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  1. Do you feel safe in the area where you live?
  2. Losing Detroit - In Pictures
  3. ALS ice bucket challenge co-founder...drowns
  4. Any good supplements for joints?
  5. Is ninteen accidents in 38 years of driving a good record or a bad record?
  6. Climber Dies From Fall In Yosemite After Proposing To Girlfriend
  7. Snakes vs Spiders
  8. What do you get from the dollar store?
  9. School me on septic systems
  10. Girl Sunbathing in Driveway Killed When Sister Backs Over Her
  11. Promoting someone's fundraiser
  12. Doctor Forces Female Colleague to "Motorboat" Her Breasts
  13. Do you?
  14. 'Pastafarian' fights to wear colander in B.C. driver's license photo
  15. Musicless Music Videos
  16. Smokey the Bear turns 70
  17. Should a High School Student be able to talk smack about his/her principal/teachers?
  18. Facial Hair at a Job Interview?
  19. RIP - Robin Williams
  20. What kind of weird flower is this?
  21. Best way to get out of jury duty?
  22. Do you have a vehicle with a cassette deck?
  23. Work Related Drama
  24. Help me ID this guy on my Halloween Horn
  25. Oklahoma teacher shows up to school drunk, not wearing pants
  26. You should all be effing ashamed of yourselves.
  27. Can a monkey own a copyright?
  28. What's wrong with my banana?
  29. Question for Electricians/People handy with kitchens
  30. Hotel in NY takes money out of security deposit if guests post bad reviews
  31. Dated a curvy Gentleman/ question for EddieMoney
  32. could anyone recommend an outdoor ceiling fan that can be completely exposed to rain?
  33. Best Writers on Geek Culture?
  34. It Has Finally Come To This: The Fire Challenge
  35. Who's the bigger douche of Summer '14: Shia or Bieber?
  36. Expressions meaning "Too hot" & "Too cold" - how many?
  37. Which of the seven dwarfs describes your wife
  38. Short Films I worked on. Suspense and Comedy. I'd love feedback!
  39. Mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old son to go to park alone
  40. How bad is your Amazon Prime addiction?
  41. Please help me solve a math problem
  42. Wrist/Body-based Fitness Trackers: Yay or Nay or...?
  43. Mice Invading Home. Help!!!!
  44. Genographic Project DNA Results Reveal Details of Puerto Rican History
  45. Which meal is it?
  46. The Frist Official Drunk & Stoner Thread
  47. So when selling your house...
  48. Zombies ate my brain
  49. Contact lost with Air Algerie plane
  50. YEAT: Is this kind of feedback douchey?
  51. Pornographer's Paradise
  52. Visiting Universal/Orlando in September... advice?
  53. can somrone recomend a cleveland area hotel?
  54. George Harrison Memorial Tree killed by beetles
  55. Spider hallucinations
  56. Imgur question
  57. Hard Lego sets.
  58. Sagging pants in Ocala, Fl = six months in jail
  59. Great mugshot ever!
  60. Montreal model with 24 facial tattoos wants to be most famous
  61. Thinking about moving to Oregon
  62. Malaysia Airlines flight reportedly shot down over the Ukraine
  63. any recommendations for baby video monitors?
  64. Seattle Man tries to kill Spider, Catches House on Fire instead
  65. The Dedication of Comcast
  66. Do you have an internet addiction?
  67. I have not seen anything Cooler !
  68. Free and Open Source Va-jay-jay
  69. Property Deed Question
  70. I Normally Don't Root for al Qaeda, but I'll Make an Exception This Time
  71. I need a lunchbox
  72. How my summer was ruined
  73. At what point do electronic & phone messeages off hours from supervisors get excessiv
  74. Smelling farts may be good for your health
  75. Who ya gonna call? Meth-Busters!
  76. Long layover in JFK
  77. Help me understand how Reddit works
  78. Tracy Morgan Sues Walmart
  79. Universal Studios Florida Then and Now
  80. Fired live-in nanny won't leave
  81. School Me on Beer
  82. Do you still have a landline phone?
  83. Cops want to see underage junk
  84. How much is your internet/TV/phone bill?
  85. June 28, 2014: 100 years since WWZ begath
  86. I think I'm getting laid off
  87. I need some help identifying an artist
  88. RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury), "Mouse Arm", etc.
  89. Looking for any health and fitness folk?
  90. Rainier cherries: a cry for help
  91. Best cold coffee drink? Need recommendations.
  92. Rocky: The Musical...anyone see this on Broadway?
  93. The Dating Advice Thread
  94. Any freshwater fish keepers here?
  95. Thinking about buying a used car...advice needed.
  96. Cheerleader Kills Lion, Cheetah, and Rhino!
  97. Happy 4th of July 2014, 'Murricans!
  98. Town bans 9-year old's "take a book leave a book" reading stand
  99. Coke Zero
  100. The newest craze - Bubbling!
  101. Is it just me, or is there something odd about this picture?
  102. Do you make waffles? Yeah we make waffles!
  103. Sprinkler Vs Car. Sprinkler Wins.
  104. Best way to research buying a new car? (Calling nickdawgy!)
  105. Back in school...would you have sex with a teacher?
  106. For The Hoard! Nickdawgy Helps His BIL And Wife Clean Up The Clutter
  107. Nancy Grace Gets Word Missing Boy Found In Dad’s Basement As She Interview Father
  108. Yet another teacher allegedly has sex with a student
  109. Being sued for unpaid medical bills
  110. Where to stay in Tokyo?
  111. BBQ - Best Hamburgers?
  112. How to Tell If a Toe is Broken or Just Bruised?
  113. New Car Hell
  114. Firefighters Rescue American Student from Giant Vagina Sculpture
  115. First Time Long Road Trip Tips And Tricks?
  116. Woman could get life in prison for stopping car due to ducks crossing
  117. C-string bikini
  118. Hot Mugshot guy
  119. So I'm officially Californian... what should I do here?
  120. My wife's son cuts her off. She was abused by spouse when he was young.
  121. Revealed: The new electric Harley
  122. Kid finds dead body in empty house
  123. Fasten Your Seatbelts, Nickdawgy Visits The Car Dealer Again
  124. Ethics and Concert Tickets: a Dilemma
  125. Story Of A Lonely Guy (Not Quite Dear Penthouse, But Close Enough)
  126. KFC: 3yr girl asked to leave [UPDATE: Scar Scare Scam?]
  127. Woman Fires Missile Into Car: Guess the State
  128. VW bug trailer, it's like a Transformer for 70s hippies
  129. Favorite hour of the day?
  130. Favorite day of the week?
  131. Which English? English Dialect Test
  132. Any Friday the 13th bad luck cases?
  133. What to do. Trouble always finds me!
  134. Brian Peppers becomes immortal on the internet
  135. Seattle - Where to eat in 2014?
  136. VW produces eerie, interactive anti-texting PSA
  137. Stop the violence
  138. Co-Signing To Build Credit
  139. You can't really call yourself an environmentalist if you're still consuming animals
  140. Yet another school shooting. Troutdale, OR
  141. One and Only Gun Violence Thread? 5 Dead in Las Vegas
  142. How many people haven't upgraded to a smartphone?
  143. Tracy Morgan in critical condition following car accident
  144. Depression
  145. Bill Watterson un-retires for a week
  146. The Fast Food Junkie Thread
  147. June 6, 1944: Where where you on D-Day
  148. Charles Manson Granted Parole [UPDATE: FAKE]
  149. Auto insurance - borrowing a car
  150. Gwyneth Paltrow says water has feelings
  151. Shooter kills 3 officers in Canada, eh!
  152. So how much is a "celebrity" autograph worth to you?
  153. Slenderman uses kids to kill
  154. Is China blocking Google now?
  155. Organizing your fridge
  156. Judge challenges attorney to fight during court session ... in Florida
  157. Graduation - 2014 Edition
  158. Do you draw the line on giving out data?
  159. Hurricanes named after women are more deadly
  160. Dealing With Bad Landlords (YALT)
  161. So when did weddings become more like clubbing?
  162. What does it cost to renew your drivers license in your state?
  163. Middle School Teacher Suspended For Showing Video About White Actors Wearing Blackfac
  164. Why do people repeatedly press an elevator button?
  165. Nickdawgy Takes A Vacation, But To Where?
  166. Blisters
  167. My First Run-in With the Law Sorta - WWYD?
  168. Maya Angelou has passed away at the age of 86
  169. College students make 180K a year stripping
  170. High School Credit Recovery
  171. Would you date a feminist?
  172. What is your honest opinion on Vine videos?
  173. Down With The Sickness
  174. Do you know how to tie your shoes?
  175. Man's mind fades, heart comes to the rescue
  176. Can marijuana make you a better person?
  177. 7 dead in California drive-by shootings called 'premeditated mass murder'
  178. Moms paying pros $1,000 to pack their kids for camp: THANKS OBAMA!
  179. Most Hated Social Networking Site
  180. What kind of vacationer are you?
  181. Meteorpocalypse 2014!
  182. Casting couch' porn actress commits suicide after facing online harassment
  183. Mother of Drunken Baby says Bottle Filled w/Vodka to Blame
  184. Thinking of changing careers, going back to school...
  185. What would Scooby Do?
  186. Professors who can't speak English
  187. Impressing a potential employer via e-mail
  188. Comfortable everyday shoes
  189. A cop, a scoutmaster and a rabbi walk into a bar mitzvah... the bartender says:
  190. Going on a Carribean Cruise....anyone else been on one?
  191. Anyone see Book of Mormon on Broadway?
  192. Ebay got Hacked, Change Ya Passwords!
  193. We went to the wax muesum!
  194. Would you buy something at the 9/11 Gift Shop
  195. "Shield" Actor Michael Jace charged in wife's death
  196. I am on a plain right now loaded with. Xanax Aaaah
  197. Buying a new car (your best negotiation tactics).
  198. News item: 93% of American workers hate cubicles
  199. International Flight Layover Question
  200. Argh! Why is this so hard! (looking for legal advice)
  201. What happened to IBTL?
  202. What is the name of your pet?
  203. Buying a house - need septic advice!
  204. How average is your appearence?
  205. Action Park in Vernon NJ - Most Dangerous Water Park Ever
  206. Started an LLC, need tax advice
  207. Ever Heard Of "Twin Peaks" Restaurant?
  208. Firestorm 2014 happening now
  209. Argh! Termites
  210. Am I a drunk?
  211. Vacation Time! Gatlinburg, TN
  212. What's a good vegetable steamer?
  213. Are you wearing pants right now?
  214. New French's Mustard Commercial
  215. Legoland cali
  216. Guys dont really *like* wearing leather lace up shoes without socks do they?
  217. Is the term "Man Up" Offensive?
  218. It's International .............. Day!
  219. Man doing naked pushups in traffic. Not Florida
  220. Apparently Ben Affleck can count cards.
  221. Another School Attack...that was prevented.
  222. need a recomendation for a home security camera.
  223. JoCo: First of May
  224. So Apparently The Latest Craze is "Swatting"
  225. Parents call cops on teen for giving away banned book; it backfires predictably
  226. I accidently overpaid the IRS by $120. Here is their response.
  227. DVDTalk Charity Fundraiser Discussion
  228. Woman kills kid on bicycle, sues kid's parents for emotional trauma
  229. Who here seriously has some kind of 'Disaster Preparation' at their home ?
  230. What to do with an extra day in Orlando?
  231. Middle school teacher provides ‘full-contact’ lap dance in front of class for bday
  232. What kind of brick is this?
  233. Amazon Prime Pantry - Amazon's New Grocery Delivery Service
  234. Florida woman arrested for killing animals in animal torture videos.
  235. Unarmed white teens get shot by homeowner (UPDATE: GUILTY...of MURDER!)
  236. What's a good powerful toilet that will never clog?
  237. Mountain Dew says it's time...
  238. This "Best Homemade Jerky in the North" contest probably needs a better name
  239. Do only gay men wear tank-top T-shirts?
  240. Question re: Wedding Photography contract
  241. Would you join a class action suit against your current employer?
  242. British Pathé releases 85,000 films on YouTube (1896 to 1976)
  243. Pregnant Florida woman goes on crack binge chews off umbilical cord
  244. Man urinates in reservoir, ruins 38M gallons of water
  245. Rapper cuts off penis in suicide attempt
  246. Would you Trade places with HUGH HEFNER right now for the rest of your life ?
  247. Internet doctor visits
  248. Cedar Point Amusement Park question
  249. Suspicious package found near the Boston Marathon finish line [UPDATE: HOAX]
  250. Snakes are awesome