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  1. What the hell can you get for free on your birthday now a days?
  2. New York Helmsley Midtown Hotel. Any one know of it? Is it good? Location etc...
  3. Track Runners or ex navy seal guys..
  4. the great toothpaste debate
  5. Strange Days indeed... "Sony Invention Beams Sights, Sounds Into Brain"
  6. Car Trouble, Help needed ASAP
  7. "We must protect this house!"
  8. I've decided to pledge to abstinence...
  9. biased judges suck!
  10. How to be unpopular on the internet
  11. Deputy Shows Up At Wrong Address, Uses Taser Gun On Marine
  12. Why do people post personal info on the internet without hiding themselves?
  13. Weird comment by secretary at work
  14. Anyone ever had a toenail come completely off?
  15. Check out this photomosaic I've been working on
  16. Google Wants Your Homemade Porn Videos!
  17. So I have to "play" straight tonight...
  18. Website illegally using someone's picture. How do you get them to take it off?
  19. High Speed Chase in LA?
  20. Another addition to the family
  21. Just saw a mouse at my job
  22. Check out our rival's new football uniforms.
  23. Anyone ever rent or purchase a "Mailing List"?
  24. Online Radio Stations: Suggestions
  25. Prince Rainier of Monacco (1923-2005)
  26. What is your current hairstyle?
  27. Reverse look up 800 number?
  28. I need help with cable tv install...
  29. Please help me select a major?
  30. Miles to Mama
  31. What is your eBay rating?
  32. Going out in Chicago...need advice
  33. So I have wasps in my house
  34. Pain in ___ ass
  35. Living w/ roomates? Who gets the bigger room?
  36. Killer & Warden's Wife Found After 11 Yrs Living in TX Raising Chickens
  37. Vegas shows
  38. Still looking for a house
  39. Anyone ever get a home equity loan or a 2nd mortgage?
  40. Ok, you pick up a shrimp(prepared any way you like), you bite it, and you see...
  41. Host Family Issues
  42. Boise Police: Strippers aren't art
  43. Does this job opening sound like a scam?
  44. A Poetry Fun Fact
  45. What's The Word For It?
  46. Poker live game, anyone payed this?
  47. Americans will need passports to re-enter from Canada by '08
  48. To save the space program, we have to destroy it.
  49. Jackson Immitates Terri Schiavo's Sister
  50. Show me some #@$%! hate
  51. Google does it again with free satellite maps
  52. Peter Jennings diagnosed with lung cancer
  53. Good Mornin' Wood
  54. Combining two loves: DVD's at poker night?
  55. Terri Schiavo's parents say thanks to supporters...
  56. Where can I send a free e-card from?
  57. Flags at half mast for the Pope?
  58. Caption This! - In honor of The Pope
  59. I sometimes wonder, "Can you imagine what comes out of that thing"
  60. I Broke My Phone! (Long)
  61. Amish Auto Insurance Options
  62. What's your favorite smell?
  63. Splinter jammed under fingernail
  64. ANyone here have a Myspace?
  65. Parents complaining about teachers using red ink because it's "too stressful."
  66. What is a load control switch?
  67. Have you ever made copious notes?
  68. "A Christmas Story" Home sold to CA Man
  69. Ever drive into your garage door?
  70. Got debts? Have no job? Need money?
  71. Recommend some killer Weed
  72. Aoccdrnig to rscheearch...
  73. Gotta tell someone, why not my dvdtalk friends
  74. Can I be a good father to three young chicks?
  75. Cigarette Markups?
  76. Ever wonder why you didn't think of that sooner?
  77. Is this a scam? (email from ebay asking me to update billing info)
  78. If I were single, this is how I would be different.....
  79. Star Wars dorks annoy me
  80. So, I had a dream last night
  81. Do you answer your phone?
  82. Cracker Jack has no prize...Two times in a row...
  83. So...After 27 years I wake up one day and like tossing my salad. How does that work?
  84. kvrdave starts to build a table
  85. Death Records research question
  86. South Beach Diet question
  87. Is AAA Roadside Assistance worth it?
  88. Damn you Kevin Smith or Does this make me a bad person thread?
  89. Anybody else fascinated by the death of the Pope?
  90. How much extra in mortgage payments do you pay each month?
  91. Girl shot after saying no to kiss
  92. 2005 Mercedes bargain....
  93. you do not want to see death he is ugly and we call him the govenor
  94. Maybe lawyers or whoever can help me with a question???
  95. Curse you DVDTalk Otters!!!!! the is now teh
  96. Longest word in the English language
  97. Ebay: Advertise on his big pole...
  98. Just to let everyone know, the pope just dies
  99. Grandfather story
  100. the lovely smell of cat piss soaked carpet
  101. Where do you sell Star Trek toys?
  102. Basement under garage question
  103. How come stores can't open a little early?
  104. Gunman Steals Bag Of Poop From Dog Walker
  105. Question for cat owners...
  106. So last night I had a dream I was married to Paris Hilton
  107. I woke up this morning & my throat was on FIRE! WARNING! CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION
  108. the future of searching
  109. UGH! Freeway reeks of [we don't allow this word in thread titles]!
  110. Are you able to fall asleep in public?
  111. Who will be the next Pope?
  112. I need to buy a suit. Help!
  113. Nerd-Induced Otter Dreams?
  114. To all those who take my posts seriously:
  115. Peeps - 50% off post-Easter sale
  116. The 50 Worst Times To Get Wood
  117. What do you do in this situation?
  118. Is this for real?
  119. Jury Duty next week! Will having a herniated disc & being on pain pills free me?
  120. The Cleveland Steamer, Grover-Style
  121. Vacation By Yourself? (merged)
  122. FTGAOTOMHD: If you were on trial, which DVD Talk members would you want on your jury?
  123. Ms. Wheelchair Stands Up, Loses Title
  124. Schiavically working through the day. Weekend plea.
  125. Civics can really go 140mph
  126. Where do I pick up leather treatment stuff?
  127. Remember to "Spring Forward" Saturday night or Sunday morning
  128. A new geek wormhole has opened in our dimension
  129. What April Fools gags have you heard today?
  130. I got gas for $1.06/gal this morning!
  131. Recommend noise blocking in-ear buds
  132. Salvador Dali Centennial Retrospective
  133. Ever seen this before (two comic strips - same gag)?
  134. New Google Gulp!
  135. Anybody know a place online to get a quality switchblade knife??
  136. The problem with biometric security...
  137. Breaking news: Michael Jackson accepts plea agreement; to allocute on Monday
  138. Document storage timeframe (bills, etc)?
  139. The pizza of death!
  140. Why Type of Shaver are you using?
  141. Do you lick or suck on a tootsie roll lolly pop?
  142. State/County Massage Regulations
  143. Anyone here own a Blackberry?
  144. I saw the strangest thing on the way to work this morning...
  145. I pulled out my own teeth!
  146. What's the Best Type Of Creatine To Take?
  147. Can someone post the picture of that guy holding the giant cat?
  148. CD Car Visors: Recommended?
  149. Man killed over cybertheft
  150. Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
  151. How long is your commute?
  152. U.S. News and World Report College Rankings released 4/1/05
  153. Comedian Mitch Hedberg is dead?
  154. What did you do while dvdtalk.com was down?
  155. Recommend speakers for an ipod
  156. Please tell me about the restruants "Red Robin" and "Smokey Bones"
  157. Scientology: Here's exactly what they believe! (top secret)
  158. Talk to me about steam cleaners
  159. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge V - 10+1 NL HE (4/06/05)
  160. musical breaks out during English college lecture
  161. Christians, Catholics, and Pagans
  162. What the hail?!? (56k hell)
  163. My grandpa just woke up from a coma.
  164. Anyone else have "cheap" friends?
  165. How common is tithing?
  166. How much (about) does it cost for those drop off laundry services?
  167. Makeup Poll
  168. What kind of scam is this?
  169. Pregnancy-safe heartburn relievers?
  170. Cordless tools....Ryobi, Rigid, DeWalt, etc.
  171. What's up with this ad for lowermybills.com?
  172. So I was chewing my burger today at the local In-and-Out...
  173. Canon S1-IS digicam lense/polarizer/etc questions
  174. Next on Rescue 911 ...
  175. So is Coppertone a Schedule 1 drug or a schedule 2 drug?
  176. KGB attempted to kill Pope; no indication of Corleone family involvement
  177. GM in fuel cell deal with government.....
  178. Only static avater please (yes X, this is for you...)
  179. Tips for a first-time ebay seller?
  180. My baby is in the final, please vote for her
  181. Dead Man's Fingers! (Ever felt a dead body? Now you can!)
  182. Ever notice how in advertising they shoot the entire cartridge & not just the bullet?
  183. Zoysia Grass - Is it worth it?
  184. Reproduction Paintings
  185. For anyone that's flown from the US to the UK...
  186. More Canadian animal lovin
  187. Cities/areas with highly educated people working lesser jobs
  188. ? for home-owners: Appraisals
  189. Another teacher caught up in a sex scandal
  190. Uh Oh...Pope Getting Nutrition From Feeding Tube
  191. Good hair styling (holding) products for a guy?
  192. Managers - What are some good websites for guidence & tips?
  193. What kind of Pop Tarts are you eating these days?
  194. Overwhelmed choosing cellular plan
  195. NY to tax out of state residents
  196. So, anyone try to build a "kitty condo"?
  197. Aladdin DVD review by Dr. Soviet
  198. Evolution before our eyes? 2 Walking Octopus caught on video
  199. Could You Do This? (eBay)
  200. Christian Activist Jerry Falwell Taken to Hospital
  201. Johnnie Cochran dies after extended illness
  202. Selling large collections of anything
  203. Okie Noodling?!? What in the h@ll.
  204. LOL County comptroller can't pay her taxes on time
  205. Using "urban" when people mean "black"
  206. What's the average size of a washer/dryer?
  207. Beijing to Move 5 Million to Suburbs
  208. Oh great. My next door neighbor just put up a basketball hoop for his kids
  209. Things to do in Boise?
  210. Caption This: Conan with a spare tire
  211. Tractor driver suffocates under pile of manure
  212. ? about neighborhood rules & regs...
  213. In Russia, art censors you
  214. CSI: Scooby Doo
  215. Question about business law
  216. McDonalds will pay rap artists to namedrop "Big Mac" into their songs
  217. Weird Image on Drudge homepage
  218. What to do/see in Austin?
  219. Ever had sleep paralysis? (old hag syndrome)
  220. Paypal question.
  221. Mormon Temple Questions
  222. Why do people say "I'm going to hell" after laughing at or making a joke?
  223. Things to do in Philly?
  224. Things to do in Sioux Falls???
  225. new instructional video - Bill Fillmaff's Secret System
  226. Anybody been to the Safe House in Milwaukee?
  227. Question for those with an yahoo.com email account
  228. Size does matter....how long is your....
  229. Bk's new "Enormous Omelet Sandwich"
  230. It's a boy
  231. Best Poker Strategy for whoring bonuses.
  232. YAET: Buyer says wrong disks included
  233. 8.7 Magnitude Earthquake Near Sumatra
  234. no, this flash video rulez :D
  235. Salt Lake City / Las Vegas, here I come
  236. compute odds to make flush ?
  237. traveling to Thailand any tips?
  238. Leasing a car
  239. I'm back!!!....and I have infiltrated the home of the enemy (large pics inside)
  240. question about 35mm SLRs
  241. IRS May Label eBay Sales As Tax Revenue
  242. my dog sitch - on getting another dog
  243. These ubertards are the future, folks. (video)
  244. Transparent Laptop Screen
  245. ok so, ... I just filmed a XXX movie with my grandfather in it.
  246. Are Arby's sandwiches getting smaller?
  247. Awe Man! Japanese Girls freaking out while watching "Ringu".
  248. Fixing a credit report?
  249. Boy loses both hands, foot in freak basketball accident
  250. this flash video rules.