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  1. Busty child reported to ease anti-Japan tension in China
  2. Ticketed JayWalking Chicken Beats Rap!
  3. Help me DVDTalk.... you're my only hope... Ben and Jerry's ice cream...
  4. Egyptian Days
  5. Should I Move to Des Moines?
  6. Setting Asians back 10 Years...
  7. Caption this Indy 500
  8. Caption or photoshop this: haystack on wheels
  9. What can you tell me about Tyler, Texas?
  10. Got my wisdom teeth out
  11. Otters...use the farm!
  12. Man, it's hot in here....Tips on cooling off an apt?
  13. Question about a used BBQ grill I bought
  14. Rosie O'Donnell - She's acting?
  15. Searching for an apartment in NYC - where for art thou?
  16. how to get a good burn fire
  17. Mom indicted for hiring stripper for son's birthday
  18. Is $900/yr. a good insurance rate?
  19. Pics. Of My New Bike....Thanks Otters
  20. Friends car got stolen, need advice
  21. help me find a pokerstars dude
  22. Vegas hotels - do they check # of guests?
  23. Japanese soldiers' 60 years in the jungle
  24. Question about PayPal
  25. more photoshop fun
  26. Photoshop my friends: Star Wars edition
  27. Eddie Albert (Green Acres, Roman Holiday) dead at 99
  28. Can anyone recommend a good car insurance company?
  29. One chick not to mess with
  30. Badass: Saturn Sky
  31. Crane man causes disruption in Atlanta
  32. What to take on flight
  33. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge VII - 10+1 PL HE (6/01/05)
  34. States with the dumbest drivers
  35. Australian chick - 20 years in an Indonesian prison
  36. Why do people chew gum when working out at the gym?
  37. Which time period do you wish you lived in?
  38. help me with car tire rotation
  39. What the heck is up with "Micro Heroes"
  40. Is it weird that my sons like Aqua?
  41. Why do guys wear cologne?
  42. How long have you been at your current job?
  43. Umm.. What did my phone just do??
  44. Please show the gas price vs. DJIA comparison
  45. cool
  46. We had to take a 30 mile detour because of a potato spill.
  47. Rental car quotes-Business or personal??
  48. Independent Contractors - Billing Time for Travel
  49. People who litter -- is there a better depiction of laziness?
  50. Please explain Scientology
  51. Viagra can make you Blind
  52. Make Brain Go Work Better! (No french fries! More Wrigley's!)
  53. quick easy photoshop help, por favor
  54. What if a cop caught me with a clear plastic bag of sugar
  55. Is flavored carbonated water healthy...
  56. Beware the horny donkey(slightly mature I guess)
  57. Will we ever go to Mars?
  58. Free websites for road trip maps?
  59. Feds shut down Torrent site.
  60. Why is it illegal to sell "drug paraphanelia?"
  61. Arggg!!! My friggin dog is driving my nuts!
  62. Scientists forecast huge losses for possible L.A. earthquake
  63. 57 year old great-grandmother gives birth to more kids
  64. Anyone here use DVDTalk as their home page?
  65. Okay............this angers me.....
  66. Is it safe where you live?
  67. Funniest single post in dvdtalk, in the month of may?
  68. My First Cavity - No idea what to expect
  69. I dont think any of these dance moves are THAT bad
  70. BEWARE - PayPal Email Legit?
  71. Lawn Care - Water timers etc.
  72. Another fun PhotoShop request, for those with the skills..
  73. Ouch! (warning: graphic video)
  74. Why don't black people tip well on average?
  75. Man jumps out of moving car window for cigarette
  76. Best portable urinal?
  77. Mom keeps kid in trunk 17 hours ~ kid didn't live
  78. Car Problems, time to get new car, need recommendations
  79. NATO membership requirements
  80. 2005 Otterville Election - Part I - Nominations & Party Affiliations
  81. I need some help with this personal, life changing dilemma. Everybody’s input needed.
  82. Atlanta Time Machine (compare old & new photos)
  83. Someone proofread this document for me!
  84. Fisherman catches record breaking catfish -- 124 lbs!!!!
  85. New Wynn casino reviews?
  86. Jennifer Wilbanks ~ How come no current pics?
  87. What the heck is up with large restaurant chicks???
  88. Should I goto this *spam* dinner conference
  89. Best time to book rooms in Las Vegas?
  90. Need a legal opinion regarding a divorce
  91. Oh you dirty rotten sons-O-bitches! (spam related)
  92. I have cats...
  93. Tony the Tiger, Dies
  94. Alright, need help 'designing' my (Buffy/Angel) tattoo
  95. is it wierd that I don't get sick or get hangovers when I drink?
  96. Pics of my cat
  97. YAET: Suspicious E-Mail
  98. Ever seen something freaky in the corner of your eye? Is it from the Spirit World?
  99. Some Questions About Train Travel in Europe
  100. OK fellas your turn . . .
  101. Big Freeway Fire in Dallas
  102. Prepaid Debit cards and Paypal
  103. Funny pickup videos - OK to post?
  104. Worst discovery upon entering an elevator...
  105. Cottage Cheese
  106. Need opinions on Marriott Vacation Club!
  107. Pranic Healing.. your thoughts?
  108. Anyone every fly Southwest Air?
  109. Contract question...
  110. Why don't car manufacturers include one of those computer readers that mechanics use?
  111. installing a thermostat timer/scheduler
  112. Spooky Coincidence?
  113. Heating / AC question (no AC)
  114. I almost died on Friday... pics included.
  115. Home Gym owners: What do you think of this? (Weider MAX Resistance System Gym)
  116. HIPAA forms
  117. Oh! The joys of paperwork
  118. Best way to kill ants in my yard?
  119. Camera broke! Repair or replace?
  120. Working from home BS or not?
  121. How would you handle this slumlord situation?
  122. Trailer Hitch
  123. My Hands, They Smell Like the Laundry!
  124. Recommendations on a PORTABLE AC unit (not a wall unit)?
  125. Japan Trip Photos
  126. did i almost die? (heat related)
  127. best way to find specific car part for 2002 mazda protege?
  128. Things to Do in Toronto! Recs. Please...
  129. The little instances of accomplishment in our dull lives...
  130. I "saw a bunch of rocks, a foot and a hand"
  131. Coin collectors, question about determining condition
  132. Question RE: Behavioral Modification, Evolution & Chihuahuas
  133. UNCLE, ALREADY!!! I surrender. I give up.
  134. I need Europe on a PDA
  135. Do you wake up happy or grumpy?
  136. Job Application - Mandatory Salary Requirement
  137. New to the Forums
  138. My dog is going to kill my husband
  139. Does anyone else feel like nothing you own works worth a damn?
  140. Things to do in Philadelphia?
  141. Check out this smoking ape, ROFL!!!!
  142. Best Craps Tables To Play In Vegas.....
  143. Live3DPoker
  144. So to have babies, do you have to touch weiners?
  145. shoud I join a Gang?
  146. House Spiders Do you Leave em alone or Kill em?
  147. What the heck does this phrase mean?
  148. A morning in the life of kvrdave (or: What would you have done?)
  149. How do I get my trunk unstuck?
  150. Sheriff Chases Motorcycle Idiot Across 3 Counties
  151. Liz Claiborne: "Lucky You" Availability?
  152. Where to buy foam headphone ear buds/pads online or off?
  153. Photoshop assistance needed
  154. I am posting from my new phone!
  155. Toddler Leads Deputies To 1,700 Pounds Of Pot
  156. can you lose weight on diet soda?
  157. Stupid drivers piss me off!
  158. Question about disputing a credit card charge.
  159. Suspicious customer- Terroist Related?
  160. Detectives now seek van in Idaho missing children case
  161. Where can I find funky furniture?
  162. To those of you with sons....
  163. Would you walk away from hundreds of thousands of $$$?
  164. My Crisis of Faith in Modern Medicine
  165. Insane mom
  166. Bubblegum in a tooth paste tube: What was this stuff called?
  167. Where did the rape begin?
  168. This guy rules....
  169. Geneva Ice Storm ~ Very Cool Pics
  170. check out this unbelievable video
  171. I'm doing the Ultimate New York Body Plan (David Kirsch) Anyone tried it?
  172. I played a funny joke on two bosses today. :lol:
  173. How do I get my smoke detector to shut up?
  174. Everybody out seeing Star Wars tonight?
  175. people like bacon too much
  176. ASTONISHING use of hypocrisy: "Pregnant student defies graduation ban"
  177. Hair clipper numbers?
  178. Animal cruelty haters rejoice!!!
  179. So I called my friend's 8-year-old daughter a "dirty bastard" - is that bad?
  180. removing gasoline smell...help!
  181. layover in Memphis--what to do?
  182. I found a lump in my boobie.
  183. Time to Turn Up Your Noses! What social class are you? (NYT Feature)
  184. Deputy hit by truck on roadside (video included)
  185. Sorry! You're dead...
  186. Would you swim in the ocean at night?
  187. School is out
  188. I wonder if the owner registered this camera for warranty
  189. George W. Bush ruined my trip!
  190. Tell me about allergies or Tonsillitis?
  191. If you realized that your values drastically differed from a friend's values...
  192. Dumpster treasure
  193. Mime claims to know 'Piano Man'...
  194. Oh great! I won 2 free Snapples! Uh... actually not so great
  195. NYC Otters:My first solo art show opens this Saturday (May 21)
  196. I need some advice on sunglasses.
  197. Family Crisis. What should we do ??
  198. How much do Land Scapers make?
  199. Wild Iceberg Tears up Antarctica (includes cool pictures)
  200. These year book photos = not a good idea..
  201. Ok, I've officially had it with those Nextel phones and the people who use them
  202. YAEBT -- Free Boxes
  203. Yosemite National Park - 5trip pictures
  204. OMG Zombies are real. Sex offender pic [Peppers]
  205. What's the healthier choice... french fries or onion rings?
  206. Body Fat Monitor Scales: do they work?
  207. free movies on this post`°º·...·º°`°º·...·º°`°º·...·º*°`°º·...·º°`°º·..·º°`
  208. who decided that mushrooms are food?
  209. Well, I did it: Ketchup goes in GLASS jars from now on
  210. Foamy hand soap! It's all around us!
  211. Does EBAY no longer list your own items in a search?
  212. Going to Vegas Next Week. Need Craps Help.
  213. Chinese Herb May Help People Get Drunk More Quickly
  214. Going out in NYC for the first time...suggestions?
  215. Pool Owners (in-ground) - Help Me Out
  216. Truck Rental Companies (Local Move)
  217. Getting in shape - one rung at a time - Let's do it!
  218. "This race is my chance to fight for Darth Vader's transgender rights"
  219. 42 Midgets vs. Lion, who wins?
  220. Beer sales stagnate, wine sales booming
  221. Anyone in the contruction industry? Does this sound like a fair quote?
  222. Gunowners with children--is this wrong or am I freaking out for nothing?
  223. Do you save your e-mails?
  224. Is Anyone Else Freaked Out by the Burger King Guy?
  225. Post your "Signs of the Apocalypse" here
  226. Check out these puppies!
  227. Hilarious
  228. taking out a car stereo?
  229. Why when I rub my leg my testys tingle?
  230. looking for a video
  231. What do you know about... The Edit King?
  232. coming soon, WindowsUpdate for your car
  233. Does any one know anything about Codex Alimentarius?
  234. I'm hungry, broke but I hate cooking!!
  235. Jeremy Piven is FINALLY being acknowleged for his acting abilities!!!
  236. Expressionless girl.....
  237. How did you decide where to live/ move to?
  238. New question about jury duty
  239. Are parties (weddings) on chartered cruising boats fun?
  240. Where is dork?
  241. Who here has taken the Civil Service test? Need help.
  242. Paging all women!
  243. Nuclear battery keeps going, and going ...
  244. Caption This: NFL PLAYER edition
  245. What is the history of "the dancing banana"?
  246. Anyone ever got this email from Party Poker?
  247. Buying a House: Any Advice?
  248. Going to England, where should I exchange money?
  249. Bottled Water..
  250. vacation help