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  1. Any alcoholic Otters?
  2. Anyone been to a Denim and Diamonds event?
  3. There's a naked cop in my pool!
  4. Man denies owning bag of crack found in his own butt
  5. Any active old school Otters play @ Full Tilt?
  6. Rick Sanchez hates funny Jewish people.
  7. Assistant state attorney launches bizarre Internet war on openly gay college student
  8. Florida: Couple charged with public sex.
  9. Racial Cartography
  10. College girl's powerpoint sex scorecard goes viral
  11. Anyone here successfully quit smoking?
  12. PokerStars to Stop Serving Washington State Residents
  13. Live Gay College Sex Cam! Oops.
  14. Los Gatos mom arrested for sex with minor
  15. Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee
  17. Halloween Costumes 2010
  18. Greg Giraldo is dead
  19. Real Life Omerta!
  20. It's official: atheists/agnostics know the most about religion
  21. How long could you survive in space?
  22. O rly
  23. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a c-word
  24. Recent undergrad, grad talk: finally finished
  25. Overhead paging etiquette - Question
  26. Gold-dispensing vending machines to come to United States
  27. I guess summer just started
  28. whats your blood pressure?
  29. Castration isn't enough for Sexual Predators
  30. I need something copper for anniversary gift.
  31. Segway boss accidentally drives Segway off cliff, and dies
  32. Jimi Heselden, Owner Of Segway Inc. rides Segway off cliff. Dies.
  33. YADT: Remaining friends with an ex-girlfriend. Doable?
  34. I love my wife, favor please-FB
  35. What do you say to someone who's going to lose a child?
  36. Ten of the greatest optical illusions
  37. Why aren't hybrids getting better gas mileage yet?
  38. Stupid stuff your Facebook friends say.
  39. Any opinions on the Mazda cx-7?
  40. Chicken prices home to roost? What's an L to the B of Chick breasties cost near you?
  41. Wireless employee violated my privacy
  42. Man leaves 1,904 page online "suicide note"
  43. Expressions that should get you punched if you use them
  44. YAPT - Hot water in my refrigerator!!
  45. Intense Drunk Driving Commercial
  46. USA #1 Again! (obesity)
  47. What doesn't exist that surprises you?
  48. YAHT: Same floorplan as a sibling...
  49. what b&m stores sell parts for a dryer? (kenmore)
  50. did you notice while facebook was down?
  51. How long does your haircut "sweet spot" last?
  52. Yes...It's Real!! Handjob! (Not porn related)
  53. Zombie Ants
  54. Isn't it a little creepy that Daughters look for men that remind them of their Father
  55. Air Conditioning question: UV light
  56. What I've learned from watching TV commercials
  57. Murdoch screws us over again.
  58. Teachers...Students...Sex...(not Florida!!1!)
  59. One night in Toronto, what should I do?
  60. Ice in milk: Is this weird?
  61. ...and the phone call was coming from inside the house!
  62. The "What I looked up on Wikipedia today" Thread
  63. Man selling designer purse rip-offs gets ripped-off, then arrested (Miami, F.L.A.)
  64. Im a father now!!
  65. Shipping from Canada??
  66. Gino's Burgers is returning
  67. looking for help (votes) for my photo please & thanks
  68. YAVT: Are public utilities required to give prior notice before raising rates?
  69. Observable Universe - Now with extra Zoom!
  70. Am I being haunted...probably not but something is aloof...
  71. An Avatar
  72. How could anyone be this stupid? (idiot woman dating married man)
  73. So, how much paper do you go through at work on an average week?
  74. Going to Chicago with my wife.
  75. My mother is killing me...
  76. Miller or Coors Light Home Draft - who has tried them?
  77. So, how many more times will Verizon overcharge me this year?
  78. House near me has "lawn jockeys" (painted white-face) - I want to destroy them..
  79. Know anyone who has purchased the iRenew bracelet?
  80. Yaptiwt
  81. Find this iconic movie still... wait you cant?
  82. Hardee's New Country Fried Steak 'N' Gravy Biscuit
  83. Anyone use Netsignal.com
  84. Pedophiles are idiots.
  85. Parents of Ewwwwww
  86. Cousin Eddie and wife arrested for burglary.
  87. The (Possible) New Dollar Bill
  88. How do you house train a puppy?
  89. The plot of the movie "The Dilemma" - what would you do?
  90. IHOP sues IHOP
  91. Question about a HEPA air purifier
  92. Bus driver caught reading Kindle on I-5
  93. 10.30.10 - Stewart and Colbert Plan Dual Rallies
  94. NYC got hit by a tornado, again
  95. I need to replace my oil fired furnace
  96. So, how old are you compared to your co-workers?
  97. The Earth just ran out of Drinking Water....now what?
  98. Logo added or removed?
  99. Most of clothes made by Bono's "Made in Africa" fashion brand now made in...
  100. Apparently the Creators of Mortal Kombat Forshadowed the End of the World
  101. Can i cash a check that got chewed up and spit out with a chunk missing?
  102. Just moved to Tacoma, WA. What's cool here?
  103. Police issue warning about Pedobear molesting children
  104. GAH! People are MORONS!
  105. Man masturbates in toy aisle of Wal-Mart "to completion." Yes, Florida.
  106. Which fake doctor would you fear worse operating on you? Dr. Dre or Dr. J?
  107. Plush Pony creates havoc in .... FLORIDA!!!
  108. Ferrari World theme park built coming to Abu Dhabi Oct 28th
  109. What's the strangest "object" used by your parents to beat you?
  110. US scientists learn how to levitate tiny objects
  111. Taco Bell's Chicken Flatbread Sandwich
  112. Officer charged with sodomizing teen
  113. YACT: Have you ever hit a parked car?
  114. So, do you have to be skinny to go skinny dipping?
  115. Science scorned? (MMR shot linked to autism? - Part 2)
  116. Design Request!
  117. Dating Advice Needed (part II)
  118. So I may have contacted lice
  119. Anyone here ever have a tattoo removed?
  120. Austin most sexually active city in America, magazine says
  121. 884 Japanese were born before the American Civil War started.
  122. The Ultimate FL Thread
  123. Is hand sanitizer also butt sanitizer?
  124. Galileo was wrong!
  125. Student Suspended from school for crying about his murdered dad
  126. NFL Picks
  127. Moving to SCL
  128. Feeding myself in Berkeley
  129. Cat Roomate
  130. 9/11 "tributes" on Facebook and Twitter, classy or tacky?
  131. Compost
  132. Q: FrontPoint v APX v ADT?
  133. Major Natural Gas Explosion in CA Neighborhood
  134. Questions about dry cleaning....
  135. ILD Teleservices showing up on ATT bills?
  136. Suggestions needed for places tp stay in NY
  137. Are you going to donate to the Stand up to Cancer? (9/10/10)
  138. How do you know when a college major isn't right for you?
  139. Shampoo or Soap?
  140. How do I ask for more money from my employer?
  141. Microsoft suspends Xbox gamer over "Fort Gay"
  142. Should we blow up the moon?
  143. Tell me about Chicago, IL!
  144. The vast radio wasteland
  145. 2 asteroids almost hit Earth today. Bruce Willis smirks in defiance.
  146. Job Interview Help
  147. Google launches Google Instant
  148. YAMIT: So, It turns out that I really am bipolar.
  149. What to do with the Guarddog?
  150. Would congratulating a girl for pregnant when she's not equiv. to saying she's fat?
  151. Does IMDB ever load strangely for anyone?
  152. Lady Gaga wears nothing but meat, PETA outraged!
  153. Aviselle BB - does it work?
  154. Aciphex - what were they thinking?
  155. Avocet
  156. 'Self-Embedding' of wood, glass, metal objects takes Teen Self-Injury to the Extreme
  157. Site to check credit score for free* or cheap...
  158. Thoughts on Chevy Equinox and Traverse?
  159. I swear, kvrdave had NOTHING to do with this
  160. When was the last time you went on a swing set?
  161. The Room Tribute Game
  162. Subliminal Messages
  163. US Ambassador's daughter falls 22 stories to death
  164. Do you expect a real check enclosed when you get a letter that says "check enclosed"?
  165. YACT: How accurate are records at the dealership?
  166. YAHT: Black Mold. How screwed am I?
  167. Gilpin Family Whisky made from diabetics' urine
  168. Headache remedies anyone?
  169. credit vs debit?
  170. Gun Confiscation in Response to Hurricane Earl?
  171. The world is over: Craigslist drops adult services listings
  172. YAET: Advice Needed, Please
  173. Underground (bees?) nest in my yard
  174. Student drowns in golf course water hazard
  175. Comedian Robert Schimmel in [UPDATE 'very dead'] condition after car accident in Ariz
  176. Absurd electricity usage problem (condo)
  177. Combining Otters Favorite Things: Hipsters and Christians
  178. Lincoln photo from 1865
  179. Mark Eskelsen is a pimp
  180. Govt will regulate psychics and fortune tellers to make sure they are "legitimate."
  181. Question about heat / light bulbs / and physics!
  182. Anyone into telescopes?
  183. States with no Income tax
  184. Lease extension question
  185. Things to do in Denver when you're (not) dead
  186. Deejay's Appeal: 'Kill The Whiteness Inside'
  187. Domino's workers accused of phone sex while making pizza
  188. Where to get good incense on the web?
  189. California Cops Taser Senior Citizen in His Own Home
  190. How was your day today?
  191. Weekend Dilemma - Advise Needed
  192. Yoko Fakes "Big O" For Art
  193. Our Dog Rover Video
  194. Balaur Bondoc 2010 Dinosaur of the Year
  195. School Electricity Class Goes Bad
  196. Are you a Yankee or a Rebel?
  197. I'd like to become a saint
  198. Crash Proof Motorcycle Safety System
  199. Invisible Empire, Documentary by the Director of Loose Change
  200. Trick your mind into seeing anyone naked
  201. Enviro-nut holding hostages at Discovery Channel HQ [Update: Dead Enviro-nut]
  202. Doctor dies in chimney trying to break into boyfriend's home
  203. Jamaica - dangerous for "tourists" ie "white folks".....but...I'm wondering something
  204. YAHT: Can you look at my crack?
  205. What kind of insulation should I use on my basement walls?
  206. Random Picture Post Thread Twentynine Palms
  207. Is it normal for dogs to get white hair on the head?
  208. Do you automatically assume someone is married if they have a ring on ring finger?
  209. If someone else buys you a house(taxes???)
  210. At what point does it stop being "ok" to kill an animal?
  211. Who in this Forum used to be "The Bully," and who was "Teased & Harrassed" in school?
  212. Gunman Shot at Local High School While Classes in Session
  213. Post on Facebook, Go to Jail?
  214. School Disciplines Teen For "I Heart Boobies" Bracelet
  215. YACTAT: Girl throws puppies into river
  216. Photochop raw images
  217. Denny's Fried Cheese Melt
  218. Uh oh. I drank Gatorade-2 after exercising instead of Gatorade-3.
  219. Male 'Virginity Test' Helps Free Three Men Accused Of Rape
  220. Star Tours II: Electric Boogaloo (2011)
  221. Have you ever been punched in the face?
  222. what should i have done?
  223. Just so you know
  224. Dresser Valets: No Tip Needed!
  225. Man killed on Expressway
  226. Who remembers Cragmont soda pop and what was your favorite flavor if you do?
  227. Looking for a new sofa. Any ideas?
  228. What's in our Fridge?
  229. Food Talk: Trimming Chip Bags
  230. YAET: Seller Requesting Feedback
  231. 3 story apartment complex - which floor would you choose?
  232. Nine or ten days to spend in Japan; where to go, what to see?
  233. Help name my class hamster
  234. School me on Refrigerators
  235. Ghost hunter looking for 'ghost train' hit and killed by real train
  236. Do You Shoe Tree?
  237. Today really sucked
  238. Primo Hoagies are the best
  239. the British whupped Washington today in 1776
  240. The Battle of Manzikert took place today
  241. What's the best ranch dip?
  242. Need advice on financial situation
  243. Help me find a man bag that won't inspire ridicule...
  244. How often do you clean your navel?
  245. Going to Seattle next week, what to do?
  246. Weirdest thing you've done with your genitals?
  247. Miners trapped for 4 more months need to lose weight [Update - Everyone rescued]
  248. Help me plan a vacation route
  249. Things you have found in your yard.
  250. Sold house: what needs to be left behind and what shouldn't?

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