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  1. How to display a cube (movie prop)?
  2. Woman rips off ex's testicle and tries to eat it
  3. Question for any Doctors out there, re: mono
  4. Black Holes not Black Whores!!
  5. What's the best free international text messaging website?
  6. Father tasers man for sending daughter pictures of his genitals
  7. "You gotta eat a breakfast, Bus. I'll fix you some eggs." Goin' to Fargo!
  8. Moving to NYC! School me..
  9. The Power of Animated Image (or GIF) Making Otters NEEDED!
  10. Best option to get prescription if you just lost job/healthinsurance?
  11. Morans Protest Spelling Bee
  12. Get Your Child's RDA of Cadmium at MacDonalds
  13. Anyone here ever play "Bobby" on the hit TV show "The Brady Bunch?"
  14. No dial tone on landline phone..... with a twist?
  15. Reason To Keep Your Receipts
  16. Woman fired for being too sexy
  17. How do I improve my compassion towards sickly birds, fish, and Southerners?
  18. Educate me on riding lawnmowers/lawn tractors
  19. Outrageous job discrimination/firing
  20. I need easy dinner recipes....
  21. the AMITYVILLE HORROR house is up for sale - over 1 million dollars
  22. The Curious Case of Tanya Angus
  23. Is AT&T a good cable provider?
  24. Further Fest 2010 Arrest Report
  25. If I had money, I tell you what I'd do
  26. Estimates OK for speeding tickets, court rules
  27. Background check site?
  28. British climber dies hours after reaching top of Everest
  29. Photoshop request
  30. Hawaii: Maui or Honolulu?
  31. USA #1!!!!!!! (Butt test shows U.S. cigarettes high in chemicals)
  32. Video of someone's arm getting cut off by subway during fight.
  33. woman sues Google, blames Google maps for getting hit by car.
  34. Rare photo of Marilyn/JFK being shown for the first time(?)
  35. Mr Dragon's Fire Chips Doritos
  36. Al and Tipper Gore to separate after 40 years
  37. NYC in 24 HRS
  38. Sink Hole in Guatemala
  39. Partygoer who impaled head on steel fence can finally rest after surgeons remove rod
  40. Drunk woman jumps from car & sues the driver
  41. Celine Dion is expecting twins
  42. Things to do in Boston (pref around Fenway Park)
  43. Man removes friend's still-beating heart, eyes and tongue
  44. Sack Tapping Costs Young Boy A Testicle
  45. Delicious Flame broiled ribs now available at, Burger King?
  46. Thinking of switching to AmEx instead of a Visa. Experiences?
  47. Bullfighter gored...In grave condition
  48. Need advice on suits and where to buy them.
  49. How to get around Philly w/o a car?
  50. Woman died after doctores failed to notice toilet brush in her buttocks
  51. If you could change someone else's username?
  52. He's Just Walkin'
  53. Japanese bears learning martial arts
  54. Here's a happy dog!
  55. NFSW penis thread (and not even dave's)
  56. If you could change your username?
  57. An important instructional video for all those of you who cannot swim
  58. Anyone prefer to work than have 3 day weekends and "family fun?"
  59. Child TV star Gary Coleman hospitalized in Utah [UPDATE: DEAD]
  60. Electrical Advice
  61. VIDEO: 2 year old addicted to cigarettes smokes 2 packs a day
  62. i need to stain my deck has anyone done this before?
  63. Push up pops are for the weak
  64. Who are all these people in my gym during the day?
  65. Doctor groping a woman while dressed as Captain America with a burrito in his pants
  66. How do I get rid of horseflies?
  67. Why do seniors get discounts?
  68. Going to Chicago - Got some Questions
  69. Woman gives birth while driving to hospital
  70. Astronomy Rocks!
  71. High School Coach removed from position for sexting with his girlfriend (Florida!)
  72. Anyone sleep in a separate bed/room from their partner?
  73. Would you try to wield a knife if you knew the other person had a gun?
  74. In-N-Out opening in Dallas
  75. Train engineers try to block surveillance cameras aimed at increasing safety
  76. Boy "discusses" Russian roulette, then shoots and kills girl trying to leave
  77. Unfortunate Advertising Juxtaposition
  78. Otter: School Me On 1st Time Home Ownership
  79. Please Help Me Solve an Algebra Problem
  80. Man sucked into sausage machine
  81. Student drank soda... with POOP in it?!
  82. Photography Thread - Post Your Photos
  83. any inground swimming pool owners - need some help
  84. I walked out on my job monday and feel awful
  85. Renting a room in my condo to a STRANGER- School me.
  86. Going to Egypt and dubai
  87. Need Otter opinion: Blackberry or Android phone
  88. School me on Backpacks
  89. What happened to the Edit King?
  90. Technology decided to hate me yesterday
  91. The birds are following me.
  92. Today's Google Homepage - PacMan - playable!
  93. How To Deal With Beggers in The City?
  94. The next job to disappear because of technology - Fast Food Cashiers
  95. M&Ms Pretzel YUM
  96. smart or dumb theif?
  97. Does this qualify as "artificial life?"
  98. TeeFury Tees
  99. Is there a website like this?
  100. 5'8 132 lb Hooters Girl told to lose weight. But check out manager!
  101. Badass O.C. mother shoots pitbull with a 9mm Glock after attacking her 6 yr old
  102. YAYTT - The Lullabye Edition
  103. Clothing Talk: Blue Jean Pocket Tears
  104. YACT- employee discount
  105. Woman pulls stun gun in Wendy's drive-thru! Taser! Florida!!
  106. So, is nothing nothing?
  107. What are the possible repercussions
  108. What do you have trouble doing that most adults don't?
  109. What do YOU call this food item?
  110. Do you interpret "ASAP" differently than "As Soon As Possible"
  111. YA - Real Estate thread
  112. Hail Storm Oklahoma City
  113. What's wrong with my lawnmower?
  114. Hottest decade for women?
  115. Looking for websites that you can sell more of a high tech electronic item on
  116. Vodka eyeball shots, WTHey?
  117. Man kills neighbor after dog pees on award winning lawn
  118. 16 year-old girl sails around the world...alone.
  119. Where do I buy face paint?
  120. My new downstairs neighbors smoke indoors, and it's invaded my apartment like crazy!
  121. Photochop me please?
  122. So, how long would you expect something confidential to remain confidential?
  123. Anyone use (and have recommendations for) a good kids bike trailer?
  124. A Moose is Loose in the City!
  125. What to do in and around San Jose, CA?
  126. Utah man beats stepson, 4, to death
  127. Is there a way to block spam text messages?
  128. How to get rid of a psycho?
  129. Are candy bars getting smaller?
  130. What's your irrational fear?
  131. Anyone driving a Ford Flex?
  132. What is going on with the Arizona stripper/resident ratio?
  133. To coupon, or not to coupon, that is MY question for you ..
  134. So, how many times must you answer the census questions?
  135. Fake Yo-Yo Trickster Fools TV Stations across the Midwest
  136. Where is the cheapest place to get a replacement car key/remote?
  137. So, does a siphon work by gravity or atmospheric pressure?
  138. What does it say about you when just a mere suggestion of a song can get stuck
  139. Square launches today, another nail in the coffin for cash
  140. Hello, Dalai!
  141. What better place for a beauty salon thn the neonatal ICU at Olive View-UCLA hospital
  142. Anyone ever accidentally book the wrong dates for a flight on Expedia?
  143. Do you like the Muppets?
  144. Probability and Statistics question
  145. Tenant cracks sink - wanted to get a sense check here
  146. Best OTC medication to take for allergies\sinus
  147. Nevada woman sentenced to life for forcing 13 yr old boy to touch her breasts
  148. How should I handle this ebay complaint?
  149. Anyone used an electric lawnmower?
  150. Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"
  151. Airport security full-body imagers dangerous for TSA screeners...
  152. The Adventures Of The Stolen Debit Card
  153. Jesus hit by car
  154. Cooking advice needed
  155. The greatest GPS system ever!!!!!!
  156. Copy Machines used to steal your info?
  157. Help please. Someone jammed the lock on mailbox.
  158. Post a picture of the first thing that comes in your mind for the last four decades
  159. Where to buy contact lenses?
  160. Post your off-brand batteries!
  161. Rectum? It damn near kil.. wait, it did kill him.
  162. Why do the Mexicans and the Irish have drinking holidays?
  163. Arizonans.....you are free to speed again!
  164. Power of the otter, help me to win a contest!
  165. Massachusetts suburb bans sales of bottled water
  166. what do you eat ice cream out of? bowl or cup?
  167. Need to harness the power of the otters to win a contest!
  168. I'm in the breakfast club and need your help
  169. Sleep too little or too much and you're more likely to die early
  170. fuel efficiency
  171. What up with YouTube?
  172. Jim Carrey Website = whoa..Awesome
  173. The Random Webcomic Thread
  174. There's drunk driving...then there's...(Not FL)
  175. Geek 1 - Shoplifter 0
  176. CANADIANS: Best non paypal way to send $ to an American for payment?
  177. Does difficult clothing prevent rape?
  178. How much is TOO much?
  179. Anyone tried the Taco Bell Tortadas?
  180. Sisiter in law has taken in an illegal immigrant.
  181. How much in my Ninja Turtle worth?
  182. Has anyone here actually escaped the Friend Zone?
  183. Tearjerker of the day (for catlovers)...
  184. Who here besides me is from middle TN and stuck inside from the floods?
  185. Since wikipedia banned me, I've been accused of sock puppetry!
  186. anyone ever tried getting a check from bodog?
  187. YACT - best car wax value for the money?
  188. Is your favorite Cola other than Coke or Pepsi ?
  189. Wildlife documentaries infringe animals' privacy
  190. I am waiting for movers...
  191. So is this advertisement cute or creepy?
  192. Food talk: Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
  193. Teacher caught with his hands in little boys' pants (yes, FLORIDA!!)
  194. Teacher foiled by semen sniffing janitor!
  195. Man embalmed ... on his Honda motorcycle
  196. How fast is too fast?
  197. Supermodels without makeup...
  198. 'I'm in love with my grandson and we're having a baby'.
  199. The perfect Mother's Day gift...
  200. Man gets ear partially bitten off by woman he called "fat"
  201. Time Magazine's list of the 100 most Influential people
  202. Did JIMMY HOFFA deserve the persecution and ultimate fate of death?
  203. April 29, 1992 (Rodney King riots) - it's been 18 years - Where were you?
  204. Anyone tried growing strawberries indoors?
  205. Questions About Student Loans
  206. Facebook is one step away from being MySpace.
  207. Job dilemma...
  208. It's my noodles and I can eat how I want to
  209. Cute, Cuddly, Contagious
  210. Fabled extinct giant, spitting earthworm discovered alive!
  211. can you recommend a good radar detector?
  212. I think I am done with IT, what is a good medical field to get in to?
  213. Obama has amazing singing voice
  214. I just bought a Costco membership
  215. What's your cell phone bill - plan / provider / features / phone(s)
  216. Santa Clara (CA) wants to ban Happy Meal toys
  217. IKEA - anyone have an entertainment center from them. Thoughts? Quality?
  218. any finance types here? looking for some Fed Reserve info
  219. Wal-Mart to face massive class-action suit.
  220. YATT: Did I Get a Tip?
  221. Any tax perks to be aware of for 2010?
  222. BRIDE ALERT: The Strapless Wedding Gown is Officially OVER. Got that?
  223. Auto Accident with a Child injured, should I get a lawyer
  224. LU Biscuits?
  225. May beats his quadruple amputee girlfriend...
  226. Electrical question: Can I tap into a 3-way light bulb?
  227. The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman -- YOUTUBE fanfilm
  228. Has Anyone Walked into the Wrong Bathroom by Mistake?
  229. Storm Blow 2010
  230. Snowblower Storage
  231. Caveman Dugout Dick dead at 94
  232. Man targets neighbor with fake 'orgy with bored soccer mom' ad
  233. What are good jeans for those of us born without asses?
  234. Anyone Blippy?
  235. Going toe Vegas: Betales Love question and more...
  236. April 23,1985, a day that will live in imfamy (New Coke)
  237. Biggest Thread FAIL of all time: My wife and my side chick aka my tl
  238. Hair Dryer Talk: Women Of Otter...Help A Metrosexual Brotha Out!
  239. Any experience with furniture slip covers?
  240. The Star Wars Debate: Where do you stand?
  241. Croatian teen wakes from coma able to speak fluent German
  242. My DOG is doing something weird - any insight from you?
  243. Pho
  244. Which new Mountain Dew do you choose?
  245. Man sexually assults 87 y.o. woman. Not Florida, in my highrise
  246. Earth Week Bouquets - What the Dickens?!
  247. Rank The Famous Killers (at least the ones we all really know by name)
  248. Best way to remove vinyl floor covering?
  249. Chinese translation question (one symbol)
  250. Hello