep white - but it had gloss paint. Am I in trouble?
  200. 'Family Ties' Mom Meredith Baxter Comes Out of the Closet
  201. Beauty queen dies after plastic surgery on buttocks
  202. AMC Theaters puts the kibosh on bringing in outside snacks
  203. What's the strangest thing you've ever deep-fried?
  204. Denver gets ready for potential space invaders!
  205. The Random Video Post 5 Golden Rings!!!!
  206. The 25fps PAL Random Picture Post Thread
  207. Anyone use(d) sheep aids?
  208. Help! My sister's marrying into a creepy family!
  209. Anyone direct me to an online used car price website
  210. New Here!
  211. US man 'locks sons in a car boot' during shopping trip
  212. The most intense phishing email I've ever seen...
  213. Weird, Unique, Strange or Totally Awesome Christmas Gift Thread (2009)
  214. Life on Mars?
  215. Recommend a good Juicer
  216. Caption This: So, what's she saying?
  217. Four Lakewood police officers shot and killed in 'ambush'
  218. Mind if we talk bakeware/baking stuff???
  219. Should I tell my brother-in-law to ditch his fiancee?
  220. Cyber Monday - Anyone Going to Dive in?
  221. LINKED IN -- Anyone have a premium account?
  222. Tiger, RIP
  223. Tiger Woods 'Seriously Injured' in Car Wreck
  224. Online at 35,000 feet
  225. Anyone know anything about old watches?
  226. Help needed: buying bass guitar & amp for teenage son
  227. Caption This: Sarah Palin edition
  228. Tell me about Dallas, please
  229. Deadly Utah Spelunking Mishap
  230. Goodbye Mininova
  231. buying concert tickets online (guess what...it sucks)
  232. What are you doing today, Turkey Day aka Thanksgiving?
  233. Kick a Ginger day
  234. Woman has 300 orgasms a day
  235. Eye Wrinkle Cream Recommendations
  236. Bought a guitar, now I need to learn how to play!
  237. Why are people so freaking clueless? (rant)
  238. Man thought to be in coma for 23 years conscious whole time
  239. Woman tries to kill husband 3 times. Great acting perfomance on video
  240. Man hangs himself because he thinks he has cancer... but he doesn't!
  241. Might be Moving to England
  242. Anyone have a home bar?
  243. What to do with leftover debit gift cards?
  244. Demi Moore wants to know what YOU want...
  245. The gift everyone wants for Christmas --- Mass: We Pray! Video System
  246. Good Golly! It is the money I could be saving with Geico (Car insurance talk)
  247. What is wrong with my watch?
  248. How old were you before you graduated from the "kids table"?
  249. Katie Couric partying down
  250. Hey motorcycle people, what the hell is my mother-in-law talking about?