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  1. Moving advice for a borderline hoarder, or, free stuff for DC area DVDTalkers
  2. Legless man denied wheelchair was told "uncertain if the impairment was pemanent."
  3. Have you used Ticketmaster in the last 12 years?
  4. Teacher's 3rd grade pizza party turns into lingerie party
  5. Microwave was burned in fire - safe to use? (pics)
  6. Dog shoots his owner in the buttocks
  7. looking for a particular toy... help!
  8. A Victim Treats His Mugger Right
  9. Scientists create Captain Trips, what could go wrong?
  10. December: yay or nay
  11. Top 8 cities full of fatties
  12. Mass. high school teacher is porn star "Hytch Cawke"
  13. "douchebag" now a profanity?
  14. 2 cops fired for attempted voodoo curse on city manager (Do ya have to ask where?)
  15. Is "shot his wad" always a profane metaphor?
  16. Do You Really Want to Live Long?
  17. Medial question: Should I be worried about family history?
  18. 20% of people who have AIDS don't know it.
  19. Atlanta man wins $1 million lottery for second time in three years
  20. Man punishes cheating girlfriend by putting poop tattoo on her back.
  21. Holiday Gift Suggestions: Geeky kitchen items?
  22. Patrice O'Neal RIP
  23. Awesome Toys for Kids (and adults, I guess)
  24. Yet another news station says Pedobear is a symbol pedophiles use to covertly ID them
  25. Got denied by a college as an adult -- do appeals ever work?
  26. food talk: wagyu eaters
  27. Teach me about men's wedding bands
  28. Pre-lit Xmas tree question
  29. YACT: using summer tires in the southeast
  30. Anyone Have a Nano Reef Aquarium?
  31. OK I've been gone a year, what'd I miss? :)
  32. Pick me out table saw blade...
  33. Everything you're doing at this moment?
  34. Looking for your sites of amusement/entertainment
  35. Black Friday 2011: What did you buy?
  36. Who here have to work on Black Friday?
  37. Demonstrators Plan to Occupy Retailers on Black Friday
  38. Controversial “anti-Semitic” vodka billboard taken down in NYC
  39. Thanksgiving 2011
  40. Scottish MMA fighter killed...
  41. NYC Groom Kills Himself Just Hours After Marriage
  42. YAET - Payment on hold, cannot get refund
  43. Help locating these boots at an online retailer...
  44. It's official: GWBush is full of poop.
  45. Junk Smelling Funky? You Need This!
  46. Two Kids Kiss on Playground: Call the Police!" (Guess where?)
  47. So My Dad Has Shingles
  48. Grandfather, 79, dies after nurse gives him execution drug (guess where)
  49. Fake doctor injects cement in woman's bottom
  50. Project completed - hamster cage.
  51. Dude looks like a lady?
  52. help with selling concert tickets
  53. Fix-a-Flat(ass)
  54. Partially torn Rotator Cuff, now what?
  55. It's time to play, CHEESE or FONT?
  56. Has anyone ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat?
  57. Natalie Wood (UPDATE: STILL DEAD)
  58. Teacher Accused of Operating Porn Sites on School-issued Computer
  59. Math Question
  60. My friend has gone bat crazy.
  61. Humphrey the Pet Hippo Mauls His Owner to Death
  62. Farts: loud or SBDs?
  63. People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive is...
  64. Home security system
  65. Bank of America strikes again
  66. How will you be spending Steve Irwin Day? (11/15)
  67. are the Chinese doing?
  68. Bathroom stall etiquette?
  69. How Negative Are You?
  70. Vodka Tampons & Butt Chugging Growing Trend With Teenagers
  71. I'm trapped in relatives house with two snorers and a mother-in-law
  72. YACT - Can a cat just go insane?
  73. Post some unique Christmas gift ideas
  74. Porn legend Sasha Grey reads to 1st and 2nd graders - Parents heads explode
  75. Woman Survives Attack by Killer Who Stored Body in Freezer
  76. What are your sleeping hours?
  77. Bill Keane created Family Circus dies today 11/9/11
  78. Teacher arrested for having sex with 11 students within 3 months!
  79. Russians not having much luck sending things to Mars
  80. Church suggests kids hang themselves for Halloween.
  81. You will take my video game when you pry my cold dead fingers from it
  82. Topless photos of a local police officer causes her police chief boss to get creepy
  83. Low Fat Low Sodium Delicious Meals - Is It Possible?
  84. 19 prostitutes, 100 fighting cocks, and a raffle!
  85. Pet my dog , no advice needed (pics included)
  86. Oops! CNN made a huge mistake! You have to see and hear this to believe it!
  87. YAET: Shipping address
  88. Help me to win a NEW 2011 SAAB- I have a really good chance!
  89. Spanked my monkey today, need advice
  90. Canadian dentist pays over $31K for John Lennon's tooth
  91. Black gunk in drain
  92. Beat my dog today, need advice.
  93. WARNING! 9/11/2012 - Buy some aluminium paper and make some hats now!
  94. Beat my dog today, need advice
  95. Like driving to Walmart? Like ordering online too? Bizarro Walmart is for you.
  96. 60 Minutes correspondent Andy Rooney dies at 92
  97. Fall Back in Time AKA old timers, set your clocks back!
  98. Beat my dog today, need advice
  99. You bent my Wookie... now die!
  100. Help my bestest friend win 10K
  101. Trick-or-treat for UNICEF: Anyone heard of this?
  102. Ice Cream of the Future no more... Dippin' Dots files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  103. Do I Have to DO to Get a Credit Card These Days?!?!?
  104. Grill me on a grill.
  105. Prescription strength sauerkraut available over the counter (and it's free @ Costco)
  106. Cut Finger and the Chicken Stink Blast-o-Rama
  107. why does premeditation make a murder worse?
  108. Argentina convicts "Narco Queen" Angie Sanclemente
  109. Texting teen drives into tree and dies.
  110. Someone Spends @ $15,000 For Old Lady's Underwear
  111. Possible Plumbing help/advice needed
  112. Woman who claims she statutorally raped Justin Bieber demands child support
  113. YADT: How can I tell if this girl is still into me?
  114. Apartment Pet Policy - Do I Have Grounds to Complain?
  115. Naked woman had fantasy of wanting to feel "one with the horse" and nature
  116. Texas judge caught on video beating daughter
  117. Photoshop help
  118. My new pet peeve: Small change instead of quarters
  119. Marriage and Wedding Albums: What Happens After the Divorce?
  120. Tell me about hospice care
  121. Halloween Candy 2011: What are you giving out?
  122. School Me On Life Insurance....
  123. Conrad Murray Trial (Michael Jackson's doctor)
  124. This Weekend (Halloweekend '11) — Poppin' or Floppin'?
  125. Planking, Owling, & Batmanning are old news. Now the cool kids (tools) are Tebowing!!
  126. What happened to my 3 Musketeers?
  127. Driver rear ends me but claims car hit him first
  128. Woman reportedly stabs boyfriend over Monopoly game, goes straight to jail
  129. White Coke
  130. Small business online accounting/tax planning service?
  131. Texting and talking on the phone at Dinner!
  132. Any Mt Dew drinkers out there.......
  133. some selling-on-ebay questions
  134. The 2011-2012 Winter Thread of Ice & Snøw
  135. In today's enlightening age, do you still (sometimes) drink & drive?
  136. How do I handle this situation (advice on how to address my father)
  137. I think that I have a raccoon in my attic.
  138. YADT: How do you turn someone down?
  139. Worst "Storage Wars" Buy Ever
  140. Owners of a Riverside home create a light show with pumpkins singing LMFAO
  141. Do you use RFID blocking sleeves on your cards?
  142. Help name my cat...
  143. Recommended/best souvenir from Pittsburgh/Western PA for home bar?
  144. Texas man sought in frozen-armadillo attack
  145. When was the last time you sharpened a pencil by hand?
  146. One and only animated GIF thread
  147. Rapture Talk 2011 Pt. 2
  148. Muammar Gaddafi dead
  149. YAJT: Working "Away" from Home, Done It?
  150. Man pulls a MURDOCH on his family and himself (New York)
  151. Lions, Tigers, Bears set free, Owner dead. Oh my.
  152. Do you expect air conditioning (or heating) in government waiting rooms?
  153. Better degree: MPA or MS
  154. A bear walks into a supermarket...
  155. New bullying threat! Wait... what?
  156. Cool kayaking footage (whale action)
  157. Fill in the Blanks: The Poor Man's _____
  158. Man gets more than a circumcision
  159. Can I bother you fantastic people for a vote?
  160. Waiting for Sgt Honeylamb to come home *sigh*
  161. The 36th Chamber of Random Shaolin Picture Posts
  162. Only the Good die young - Whose Legacy has been the most Enduring and Influential??
  163. Thief steals $135 million of art, and throws it in the trash.
  164. Haunted house reaction pictures
  165. Real Estate Question-Selling my house redo basement flooring or no?
  166. PETA blasts gay pride festival for scaring marine animals
  167. Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary
  168. Can anyone give me some free legal advice? - Condo Association rules
  169. How to sleep with shoulder pain?
  170. Worst tip ever? or is it the best?
  171. Homework help: Scientific models (6th Grade)
  172. Ever buy something to decorate your home because you saw it in a movie or on TV?
  173. Anyone ever get money from venture capital investing?
  174. Family calls 911 after getting lost....
  175. Las Vegas in about 3.5 days... what do I do?
  176. Dr. Evil's henchman "Random Task" is really evil
  177. 18 year-old GIRL arrested for stealing to pay for porn addiction...yeah.
  178. Halloween Costume Talk 2011
  179. Another coffee thread - any opinions on Keurig vs. Nespresso?
  180. Stop killing Pizza Deliverymen!
  181. Do air caps on tires really fall off or do people steal them?
  182. Is my coworker a man of espionage?
  183. Yogurt Talk 2011 — The Other thread with the most culture
  184. getting new windows for the house...anyone know a thing or 2 about them?
  185. 2 weeks without Cow, Bird or Pig. How long before I die?
  186. Paint that is safe for animals?
  187. Granny gets her groove on....
  188. Everwood / Parks and Recreation actor gives cat away, gets death threats.
  189. Which is more pessimistic?
  190. Camera binoculars? (For sports, not spying. Seriously.)
  191. Question for those who have put their animal to sleep
  192. How much cash do you usually carry around?
  193. Donald Lapre "King of Infomercials" charged with fraud, found dead in jail cell
  194. Can we haz gif, pleeze?
  195. To bless or not to bless
  196. Banning 'Bless You'
  197. So now it's bad for kids to be good at sports?
  198. What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
  199. Which is more remarkable: Albert Einstein's Annus, or Anna Nicole Smith's anus?
  200. Can't find commercial
  201. EMT class says its students shouldn't be exposed to people with medical problems.
  202. Anyone here do Volunteer work?
  203. Did you ever suprise yourself by getting a BUMPER STICKER?
  204. Alice's Dance — A wedding disaster waiting to happen
  205. Fee for using debit card
  206. Anyone SkyJump from the Strat??
  207. YALT: Should I get a laywer? (Booze related)
  208. Sampling of internet drivel
  209. Parents are Such Wimps These Days!
  210. So... do _you_ use the interrobang? DO YOU?!
  211. Planning a trip to Iceland - Advice?
  212. Teen murder suspect says she's a vampire/ Florida
  213. My Sick Dog
  214. If Facebook started actually charging per month, would you still use it?
  215. Nope! It's Chuck Testa.
  216. Do you keep anything that reminds you of an Ex?
  217. Anyone here ever try Dave Ramsey's Financial/Get out of Debt Program?
  218. Any other agnostics/atheists out there?
  219. If given the choice of Jesus or Jail, which would you choose?
  220. Waiter touching your straw?
  221. Wife and I moving to Orlando probably by 2014.
  222. Travelling to Israel, need help finding the answer to some questions.
  223. Recommendations for a good recliner?
  224. Where can I buy a glass door bookcase like this?
  225. Good restaurants in Cincinnati?
  226. My Apartment Dilemma
  227. Ventura County Climate Thread
  228. Is this a muck?
  229. Undercover officer enlists fake penis to bust hooker
  230. Slow News Day: Nicholas Cage a vampire?
  231. OMG: Was that neutrino speeding?
  232. Advice about moving to Chicago?
  233. Facebook updates! Oh noes!17a!4?
  234. Anyone Here An RN Or Knows Someone That Is?
  235. Opportunity to eat dog...
  236. Could Porn make you give up Meat? Peta delves into Porn
  237. Would You Date this Woman?
  238. Miami Invaded By Giant, House-Eating Snails
  239. Disney World bringing Avatar
  240. Best Buy Sale Prices - September 15-21, 1996
  241. Naked Asian man on acid jumps into traffic, dies
  242. Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle
  243. Hey, redheads. No one wants your sperm.
  244. Yet another sex with infant thread
  245. Yet another sex with kids thread
  246. How many phone numbers do you know from memory?
  247. credit card description question
  248. Avast! We be talkin' like pirates this day 2011
  249. Sin you're most succeptible to
  250. A Zombie Infested 5K Obstacle Course Race