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  1. anyone here ever been to Turkey ??
  2. Cingular Phones & Service Plans
  3. Is this travel offer legit?
  4. Comcast and Time Warner purchase Adelphia
  5. How bad shape was your cat after teeth cleaning?
  6. How much would it cost to buy an island?
  7. Toyota to buy General Motor's and become Toyota Motor's
  8. I donít think I will ever eat at another buffet again.
  9. Can a cop break the law to enforce it?
  10. I got a new job finally!!!
  11. How to scare a thief witless
  12. Ben and Jen engaged?
  13. Am I Wrong Here? (Father Issues)
  14. Qatar to replace camel jockeys with robots
  15. Fart Question
  16. I think this auto dealership is ripping me off... [updated]
  17. stuff to look for when buying a home
  18. Irritating bonehead workplace policies...
  19. Is there a bigger leech than Kato Kaelin?
  20. Credit card APR questions
  21. Good Grief! Nude Woman Flushes $90,000 of PEANUTS Art
  22. Ellipitical trainers: what say you? Gimme the good, bad and ugly
  23. New car buying advice?
  24. Help me evict my tenants!
  25. Human Eating Croc - Film at 11
  26. What kind of soap do you use?
  27. Oops, Slightly Overweight Isn't All That Bad
  28. What is the news media going to kill now?
  29. Elephants rampage thru Seoul.
  30. Nazi Parent
  31. Smoking Patch
  32. What diet is good for me?
  33. Cynic meter going off: Christian email prayer/money? plea Mrs. Pusser just received
  34. Poorly Timed Traffic Lights Cause Delay, Pollution, and Energy Waste
  35. TSA - A Big Mistake
  36. I'M LOOKING FOR THAT map of the US where you place the states!
  37. I think i've just been harrassed by the cops
  38. Pope Benedict and the papal predictions of Saint Malachy...
  39. LDS (Mormon) Church election process question
  40. Maybe I'm not boyfriend material
  41. what are your 420 plants?
  42. How is this legal? (Phaser 2)
  43. Any fans of "2,000 year old man" with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner?
  44. The Infinite Cat
  45. Investement Question (Credit Card/Real Estate) A bit long...
  46. A friend of mine just bought a car and screwed up big time...
  47. little driving rant.
  49. Star Wars Celebration 3 Countdown!
  50. I hate Wheel of Fortune
  51. Nag's Head N.C. Where to fish/crab and where to buy seafood/crab
  52. Does such a website exist?
  53. Mars Bars and Milky Ways?
  54. Seattle Man Caught Fire During Surgery
  55. ugh.. just got in a car accident
  56. Police in Ariz. Seek Monkey for SWAT Team
  57. Lease advice sought from landlords
  58. PSA: Don't ask a robber if he is going to shoot you now
  59. Why no news coverage of the other 4/19 aniversary?
  60. Party Poker is RIGGED! At least Skiblet thinks so...
  61. Oops! US Air round trip for $1.86
  62. What were you doing 10 years ago today? (OK City memorial thread)
  63. White smoke? or not? confusion at 11:50am 4/19 (Edit: New Pope selected)
  64. Man who shot cop injures himself escaping out three story window
  65. Why was the "I suck at poker" thread locked?
  66. Cost of oil
  67. Lame Ebay buyer scam
  68. Grad. Student gets 8 years for SUV vandalism
  69. I'm 35 Today 4/19/05
  70. Does anyone here know much about Tasmania?
  71. I've lost 29 lbs
  72. Group of Princeton undergraduates promoting abstinence.
  73. Suggestions wanted for new car,
  74. Hey Buford! Well at least ya finished in the money
  75. Virgin Mary sighted in Underpants in Chicago
  76. Rowing Apperal....can someone help?
  77. I want to buy something under $25 and I do not want a dvd. Something fun & useful.
  78. where to open an IRA
  79. Explain the "Runner's High"
  80. if someone hits on your s.o. in front of you
  81. Do you work "on-call"?
  82. Verizon Wireless customers - have you changed areas and phone numbers?
  83. Roman Catholics, please explain this to me
  84. I totally SUCK at poker
  85. Pope watch, place your bets!
  86. Nextel's number porting fee - Can they actually charge for this?
  87. Are there any live webcams of the Sistine Chapel?
  88. Serious question about the storage of vinyl records.
  89. For All Who Care (or Don't Care) My Blog is Back
  90. So I Chipped My Tooth Today.
  91. Help: Bidding on Ebay?
  92. Anyone into road biking here? Need to buy a trainer
  93. first there was bleaching your hair, now you can bleach your ass
  94. I forgot my padlock combo so anyone know how to crack or destroy it?
  95. Voice recognition software in the new Maxim
  96. Cruise Ship Damaged by 7-story Wave
  97. burnout = tilt.
  98. What's a good teriyaki sauce for chicken and rice?
  99. So, are people driving more expensive cars willing to pay more for the same item?
  100. strange play at Absolute?
  101. I HATE Mercedes-Benz
  102. Mormon baptizing of the dead
  103. Applebee's complaint
  104. Hot dog/bun quantities question
  105. Spam Email Pseudonyms
  106. Rant #2: "Please enter your account number..."
  107. Rant #1: It's 2:30 pm and I'm in a traffic jam
  108. Woo Hoo! I got a new second job
  109. Obi Wan goes car shopping
  111. The Best Way to Shrink clothes?
  112. NYPD: We look bad, but don't ask us to aim at anything
  113. Recommend me some golf clubs for my son
  114. It's not a blood bath (Mrs. Pusser is taking one now) Do you like showers or baths?
  115. My friend was killed last night....
  116. It's a bloodbath (freedom to swim)
  117. Hand histories on Prima
  118. They have wolphins now?
  119. It's a bloodbath (the seal hunt that hadn't happened)
  120. The wrong time to bluff
  121. Best cities to live for a young college grad?
  122. Got any good (original) wildlife photos?
  123. Hangover pill
  124. Who's been married in a Catholic Church?
  125. Anti-fog for goggles?
  126. It's a bloodbath...(the stock market)
  127. Need help: Must find child sized wood park bench
  128. Where do I go to get an extension on my taxes...
  129. Teen charged with stealing head from grave...
  130. Question about stock options (out of a company aspect)
  131. How would you have played this differently...
  132. Turd's Official Friday Mornin' Coffee's Kicked In Dump Thread
  133. Is $250 too much to pay for a car wash?
  134. what does it take? Getting expelled
  135. Nerd Humor Alert: MIT students pull prank on conference
  136. McDonald's turns 50 today
  137. Reccomend a good home security system-
  138. Pontiac Solstice
  139. You can now own the 'soon to be' World's Largest Ball of Tape!
  140. I need a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy t-shirt...
  141. Ever wondered what a cartoon's skeleton looks like?
  142. Talk to Me About Home Aquariums
  143. What's the EXACT deadline for taxes?
  144. Police abuse?
  145. Help me with a vacation Spot in South east
  146. PSA - How to not drink your alcohol
  147. So, tell me about: Omega 3 supplements (fish oil)
  148. Who wants an invite to Yahoo 360 ?
  149. So I'm 18 today. Now what?
  150. Should we do anything to this guy or let him be?
  151. Student suspended because HE was wearing makeup..
  152. are people at H&R block actually accountants?
  153. OMG, I had to post this link, Car(ricer) content
  154. FULL diapers flung in the parking lot
  155. Been down the cereal aisle lately?
  156. How much of your attic is storage space?
  157. Mom not amused by 911 operator..
  158. Good exercises for biceps?
  159. I have a cyber crush on Giantrobo.
  160. Car people: Rebuilt engines...Good or bad?
  161. Teen kills friend with bat for teasing him
  162. So today I will check two shotguns as baggage...
  163. Computer certification online?
  164. When alcohol loses its fun. :(
  165. Last Minute Taxes
  166. Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2005
  167. Gym membership cost question
  168. www.HORRORDVDS.com....They just WILL NOT activate my account, please help
  169. Putting a stripper pole in our apartment...
  170. Who is bad? Me or the cashier? $5.99 bill and I gave her $6.24
  171. Wait, am I supposed to tip a courier?
  172. test
  173. Anyone here work in IT?
  174. Instant Mash Potatoes: Is there REALLY such a thing?
  175. Telling your hand, during the play....
  176. So my neighbor was either murdered or killed himself.
  177. Dr. Hannibal
  178. I find out that if I play "Stupid" my day is easier and I feel better.
  179. Hey Photochoppers...
  180. Do the Schiavo. This is wrong, wrong, wrong!
  181. Let's Talk Stocks
  182. Having a hard time getting rebates
  183. Looking for a place to rent/buy?
  184. Come inside for a good laugh.....
  185. Who brushes their teeth at work?
  186. Vermont considers a bill lowering drinking age to 18
  187. 35 Years Ago today: "Houston, we have a problem"
  188. What to do in Palm Springs?
  189. My analysis reveals the following: People are Stupid!
  190. Subliminalpaypalonedollar Messagestop1forest
  191. Stern Shilling for XM, anyone hear this on O&A this morning?
  192. Boyfriend Kills Lover's Husband After He Is Discovered Living in Closet
  193. So your car won't start. What do you do?
  194. Cleaning oil spill in garage?
  195. Coolest/Best thing you've ever found?
  196. Vegas - Monte Carlo vs. Mirage - Opinions?
  197. Let's go Old Skool ! An OLD OTHER POEM
  198. I'm a Kitty Cat and I Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance!
  199. Hey anybody here live/visited the Huntington beach/Long Beach/Dana Point area??
  200. Do I have any recourse here?
  201. My latest celebrity autograph
  202. Where to eat in Atlanta, visit
  203. Britney Reveals Pregnancy!
  204. So I'm on the subway yesterday (AKA Dumb Pick-up Lines)...
  205. Pokerroom Mobile
  206. Oops! W. Va. makes English official language
  207. My April 12 Resolution: To be less of a boring prick!
  208. Driving is a privilege, NOT a right!
  209. Things MY future wife won't do...
  210. Everywhere I look it's porno, porno, porno!
  211. All sex is rape. Andrea Dworkin dead at 58.
  212. Hmm my state wants legalize shooting outdoor cats.
  213. What do I do in Key West?
  214. PSA: Please stop making contact with my LCD screen
  215. Amityville Horror real life haunting and murder - Horror Returns To Amityville
  216. Well, we put a horse "out to pasture"
  217. The latest web scheme.
  218. For GiantRobo: Serpents! Snakes! Scaley Critters!
  219. Worst. Halftime Show. Ever.
  220. Yo' Mama!
  221. Cool Pictures of teh Week thread
  222. A List.......Celebrity gossip and hearsay.
  223. Our ears may yet receive justice!
  224. Free Credit Reports: A question for the financial experts
  225. Alcohol and Minors
  226. Modern day 'Romeo and Juliet' leads to six in the hospital
  227. This is one sexy bagel.
  228. Speeding Ticket Question
  229. Amber Alert in NJ leads to hostage/standoff situation.
  230. NEWS ALERT: Man in front of capital building says he will blow himself
  231. First time trip to Europe
  232. Car talk: do you use cruise control?
  233. High-end watch forums?
  234. Another Strange Ebay E-mail
  235. Broke up with my girlfriend. Stuck with a vacuum.
  236. Do you sometimes read things that aren't really there?
  237. Who's hotter?
  238. R.I.P. Debralee Scott
  239. Nothing But Net - Amazing Basketball Video
  240. Caption this! (maybe you'll help cheer up Phil L)
  241. Legal question concerning employment...
  242. Does ketchup have expiration date?
  243. So I had an accident with a table saw...
  244. Should I lie during my job interviews?
  245. Now I know people at the DMV are stupid...
  246. Elmo is showing his softer side to Japan
  247. I knew Costco sold just about everything, but...
  248. How do I pronounce these names?
  249. Great Hispanic comedy?
  250. Misread Hands