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  1. Newly single and going to Japan...where to go?
  2. Recommend Some Online Food Gifts
  3. Anyone use Restaurant.com? if so, question.
  4. Yahsfattbt
  5. New facebook trend: changing profile pic to cartoon character= fight child abuse???
  6. Do you donate to charity?
  7. $10 gift ideas?
  8. Surrendering Driver's License Question
  9. Egg nog!
  10. The vintage Christmas catalog.
  11. Removing Cement from a Car?
  12. Eating while driving causes 80% of all car accidents, study shows
  13. Are chewing gum and bubble gum the same thing?
  14. Bar soap or body wash?
  15. Couple arrested for having sex with family dog
  16. Do you have any Emotional or Physical SCARS you would like to share with the class?
  17. Do you have a landline phone?
  18. favorite flavor of Christmas popcorn?
  19. Other forum lawyers, HO! (Legal-ish question)
  20. 'SOMEONE' was a Band-Aid Angel today!
  21. Next time check your property for signs of meth before closing
  22. Facebook login hidden message
  23. Were you held back in school, or have you held a child back?
  24. David Cassidy's DUI arrest dash cam video
  25. Any loan calculation experts? Need to crunch some numbers
  26. National Do-Not-Call List - Let's Call to Make Sure!
  27. Women accused of hiding merchandise in body fat (Not Florida)
  28. NASA has found life on one of Saturn's moons?
  29. 33 percent of drivers test positive for drugs in accidents
  30. Country living versus city living
  31. Your PM box is full thread
  32. Faster than a speeding you know what
  33. Introducing Vigo, Glorious Boykitty and the only man in Vibiana's house ... LOL
  34. Otter attacks in Florida
  35. End of the year 'Top 10 List/Best of 2010' compilation
  36. Raiders of the Recycle Bins now playing in front of my house
  37. Leslie Nielsen 'Fell asleep and passed away.'
  38. When did use of Profanity become common usage?
  39. Another electrical question
  40. Do you use your parking brake?
  41. German Zoo Forces Gay Vultures to Mate With Females
  42. Advice needed on hiring an actress off craigslist
  43. so i drilled a hole in the wrong spot for a cabinet hinge.
  44. which stores are open on thanksgiving?
  45. Who are the oldest and youngest posters here (age)?
  46. Video: New York Chick goes ballistic on Subway flasher
  47. Ingrid Pitt passes away
  48. Come on Canada: check in
  49. YAHT - Dumb Buyer
  50. Has the google logo jumped the shark before this?
  51. Are you disturbed by this lady in these Target ads all over the internet?
  52. House prices in Arizona?
  53. Real-Life Superheroes Take Over Seattle; Almost Get Killed by Police
  54. Herbal Smoke &/or Four Loko.....Anyone?
  55. Registering cats?
  56. Work related trip: Would you room with someone else?
  57. If you could be with "two chicks at one time" who would they be?
  58. Haunting is more fun than torture.
  59. The Crazy Person Comedy Hour!! This segment: how would you torture people?
  60. The work/life balance thread
  61. Has anyone successfully gotten rid of crab grass?
  62. 50 largest US Cities Check-In
  63. School me on sabbaticals
  64. Scariest mug shot ever (guess where)
  65. School me on Albany, NY
  66. This is certainly one way to get out the vote
  67. I was a first-time homeowner for 26 hours! Now I'm not ... can I sue?
  68. 50 State Otter Checkin
  69. What are you asking for this Christmas?
  70. I need to find the addresses of all the old Hollywood Video locations
  71. Naked man with mouse lodged in rectum tased
  72. Mountain Bikes - Trek vs. Specialized
  73. How Long Do You Wait At The Doctor's Office Before Complaining?
  74. Help with application for new job !
  75. Official 2010 Thanksgiving Thread
  76. New Camera/Photography Question
  77. Need an ugly Christmas sweater? This guy has you covered.
  78. Where do you draw the line on medical treatment spending for your pets?
  79. What are the best skateboards nowadays?
  80. Man enraged by Dancing with the Stars shoots TV
  81. How do I avoid getting scammed with Paypal?
  82. Would you give your S.O. your Facebook password so they could keep tabs on you?
  83. Does anyone actively contribute to the Internet Movie Database?
  84. Nose Hair
  85. Produce Wash
  86. Help with a Christmas request.. vintage children's books?
  87. Christians protest mosque that is really a church
  88. Halloween fun at the East Oakland Denny's
  89. Anyone get the free tacos at Jack-in-the-Box today?
  90. Does anyone not like Christmas movies and TV?? How about Christmas in general?
  91. Top Hollywood publicist shot to death in Beverly Hills
  92. I bought a bus....now what?
  93. Need San Antonio dinner suggestions...
  94. Salvation Army Angel Tree
  95. How do I get rid of butt pimples?
  96. Four of the top five wealthiest counties in the U.S. are located...
  97. Create a clever rhyme for my wife's birthday present (cake related)
  98. Any message boards specifically for media profesionals?
  99. Hey Look, It's Another Thread About Collection Agencies!
  100. School me on Comcast Xfinity
  101. Retirement Account questions/advice needed
  102. Finally Got a Credit Card!
  103. Seeking photo of someone walking towards the camera but looking back
  104. Guys and Dolls (Documentary on Real Dolls)
  105. Blasted tower falls the wrong way in Ohio.
  106. Does anyone get mail for relatives who have never lived with them?
  107. YACBT: Tips for e-mail haggling?
  108. Kentucky man eats beard
  109. YACT: Whistling noise under hood, 04 Ford Taurus
  110. Best ways to get rid of mice?
  111. what to do when someone parks too close to you?
  112. Caught driving drunk? Blame the Easter bunny!
  113. Would you describe your dad as "hot and juicy?"
  114. KC police fire at backfiring van
  115. "No Lingerie Football League team for you," mayor tells Oklahoma City
  116. Vote for "The Greatest Gangster" in History (real life, not movie gangsters)
  117. Woman Arrested For Threatening Cop With A Sex Toy (Not Florida)
  118. NYPD uses Google Street View images as evidence in heroin-dealing case
  119. Photoshop wizards of Otter: Photoshop something for me
  120. Need a Truck AND an AK-47? You're in luck! (sigh, Florida)
  121. Should wearing military medals when you never served be a crime?
  122. Things to do in San Diego for a Day
  123. racing bicycle for a 16 yr old in chicago..good or bad idea?
  124. Rape charge dropped after accuser commits suicide
  125. Otter intruding on real life
  126. Woman almost gets away with murder, but FL says otherwise
  127. The DVDTalk Happiness Generator
  128. Things to do in Perth, Australia?
  129. Anything good in Cleveland?
  130. How much do you share with your friends?
  131. Restore Sanity
  132. Everyone, please create a new account at wikipedia and PM me the login and password.
  133. Fat, High and a Mouse Up Your *** is No Way To Go Through Life, Son
  134. Someone got $80 from my CC... now they went for $700
  135. Dumb of the Day. Myspace burglar. Florida.
  136. Ok, which one of you launched the Missile?
  137. You're damn right Florida! Father arrested for alcohol in teen's room, stripper pole
  138. What's your favorite cookie to buy?
  139. "Wheel of Fortune" contestant solves 7 word puzzle with only 1 letter revealed.
  140. Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds
  141. How IN THE WORLD can people eat cheese on food that smells like dirty stinkin' feet?
  142. Any Affordable Photography/Art Site Recommendations?
  143. Anyone Into Control TV?
  144. Celeb Babes thread
  145. Never Ending Sequitur Thread Part 8
  146. Random Picture Post - Wisconsin 3-0
  147. Naked woman crashes into driving school...
  148. Otters: School me on Hilton Head Island, SC
  149. Pants - One length (or waist?) fits all!
  150. Where are you on the Kinsey scale?
  151. Disneyland Otter Meet... December anyone?
  152. is there anyway i can cover this old tile glue on my kitchen walls?
  153. Party Host Etiquette Question
  154. Skittles vodka, who's done it and is it good?
  155. Badass guy shaves his dog (finally, a win for FL!)
  156. Asian youth disguised as old man fools airport security.
  157. Introducing Jones Bacon flavor soda!
  158. Feel like critiquing some art?
  159. Erie, PA, Debt Collection Company Uses Fake "Courtroom" to coerce people into paying
  160. School me on Elliptical Trainers
  162. Broken natural gas meter: I get to pay (extra) for the electric company's problem
  163. Great line from police report. West Virgina. MATURE (oral sex related)
  164. Man beats child molester 35 years later
  165. Lincoln Photo from 1965
  166. What did you want to be when you grew up, and are you it now that you did?
  167. Fudge covered Ritz® ...anyone?
  168. YACT: Looking for a used car...
  169. Free Magazine Plagiarizes Article; Asks Author for Compensation!
  170. Military History websites?
  171. Would you go back in your life, and do it over?
  172. car repair: the 2nd opinion
  173. Why would a company put flamable "things" in the wax of a candle?
  174. Who else misses feeling young?
  175. Future Darwin Nominee: Kid gets tongue stuck in water bottle
  176. Man kills teen that egged his car
  177. Dirty 30 Random Picture Post Thread XXX — Now with no actual XXX
  178. "Leave them where they lay" taken to the next level
  179. Photoshop request- Party it up
  180. How long before sleeping in bed if a black widow spider crawls under, can't be found?
  181. What's good @ Five Guys?
  182. Yellowstone: Bear Chasing Bison
  183. Do people still tell jokes about polacks?
  184. And here I thought only nerds played Scrabble...
  185. Yet another DIY Question
  186. Trick or Treat Tally - 2010
  187. What time do you take kids Trick 'r Treating (on weekend)?
  188. Cop blocks bike lane; issues tickets to bicyclists for not using bike lane
  189. Lunch > Dinner?
  190. YEAT: Basic Ebay tips for newb sellers?
  191. What sound do you make when you sneeze? Little Toot or Va-Voom Blast?
  192. The Official DVD Talk 52-Photo Challenge
  193. Anyone keeping track of Funny Groucho vs serious Groucho?
  194. Nasa wants to send you to Mars..But you could never comeback
  195. Fat and lazy? Sue your employer for it!
  196. I have 20 minutes - need a Halloween costume!
  197. How do you stay in shape in the winter?
  198. Tell me about Vincennes, IN!
  199. Spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests
  200. Buffalo, NY teachers rack up $9 million in taxpayer-funded cosmetic surgery
  201. Finding insects inside your home: Squish or Capture & Release?
  202. CAr Battery "Capacitor" question....
  203. Never thought I would start a cat thread
  204. Mom shook baby for interrupting her gametime - guess the state and the game
  205. What is your dad like?
  206. Picking the wrong prostitute to rub
  207. I may have only one more week left with my dog.
  208. Who can you depend on?
  209. Idiot update: David Winkleman
  210. Roulette strategy question
  211. A little cruelty that just occured to me.
  212. what to do in vancouver?
  213. School offical wants all the gays to kill themselves.
  214. myth debunked: Short Height = Short Size?
  215. Date Rape in a Can
  216. Remember the "Hiccup Girl"? Well, she murdered someone. (Guess the state)
  217. Shark...dude!!
  218. My desktop wallpaper is cooler than yours
  219. There is nothing worse than dropping a deuce in a port-a-potty
  220. School me on destination weddings
  221. Photoshop Request! OU/MU edition!
  222. Man Charged With Attacking Girlfriend With Corn Dog
  223. My Buddy Randy Quaid and his wife seek asylum from 'Star-Whackers'!
  224. Poll: Nostalgic chick bike basket
  225. White Sox fan sues for backward tattoo
  226. 365-Photo Challenge - do we have any photographers here who would be interested?
  227. Dang, No Vacations to Brazil For Me!
  228. What would YOU do with a dead body?
  229. Crocodile On A Plane!
  230. Ever find yourself HUNGRIER before lunch than if you hadn't had breakfast?
  231. Are dew and mist the same thing?
  232. Any art experts here?
  233. 10th infant dies of Whooping Cough
  234. So you want to go to law school?
  235. Do you find people in their twenties attractive? Then you are a PEDOPHILE!
  236. Cheerleader, 11, ousted for refusing to ‘shake booty’
  237. Chelsea Handler: Funny or Not Funny
  238. Us versus "Them" (not the %$#@! ants, either)
  239. I walked a half-marathon this past Sunday!
  240. Creepy Kids Books.
  241. Computer Poker Question
  242. Are you getting what you want out of life?
  243. Vegetarian 'discrimination'
  244. What kind of Star Wars figures are these?
  245. Legalities of parking in the burbs
  246. Well Here's a New Reason to Fear the Dentist
  247. YACT: How best to deal with bad service experience?
  248. A couple of months ago I was involved in an accident...
  249. Moving, best way to send personal items from NY to LA?
  250. Prepaid Credit Cards?