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  1. Anyone buy gold, silver, and other precious metals?
  2. Yet another Nigerian ID scam (will they ever learn?)
  3. Tonight I kicked the crap out of an 8 year-old in air hockey...
  4. Power tools that define manhood (or: how did I go so long without a...)
  5. So, need some mod advice for my car
  6. Woman Auctions Father's Ghost on eBay
  7. Countdown to DVD Talk's "Big Forum Shutdown to Glory" (post your last words here)
  8. OK, so this game is addicting...
  9. Cant stop going to IHOP
  10. Caption this before the site goes offline!
  11. Proof women will run the world soon
  12. Space pic: Lake Effect Snow on Earth
  13. Post your DISASTROUS DATE experiences -
  14. Why are we willing to die for our country?
  15. Where does Cliff Yablonski get all his pictures
  16. My messed up date at Disney World
  17. attn: Muppets/Henson fans
  18. Jokes for the ladies
  19. 11-Year-Old Newman Girl Found Dead In Ditch
  20. When was the last time you got a parking ticket?
  21. google h4x0r
  22. Massive explosions in Houston Chem/Oil Plant
  23. I don't want to get sick
  24. Am I livin' on the EDGE of insanity...OR WHAT???
  25. Real Estate / Taxes Question
  26. stock up on viagra, people may soon live for 1000 years
  27. tell me why it's ethical to eat people!
  28. Legal Question: PLEASE HELP!
  29. How(temperate) do you like your bathwater
  30. Want to lose weight? Zimbabwe has a way
  31. Looking for a registration "avoidance" website?
  32. Anorexia anyone?
  33. I found $100!!!!!
  34. Today's Dumb Question: Do you touch the flush handle with your hand or just lick it?
  35. What's that site to login to subscription websites without actually signing up?
  36. Study : Younger Teens Gain More Sex Experience
  37. When did you stop believing in Santa?
  38. Why is there no natural gas in the East?
  39. Thinking about buying a home
  40. Does anyone know this comedian?
  41. I finally finished the 2003 Christmas movie!
  42. IBM to sell of PC business.
  43. Mars was wet!
  44. Do you remember to use the dvdtalk affiliate links?
  45. Can (PS) avatars intimidate you?
  46. lycos UK - randy are we?
  47. What will you do during DVD Talk's downtime Saturday?
  48. Can you make yourself cry? How?
  49. Illinois Governor Puts Kibosh On Flavored Condoms
  50. Treasures of King Tut returning to LA, other U.S. sites
  51. What's with this "Go to first new post" thing?
  52. Tell me about.... La Jolla
  53. Boston Terrier help
  54. People in casinos that you love to hate
  55. What ever happened to Norm MacDonald?
  56. Touching Family Moment in Iran
  57. Walt Disney World Bumps Single Day Tickets To Near $60
  58. South and West have the most dangerous streets
  59. What is a concept that you find intriguing?
  60. We live in a world with no personal responsibility.
  61. How do you cut a pineapple?
  62. Prisoners no longer allowed to play violent video games :(
  63. Do you know of large "ride-on" toys?
  64. Man Caught On Ladder Allegedly Watching Neighbor Bathe
  65. How do they figure ratings for radio stations?
  66. Mt. St. Helens is now the biggest polluter in Wa state
  67. Any ideas on what I should name my new daughter?
  68. Space pic: Mimas, Rings, and Shadows
  69. Going to see Chicago tonight
  70. Vacation package sites? And destination suggestions.
  71. Scam eBay buyer not happy and wants lower price or refund. What's his recourse?
  72. So i'm joining the US Army.
  73. Going back to New Orleans Next Weekend...
  74. Interesting read on red dwarf planets.
  75. All About Uranus
  76. How come old women dye their hair?
  77. How come old people bug you about their Grandchildren all the time?
  78. Why do people talk with their hands?
  79. So, I started scratching on a nuckle and then proceeded to pull the skin back...
  80. there may finally be a HIV vaccine
  81. Eat cereal all day long at this restaurant!
  82. New York hotel offers $10,000 martini
  83. Applying to Best Buy - Question about Callback
  84. Why don't the environmentalists refocus their vengeance on the phone companies?
  85. Check out this cool custom car!
  86. Couple marry in gibbon wedding
  87. Plane Ticket Discount for Funeral?
  88. Possible new world's tallest building in the works.
  89. I've been sodomized
  90. Is it too early to talk about Taxes?
  91. What's the point of Veganism?
  92. Does anyone not use Poker Source Online?
  93. Stoners stealing Sponge Bob balloons at BK
  94. Anyone Ever Use Nicoderm CQ Successfully?
  95. Discovery Channel in action, watch a spider eat a mouse
  96. Why can't they improve the technology on vending machines?
  97. Need Tokyo recommendations
  98. Do you remember you first post?
  99. 2 cup coffee maker majiggy?
  100. Auto battery, dying or just sick?
  101. DVDTalk Monthly Poker Tournament: Official Otter Invite (Pokerstars 12/1)
  102. Have you gotten mugged before?
  103. My brother is coming back from Iraq and visiting Prague. Any advice/ideas??
  104. Festivus is near... Are you ready?
  105. Lycos Offers Spam-Server Attack Program
  106. My hole stinks SO BAD
  107. Princess and former Marine file for divorce
  108. Please recommend a fluffer!
  109. "Dude, we're not there yet....."
  110. El Scorcho stubbed a toe in the shower! Details inside!!!!
  111. Christmas present dilemma
  112. just like the spartans, the dutch are Euthanizing babies
  113. Need to find sound clip from Superman movie
  114. Question about outdoor Christmas lights
  115. Suggestions on how to stay warm at work?
  116. cellphones that turn into plants
  117. Killer Lava Lamps
  118. Ya know what I like best about DVD talk?
  119. Principal Apologizes For Reading 'School Prayer' Poem
  120. Dad Dies Of Heart Attack After Accidentally Shooting & Killing Son At Deer Feeder
  121. do you miss any websites that went the way of the dodo bird?
  122. Washington Mutual scam email
  123. Fun kid things to do in Chicago?
  124. Probably Played it wrong...
  125. I just had my identity stolen! - anyone else receive or answer fraudulent e-mails?
  126. Fire Kills Pedagogue's and My Old Stompin' Grounds
  127. Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses should not be this tough to find.
  128. Opinion: Direct sales people for utilities/phone/internet
  129. any miami folks here?
  130. The $1 Tourney that won't end
  131. scarves on men?
  132. Slightly inappropriate comment by pil0t today
  133. Its that time of year again-- The truth about Kwanzaa
  134. Law to shovel snow?
  135. Does Santa wrap his presents?
  136. She's Gone(the saga continues...or ends)
  137. DIYers/ contractors/ homeowners...help!
  138. I need suggestions for a comfortable bike seat.
  139. Ack! I'm stuck at home today!
  140. Check out the new SCO slogan...
  141. Anybody good at photochopping a gif together?
  142. Parents: better think twice before turning in your own kids.
  143. I am about to die...
  144. I guess it's time to turn on the heat
  145. Alternative medicine
  146. Employment based on your credit history
  147. The most trying 9 days of my life....
  148. Historical Dissapearing Act
  149. physics question help
  150. Paralyzed Woman Walks Again after stem cell therapy.
  151. You're favorite type of Poker other than Holdem?
  152. Ebay question: Selling a large quantity of items?
  153. free chipsets for deposits?
  154. i went skeet shooting today!! it was cool.
  155. Moving back/rib pain.
  156. Satellite Radio May Not Escape FCC Restrictions
  157. Statue of Lenin to be lit up in December. In Fremont Washington
  158. Poker Night on Sirius Radio
  159. I opened a safe deposit box today -- do you have one?
  160. Don't Have Sex, Kids. Any Questions?
  161. What is up with these eBay auctions!!!
  162. Who's sick of Thanksgiving leftovers?
  163. new IQ test I found... I got A 27! Wouldn't that make me profoundly retarded?
  164. If you're bored.....
  165. eBay sellers exhibit Robin Hood in reverse
  166. kvrdave's dogs and Jeffrey Walnut thread.
  167. Getting rid of carpet "dents/indents"??
  168. President's Visit. Drills?
  169. Best eBay sniping service?
  170. Who's drinking tonight?
  171. Did my dog just faked a humping strike to test me??
  172. So, I'm having problems with a bra on my cat
  173. PDXers - where to buy cheap christmas trees?
  174. Do you Pergo?
  175. Dogs and pregnant women questions
  176. Drug Policy Alliance turns down $200K grant over anti-terror clause
  177. WHO: Influenza pandemic "inevitable"
  178. Friday Nite Poker Quiz #2
  179. Drinking and typing, how good are you?
  180. Should Martha Stewart remain in prison longer?
  181. NooB needs recommedations on Cell Phone
  182. does anyone speak serbian?.. or knows of a translator?
  183. I finally got it.
  184. Abortion?
  185. To kill a Mockingbird . . . sort of
  186. Parents new house PICS
  187. Screw Twikoff
  188. So, did you have turkey on T-day? [merged]
  189. Black Friday: Shop or Sheep
  190. Pictures that may you laugh [vaguely mature]
  191. Italian hit-man dressed as a cop that shot JFK
  192. Is your Christmas tree/decorations up yet?
  193. Need to get the cats to stop urinating there as their litterbox is over here.
  194. Your amazon feedback
  195. Is anyone else working today?
  196. Turkey cooking time disparity
  197. ATM card stuck in ATM
  198. Patients told to go to U.S.
  199. Iraqi, U.S. Forces Find Largest Fallujah Arms Cache
  200. Happy Thanksgving
  201. I was fapping yesterday at work...do I have any rights?
  202. Principal is whipped to punish two teens!
  203. Massively zoomable panoramic photo!
  204. Army issuing lightsabers in Iraq for use as bayonets ;)
  205. Caption this - long Jerky edition
  206. Cute Puppy Pic
  207. Who made God?
  208. i need my pants.:(
  209. Anyone ever use carpet squares or carpet tiles?
  210. Anyone else do thier own fight club?
  211. Photographers: Anybody have a Sunpak Model 7500 Pro Tripod?
  212. go to Google and type ".................."!
  213. Okay, here is some eBay weirdness! 21 meters of...
  214. Net Romance Ends In Killing, Revelation Groom Was Woman
  215. What do you buy a redneck slumlord Star Trek dork who has everything?
  216. I need a new Vacuum Cleaner
  217. eBay strangeness
  218. Mexican drug agents burned alive by Mexican mob (as in crowd of Mexcians) in Mexico
  219. Now that's one expensive magazine.
  220. How South Dakota saved the credit card and how the republicans almost killed it
  221. Ow!
  222. So, why arenít we playing more stud?
  223. Need Urgent Advice On Electricial Problem
  224. Five years later can I forgive and forget?
  225. Does anyone else's cat snore?
  226. Advice: Things to do in Chicago
  227. Good bonuses
  228. Driving Directions
  229. I need a new Washing Machine....
  230. How many beers does it take for you to get buzzed?
  231. Do you check and see what people you know and family members are buying on ebay?
  232. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge II [12/01/04 $10+1 NL]
  233. Treadmill Vs Elliptical
  234. And the nation's most dangerous city is now...
  235. What is my name?
  236. The Benihana shrimp-tossin' killer (or: there are too many lawyers)
  237. Anyone know how to make t-shirts ?
  238. 'Hairy' Houdini (Dog) Caught On Tape -- Again -- Locking Out His Owners
  239. I bought my first digital camera
  240. Give an Otter Welcome to Mosquitobite, Belladonna, & Rhoda!! 3 new women! holy crap!
  241. Dolphins Protect Swimmers From Shark Attack
  242. Dolphins Save Swimmers
  243. I got accepted to grad school!!
  244. Wild chase, gunfire turns fatal: Cops: Dad mows down robbery suspect with SUV
  245. Favorite kind of soup?
  246. Seattle DVDTalk/Otter Meet Part #2
  247. Plumbing problem
  248. Xmas present problem
  249. Florida : No adults allowed -- unless accompanied by a child
  250. Why are there so many crazy people in Wisconsin?