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  1. new car vs used car
  2. Video of another women getting the tazed
  3. Times you heard weird things
  4. Ourfamilyearbook.com legit?
  5. Gas Price Check: Post Katrina Edition - are gas prices going to come down? [merged]
  6. Drivers that don't use their blinker -- time to vent!
  7. Hey Everybuddy! What ring-tone do you use & or prefer on your cellphone?
  8. Back from Vegas
  9. Been to a mall lately?
  10. What is the most random things that've happened to you on a gambling trip?
  11. Anyone need Harrington On Holdem Volumes 1 & 2 ?
  12. Reno Trip report - 8/26-8/28
  13. LA nightclub question
  14. Help identify this snake
  15. Printer Ettiquette
  16. Please help me get stills of this actor..
  17. Human Cannonball To Be Fired Over U.S./Mexican Border
  18. Ever ruin a good opportunity by over asking questions?
  19. Caught my neighbor walking her dog on my lawn
  20. Dining suggestions needed between Tampa and Lakeland, FL
  21. Argh my neck! I need a new pillow!
  22. Whatever happened to TIMMY WHITE?
  23. Another"my new kitten thread"
  24. Smart enough to steal a cell phone and get away?
  25. Caption this & photoshop opportunity
  26. Please Don't Take Our Signs
  27. Do any Airlines have inbuilt PSPs for onboard entertainment ?
  28. Buying Real Estate in a Company Name?
  29. How do you make ice?
  30. HELP! Transformers toys
  31. crazy lady tring to weasel cats in to the pool
  32. Obnoxiously big receipts
  33. Do you have a lot of hang-ups? + BONUS THREAD: Are your keys safe from this?
  34. I need bonus whore guidance
  35. Cooking for yourself is dumb
  36. How men screw up romance (video)
  37. Coffee is Good for You ??
  38. Regular gas priced artificially high to subsidize premium and ultra?
  39. I need to take a break from DVDTalk.
  40. Now here's a good game, Lust of Bust.
  41. I thought this might be fun
  42. Am I a controlling freak?
  43. Suge Knight shot at Miami beach party....
  44. Hoax!
  45. Anyone Following the Hartz Flea Collar / "Advanced Care" story?
  46. Dell Computer pricing error: $6.55 (Deal dead)
  47. Letchworth hike pics
  48. My Big News (relocation)
  49. Have you ever left a store and kept their shopping cart?
  50. M&M's Wedding
  51. What do you see when you look outside your window?
  52. Stop tailgating
  53. Oral Contraceptives and International Travel
  54. My kitty
  55. Forest Lawn/ Cementary question
  56. Best way to wash black clothes without fading?
  57. It was a good day
  58. Best Cereal Combinations?
  59. What cut of ribs do you like?
  60. Honestly--Are you a sucker for something free?
  61. You Guys are the best!
  62. Six Flags are up for sale
  63. Grand Canyon to Get Glass-Bottomed Walk
  64. 1000 Posts Count Down
  65. DVD Packing Question
  66. Researchers map the sexual network of a high school
  67. Earth's Core Spinning Faster Than Crust
  68. Otters: Give me some proposal ideas/suggestions
  69. Postal Worker Puts Urine In Office Coffee Pot
  70. (not) visiting Milwaukee - (don't) need tourism advice
  71. 'Human' exhibit at London Zoo
  72. The Key to Happiness
  73. Kill 4 people? No problem, you'll only get 20 years in jail
  74. What's Your Strange Eating Hobbit?
  75. Baltimore DVDTalkers: Looking for quickest route to Ocean City
  76. Rant. 12 year old girls and Playboy
  77. Guy sells leg brace and decides to refund money. Saint or sinner?
  78. Anybody collect old 8mm movies
  79. My son is lucky - fell out a window but no injuries
  80. 'Dragons' photographed from plane over Tibet
  81. We told off the neighbor! (Sorry - long story, but bolded for your enjoyment)
  82. One and only Hurricane Katrina thread [merged]
  83. Where should I stay in SF? (Near UCSF)
  84. front disc brakes..any good help sites??
  85. I need a refresher in factoring polynomials
  86. Me dieron ganas de escribir en español...
  87. Roommates Accused Of Stealing Safe, Pornography
  88. Do you have a new or old bump on your skin somewhere? Are ya gonna squeeze it?
  89. Do old Entertainment Weekly magazines hold interest/value?
  90. My new addiction (sweet and buttery popcorn)...
  91. 9/11 Flag burned!!! Oh God, the humanity!!!
  92. anything from many years ago that haunts you? regrets?
  93. Internet dating takes a wrong turn...
  94. Is there anything to do in.... Beech Grove, IN?
  95. Can XM Radio company tell what stations you listen to?
  96. Doctors no longer allowed to tell the truth...
  97. Your Paper at Work: Legal, Letter, Tabloid?
  98. Hey There! :)
  99. Frogs
  100. Neat little math puzzle
  101. How much does it cost to own a bar?
  102. Is this who I think it is...
  103. Using a laser comb?
  104. Crazy Car Crash....
  105. So they're filming a movie here in Queens...
  106. Suit case found in water in Buffalo. With human torso inside
  107. A reason to srart drinking
  108. White v. Black (on cars)
  109. What would you do? (sports betting related)
  110. If we all boycotted buying gasoline for one day...
  111. Dying mentor/professor...Need advice.
  112. "Random person gets their picture sent out in emails" thread. Senior pic
  113. More Superficial. Men or Women?
  114. Can we make more $$ overseas?
  115. Another Traffic Ticket Thread
  116. Cooking... are you a tornado or Mr. Clean?
  117. Cloning Breakthough Could Help Bring Endangered Species Back...
  118. No sales tax on food, but there is on water?
  119. How to Fold a Shirt
  120. So I had a DVDTalk Dream last night
  121. Caption this: Slapped on a balloon edition.
  122. What is Marlons? A brand? A drink?
  123. How long before the car company will repo your car?
  124. Let's talk higher-end clothes washers/dryers
  125. Michael Moore checks in at fat farm
  126. Plan my finances, Otters!
  127. So I just bought a new french press
  128. Just Got 10K, what to do....(?)
  129. Coming soon to a bluetooth cellphone near you: proximity advertising
  130. My gift to Otter: Otter Wallpaper
  131. Canon Rebel Ti or Nikon F55
  132. Going back to work/school... oh well...
  133. Ever been to a restaurant that only serves one item other than drinks?
  134. It's my birthday.
  135. Invest my money!
  136. Shooting next door
  137. Head cratcher: Target's Back to School Ad
  138. HotorNot + Google Maps
  139. Kitten update, three weeks old already...
  140. 3 Days in NY and 6 in Boston : Things to do?
  141. I need help finding a news story....
  142. What to do in LA?
  143. Chase Visa Cust. Svc. learns it must keep "Palestinian Bomber" happy
  144. Any high tech recruiters here?
  145. Is Ultimate Bet any good?
  146. 65/490 girls pregnant in Ohio High School
  147. Too many people telling me stuff I don't care about today.
  148. Tuna Can Shavings
  149. Why is it that when given an installation "window"
  150. Should I go skydiving?
  151. Hooray Beer!
  152. Rave raided in Utah - assault rifles, teargas, dog attacks....
  153. Advice.... calling all former waiters and waitresses!
  154. Forum trivia question...a cookie for the winner!
  155. Getting in to school
  156. if you were an actor, and you had to play a drunk
  157. Lost my car title....now what?
  158. misprinted coins
  159. Would you buy a used car "As Is?"
  160. Surprise research results! Teens would rather have sports cars than economy cars!
  161. Management,supervisors: why dumbasses?
  162. Fax Me Something!
  163. Need help re: State residency
  164. Strangely Appealing - A Fat Klum
  165. Cow manure eyed as alternate fuel source
  166. Canon's newest DSLR (EOS 5D)
  167. Tournament question: BB goes out....
  168. X10 Camera's. Anyone here have some?
  169. Math Problem Help
  170. update on "Mr. Six"
  171. Is work beneficial when you're coping with personal issues?
  172. Don't mess with Carrot Top
  173. Burger King Chicken Fries Commercials...
  174. Mortgage Company Woes
  175. Kids get Owned!
  176. Another reason to hate women
  177. Microsoft Windows 1.0
  178. Who here has returned to school to get a graduate degree?
  179. When shaking hands: Cup of Protection or the Flat Out and Personal Palm Kiss?
  180. Courtney Love having Steve Coogans(alan partridge) baby
  181. Am I a permanent resident of the U.S. (visas, greencards, citizenship, oh my)?
  182. What do you think? Re: funeral
  183. do you roll the t.p. over or under?
  184. Accord vs Camry
  185. looking for feedback on geico
  186. Online high schhol diploma or GED test?
  187. chris pittman? Anyone have updates?
  188. I have myspace, if you want my myspace account
  189. I've lost zero pounds!!!
  190. Have you ever followed someone around on DT?
  191. Building new house question - Tyvek
  192. I lost 55 pounds!
  193. I'm thinking of going back to school
  194. What's involved in selling your own home?
  195. 20 oz. diet coke.....1 in 4 win!!! or do they?
  196. Do you ever want to post something/start a thread, but don't?
  197. Is it true that if everything's goin' great and you mention it crap starts happening?
  198. random problem with a new but SMELLY couch
  199. Japaneese man arrested for robbery..... of online characters.
  200. Another time-wasting Flash game
  201. Lookin' For A Chick That Farts & Picks Her Nose? Yes boys! Jenny McCarthy's Single!!!
  202. Newspaper typo leads to people taking woman's stuff
  203. Do you spy on your kids?
  204. MA 1 BR Condo, ok investment?
  205. Is this a new scam? Weird foreign coins given as change?
  206. Heads Up Strategy
  207. Anyone else hate their mailman? I sure hate mine.
  208. Me and Suprmallet's trip to LA pics (to meet my new in-laws)
  209. Explosion in Downtown San Francisco
  210. Hey, DeputyDave, check out Austin, Texas
  211. The Doctor Is In! Help Today and For Today Only! (8/19/2005) (??)
  212. How should i negotiate for a new car?
  213. PETA compares eating meat to slavery
  214. Otters, You're My Only Hope...
  215. Bad Streak is Over
  216. Stoned and on Judge Judy
  217. Buy your very own corpse... A new photoshop resource
  218. My tribute to Myspace users
  219. euthanasia vs. anesthesia. Have you experienced the death-like effects of anesthesia?
  220. I felt something crawling on my hand last night! (Ever been bit by a spider?)
  221. Audio interviews with serial killers?
  222. Scientists Invent Machine That Seems To "See The Future"
  223. Why do car dealerships even bother having wesites?
  224. Fun with Google Earth
  225. Is "hippie" a racist term?
  226. Is this funny? Continuously funny?
  227. Is this a Paypal Hoax?
  228. Calling all DIY'ers.. Kitchen Cabinets Installation
  229. bathroom remodeling
  230. COPS - Star Wars style
  231. Disabled 7-year-old ejected from theater
  232. Would the creation of the Berlin Wall be considered a fun fact?
  233. Who would like to see Elephants, Lions & Giraffes roaming the Midwest?
  234. Customer Service at its finest
  235. Why do I suck at Cash Ring Games
  236. Forget fleas and worms, my parents dog has maggots
  237. What car should I buy? Volvo S40/Saab 9-3/Other?
  238. Quiz: Whats wrong with this map?
  239. Just gave notice
  240. I gassed the Sheriff… I hope I’m still a deputy
  241. 10mph, seattle to boston on a segway!
  242. You WILL catch [watch what words you put in titles!] for clicking this...
  243. Question for anybody that owns a hybrid vehicle...
  244. Strange goings on in the upstairs apartment
  245. odd but tragic news: Fisherman dies chasing fish that stole his pole
  246. Do your parents ever make fun of you or point out things that you'd rather they didn'
  247. 42-47% of women want me
  248. Ok I admit I almost took a Victoria's Secret catalog out of the trash
  249. If vegetarian ecologists are so against using paper....
  250. Naming rights for children?