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  1. Ralph Lauren Polo or Lacoste?
  2. going to the dark side... looking for an SUV
  3. Loving you ALL from Los Angeles!
  4. Tips for selling on Ebay
  5. What do you do about Dandruff ???
  6. How to stop a mail thief?
  7. Restroom fan at work from Aliens
  8. Punishing the kids
  9. So my brother got married today...
  10. So, to whom did you give Christmas tips / bonuses?
  11. Colorado signs law kicking slow drivers out of the fast lane
  12. Soon, changing a tire will be illegal
  13. Photochop request to talented otters!
  14. The Christmas gift that keeps on giving...
  15. Liza Minnelli fell out of bed...let's wish her luck
  16. Anyone a member of Star Wars Insider?
  17. Where do you (((ITCH))) the most?
  18. do NOt open this thread until Dec 28, 2005
  19. Russian Prison Tattoos and their meaning
  20. Oh how did I forget, yesterday was a sad 20th anniversary.
  21. Going to Cancun for Spring Break
  22. A question for the men of the forum.
  23. Just saw something disturbing at the mall....
  24. George Carlin enters rehab...let's wish him luck!
  25. Does the military carry passports?
  26. Post some poker hand nicknames.
  27. So, did you like the present I got you?
  28. After Earthquake & Tsunamis - Jet Li is Not Missing...
  29. What to do in Nashville?
  30. YMCA scheduling snafu pits tots against trannies
  31. Where can you donate used/old Eye Glasses?
  32. Desperate advice needed: fallen in love with close friend/best friend
  33. The Holiday Tales Thread
  34. OMG, it fell right out of my ear~!!!
  35. Celebrity Six Degrees: who are YOU connected to?
  36. Biggest NEWS of 2004?
  37. 2004: Your year in review!
  38. Who DIED this year?
  39. What to do about leaking apartment?
  40. Check out the pics I scanned
  41. Clay Aiken Hates The Little Children
  42. Gay penguins
  43. Does your family drink alcohol?
  44. Need your help - got scammed out of $450 on eBay :mad:
  45. what's you favorite website?
  46. Tidal Waves Kill More Than 120,000 in Asia
  47. New Years Resolutions...
  48. Since Christmas is pretty much over, the songs can go too.
  49. Post a pic of something you own and let us figure out what it is.
  50. Anyone else have their luggage lost?
  51. Open today?
  52. What's the crappiest gift you received?
  53. post your Christmas 2004 pics
  54. Bad kids get presents sold on eBay
  55. Ebay / Paypal, how to protect yourself from chargebacks?
  56. The One and Only 'Bah Humbug' Thread
  57. Anyone ever been in a movie?
  58. The One and Only "Merry Christmas" thread (merged)
  59. Build your very own castle!
  60. One of the greatest gifts of all...
  61. Post photos of your tats
  62. $make Lots Of Quick Cash The Easy Way$$no Joke
  63. Ugh. I overdid Christmas gifting. :(
  64. Merry Christmas to all
  65. Why are the prettiest girls in the world SO WEIRD???
  66. Will you die Friday April 13th 2029?
  67. Global Warming question from Popular Science
  68. Damn auto repair shop closed early with my finished car inside! ARRGGGGGGHHHHH!!
  69. 12 year old booted from school dance for dressing as Santa
  70. Anyone know anything about refrigerators?
  71. Why were there People lined up at 5am at BB?
  72. A truly bad Christmas video from me to you
  73. My new tattoo
  74. Ok, so, .... how did you clear your hemorrhoids up ?
  75. Question(s) about interracial relationships.
  76. Is the banana over-rated?
  77. To anyone on stars right NOW
  78. Tag Heuer Watches (Formula One)
  79. Have ya ever heard of a haunted apartment? I don't think so.
  80. Indoor nudity to be illegal
  81. Weird, random question of the day (Maybe the year)
  82. F-22 Raptor crashes on training mission.
  83. Help me understand this 'Holiday Cartoon'
  84. Post your snow photos here! Make everyone jealous!
  85. Things that you remember from 2004?
  86. poor little otters... (letters to Walken)
  87. Check Your Party Poker accounts
  88. Would a famous actors death cause you to cry?
  89. Level 2 & 3 warnings all over Ohio!
  90. Ever Been To Jollibee's?
  91. Question for those into the B-Boy scene
  92. Questions on Eloping
  93. HELP!!! Water spilled on Cell Phone...need advice
  94. A10 strikes back: ANH (SE)
  95. I've got a broken nose. Do you?
  96. got reoccurring dreams?
  97. California company sells cloned cat, generating ethics debate
  98. Weird Pics of the year..
  99. Having kids at age 40 is stupid
  100. A Christmas Tale (long, but true)
  101. Damn thieves!
  102. It's almost 2005 anyone thing Topbunk moved out?
  103. Anyone have a hydro-pak?
  104. In the midst of a bad streak....
  105. I need a new name. :( Thoughts?
  106. got OCD?
  107. First snow of the season...Why do people forget how to drive?
  108. First snow of the season ( how do you photgraph snow falling?)
  109. Did you know that the proper placement of your words can make you successful?
  110. Good Team building activities?
  111. Atlantic City Advice.
  112. Rental car question.
  113. Rent a midget
  114. Fired? Today?
  115. Fooey to the World: Festivus Is Come
  116. The Ringing, The Ringing!
  117. "Coming out"..."Dating"..."Seeing someone"...difference?
  118. 2 AWESOME NEW short films i made
  119. Lets see who can photo shop this
  120. Interfaith marraiges and children...
  121. What's a classic but forgotten thread you started?
  122. Anyone going to CES? (merged)
  123. Need help asking this girl out at work.......
  124. Mom sues Wal-Mart over daughter's suicide (merged)
  125. Things are really hoppin down in Frogtown
  126. Rocket launch in t- 4 minutes
  127. Design the otterville money
  128. Pickles
  129. I just won the lottery!
  130. How to play this hand
  131. Its Winter! Time to write in the Snow!!
  132. Anyone out there Lactose intolerant?
  133. Serious Legal Advice needed: Car Audio Theft/Scam
  134. I mean what are the odds of this happening.....
  135. I bought an "interesting" beanie baby yesterday.
  136. Yahoo refuses to release email acct to family of dead soldier
  137. Anyone take fiber on a regular basis?
  138. Top 12 things i learned from my stay in London!
  139. Mouthbreather
  140. My Dog Died Yesterday
  141. Don't buy Broughton's Milk!
  142. Sucks to be this guy.....
  143. Losing my cell phone was the greatest this to ever happen to me!!
  144. Seepage or too much humidity in my house?
  145. kvrdave and others: help me understand this credit report for a potential tenant
  146. How popular is your name?
  147. Freelancing and taxes?
  148. Post a picture of your computer room !
  149. Aleve Latest Drug to Draw Scrutiny
  150. When did you stop going to church (and would you go back?)
  151. Lease or buy BMW / Boxster ?????
  152. We didn't get any mail today!
  153. How does the post office assign street addresses?
  154. Cool things to do in NYC?
  155. Does anyone here surf? Would you surf a 40 ft wave?
  156. Guys first time on tv ends in UTTER CHAOS~!1
  157. What do I do with king crab legs?
  158. Chemistry help
  159. What to get mentors at work for Christmas?
  160. Christmas Present Wrapping
  161. What are you getting your S.O.?
  162. Fireworks...how to remote light them??
  163. I need to get a Christmas gift for my Dad. But what?
  164. So, do you get a Christmas Bonus
  165. No matter where ya go you can always keep in touch with us because DVD Talk is there!
  166. Need suggestions for Christmas present after only 6 dates?
  167. To what age do you wish to live?
  168. When spammers include their home phone
  169. Sending Christmas cars: a generational thing?
  170. Pick up AM Radio on Walkman
  171. Support Our Troops Magnetic Ribbons
  172. I don't like this AT&T/Cingular merger
  173. Josh Brolin Arrested for alleged spousal battery
  174. Any interest in a Columbus,oh meet?
  175. um, it's -20 degrees outside!
  176. When you're on probation, or have community service...
  177. How many Christmas cards do you send? Bonus: photo or pre-printed?
  178. Pinocchio-Men! Inquire Within!
  179. My Baby Boy's Not Such A Baby Anymore!
  180. Smell my chest. Do you smell cholesterol?
  181. Starting Business with Family Members
  182. So, I got my first grey hairs
  183. so, ... TEK, how is the tingler creature?
  184. I think im going to De-Gift someone
  185. Need suggestions for Christmas Eve Dinner
  186. What to get my 5 year old niece for Xmas?
  187. Are you a TEAM PLAYER at work?
  188. It's my birthday! Yippee!
  189. You just can't have anything nice anymore!!
  190. Last minute Christmas shopping, or my kid has to have THAT
  191. Worst. Joke. Ever.
  192. Things that cause you to lose your appetite
  193. Got my first royal flush in tourney play
  194. Google
  195. Don't wanna pick the doody up after your Dog? Walk them at night...
  196. Any coin collectors out there?(Interesting Story)
  197. Face irritation bumps :(
  198. How many stamps would it take to mail a DVD?
  199. RANT: Bank charges me overdraft
  200. how long after you met your S.O... (relationship stuff)
  201. why do people run/walk in the street
  202. Is there a doctor in the house?
  203. BoatDrinks has a Bacon # of 2
  204. SPILL IT HERE! What is it that makes you happy & your life worth living?
  205. I T I S F I N A L L Y T I M E T O T E L L T H E S T O R Y
  206. Mortgage/Credit Card question
  207. legal advice? Home contractor experience
  208. A fun trick to play on a friend...
  209. Kansas Supreme Court rules death penalty unconstitutional
  210. Yet another Flash mini-golf game
  211. B. Kliban Appreciation Thread
  212. Just Leave Christmas Alone
  213. Dancing Eggs
  214. Wal-Mart does a price rollback on salaries!
  215. Is there a term forů
  216. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAH BOOOYEEEE!!!! The company xmas gift to end all all company xmas gifts
  217. Don't you hate it when you buy something that you have to put together....
  218. Pregnant woman murdered and 8 month old fetus stolen from body!
  219. Question about Yearly Car Safety Inspections?
  220. Which household chore do you most hate doing?
  221. Deep fried Mars bars.
  222. Am I a bad person for laughing at this cartoon?
  223. Sobering memories of racist America...
  224. Is a bartender liable for a drunk driver?
  225. Tortured Souls.
  226. Online Trading, best one?
  227. Credit Card Balance Transfers, worth it? (2004-05 ed.)
  228. So... who remembers the mitnick hype?
  229. Convince me I wont hate Opryland!
  230. Free Robert Blake!
  231. Woman wearing cleavage shirt gives me a snotty look. So what? It's MY fault?
  232. Gah! Premature expiration- my man milk just ended up in the sink!
  233. How does severance work?
  234. France May Require Sex Offenders To Wear Tracking Devices
  235. Is there anyone who doesn't like Potatoes ?
  236. Half of all Britons have never heard of Auschwitz killings
  237. PokerEdge
  238. Last minute gift idea: old Soviet junk
  239. Explain this banner ad to me
  240. How many of you carry a handkercheif?
  241. Alleged 'Knuckle Sandwich' Threat Gets Nun Fired
  242. Anybody else buy newspapers for kids / nieces / nephews?
  243. Board Games
  244. Another Addicting Flash Game... (Merry Christmas!)
  245. Chicago Suburban Otters, your assistance please
  246. Be honest, those boogers end up going where?
  247. Which smilie has shown the least improvement - A vote
  248. What to do with old magazines?
  249. What poker variations do you guys play in home games?
  250. Donald Trump - the Cabbage Patch Kid!