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  1. after 25-years of marrage, the Schwarzeneggers call it quits
  2. 22 Passengers Injured When Elevator Drops Three Floors In Chelsea
  3. Need help selling jewelry
  4. Cult Fiction Con - May 20-22 2011 - Jacksonville, FL
  5. YAAT: Noise Ordinances and High Rises
  6. What kind of general would you be
  7. 100-watt incandescent bulb banned in 2012
  8. English teacher arrested after she 'had sex with FIVE students' during an orgy
  9. Should I trust this Amazon mp buyer?
  10. Brazilian Woman Wins Right To Watch Porn and Masturbate At Work
  11. fashion talk: suit/ evening
  12. What's considered "bad/high mileage" on a car?
  13. Do you hold the door?
  14. Why do woman feel they should have free reign to act like bi@#$*$ on their period?
  15. What not to draw a picture of (11 year old edition)
  16. Subway graffiti vandal killed by subway train
  17. The McGurk Effect
  18. Other than the "killing his wife" thing, was OJ Simpson a bad guy? (+so much more!)
  19. Can fashion ever be so stupid that it should be made illegal?
  20. Sammy Wanjiru is DEAD?!?!?!? (fall from balcony, possibly 13 feet!!!)
  21. help please? legal advice Unauthorized Use of David Carradine
  22. Man dies from "Planking"
  23. ôSome art needs to be left in the doggone museum"
  24. Mouse in Office. Guilty or Not Guilty?
  25. So, my sis is a model and she could use your help guys.
  26. Pulmonologists are useless. (? for drs.)
  27. Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?
  28. Apparently Kegel exercises can also help with crime
  29. New Car Advice, Trade in, Down Payment, etc
  30. Diagnose this medical condition?
  31. Guy dressed as Batman gets his ass kicked in Vegas (video)
  32. Teen arrested for ranking classmates by looks
  33. Sean Connery: The Musical
  34. Court rules in her favor: Woman can pleasure herself at work
  35. "But it doesn't SAY I can't park there!" Council Bluffs woman gets $835 ticket
  36. Pageant Mom of the Year!
  37. YAET: Question about chargeback
  38. Condo sale, who pays for future work to be done on the property?
  39. Beagle Abuse! Beagle Abuse! ... or not
  40. Wasilla, Alaska bans "Bohemian Rhapsody" -- because Freddy Mercury was gay!
  41. sports-sedan for 60-70K?
  42. Ohio Boys Suspended For Farting On School Bus
  43. Give Me A PS3, Marijuana, & The Mexican Army: Best Library Standoff Ever?
  44. There is something growling at me from our dumpster; what do you think it is?
  45. Daphne or Velma?
  46. Silly new trend? 'Pop-Up' Restaurants
  47. "Trespassing" teen banned from senior prom
  48. Where to stay in Chicago?
  49. Murder for hire : Woman claims it was hoax for reality show
  50. Germany confuses Star Trek Terrorists with Navy SEALs
  51. Mild Nausea...it's driving me crazy
  52. Please tell me what to do!
  53. Ever Had a Dream That Gave You Physical Pain?
  54. On the day I was born, the Emergency Broadcast System was set off!
  55. Going to Jersey/NYC this week
  56. I Am Homeless (Epic Beard Man Update)
  57. Any "Otter" runners use Vibram FiveFingers
  58. I'm sooo divorced now
  59. Popular websites that you've never visited?
  60. Seasonal allergies... who else is starting to price out hermetically sealed boxes?
  61. Thinking about joining the Army.
  62. Call them!
  63. Lawn Talk: Advice Needed
  64. Casinos near Ft Collins, CO?
  65. Most expensive meal you've ever had?
  66. Two weeks to the end of the world countdown thread
  67. Need help finding Schweppes Citrus
  68. How exactly does a credit card "shipping address" work?
  69. Should I fix my '02 Impala?
  70. Guess which state just passed a bill banning bestiality & saggy pants?
  71. Man calls 911 after being shortchanged in crack deal
  72. Adult Baby: Man chooses to live as infant
  73. Have You Ever Heard of Swirl Pizza?
  74. Currency Conversion Question
  75. Dogs and Separation Anxiety
  76. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  77. If wikileaks or some other organization obtained actual bin laden corpse photos
  78. 2011 World Series of Poker on ESPN - now kinda sorta live-ish
  79. Shoe Talk: Walking shoes needed. Recommendations? (Anything but cruel shoes)
  80. What the hell was that phone message about!?
  81. Dolphins make vortex rings
  82. Man wearing panties found over goat's carcass told police he was high on "bath salts"
  83. gym talk: how much $?
  84. Neo-Nazi Shot To Death By His Young Son
  85. Male Names That End in A
  86. Clever and Inventive ways to get yourself Fired....
  87. Portland Main and the Pouring Rain
  88. Rat causes fatal crash in Florida
  89. The Ultimate Bin Laden is dead thread [Merged]
  90. People "touching" your car
  91. I love beach webcams
  92. Lawsuit of the year: Attorney sues strip club over how much money he spent there
  93. The 33⅓ Random Picture Post Revolutions per Minute Thread
  94. How ripe do you like your bananas?
  95. Pope John Paul II's body exhumed ahead of beatification
  96. Parents that wont stop talking?
  97. Going to Cuba next week
  98. Nourishing Traditions -- BS or not?
  99. How Much Do You Tip for Food Delivery?
  100. Mushrooms on my lawn. Poisonous?
  101. Berlin & Prague Trip...Must Sees?
  102. Do you talk to yourself out loud?
  103. Appropriate or inappropriate? Multigenerational dust-up
  104. Man sues parents to reinstate allowance. Bonus thread, what age did you leave home?
  105. why do people cover their mouth when talking on cell phone?
  106. Man arrested for squashing baby ducks with his Hummer
  107. Landlord questions
  108. Going to New Zealand .. Suggestions?
  109. Getting new glasses--to coat or not to coat?
  110. Moron receives $13,499 water bill and tattles to the news
  111. The Royal Wedding: Do You Care (live coverage starts at 4am)
  112. Anyone use prepaid cell phones?
  113. Teacher does a good job and has not been reported to have slept with a student yet.
  114. Teacher arrested after teen's essay for campus paper exposes affair
  115. Teacher in Sexy Trouble -- But No Students Involved
  116. Connecticut Woman Arrested for Enrolling Son in School Illegally
  117. Skype Interview - Any Advice?
  118. What bothers you and how are you going to fix it?
  119. POLL : Dating Age Gaps... What do YOU consider ok?
  120. The World's 50 Best Restaurants -- how many have you eaten at?
  121. Daycare worker charged with statutory rape.
  122. Suggestions for things to do in San Diego
  123. Is There Any Place To Live Safe From Mother Nature's Wrath?
  124. Job reclassified as Non-Exempt
  125. Biotechnology High School Calender Online
  126. Help from the Otters...
  127. New Passport (nearly impossible) Requirements
  128. Worn brake pads or something worse?
  129. Dentistry Question - Yellow Gold Crown vs. White Gold Crown
  130. Prison Break - Taliban Style
  131. The most popular car colors today are silver, black, gray, and white.
  132. What would you do with 100,000 toothpicks?
  133. Otter Photoshopportunity!
  134. "I've never" otter edition
  135. The Royal Wedding who gives a %#@#$??!!
  136. Epic Rap Battles of History
  137. We can't stop here...
  138. Zombie apocalypse? This is the house to own.
  139. UK Justice: 2 years for killing a random pensioner on the street (video)
  140. The "Emperor for a day" thread
  141. Husband-wife teachers face charges of sex with student
  142. LA Gang Member Tattoos murder he comitted on himself leading to his conviction
  143. Any otters like biking and or jogging in the rain?
  144. My cat left his toy on the stairs and now my back hurts
  145. China surpasses the U.S. again, and this time it's personal
  146. octopus + guiness + dirty language = teh funny! (Best AskReddit post in a while)
  147. Postal employee leaves delivery in resident's yard...
  148. And you thought our health care system was bad?
  149. Anything new to do/see in Disneyland? (We were there last year)
  150. April is Grilled Cheese month!
  151. Woman gets 30 years in prison for affair with 16 year old
  152. Favorite non chocolate candy?
  153. Petite Lap Giraffe Cam!
  154. Things get real trying to get a McJob in Cleveland
  155. 67-year old Florida man chases woman in bike around parking lot for three days
  156. The Euthanasia Coaster: Would you want to go out this way?
  157. 15 year old has ex-boyfriend murdered & body burned (Florida)
  158. How the media turns everything into bad TV (aka Twitter sucks)
  159. Ethnic Joke.
  160. YATT: Buffets?
  161. Dennys new maple bacon sundae
  162. Mass. mall 'gunman' was just carrying umbrella
  163. Have you ever interrupted a phone call or text to have sex?
  164. Another female teacher arrested
  165. Gratuitous Cuteness
  166. Sites from your childhood you can't believe are still active
  167. The One and Only Great Moments in Local News Thread
  168. 25 old ads you couldn't publish today.
  169. April 19, 2011: Skynet becomes self-aware tonight at 8:11 p.m
  170. So, are any of you guys into couponing?
  171. Big long list (with pictures) of female teachers who had sex with their students.
  172. This Just in: Swearing really is a powerful painkiller, study shows
  173. How is this editorial sexist?
  174. 9-time NYC Marathon Winner Dies at 57
  175. A relative of Brian Peppers?
  176. Who Is The Smartest Person You Know?
  177. BATTLE OF THE HAIR: Giorgio Tsoukalos vs. Nic Cage
  178. I'm getting scam phone called from "Member Card Services."
  179. Have you ever interrupted sex to answer a phone call or text?
  180. Chipotle launching new Asian chain?
  181. Recommended Medical Forums??
  182. Widely accepted practices that amaze you with thier stupidity
  183. Do you believe in gluttony
  184. America's smartest (and dumbest) cities (2010)
  185. Woman kills cat to wear on outfit to Lady Gaga concert
  186. Teenager Stabs Himself to Death at Open Mic Night
  187. What's that word again? (unfair advantage thanks to name)
  188. Porn causes man to burst into flames
  189. Great products you've recently purchased that exceeded your expectations.
  190. Anyone Mushroom hunting?
  191. Game Over (US Dept of Morality drops the hammer on online poker)
  192. Orbitz Soda
  193. possible vanguard scam?
  194. Church makes you fat, study says
  195. Some parents want child with severe peanut allergy forced out of school
  196. Taco Bell to make a taco with a nacho cheese Doritos shell?
  197. Autistic children caged by parents
  198. Going to D.C. - Need Advice on Mt. Vernon
  199. 75 Abandoned Theaters From Around The USA
  200. YACT: Steering wheel vibrates when braking down from highway speeds
  201. The 2011 Tax Aggravation Thread
  202. Yale student dies in accident at chemistry lab (hair caught in machine shop tool)
  203. Is there enough information to solve this word problem?
  204. Mother kills self and her three children by driving her car into river..
  205. YAVT: Verizon claims my CC was declined; CC company denies declining it.Who's right?
  206. Anyone else getting a refund from state this year?
  207. My CC statement has a $49.95 charge (& same day refund) from website I never heard of
  208. Sidewalk Right of Way?
  209. Quick tax help
  210. Apt talk: electricity only, no gas...
  211. Applebee's serves margarita to a 3 year old
  212. Baby Squirrel Pepper-sprayed By Cop
  213. The war of the basketball hoop
  214. What are your thoughts on a 3 year old boy in a ballet class?
  215. Fire phasers Mr. Sulu - Navy raygun disables boat
  216. Where do you guys buy clothes online?
  217. Chicago Schools: Kids can't bring lunches from Home
  218. Who to call for marshy yard?
  219. I'm addicted to Dill Relish
  220. Anyone else eat tons of food, but never gain weight?
  221. A visit to the Vatican Library
  222. Verizon to stop offering 1-year contracts
  223. 48¸2(9+3) = ?
  224. YEAT: Buyer not paying
  225. Why is this guy so happy to get 3 vibratiors?
  226. Is a CPA needed for private accounting?
  227. YACT: Guess this car problem!
  228. Can landlords change the terms of a lease renewal without notice?
  229. More fun with dead bodies.
  230. New Orleans officer gets 25 years for following protocol.
  231. Vitamins: What do you recommend?
  232. Dear Woman....
  233. Car alarm, no alarm!
  234. Imagine a world without drug addiction
  235. Man glued to Wal-mart toilet seat
  236. Worst. Honeymoon. Ever
  237. What's the story behind your username?
  238. Kansas City, here I come (Otter help needed)
  239. Saw this, thought of Dave.
  240. Georgian woman cuts off web access to whole of Armenia
  241. Are the Ozarks as scary as Winter's Bone made them out to be?
  242. Tax Gurus: Fundraising vs. Cash Donations
  243. "I got like anger things" Cops use pepper spray on 8-year-old during tantrum
  244. Woman attacks Gauguin painting
  245. Ideas needed for skills to learn while sitting at a computer!
  246. Tooth Crowning
  247. Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China
  248. OtterVille Grown-Ups: I've got a Credit Card Question!
  249. Dental Insurance for the Self-Employed?
  250. Are you still friends with your childhood best friend?

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