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  1. 2 Girls 1 Beaver
  2. Happy 110th birthday, Air Conditioner!
  3. Pataks Indian Cooking Product
  4. Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door (FL!)
  5. OK fess up! which one of you did it?
  6. Otter uprising in Minnesota!!
  7. Ever have a moment when you wanted to punch yourself in the face?
  8. 10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America
  9. Attack of the Evil Electric Bill! It's Huge, Run For Your Lives!
  10. Where are you on the global fat scale?
  11. YAFP: What's the big deal with sweet potato fries?
  12. Texas woman pleads guilty to battering 2-year-old daughter.
  13. Paging all slumlords... need some help
  14. It's happening: Rise of the Planet of the Apes in Las Vegas
  15. Vegetarian help needed
  16. Feel good story: Family makes good on dying family member’s last wish: Leave $500 tip
  17. Sushi: what to try?
  18. So, I was reading about that "plasti dip" stuff
  19. South Carolina funeral home is building a Starbucks.
  20. Mustard or ketchup on your hot dog?
  21. Tenant in GOVERNMENT funded housing offended by American flag, ruins it for everyone
  22. YAFP: Favorite diet or reduced-calorie cola?
  23. Do you post while on the toilet?
  24. Real or Fake?
  25. Detroit rapper Calicoe shows off dog 'fighting' operation.
  26. Can I legally Destroy my own car?
  27. Evolution in 2 minutes.
  28. Any frequent flyers here? need advice on missing a flight
  29. Stupid teen posts pictures of a pile of Grandma's cash, house robbed hours later
  30. COOL, I think I'm being scammed on Craigslist
  31. When was the last time you slept at least 12 hours?
  32. Impenetrable 10,000 sq.ft. anti-zombie stronghold for $10,900,000
  33. Summer has arrived 2012
  34. Twilight Fan Hit By Car & Killed At Comic Con
  35. YA real estate + lawyer question
  36. Phoenix Man Jailed for Hosting Bible Study!
  37. Don't hug a Detroit cop!
  38. And now: A moment of "Ewww"
  39. Mayor designates parking spaces for men
  40. Ernest Borgnine, dead at 95
  41. Will we ever have a second Golden Age of Conversion Vans?
  42. South pole and north pole to switch energy fields
  43. What to do if a travel agency won't give you a trip you've won?
  44. Instagram
  45. Congratulate me: I'm a slumlord as of today
  46. Going to California and need idea's
  47. trying to sell a used car - looking for advice
  48. New mom goes on 'bath salts' fueled rampage in maternity ward
  49. Facebook flirting with an Ex, dangerous?
  50. In What State Can a Lifeguard be Fired for Saving a Drowning Man
  51. Whoa! Whoever knew that playing Russian roulette could kill you? (Guess where)
  52. anyone use or know anyone that used kickstarter?
  53. Can anyone recommend a decent and reasonably priced coffee maker?
  54. Does anyone know what the specific name of this Granite is?
  55. Two plane hijackers 'beaten to death by passengers' in China
  56. Garfield comics.... but without Garfield
  57. Did you have hot teachers at your school?
  58. Woman, 32, check. Boy, 14, check. Public Bathroom, check. Florida, check.
  59. Is it possible to not like your own Opinion?
  60. Andy Griffith has died.
  61. Schizophrenic friend won't take meds, getting in bad situation
  62. Hawaiian Punch has switched to using sucralose.
  63. What's the most expensive thing you've ever lost?
  64. Anderson Cooper: I'm gay.
  65. Real life hotwheels track
  66. Who here has never traveled outside of the United States?
  67. Could you survive without a cellphone?
  68. Happy Canada Day!
  69. Man Survives After He Started A Cigarette Fire That Killed His Parents And 2 Sisters
  70. Ex millionaire burns down his 3.5mil mansion then kills himself in courtroom
  71. Rogaine...has anyone used it?
  72. Holy Leapsecond, Batman
  73. Summer time poop bucket
  74. Fill in the game with the word
  75. 5 ways you overestimate yourself, shocking but true
  76. How Much Would You Pay to Save Your Pet's Life?
  77. Treating chihuahua allergies; any ideas?
  78. Extortion or Not? Website publishes arrest info, you pay $200 to remove
  79. Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing
  80. TomKat headed for "splitsville" says People Mag.
  81. Bye bye, plane! -- Book 3: Flight Attendent kicked off flight
  82. Phoenix to Vegas freeway plan advances...
  83. is refinacing a mortgage really a good idea?
  84. Is this "child height predictor" accurate?
  85. Caption this, beach edition.
  86. Priest Accused of Sexually Abusing Woman While Conducting Exorcism
  87. TV can boost self-esteem of white boys, study says
  88. Breakthrough in Marijuana technlogy!
  89. Baby bear stuck in garage (also, mama bears can open garage doors)
  90. Girl wants to know if she's turned her boyfriend into a vampire (Twilight Fan)
  91. KFC Philippines: Cheese Top Burger
  92. Quick! Before grundle posts it
  93. Broke something that belongs to a friend... how much do I owe him?
  94. When was the last time you were awake for at least 24 hours?
  95. How's your color vision?
  96. The World's Biggest Ferris Wheel may possibly be built.....on Staten Island?
  97. Man sets up Tanning Salon in his barn to spy on nekkid underage girls (Florida)
  98. Loch Ness Monster used to debunk evolution in state-funded school (not a joke)
  99. Chicago Suggestions?
  100. YATT-Washington D.C. (and area).
  101. I Think I'm In Love With Louis C.K.
  102. Email address ideas for common names
  103. Tell me your best joke...
  104. the 100 degrees of summer
  105. School Sunscreen Ban Leaves Student Severely Sunburned
  106. Breastaurants
  107. Barely Bearded man buys 98% of Hawaii's sixth-largest island for half a billion $
  108. Single guys in otter...how many sugar babies do you own?
  109. Hand Holding : Gateway Sexual Activity!
  110. Do people not know what the far left lane is for?
  111. Tesla delivers its first model S all electric luxury sedan with range of 265 miles
  112. Have you been treated worse by religious people, or atheists?
  113. The "SRS" light is on in my car....
  114. Debby Does Houston: Blowing Harder
  115. Hungry for more? Another cannibal zombie bath salt attack
  116. Greatest technological advancement of the last 25-30 years?
  117. How much money would you would loan a family member?
  118. European High Court Rules that workers who get sick on vacation can retake vacation
  119. NJ woman hit with ball sues little leaguer
  120. Chicago violence is insane
  121. It has been 200 years, why aren't we celebrating?
  122. 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
  123. I, for one, welcome our robotic pizza-making overlords
  124. YACT: Thinking about a Mazda5
  125. Tick bite may lead to MEAT ALLERGY
  126. 68 year old bus monitor bullied to tears
  127. kvrdave. MIA?
  128. Painter LeRoy Neiman, 1921-2012
  129. Can't get this off my mind ... (A PopcornTreeCt-esque post)
  130. Mary-Kate Olsen with Olivier Sarkozy and his daughter.
  131. Who would wear these?
  132. Married nurse rapes son's 13yr friend sentenced to 15yrs
  133. Two women busted for ‘exposing their sexual organs’ on golf course
  134. Do you think women are funny?
  135. Who do pool owners always want people to "bing your baithing suits"
  136. Old Navy (allegedly) bans vet...made-up internet story or true?
  137. Stupid Stuff People Say
  138. The Summer Solstice Thread of Daylight — What y'all doin' with all that light? Enjoy!
  139. alien species of mushroom found in China
  140. Yes, Virginia, there really is a wienermoblie
  141. Don't you hate when people are too lazy to walk?
  142. Help identify these sunglasses
  143. Whole Foods or Trader Joe's?
  144. What's the most insulting thing you've ever said/done?
  145. Mr Ugly: "My face makes me special"
  146. Do you think these new Adidas sneakers are offensive?
  147. Voyager 1 may have left/is about to leave the solar system
  148. Semen vampire (no, not Robert Pattinson)
  149. Two Sisters Found Dead in Thailand...
  150. Cooked Squid Inseminates Woman’s Mouth
  151. Can I file separate eviction notices? (landlord question)
  152. Happy Father's Day 2012
  153. I'm going to Key West! What should I check out?
  154. Is a couple considered one or two people on a trip?
  155. Things to do in Maui
  156. Brawl at a graduation (w/video)...did I mention it was a PRE-SCHOOL graduation?
  157. Its rather amazing what you can accomplish with a board, some nails and a long string
  158. Today is National Bourbon Day
  159. YATT: Statue of Liberty travel advice
  160. When will we see a man on Mars?
  161. What happens to beer when you drop a keg from 10 feet?
  162. So how far would you go if they touched your little one?
  163. Henry Hill, dead at 69
  164. Is there some kind of Student Loan bail out or anything to help debt?
  165. I'm having a baby in just over two months...
  166. How to stop getting kicked in the balls
  167. Shot down in flames
  168. Suspected pair of lungs found on LA sidewalk?
  169. "You Are Not Special", a high school commencement address
  170. No more fountain wading at Kansas City's Crown Center shopping district
  171. Do people still use flasks?
  172. Kindness In America
  173. What kind of scam is this?
  174. Florida man allegedly set ex-girlfriend on fire at 7-Eleven
  175. Today's Floridiots: Google murders
  176. YAHP: Favorite Hawaiian island?
  177. Martin Army Hospital - Fort Benning, GA - Was anyone here born there?
  178. UGA professor charged as prostitute.
  179. Tina Turner Dead? (update: Alive! So is Patty Andrews! )
  180. Mister Rogers Remixed
  181. The greatest invention since the wheel
  182. Seems like the e-mail account of a friend of mine got hacked....
  183. Bible Trivia Quiz
  184. "People Are On Welfare Because They Don't Read The Bible"
  185. Looking for alternative to money belt for Euro vacation
  186. Top Speed Limits in other U.S. states besides TX?
  187. Need help finding a flourescent light fixture!
  188. Joni loves double-wides
  189. YAHPT: Officer uses stun gun on pregnant woman during parking dispute
  190. Dude gets hit by truck, friends post it online
  191. Refinancing question
  192. So shorts weather is back--Socks with sandals perfectly acceptable?
  193. Ok jokey joke over who be jackin in my oc computer.
  194. Domestic Assault is No Way to Propose Marriage, Ma'am
  195. Cream Soda: Stand up and be counted!
  196. School me on Seasonings Herpes and Spices
  197. Woman accused of castrating man during argument.
  198. Begun, the eyesight wars have: Venus in the sun
  199. Have you been raped by SolidSnakePAC?
  200. YAWHT: Gray substance coming from water heater
  201. I Need a New Water Heater!
  202. Does anyone here use Visalus diet supplements/products?
  203. Artist turns dead cat into helicopter
  204. Florida Mom Arrested for Choking 14-Year-Old Bully Offers Advice to Parents
  205. YAGT: Trellis Talk
  206. RIP Eduard Khil (aka Trololo Guy)
  207. Am I an asshole for arguing this?
  208. Gas Station Etiquette-- Buying soda or food after pumping
  209. Who else is sick of non handicapped people parking in handicap spaces?
  210. Anybody ever fly their dog to Hawaii?
  211. RIP Richard Dawson
  212. YAAT: Artist identity help needed
  213. Bang you teacher. Win $500 dollars.
  214. School Me In Boxing
  215. The Grill Brush Menace! [Schumer]
  216. Man paints himself green to impersonate Hulk and paint won't come off
  218. "Melody Line" Section of Highway?
  219. Teens justify stealing from a 9-year-old girl scout
  220. Bye bye, plane! -- Book 2: Alaska Airlines kicks 3 y/o off flight
  221. Apartment Manager Gives Me 24 Hour Notice to Move,
  222. Kathy Lee asks Martin Short the secret to a great marriage w/a dead wife
  223. Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban large soda drinks (16+ ounces)
  224. 'Serpent-Handling' West Virginia Pastor Dies From Snake Bite
  225. Ashley Holton Accused Of Masturbating On Florida Highway!
  226. Ten Things I wish the Church Knew About Homosexuality
  227. Slimeball wanted for murdering, dismembering victim (not Florida)
  228. Crazy Wayne Carter - he flings his own intestines at cops
  229. The Uplifting Thread
  230. What exactly is happening to me?
  231. Should I be worried about insane comments in my youtube videos?
  232. I'm losing my sense of taste.
  233. Death by a Thousand Cuts – The thread of Pyrrhic victories and small defeats
  234. Yikes! Saudi Arabia: the Culture of Drifting.
  235. How long before you moved in with your girlfriend?
  236. Confederate flag prom dress
  237. Mother's anger after daughter, 8, is handed 'joke' award for coming up with most excu
  238. The Darwin Awards is dead.
  239. Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police
  240. Anyone else tired of the smoking causes death commercials?
  241. Batman and I calling on the power of Other
  242. This very instance, my life sucks.
  243. A mother gets a call from school about her "abusive" tendencies towards Junior...
  244. Hot blonde breaks into couples home, get shot, sad charges are being filed.
  245. Face Eating in....... Wait for it...... Florida!
  246. Recommend me a budget computer chair
  247. The legitimacy of an eBay auction question.
  248. Live lip-dub proposal
  249. I was rear-ended, while on my motorcycle.
  250. High School to give out condoms at prom.

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