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  1. How do I get a gum stain out of my pants?
  2. Where would you rather live: Utah, Idaho, or Montana?
  3. Really True?? Marijuana is practically harmless??
  4. "You bet your sweet ass-purcreme" For shame?
  5. Who tops the list of the rich and famous as the most "suspected" gay person?
  6. Ryan Reynolds & Jason Lee (brothers)?
  7. IS "ADHD" or "ADD" a real illness?
  8. Trivia Question. Washington D.C.
  9. Mason Adams dies...
  10. Tell me about air conditioners!
  11. No health insurance - can i go to the ER?
  12. Mother stabs children over 200 times as they try to fight her off
  13. For Mom
  14. Shootings Come West
  15. Quick electrical question.
  16. Have you a local costco? Help a brother out!
  17. My wife is away for the weekend. Gimme some lube.
  18. Caption This: Post Surgery Edition
  19. Is this possible: Online college monitoring
  20. "Put down the chalupa" - School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon
  21. Wedding Turns to Prayer Vigil for Missing Bride (Jennifer Wilbanks)
  22. Should I be worried that I may have ingested some bird feces?
  23. Anyone mad at me for what I just did to a cute little baby rat?
  24. YAET: Help me get my money back via Paypal
  25. Anyone know how much those wheat pennies are worth?
  26. Unregistered sex offender living next door...
  27. Student Sticks 19 Classmates with Needle, Causes Scare
  28. PostSecret - anybody else seen this?
  29. I'm always hungry
  30. Just A Friendly Hello From A New Member
  31. Chipped lens in brand new camera?
  32. Caption this: Rumsfeld and friends edition
  33. heard of zabasearch??
  34. OWNED pics II (The friendly version)
  35. School me on.... low end barbacues
  36. I am so broke off!
  37. LATimes: "Most pedophiles are Trekkies"
  38. Are you a racist? And other fun tests- Implicit Association Test
  39. Pablo Picasso was such an *******.
  40. When did we get all the new smilies?
  41. Happy Slapping.....
  42. Caption this: three on a treadmill!
  43. Diet Coke with Splenda! This stuff is good!
  44. Someone cheer me up, please.
  45. Question about Mortgage exemptions
  46. Make tequila taste decent?
  47. White House evacuated yesterday 4/27
  48. anyone been to greece? Do you like gladiator movies?
  49. Best Ebay Deal Ever!
  50. Ugh. What to do about -those- players..
  51. battery in my car exploded!
  52. Planes Narrowly Avoid Mid Air Collision
  53. What kind of driveway do you have?
  54. Checking e-mail in the morning
  55. l33t h@x0r - Hilarious!
  56. Seven Arab Americans sue Denny's
  57. Lunchtime discussion thread: Pork and maggots - is this true?!
  58. Anyone ever been to Anguilla?
  59. Weight loss supplements
  60. Legal/Tax help needed: making money on a web site
  61. Ugh! My allergies are KILLING me!
  62. Which State has the most DVDTalkers? (International Geographic survey poll added)
  63. Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes (merged - he's really in love)
  64. Do you tip the cook at the Japanese Hibachi restaurants?
  65. Raising in the Big Blind
  66. Anyone drink Pepsi for the free Itunes songs?
  67. songs for gay dogs
  68. Past President Dollar Coins Proposed
  69. Best Sports Book or Bar
  70. Friends find $100,000 worth of "treasure" in the backyard
  71. Quick trip to Washington DC next week. Any tips/ideas/suggestions?
  72. I went on my first date in 2 years it was a blind one though but I got full
  73. Judges penalty for Embezzlement: Give up Packers tickets or go to jail
  74. For those who are married..
  75. Newly engaged...thoughts on a honeymoon in Puerto Rico?
  76. (323) 462-9609
  77. Where can you go to recycle paper?
  78. Black Student Accused Of Threatening Minorities
  79. Roofinex (bad taste warning)
  80. Cheetos and Cheese puffs are best served stale...who's with me?
  81. best weather man...ever!
  82. Anyone know how to patch fiberglass?
  83. Report: U.S. Foreign Policy Hurting American Students' Chances of Getting Laid
  84. Crazy Taxi (driver) in New York injures 11
  85. you can buy this house, but only if you're white
  86. Brain teaser to kill some time...
  87. Consolidating loans...good or bad?
  88. Anyone ever flown with Air France? This is my rant.
  89. Dude, that's my mom. (Funny tv ad)
  90. Florida to allow use of force even outside home
  91. Post your dual monitor wallpapers
  92. Yet another girl missing in Florida
  93. First Map of the 'Americas' in 1507, to go on auction in June
  94. Girls as young as 9 are abusing steroids ó often to get that toned look
  95. Things to do in St.Paul/Minneapolis?
  96. Woman will likely not be charged with child neglect
  97. Iraq dust storm pics
  98. Help me with a quick favor, please!
  99. Caption This: MJ Lawyer Edition
  100. Any Best Buy employees?
  101. How much money do you save per year?
  102. Education (Policies and Funding) in the United States
  103. OWNED Gifs: which are best ones?
  104. Suggestions needed for BFL workout
  105. World's first inflatable pub
  106. Who hear is a Domain Hoarder?
  107. I So We Todd Did
  108. I just got accepted into Grad School!!!!
  109. Problems Bidding on Ebay... Help?
  110. Question regarding renting vs. Owning
  111. Bigfoot: Yay or Nay?
  112. Finding a job online?
  113. Favorite Lays flavor?
  114. Welp, it started right up. Again. As usual.
  115. Creepy Agent Orange Kid (pics inside)
  116. Is there a bathroom cleaner that can dissolve hair?
  117. Looking for that Stormtrooper animated .gif
  118. things to do in boston?
  119. My Angry Rant About Having Surgery, IVs Administered, and Surgical Dressing Applied..
  120. Out of state job searching... How?
  121. Why not privatize public schools?
  122. 16 yr old girl videotaped being forced to perform oral sex, dozens watched!
  123. 414' Octopus! [disclaimer: not a real octopus, just a boring boat]
  124. Odd ebay auction
  125. The 12 Food Pyramids
  126. Singer of US anthem has issues
  127. Vacataion Help please
  128. Spider lives in a woman's ear
  129. Planned Elopement: to gift or not to gift
  130. My friend's theory: gay men created skinny girls/models! Yay or nay?
  131. Recommend me a Casual, Semi-Cheap Watch
  132. Is misleading wrong?
  133. Hi
  134. What's the worst thing that can happen from not bathing?
  135. name Change
  136. 1/1 no limit?
  137. what does it take to be a teacher?
  138. Lamborghini for sale on ebay that a dead rapper sat in
  139. Mars could be biologically alive
  140. Tokyo Train derails and hits an apartment
  141. Do you own a replica lightsaber?
  142. What is your favorite incense?
  143. Some pics from my botanical garden visit
  144. Mother Nature April Fools joke, 23 days late: Snow
  145. Back from Vegas, can't stop thinking about craps
  146. Timewaster: Virtual Bubble Wrap
  147. My wife is a zombie!
  148. Exploding toads baffle experts
  149. Want to know what you'll look like when you're old?
  150. I can not reccomend yo com-po-nee
  151. Does anyone here collect anything odd?
  152. This might explain why a lot of people hate their boss.
  153. question about FX lightsabers
  154. "Please complete cell phone calls before approaching teller"
  155. Help: Recommend good places to eat in Manhattan
  156. Rent stabilization?
  157. My mother just passed away
  158. Lawnmower problem
  159. Help From Vonage Users!!
  160. Thoughts on Nissan Altima?
  161. Cellphone-gabbing driver prompts response [funny]
  162. I really hope SNL (or someone) starts parodying Nancy Grace
  163. Gay or Not Gay - Big & Rich (country duo)
  164. Is it possible to stain light-colored furniture dark (i.e. cherry)?
  165. if you ever caught teh gey, how would you come out of the closet?
  166. Does anyone dislike Messy/Complicated food?
  167. Hey morans, what's been happening?
  168. Cavers establish new world depth record: 6,822 ft.
  169. Pope condemns Spain gay bill.
  170. So you're drunk with your sister in a trailer in Alabama, what do you do?
  171. What Are Atheists? by the True Christian Church of Christ
  172. How do I find out who owns a certain 800 number?
  173. Want to buy a pressure washer. How many PSI/HP do I need?
  174. Question about basic security cameras.
  175. Animated Gif of the Fat LAdy falling down the Stairs
  176. so, which Other denizen called into Chicago's WSCR?
  177. Sauna vs. steam room: What are their purpose
  178. Mt. St. Helens at Sunrise (pic)
  179. Question about doctors
  180. Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System
  181. Women & Facial Hair - say something?
  182. affordable used car, Ford Focus: any comments?
  183. In Honor of Earth Day: Celebrating Kyoto
  184. question for anyone who works in commercial banking
  185. Shopped at DSW between mid-Nov 2004 to mid-Mar 2005?
  186. Can't drive a manual transmission well...
  187. Russian Astrologer sues NASA over Deep Impact comet busting mission
  188. Official "Good Beat" thread.
  189. What happens when you put grapes in a microwave? (500k image)
  190. Selling a diamond on Ebay, need advice.
  191. Any suggestions for a Manhattan Wedding Reception?
  192. 6 Dead in Mobile Home Fahr
  193. Why kvrdave is wrong about EVERYTHING!
  194. So. Carolina legislature values cocks more than women & is home to a talking ass
  195. how do you apply for unemployment
  196. Do you believe in Moral relativism?
  197. It's BarbraPalooza 2005!
  198. What should I do (Husband and Father issues)
  199. anyone here ever been to Turkey ??
  200. Cingular Phones & Service Plans
  201. Is this travel offer legit?
  202. Comcast and Time Warner purchase Adelphia
  203. How bad shape was your cat after teeth cleaning?
  204. How much would it cost to buy an island?
  205. Toyota to buy General Motor's and become Toyota Motor's
  206. I donít think I will ever eat at another buffet again.
  207. Can a cop break the law to enforce it?
  208. I got a new job finally!!!
  209. How to scare a thief witless
  210. Ben and Jen engaged?
  211. Am I Wrong Here? (Father Issues)
  212. Qatar to replace camel jockeys with robots
  213. Fart Question
  214. I think this auto dealership is ripping me off... [updated]
  215. stuff to look for when buying a home
  216. Irritating bonehead workplace policies...
  217. Is there a bigger leech than Kato Kaelin?
  218. Credit card APR questions
  219. Good Grief! Nude Woman Flushes $90,000 of PEANUTS Art
  220. Ellipitical trainers: what say you? Gimme the good, bad and ugly
  221. New car buying advice?
  222. Help me evict my tenants!
  223. Human Eating Croc - Film at 11
  224. What kind of soap do you use?
  225. Oops, Slightly Overweight Isn't All That Bad
  226. What is the news media going to kill now?
  227. Elephants rampage thru Seoul.
  228. Nazi Parent
  229. Smoking Patch
  230. What diet is good for me?
  231. Cynic meter going off: Christian email prayer/money? plea Mrs. Pusser just received
  232. Poorly Timed Traffic Lights Cause Delay, Pollution, and Energy Waste
  233. TSA - A Big Mistake
  234. I'M LOOKING FOR THAT map of the US where you place the states!
  235. I think i've just been harrassed by the cops
  236. Pope Benedict and the papal predictions of Saint Malachy...
  237. LDS (Mormon) Church election process question
  238. Maybe I'm not boyfriend material
  239. what are your 420 plants?
  240. How is this legal? (Phaser 2)
  241. Any fans of "2,000 year old man" with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner?
  242. The Infinite Cat
  243. Investement Question (Credit Card/Real Estate) A bit long...
  244. A friend of mine just bought a car and screwed up big time...
  245. little driving rant.
  247. Star Wars Celebration 3 Countdown!
  248. I hate Wheel of Fortune
  249. Nag's Head N.C. Where to fish/crab and where to buy seafood/crab
  250. Does such a website exist?