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  1. Any Yahoo personals subscribers here?
  2. Does your SO have all the 411 on you net life?
  3. Anyone here have job where they work outdoors?
  4. The official welcome back TEK love thread.
  5. They’ve got those sanitational baby booty wipe things next to the shopping carts now!
  6. How much weight (and how fast) can you lose if you go on a "LIQUID DIET?"
  7. Going to Brazil for Plastic Surgery
  8. are we headed for tough times?
  9. Question about "In-Laws"?
  10. Deck Building Question - Cap Railing
  11. Ever been suicidal?
  12. My grandfather may be losing it
  13. Sorry ladies, Tommy Ceez is off the market.
  14. Atlantis expedition reveals structures
  15. A Question for Screenwriters (About the "WGA")
  16. Aug. 6,1945 Hiroshima
  17. Kung Fooled!!
  18. Ever been hit in the face by an unknown, high velocity projectile? Well, I have!
  19. Bush prickers = numb hands !?
  20. "Widespread environmental damage" seen from shuttle
  21. Peter Jennings has died
  22. Parents cancel their kid's health insurance so they can spend the money on cigarettes
  23. So we went to a clothing optional hot springs pool.... (no pics, sorry)
  24. ebay fraud email question
  25. What sound does a car that's out of gas make?
  26. Discovery Channel fact of the week, Earth used to be like Hoth
  27. Helped Change A Tire Tonight
  28. Ice shelf collapse biggest for 10,000 years
  29. Store in New York that is always changing locations?
  30. Wallpaper removal...any tips?
  31. …shhhh! ever snuck in somewhere undetected?
  32. My friend tried to kill himself.
  33. Marilyn Monroe's Secrets including sexual liaison with Joan Crawford
  34. Roadkill as decoration (icky photo)
  35. Any model-kit builders around here?
  36. Maxim's Share Your Girlfriend Contest?
  37. New DaimlerChrysler Boss Won't Settle for `Jackpot Justice'
  38. Craigs List personals
  39. A bird just crapped on me! (pic) Ever have that happen to you?
  40. post a pic of your love sha... i mean bedroom
  41. Is it a bad sign when your rent goes down?
  42. 'Beurger King' opens in France, no it's not a typo
  43. Kate Hudson says monogamy isn't "realistic
  44. T-Mobile, Cingular, or Verizon? Need help.
  45. Radical debt payoff (mainly mortgage)
  46. Hair styles for guys...
  47. House across street foreclosed on, thinking of buying: Advice?
  48. CRV3 vs 4 Ni-MH AA Batteries crv3 rechargeables??
  49. Does this movie toy give anyone the hot?
  50. Archdiocese's Lawyer Said: "She should have used birth control."
  51. NCAA bans Native American mascots from postseason tournaments
  52. Very strange flash video
  53. My first cruise...
  54. are kids glucose scores used the same as adults?
  55. Don't Bring a Sword to a Taser fight
  56. Levitation
  57. So.... How's the weather?
  58. How do you open a beer bottle with a lighter?
  59. There's a spider living in my drain!
  60. Central Vac - Opinons?
  61. So two planes collided about 1000 feet from my apartment
  62. Dog ride bike...HOW CAN THIS BE???
  63. Need help in identifying a toy for B-day
  64. Reno trip
  65. Cameras in casinos?
  66. Call from collection agency, help!
  67. Any Washer Repairmen in the House??
  68. Does this sound stupid to anyone?
  69. Man Kills Wife After Sex To Watch Sports.....
  70. More Road Rage.....
  71. Check out that wine opener.
  72. everytime you thought the joke has died....
  73. 2 Jackson jurors now say he's guilty - write books
  74. Ads for men that like REAL women
  75. What to do in Tallahassee, FL?
  76. Recommend a Digital camera...
  77. Simple Math Problem.. Or is it?
  78. Looking for info on remote control full-size real cars
  79. Renaissance statue broken by climbing kids
  80. Some photos from my European vacation
  81. Absolutely hilarious comedy site (Zug.com)
  82. Prostitution Legal In Tijuana Massage Parlors
  83. Aug 6th, 2005-An American Hiroshima?
  84. Anyone ever drywall a basement or over concrete walls?
  85. Holy Hell, it's hot in Portland!
  86. another game to waste time on
  87. Crap....
  88. Thieves steal $1.75MM from Handicapped Man... Wait, No, $1.75. Whoops. Drat.
  89. OTTER INVITE: PokerTalk monthly No-Limit Texas Holdem tourney
  90. Low Limit Online 6max or full table
  91. Help needed: donating a car to charity
  92. Rockport shoe wear'ers
  93. Has it really been four years? My heart still longs for thee, Brocktoon
  94. Discovery: Is the primary objective of this mission to simply not die?
  95. What brand was the last pair of shoes/sneakers you bought?
  96. Garage sale questions
  97. Who needs unholy toner when there's LaserMonks? (That's right, LaserMonks!)
  98. Proof we're going to hell in a handbasket - 11 year old charged with felony assault
  99. Would you "Hit" the I smell cake girl?
  100. Anyone else need a really good laugh today?
  101. Guitar Shred Show
  102. Mars visible to naked eye in August - true or not?
  103. Calling All Luddites
  104. Someone stole our garbage can and our garbage last night
  105. Pricing for bakery, I dont get it.
  106. Adidas to Buy Reebok in $3.8 Billion Deal
  107. Collection agency-can they put a neg on credit reports?
  108. Rock music is evil....apparently....
  109. To all the pro-death people, and pro-abortion people
  110. Another teacher-student sex scandal (this time, Albany NY)
  111. This dude can see the future.....
  112. Sad little duck death story. Not for those who are animal sensitive.
  113. My keyboard is nasty -- in only a few months
  114. Magazine calls on readers to name new planet
  115. How does this optical illusion work?
  116. omg I have found man's greatest invention ever!!!!!
  117. I dont get this Tee Shirt
  118. How do you carry large sums of money?
  119. Air France jet off runway, on fire in Toronto (Pearson Airport)
  120. Listerine Whitening
  121. 11 holes-in-one?
  122. I smell bad.
  123. Free internet Phone?
  124. Reports claim Disney to build Shanghai park
  125. another way to kill your time
  126. my question for yall is by the time you're 25, what should you have figure out?
  127. A '79 Pontiac Trans-Am's Run From The Law
  128. Otters, Meet Timothy!
  129. no stickies
  130. How can I find the Nutritional Information for raw blueberries??
  131. so i ran through the toll booth today
  132. video - butt cracks, kitchen appliances, Total Eclipse of the Heart
  133. How to get smoke smell out??
  134. "Package puts wind up bus driver"
  135. how many prayers do you think god/jesus has recieved since the dawn of time?
  136. Power outage is teh Suck. Rolling blackout just made us miss season finale.
  137. need a photoshop please?
  138. Civic vs. Mazda 3
  139. I’m a 25 year old grandma again...
  140. Bad Hygiene
  141. DOT Announces Record Low Highway Fatality Rate in 2004
  142. Pics of an uparmored HUMVEE after getting hit with a ball bearing IED
  143. If you were turning 17 in 2005, what might you want for b-day? Besides hookers.
  144. Very sad day
  145. Are you on any prescription medications?
  146. Whassup?
  147. getting a car question?
  148. Texas Municipal Worker Ordered Stray Dogs Drowned
  149. Atkins Nutritionals goes bankrupt
  150. Yet another escape Flash game [Travelogue]
  151. Sliding glass door lock?
  152. HD at work replaced
  153. Nail biters (and former biters) - what works?
  154. who's on AIM?
  155. The Otter Genie: Ya Got 3 Wishes FOR THE FORUM...and you can't wish for more wishes
  156. I want to learn piano/keys, any keyboard recommendations?
  157. Take pictures of family & friends then taze them!
  158. Quick question regarding credit card cancellation and my credit
  159. A town just for the deaf
  160. They make a ball peen hammer? Ouch!
  161. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge IX - 10+1 NL HE WEDNESDAY (8/03/05)
  162. My mom talks too much
  163. My favorite hot sauce
  164. for "brizz"
  165. New Jersey Turnpike Experts/Aficionados: Cars OR Cars/Trucks/Buses?
  166. What's the meanest (non-physical/non-violent) thing you've ever done to someone?
  167. who's your favorite of the funniest classic stand-up comedians?
  168. Please help me out with this girl!!!
  169. What's that Mmmm Mmmmm song in the Lipton Green Tea TV commercials?
  170. Is inline skating not popular anymore?
  171. How to tell the neighborhood kids to leave me alone?
  172. questions about possibly refinishing a coffee table, please help?
  173. Will Changing My Address Affect My Credit Rating?
  174. Chicago car and driver advice needed...
  175. Disney is trying to kill you and your children
  176. In this thread, I offer my praise to the Golden Monkey
  177. Is your computer chair on the carpet?
  178. witnessed any special or unique wedding moments?
  179. Do you have a bad habit?
  180. Need advice resolving a rape issue.
  181. Recommendations for a string trimmer?
  182. Gay to Straight Camp helps to those who've caught teh Gay
  183. Ebay Selling Help
  184. Tenth Planet Found
  185. Anyone know where I can buy Andy Goldsworthy prints/posters?
  186. How much for a brake job?
  187. Last WWII Comanche ''code talker'' dies in Oklahoma
  188. A Teddy Bear
  189. Cyborg Stripper Mugshot (work safe)
  190. What the hell is a Camry?
  191. Can someone photoshop a smile onto my pic?
  192. Calling on the power of the "other" forum to find tiki lights
  193. Help Me Buy a New Camera Bag
  194. Ok interior design heads, I need your help.....(PICS)
  195. Other Forum Archive
  196. Learning Annex Offers Pornography Class
  197. Is this joke funny or not? (old man, hot blonde, BJ, golf)
  198. Need help from from Florida Otter, close to Boca Raton
  199. temporary DVDTALK blackout:What did u do?
  200. Recall Globus! What Is It?
  201. Talk me out of buying the condo down the hall
  202. Keysers' Virtual Bar is NOW OPEN! 07-29-05... the proverbial son of fun has returned!
  203. Need Immediate Help! Important Decision!
  204. The Doctor Is In! + BONUS Poll: How's Your Friday?
  205. Animal lovers...need help.
  206. MyPerfectCredit is trying to screw me
  207. Mormons to lose dominance of Utah within 30 years
  208. Wedding Planner / Dog Killer
  209. ...and yet another addictive little flash game.
  210. Another Puzzle Game to waste your time.
  211. Ephedra is back???
  212. Backless Thong
  213. Cost of Gasoline! $29 to Fill My Car Up
  214. Do Australian guys treat their woman bad?
  215. Study: Echinacea doesn't do squat
  216. Legal Advice Needed: Hit a car last night
  217. On my way to Europe- What did I forget to pack?
  218. NBC Universal in talks to buy DreamWorks - reports
  219. Is Geoff really the make up diva?????
  220. What's your favorite tin-foil hat site?
  221. This Friday is Hand Hygiene Awareness Day!
  222. Girls and doing #2
  223. HELP w/ HIT & RUN: Identify vehicle by this part number
  224. Irony at its finest or my lamest thread yet?
  225. "Piranha" mice attack sea bird chicks
  226. I'm starting to hate going to movies AND concerts!!!
  227. Question about old stock certificates
  228. Any photo/video experts? Help me debunk 'London bombers picture manipulation'
  229. Do you poke a hole in your plastic coffee cup lids?
  230. Just signed up for 'Open Mic Night' - stand up...
  231. What would you do for a klondike bar?
  232. Dear Abby: OTTERS Edition
  233. Homework Help! Any Math/Physics/Engineering majors/teachers in here??
  234. Japanese develop 'female' android
  235. NASA Grounds Shuttle Fleet
  236. I don't want to be a cool new member anymore!
  237. Woot! A Leap Second. Finally!
  238. Lets talk about Road Bikes...
  239. "screamer" videos, where something typically jumps out to scare you? (merged)
  240. Michael Jackson IS willy wonka
  241. This forum is obsessed with illicit sex with minors
  242. Caption This (Ollie Bug Edition) + BONUS Reverse-Caption Surprise!
  243. Leg Trauma..Anyone else ever get this
  244. backwards letters on lemonade stands - strategy or indictment of our education system
  245. Man arrested for haveing sex with his 13 year old wife
  246. Pet/Dog forum?
  247. It's Wednesday and I'm bored. Entertain me.
  248. Kenyan man offered 40 goats and 20 cows to marry Chelsea Clinton
  249. we missed it (philosophyshop)
  250. Paypal Account Question