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  1. What is a normal barmitzva gift?
  2. Employers: Is this a red flag on an application?
  3. Possible huge oil find under Utah
  4. Ok I need some travel help from you seasoned vetern travelers.
  5. Your Songs for Making Sweet, Sweet Love.
  6. Caption This: The Diplomatic Edition
  7. I have two abandoned cats that need a good home!!! (pics)
  8. Student suspended 10 days for using cell phone in school, Mom serving in Iraq called
  9. Here is one school that will never go online
  10. Any cool uses for old box nails?
  11. Public bathroom question
  12. Any graduates here?
  13. Casino Dealer
  14. Those travel often, what kind of career do you have?
  15. When cleaning what do you do first: vacuum or dust?
  16. YATT: Any suggestions for Panama (country, not beach)
  17. Distance Learning
  18. Dr. Emmit Brown to Speak at Time Travellers Convention?
  19. Addicting game
  20. Getting divorced - what to do with wedding band?
  21. Free at last! Free at last! Last day on the job.
  22. Okay, who just called me?
  23. Photoshop Request
  24. Finally going to Ibiza
  25. Ok, so I get a letter from a collection agency on my student loan...
  26. What time do movies really start?
  27. Today at 5:05:05 am & pm the time will be 05:05:05 05/05/005.. [merged]
  28. How many BB do you play when u go to a B&M?
  29. Idaho Cities to Pay to Fix Bullet Holes
  30. fashion question: Linen pants with a drawstring AND a beltloop
  31. What's up with the word "teh"???
  32. searching for flight deals can a travel agent help?
  33. Ratings Services Cuts GM, Ford Corporate Credit Ratings to Junk
  34. What happened to Chris Tucker? Should a Christian take un-Christian acting jobs?
  35. So I met Bill Clinton today...
  36. What a great day - Murder suspect identified.....
  37. Ever wonder what happens to the stuff airport security confiscated?
  38. The Rinnai Continuum tankless water heater: Thoughts?
  39. (somewhat minor) Explosions in New York
  40. Zion National Park in Utah - 7 pics
  41. Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah - 7 pics
  42. Credit card fraud is suckkkkk
  43. How racist can you get?! Please get these people off the air.
  44. Did you like your college/find the education and (or) find the degree useful?
  45. Took a big spill today
  46. So I'm having surgery on my spine (upper neck) this month...
  47. Help!!! Just moved to SoCal.
  48. How to word a letter to Congress asking for a letter of marque?
  49. Can you die from Anesthesia ?
  50. Ceviche!
  51. So who's the oldest able bodied person you know who still live at home?
  52. How far can you go? Try it.
  53. Cat Lovers - I have a question....
  54. Okay, so what are you spending your poker/casino profits on?
  55. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge VI - 10+1 NL HE (5/04/05) TONIGHT!!!
  56. anyone hear about this Loch Ness tooth?
  57. Line up guys...Paris Hilton wants kids.
  58. P-Day (warning: genitalia references)
  59. The most unbelievably frustrating/addicting game ever
  60. Vegas trip pictures - part 2 - 7 pictures
  61. Vegas trip pictures - part 1 - 6 pics [merged]
  62. Has anyone played Superior Poker yet?
  63. Place Your Bets Now: 1,000,000 Otter Posts
  64. Verizon "British Invasion" ringtones
  65. Truck question RE: tailgates
  66. What song was #1 on the charts on your Birthday??
  67. Letter From Scott Peterson's Father
  68. Picture of my new kitten
  69. Richard Simmons on "Whose Line Is It Anyway"
  70. I Come To The DVDTalk In An Hour Of Need...Cigar Lovers, HELP!
  71. A Slight Blurb on Tom Cruise's New Girlfriend
  72. Woman busts philandering husband on Craigslist
  73. Just Say No!
  74. How did you find your last job?
  75. Can't use a carton of milk before it spoils? Try powdered milk
  76. Interior Lighting - Looking for suggestions
  77. How would you tell a friend that hes an ungrateful prick?
  78. Bath bar or bath gel with loofa?
  79. I'll trade you a Jordan and Magic Rookie for a JP2 rookie...
  80. "Famous" Chicago nutjobs/bums
  81. How do you figure out what color to paint your walls?
  82. Hungry? 15 pound hamburger announced..
  83. Safest method to sell higher priced item on Ebay?
  84. Cell Phone Showdown: Sprint guy vs. Verizon guy
  85. Big guys: what kind of mattress do you have?
  86. What are you doing for the mother or wife for other's Day?
  87. Where to go for information about special events?
  88. Man finds finger in his ice cream
  89. Poll: Favorite Classic Car
  90. Dude rides a radical 70 foot wave bra
  91. What happened to the psycho chick thread?
  92. former caffeine junky needs some help
  93. Mail Order Chickens
  94. Your country is in his hands. Feel safer?
  95. Faith/no faith marriage and children
  96. Your biggest work-related screwup
  97. Interviewing with a former employer
  98. Firefighter in Buffalo talks for the first time in 10 years
  99. How do i get a T-shirt made?
  100. Mother's Day gift ideas?
  101. Help me become a slumlord
  102. "Fancy" Ketchup?
  103. Railroad maps?
  104. Question about donating a car
  105. Whats the deal w/ Verizon phones?
  106. Is Edmunds.com accurate for used car estimation?
  107. Selling jewelry or other high end items on ebay
  108. How much Excederine Migraine is too much in day?
  109. Do airlines let you carry on a suit bag?
  110. Is it possible to lose 30 lbs in four days???
  111. Tax return question... got yours yet?
  112. Mt. Fuji through clouds (pic)
  113. Do U-Hauls have to use Weigh Stations on the interstate?
  114. camera shops in atlanta or oklahoma city
  115. I reported an obvious drunk driver tonight but I might be a moron
  116. So I went on a ridealong with the local Police Department
  117. Need advice on cold weather clothing.
  118. Help me clean my self clean oven
  119. Procrastination has made me very productive today
  120. I got 3000 spam messages today
  121. Medically inclined otters- blood pressure readings:
  122. FDA OKs Lizard-Derived Shot for Diabetes (Type 2 Diabetics)
  123. >>> Help DVD Talk Radio Be #1 - Takes All of 45 Seconds and a few clicks <<<
  124. tell me your favorite sandwich !
  125. Going to Ireland
  126. Ack! My coffee maker just exploded! Need a new one
  127. I need a logo created from a sketch (will pay modest fee)
  128. Does this count as irony?
  129. Job for dvd watchers?
  130. Exciting new Flash game: Guess the Google
  131. I just yelled the f-word and it was on speakerphone (didn't know). Who is wrong?
  132. Has anyone NEVER been outside their state?
  133. How do I get a gum stain out of my pants?
  134. Where would you rather live: Utah, Idaho, or Montana?
  135. Really True?? Marijuana is practically harmless??
  136. "You bet your sweet ass-purcreme" For shame?
  137. Who tops the list of the rich and famous as the most "suspected" gay person?
  138. Ryan Reynolds & Jason Lee (brothers)?
  139. IS "ADHD" or "ADD" a real illness?
  140. Trivia Question. Washington D.C.
  141. Mason Adams dies...
  142. Tell me about air conditioners!
  143. No health insurance - can i go to the ER?
  144. Mother stabs children over 200 times as they try to fight her off
  145. For Mom
  146. Shootings Come West
  147. Quick electrical question.
  148. Have you a local costco? Help a brother out!
  149. My wife is away for the weekend. Gimme some lube.
  150. Caption This: Post Surgery Edition
  151. Is this possible: Online college monitoring
  152. "Put down the chalupa" - School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon
  153. Wedding Turns to Prayer Vigil for Missing Bride (Jennifer Wilbanks)
  154. Should I be worried that I may have ingested some bird feces?
  155. Anyone mad at me for what I just did to a cute little baby rat?
  156. YAET: Help me get my money back via Paypal
  157. Anyone know how much those wheat pennies are worth?
  158. Unregistered sex offender living next door...
  159. Student Sticks 19 Classmates with Needle, Causes Scare
  160. PostSecret - anybody else seen this?
  161. I'm always hungry
  162. Just A Friendly Hello From A New Member
  163. Chipped lens in brand new camera?
  164. Caption this: Rumsfeld and friends edition
  165. heard of zabasearch??
  166. OWNED pics II (The friendly version)
  167. School me on.... low end barbacues
  168. I am so broke off!
  169. LATimes: "Most pedophiles are Trekkies"
  170. Are you a racist? And other fun tests- Implicit Association Test
  171. Pablo Picasso was such an *******.
  172. When did we get all the new smilies?
  173. Happy Slapping.....
  174. Caption this: three on a treadmill!
  175. Diet Coke with Splenda! This stuff is good!
  176. Someone cheer me up, please.
  177. Question about Mortgage exemptions
  178. Make tequila taste decent?
  179. White House evacuated yesterday 4/27
  180. anyone been to greece? Do you like gladiator movies?
  181. Best Ebay Deal Ever!
  182. Ugh. What to do about -those- players..
  183. battery in my car exploded!
  184. Planes Narrowly Avoid Mid Air Collision
  185. What kind of driveway do you have?
  186. Checking e-mail in the morning
  187. l33t h@x0r - Hilarious!
  188. Seven Arab Americans sue Denny's
  189. Lunchtime discussion thread: Pork and maggots - is this true?!
  190. Anyone ever been to Anguilla?
  191. Weight loss supplements
  192. Legal/Tax help needed: making money on a web site
  193. Ugh! My allergies are KILLING me!
  194. Which State has the most DVDTalkers? (International Geographic survey poll added)
  195. Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes (merged - he's really in love)
  196. Do you tip the cook at the Japanese Hibachi restaurants?
  197. Raising in the Big Blind
  198. Anyone drink Pepsi for the free Itunes songs?
  199. songs for gay dogs
  200. Past President Dollar Coins Proposed
  201. Best Sports Book or Bar
  202. Friends find $100,000 worth of "treasure" in the backyard
  203. Quick trip to Washington DC next week. Any tips/ideas/suggestions?
  204. I went on my first date in 2 years it was a blind one though but I got full
  205. Judges penalty for Embezzlement: Give up Packers tickets or go to jail
  206. For those who are married..
  207. Newly engaged...thoughts on a honeymoon in Puerto Rico?
  208. (323) 462-9609
  209. Where can you go to recycle paper?
  210. Black Student Accused Of Threatening Minorities
  211. Roofinex (bad taste warning)
  212. Cheetos and Cheese puffs are best served stale...who's with me?
  213. best weather man...ever!
  214. Anyone know how to patch fiberglass?
  215. Report: U.S. Foreign Policy Hurting American Students' Chances of Getting Laid
  216. Crazy Taxi (driver) in New York injures 11
  217. you can buy this house, but only if you're white
  218. Brain teaser to kill some time...
  219. Consolidating loans...good or bad?
  220. Anyone ever flown with Air France? This is my rant.
  221. Dude, that's my mom. (Funny tv ad)
  222. Florida to allow use of force even outside home
  223. Post your dual monitor wallpapers
  224. Yet another girl missing in Florida
  225. First Map of the 'Americas' in 1507, to go on auction in June
  226. Girls as young as 9 are abusing steroids often to get that toned look
  227. Things to do in St.Paul/Minneapolis?
  228. Woman will likely not be charged with child neglect
  229. Iraq dust storm pics
  230. Help me with a quick favor, please!
  231. Caption This: MJ Lawyer Edition
  232. Any Best Buy employees?
  233. How much money do you save per year?
  234. Education (Policies and Funding) in the United States
  235. OWNED Gifs: which are best ones?
  236. Suggestions needed for BFL workout
  237. World's first inflatable pub
  238. Who hear is a Domain Hoarder?
  239. I So We Todd Did
  240. I just got accepted into Grad School!!!!
  241. Problems Bidding on Ebay... Help?
  242. Question regarding renting vs. Owning
  243. Bigfoot: Yay or Nay?
  244. Finding a job online?
  245. Favorite Lays flavor?
  246. Welp, it started right up. Again. As usual.
  247. Creepy Agent Orange Kid (pics inside)
  248. Is there a bathroom cleaner that can dissolve hair?
  249. Looking for that Stormtrooper animated .gif
  250. things to do in boston?