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  1. Police raid poker players in private home
  2. I Have To Drink This Beer Before It Skunks
  3. Going Sky Diving for the first time tomorrow! 100% Pure Adrenaline!
  4. Sts 135- the 135th and final Shutte Mission
  5. Banana attacks Gorilla
  6. Time travel, yourself and 15 minutes
  7. Time Travel, a condom and 15 minutes
  8. Time Travel, a gun, and 15 minutes
  9. Killing spree in Grand Rapids, still ongoing
  10. How do you connect to the internets?
  11. Jennifer Aniston Gets A Spot At Graumanís Chinese Theatre
  12. What to see and do in Chicago Illinois?
  13. Girl ends life to save her father's vision and a kidney transplant for her brother
  14. How many people have you seen stuffed inside one car/truck?
  15. Who is your milliner? aka Hat Talk
  16. The Carmageddon / 405 Closure Thread
  17. Poll: How many family members died since you joined this forum.
  18. It's the end of days!
  19. What's the longest you've been apart from your SO?
  20. Mexican Coke (as good as they claim?)
  21. YACT: Planning on a cruise in November and I want to see Mayan ruins...
  22. D.C. plans to launch online casino
  23. Tonsil Stones: Anyone have them?
  24. Amazon Pink Slips All Its California Affiliates
  25. phone number look up
  26. House Sitter 1 week - fair payment? Pets included.
  27. Man dies after motorcycle crashes during helmet protest ride
  28. Motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law
  29. So, i guess summer just started
  30. YATT: Going to Rhode Island for the first time. Advice?
  31. Rocky IV: The Musical
  32. Teacher charged with inappropriate contact with bonus toys inside!
  33. Road Trip Advice/Suggestions needed.
  34. Suggestions on beginner sux
  35. Time Travel a camera and 30 minutes...
  36. 4th of July plans
  37. Is this a subtle eBay/Half.com scam or legit?
  38. How Do People Get So Fat?
  39. YAWT: How much do you put in the wedding envelope?
  40. One picture is a neuron. The other is the structure of the universe.
  41. Spontaneous trip to Tokyo...any advice?
  42. Facebook weeds out the stupid, again.
  43. Mother in Law's email regarding bride's manners
  44. Ever get your dream job?
  45. When Nature Calls, kvrdave lends a hand.
  46. Keep getting text messages telling me I'm a liar
  47. Chris Hansen Caught Having an Affair
  48. Fancy Dress: IMF Team Disavow Badge Help Needed
  49. Anyone use a booster fan on small vent?
  50. Any Preppers on here?
  51. old age companion, expensive car vs pets
  52. Recessed halogen light kits - Are they basically all the same?
  53. YADT: Why are you single? (With bonus anecdote!)
  54. Ohio woman assaults cops with breast milk
  55. The Rule 34 Random Picture Post thread
  56. No 'him' or 'her'; preschool fights gender bias BUT Male monkeys prefer boys' toys
  57. Grading scale system question
  58. Would this piss you off?
  59. Cake Prank Gone Wrong (Video)
  60. Aerodynamics problem smart people please help
  61. Taste of Chicago 2011
  62. Who in this picture isnt having a good time
  63. Would you prefer your only child to be a boy or to be a girl?
  64. Is this product legal...?
  65. Woman gets arrested for filming police from her front yard
  66. What to do in North Dakota/South Dakota?
  67. What sounds better to you?
  68. House clean talk: maid service
  69. Woman gets a shock lifting toilet lid ... there's a man!
  70. Filling a hovercraft with eels at 20% off!
  71. How early is too early to mow the lawn?
  72. Man building full-scale Noah's Ark
  73. Two cars, one tree
  74. seling items on ebay question feedback private?
  75. Do you ever feel like all your money goes into your house?
  76. Caption This: Airplane Edition
  77. Fried Kool-Aid?? Dick Gregory was right!
  78. What is the best candy bar?
  79. Going to NOLA in Sept. what to see?
  80. The Exorcist
  81. 51 year old 'Green Mile' actor weds 16 year old
  82. Man robs bank to get medical care in jail
  83. SockTalk!
  84. Can the Amish Use Cell Phones?
  85. Man robs store for a dollar so he can get health care in prison for medical problems
  86. Post your age in pictures
  87. How to Troll a dating website
  88. British man removes wart with shotgun
  89. Pharmacy Massacre - thug steals prescription drugs then kills everyone in the store!
  90. YATT Seatbelt ticketing while at a traffic light
  91. RIP Ryan Dunn
  92. Rejoice, Bald Men....a cure has arrived!
  93. Lexus Rx vs Acura MDX
  94. My New Pink Button (A.K.A. Poonany dye)
  95. James Taylor arrested for drinking 48 beers (Florida!)
  96. Teens steal car, go joyriding & die in gruesome crash
  97. Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'
  98. June 17, 1994.
  99. Official list of the 500 worst, stupidest, most ridiculous DVD Talk threads of all ti
  100. YAPBT: Family Ferret Feeds on Fingers
  101. Soylent Brown???
  102. Vacation in the Georgia Mountains.
  103. Man caught urinating into city's water supply
  104. Anorexic twin sisters compete for 20 years to see who loses the most weight
  105. Potential Girlfriend - Fat, No Teeth, Clingy - Should I Pursue?
  106. What is this?
  107. Guess how much gold humans have mined during all of human history!
  108. What's wrong with my garbage disposal?
  109. Caption This - Canuck Riot Edition
  110. Man with dead weasel accused of assault - ?
  111. Practical joke that actually amuses me!
  112. Man Shot at Memorial for Shooting Victim (guess which city)
  113. What do you have guys for?
  114. Man dies while raping elderly South Texas woman
  115. "Wish lists" -- greedy or not?
  116. What could possibly go wrong? Living cell lasers
  117. Post your pic, ya big wuss! (2011)
  118. How come velcro shoes never caught on?
  119. Jesus rises from the flames!
  120. Difficult decisions in parenting
  121. Bloodthirsty Dogs in Washington state.
  122. Battlefield: Toronto---Man vs. Raccoon
  123. Police: Man faked brain injury to get diaper changed
  124. What long-time member has the fewest posts?
  125. 5-year old may be charged with murder!
  126. I hate my neighbors!
  127. One Chinese kidney = One American iPad 2
  128. School me on ... water softeners
  129. Google logo for today-Playable/Recordable guitar
  130. Dead bear kills two men
  131. Pretty easy photoshop request
  132. And I thought I didn't do well with kids ...
  133. How to keep cool in a hot house?
  134. Need Otter plumbing help!
  135. What the HECK? Onion Sandwiches??? Oh! Come On!
  136. 300 LB Flying Black Bear Murders 2 in Canada!
  137. YALTT: Paging the Slumlords
  138. U.S. Dept of Education uses SWAT team
  139. Titanic II sets off on its maiden voyage, and...
  140. Miami police shoot suspect then assault witnesses to destroy evidence
  141. YABT: Sleep Training for Infants?
  142. To real estate experts/lawyers: what are the disadvantages of joint tenancy?
  143. Man finally kills himself after 10 failed attempts
  144. So, I want to plant a bush in my yard from the "banned list"
  145. 64 Year Old Teacer Punches Student
  146. Man cited for disorderly conduct after paying hospital bill with 2500 pennies
  147. Note to Ebay Sellers - Soon You'll Have to Register Your SSN
  148. YATT - What to do in OKC?
  149. Annoying next door neighbors...
  150. What is growing on this leaf (pic)?
  151. Meet Sebastian
  152. I'm Sick. :( 2 Viruses. Amuse Me/Kick ME/Kill ME
  153. Out Of State Smog Check Question... Military Related
  154. Ignored by cops, man starts blog to track his stolen laptop, with pictures of thief.
  155. Kitty's dating thread
  156. P LaBelle orders guards to beat innocent person, then poses for photos in front of
  157. Brief Suvey about your Deity
  158. Hey!
  159. Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dead (from natural causes) at 84
  160. No more random video threads.. Embedding Youtube may soon be a felony!
  161. What is it with "artistic" baby photos?
  162. Family property being sold?
  163. Tech Startups -- boon or bust?
  164. Do dogs experience time differently than humans?
  165. coffee!
  166. White Power Milk
  167. 1M lottery winner says state owes him after clerk fled with ticket
  168. Help me settle another dispute with my wife
  169. Is this standard operating procedure? (public school question)
  170. how do you put money in to your own paypal account?
  171. Thinking of buying a DSLR...Nikon or Canon?
  172. Obsessions you've gone through
  173. Bangladeshi Woman Takes Attacker's Penis To Police
  174. Cell phones can cause cancer
  175. New Neighbors: Would This Piss You Off?
  176. You could say they got...(dons sunglasses)...an anonymous tip.
  177. Anyone own a mini RC helicopter?
  178. Electrical Question
  179. shipping electronics..
  180. Couple arrested for kissing and dancing in public
  181. Free Online Credit Report Advice
  182. Comic Con help
  183. Young teens and alcohol.
  184. Is it worth it being competitive in life?
  185. Best place to sell used home theater electronics?
  186. 13 year old girl reportedly commits suicide over Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez kissing
  187. Cure for hiccups?
  188. Fast food places where the food actually looks like it does in the pictures
  189. YAFT: Potbelly Sandwich Shop?
  190. Memorial Day Weekend 2011
  191. Great depression in color
  192. 3D Art Jobs salary?
  193. Otter inside Amazon.com!
  194. Bad to just pay off a ticket vs safety course?
  195. Unfathomable Mystery of Laundry
  196. Legal question: rented a house for a wedding...owner dies.
  197. MAternity Leave And Disability Questions.... Mom's and Dad's Have Any Advice?
  198. Perhaps not the most well-considered advert in soap marketing history
  199. Breast Milk: Selling, Donating, and potential tax deductions
  200. BMX bike help
  201. Friend talk: laugh riot?
  202. Ted Bundy - American's least suspecting serial killer?
  203. Alpha males vs Beta males
  204. Ever see nude pictures of a friend they didn't intend you to see?
  205. What did you do on your high school grad night?
  206. how many photos do you have?
  207. Throw the stick, dammit!
  208. Youtube hippies
  209. Anyone declare their house a homestead?
  210. Woman pulls sword at Pizza Hut (Not Florida!)
  211. Parents keep child's gender a secret
  212. Stephen Hawking: "There is no heaven, it's a fairy story"
  213. why no 1/2 gallons of paint? annoying.
  214. Not getting the whole "The Onion" thing: The Pro-Life Edition
  215. United: "You're Going To Like Where We Land" Ad at Ground Zero
  216. Billion Bucks Club. Why hasn't this been a meme?
  217. Elementary school teacher jailed for 'making sex tapes with daughter's 16yr boyfriend
  218. RIP Randy "Macho Man" Savage
  219. Worry About Health or Just Enjoy Life?
  220. World getting dumber?
  221. ABT: Bacon Perfume
  222. Who else is tired of seeing Jeremiah Weed commercials?
  223. Fashion: full sleeves rolled upto elbows back again?
  224. Cell phone user escorted off Amtrak train after annoying other passengers for 16 hrs!
  225. How to get banned from Cannes
  226. 7 year old brings 18 bags of heroin to school
  227. CDC warns public of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
  228. Jeff Conaway (of Taxi) in Coma and Unresponsive [update: Dead]
  229. Photochop request- Frankenstein
  230. Who Knows ABout Water Softeners?
  231. black women are unattractive "science" says so!
  232. South Korean Man Commits Suicide Via Crucifixion
  233. Short jokes
  234. Scroll Lock on Keyboard, Do you use it?
  235. after 25-years of marrage, the Schwarzeneggers call it quits
  236. 22 Passengers Injured When Elevator Drops Three Floors In Chelsea
  237. Need help selling jewelry
  238. Cult Fiction Con - May 20-22 2011 - Jacksonville, FL
  239. YAAT: Noise Ordinances and High Rises
  240. What kind of general would you be
  241. 100-watt incandescent bulb banned in 2012
  242. English teacher arrested after she 'had sex with FIVE students' during an orgy
  243. Should I trust this Amazon mp buyer?
  244. Brazilian Woman Wins Right To Watch Porn and Masturbate At Work
  245. fashion talk: suit/ evening
  246. What's considered "bad/high mileage" on a car?
  247. Do you hold the door?
  248. Why do woman feel they should have free reign to act like bi@#$*$ on their period?
  249. What not to draw a picture of (11 year old edition)
  250. Subway graffiti vandal killed by subway train