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  1. Need help asking this girl out at work.......
  2. Mom sues Wal-Mart over daughter's suicide (merged)
  3. Things are really hoppin down in Frogtown
  4. Rocket launch in t- 4 minutes
  5. Design the otterville money
  6. Pickles
  7. I just won the lottery!
  8. How to play this hand
  9. Its Winter! Time to write in the Snow!!
  10. Anyone out there Lactose intolerant?
  11. Serious Legal Advice needed: Car Audio Theft/Scam
  12. I mean what are the odds of this happening.....
  13. I bought an "interesting" beanie baby yesterday.
  14. Yahoo refuses to release email acct to family of dead soldier
  15. Anyone take fiber on a regular basis?
  16. Top 12 things i learned from my stay in London!
  17. Mouthbreather
  18. My Dog Died Yesterday
  19. Don't buy Broughton's Milk!
  20. Sucks to be this guy.....
  21. Losing my cell phone was the greatest this to ever happen to me!!
  22. Seepage or too much humidity in my house?
  23. kvrdave and others: help me understand this credit report for a potential tenant
  24. How popular is your name?
  25. Freelancing and taxes?
  26. Post a picture of your computer room !
  27. Aleve Latest Drug to Draw Scrutiny
  28. When did you stop going to church (and would you go back?)
  29. Lease or buy BMW / Boxster ?????
  30. We didn't get any mail today!
  31. How does the post office assign street addresses?
  32. Cool things to do in NYC?
  33. Does anyone here surf? Would you surf a 40 ft wave?
  34. Guys first time on tv ends in UTTER CHAOS~!1
  35. What do I do with king crab legs?
  36. Chemistry help
  37. What to get mentors at work for Christmas?
  38. Christmas Present Wrapping
  39. What are you getting your S.O.?
  40. Fireworks...how to remote light them??
  41. I need to get a Christmas gift for my Dad. But what?
  42. So, do you get a Christmas Bonus
  43. No matter where ya go you can always keep in touch with us because DVD Talk is there!
  44. Need suggestions for Christmas present after only 6 dates?
  45. To what age do you wish to live?
  46. When spammers include their home phone
  47. Sending Christmas cars: a generational thing?
  48. Pick up AM Radio on Walkman
  49. Support Our Troops Magnetic Ribbons
  50. I don't like this AT&T/Cingular merger
  51. Josh Brolin Arrested for alleged spousal battery
  52. Any interest in a Columbus,oh meet?
  53. um, it's -20 degrees outside!
  54. When you're on probation, or have community service...
  55. How many Christmas cards do you send? Bonus: photo or pre-printed?
  56. Pinocchio-Men! Inquire Within!
  57. My Baby Boy's Not Such A Baby Anymore!
  58. Smell my chest. Do you smell cholesterol?
  59. Starting Business with Family Members
  60. So, I got my first grey hairs
  61. so, ... TEK, how is the tingler creature?
  62. I think im going to De-Gift someone
  63. Need suggestions for Christmas Eve Dinner
  64. What to get my 5 year old niece for Xmas?
  65. Are you a TEAM PLAYER at work?
  66. It's my birthday! Yippee!
  67. You just can't have anything nice anymore!!
  68. Last minute Christmas shopping, or my kid has to have THAT
  69. Worst. Joke. Ever.
  70. Things that cause you to lose your appetite
  71. Got my first royal flush in tourney play
  72. Google
  73. Don't wanna pick the doody up after your Dog? Walk them at night...
  74. Any coin collectors out there?(Interesting Story)
  75. Face irritation bumps :(
  76. How many stamps would it take to mail a DVD?
  77. RANT: Bank charges me overdraft
  78. how long after you met your S.O... (relationship stuff)
  79. why do people run/walk in the street
  80. Is there a doctor in the house?
  81. BoatDrinks has a Bacon # of 2
  82. SPILL IT HERE! What is it that makes you happy & your life worth living?
  83. I T I S F I N A L L Y T I M E T O T E L L T H E S T O R Y
  84. Mortgage/Credit Card question
  85. legal advice? Home contractor experience
  86. A fun trick to play on a friend...
  87. Kansas Supreme Court rules death penalty unconstitutional
  88. Yet another Flash mini-golf game
  89. B. Kliban Appreciation Thread
  90. Just Leave Christmas Alone
  91. Dancing Eggs
  92. Wal-Mart does a price rollback on salaries!
  93. Is there a term forů
  94. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAH BOOOYEEEE!!!! The company xmas gift to end all all company xmas gifts
  95. Don't you hate it when you buy something that you have to put together....
  96. Pregnant woman murdered and 8 month old fetus stolen from body!
  97. Question about Yearly Car Safety Inspections?
  98. Which household chore do you most hate doing?
  99. Deep fried Mars bars.
  100. Am I a bad person for laughing at this cartoon?
  101. Sobering memories of racist America...
  102. Is a bartender liable for a drunk driver?
  103. Tortured Souls.
  104. Online Trading, best one?
  105. Credit Card Balance Transfers, worth it? (2004-05 ed.)
  106. So... who remembers the mitnick hype?
  107. Convince me I wont hate Opryland!
  108. Free Robert Blake!
  109. Woman wearing cleavage shirt gives me a snotty look. So what? It's MY fault?
  110. Gah! Premature expiration- my man milk just ended up in the sink!
  111. How does severance work?
  112. France May Require Sex Offenders To Wear Tracking Devices
  113. Is there anyone who doesn't like Potatoes ?
  114. Half of all Britons have never heard of Auschwitz killings
  115. PokerEdge
  116. Last minute gift idea: old Soviet junk
  117. Explain this banner ad to me
  118. How many of you carry a handkercheif?
  119. Alleged 'Knuckle Sandwich' Threat Gets Nun Fired
  120. Anybody else buy newspapers for kids / nieces / nephews?
  121. Board Games
  122. Another Addicting Flash Game... (Merry Christmas!)
  123. Chicago Suburban Otters, your assistance please
  124. Be honest, those boogers end up going where?
  125. Which smilie has shown the least improvement - A vote
  126. What to do with old magazines?
  127. What poker variations do you guys play in home games?
  128. Donald Trump - the Cabbage Patch Kid!
  129. Have You Ever Met A Christian Who Didn't Think They Were Going To Heaven?
  130. A coworker is getting a vasectomy tomorrow!
  131. Omaha Hi Hold 'Em
  132. Homeless man answers cell phone while I give him some change...
  133. Sorry Guys. Kournikova Reportedly Weds Iglesias in Secret Ceremony.
  134. Hot Sauce
  135. LAPD Plan to Curb Flashlight Beatings
  136. I know how bad this chili is for me...
  137. Good Idea, Bad Idea (French Guy's Animated Resume)
  138. NY's "temporary" tolls to be increased 25%
  139. small business question
  140. Is it to late to learn how to skate
  141. My wife just got flagged for "Dirty Emails"
  142. FCC to allow high-speed wireless Internet access on commercial jetliners
  143. Richmond VA Scouts Selling Popcorn in front of ACLU Office
  144. Ads by google are getting ridiculous...
  145. Do you feel vulnerable in the shower or bath?
  146. I just found out my wife cheated on me 2 years ago
  147. I'm eating Chipotle and you're not
  148. Wisdom teeth
  149. Vegas: Comps for Poker?
  150. Anyone else disgusted by the "commercialization" of Christmas?
  151. What's the big deal about greeting cards?
  152. which thread has the best in thread ads?
  153. Ok, Otters! Help me decipher this please!?!
  154. Why Shouldn't A Parent Like This Who Has A History Of Child Abuse, Be Sterilized?
  155. Costa Rican Taxi Driver Shoots Man in Bin Laden Mask
  156. The Atlanta -> New Orleans -> Memphis -> Nashville Roadtrip thread.
  157. My Friend's Car Was Stolen
  158. Something is missing around here
  159. Man bites dog, police say KVRDAVE not a suspect
  160. Man Forced To Pay $20,000 Support For Non-Existent Child
  161. Otter Help: Does my wife need braces (big pics)
  162. *slap* People are truly dumb.
  163. Any online casinos offer 3-card poker??
  164. Wold Tavern Poker Tour
  165. Blockbuster to eliminate late fees
  166. What do I buy my secretary?
  167. What to do, Central Cal??
  168. question for men
  169. "lap pillow" for men from Japan
  170. Dad charged after child accidentally ingests date rape drug
  171. this must be why I stay out of the main DVD forum
  172. Cancer claims my 6 year old dog Simba
  173. Issues With Ice Scraping
  174. Should an atheist apply for a job at a church?
  175. Any iron recommendations?
  176. Michael Jackson flash game
  177. Finals Time?
  178. Anyone have success with OTC teeth whiteners?
  179. Hey Republicans, here's a chance to swing the vote, remove a Liberal!
  180. Japanese? character translation.
  181. George Carlin calls Vegas gamblers idiots
  182. why do some people leave their garage doors open?
  183. Things to do near Chattanooga?
  184. So...uh....I killed a bird yesterday.
  185. Texas Trooper Suspended For Comment To Gay Couple Who Were Kissing In Public
  186. Poker on DialUp?
  187. Anyone using Vonage? [merged]
  188. A soccer mom just taught me a new word! (grrrr)
  189. What are the 7 Natural Wonders of the World?
  190. Toys for Tots Car Show Charity Event in LA Large Pics
  191. Results of experiments with Spiders and Drugs
  192. Elliptical Machines: Nordic Track vs. Other brands--HELP!
  193. Anyone have a G-Tech Pro?
  194. Ancient Egyptian Tombs - should they be open to the public?
  195. My friend and drugs.
  196. Local Family Has Daughter Born Without a Face
  197. Christmas Gifts 4 Dads?
  198. Navy doctors...
  199. The Minifig Museum of Modern Art
  200. Stupidity has no bounds, idiot robbers foiled by video game
  201. Need Coffee Brewer
  202. Thinking about getting a 2nd cat (already have a adult kitty)
  203. Is it worth it to go to Veterinary school?
  204. Help me, Chicagoland Otters (and those who know Chicago)
  205. Painting Concrete tips?
  206. Tea maker?
  207. Injured cat, what to do?
  208. convetnion for one, two, three vs. 1,2,3 for APA style
  209. My son was just promoted to 3rd degree blackbelt
  210. New car brag thread + recommend a wax
  211. Secret Santa Gift for $10
  212. More fun with zero tolerance: Girl arrested,suspended for having scissors in backpack
  213. Seattle Otter January Meet Saturday, January 15th
  214. Any decent restaurants around the Getty museum?
  215. Should I ask Mrs. Pusser to give me this t-shirt for Xmas?
  216. What to get my nephew for Christmas?
  217. South America
  218. Dumb lawsuit of the week: Wal-Mart sued over CD (merged)
  219. New & Improved Live Journal Pic
  220. Spears Stinks Out Plane with Feet
  221. Raincoat or umbrella in Europe?
  222. This has GOT to be the baddest bitch on earth!
  223. Edit King Otter Pals: Ever have epidermal injections in your spine?
  224. So what should I keep in my car?
  225. Iron fortified cereal actually contains little bits of metal.
  226. Apology to Tarantino
  227. I need Washington D.C. help.
  228. Ebay help -winner claims he didn't get item
  229. does being the loudest yeller get you anywhere in business?
  230. Looking for a cool gift idea for someone who loves gardening.
  231. Why is the McRib so darn tasty?
  232. I've been demoted. :(
  233. Huge downtick in SPAM?
  234. terrorists could use L-A-S-E-R-S
  235. Best Ab Machine
  236. Huge uptick in spam?
  237. Best DVD bargains in Sunni Triangle? (I'm deploying to Iraq!)
  238. In New York City this weekend - where should we eat?
  239. I walked in and I felt "them" drop down my pants leg and roll out the door.
  240. Erie County NY to have second highest sales tax in the country
  241. Anybody into Designer Vinyl toys?
  242. "Don't pull your love out on me baby..."
  243. What's your penalty verdict for Scott Peterson?
  244. DVDs for Toys for Tots?
  245. someone has seen the light, atheist turns to God
  246. I want a Pachinko machine
  247. Question for Boatdrinks (TV writer's salaray)
  248. Explain to me the History of Xmas
  249. Shocking results of police DNA tests of Michael Jackson
  250. Who do you think deserves "The Most Quoted Other Forum Member" Award?