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  1. Snip, snip?
  2. Would you ever try Hufu?
  3. Do you care if some famous person is gay?
  4. Happy Birthday from DVD Talk Forum
  5. So, anyone know how to disable engine error codes?
  6. Pet memorial thread
  7. Where do you keep your bread?
  8. Woman Hangs Herself, Mistaken For Halloween Prank
  9. McDonald's to Post Nutrition Info on Fast Food Packaging
  10. Family Debate: Does drinking alcohol have any redeeming value?
  11. Do you use a corded phone?
  12. Gov't Approves Two Huge Telecom Mergers
  13. I just found out my first dog died
  14. Poorly Thought Out Web Addresses
  15. Pregnancy prevention pills
  16. Never used a typewriter before?
  17. Something about this cat pic I like...
  18. Ford eyeing bathroom breaks
  19. First Bennifer, then TomKat, and now...Chisox???
  20. Connect 4!
  21. Anyone else have tarantulas?
  22. Plane Lands on Street - 3 Miles From Airport
  23. Going on an ATV Trip for 5 days: Whats some good snacks/food to take?
  24. Name a sin & tell me why you think it's bad!
  25. Best type of shoe for standing
  26. Al Roker's Hurricane Report
  27. School me on "Green Drinks"
  28. Where can you buy sheets of foam?
  29. My furnace is not working. Any HVAC people out there?
  30. Which best describes your driving style?
  31. What does the little plastic 'crown' in cars mean?
  32. My company has a new policy: WASH YOUR HANDS! (pics!)
  33. How close do trains pass by your home?
  34. Televangelists: Does God like them?
  35. The Peeing in the Park Defense
  36. Any Recommendations/Deals On Home Security Systems???
  37. Photochop my dog for halloween
  38. Weird, weird spam
  39. let's see your burger recpies
  40. Ready to close on the sale of the house; Buyer's bank doesn't have the check
  41. anyone tried Omaha steaks??
  42. Anyone else feel like crap today?
  43. A couple drinks before public speaking: Yay or Nay?
  44. Good Halloween Costume Ideas?
  45. Another refinancing question (a quick one this time). "Points"
  46. Jeepers..someone stole my mail!
  47. Interior design question
  48. Things I learned in vegas
  49. Tips for Final Walkthrough?
  50. Rome bans round goldfish bowls - because it causes fish to go blind????
  51. Should I Get A Tattoo?
  52. When did people stop queuing?
  53. any traffic lawyers here and would you attend your child's funeral?
  54. Janet Jackson a mom????
  55. Who here is qualified to drive an 18-wheeler?
  56. Us postal Service question.
  57. Calling Star Wars Fans, just bought this R2D2 toy
  58. How important is a woman's weight to her appearance?
  59. My son's drawing...
  60. Am I stooping low here?
  61. My insurance broker is a lair?
  62. Questions about contact lenses....
  63. Ebay: Meeting the buyer
  64. The Force behind the neck...
  65. Superstorm to hit Northeast
  66. Is it me, or does everyone love Google?
  67. Why turn off electronics on planes?
  68. Pros and cons of buying a vehicle just before they redesign?
  69. Carve your own virtual pumpkin
  70. Space/Oil-Filled Heaters?
  71. I wanted this hand to have it's own thread.
  72. Trading in a car, now I need advice
  73. Looking for these mirrors..
  74. Beer is good!
  75. Thanksgiving in Vegas
  76. Romance of the Jedi
  77. How often do you vacuum?
  78. what happens to you when you sponsor someone for entry into the US?
  79. I'm a miserable homewrecker.
  80. Am I Wrong Here?
  81. Bought a Car - Did They REALLY Only Make $19?
  82. You can now have your own banana phone
  83. Candybar Ice Cream Appreciation Post (PICS!!!)
  84. "Bird" is a noun
  85. Are female comics funny?
  86. Yet another PayPal problem...
  87. Giving poker a break
  88. What is San Francisco like on a Sunday
  89. Anyone else got a Darth Tater?
  90. Which tools do I need as a new home owner?
  91. Bet cha don't have a computer like this
  92. Officals sieze sex offender's baby
  93. Just got in an accident
  94. Walking around w/Blue Tooth phone thingy in the ear. Cool or fool?
  95. Who Checks Nutritional Labels?
  96. anyone ever spend $200,000 at a nudie bar?
  97. I want it that way
  98. Coors Light Game
  99. Question about Tokyo neighborhoods
  100. Protect Your Banana!
  101. my pay pal dispute is getting out of hand, what can I do?
  102. Backgammon anyone?
  103. What are some creative christmas gifts?
  104. Why do coupons have a cash value?
  105. Could Humanity be Wiped Out by a Disease?
  106. Drunk People are Boring!
  107. Help me prove my husband is wrong.
  108. Duo Considered the Olsen Twins of the White Nationalist Movement
  109. Chinese Backstreet Boys video
  110. What kind of wedding band do you have?
  111. Bitter guys give advice on dating
  112. Eavesdropping on Disturbing Cell Phone Conversations...
  113. The Puzzle Boat
  114. Is Oriental restaurant no longer PC?
  115. Start your weekend off right with this "love dress" joke
  116. I think the Chinese restaurant is keeping some of the leftovers
  117. Car inspection, my favourite time of the year
  118. How high can Google go?
  119. Get your own Napoleon Dynamite Pumpkin Carving Stencil
  120. Magic Tricks are Getting Out of Hand
  121. My bike was stolen today :(
  122. Give me a good reason not to buy this digital camera. You got a better one?
  123. Predict what adventures kvrdave will have on Friday Oct 21, 2005
  124. 2nd in a rookie free roll :)
  125. anyone hear of "TS Escrow Inc."???
  126. OK, so I what do you do after a bad day???
  127. Help me complete my Halloween costume.... Death care bear!
  128. Mentally ill people should not have kids
  129. My credit card company calls me at night so I cancelled it.
  130. I seem to have lost $300
  131. Missing WWII Airman found in Glacier
  132. Rebuilding parent's house - Anyone have similar experiences?
  133. Ass wiping machine on ebay
  134. Richmond, VA Zombiewalk
  135. So, I hit my first deer the other day!
  136. Political Slogan Needed: Cockburn
  137. kvrdave gets brain scan, and DRUGS!!!
  138. How do I move forward in my current relationship?
  139. Scenario talk: Ocean's 11 vs Batman
  140. has everyone paid their stupid tax yet?
  141. Help me decide where to live!
  142. English accents: a revelation?
  143. Whats with salesmen not wearing Socks??
  144. ASK MOJO: The Advice Column For the Perpetually Perplexed
  145. My 3 year old nephew swears and his mother thinks it's funny
  146. Amazing New Car Feature!!!
  147. Confirmed: Hurricane Wilma most intense on record
  148. Can You Haggle Buying Furniture?
  149. Collection Agency after me from a magazine sub...
  150. Need a good spaghetti sauce recipe
  151. Photo experts need some tips
  152. Need help on the name of this thingie
  153. So I played with Marcel Luske last week
  154. Florida middle school teacher accused of molesting student
  155. Charleston trip questions??
  156. Car Help- 96 Mazda Protege electrical problem?
  157. Jump-starting a car.....
  158. I was looking for the flamingo molester but couldnt find him
  159. So let me get this straight...nobody likes TED KENNEDY??
  160. What's an appropriate "thank you" gift for an accountant?
  161. I made a mistake in a meeting....
  162. My ex wants her photos back. What should I do?
  163. Female soldiers from around the world.... [merged]
  164. my neighbors house just burned down....
  165. My drawers are a mess, I need suggestions to organize them
  166. Does Goodwill/etc take furniture?
  167. I think my gas station is screwing with the meters
  168. I'm Moving to America!
  169. Speeding Ticket
  170. Is it okay to throw a b-day party/dinner for yourself?
  171. Who/What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
  172. CAPTION THIS! New Darth Vader!
  173. Ethical Dilemma
  174. Looking for fun stuff to do in Toronto
  175. Mrs. Danger given community service award!
  176. Cell phone plans...
  177. What's the best gadget for measuring milage on hikes?
  178. Diaper Free Baby FAQ
  179. Who didn't make it into work today(whats your excuse)?
  180. I have a problem how to politly tell a girl that she has a problem (drugs, alchohol)
  181. Breakdancing: hazardous to your health!
  182. Daniel Horowitz wife murdered.
  183. Signature smilies for Otters
  184. Question about all ins
  185. Anyone been to the "Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant" in NYC?
  186. Painting exterior of house (general questions)
  187. Pig Tattoo: Peta is going to be pissed.
  188. Is Mars unusually bright tonight?
  189. You are all voracious predators
  190. Public group hypnotism; it's gotta be fixed right? (Warning, ADULT language)
  191. Vatican offers course in exorcism and demonic possession.
  192. Louis Farrakhan was abducted by aliens
  193. Ignitor on my Charbroil grill not working -- it's only 4 months old!
  194. SHTF in Toledo OH
  195. Free Fram Air Filter CA7764
  196. Who does the majority of the chores in your household?
  197. My kittens stink...
  198. Where should I study abroad?
  199. So, I was asked out on a date by a 'lady of the evening'
  200. FedEx left a package at my door, and it's gone...
  201. DVDtalk members location map
  202. Are you a beer drinker or a wine drinker?
  203. Got a Q about Digital Nikon cameras
  204. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the Harry Potter Dancers!
  205. Wild Animal Attack -- Mule WINS?!
  206. Recommend me a good Coffee Maker!
  207. Random
  208. Nascar fans rock.....
  209. Doctor says I need a hot lube. What to look for?
  210. this is pretty fast
  211. What's wrong with our schnauzer?
  212. Anyone a member at OKCupid?
  213. PayPal Dispute Question
  214. So...Are guys ever satisfied with the woman they're with?
  215. The Doctor is In! (Your most hated of all threads)
  216. If fired from a job, what are the chances your previous employer will talk smack?
  217. Ok, so who picked off my cell number?
  218. I love gas wars!
  219. Difference between a Ring Ding and a Ding Dong? (for a friend)
  220. Have you ever added insulation to your attic?
  221. You know, you guys are great. Id like to invite all of you over to dinner. Im cooking
  222. Is this ethical or not?
  223. So... Anything to do in Minneapolis besides that mall thing?
  224. G.I Joe Defiled: Public Service Announcements Gone Wrong
  225. Photoshop request
  226. I need the power of Otter search
  227. Can you buy bulk coffee cups like the kinds at convenience stores?
  228. are locked threads more interesting?
  229. Vote team Toben in the DVDTalk Draft (<2hrs to vote) - or, yes, I'm getting desperate
  230. Ticketmaster: You have got to be kidding me!
  231. Can you read this?
  232. Job recruiter needs my social security number just to submit my resume?
  233. why are ovaltine commericials so crappy?
  234. Can you really tell the difference between Heinz and Regular ketchup?
  235. Mom delivers 16th child, thinking of more
  236. what do you do on the toilet?
  237. Camel Toads (work safe)
  238. PhotoChop my Co-Worker
  239. Anyone ever recieve a credit card (not application) in the mail without applying?
  240. isnt this a good side bet?
  241. Kids and blogs...
  242. Red Robin Restaurant - As good as In-n-Out???
  243. The Bubble Project
  244. Liz Hurley flaunts her cleavage at breast cancer event. Right or wrong?
  245. Dale & Thomas Popcorn
  246. Do you prefer to git-r-done or get-crack-a-lackin'?
  247. Need help with accident claim- getting ignored
  248. Really good frozen dinners - ratings
  249. Amber Alert: US girl found in Thailand with no memory. OMG!!!111111
  250. Help With Online Shopping/Avoiding eBay