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  1. I was just carded at Wal-Mart
  2. Rivered twice
  3. Online background checks cost $$, right?
  4. Yep, I'm a shoplifter
  5. Saw someone get cuffed and stuffed last night, I think for DWI
  6. Chip leader strategy
  7. The University of North Dakota officially OWNS the NCAA
  8. 121 dead in Greek air crash
  9. NZ man charged with rabbit sex
  10. Do you know what happens to a plane when it gets struck by lightning?
  11. if you want nightmares, watch this
  12. Electricity / Wiring / AC questions...help needed!
  13. Dryer problem - can anyone advise?
  14. Where should I eat tonight?
  15. My Space Help!!!
  16. What Plans Do You Have For This Weekend........
  17. What's the 35th anniversary symbol/item?
  18. i'm zo hmmered
  19. New to the Bay Area...heading to San Fran for the first time
  20. Heartbreaker! 3 wives greet man after triple bypass surgery
  21. This sucks. Have to go to a funeral tomorrow for someone I went to highschool with.
  22. hey, Canadians...
  23. Has anyone ever had a hurricane named after them?
  24. Hungry for a visual feast? My Chicago pix are finally here
  25. Kid Suspended for Pledging Allegiance...
  26. A Toast! ...but to what? (¿El Capción This?)
  27. Candy wrapper fetches $2,800 on Ebay
  28. Bee Sting Question
  29. So, is it just me, or are we de-evolving as a society?!?
  30. "Now, if she had just dun what I dun toll her to do, this never woulda happened!!!!!"
  31. Probably the funniest license plate ever!!!....
  32. What breed of dog are you?
  33. My uncle
  34. Car question about Chevy engines
  35. I Have Too Many Opinions
  36. Runner's question: What running shoes do you wear?
  37. Ideas to creatively save money?
  38. How many times do you flagellate in a day, on average?
  39. Wife and Kids Gone 2 weeks. What to do?
  40. 7-Year-Old Inventor Wins Nation's Only Board Game Contest
  41. Barking Man Bites Mail Carrier
  42. Five Orphans Sue Extreme Makeover
  43. 9/11 Statue--Heavyset whites or multi-culti lean guys?
  44. 2006 Specialized Bike Venom Line
  45. How can I find out how much a new position at my job is paying?
  46. Have you seen the Little Red Monkey?
  47. Ditching a land-line for a cell phone?
  48. Since when has Costco started selling fine art??
  49. Oh sweet memories...
  50. Do you work more than you need to?
  51. You last visited...
  52. Where did this video come from
  53. The Greatest Prank Call Ever
  54. Prepare for your newest nightmare...
  55. Another Teacher-Student Sex Case (Pic included with link)
  56. Well....I guess everbody needs a hobby....
  57. For all the dads/would-be dads.... (Many Dads Unknowingly Raising Others' Kids)
  58. Tell the truth! How long can you keep it up?
  59. P Diddy & Virginia Madsen arrested for murder?
  60. Countdown to AudioWizard's Wedding...and all questions that come along the way.
  61. Truck explodes on highway: 38,000 of pounds explosive leave 70 foot crater
  62. My company has finally turned to Big Brother
  63. What foods give you gas?
  64. RANT: I am SO sick of arrogant a-holes online
  65. question about ranges/ microwaves
  66. It's funny because it is true - GAME
  67. Weather.com is dum.
  68. Ever sent an email to the wrong address, and get into hot water because of it?
  69. The Seven Wonders of Chicago
  70. I'm back from my trying ordeal; what did I miss?
  71. Homeowners: What is your deductible?
  72. Holy s... Something strange in the sky.
  73. I Have a Legal Question
  74. What is wrong with this picture...
  75. The illness "got out of hand"..........?!?!?!?!?
  76. 3 down, 47 to go
  77. Giant Octopuss vs Man Eating Shark
  78. Trekkie Challenge
  79. Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero: whats the difference??
  80. Otterville a bit hostile today. Why?
  81. Has anybody ever been to Portillo, Chile?
  82. DEBT: How much do you have and how you get it (my storie)
  83. Survey: Conspiracy Theories Affect Birth Control Use Among Blacks
  84. Why Does God Need To Send People To Hell?
  85. How would you find out if someone you're talking to is famous?
  86. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  87. Gentrification... yeah, we got it going
  88. A Question About Airline Flight Prices
  89. What is your vice of choice?
  90. Jonesboro, Ark., School Killer Who Helped Murder 5 People To Go Free
  91. Geese at my door. City & country clash.
  92. Do you feel your co-workers act professionally?
  93. Insects in my Ramen noodles!
  94. Optical Illusions
  95. During storms do you turn off/unplug electronics?
  96. Athlete's foot and pee - rumor or myth?
  97. Fan jumps from upper deck of Yankee Stadium! Who has the video?
  98. Paying off debt sucks!
  99. I haven't watered my grass once this summer
  100. "When Ants ATTACKED Tee-Paul!" or, Have you ever actually had ants in your pants?
  101. Ever get tricked into an upsell on a restaurant/fast food order?
  102. Batman Begins Action Figues: Did Bale give his likeness?
  103. Quick Vegas taxi question.....
  104. Gray or Grey?
  105. Thieves tunnel into bank in Brazil, steal $68 million
  106. Live from DC - it's sfsdfd!
  107. I found Buford T. Pusser!
  108. Ever been followed? Well, I was CHASED, TODAY!!!
  109. Boy(14) stomps on girl's(7) face over a $0.25 treat
  110. It's not vengeance, it's punishment. Pic of some Marines with a curious unit patch
  111. Man dies after Gaming Marathon
  112. Roadside Attraction: Smokey Mountains?
  113. Electric company rant...
  114. My brother got to meet Sisqo last night? (r&b singer)
  115. Why do other people have different opinions than me?
  116. Don't you just LOVE it when cute guys make funny faces?
  117. Christopher Reeve's wife has died of Lung Cancer
  118. Shuttle waved off from Florida, landing in California
  119. ***Official "rate the signature above you post" volume??***
  120. Marc Cohn ("Walking in Memphis") shot during car-jacking in Denver
  121. I am running out of hips.
  122. Does anybody here meditate???
  123. Blue Man Group moving to the Venetian (BLUEPHORIA)
  124. Got a "Moe Green" moment to relate?
  125. Can somebody call this guy? (Nigerian scam)
  126. Check it out: Lindsay Lohan is becoming hot again!!!....
  127. is there a way to become a "morning wood" person?
  128. Man forgets wife at gas station
  129. Texas Holdem - What's a Fair Small and Big Blind for this ?
  130. Are you a Technology Jinx?
  131. Any Yahoo personals subscribers here?
  132. Does your SO have all the 411 on you net life?
  133. Anyone here have job where they work outdoors?
  134. The official welcome back TEK love thread.
  135. They’ve got those sanitational baby booty wipe things next to the shopping carts now!
  136. How much weight (and how fast) can you lose if you go on a "LIQUID DIET?"
  137. Going to Brazil for Plastic Surgery
  138. are we headed for tough times?
  139. Question about "In-Laws"?
  140. Deck Building Question - Cap Railing
  141. Ever been suicidal?
  142. My grandfather may be losing it
  143. Sorry ladies, Tommy Ceez is off the market.
  144. Atlantis expedition reveals structures
  145. A Question for Screenwriters (About the "WGA")
  146. Aug. 6,1945 Hiroshima
  147. Kung Fooled!!
  148. Ever been hit in the face by an unknown, high velocity projectile? Well, I have!
  149. Bush prickers = numb hands !?
  150. "Widespread environmental damage" seen from shuttle
  151. Peter Jennings has died
  152. Parents cancel their kid's health insurance so they can spend the money on cigarettes
  153. So we went to a clothing optional hot springs pool.... (no pics, sorry)
  154. ebay fraud email question
  155. What sound does a car that's out of gas make?
  156. Discovery Channel fact of the week, Earth used to be like Hoth
  157. Helped Change A Tire Tonight
  158. Ice shelf collapse biggest for 10,000 years
  159. Store in New York that is always changing locations?
  160. Wallpaper removal...any tips?
  161. …shhhh! ever snuck in somewhere undetected?
  162. My friend tried to kill himself.
  163. Marilyn Monroe's Secrets including sexual liaison with Joan Crawford
  164. Roadkill as decoration (icky photo)
  165. Any model-kit builders around here?
  166. Maxim's Share Your Girlfriend Contest?
  167. New DaimlerChrysler Boss Won't Settle for `Jackpot Justice'
  168. Craigs List personals
  169. A bird just crapped on me! (pic) Ever have that happen to you?
  170. post a pic of your love sha... i mean bedroom
  171. Is it a bad sign when your rent goes down?
  172. 'Beurger King' opens in France, no it's not a typo
  173. Kate Hudson says monogamy isn't "realistic
  174. T-Mobile, Cingular, or Verizon? Need help.
  175. Radical debt payoff (mainly mortgage)
  176. Hair styles for guys...
  177. House across street foreclosed on, thinking of buying: Advice?
  178. CRV3 vs 4 Ni-MH AA Batteries crv3 rechargeables??
  179. Does this movie toy give anyone the hot?
  180. Archdiocese's Lawyer Said: "She should have used birth control."
  181. NCAA bans Native American mascots from postseason tournaments
  182. Very strange flash video
  183. My first cruise...
  184. are kids glucose scores used the same as adults?
  185. Don't Bring a Sword to a Taser fight
  186. Levitation
  187. So.... How's the weather?
  188. How do you open a beer bottle with a lighter?
  189. There's a spider living in my drain!
  190. Central Vac - Opinons?
  191. So two planes collided about 1000 feet from my apartment
  192. Dog ride bike...HOW CAN THIS BE???
  193. Need help in identifying a toy for B-day
  194. Reno trip
  195. Cameras in casinos?
  196. Call from collection agency, help!
  197. Any Washer Repairmen in the House??
  198. Does this sound stupid to anyone?
  199. Man Kills Wife After Sex To Watch Sports.....
  200. More Road Rage.....
  201. Check out that wine opener.
  202. everytime you thought the joke has died....
  203. 2 Jackson jurors now say he's guilty - write books
  204. Ads for men that like REAL women
  205. What to do in Tallahassee, FL?
  206. Recommend a Digital camera...
  207. Simple Math Problem.. Or is it?
  208. Looking for info on remote control full-size real cars
  209. Renaissance statue broken by climbing kids
  210. Some photos from my European vacation
  211. Absolutely hilarious comedy site (Zug.com)
  212. Prostitution Legal In Tijuana Massage Parlors
  213. Aug 6th, 2005-An American Hiroshima?
  214. Anyone ever drywall a basement or over concrete walls?
  215. Holy Hell, it's hot in Portland!
  216. another game to waste time on
  217. Crap....
  218. Thieves steal $1.75MM from Handicapped Man... Wait, No, $1.75. Whoops. Drat.
  219. OTTER INVITE: PokerTalk monthly No-Limit Texas Holdem tourney
  220. Low Limit Online 6max or full table
  221. Help needed: donating a car to charity
  222. Rockport shoe wear'ers
  223. Has it really been four years? My heart still longs for thee, Brocktoon
  224. Discovery: Is the primary objective of this mission to simply not die?
  225. What brand was the last pair of shoes/sneakers you bought?
  226. Garage sale questions
  227. Who needs unholy toner when there's LaserMonks? (That's right, LaserMonks!)
  228. Proof we're going to hell in a handbasket - 11 year old charged with felony assault
  229. Would you "Hit" the I smell cake girl?
  230. Anyone else need a really good laugh today?
  231. Guitar Shred Show
  232. Mars visible to naked eye in August - true or not?
  233. Calling All Luddites
  234. Someone stole our garbage can and our garbage last night
  235. Pricing for bakery, I dont get it.
  236. Adidas to Buy Reebok in $3.8 Billion Deal
  237. Collection agency-can they put a neg on credit reports?
  238. Rock music is evil....apparently....
  239. To all the pro-death people, and pro-abortion people
  240. Another teacher-student sex scandal (this time, Albany NY)
  241. This dude can see the future.....
  242. Sad little duck death story. Not for those who are animal sensitive.
  243. My keyboard is nasty -- in only a few months
  244. Magazine calls on readers to name new planet
  245. How does this optical illusion work?
  246. omg I have found man's greatest invention ever!!!!!
  247. I dont get this Tee Shirt
  248. How do you carry large sums of money?
  249. Air France jet off runway, on fire in Toronto (Pearson Airport)
  250. Listerine Whitening

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