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  1. 20 oz. diet coke.....1 in 4 win!!! or do they?
  2. Do you ever want to post something/start a thread, but don't?
  3. Is it true that if everything's goin' great and you mention it crap starts happening?
  4. random problem with a new but SMELLY couch
  5. Japaneese man arrested for robbery..... of online characters.
  6. Another time-wasting Flash game
  7. Lookin' For A Chick That Farts & Picks Her Nose? Yes boys! Jenny McCarthy's Single!!!
  8. Newspaper typo leads to people taking woman's stuff
  9. Do you spy on your kids?
  10. MA 1 BR Condo, ok investment?
  11. Is this a new scam? Weird foreign coins given as change?
  12. Heads Up Strategy
  13. Anyone else hate their mailman? I sure hate mine.
  14. Me and Suprmallet's trip to LA pics (to meet my new in-laws)
  15. Explosion in Downtown San Francisco
  16. Hey, DeputyDave, check out Austin, Texas
  17. The Doctor Is In! Help Today and For Today Only! (8/19/2005) (??)
  18. How should i negotiate for a new car?
  19. PETA compares eating meat to slavery
  20. Otters, You're My Only Hope...
  21. Bad Streak is Over
  22. Stoned and on Judge Judy
  23. Buy your very own corpse... A new photoshop resource
  24. My tribute to Myspace users
  25. euthanasia vs. anesthesia. Have you experienced the death-like effects of anesthesia?
  26. I felt something crawling on my hand last night! (Ever been bit by a spider?)
  27. Audio interviews with serial killers?
  28. Scientists Invent Machine That Seems To "See The Future"
  29. Why do car dealerships even bother having wesites?
  30. Fun with Google Earth
  31. Is "hippie" a racist term?
  32. Is this funny? Continuously funny?
  33. Is this a Paypal Hoax?
  34. Calling all DIY'ers.. Kitchen Cabinets Installation
  35. bathroom remodeling
  36. COPS - Star Wars style
  37. Disabled 7-year-old ejected from theater
  38. Would the creation of the Berlin Wall be considered a fun fact?
  39. Who would like to see Elephants, Lions & Giraffes roaming the Midwest?
  40. Customer Service at its finest
  41. Why do I suck at Cash Ring Games
  42. Forget fleas and worms, my parents dog has maggots
  43. What car should I buy? Volvo S40/Saab 9-3/Other?
  44. Quiz: Whats wrong with this map?
  45. Just gave notice
  46. I gassed the Sheriff… I hope I’m still a deputy
  47. 10mph, seattle to boston on a segway!
  48. You WILL catch [watch what words you put in titles!] for clicking this...
  49. Question for anybody that owns a hybrid vehicle...
  50. Strange goings on in the upstairs apartment
  51. odd but tragic news: Fisherman dies chasing fish that stole his pole
  52. Do your parents ever make fun of you or point out things that you'd rather they didn'
  53. 42-47% of women want me
  54. Ok I admit I almost took a Victoria's Secret catalog out of the trash
  55. If vegetarian ecologists are so against using paper....
  56. Naming rights for children?
  57. Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory
  58. Do you look at ads on websites?
  59. Chicago Air & Water Show
  60. I just had a sneeze backfire!!!
  61. Just For Men (semi-work safe pic)
  62. Time to start trapping critters again.
  63. What do YOU do with your old VHS tapes?
  64. Traveling lightly for a long time: gadgets to bring?
  65. Question for experienced photographers
  66. Stupid little electricity/math question....
  67. Cool Flash Game - Crimson Sky
  68. do you have to be born without a sense of humor to post in the main DVD forum?
  69. Anyone already have plans for their tax return in 6 months?
  70. Fitness/exercise question
  71. Was I completely wrong? (work related)
  72. Just when you think New London, CT can't sink any lower.....
  73. Caption this animated gif edition
  74. squeaky brakes
  75. Trip to Spain... places to see, things to do, what to see?
  76. Posting this from my new t-mobile sidekick...
  77. Help with a food freshness question
  78. Enormous Beehive In Wall
  79. Curb Stomped.....Really Bad
  80. What was this lady promoting / protesting?
  81. Microsoft is crafty like a fox... at Apple's expense (IPOD related)
  82. Which kicks more ass?
  83. Madonna has a happy "broken" birthday..
  84. How much do you weigh?
  85. Do you want to witness an unruly mob, go to a laptop sale...
  86. I just got my B-Day spanking! Do you still get spanked on your B-Day?
  87. Drinks are being served at the Milky Way Bar
  88. Help me find this optical illusion....
  89. Can Anyone Recommend A Quality Treadmill?
  90. Should panhandling be illegal?
  91. Going to Indianapolis Thursday.
  92. Plane Crashes in Venezuela; 152 Aboard
  93. 3-D Sidewalk Painting
  94. Going to Houston next week, any suggestions?
  95. Are the sleep number beds all that?
  96. "He bites me in the vagina" Video of a moron
  97. Throwing a Surprise Party
  98. Recommend me a good breed of dog(s)
  99. Anyone Have/Want a Hummer H3?
  100. "Use our product and hot women will want to DO you"
  101. Scores in Las Vegas...
  102. The foxes in my yard are back..
  103. My Sunday
  104. Anyone see Cook E. Jarr's show?
  105. The Random Picture Post
  106. How long did it take for you to conceive?
  107. Would you buy luxury toilet paper?
  108. Yay!....I Can Finally "Retire" With My Newfound Wealth
  109. Those with kids.. What are some essential items / "must haves"?
  110. Have you bought employee discount car?
  111. Hate barking dogs....?
  112. Bacon Bandages - pork products ARE good for you
  113. Can someone please lookup who this toll free number belongs to?
  114. Why do happy people flip you off just like mad people? (pics)
  115. Ever ask someone a question and they just didn't answer you?
  116. So, when did everyone go insane?
  117. key west: any interesting things for kiddies?
  118. I was just carded at Wal-Mart
  119. Rivered twice
  120. Online background checks cost $$, right?
  121. Yep, I'm a shoplifter
  122. Saw someone get cuffed and stuffed last night, I think for DWI
  123. Chip leader strategy
  124. The University of North Dakota officially OWNS the NCAA
  125. 121 dead in Greek air crash
  126. NZ man charged with rabbit sex
  127. Do you know what happens to a plane when it gets struck by lightning?
  128. if you want nightmares, watch this
  129. Electricity / Wiring / AC questions...help needed!
  130. Dryer problem - can anyone advise?
  131. Where should I eat tonight?
  132. My Space Help!!!
  133. What Plans Do You Have For This Weekend........
  134. What's the 35th anniversary symbol/item?
  135. i'm zo hmmered
  136. New to the Bay Area...heading to San Fran for the first time
  137. Heartbreaker! 3 wives greet man after triple bypass surgery
  138. This sucks. Have to go to a funeral tomorrow for someone I went to highschool with.
  139. hey, Canadians...
  140. Has anyone ever had a hurricane named after them?
  141. Hungry for a visual feast? My Chicago pix are finally here
  142. Kid Suspended for Pledging Allegiance...
  143. A Toast! ...but to what? (¿El Capción This?)
  144. Candy wrapper fetches $2,800 on Ebay
  145. Bee Sting Question
  146. So, is it just me, or are we de-evolving as a society?!?
  147. "Now, if she had just dun what I dun toll her to do, this never woulda happened!!!!!"
  148. Probably the funniest license plate ever!!!....
  149. What breed of dog are you?
  150. My uncle
  151. Car question about Chevy engines
  152. I Have Too Many Opinions
  153. Runner's question: What running shoes do you wear?
  154. Ideas to creatively save money?
  155. How many times do you flagellate in a day, on average?
  156. Wife and Kids Gone 2 weeks. What to do?
  157. 7-Year-Old Inventor Wins Nation's Only Board Game Contest
  158. Barking Man Bites Mail Carrier
  159. Five Orphans Sue Extreme Makeover
  160. 9/11 Statue--Heavyset whites or multi-culti lean guys?
  161. 2006 Specialized Bike Venom Line
  162. How can I find out how much a new position at my job is paying?
  163. Have you seen the Little Red Monkey?
  164. Ditching a land-line for a cell phone?
  165. Since when has Costco started selling fine art??
  166. Oh sweet memories...
  167. Do you work more than you need to?
  168. You last visited...
  169. Where did this video come from
  170. The Greatest Prank Call Ever
  171. Prepare for your newest nightmare...
  172. Another Teacher-Student Sex Case (Pic included with link)
  173. Well....I guess everbody needs a hobby....
  174. For all the dads/would-be dads.... (Many Dads Unknowingly Raising Others' Kids)
  175. Tell the truth! How long can you keep it up?
  176. P Diddy & Virginia Madsen arrested for murder?
  177. Countdown to AudioWizard's Wedding...and all questions that come along the way.
  178. Truck explodes on highway: 38,000 of pounds explosive leave 70 foot crater
  179. My company has finally turned to Big Brother
  180. What foods give you gas?
  181. RANT: I am SO sick of arrogant a-holes online
  182. question about ranges/ microwaves
  183. It's funny because it is true - GAME
  184. Weather.com is dum.
  185. Ever sent an email to the wrong address, and get into hot water because of it?
  186. The Seven Wonders of Chicago
  187. I'm back from my trying ordeal; what did I miss?
  188. Homeowners: What is your deductible?
  189. Holy s... Something strange in the sky.
  190. I Have a Legal Question
  191. What is wrong with this picture...
  192. The illness "got out of hand"..........?!?!?!?!?
  193. 3 down, 47 to go
  194. Giant Octopuss vs Man Eating Shark
  195. Trekkie Challenge
  196. Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero: whats the difference??
  197. Otterville a bit hostile today. Why?
  198. Has anybody ever been to Portillo, Chile?
  199. DEBT: How much do you have and how you get it (my storie)
  200. Survey: Conspiracy Theories Affect Birth Control Use Among Blacks
  201. Why Does God Need To Send People To Hell?
  202. How would you find out if someone you're talking to is famous?
  203. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  204. Gentrification... yeah, we got it going
  205. A Question About Airline Flight Prices
  206. What is your vice of choice?
  207. Jonesboro, Ark., School Killer Who Helped Murder 5 People To Go Free
  208. Geese at my door. City & country clash.
  209. Do you feel your co-workers act professionally?
  210. Insects in my Ramen noodles!
  211. Optical Illusions
  212. During storms do you turn off/unplug electronics?
  213. Athlete's foot and pee - rumor or myth?
  214. Fan jumps from upper deck of Yankee Stadium! Who has the video?
  215. Paying off debt sucks!
  216. I haven't watered my grass once this summer
  217. "When Ants ATTACKED Tee-Paul!" or, Have you ever actually had ants in your pants?
  218. Ever get tricked into an upsell on a restaurant/fast food order?
  219. Batman Begins Action Figues: Did Bale give his likeness?
  220. Quick Vegas taxi question.....
  221. Gray or Grey?
  222. Thieves tunnel into bank in Brazil, steal $68 million
  223. Live from DC - it's sfsdfd!
  224. I found Buford T. Pusser!
  225. Ever been followed? Well, I was CHASED, TODAY!!!
  226. Boy(14) stomps on girl's(7) face over a $0.25 treat
  227. It's not vengeance, it's punishment. Pic of some Marines with a curious unit patch
  228. Man dies after Gaming Marathon
  229. Roadside Attraction: Smokey Mountains?
  230. Electric company rant...
  231. My brother got to meet Sisqo last night? (r&b singer)
  232. Why do other people have different opinions than me?
  233. Don't you just LOVE it when cute guys make funny faces?
  234. Christopher Reeve's wife has died of Lung Cancer
  235. Shuttle waved off from Florida, landing in California
  236. ***Official "rate the signature above you post" volume??***
  237. Marc Cohn ("Walking in Memphis") shot during car-jacking in Denver
  238. I am running out of hips.
  239. Does anybody here meditate???
  240. Blue Man Group moving to the Venetian (BLUEPHORIA)
  241. Got a "Moe Green" moment to relate?
  242. Can somebody call this guy? (Nigerian scam)
  243. Check it out: Lindsay Lohan is becoming hot again!!!....
  244. is there a way to become a "morning wood" person?
  245. Man forgets wife at gas station
  246. Texas Holdem - What's a Fair Small and Big Blind for this ?
  247. Are you a Technology Jinx?
  248. Any Yahoo personals subscribers here?
  249. Does your SO have all the 411 on you net life?
  250. Anyone here have job where they work outdoors?