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  1. British woman breastfeeds her dog?!?!
  2. Do you tip attractive service people more than uggos?
  3. Brother and Sister Claim They Were Just Having Sex, Not Stealing That TV
  4. The "Florida Behaving Badly" Thread
  5. Hot Ass Teacher having an affair with student
  6. Glenn Beck has his own line of denim now and its really Americany
  7. How would you handle dribbling a little urine on your pants while at work?
  8. Dicker, wo ist mein Auto?
  9. Florida: Couple Had Sex Atop Restaurant Table While Parents, Kids Watched
  10. Creativity 'closely entwined with mental illness'
  11. Halloween costume help
  12. Celebrity sperm clinic launching
  13. I tested positive for H Pylori - anyone else with digestive problems? Tips?
  14. Mountain Dew, Hitler Did Nothing Wrong
  15. White Students Don Black Face And Reenact Chris Brown Beating Rihanna At Pep Rally
  16. Hi, Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now
  17. What to do in Scottsdale, Arizona?
  18. Student who defended himself from bully gets expelled, and sent to alternative school
  19. Paul Gauguin vs. Vincent van Gogh
  20. Opinions / Questions on Unions
  21. Bodybuilder doesn’t quite cover everything in his quest for bronze
  22. Zumba Sex Sting
  23. Do you hate how someone else looks?
  24. Trader Joe's has a whiskey and it's not terrible.
  25. Is anybody else having pink fatigue?
  26. Bumble Bee tuna plant employee dies after accidentally being cooked in oven
  27. Only veteran of five combat drops prepares to parachute behind the Pearly Gates...
  28. Brad Pitt Says He Could Find Any Drug In Any City In 24 Hours
  29. Investment Talk...or whatever
  30. Access to a Stranger's E-mail Account - Suggestions?
  31. Teenage Girl get's decked out by bus driver (video)
  32. Used Enemas
  33. Professional clown gets 10 years in prison for child rape
  34. Anyone have diverticulitis?
  35. no dinosaurs for you!!
  36. Should I trust him?
  37. Camaro owner records mechanics abusing car, scheming to get damages paid for
  38. Appropriate for the evening news?
  39. Men: Would you buy your lady these high heel shoes?
  40. Man exterminated after winning cockroach eating contest
  41. Disturbing 911 call from kid admitting to killing his mother and sister
  42. Homeless man sentenced to four months of curfew
  43. Star wars + Angry Birds
  44. Suspected Natalee Holloway killer gets girl pregnant... while in jail
  45. 400+ lb man attempts child abduction
  46. I am hiring a nanny. Oh boy.
  47. What are you doing for Canadian Thanksgiving?
  48. Do you have a Tattoo?
  49. Work related - contributing to people's social days
  50. Skydiver will attempt to break the sound barrier
  51. For kvrdave
  52. Car Dealer Has Buyer Arrested After Price Error
  53. Hello...
  54. Shell Gas Card - My Limit Was REDUCED!!!
  55. Supermodels in a bottle now for sale!
  56. Wendy's breakfast menu is pretty awesome.
  57. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?.......55 mph on a dark country parkway, hit a deer, deer hits road
  58. Study finds men with shaved heads appear more masculine, dominant
  59. Local News Anchor Tells Off Bully
  60. Revenge of the Bacon
  61. Kvrdave was lucky: VA treatment caused frostbitten penis
  62. That a ghost in your pocket, or are you just happy for Halloween? Costume Chat 2012
  63. Do you like/not like your job?
  64. Man shot after getting girlfriend's daughter pregnant...
  65. I can't believe the Otters missed this story in 2009 ... LOL
  66. Gotti killing neighbor for accidentally running over & killing his son..would you ?
  67. The Top 4 Things I Hate About My Cat
  68. Another keep Walmart out thread. Oops no reverse that!
  69. Justin Bieber pukes on stage during concert.
  70. I love you great grandma
  71. Anyone wanna pay $50 to be waterboarded? (Blackout haunted house)
  72. Why is whispering so damn annoying?
  73. Moving to Death Valley, California - What to do thread
  74. Carmageddon 2 or blahmageddon 2: Blowing up Mulholland Dr. again
  75. Car Chase Ends with Suicide
  76. Oktoberfest recommendations
  77. Man shoots would-be burglar to death, finds out it's his own son
  78. Johnny K. Lewis aka Half Sack has died at 28
  79. pedalanothermile, a blog about one of our forum members wife's battle with cancer
  80. Man offers 65 Million Dollars To Any Man who Will Marry His Lesbian Daughter
  81. Yeti Another Bigfoot Thread - Siberia edition
  82. Anyone heard of Media Society?
  83. Ted Seth Macfarlane Talking Bear Plush toy
  84. Workplace/Legality Question
  85. Thieves break in, install Linux on office computers
  86. Most Horrifying Sorority Hazing Stories Ever
  87. YATSUTST (Yet Another Teacher Sexin' Up The Students Thread)
  88. Crooner Andy Williams dead at 84
  89. Anyone here into bagel-heading?
  90. Tips on foreclosure properties?
  91. "I Miss Drugs" funny new web series about going through you're 30s.
  92. anyone else have a case of the Mondays?
  93. Okay, but this is the last rental....and this time I mean it!!!
  94. My latest food obsession: chia seeds
  95. Live comedy--who's good, who have you seen?
  96. Banana Dog
  97. Anyone see some Endeavor action?
  98. Space Station Kludge
  99. Would you eat this candy bar?
  100. Should men wear bracelets?
  101. Curfew/Truancy question
  102. WHET to Rollerblades?
  103. Question about a Pharmacy error
  104. Mom is arrested for letting her kids play outside
  105. Cat runs for Mayor of Halifax
  106. Death penalty: Why dont they harvest the organs instead?
  107. The Workout Thread
  108. Germany tells hipsters 'raus!'
  109. Fat guy who killed somebody now says he is too fat to be killed
  110. man beats girlfriend...with her dog..in Florida
  111. YAWT: Retirement gift for the old man
  112. YACT: electric car owners, how much does it increase your electric bill?
  113. The Greatest Book review of all time
  114. Are you at the place you thought you'd be at your current age?
  115. Man pays $137 police ticket in origami pig shaped dollar bills.
  116. Question about heirs to an inheritance
  117. KittenCam: 24/7 Live Cat Action!
  118. Easyturf
  119. Are we masters of our lives or is fate our master
  120. suggest a SS mens everyday work watch
  121. Expedia, Orbitz, or Travelocity
  122. YAPT: Too many animals?
  123. UT: University of Texas (Austin) being evacuated
  124. PB&J Sandwiches are racist
  125. Take the lump sum?
  126. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you... Beardo.
  127. Nanocellulose = really cool stuff
  128. What's been your longest drive?
  129. Fun with autocorrect
  130. Help me solve a riddle!
  131. Have you seen this missing...oh wait... nevermind he's black
  132. Why does Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" piss on everything?
  133. What Root Beer is best for making a float?
  134. What's the best ice cream for a Root Beer float?
  135. I thought this was an Onion article...
  136. Are you holding a grudge towards anyone?
  137. How do you feel about the whole "Never Forget" thing?
  138. Do you drink at work?
  139. Teen accidentaly shoots off his penis and testicles. Guess Where?
  140. What would you do if after sex she told you she has HIV?
  141. Do you fight speeding tickets?
  142. I dislike my neighbors so very very much . . .
  143. Grandad at 29
  144. Guy Tweets YOLO then dies in drunk driving accident.
  145. How trusting of others are you?
  146. Tracking Tropical Storm Leslie...am I the only one that sees...
  147. Can employer legally keep final paycheck?
  148. Old White Comedian
  149. National sex offender convention begins
  150. Is there a best cholesterol medication?
  151. Google celebrates Star Treks 46th anniversary...
  152. Is This a Good Car Buying Strategy?
  153. Man Blames Devil For Attempted Rape Of 13-Year-Old Girl (The Orange State)
  154. Personal responsibility and expectations
  155. What day is your trash collected?
  156. These kids grow up fast.
  157. Indiana middle-school teacher lured kids with ‘pizza and sex’
  158. Toddlers Being Potty Trained Inside Restaurant Disgusts Patrons
  159. Ever been quoted in someone else's sig?
  160. Rec room table of choice?
  161. When was the last time you were in a (possibly) dangerous bar or nightclub?
  162. Gettin' tired of "Sick" and "Crazy"
  163. Job thread: The Waiting is the Hardest Part
  164. Labor day telethon?
  165. Man fakes own death, then proposes
  166. Best savings account to use?
  167. Apparently they really really really hate cell phone use during a movie in the UK.
  168. The one and only Life Hack thread
  169. Massachusetts taxpayers to pay for sex-change costs for murderer
  170. Does anyone else downplay how much stuff they know?
  171. When NOAA goes full nerd.
  172. What exactly happens when you black out?
  173. Happy Labor Day!
  174. Father throws acid at daughter's face for no apparent reason
  175. What's your favorite comfort food?
  176. Teen killed after after sticking head out of party bus
  177. Older Otters: what do you miss doing that you can't do anymore?
  178. YASP: Wal-Mart or Target?
  179. 'Missing' woman joins search for herself
  180. What's up with my riding lawn mower?
  181. This may be the awesomest Kickstarter ever.
  182. Communicating is tof do complex: do you do?
  183. best way to kick your friend out of your house?
  184. Russian power lifter drops 400lbs on chest, dies (with video)
  185. So whilst i am away the thieves are at play.
  186. Bizarre 'Penis Head' Fish Discovered
  187. Denon AKDL1 - The $10,000 ethernet cable
  188. 'Hitler' clothing store stirs anger in India
  189. Wells Fargo Fires Iowa Worker for Minor 1963 Crime
  190. YAAAT: Boy finds glob of whale vomit worth +$60K
  191. Dukes of Hazzard -Flag removed...for real
  192. Preschool makes 3 year old boy change his name because "Hunter" is too violent
  193. It's official, California is doomed!
  194. Man killed while trying to create Bigfoot sighting
  195. Lindbergh Kidnapping - apparent freedom for subsequent children?
  196. Track official dies after successfully catching javelin with his throat.
  197. Father mistakes son for monkey, shoots him dead
  198. In 1974 a female news anchor committed suicide during newscast
  199. How to tell if a girl is a virgin
  200. Astronaut Neil Armstrong Passes Away at 82
  201. Woman drowns while getting wedding pictures taken
  202. I'm having a fun weekend
  203. Weird Bendy Toy
  204. Watch any video of anything, ever
  205. Where should I actually sell gold?
  206. Shooting at Empire State building
  207. Cobra vs Man biting contest
  208. I like turtles
  209. What's in your Home Emergency Kit?
  210. Thinking of buying a generator
  211. Lesbian activist gets serious about gay rights
  212. YASFT: Honey Mustard Pretzels
  213. 1. Chavril
  214. Prince Harry Nude and Partyin' in VEGAS.
  215. The Beloit College Mindset List for the The Class of 2016.
  216. Old lady doesn't ask permission to restore painting, resulting in hilarity
  217. Free Hugs this Friday by Models in NYC
  218. YEAT: good experience!
  219. Valedictorian drops the H bomb in graduation speech and is denied her diploma!
  220. Casino fles lawsuits after unshuffled cards lead to big winnings for gamblers
  221. So Apparently Amazon Threw The Ban Hammer At Me
  222. Are you guys nice now?
  223. Just Got Out Of The Army...Now Where Does He Work?
  224. Going to Chicago - What Should i See?
  225. Thinking of joing a branch of the Military - Advice before I see a recruiter?
  226. Gangnam Style
  227. Sadly only one ninja is left in the world
  228. New bikini craze in China!
  229. Morning Intruder
  230. If you became a billionaire tomorrow, how would your life change?
  231. What's the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia?
  232. Everyone I know is getting married...
  233. Nearly half of all West Nile cases in US are in Texas
  234. Herbalife Systems
  235. Anyone else have any good Usenet memories?
  236. Teacher Accused of Having Group Sex With Students on Video
  237. Gardening
  238. Anyone know anything about Antique Asian paintings?
  239. The Six Million Dollar Chinese Man
  240. ABC News says you shouldn't take sleeping pills before driving.
  241. Rich Kids of Instagram - JTFC!
  242. Well Why Not? Anal tattoos are the "next big thing."
  243. where to go in santa monica/venice beach?
  244. How to make a man pay attention? Drink Visine! For 3yrs!
  245. Legal Question - Buyer trying to back out after signed contract?
  246. Finally, real Americans standing up to threatening foreigners...
  247. YEAT: Buyer wants me to pay for repairs or a full refund
  248. Homemade "Sex chair" or "Sex stool" ideas - help...
  249. Three prisoners escape with a little help from two of their friends
  250. Helen Gurley Brown dies at age 90, 50 years after "Sex and the Single Girl"

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