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  1. Going to rent an apartment -- what exactly do most "credit checks" entail?
  2. West Virginia has a bit of a problem with police department background checks
  3. Where do you go that makes you Happy or Excited?
  4. Thoughts on Breakfast.....
  5. Black Friday - Will You Be Shopping?
  6. Dog from North Side shelter becomes surrogate for African painted pups
  7. In Russia, kebab eat you!
  8. Can you still order that catalog from Pueblo, Colorado?
  9. How Vegas Makes the News: Ends Strippers on a Truck
  10. car repair websites?
  11. Have you heard of three-way lamps?
  12. Why do you have to "click" lamps twice to turn on or off?
  13. Father and His 4 Sons Charged with Child Abuse Spanning 2 Decades
  14. When did people start calling others "douche" and/or "douchebag"?
  15. Florida man arrested for making Obscene Phone Calls to 911!
  16. Teacher visits Europe, has a beverage, gets fired
  17. Drunk Woman Falls on Subway Tracks
  18. Public Restrooms: Do You or Don't You?
  19. Chili Recipe: Nerdy Names?
  20. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009 (lots of pics inside)
  21. Declawing Your Cat is Now a Crime in Berkeley
  22. Job Question: Bluffing
  23. Florida: Swastika wrapping paper!
  24. Pick a Danish! Completely stupid poll
  25. Free the "Chicago 25" - food fighters unite!
  26. Veteran's Day
  27. Where to eat in Boston?
  28. Why eBay is for idiots
  29. Drunk woman falls onto track in front of oncoming train and is...
  30. So, I have been diagnosed with swine flu.
  31. Credit check talk: what's your FICO score?
  32. Transferring Credit Card Balances
  33. Simple Craps Question
  34. Why I Approve of Dolphin Killing Tuna Nets
  35. YADT: Religious/Spiritual differences...
  36. The Remains of Jim Thorpe
  37. How to get out of jury duty?
  38. Do electricians make good money?
  39. What do you call the homeless?
  40. Ever been ripped off by EZ-Pass?
  41. Dos Equis - "Stay Thirsty,My Friends..."
  42. is it better to have leather couch?
  43. butcher blocks/cutting boards?
  44. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. You may have noticed parts falling off.
  45. a butt abscess might just be the most painfull thing I've ever gone through
  46. So, do you heed your doctor's advice?
  47. Is ''The Economy'' the new ''Global Warming?''
  48. Music & Food Recommendations.
  49. Are you thinking about starting a dating thread? Consult this handy checklist first.
  50. Gunman opens fire in Orlando Office Building
  51. The Golden Age of Video...Movie Montage that must of taken forever
  52. Not sure what to think. (Asking a girl out related.)
  53. A warning for frequent debit card swipers
  54. Soldier opens fire at Fort Hood
  55. Roommates and Weekend Guests (Am I really pushing 30? I hate New York)
  56. Heating pad w/o the annoying auto-off function?
  57. Amazon.com Now Selling Uranium
  58. Dolores the bald bear.
  59. So, would you work on your resume or look for a job at work?
  60. What flavor is Monster Energy Drink?
  61. Question on maybe breach of Identity??
  62. When is it appropriate to compliment a woman on her breasts?
  63. no more adult form?
  64. E:60 on ESPN - 4 days of gambling with Phil Ivey
  65. Anyone having problems with PokerStars?
  66. Joey Lombard Is Awesome
  67. Never Ending Sequitur Thread part 4 Score
  68. So one of my cats is not eating (sort of)
  69. Do you consider killed while going to/from work to be "killed in the line of duty"?
  70. dpham gives woman presc. meds in exchange for sex.Woman rats dpham out after son ODs
  71. Male Otters: Urinal Pee Through Pee-Pee Hole?
  72. Police officer murdered; am I out of line?
  73. Photoshop request...
  74. Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula recommendations?
  75. The Power Of Otter - Fight Pee-Pee Hands
  76. What is/was your first car?
  77. Anyone have an experience w/solar car battery maintainer?
  78. Cool program my church is helping with
  79. Wingstreet Wings
  80. Travel question re: passports
  81. Razors in Apples, Needles in Tootsie Rolls, and a Syringe; all in Canada!
  82. Drunk Ewoks on the TODAY show
  83. Trip to Rome....what to know before going?
  84. Upstairs room much colder than the rest of the house
  85. life after death, your view
  86. Reminder to set your clocks back tonight
  87. Man jailed over fictional child porn
  88. Home Depot Hates God (in Florida)
  89. How far is too far in your employer Googling you?
  90. What are some reasons a dog would pace non-stop?
  91. Do you flash your lights when the cops are out?
  92. Help, Basic Mario Kart Graphic Needed!
  93. Guess the State - Cops: Man stole ferret by shoving it in pants
  94. Why Do People Drive Right Into Flooded Streets?
  95. BEFORE you go trick or treating on Halloween!
  96. Anyone ever try making homemade wine?
  97. Caption This- Puff Daddy edition
  98. 40 years ago, a 21 year old Al Gore changed our lives.
  99. Ever had an encounter with an INCUBUS, SUCCUBUS, or THE OLD HAG?
  100. Disney to build new Studio at the Ranch (Santa Clarita)
  101. Fellatio by bats prolongs copulation time
  102. When keeping it real goes wrong IRL
  103. High School Girl Is Raped--No One Call Cops
  104. A new record for breaking the "half-your-age-plus-seven" rule.
  105. Walmart starts selling Caskets just in time for the Holidays
  106. Pink Haired News Reporter
  107. Seriously, would you DRINK rainwater??
  108. Cop suspended without pay for daring to ticket the mayor's son
  109. Sex for World Series tickets is a crime??
  110. Which Daredevil Statue?
  111. Accelerated Mortgage Payments (weekly, bi-weekly)
  112. Coyotes kill woman on hike in Canadian park
  113. YACT: Payoff amounts differ for dealer?
  114. Edible Bacon Fat Candle
  115. The Worlds Greatest TreeHouse, Ever?
  116. Egg Nog
  117. Man Attacks "Zombie" at Restaurant
  118. So, what would you consider to be heavy lifting?
  119. Hulk Hogan Admits to Being Suicidal
  120. Jaws is real... one great white bites another great white nearly in half
  121. Gotta Chili Recipe?
  122. Movember
  123. Modafinil - anyone taking it?
  124. Top 10 Worst Products Ever
  125. Anyone involved in their local CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams)?
  126. Do you ever eat pancakes or waffles with your hands?
  127. Bad Doctors
  128. Looking for a Cheap Custom Poker Chips
  129. This thread will NOT deliver.
  130. Distribution numbers from the largest daily newspapers in the U.S.
  131. Silliest thing you actually cried over?
  132. Sorry Iceland, no more 2 all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions
  133. Man arrested with half a beard (Florida)
  134. Important cookie safety information.
  135. Want to have lots of kids? Find a stout, slightly plump wife.
  136. Best online *cheap*furniture store or Chicagoland store
  137. YAET: Not all sellers are dbags
  138. The McFarthest Spot
  139. Real life bad movie: small town cops extort travelers.
  140. Married women talk: how often
  141. Racist Halloween costumes...for pets
  142. Explain this scam
  143. Office drama: How to respond?
  144. need some graphic artist/photoshop assistance
  145. Attack of the Lady Bugs!
  146. Biggest Facebook Beatdowns
  147. Ticketed for not speaking English
  148. Should Pilots Be Taking Power Naps? While Flying?
  149. Should I go?
  150. Ideas for a weekend trip in the NYC/outskirts area?
  151. Any speeches coming up in H-Town?
  152. Gang rape, torture victim says her story was a lie; six men to remain in prison
  153. Russian ice skating bear kills trainer
  154. Man pleads guilty to DWI in motorized La-Z-Boy
  155. Bedding designed to make you look homeless
  156. considering bariatric surgery
  157. In Maine, its illegal to buy lemonade when you're under 21
  158. Horses ground up, fed to babies
  159. YACT: Pepsi Azuki (Red Bean)
  160. Am I the only one who thinks paper clips should be organized by size?
  161. Jay and Silent Bob fans - they will be hosting an event in LA on Friday
  162. Taxi question [tipping]
  163. Annual Halloween Safety Notice: don't wear flammable costumes.
  164. Tell me what kind of Halloween candy to give out this year
  165. In Virginia, it's illegal to be naked in your own home
  166. Would YOU buy this car?
  167. Los Angeles "iWatch" PSA. This isn't real, is it?
  168. Woman makes fake 911 call
  169. What in the world is this hell creature stuck to my mom's window?
  170. Jack Chop (Warning: Swearing and Blood)
  171. YACCT: Pay off your CC in full on time? Bank of unAmerica wants to charge you for it.
  172. How dumb does Lego think kids are?
  173. Win-Win-Lose: A Coke Zero Story
  174. Millions of Powerful Megaballs 2010's national lottery to have prizes of up to $B
  175. In Vegas this Weekend - Dining Advice needed
  176. Trying to find a place in Vegas.....
  177. The poor kid doesn't "get" the internet.
  178. Web Surf to Save Your Aging Brain
  179. The 2009 Halloween Costume, Party & Plans Thread
  180. It HURTS to pee! :o
  181. Diagnose me!
  182. Feds issue new medical marijuana policy
  183. My co-worker got pulled over by a cop today....
  184. Does anyone here have their Ham radio license?
  185. Food Saftey (chemicals + hormones in food)?
  186. David Copperfield
  187. Non-Fatal Idiot of Year Award: No Snow in Moscow
  188. Raley's recalling DelMonte cantaloupe
  189. Dystonia triggered in woman after flu shot, Inside Edition last night.
  190. YAET: Is this description accurate?
  191. So you thought it was still legal to smoke while alone in your own vehicle?
  192. Hi i am a girl
  193. The eyeball game
  194. Any graphic artists willing to tweak a tattoo? Paypal available!
  195. YART-My G/F wants a "break"
  196. Electronics Disposal
  197. This is my post #2 - aka I had spaghetti for dinner yesterday
  198. iphone 3gs car charger - why so cheap?
  199. Tax free donation for friend's health care. Can it be done?
  200. Goodbye
  201. Sprite or 7up? Which do you prefer?
  202. Oct. 16 - Happy Boss Day!
  203. Stepdad Walks In On Sex, Shoots Daughter's Boyfriend - YES! Florida!
  204. Baby survives being run over by a train - video
  205. Stay Tuned! More "Panic Face King" coming up!
  206. Dating advice needed (1st date in 4 1/2 years!)
  207. Hey! I know! What do ya say about a movie based on the OTHER FORUM?
  208. Justice of the Peace refuses to marry interracial couple (Not Florida)
  209. Weird Food Habits
  210. kid, balloon, hoax, charges filed, story over ... people keep posting though ;)
  211. Lotto hoax causes riot (not FL)
  212. Are hipsters the new hippies?
  213. Budgeting for my house - anybody see anything wrong?
  214. Some quick photoshopping help needed - a cookie as a reward
  215. House was broken into today
  216. The Fun Theory (contest for money!)
  217. The consequences of counterfeit drugs on the third world
  218. Captain Lou Albano dead at 76
  219. An Animal Story to Warm kvrdave's Heart
  220. Ralph Lauren Fires "Overweight" Model
  221. Renting furnished condo through agency?
  222. Calvin and Hobbes picture request
  223. How do I purchase stock?
  224. Ceiling fan question
  225. Makers of Monster Energy Drink bully Vermont Microbrewery
  226. So, have you ever gotten full just by drinking water?
  227. So, would you go to an amusement park in the rain?
  228. Life Insurance Question
  229. Where is the coolest place you have ever been alone?
  230. Marge Simpson Graces Playboy Cover November 09??
  231. Need help wiring a thermostat
  232. Insurance weasels out of covering baby, says he's too fat.
  233. Shut Up Woman and Get On My Horse
  234. Man gets lung transplant with cancer and dies a year later
  235. Street Performer: Human statue with silver or gold body paint, what's the story...
  236. Lady takes nudes of herself, uploads to Facebook, sues Facebook
  237. Man Asks Teen Daughter For Sex On Facebook
  238. YACT: What Your Car Says About You
  239. In Loving Memory Of Tommy
  240. "Open to Blacks"
  241. Things to see and do around the Vegas area...but not in Vegas itself
  242. Help! My House Key is Stuck in My Front Door Lock!
  243. Germany's most popular women's magazine says "nicht mehr" to professional models
  244. Pizza Nazi's
  245. 80's Party Tonight at 8....I have 9 hours to plan...
  246. Special Ed. student beaten by cop for an untucked shirt.
  247. Hitler Parody
  248. Ever been SLAPPED in the FACE?
  249. "Internet Eyes" game
  250. Screwed-Up Dolls