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  1. Sea Lion Attack
  2. Challenged by ironing?
  3. You want to be set for life now? Here are your options...
  4. Photoshop request: Crazy man certificate
  5. Was your College Degree a waste or are you using it?
  6. Beer of Choice?
  7. So, interested in Brad and Angelina's air?
  8. Can anybody tell me if my classes are sufficient?
  9. I just had a moment of insignificance
  10. 2005 Otterville Election - Part IIIb - The Primaries!
  11. 2005 Otterville Election - Part IIIa - The Primaries!
  12. Wow, Hilary Duff has had some noticeable cosmetic work done (pic included)
  13. Getting a smell out of a House (Idian's Curry Spice)
  14. Ok, so maybe dogs aren't so dumb
  15. Ronald McDonald getting downsized
  16. How to remove bolt w/ rounded head.
  17. Do you tell people when you dream about them?
  18. My neighbor's dog eats cat poo...
  19. Whoa!! Barbie and Kent and LOTR!!
  20. PhotoShop help?
  21. Have you moved since joining DVDTalk?
  22. The battle of Los Angeles
  23. How much is your car payment?
  24. hurricanes make people want to do it
  25. How many here are debt free?
  26. Oops: N.C. Officer Runs Over Hit-And-Run Victim
  27. What was the name of this toy?
  28. When The Hell Did THIS Happen?!
  29. Disposable cameras? Bah! Here comes disposable VIDEO cameras
  30. Ever felt like taking a leak on an ice sculpture?
  31. So, do right-handed people get into more car accidents/crashes than left-handeds?
  32. Baltimore-DC commuter train sign. Big brother time
  33. Anyone watch San Jose WPT last night? (spoilers)
  34. Has anyone here unintentionally been the subject of a thread here?
  35. Life Insurance questions
  36. Laser hair removal....
  37. Hollywood Smiles, get yours!!
  38. How long does nicotine stay in your system?
  39. This forum is obsessed with tips and tipping.
  40. a new robot
  41. Dr. Tom Cuise's Medical Forum - funny as hell
  42. So, do you think *your* computer has problems?
  43. coke products or pepsi products?
  44. So I'm being laid off...
  45. Bees nest - how long until they go away after I spray it?
  46. Anti-Bush license plate @ Ebay / Did eBay pull the F DUBYA auction? [merged]
  47. Looking to get a bike...
  48. Check out those boobies!
  49. Top cars: men vs. women
  50. coin collectors are on crack
  51. If you died today, how embarassing would your home/apartment look?
  52. Cubans attempt to drive taxi to Florida
  53. Pain below ribs when sitting/standing too long in one place...
  54. Would you sacrifice your child for god?
  55. Caption this: Plastics
  56. Minnesota stoners are not robbed of ambition as they steal street signs.
  57. Jason Scott says "Waaaa! Gimme back my 12 inch tauntaun model!"
  58. Google Maps Make Demographics Come Alive
  59. Pilots convicted of operating plane while drunk
  60. Mysteries at the bottom of Lake Michigan
  61. Daily NL tourneys in Vegas?
  62. is the july 1-3 weekend going to be busy in vegas
  63. Questions from an online poker newbie
  64. Need help with a movie quote
  65. What's the word that LOOK like Irrevelant but means something else?
  66. SCREAM in my sleep.
  67. Good ways to tick off dogs?
  68. When cigarettes are outlawed, only outlaws will have ... never mind
  69. It's Raining Body Parts.....
  70. German city builds 'sex huts' for World Cup
  71. I need help with a payroll (legal) issue.
  72. Monkeys learn to use money, "invent" prostitution
  73. Beware the Sirius Screw Job!
  74. Who do I contact concerning business taxes?
  75. Is there more to a job then just 9 to 5?
  76. I was in my first real car accident
  77. Man Charged With Stealing Neighbor's Panties
  78. Jesus died of blood clot, Israeli researcher says
  79. Is it safe to accept a money order from Africa?
  80. Best way to get Tickets for Conan, Letterman, SNL, Broadway in NY?
  81. Funny Foxtrot comic strips about online poker..
  82. 51,000-pound load of potentially explosive fertilizer stolen in Arkansas!
  83. The Old Negro Space Program
  84. Google, today: Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday
  85. Ways to make a little extra money each month?
  86. Photoshop Me!!
  87. Any tips on giving denim/jeans that "worn in" look?
  88. I didn't realize there was a nest of ground wasps in that spot...
  89. Lame pirates pummelled by recreational sailboaters...
  90. Anyone familiar with font/type....need help!
  91. Diary of an unborn fetus
  92. "Hey, I'll make my OWN music video for "WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND'!"
  93. Holy Cow! I can't believe the scam emails on Craigslist!
  94. Look at the picture of this guy; Enters USA with bloody chainsaw
  95. Actress Anne Bancroft Dies at Age 73
  96. help me with my first interview
  97. It's Raining People
  98. Man... Zurn must smoke crack!
  99. Question about trading in my cars...
  100. what defines the type of jobs that should be tipped
  101. Madrid or Barcelona?
  102. Police "chase" on foxnews now, live, 6/7 12:55pm
  103. How Much To Tip Movers?
  104. Any dentists? Drill bit broke off inside of tooth.
  105. Teen gets scholarship from death row prisoners' group
  106. Pruning bushes?
  107. question for high school teachers
  108. When is the best time to buy a new truck?
  109. Cop flees while his partner gets shot
  110. Australian Woman smuggling live fish...
  111. I have a strange growth on my chest
  112. marihuana, with an H?
  113. The Many faces of Michael Jackson Game
  114. I am getting a nice bonus check!!!....
  115. Julia Sweeney...it's Paaat...um, no make that atheist
  116. Expected life span of a Heat/Air system?
  117. Stupid question: does ink add weight to paper?
  118. Man swallowed whole by great white shark
  119. Prison Hierarchy?
  120. Pass The Potato, Otters...
  121. Lindsay Lohan wonders why tabloids care
  122. Stop Dog from Digging
  123. Smoke-free Casinos
  124. Safe Tanning?
  125. Let's hear it for the Pauleys!
  126. Why is it that pizza is the only food that burns the roof of your mouth?
  127. Do you do a follow up call after dropping an application off at a job?
  128. Illusion for a Monday afternoon
  129. interest only loans?
  130. How long and How did you find your first job?
  131. Insurance question (preauthorization wasn’t done)
  132. Question about parents co-signing for a car loan
  133. Sad News: My father passed away on Saturday of a heart attack
  134. Florida community college professor steals students ID's..
  135. Post a Jackson
  136. Ebay Buys Shopping.com
  137. Missing Texas student found after 7 years
  138. Found a dog today
  139. Funny town names
  140. Cruise vs. all inclusive resort
  141. Russell Crowe Arrested
  142. Police say granny, 80, ran prostitution ring
  143. NYC people I desperately need your help with housing & jobs
  144. So, i placed in a car show today!
  145. Is your internet connection kinda slow over the last few days?
  146. The StumbleUpon Thread
  147. Sushi Knives & Sushi Grade Fish (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
  148. So you're eating at a restaraunt and you've got no money...
  149. for every "Fair Enough" tv spot I see, I'm going to smoke 2 cigarettes
  150. Washington Gun laws transport
  151. Caption this - Tennis edition
  152. Careers, what isnt being outsourced?
  153. HAIRY card trick.....
  154. How many crackers...?
  155. Grand Theft Auto...........Lego Style!!!
  156. Daniel Negreanu 1 on 1 matches at Wynn
  157. Any art experts?
  158. My Vegas trip this weekend...
  159. Alabama Girl Kidnapped or Runs away in Aruba... You pick...
  160. Your Trust: Earned or Freely Given? (or "From Shinola to Hinola")
  161. Is it illegal to post on the internet the license plate, etc. of the driver who...
  162. Pope JPII's Secretary says notes should be preserved not burned
  163. kvrdave goes on a cattledrive (virtual Otter field trip)
  164. request: can someone find me this old picture
  165. Fictional Love
  166. Scientists, with WAY too much time on their hands, measure energy in laughter
  167. Ezboard (Bidding for travel) Hacked!
  168. looking to teach english in japan
  169. What happened to webcertificate.com?
  170. Getting bored with the internet.
  171. Moving to Tulsa real soon. Otters help me.
  172. Sicko broadcast child molestation live on the internet.
  173. Tom Cruise on Oprah: remix
  174. compare your area to another city, cost of lving etc
  175. Four Infants Found Frozen In Freezer (tongue-twister not intentional)
  176. Bruises (Pictures Included)
  177. What Michael Jackson's prison life would be like
  178. Who got the 1,000,000 Otter Posts right???
  179. The most disturbing/disgusting workplace-safe image you can find on the net contest
  180. G. Noel Gross is going to be so jealous
  181. Just picked this up for $126,900! Now I am broke, lol!
  182. French fighters forced to land in NJ
  183. DVDtalk in the mainstream?
  184. Do you cuss when you experience pain?
  185. Help! I have massive diarrhea that won't go away. What can I do?
  186. It's Friday and I'm playing with the Napolean Dynamite soundboard
  187. Following in the footsteps of OJ, Robert Blake, and Phil Spector ...
  188. Bored at work? ESPN has last years unaired KC Lowball for viewing
  189. Michael Jackson weighs 90 pounds?!
  190. Email - Paypal scam!?!
  191. Tucson: Kid Shot for stealing bulldozer and knocking out power.
  192. Charcoal Grilling question
  193. The One and Only "Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer" Thread
  194. Surrey, BC, Canada car theft program - "Baitcar"
  195. monster.com sucks now
  196. Various videos for your enjoyment
  197. Hilarious! check out this review thread at imdb!
  198. Woo-Hoo! I quit my job, now I'm end up in the poorhouse!
  199. My Super is not so great
  200. Celine Dion doing Michael Jackson
  201. Blondestar
  202. Photochop this pic: Angry Jackson Supporter
  203. Ever wear one of these?
  204. School to pay $2 million in marshmallow choking death
  205. iPod class action settles - $50 credit towards Apple products
  206. Does this look like Audrey Raines?
  207. Subway Ends Free-Sandwich Promotion
  208. Who here likes Red Beans & Rice?
  209. The real life Peter Griffin
  210. So is this shaving of the head a new thing with young women?
  211. Wedding Gift Registry Bait & Switch
  212. What do YOU do when you're at work and you're aggravated at "outside" things?
  213. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge question
  214. Those Spelling Bee Videos...
  215. Scientists experiment with a "trust hormone"
  216. Attack of the Itch! or Should I get a new digicam?
  217. 10-year-old forced to lick teacher's toes
  218. Got a ticket for not having a front license plate!
  219. 7-yr old allegedly beats baby sister to death with fists and 2x4
  220. San Jose in the Summer
  221. Ever "toot one" (or two) for the clubbed homies?
  222. Baby bird disaster
  223. Statistics question
  224. Tan Me! Need Tips About Using A Tanning Place
  225. Restaurant recommendations?
  226. House paint exterior color scheme?
  227. Slightly new eBay Phishing
  228. I've been selected for jury duty :(
  229. Is $7 too much for two ice cream cones?
  230. Funny police video of a tasing that was well deserved
  231. GUYS: Whats the most valuable atribute for a woman to have?
  232. Inventor creates underwater breathing system without the assistance of oxygen tanks
  233. Anyone else loving this weird weather?
  234. Built a pond over the weekend (pics)
  235. Breaking News : Homes in Laguna Beach, CA are sliding down the hill
  236. Lindsay Lohan got rear ended!
  237. Student driver crashes into house
  238. Newlywed growing a belly, what can I do?
  239. Oasis destroyed in early morning fire (for Austin Tx Otters)
  240. Backlace - the new standard of 'cool'? (images of graphic nature)
  241. Bread Car!
  242. Ex-Prostitutes Not Allowed To Teach In Oregon
  243. The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show
  244. DVD Talk Otter Fun: Make Sentences Out Of Subject Lines...
  245. Halotron Fire Extinguisher?
  246. Question About Divorce In Cali
  247. Are You Happy With Your Life?
  248. so I just mught be moving in the next month, I want a house to use.
  249. much under appreciated cartoon cereal character
  250. Are college grades confidential?