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  1. I'll take ALL the Howl's Eve costumes
  2. Yellow TeleTubbie Breaks Into House, Steals Chinese Food
  3. Meet The Teenager Who Got Busted Stealing ‘Rock Hard Erection Cream’ And ‘Deep Throat
  4. Attorney question - when can I do a background check?
  5. Poor-Man's Big Mac
  6. Antares Rocket Explodes - Wallops Island, VA
  7. The Epic failure of Epic Con
  8. Where to order heavyweight 100% cotton white t-shirts?
  9. Family Wins $500K Settlement from Denny's Over Hot Coffee
  10. Last thing that made you happy...
  11. Snake with a broken wrist
  12. Meatloaf again
  13. Do Puerto Ricans Speak The “Ghetto Version” of Spanish?
  14. NC Grandfather Takes Out Three Would-Be Rapists - Kills One
  15. Questions about Workers' Comp (& Taxes)
  16. Toys "R" Us Pulling Breaking Bad Action Figures Over Outcry from ONE mom
  17. Suggestions for Kids Christmas Present - X-men Toys
  18. YACT: Auto-Refinancing
  19. Yahoo! News is the worst in the world
  20. Traveling Abroad: Finland Edition
  21. Name of candy
  22. Are you gay? Blame grits
  23. Someone Going Super Germaphobe Overnight
  24. Meatloaf
  25. How often do you write in cursive?
  26. YAJT: Changing career paths. What's a guy to do?
  27. How many idiots does it take to change a lightbulb?
  28. Man breaks in and rapes 100yr old woman
  29. Boss's Day Etiquette?
  30. YATT: What is going on with my plumbing?
  31. YAHBT: Can I submit this to my flex spending?
  32. Are you a "prepper"? (Tale of the impending apocalypse)
  33. Jail sentences for kiddy-porn watchers are too harsh! - says the author of The Firm
  34. Going to Hoboken, NJ
  35. Anyone else have issues with Bank of America?
  36. America’s Favorite Cities 2014
  37. Anyone ever save someone's life by being at the right place, at the right time?
  38. Help Identifying a Font
  39. Mozart rocks....
  40. What's expected from a computer tech help desk operator?
  41. How long before society would rebound on Walking Dead if cure is found
  42. What's the latest you went to bed?
  43. How do you say “restroom” to deaf person?
  44. Parents are surprised when their dead son answers the door
  45. Minister Knowingly Infected with AIDS Sleeps with Parishioners and Doesn't Tell Them
  46. Don't want to work.....
  47. Totally unnecessary procedure for DVD Talk Members nearing trials
  48. Within my rights?
  49. Teen hammers mom killing her then lost virginity to her corpse
  50. YADT: Otters, how did you know?
  51. Ever meet someone famous and you didn't know?
  52. Things to see/do in/near Austin Texas?
  53. Morrissey Reveals He Has Cancer
  54. Thinking About Dropping My Medical Plan
  55. Uh oh, high blood pressure
  56. Woman Can't Find a Date Online and Blames the Internet
  57. Man jailed after killing pal who poked his girlfriend
  58. Did I screw over my best friend or is she too controlling? (Long post.)
  59. Breakfast sausage
  60. Any Otters been in an open relationship?
  61. I have a car related question (2000 Dodge Stratus).
  62. Touch Base Meeting
  63. The best pancakes?
  64. Blasphemous bill payment confirmation number?
  65. Ketchup on your French Fries -- It's a POLL!!
  66. Chicken golf, anyone?
  67. Car Won't Start
  68. Oakley Glasses Help
  69. Artist Creates INVISIBLE ‘Art’ and Collectors are Paying Millions
  70. Good harness for small puppy?
  71. Andy Kaufman to return this year [UPDATE: STILL DEAD]
  72. So, what's your latitude?
  73. An OD Super Duper Food Survey
  74. Post your favorite things...
  75. For trade: 160K Diamond for $20 bag of marijuana
  76. Famous Album Covers as Animated Gifs
  77. I suck at math?
  78. So I survived a brain aneurysm / subarachnoid hemorrhage
  79. Oklahoma Man Beheads Co-Worker
  80. Caption This: Bizarre Office Poster
  81. Rabbi Told to Leave Restaurant Over "Jew Salad"
  82. No car seat? No problem! Stash the baby in the trunk! Florida!
  83. Please Recommend a Shampoo to Me
  84. Behold! The World's Greatest Fortune Cookie Fortune In The World!
  85. My Yahoo Email Account Got Hacked
  86. TV reporter quits job on-air to pursue legalization of marijuana...
  87. Wendy's "open during construction" is false advertisement.
  88. Total Recall real life triple
  89. hello by andy
  90. Can Your Identity Be at Risk if Someone Gets a Hold of an Errant Check?
  91. puppy rapist gets 5 years (where you ask)
  92. What do you do when you're bored?
  93. Post your avatar.
  94. Post your signature.
  95. Ever take an Ambien to sleep?
  96. Anyone use PayPal in retail stores?
  97. Saw this trick on a street in Italy. Anyone know how it's done?
  98. Are you a psychopath?
  99. I'm so frustrated with the United States Postal Service!
  100. No longer Red, White & Blue, Pabst now just red: what will hipsters do?
  101. Grandfather Kills Daughter, 6 Grandchildren
  102. Democratic with guys about getting chicks/ also calling chicks w/out hesitation
  103. Truck Nuts
  104. Saltines went bad?
  105. Confronting person sneaking into secure apartment entry?
  106. Post Your Custom Frame Ups
  107. Woman broke into a man's apartment and raped him
  108. Moving to Phoenix
  109. Kids: What would you do?
  110. Man accused of cooking and serving girlfriend's dog.
  111. Does anyone feel they got more stupider
  112. Photochop Skills Needed
  113. 5 million google accounts exposed - Gmail HACKED
  114. Any Nissan Xterra owners here?
  115. Is the cream in the coffee sour or are you just happy to see me?
  116. YEAT: Should I be worried?
  117. HMS Terror or Erebus found in Canada
  118. Nickdawgy Meets The Process Server!
  119. YAJT: Interviews on interviews on interviews
  120. Cherries Waffles Tennis Arrested In Jupiter, Florida
  121. Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass
  122. Fear the Winterpocalypse -- Snow Season ('14-'15)
  123. Damaged my toe
  124. Serious question about physical exams
  125. 'Smallest house in the world' on sale
  126. Jack the Ripper finally solved... (UPDATE: DEAD!)
  127. 2014 Thread of the Year Nominations
  128. Che Guevera's recipe for an improvised mortar launcher
  129. eBay Hacked... Again?!?
  130. Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home
  131. Parking Ticket - Wrong License Plate Number
  132. Do you get nervous?
  133. Missing Libyan Jetliners 9/2/14
  134. Paypal and the IRS
  135. A Bronx Man Tore His Own Head Off in Broad Daylight
  136. The Fappening (2014, Shyamalan) S: Lawrence, Upton, 4Chan, Reddit
  137. Anyone Up For Some "Hot Coffee"?
  138. California plastic bag ban
  139. What's good on Broadway?
  140. Here's why people hate Lou Ferrigno so much.....
  141. Do you think physical media will ever be completely replaced by digital?
  142. School me on hot lube
  143. Joan Rivers - rushed to the hospital in critical condition (UPDATE: RIP 9-4-14)
  144. How do you pronounce "QATAR?"
  145. Town Populated by Women Looking For Single Men
  146. Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!
  147. Do you consider hot dog a sandwich?
  148. Digital Voice Recorder Recommendations?
  149. 9 year old girl accidently kills shooting instructor
  150. Meet the Meat Mountain, Arby's Monster Secret Menu Sandwich
  151. Flying etiquette: three potential rules
  152. Other Talk (Reverse) Sheep: It's SHEEP Sheep, the Ultimate Sheep Game
  153. Nickdawgy's Houseguest....Taking Advantage Of Him And The Wife?...Possible threesome?
  154. Educate me on all-inclusive resorts
  155. The Pet Videos Thread
  156. 'Dating Naked' cast member sues after VH1 showed her naked
  157. Best Buy Mastercard question
  158. pretty big earthquake in the SF area?
  159. Do You Have a College Degree?
  160. Any recent fraudulent charges to a bank card or credit card?
  161. It's My Birthday....
  162. The power of pheromones, or something else?
  163. Do you feel safe in the area where you live?
  164. Losing Detroit - In Pictures
  165. ALS ice bucket challenge co-founder...drowns
  166. Any good supplements for joints?
  167. Is ninteen accidents in 38 years of driving a good record or a bad record?
  168. Climber Dies From Fall In Yosemite After Proposing To Girlfriend
  169. Snakes vs Spiders
  170. What do you get from the dollar store?
  171. School me on septic systems
  172. Girl Sunbathing in Driveway Killed When Sister Backs Over Her
  173. Promoting someone's fundraiser
  174. Doctor Forces Female Colleague to "Motorboat" Her Breasts
  175. Do you?
  176. 'Pastafarian' fights to wear colander in B.C. driver's license photo
  177. Musicless Music Videos
  178. Smokey the Bear turns 70
  179. Should a High School Student be able to talk smack about his/her principal/teachers?
  180. Facial Hair at a Job Interview?
  181. RIP - Robin Williams
  182. What kind of weird flower is this?
  183. Best way to get out of jury duty?
  184. Do you have a vehicle with a cassette deck?
  185. Work Related Drama
  186. Help me ID this guy on my Halloween Horn
  187. Oklahoma teacher shows up to school drunk, not wearing pants
  188. You should all be effing ashamed of yourselves.
  189. Can a monkey own a copyright?
  190. What's wrong with my banana?
  191. Question for Electricians/People handy with kitchens
  192. Hotel in NY takes money out of security deposit if guests post bad reviews
  193. Dated a curvy Gentleman/ question for EddieMoney
  194. could anyone recommend an outdoor ceiling fan that can be completely exposed to rain?
  195. Best Writers on Geek Culture?
  196. It Has Finally Come To This: The Fire Challenge
  197. Who's the bigger douche of Summer '14: Shia or Bieber?
  198. Expressions meaning "Too hot" & "Too cold" - how many?
  199. Which of the seven dwarfs describes your wife
  200. Short Films I worked on. Suspense and Comedy. I'd love feedback!
  201. Mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old son to go to park alone
  202. How bad is your Amazon Prime addiction?
  203. Please help me solve a math problem
  204. Wrist/Body-based Fitness Trackers: Yay or Nay or...?
  205. Mice Invading Home. Help!!!!
  206. Genographic Project DNA Results Reveal Details of Puerto Rican History
  207. Which meal is it?
  208. The Frist Official Drunk & Stoner Thread
  209. So when selling your house...
  210. Zombies ate my brain
  211. Contact lost with Air Algerie plane
  212. YEAT: Is this kind of feedback douchey?
  213. Pornographer's Paradise
  214. Visiting Universal/Orlando in September... advice?
  215. can somrone recomend a cleveland area hotel?
  216. George Harrison Memorial Tree killed by beetles
  217. Spider hallucinations
  218. Imgur question
  219. Hard Lego sets.
  220. Sagging pants in Ocala, Fl = six months in jail
  221. Great mugshot ever!
  222. Montreal model with 24 facial tattoos wants to be most famous
  223. Thinking about moving to Oregon
  224. Malaysia Airlines flight reportedly shot down over the Ukraine
  225. any recommendations for baby video monitors?
  226. Seattle Man tries to kill Spider, Catches House on Fire instead
  227. The Dedication of Comcast
  228. Do you have an internet addiction?
  229. I have not seen anything Cooler !
  230. Free and Open Source Va-jay-jay
  231. Property Deed Question
  232. I Normally Don't Root for al Qaeda, but I'll Make an Exception This Time
  233. I need a lunchbox
  234. How my summer was ruined
  235. At what point do electronic & phone messeages off hours from supervisors get excessiv
  236. Smelling farts may be good for your health
  237. Who ya gonna call? Meth-Busters!
  238. Long layover in JFK
  239. Help me understand how Reddit works
  240. Tracy Morgan Sues Walmart
  241. Universal Studios Florida Then and Now
  242. Fired live-in nanny won't leave
  243. School Me on Beer
  244. Do you still have a landline phone?
  245. Cops want to see underage junk
  246. How much is your internet/TV/phone bill?
  247. June 28, 2014: 100 years since WWZ begath
  248. I think I'm getting laid off
  249. I need some help identifying an artist
  250. RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury), "Mouse Arm", etc.