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  1. Anyone ever do Weight Watchers?
  2. School ranking by state
  3. The 2013 FLU thread
  4. Insurance Company Offers Me Discount If They Can Track My Habits
  5. Giving "thanks" in Otterville
  6. Doesn't it annoy you when... (Internet etiquette-related)
  7. Woman defends home and children by shooting intruder 5 times
  8. Cat arrested for break-in at Brazilian prison
  9. Piss for brains? yes! really!!
  10. Any plumbing experts?
  11. Would you drive 15 minutes to save $10?
  12. "The Official Solid Snake PAC 'girl thinks she's my gf or damn close to it' Thread"
  13. California court rules rape OK if you can impersonate someone's husband
  14. Lost my wallet....should I sign up to an anti-theft service?
  15. YAPT: Yet Another Pants Thread
  16. the funniest thing i've seen lately
  17. do porn shops buy dvds?
  18. car shopping - do you negotiate based on MSRP or invoice price?
  19. Naked Intruder Tries to Choke Dog, Bites Homeowner (Florida)
  20. Kansas sperm donor owes child support
  21. Boy, 6, suspended over finger gun (Maryland)
  22. Online Canadian Pharmacies ...anyone use them?
  23. Mom's 18-Point iPhone Rules for Son
  24. Slumlord Advice (yeah, you know who I'm looking for)
  25. How much volume should a distributor be forced to order to keep his discount?
  26. Biggest Loser 2013 - Health and Nutrition edition
  27. And what are your neighbors up to??
  28. Anyone else a little 'OCD' about year end/beginning tasks/lists/resolutions?
  29. I am trapp't in Middle Earth--What to do before new years!?
  30. Student wins stalking order against extreme parents
  31. New Year's plans?
  32. strip club etiquette?
  33. What was your favorite school field trip?
  34. Why did you have an affair?
  35. My coworker is flirting with me, cool right?
  36. The Book Of Mormon
  37. Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. has died
  38. New Years Resolutions (2013 Edition)
  39. So how many of you 'people' purposely run over turtles on the road?
  40. 2013: The Year of the Otter
  41. Kate Winslet weds hubby No3 Ned Rocknroll in secret
  42. The 2012-2013 Snowfall Thread Presented in ICEMAX®
  43. The 2013 prediciton thread
  44. Christmas Bonus 2012 edition
  45. Merry Christmas Otters
  46. The Doll on the Island of Misfit Toys
  47. Do you have Secret Santa at your work?
  48. What is this I don't even.
  49. 2012 Year in Review
  50. Am I being overly sensitive or is this racist?
  51. Is there any legitimate musical email christmas card or are they all spam?
  52. Mio ...anyone use it with their water?
  53. I want to be able to refuse a bill like my health insurance company!
  54. Can anyone ID these 80's toys from this pic?
  55. 3 time US Olympian Suzy "Favor" (he he) Hamilton working as $600 Escort
  56. Good news for fans of Boobs!
  57. Growing old sucks - Slumlord chronicles
  58. Anyone speak Southern Mechanic?
  59. How many events do you go to/host on Christmas Eve/Day?
  60. The "end of the world" thread
  61. Which Calvin and Hobbes book was this comic in?
  62. Best/Worst Childhood Xmas Gift
  63. Time Magazine names Obama Person of the Year
  64. My new kitty!
  65. MMA Fighter Suffers Horrific Injury (NOT how you'd expect!)
  66. Online porn addiction 'can make you lose your memory'
  67. You know what is worse than hemorrhoids?
  68. corrie says i need a hobby.. can i have yours?
  69. Hilariously bad science
  70. Which cartoon character do you think has the saddest existence on earth?
  71. Penis Drawing Detection???
  72. Religious arguments on DVDTalk
  73. Suppose you're driving from DC to Boston this Xmas and want to buy a big ticket gift
  74. Child killer free after 3 years. You go Canada!
  75. Arrest Made After Oates Bites Hall's Face
  76. Petition for Death Star
  77. I *heart* New York!
  78. I went crazy today and bought Bose and Dyson products
  79. thank you note etiquette
  80. The insurance company bailout (www.121212concert.org)
  81. COLUMBINE - did any survivors witness the deaths of the two killers?
  82. 12/12/12 - Happy Tom Brady Day everybody!!!
  83. Is December a good month to buy a car?
  84. South Korea's Porn Fight 'Like Shoveling in a Blizzard'
  85. Im looking for free online records
  86. When you visit your parents over the holiday do you rent a hotel room or stay w/ them
  87. What did you get for Christmas? (2012 Edition)
  88. High resolution close-up pictures of celebrity faces
  89. Colorado students accused of sickening class with pot-laced brownies
  90. Best Mangaled/AutoCorrect Texts of 2012
  91. Does Anyone Know Terrance Eagle
  92. Catfish learning to hunt pigeons on land
  93. Florida hosts python hunting contest - What could possibly go wrong?
  94. Tips for finding a local artist?
  95. my dog ate my dimebag (so I sliced him open to get it back) [shockingly NOT Florida]
  96. 50 yr old transsexual now playing women's college basketball
  97. Meanwhile, in Canada: Visual Allergies
  98. Nurse duped by royal phone call about Kate Middleton...commits suicide.
  99. Help with a Woody Woodpecker Picture
  100. I'm pretty sure I've broken my toe. Will a butcher knife do?
  101. Couple announces break-up via Youtube video, video goes viral.
  102. 16% of online holiday shopping in the U.S. is conducted from a toilet.
  103. Anyone who has lived in or around State College, PA: Looking for a apt. or townhouse
  104. Zombie apocalypse is serious business
  105. Wait for it...wait for it...it's Florida (again)..
  106. Kindergarten Teacher tells kids Santa is not real
  107. Dogs learning how to drive cars in New Zealand
  108. Pizza Hut Perfume
  109. Estimated life span of my dead tree?
  110. UNLV student to marry cardboard cutout of 'Twilight' star
  111. Quick cooking/baking question
  112. Need recommendation on ear buds for working out.
  113. Any suggestions for good sites for funny and amazing pictures?
  114. So where do we sell our crap now, other than Craigslist?
  115. We Need to Talk About Christopher
  116. 5,000 years from now what would Earth and civilization look like?
  117. Looks like MC Softserve won't be serving up rap videos anytime soon
  118. Christmas gift idea for a 14 year old girl.
  119. Chiefs LB Belcher commits suicide at team facility
  120. How to not get laid
  121. I need some vacation ideas..
  122. Another Teacher in the News in NJ
  123. Is there a non gay website for dudes to meet other dudes?
  124. Elon Musk wants to put 80,000 people on Mars. Would you go?
  125. Your favorite dive bar in your favorite cities.
  126. GQ's Least Influential People of 2012
  127. Vet question, please help.
  128. Kim Jong Un: Sexiest Man Alive
  129. Been invited to a birthday party...........for a dog.
  130. Belgian discovers his wife used to be a man after 19 years
  131. Woman dies after being in a coma for 42 years.
  132. What are you doing with your turkey leftovers?
  133. Three drown trying to save the family dog
  134. How do I get residue off of new flatware?
  135. More teacher sex ... this time in Illinois!
  136. YAFP: Thanksgiving Leftover Talk
  137. Mouthwash Talk
  138. Black Friday 2012: What did you buy?
  139. Happy Thanksgiving! (2012 Edition)
  140. Private Property Rights in China
  141. Ogling preteen caught checking out hot NBA cheerleader
  142. Favorite way to make coffee?
  143. Woman should be fired...
  144. 30 year old mother of 3 arrested; Pregnant by a her 16 year old fiancee
  145. 30 Days Until the End of the World - How Are You Spending It?
  146. Swedish chick arrested for "boning"
  147. 5 Weirdest Reasons We Have Sex
  148. Requesting a plastic bag ban exemption for pet owners
  149. Tinnitus???
  150. Don't mess with Fatso, even if you're drunk.
  151. Woman's nose cut off after she refuses sex - guess which state?
  152. Rothko painting sells for $75 million
  153. So what are you hoping to get for Christmas?
  154. Is it better to marry your opposite personality?
  155. Man caught breaking into farm, lying in feces, and climaxing for 3rd time in 7 yrs
  156. OK, try this.
  157. Bye Twinkies! Hostess going out of business
  158. Am I alone in hating "MOVEMBER"
  159. Shoppers already lined up for Black Friday
  160. Fuel Efficiency - MPG
  161. Roth IRA question
  162. I don't understand this comic strip
  163. Teacher having parking lot sex with student.....Florida of course
  164. Going away gift for someone who is like (but not actually) a brother
  165. Did you fart? Because I can't smell it!
  166. You didn't vote?!^@T#*(T*@$Y*@#
  167. Need an adventure in Chicago
  168. "Voice of Elmo" likes tickling young boys
  169. Shippin' off to Boston!!
  170. Is smoking illegal for kids 17 and under?
  171. YAPT: Sleeping baby. What would you do?
  172. YAPETAT: Thanksgiving billboard asks kids, "Would you eat your dog?"
  173. They're OLD now, but they were Hot Pieces of Ass back in their day
  174. Anybody know of a case like this for iPhone 5?
  175. Product Recall: Sunscreen that burns (don't blame the lettuce)
  176. California woman loses job over racist anti-Obama Facebook post
  177. NASA may unveil new manned Moon mission
  178. Can I mail something via USPS in a FedEx box?
  179. Huntington Beach retired teachers get probation for having sex with minor
  180. Mammogram test - Is once a year safe?
  181. Get ready for 1,000 years of darkness!
  182. I'm moving to Colorado; Legalizes Marijuana
  183. Woman who drove on sidewalk ordered to wear 'Idiot Sign'
  184. Can you vote for my son's R2D2 costume?
  185. Smuggle with a Professional Cuddler
  186. any recommendations for security cameras?
  187. Fans of MTV's The State and This American Life/Podcasts/Storytelling shows
  188. Mother places two-year-old on top of fence at zoo exhibit. You can guess the rest.
  189. Natural Disaster personality poll
  190. How often do you get a pay raise?
  191. Is there a doctor in the house (wound dressing)?
  192. YEAT: No More Wildcard Searches on Ebay??!
  193. ebay shipping question
  194. How do you organize your ties & belts?
  195. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (2012, I don't care if your prior or future halloweens are happy)
  196. new building on site of GROUND ZERO in Manhattan?
  197. Get paid to pick up your kids report card?
  198. Theres NO POINT TO LIFE HELPL!!!!!
  199. WSOP Main Event 2012 Final Table -- October 29-30
  200. Faith healer parents try to pray the sickness out of son, son dies
  201. Justin Beiber has cancer?
  202. What are your safety tips for Bad Weather, Earth Quakes...Power Outages
  203. Cops Raid Free Poker Tournament, Because in Florida Gambling Does Not Require Betting
  204. Google doesn't make mistakes - it just has happy accidents.
  205. Man from China sues his wife for being ugly and wins $120,000
  206. Lock Talk
  207. Hurricane Sandy
  208. Math Otters - Help me calculate the acerage
  209. What's good to do in Atlanta?
  210. I'm a victim of boob segregation!
  211. Man shows up alive at his own funeral
  212. Vegan Black Metal Chef
  213. Famous BBC childrens presenter presents PP for children to see
  214. Holiday dinner hosting
  215. phone being tapped
  216. Pet Peeves
  217. Is there a 'Jablonski' in modern folklore?
  218. Relationship thread - break ups to make ups
  219. Fantasy Slut League
  220. Do you have "love phases" or are you constantly on poon patrol?
  221. Another Day, Another Mass Shooting -- Brookfield, Wisconsin
  222. Three More Years till October 21, 2015
  223. Peta protests Pokemon
  224. unleash the power of Otter
  225. Who gets skidmarks in their underwear still?
  226. Who's Got Ghost Stories?
  227. Kanye Wes (Anderson) best Tumblr ever?
  228. Lion Head Painting?
  229. Dad buys 13 year old daughter a vibrator....but it's cool.
  230. British woman breastfeeds her dog?!?!
  231. Do you tip attractive service people more than uggos?
  232. Brother and Sister Claim They Were Just Having Sex, Not Stealing That TV
  233. The "Florida Behaving Badly" Thread
  234. Hot Ass Teacher having an affair with student
  235. Glenn Beck has his own line of denim now and its really Americany
  236. How would you handle dribbling a little urine on your pants while at work?
  237. Dicker, wo ist mein Auto?
  238. Florida: Couple Had Sex Atop Restaurant Table While Parents, Kids Watched
  239. Creativity 'closely entwined with mental illness'
  240. Halloween costume help
  241. Celebrity sperm clinic launching
  242. I tested positive for H Pylori - anyone else with digestive problems? Tips?
  243. Mountain Dew, Hitler Did Nothing Wrong
  244. White Students Don Black Face And Reenact Chris Brown Beating Rihanna At Pep Rally
  245. Hi, Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now
  246. What to do in Scottsdale, Arizona?
  247. Student who defended himself from bully gets expelled, and sent to alternative school
  248. Paul Gauguin vs. Vincent van Gogh
  249. Opinions / Questions on Unions
  250. Bodybuilder doesn’t quite cover everything in his quest for bronze

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