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  1. taco bell crunchwrap supreme
  2. How can people survive like this?
  3. Vacationing in an RV?
  4. 2005 Otterville Election - Part V - Countdown to the Election!
  5. Is a higher paying crappy job better, or more crappy?
  6. Magic trick video: how did he DO that?!?
  7. Remember "Terminal" with Tom Hanks?
  8. Wanna buy some llamas (cheap too)?
  9. How much should it cost to tile a bathroom?
  10. How to find if someone is a family member?
  11. Absolutely NO sympathy for the stupid....dude jumping on vehicles gets whats coming!!
  12. Girls dressing "revealing"... Do they know they are doing this?
  13. I think I have guacamole fever!!!1111!!!!
  14. The state of Texas says I'm a "High Emitter." (rant)
  15. Caption this Racheal Ray pic
  16. The Most Haunted Town/City in Alabama: Huntsville
  17. Could barbers be using your leftover hair clippings for evil purposes?
  18. I Really Hate the DMV
  19. Yet another reason to love "The Office"
  20. School me on insurance for buildings, yo!
  21. Don And Mike - Freda Killed In Car Accident
  22. Best Credit Card???
  23. How would you rule as an OTTER MOD?
  24. Someone just spit on me
  25. Got a job interview this afternoon: Any last second advice?
  26. Girls and corpses.
  27. I just left my business card at 68 houses, I'm beat.
  28. Is it supposed to be a secret that the sixflags 'dancing old man' is white/old?
  29. How to build this swing?
  30. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge VIII - 10+1 NL HE WEDNESDAY (7/13/05)
  31. Late night "d'oh" video
  32. What blogs / RSS feeds do you read?
  33. Hotel Suggestions For Non-Gamblers?
  34. Who has the infamous Samuel L Jackson nut pic?
  36. Can someone make somthing in photoshop for me?
  37. Automatic faster than a manual?
  38. What do you know about babies & children?
  39. Was this a message from up above?(a cat story)
  40. Interview Question: "Greatest Weakness" - How have you answered it?
  41. I quit my poker group tonight.
  42. Post the funniest photoshop you've seen..
  43. World Record Slug?
  44. Ever had your vehicle commandeered by a Law Enforcement Officer?
  45. NEw table with pics. Learn from my mistakes
  46. Jaws in 30 seconds
  47. Would someone please explain society's fascination with celebrity to me????
  48. I'm going to be getting a dog!
  49. Macroni & Cheese
  50. suggestion for good buffet or restaurant
  51. Check out these creepy beauty pageant photos.
  52. By reading this thread...
  53. Otters IN JAIL?
  54. What to do with an unpublished JFK photo
  55. 2 odd and tragic events from Kaiser hospital
  56. Comic-Con Amtrak question
  57. Does anyone use a Safety Razor?
  58. Southerners, what are you doing to prepare for Hurricane Dennis?
  59. Best place for Honda car parts online?
  60. Someone stole my car windows
  61. refresh, refresh, refresh, finally
  62. What's my responsilbility as an ebay seller? What should I do?
  63. Finally had a nightmare that scared me!!!
  64. I got an IT contracting offer. Advice?
  65. "Responsible Risk-Taking"
  66. Car Insurance and Who Can Total a Car
  67. Ever heard something disturbing from another room at the doctor's office?
  68. What Constitutes Online Stalking?
  69. 450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey
  70. Hurricane Dennis (Cat. 4) targets Cuba, U.S. Gulf
  71. Bizzare Job Application.....
  72. Friday afternoon messenger bag question
  73. Do you spit or swallow your gum?
  74. Chipper news story of the day
  75. Celebrity Poker Showdown Season 6
  76. Wood Floor in a bathroom.. can it work?
  77. Diamond Dave to replace Howard Stern? [merged w/ "gone?" thread]
  78. Oh! The irony...
  79. Who are you?
  80. Add your face to a movie trailer...
  81. Caption This: Small car with two very excited men edition.
  82. I need a suit!
  83. ESPN 2005 WSOP Schedule
  84. Neteller ATM is worse than expected.
  85. Dude gives the bird to a cop-the movie....
  86. Dumb kids.
  87. Which of these computer degrees are the best?
  88. Hardest thing I have ever had to do.
  89. Prank Costs Sick Joker £4500
  90. Would you seriously date a waiter/waitress?
  91. Rejection number to give out...
  92. Good shortwave frequencies including BBC?
  93. Electrical (for Home) Question
  94. Guilty until proven innocent
  95. Making a Indy Flick and need help with casting
  96. London hit with multiple bombings - 45 dead, 300 injured
  97. Gym Rant.
  98. How to remove oily stains from Kitchen
  99. Cannibalism?
  100. chances of me getting pissed tested?
  101. the farting preacher, praise Jesus
  102. Riddles?
  103. I just got engaged!!
  104. Would You Rather Be Fat Or Old?
  105. Man Charged With Stealing Wi-Fi Signal
  106. What tag is on the front of your car?
  107. Need help creating cardio goals
  108. help finding Roth & Investment account
  109. Do these ads make a point or are they kooky and unrelatable?
  110. Ya ever speak to another Otter ear to ear & mouth to mouth?
  111. Pot Luck Dinner Party
  112. Guys: Would you wear a Utilikilt?
  113. What do you do with your Life's Memos?
  114. Electroboy and ECT
  115. Mother of 3 brain-dead after road-rage incident..
  116. So i think my neighbor was the one who robbed me.
  117. Any Suggestions on Quitting Smoking?
  118. Moving question
  119. Killing my water heater
  120. Possibly the most disturbing and confusing thing I have seen to date...
  121. Amazing Asian Performance
  122. DUI/DWI in Federal District Court?
  123. Truck questions....
  124. Let's talk timeshares...
  125. A free cookie to whomever can help me find this
  126. Creepy, mildly disturbing, yet oddly entrancing
  127. Man arrested after saving struggling swimmer
  128. Absurd, but probably politically correct.
  129. GM extends employee discount incentive; Ford matches
  130. Is there a way to figure what color paint you have on your walls?
  131. Man makes 75k woman stays home. Woman makes 75k man stays home. Right/Wrong?
  132. Toyota turned away several American states for a plant cause workers can't read
  133. Job Question - how the job market is with military personnel?
  134. S-Turns and how to slow / stop a car.
  135. And you thought property in SF was expensive Dublin house sells for €45M
  136. so i'm throwing a little bbq this weekend
  137. Help wikify DVDTalk
  138. Is the subject I looking for phonetics?
  139. Engine Sludge (Consumer Reports)
  140. Anyone else's cat a little tripped out?
  141. whats the largest breed of dog? that you can have for a pet?
  142. Seen any FIREWORKS lately?
  143. WPT 2005 Season Finale 6/29/05
  144. International travel question: Transaction charges with credit cards
  145. One Pound At A Time - My Weight-Loss Journey
  146. What do you enjoy blowing up with fireworks?
  147. How to get rid of a crazy girl who hears really well?
  148. I heard and observed more fireworks NOT on the 4th
  149. so a guy i know cashed in the 3k WSOP event..
  150. What does July 4th mean to you?
  151. Atlanta fireworks? Lenox or Centennial
  152. Does DVD Talk remind you of Hollywood Squares?
  153. Its 3:13am who is still up??????
  154. Scentists crash satellite into comet (on purpose)
  155. So what is on your 4th of July menu?
  156. So my mom calls me from London...
  157. Why green is most recognizable to human eye
  158. Tax question about malpractice settlement
  159. What bills, if any, do you pay online?
  160. 4 Days in San Francisco.... now what?
  161. Come on, let's face it! I have nothing better to do with your time!
  162. Who was the autograph expert here?
  163. Cheating on my diet.
  164. Otter Farm Sing along Thread!
  165. Does Your S.O. Make You Make The Bed?
  166. Saskatoon Storm Pictures
  167. My foot surgery
  168. How often do you just take an entire day and do nothing?
  169. So I was playing internet checkers
  170. I can't tell if this is funny or just stupid....
  171. Has anyone seen/used the "Q Grill"?
  172. Never Had A Drink (Of Alcohol) In My Life
  173. Would you be happy with spouse swapping?
  174. Caption this picture
  175. Are you a workaholic?
  176. The Official "I'm NOT a nerd because..." thread
  177. LA otters - Glendale opinions
  178. So I woke up and couldn't find my arm...
  179. Where Can I Find A Web Master?
  180. What day is July 4th this year???
  181. Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian Otters
  182. ugliest dog ever!!!
  183. Luther Vandross dies at age 54.
  184. Horny Frenchman
  185. Does Hotmail.com Exist Anymore?
  186. Another Florida Sh-sh-sh-Shark Attack!11!!!
  187. Tom Cruise attacks Oprah
  188. Taser vs. USA Today
  189. How Did Red Sox Fans Celebrate the World Series Victory (Not Really a Sports Thread)
  190. So this construction guy disrespects my wife & then it gets even better...
  191. Who here is getting a four day weekend?
  192. Disneyland - Space Mountain Is Now Open For Business
  193. Recommend a good ceiling fan
  194. Need to find info on a defaulted contractor- what's the best internet search company
  195. "Brainstorm" is not politically correct?
  196. Otters LOVE Questions! Watch wearing Otters! "Give me the money" or "Knuckle slap"?
  197. Does your Dominos' still serve the Cheeseburger pizza?
  198. It's 1:48AM and birds are chirping!!
  199. Is it easier to get laid in Europe?
  200. How much do you love breakfast for dinner?
  201. For $10,000, Woman Tattoos Ad on Forehead
  202. Do you use a wash cloth?
  203. Shana Hiatt
  204. Space Shuttle to Launch July 13
  205. Cell phone owners.. here's a must have!
  206. is blue man group worth it?
  207. Gossip: Tom Cruise and Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas are lovers!
  208. Digital Camera Help - Canon A95 or A520?
  209. Atypical jobs/employment/source of income.
  210. What is the percentage of the homosexual population in San Fansisco?
  211. Hey! Ever want Dinner for Breakfast?
  212. Bored at work..
  213. Teenagers finds a surprise in the toilet, man arrested
  214. Bennifer II: Electric Boogaloo - First comes love...
  215. a $12,000,000 typo
  216. School me on Dallas, TX
  217. WOW what a sexxy sunbather!
  218. Going to Get A Bike - Recommendations?
  219. This guy hates horses.
  220. Monster catfish!
  221. Fun with spelling! (may not actually be fun)
  222. Bank of America to Buy MBNA in $35B Deal
  223. Surviving Layoffs: What's your record?
  224. Anyone been to East Lansing, MI? I am looking for Restaurant Recommendations!
  225. 6 pictures from my Disney trip last month
  226. Playground games
  227. Check it out: The Future of America!!!.....who says social security's in trouble??
  228. Wal Mart Question(A strange request...)
  229. Vending Machines..
  230. need help from a math whiz - probability question
  231. How many half brothers/sisters do you have?
  232. If a dog died?
  233. Jennifer Tilly Wins Poker Event
  234. Mexican stamp offensive to blacks?
  235. Can you still view completed auctions on ebay?
  236. Someone HIT our car in the Parking lot & FLED!
  237. Am I about to get screwed on eBay? (Help requested)
  238. Do you wear pink?
  239. Suggestions for Airport transfer?
  240. My dog just took a dump in the driveway. Is the end near?
  241. Heavens to Sir Walter Scott! It's Bank of Scotland scam/spam
  242. Lawyers Please Read - Homeowner Related
  243. What's the name of that site with the thing?
  244. Stella Didnt Get Her Groove Back
  245. Nuclear Fusion Reactor to be Built in France
  246. Looking for automotive decals/lettering/clings.
  247. any tips for playing pineapple hold 'em?
  248. Question For All. Who Would You Sue, Or Would You Even Have A Case???
  249. Searching Far And Wide For Cycling Companion.
  250. Are boxers ever ashamed of what they do?