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  1. Once thriving Web sites, now abandoned
  2. Do you get anything relevant when you Google your name?
  3. DVD Talk is simply the best.
  4. So I got an email from my Ex's new "boyfriend" on facebook... Let the Drama begin!!!
  5. Berry Almond Chicken Salad @ Wendy's?
  6. Woman plans to have sex with 100,000 men
  7. Blockbuster VHS Boxes
  8. Plastic surgeon creates his "Perfect Wife"
  9. Star Drunk - scifi short written/acted by drunk people
  10. Honestly - Football players show GREAT character
  11. Burger King to offer "French Fry Burger" for a buck
  12. Dave's favorite day of the year: National Dog Day
  13. Spirit Air; Good? Bad?
  14. How to Hire a Plumber?
  15. How did you propose to your significant other?
  16. What Gadget can you not live without?
  17. Work Dilemma - Does This Seem Odd?
  18. What do you get if you combine Shake Weight with Prancercise? Ace Power!
  19. Electrical question - timer with 4 wires
  20. Trees swallowed by sinkhole...
  21. YALT: Inheritance from "long-lost" relative
  22. Stick a fork in him - he's done
  23. New Diet Tip: Woman ingests tapeworm to drop pounds
  24. Is the US winning the War on Drugs?
  25. Bank of America murders an intern
  26. Looking at porn can make you less stressed, more productive
  27. Why are we born with an itch/scratch reflex?
  28. Don't Let Preggo's Eat Chicken, Small Genitals Follow!
  29. Man turns 60, commits suicide and puts up a website explaining why
  30. Everyone is going to prison!!!
  31. KVRDave were you in DC area?
  32. New mammal discovered
  33. Having It All Without Having Children.
  34. Need advice on buying a home in a new community
  35. eqiuette talk: going away party
  36. Good News Everyone! Tube Travel is here!
  37. Do you get overwhelmed by junk mail?
  38. Gift etiquette for second wedding?
  39. Groomsmen Advice?
  40. It's 40 for Ms notmovielib and me
  41. San Francisco
  42. Meet the Low-Key, Low-Cost Grocery Chain Being Called ‘Walmart’s Worst Nightmare’
  43. What ONE thing do you suggest to do on a quick trip to Denver?
  44. Begging For Boobs
  45. Windsurfing Anyone?
  46. Man kills wife, then posts status update to Facebook confessing the crime (FLORIDA)
  47. Henrietta Lacks finally gets some justice. (But no money for family)
  48. What are the grammar mistakes that bug you the most?
  49. It's my party and I'll get gangbanged if I want to!
  50. Please Read: Religious threads moving to Religion/Politics/World Events subforum
  51. Racial slurs & Swastika deface Jackie Robinson & Pee Wee Reese statue in Brooklyn.
  52. High School Reunions
  53. I want to make and sell an iphone/android app
  54. Transgender ABC Newsman switches back to straight male
  55. The Public Potty Poll
  56. Two kids strangled by an escaped python
  57. Need Advice On An Elliptical Machine
  58. Am I reading too much into a commercial?
  59. Paralyzed man wakes up to find his dog eating his testicle
  60. Ventura, California....Romantic ideas, suggestions, avoid this; do that, etc!
  61. FL: Christian TV show host/puppeteer arrested for child porn & wanting to eat kids
  62. Yahoo 'recycling' old e-mail (addresses), raising security concerns
  63. 'Brown Bag' and 'Citizen' deemed offensive in City of Seattle
  64. Queen's 1983 World War III speech declassified
  65. Heartbreak, Cheating, and Lies Leads to Amazing Deal on Used Mattress
  66. Do you think marijuana should be legal in US?
  67. Deception of a Generation (Demonic Toys) a/k/a Smurfs are Undead Gays
  68. Rapper gets locked up for cold case murder after he snitched on himself
  69. the world's greatest clothing line
  70. What schools did you attend?
  71. My head might explode. aka I'm taking a Finance & Accounting CE course...agghhh
  72. couple born on the same day, married 75 years. die a day apart
  73. Girl, 13, dies in her father’s arms from peanut allergy reaction
  74. DVDTalk's got Talent
  75. I'm getting married....need a little help...
  76. So my friend proposed to his girlfriend before 'The Conjuring...'
  77. Found a Walmart Money Card at work, no one claimed it
  78. The glorification of white crime.
  79. What relatively simple things can you not do?
  80. What do females say instead of "jack-off"?
  81. Guy makes post calling 65 percent of the population ugly and seems like people agree
  82. Radio Personality Kidd Kraddick has Died
  83. Just called my girlfriend a C*NT in an argument, there is no coming back is there?
  84. Maine man found guilty of the worst bowel movement ever
  85. Who in here has known Indian (India) men that have had success with White women?
  86. Riddle me this, Batman - car loan/repair issues
  87. Massive fire in Goldendale, WA
  88. East Coast Roadtrip - Places to visit, things to see, etc;
  89. Missing person - how do you get closure, how to grieve?
  90. Dannon criticized for using dye made from crushed insects in yogurt.
  91. This Just In
  92. I've made a horrible mistake
  93. City Slicker: Nickdawgy's FIL Adventures Vol. 1
  94. Stop
  95. Craigslist phishing scam, what's the angle?
  96. Does she like him?
  97. Pet Peeves?
  98. New York Times: "Women said universally that hookups could not exist without alcohol"
  99. A Man Paid To Protect $102,000 Worth Of Vintage Whiskey Drank It All Instead
  100. wallet or billfold
  101. Mr. Grass-cutter or: How Dan should stop worrying and just say thanks.
  102. Revel (AC) Casino promotion: You can't lose (slots)
  103. Advice / Info about engagement rings needed
  104. It's a Royal Boy!!! (aka they pre-empted local news for this???)
  105. Father of 5 fakes death to run away with his gay lover
  106. The Trivia Quiz thread (new quiz posted on 11/26!!!)
  107. Barbecues: Heat tents or no heat tents??
  108. Any decent career advice forums?
  109. Will there be more racial diversity in Hollywood as time goes on?
  110. Anyone use a Sonicare?
  111. Nazi-Themed Café Owner Denies Being A Hitler Sympathizer, Makes Staff Wear Replica SS
  112. Forum Censorship and How it makes you feel?!
  113. Best Mom Ever
  114. Woman falls to her death at Six Flags in Arlington
  115. My male boss just tried to make a move on me
  116. Female runner poops in yard.
  117. Once you moved out of the house do you find your parents bother you more?
  118. COBRA question
  119. When do you throw out the sentimental stuff?
  120. Any interest in posting trivia quizzes here?
  121. Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage
  122. Just got yet another call from "Carpet Tile and Furniture Cleaning Experts"...
  123. Refurbished sunscreen
  124. School me on things to do in LA area in late August
  125. Are things going to get better for non-Indian men in Bollywood?
  126. $92,233,720,368,547,800
  127. The Dialectizer
  128. It's Not His Responsibility! Another Episode of the Nickdawgy In-Law Chronicles
  129. Are things going to get better for non-White men with White women? [Merged]
  130. what were you doing half a lifetime ago?
  131. Changing Real Estate Selling Agents
  132. Florida Restaurant Owner Fires Entire Staff via Text Message
  133. Moving to Vancouver WA
  134. Water Fountain, Drinking Fountain or Bubbler?
  135. anyone own a home safe?
  136. Racist Goldman Sachs Employee Gets Punched in Face
  137. America's Next Big Trial
  138. How else life in the deep south (bible belt) different from the rest of the USA?
  139. If you want to be an attractive guy in the USA, is being White very important?
  140. Basics of Home Improvement Projects
  141. Dentist's firing of attractive aide is legal
  142. anyone use dollarshaveclub.com?
  143. How to survive a potential Bear attack [UPDATE: Reporter killed by Panda]
  144. Soda, Pop, Coke or Soft Drink?
  145. Saudi Princess’s slave escapes and runs wild in the streets of Irvine
  146. Central air fuse box?
  147. Grandparents getting scammed?
  148. Let's take a vote
  149. Naked woman distracts kids as they fall off bikes
  150. Naked woman distracts man as husband robs his house
  151. Pilots let flight attendants take control
  152. Hitler Fried Chicken
  153. Florida law accidentally bans computers and smartphones
  154. Ever taken nude pictures of a girlfriend?
  155. Any sports medicine people here?
  156. Study shows rappers lie about their income.
  157. America is no longer the most obese country!
  158. Do they prescribe Methadone to opiate abusers in prison?
  159. Moving your parent into your home? (Bonus content:Cancer)
  160. Golden Corral not so golden?
  161. New CA desalination plant will provide 50 million gallons per day
  162. New Orleans Help?
  163. Ebay case opened against me!
  164. Five men stuck in a tree surrounded by Sumatran tigers for four days
  165. Tough weekend for public transportation
  166. Renting an SUV for a trip Ford Edge or Rav4
  167. Soccer fans decapitate referee and put his head on stake during game
  168. Asiana Airlines 777 from Seoul crash lands at SFO
  169. Accepting applications for Newbs?
  170. Cockroach/Bug question
  171. Prince admits he doesn't own a cell phone
  172. Work is making me super depressed.
  173. Buying a house - how much can I afford?
  174. ever wonder what a "normal" looking Barbie would look like? try fat and dumpy.
  175. Helicopter Parents now affecting their kids getting jobs.
  176. Selling a timeshare?
  177. Hello friends i am new here
  178. Hello Everyone. . . !!!
  179. Fake 'Drug Checkpoints' Being Used To Catch People High Enough To Believe Those Exist
  180. Good midpriced polarized sunglasses?
  181. Happy Canada Day!
  182. Anyone here have rabbits?
  183. 19 firefighters die battling Arizona fire
  184. Question on lawsuits
  185. Eva Mendes Sex Tape!
  186. what are doing right now?
  187. Favourite webcam site?
  188. It's too hot, 2013
  189. Bert and Ernie on the New Yorker cover (Happy pride weekend!)
  190. Some of us have avatars again?
  191. Charles Manson is the visionary of ATWA
  192. Police question Alien, Predator over fight between Beer Man and Weed Man in a Box
  193. Man high on mushrooms rips off part of penis (luckily, his own)
  194. Jackie Chan clears up rumors of his death
  195. Domestic Disciplin Document Teaches You How To Strike Your Wife
  196. Things to do in/around Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
  197. Man shot attempting to rob group waiting to buy LeBron James sneakers.
  198. Guy is about to walk a tight rope across the Grand Canyon untethered
  199. Hostess to return on July 15th
  200. Hardware question: large size nut driver drill bit?
  201. trance music on an acoustic guitar, and it's awesome
  202. Beware the sheep-eating plant
  203. Paula Dean uses "N" word
  204. Any other LARPER's here?
  205. Exit, stage right: Exodus International
  206. Can you get charged with a hate crime if there wasn't a crime?
  207. RIP Gadolfini
  208. Journalist Michael Hastings killed.
  209. What the Bleep? They made Groucho a Mod?
  210. Do you floss before you brush or brush before you floss?
  211. My wife has been diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia
  212. Font help...
  213. How's Cablevision as an all-around cable service?
  214. Detroit (and other) members: Restaurant recommendations near Comerica Park?
  215. 06/17/13
  216. How to Build and Maintain a Community
  217. Happy Fathers' Day 2013!!!
  218. Chinese Man Builds Own "Bionic" Hands
  219. Car Accident & Insurance
  220. Eyeball licking fad in Japan
  221. Would Solid Snake PAC be a good mod?
  222. Type Of Fudge Like Candy
  223. Lovey to Love ya baby! Kansas City jailbait
  224. Seinfeld: Music of the Great Old Ones
  225. High school student kicked off track team; sues for $40 MILLION
  226. Meet Taylor Chapman, Doughnut Avenger. Yes, it's Florida.
  227. Anyone recognize this logo?
  228. Online Bar Pick Up Game
  229. Random Picture Thread #41 (the 13th smallest prime number)
  230. Was the latest Random Picture thread deleted?
  231. The "Holy Crap I'm Old!!" thread
  232. Toy Gun Buyback .. Peace in our Time!
  233. ???s on underground dog fences
  234. What's is going to be when you die, burial or cremation?
  235. Bring me up to speed
  236. Pearl Necklace (this is going to be rough)
  237. How do I prep a metal fence for painting?
  238. 22 kids, 14 mothers; father is "thinking about" getting a vasectomy
  239. Shots Fired at Santa Monica College
  240. Tell me about life with Crohn's
  241. Richard Ramirez - "The Night Stalker" DEAD in Prison
  242. Yuri Gagarin vs. Neil Armstrong: BALLISTIC
  243. Paging Giantrobo: Girl Banned from Prom Due to Big Boobs
  244. Religion created to let king bang whoever he wanted no longer against gay marriage
  245. Any Parents Ever Wonder If Their Children Are Autistic?
  246. D-Day June 6th, 1944
  247. Couple Who Hosted Self-Help Radio Show Commit Double Suicide
  248. Hurricane Andrea is Coming My Way
  249. Official Spottedfeather's Ignore List Support Group Thread
  250. Paris Jackson suicide attempt