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  1. How common is your last name?
  2. Roof/rain gutter question
  3. anyone ever stayed at the atlantis resort in nassau bahamas?
  4. How long can you ride the unicycle?
  5. state worker sues for having nothing to do
  6. Getting new tires and I have a ?
  7. I just want to publicly affirm my love of the B-2 Stealth Bomber [tons o' pics]
  8. SO-Snowblower jammed by newspaper-how to get out? (pics)
  9. Do I have to have all my W2's and 1099's in before I can file?
  10. Niag. Falls police burn 18yo girl with flashbang. US Customs was there too.
  11. Police: Woman threw sex parties for teenagers
  12. Help! Major Car Issue! Need Advice!
  13. What fruits are native to North America?
  14. Slumber party turns to crime spree
  15. Sugar-Free Candy?
  16. What a pleasure it is to read your stuff, EVERYBODY!!!
  17. Holy Crap!! We are supposed to get two feet of snow today!! (weekend snow thread)
  18. Sometimes a hyphen in a website URL can make a big difference...
  19. Man Castrates Self through Internet
  20. Anyone speak French?
  21. Do bank transactions occur during off hours? Late night musings.
  22. Don't like the South? (Foul language warning, NWS)
  23. Guy in volkswagen commercial... what other commercial has he done
  24. Omaha: Flopped quads & nut fullhouse
  25. Scientists claim to have found cancer "master switch"
  26. The Zombie sound alike lookalike thread
  27. The most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen...
  28. My MARVELous Museum (Photographic Journey of Otter Collections)
  29. Valedictorian(s)?
  30. Post an aerial pic of your house thread
  31. Pisser Philosophy
  32. Alternatives to butter, associated health issues
  33. Hilarious drunk-driving stop
  34. Have you ever 'fished' wires through (up/down) a wall ?
  35. Mom gives 4 yr old son crack rock to "calm him down"
  36. Do you ever *POP* (Aka: "Slap") the hiney of the one you Love?
  37. how many questions does it take, to read your mind?
  38. Student sues to end summer homework
  39. Beck and Call, or Beckon Call
  40. Haunted Butt
  41. "Scientific" Discussion: What causes people to be heterosexual or homosexual?
  42. I'm a Twixter.
  43. How much time in a day do you spend buck naked?
  44. These eBay scammers are the worst yet! They can BITE ME! (profanity ahead)
  45. Original Picasso drawing sells for $40k at Costco.com
  46. What's for lunch?
  47. Swish
  48. How to find location of funeral services?
  49. Need advice on auto accident
  50. Some people are wierd...
  51. Time Waster: Place the U.S. States
  52. Bill Cosby Sexually Assaults All the Women (allegedly...PROBABLY)
  53. This Has to Be Homer Simpson...
  54. Home Buying: Home Insurance: Reviews?
  55. Need some help embarassing someone on their birthday
  56. Is anyone else getting email about ebay account suspended ?
  57. Do you volunteer?
  58. The Hasselhoffian Recursion
  59. I learned something new about my father today....
  60. List of Companies that will sponsor F1 Student Visa's to work in USA?
  61. 63 cats found in truck.
  62. The latest in cutting edge redneck technology....
  63. Blackjack Vs. Poker
  64. The wait check bluff.
  65. What was the largest mouthful of stuff that you ever swallowed?
  66. ever use a rent-a-furniture place?
  67. Selling a Ring, how much $$ might I expect to get?
  68. So potatoes are NASCAR now?
  69. recommend a cc for a college student?
  70. I got a boss (temporary) tattoo!
  71. Just cashed out of Paradise Poker
  72. Is there some place that I can cash a British postal order in America?
  73. Do you lose weight when you go potty?
  74. Reload Bonus Maillist?
  75. So, I am now an entrepreneur
  76. where can i check up on a company?
  77. In-joke(s) you don't understand.
  78. Jumbo Squid Wash Onto California Beaches
  79. I'm going to get my third 4" needle shot in my upper spine this morning. COMFORT ME!
  80. Oh No! SpongeBob is GAY?!?! Conservative Christian groups think so..
  81. DAMMIT, I have a stiff one :-( and I can barely walk.
  82. Anyone want free trading cards from early 90s?
  83. What to do while in Los Angeles?
  84. Terror threat in Boston today? 1/19
  85. Does anybody here have Rosacea?
  86. Need Otter Power to name a business
  87. Anyone else like "Variety" meats?
  88. A very good friend, and film maker has passed...lost at sea...
  89. Hey! We bought the newest Premier Comfort Aerobed and we Love it!
  90. Recommend a place to stay and things to do in Palm Springs
  91. Ebay spoof or not
  92. OUCH- had four crowns removed yesterday!
  93. Most/Least affordable housing areas in the country [article]
  94. Fastest way to get over a cold?
  95. Simpson arrested, well, not OJ but his daughter.
  96. Happy birthday DVDtalk!
  97. Tsunami trauma sparks foreign ghost sightings
  98. YAEBT--Suspension! Ebay help please!
  99. Beer could help fight cancer
  100. Stan Lee: I'm Rich, true Believers!
  101. DAMN! Petite teen swallows 11 pounds of BIG beef in record time! WOW!
  102. Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww!(Uses of WD 40)
  103. Have you had a credit card (or numbers) stolen?
  104. Going to NYC Diamond District - Advice?
  105. Check out this Ebay Auction...
  106. DC: The Storm Of The Century Of The Week
  107. Ashlee Simpson petition..
  108. Ephedra by prescription?
  109. Just4Fun: Doc from Gunsmoke told me I was gonna die soon and God gave me 3 wishes
  110. Buying a used Washer/Dryer and Fridge?
  111. Harvard Prof. remarks on women draws fire (re: math & science skills)
  112. What's the worst thing to be eating when you sneeze?
  113. How many siblings (if any) do you have?
  114. Religion and capital punishment
  115. Is this eBay $5 off deal for real?
  116. Stricken with insomnia
  117. Need to pay off credit cards, advice?
  118. american idol
  119. Attorney faces the "Jury pool from hell"
  120. Stella awards (the best of frivolous lawsuits)
  121. Show your Facial Hair thread.
  122. Photoshop experts, I have a project for you.
  123. Calif. to Execute Inmate in 1981 Slayings (Wed 12:01 AM)
  124. Tell me this is a fake ad
  125. Richard Hatch (Survivor) to Plead Guilty to Tax Evasion
  126. Anyone looking for long lost friends or relatives?
  127. Go Gamecocks!
  128. So my best friend's nephew thinks he is a lesbian
  129. South City man gets 4 years for sex with relative of some sort
  130. and the Darwin Awards winner is.....
  131. Purchasing New House/Home Inspection/Reinspection Question - Need answer whenever
  132. Airbus Shows Off New Giant 'Superjumbo'
  133. Purchasing New House/Offer/Mortgage Question - Need answer kinda quick
  134. How does the "Girl Description of Another Girl" work?
  135. A nasty bruise on my left arm, how long before I should be concerned?
  136. Screaming in your sleep?
  137. Screaming in your sleep?
  138. I shaved my bear
  139. I have sex offenders in my neighborhood! Do you?
  140. New Jersey Family Probably Slaughtered Because of anti-Muslim postings
  141. damn this sucks! our dog is missing. :(
  142. Do You Have a Passport?
  143. Should wealthier people pay higher traffic fines?
  144. Who's taking advantage of the recent snow?
  145. Moving to California...how to smooth transition?
  146. The Drunken German
  147. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
  148. A mathematical brain teaser [spiral (TM) iteration]
  149. My heart's full of pain and sorrow right now.
  150. The Oregonian is pissing me off!
  151. MLK: East Phoenix Valley is still lagging in fight for equality
  152. Denver drivers + ice = crashes
  153. My Atlantic City Trip Report [WINDBAG WARNING]
  154. In love. But not being loved back.
  155. What is your major malfunction!
  156. Harsh/Curious rejection today.
  157. Holy Ice Age, Batman! It's 54 BELOW Zero in Minnesota!!
  158. Car Help! Check brake system warning
  159. A question for those who own their own business..
  160. Catching a hooky-bob
  161. "I'm so lazy..." Competition
  162. Taking a dump at work..
  163. Jamster fun sounds... needs to die
  164. Ever dream about saving someone's life?
  165. Question about Cat food
  166. What to expect from cat in their senior years?
  167. Man shoots self in head with nailgun, doesn't realize it
  168. Evan Scott Custody Battle
  169. How do i find out if/what crimes have been committed in my neighborhood?
  170. So, do you think of my style on taking pictures?
  171. Sooo, my cat likes McDonald's Cheeseburgers...
  172. Enzyte : Are people actually that stupid ?
  173. Credit Card Interest Rate Limit?
  174. Former McDonald's CEO Dies
  175. Blockbuster/Collection Agency Conundrum
  176. Girls don't like nerds, true story.
  177. Move over Mr Potato here comes Darth Tater
  178. I think my neighbor is stealing power
  179. So, are you a DVDTalk tattle-tale?
  180. Question about manure
  181. Dog Sitting Dilema
  182. Need blender recommendation for smoothies
  183. Post pictures of your TATOOS !
  184. Whacked-out-******-up relationship thread
  185. Seattle Otter Meet Jan '05!!!! Pics and highlights thread!
  186. Anyone here works for BofA?
  187. disturbing...yet i can't stop watching
  188. Was someone trying to murder me??
  189. Frat boy belly flops into wading pool, breaks neck, sues frat for $25 Million
  190. UK "Child Act" has taken effect
  191. so my amazon 25% off coupon expires in 2 hours...
  192. I think my car engine is dead
  193. this guy is really annoying me...
  194. PDX Freezing Rain: Ummm, why are you driving so fast?
  195. OK so i just caught my buddy jerking off
  196. Sicko woman kills her daughter
  197. How Much does a garage door cost?
  198. Trip to Boston this weekend
  199. Stressed Out At Work - Advice?
  200. Why am i so wonky tired?
  201. Any good vegan/environmentalist charities out there?
  202. Was this guy going to steal my laundry?
  203. anyone going to see the lion king
  204. Cold symptoms/effects?
  205. Take out and Tipping
  206. Beavismom's tip of the day - If you haven't had chicken pox, get the shot
  207. What's your HOME PAGE?
  208. Whale vs Kayak! Whale WINS!
  209. Anyone go clubbing alone?
  210. Religion in public schools
  211. Target Breast Cancer Bracelet
  212. Canon Digital Rebel value question
  213. Home mortgage loan: what's the good/bad about an "Interest Only" loan?
  214. I Looking for Sneakers that wont stretch to sides.
  215. Global Geopgraphy Challenge: Do you know where your country is?
  216. Wine Price and Dinner.....
  217. Etiquette question
  218. Video of NYC Councilman throwing chunk of metal at Fox news reporter
  219. Clint Eastwood: "I'll Kill Michael Moore".....
  220. Average gas heating bills?
  221. Career counselor suggests stripping to 8th graders
  222. Ghost caught on tape?
  223. did every local 11pm news station show the Denver crash?
  224. Is anyone else sick of Kirsty Alley going on how fat she is?
  225. "To End This Call, Simply Hang Up."
  226. U.s. Military Wanted 'sex Bomb'
  227. How clear is your memory of your life?
  228. Stupid Ebay Rant
  229. Work vs Family
  230. I can't believe these guys are still around.....
  231. How do you discipline a dog/puppy?
  232. Buffalo schools superintendent: we'll lower the standards and let you graduate, but..
  233. One of my neighbors is teh suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  234. Working out while sick?
  235. "Ali G" character causes near riot at rodeo
  236. Redneck Sells His Brother's Rotten Teeth (eBay)
  237. Are you starting your taxes yet?
  238. (Bored) Games
  239. Women vs Airbags
  240. Ebay payment questions?
  241. Tell me all about hosting a good home game
  242. Tilt is on tonight...
  243. House Electrical Problem
  244. Fun/Unorthodox Stuff to Do?
  245. Remember my painting class? Our class show opening is tonight
  246. Any of you peeps willing to tape a CBC show TONIGHT?
  247. I want to go on an India safari!! Help Me Please!
  248. Weather check.....brrrrrrrr.....
  249. Anything cool to see in Boston?
  250. Coffeemakers: how much do have to spend to get a HOT cup of joe?