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  1. Animal lovers...need help.
  2. MyPerfectCredit is trying to screw me
  3. Mormons to lose dominance of Utah within 30 years
  4. Wedding Planner / Dog Killer
  5. ...and yet another addictive little flash game.
  6. Another Puzzle Game to waste your time.
  7. Ephedra is back???
  8. Backless Thong
  9. Cost of Gasoline! $29 to Fill My Car Up
  10. Do Australian guys treat their woman bad?
  11. Study: Echinacea doesn't do squat
  12. Legal Advice Needed: Hit a car last night
  13. On my way to Europe- What did I forget to pack?
  14. NBC Universal in talks to buy DreamWorks - reports
  15. Is Geoff really the make up diva?????
  16. What's your favorite tin-foil hat site?
  17. This Friday is Hand Hygiene Awareness Day!
  18. Girls and doing #2
  19. HELP w/ HIT & RUN: Identify vehicle by this part number
  20. Irony at its finest or my lamest thread yet?
  21. "Piranha" mice attack sea bird chicks
  22. I'm starting to hate going to movies AND concerts!!!
  23. Question about old stock certificates
  24. Any photo/video experts? Help me debunk 'London bombers picture manipulation'
  25. Do you poke a hole in your plastic coffee cup lids?
  26. Just signed up for 'Open Mic Night' - stand up...
  27. What would you do for a klondike bar?
  28. Dear Abby: OTTERS Edition
  29. Homework Help! Any Math/Physics/Engineering majors/teachers in here??
  30. Japanese develop 'female' android
  31. NASA Grounds Shuttle Fleet
  32. I don't want to be a cool new member anymore!
  33. Woot! A Leap Second. Finally!
  34. Lets talk about Road Bikes...
  35. "screamer" videos, where something typically jumps out to scare you? (merged)
  36. Michael Jackson IS willy wonka
  37. This forum is obsessed with illicit sex with minors
  38. Caption This (Ollie Bug Edition) + BONUS Reverse-Caption Surprise!
  39. Leg Trauma..Anyone else ever get this
  40. backwards letters on lemonade stands - strategy or indictment of our education system
  41. Man arrested for haveing sex with his 13 year old wife
  42. Pet/Dog forum?
  43. It's Wednesday and I'm bored. Entertain me.
  44. Kenyan man offered 40 goats and 20 cows to marry Chelsea Clinton
  45. we missed it (philosophyshop)
  46. Paypal Account Question
  47. Top 10 Reasons das Monkey/ kvrdave won the 2006 Otter Election
  48. Official 2005 WSOP show discussion thread... (spoilers)
  49. Ok guys, give me some work advice please!
  50. Need to get power (electric) outside..
  51. Student sentenced to vomit cleanup.....
  52. *URGENT REQUEST* Help me pick a new sig!
  53. O.J. Simpson found guilty of...stealing Satellite TV
  54. Mistakes...and the lessons learned....
  55. Seriously: What is the most revolting, grossest thing you have *ever* seen? Really.
  56. Tattoos
  57. Is gagging oneself bad?
  58. Woman has sex parties for teen boys. For shame.
  59. Any Otters going to Angel Booster Bash in LA?
  60. true or false: "There are no accidents."
  61. ridiculously simple chocolate pancakes (for audiowizard)
  62. 10 Most Over-Priced Cities in USA
  63. I just joined the marines.
  64. SAT or ACT?
  65. Too many gold dang books!
  66. Morgan Stanley CEO quits after 3 days.. Gets $32M
  67. Ethnic Groups On The Decline - Should Fertility Treatments Be Subsidized?
  68. Any Bar Exam takers out there?
  69. Where has "Natural" flavored Popcorn gone??
  70. Rental car insurance...do i need it?
  71. Chicago Otters: New world's tallest residential tower proposed.
  72. Heads up: Bet your whole bankroll on AA preflop or not?
  73. Asking you all for help. Lets pull together on this.
  74. More "killer asteroid" news
  75. Can you spot the difference?
  76. Favor to ask: Chinese to English translation
  77. How is your mother-in-law?
  78. Accident kills 4 Scout leaders at Jamboree
  79. The lottery is a tax on the stupid ... or is it!?!
  80. Married and flirting
  81. Will eBay ever remove a negative feedback completely?
  82. 2005 Otterville Election - Part VI - TIME TO VOTE!!!!!!
  83. I get to go see the Shuttle Launch.
  84. Amazing Video
  85. Poke At Own Risk
  86. So, there are a lot of hot chicks on myspace.com
  87. quick question about eggs and expiration date on carton
  88. Burger King's "Chicken Fries" were not what I expected
  89. Who wouldn't fall for such a clever trick? (Vampires in the news)
  90. Getting a nasty odor from my NEW air conditoner
  91. Towtruck place dropped my car...questions about a claim...
  92. Verbal agreements..Binding or not??
  93. Got 100K sitting around and not knowing what to do with it?
  94. Cool video
  95. Question about Credit Cards and Debt Ratio
  96. You been getting telemarketers from Canada lately?
  97. WOOT...I payed off my car today!
  98. Anybody else's Monday really just SUCK?
  99. Favorite "deceased" theme rides/parks
  100. Russia’s Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment
  101. Ricky Martin Seeks End to Arab Stereotypes
  102. can someobody shoot kevin trudeau? [Merged]
  103. has anyone tried Lunesta for insomnia, or other sleep med?
  104. How long does it take to change a door knob/lock?
  105. 2005 nissan altima 2.5 s
  106. My Teacher told me i smell like Robert Downey Jr... How do i get her back?
  107. How do you have a "garage sale" if you don't have a garage?
  108. Talk to me about Washington, DC
  109. How much do you trust your S.O.?
  110. Talk to me about Seattle
  111. These pictures may make some of you feel sad... 8:63:42 pm
  112. a question for otter lawyers...implications of co-signing for a loan
  113. What other countries have the equivalent of the NAACP?
  114. Move over Amber Alert, now there is Code Pink
  115. Are children who have never seen snow missing out?
  116. Have you ever heard of the "safety / doorknob" concept????
  117. Caption this
  118. Need gift ideas to say I'm sorry
  119. 1st Job Interview Tomrrow...suggestions
  120. TPTK on a flush board flop, NL holdem
  121. Advice needed about an on-line purchase
  122. Good house warming present?
  123. Good online sites to find realty listings?
  124. Stupid Ticketmaster (rant)...
  125. About to flea bomb the house - need last minute advice!
  126. CCTV - Closed Circuit Television. Your Thoughts
  127. Fighting toothlessness in Appalachia.....no seriously!
  128. Would you consider playing poker as your full time job?
  129. A physician claimed that the following are actual comments made by his patients
  130. so...i just called the cops on the neighbors...again...
  131. Got any willpower tips? I can't stop eating Whoppers
  132. Its a Big Ad
  133. Wacky, Weird and Wild Online Dating Site Profiles
  134. Now THAT'S a mug shot.....
  135. 88 dead in Egypt blasts
  136. Caption this - Superhero edition
  137. Oregon considering requiring Dr's permission to get over the counter med's.
  138. Need your help! (Are you bored at work?)
  139. I need a caption...
  140. Door-to-door salespeople
  141. Heat check!!!!!
  142. myspace
  143. I am fed up with this World!!!!
  144. Need help!! I'm going to try my hand at dishwasher repair!!
  145. Do companies take oversea employment seekers seriously?
  146. Ready... AIM... Fight!
  147. How WWII would have been fought by nerds
  148. This can't be good. Otters, I give you..... RAP SNACKS!
  149. Anyone speak Indian? What does this phrase mean??
  150. I need help with my Small Deck + Turgid Bonus Thread: My Slot is Too Hot..down there.
  151. Strange animals in my house
  152. Suggestions needed for most durable flooring solution
  153. Adoption 101?
  154. looking for cool panoramic photographs
  155. Belch or Burp?
  156. Ever wake up crosseyed?
  157. Anyone sold a car to a salvage yard?
  158. Word problem help...
  159. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
  160. Jurors award $2.7 million in popcorn trial
  161. Need funny pics, sort of like this one.
  162. NASA 'put' life on Mars
  163. Is this a good estimate?
  164. How good are you at educating an ignorant boss?
  165. Married folk: what was the best wedding gift you received
  166. "The Black Knight" - Stupid, yet addicting flash game.
  167. Green Tea Frappucino at Starbucks - yum
  168. Which tournament should I play in Vegas?
  169. Homeowners: Should you be present for home inspection as a seller
  170. Daylight Savings time may be extended
  171. Breaking News: Explosions at 3 London train stations.
  172. Wedding Etiquette?
  173. Anyone in PDX doing the Run Hit Wonder?
  174. How do you get your mind off things?
  175. Show us your bookmarks!
  176. Warning: TastyKake's Pina Colada Junior sucks!
  177. Best way to buy something from anybody?
  178. I love this forum!
  179. Anyone Get This eBay Email? Real or Fake?
  180. Gerry Thomas, father of the TV Dinner, dead at 83
  181. You can't over love your underwear
  182. Animated .gif request
  183. Can't remember website: asian woman screeches/warbles show tunes?
  184. 90 lbs. of fries
  185. "Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend"--A descent into Calculus
  186. Accepting a Compliment
  187. James Doohan, 1920-2005
  188. Norma Lee Ginger (hilarious song samples)
  189. Rain, Chicago, rain!
  190. The triathalon/marathon/centuries thread
  191. Hi
  192. Prototype Wal-Mart opens today.
  193. google confirms that the moon is made of cheese
  194. First Surgery Friday, wish me luck....
  195. Caption This : Sumo Edition
  196. Rewards? Legal issues
  197. A girl thread... ; )
  198. Which design came first?
  199. Help! I've been bleeding from my navel for 2 weeks.
  200. Just wanted to thank you otters
  201. Help me invest my money
  202. Golden Gate Bridge in Vegas?
  203. What will absorb the water in my car?
  204. Mathematical proof that girls are evil
  205. Really boring questions for accounting types
  206. anyone have the nokia 6620 (with nba application)?
  207. married people: how did you know (especially remarried people)
  208. Jim Aparo passes away
  209. Am I a college graduate or a trained monkey?
  210. Work injustice at its finest...
  211. So I got my DVD talk birthday email...
  212. Myspace is now PWNED by FOXNews!
  213. Wife Sues Man for Loss of Husband's Love
  214. Times haven't changed in Dayton, TN
  215. Websites promote group suicides
  216. Miss Universe meets Dukes of Duh!
  217. My new sunglasses show grid patterns on peoples windows
  218. Ants in my pants (kinda)
  219. Best way to sell a laptop?
  220. Tell me about Linoleum, Vinyl, (kitchen needs new floor)
  221. Colin Farrell's Sex Tape Shenanigans
  222. Electric Bill..
  223. Sandra Bullock marries Jesse James
  224. Building a basic workbench for a garage
  225. recommend a GOOD hotel at Myrtle Beach...
  226. Is there such a thing as anti-fungal soap?
  227. Mathematics prove Jesus' resurrection 97% certain
  228. Episode III: The Backstroke of the West (funny)
  229. What is that rotten egg smell coming from my car AC when I turn it on?
  230. Need Help Designing a Logo for Website
  231. You cannot be serious! High Definition Sunglasses
  232. So this girl at work asked me out! (date?)
  233. Vita Mix - anyone got one?
  234. Soft-side swimming pools?
  235. Help with a business plan needed!
  236. Tips on laquering furniture.
  237. Yet another Photoshop request...
  238. Jamaica Recommendations?
  239. Photographers: How can I get a hot model to pose for me?
  240. Mother accused of poisioning toddler by injecting him with feces
  241. Who wants to see fireworks, a Darwin Award winer
  242. Chimpana to Chimpanzee. A DNA comparison.
  243. Adult Link not what it looks like.
  244. Why no funny Harry Potter videos?
  245. Headlight question
  246. Roadside Memorials
  247. phantom ticket issued in Chicago - wha?
  248. Removing excess foot skin
  249. Is it normal to get indigestion after every meal?
  250. Do get your hair washed with your haircut?