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  1. CIA gives Castro Parkinson's disease
  2. Postal worker accused of stashing 75,000 letters and parcels.
  3. Photochop fun with Kepp Daddy-THE SHOCKER!
  4. Ancient Chinese Proverbs
  5. The Annoying Neighbor Thread: Fundy Edition!
  6. Leaf Day!
  7. Liquid Cereal
  8. Woman dies in India hospital after ants eat her eye! :eek:
  9. The Wonderful/Awful Life Game: Round 2 (Vote or I shoot a pony!)
  10. Woman, 37, Charged With Sex Crimes Against Husband, 15
  11. Otters winning battle of wits
  12. Can some Photoshoppers help me out please?
  13. How often do you use the bathroom (#2)
  14. The Blue Ball Machine (SFW)
  15. Do you review your co-workers?
  16. Which ear do you use when you are on the phone?
  17. What if somone is a BBQ enthusiast? (gift question)
  18. If Something Happened to Kvrdave who would be Vice-President?
  19. Peeing in the shower.
  20. Starbucks: I beg you...please stop the madness!
  21. which light beer?
  22. Should I stop drinking Coca-Cola products?
  23. eHarmony is like blackmail
  24. How do you keep a cat from marking territory?
  25. Next time you think about furs...watch this.
  26. Funny way to procrastinate
  27. Photochop madness returns!
  28. Jowling!
  29. OtherDraft Wonderful/Awful Life: Round 1 (All MUST Vote or I'll drown these puppies!)
  30. Georgia Aquarium (opens next week)
  31. Physical talk: Buff
  32. How Much Is Inside?
  33. Anybody think this is a creepy real estate site?
  34. Good (generic) Canon battery (NB-2L) replacements?
  35. Do you grill year-round?
  36. New ebay scam mail. And another one
  37. FedEx=RIP OFF!
  38. What time does your mail arrive?
  39. Beware of sedative spitting Thai transvestite gangs
  40. Tsunami Might Hit Japan (Protect your Wasabi plants!!!!111!!!)
  41. Anyone ever have a pyloric spasm?
  42. Amazing new advancement in Urinal Technology
  43. For Those Who Didn't Make It To 50 ...
  44. Poor gas milage
  45. Hawaii Otter Meet... anyone? anyone?
  46. Half.com seller problem, need advice
  47. Are people the same online as in person?
  48. Myspace Killer Caught...
  49. Quickie Meat in Seattle (All Seattle dvdtalkers read now)
  50. Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy
  51. Family disrespect... am I overreacting?
  52. Help with contracts. Doing promotion for a bar/club...
  53. Credit Card Question
  54. Never Not Funny
  55. Dog people, please help? Dog ate prenatal vitamin
  56. Albuquerque gets noticed
  57. do you believe in giving people second chances?
  58. Cleaning hard water stanes, what do you use?
  59. what to do (fraud victim/checking account)
  60. Do all leaf suckers.....suck?
  61. Where I was for the past 2 weeks. Photos
  62. Termites!
  63. Someone patents warp drive
  64. Kicked out for using camera phone?
  65. DVD talk?
  66. Restaurant Shift Turns Into Nightmare
  67. I need find a nickname for friend
  68. do any acquaintences overemail you?
  69. What kind of games can you play with your cat (or other random pet)?
  70. GM returns to employee discounts
  71. Any way to build Credit without a SSN?
  72. Giant Leaf Found
  73. What do you call your parents?
  74. Pager Recommendations
  75. What's the BEST sushi?
  76. Darth Vader on Wheel of Fortune - (FUNNY)
  77. Finally remembered the TURDUCKEN this year!
  78. My affair with SIngapore (pics)
  79. Puppies
  80. crazy video
  81. Being a robber is one thing; being rude, is another.
  82. Pumpkin Spice Coffee-Mate: I likes!
  83. Veteran's Day - 2005
  84. Greatest Internet Moments....
  85. Backgammon Thread
  86. Beer made of yeast from a vagina?(not mature)
  87. Baptism can be fatal.. yes it can.
  88. Do You Bag Your Own Groceries?
  89. Visiting old folks that don't remember you?
  90. Bogus charges on my credit card
  91. Upside Down Christmas tree??
  92. Pacific Poker
  93. School me on bed bugs.
  94. Ticketmaster email tix?
  95. The purpose of tennis balls on walking strollers?
  96. When are you TOO old to enlist in the military?
  97. First Case of Avian Flu Hits Bird in Orlando Florida
  98. Earthquakes' 1st Rumblings Hint at Size
  99. Someone please explain my hot water problem..
  100. Are Clowns Funny?
  101. Did I break any laws? Motorcycle/Schoolbus incident
  102. Help! I've got ants in my plants!
  103. In Miami for 3 days....What to do?
  104. I'm going to be a daddy!
  105. Does anyone own the Egg & Muffin Toaster??
  106. Does anyone actually read their junk mail?
  107. Anyone know of a good Hawaiian restaurant in LA??
  108. Anyone eat Idaho Spud candy bars?
  109. World's Tallest Woman
  110. Do you observe the :lol: limit?
  111. Washington Mutual Ends Policy of Free ATMs for Everyone
  112. Help me get rid of mice
  113. Best way to find out a woman's ring size? -OTHER then asking....
  114. I need a new hobby or something to do
  115. Andrea Yates to get a new trial
  116. Can't find an old thread - cats hanging off branches
  117. Email Time Capsule
  118. Hydraulic noises for robot street performers?
  119. So, someone took my picture and put it on ebay!
  120. Morph Request
  121. what word of 5 letters or more end in "and?"
  122. What was your first car?
  123. Executive level recruiting - What are some of the perks?
  124. What's the etiquette for dating a friend's ex?
  125. Mom chops off son's leg with ax for crying
  126. Considering a loan to pay off debt, need advice
  127. Tell me about selling current home/buying new one.
  128. Freaky magic trick--Anyone care to explain it?
  129. Bought a house in June.. Tax Season is coming up.. What do I need to do?
  130. Best MultiTool?
  131. Anyone Own a Nikkon D50?
  132. Car question - how do I remove moisture from my car interior?
  133. Marilyn Monroe – Suicide or Cover-up?
  134. New Person in the Office stories
  135. The Great Uncluttering Challenge™
  136. If you had a hand amputated...
  137. Paypal Verified Member...worth it? and other Ebay questions...
  138. Anyone own a Scion?
  139. Anyone ever use a metal detector?
  140. What was your first job?
  141. How did people have good breath before Llisterine?
  142. I am preparing to shoot a dog. Give me other alternatives.
  143. Any insulation experts in the house?
  144. anyone know about chicago's culinary schools?
  145. Zod for President
  146. PICS from ATV Trip - Hatfield McCoy Trailsystem
  147. Are security blue or white collar?
  148. Provide a Ridiculous Caption: Before and After
  149. Anyone else run the NYC Marathon '05?
  150. Yet another noisy neighbor thread...how would you deal with it?
  151. Relate Your Memories or Family Members Experiences With Segregation
  152. From the "WHAT??" file....
  153. If They Were to Dump All Prisoners On an Island...
  154. Why I won't depend on the police: show up 1 hour after alarm goes off
  155. When's a good time to start selling on eBay (for the holidays)?
  156. Man Kills 'Girlfriend' After Finding Out She Is 11
  157. Why does the government rely on pdf's?
  158. Pirates attack Miami Based cruise ship off Somalia
  159. How many names does your cat have?
  160. Have you ever gone cow-tipping?
  161. What do you think of this arguement for posting movies to download?
  162. Home Alone on a Friday Night
  163. Female teachers accused of sex with girls....Something in the H2O in Fla????
  165. Share your encounters with mentally unstable people
  166. Interesting New Game @ UB (Royal Hold 'em)
  167. Has anybody ever worked at a Nursing Home?
  168. Say goodbye to Vanilla Coke
  169. Horses vs. Bikes
  170. Guys - Do you Wear Cologne? Which?
  171. The Real Peanut Butter Debate (Chunky vs. Smooth)
  172. PS 20 table S&G
  173. McRib Farewell Tour...and save the McRib campaign.
  174. Another teacher busted for hookin' up with student....
  175. Need help! Who's the celebrity in this picture (when she was much younger)?
  176. The Great Peanut Butter Debate
  177. What does a red hankerchief in the back pocket mean?
  178. Got a chain letter(the snailmail kind) today. Pyramid scheme type.
  179. Now your kids can cruise in style!
  180. Just joined the McD
  181. Speak and Spell Website???
  182. Hillary Duff is a Nazi!
  183. Talk me out of dating another crazy girl
  184. Vatican: Faithful should listen to science
  185. Deer hunting season is officially open!
  186. A house near me is already decorated with Christmas lights
  187. Is it unhealthy to be this flexible??
  188. If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History
  189. Need a new House? Need a Wife? This woman is selling both online
  190. Help Me, You Titans of Trash!
  191. Did that guy from the WHO ever write his book on child porn?
  192. Question involving a large life insurance check
  193. What Ethnicity are You?
  194. Got a letter saying that i have parking ticket from over ayear ago.
  195. Phil Hellmuth trying to hustle ARod?
  196. I need Ebay help...
  197. Fatal Attraction, Superglue style
  198. Caption This: Corporal Punishment, Iran Style
  199. Thieves steal $75k of bull semen
  200. Aaron Brown out at CNN
  201. What Does This Bumper Sticker Mean??
  202. Co-worker's bad breath is KILLING ME!!!
  203. Grandpa is sued over grandson's downloads
  204. Look Alanis, real irony: Greenpeace fined for damaging coral reef
  205. Don't screw with Mrs. Butterworth
  206. too much money on their hands.....
  207. Other Draft Thread: Make a Wonderful/Awful Life (All welcome to play!!)
  208. Happy Diwali
  209. HETRACIL: The prescription cure for homosexuality
  210. Buying a guitar for a 14-yr-old: What do I need to look for?
  211. Apple iPod Settlement?
  212. Like Bouncy Balls?
  213. Largest forum online??
  214. What Should I Do With $90,000?
  215. What would you do here?
  216. Halloween is teh evil!
  217. semi experts wanted on car tires and sizing
  218. Help with my mustang...............
  219. Screwed by PokerShare
  220. PeopleSoft founder trying to build 72,000 sq. ft. home
  221. Poker/Vegas/Gambling on TV This Week: 10/31 to 11/7
  222. Live like Dr. Strangelove: 240 Acre(!) underground bunker for sale...
  223. What can you do if you catch someone breaking into your home or property?
  224. Left & Received my first negative feedback on ebay in almost 5 years...
  225. Anyone here practice martial arts?
  226. Online Kids Take More Risks At Home
  227. School me about...Omaha
  228. $450 for a new starter.... ugh
  229. Big Brother is here! Your every online step will be monitored by your government!
  230. The Other Draft Game: It's a Wonderful/Awful Life! (Rules, Commentary, Explanation)
  231. Why do people give out old candy for Halloween?
  232. Disappearing Threads and Other Chicanery?
  233. Win Vincent Gallo's Sperm on ebay. for IVF, or pay extra for natural.
  234. What Comes First, Cardio or Lifting?
  235. Trick or Treaters: The Costumes
  236. Poker this wednesday
  237. How much would a space heater run up my electric bill?
  238. Man guilty of sprinkling feces on store goods
  239. "Sobriety Test" from Coors (Fun Fun Fun)
  240. Just got back from a weekend in Boston...
  241. Sub $300 (including some type of zoom lens) 35mm SLR camera?
  242. Are Towel Warmer racks worth it?
  243. Any French People On Here?
  244. How do I fix this tire
  245. My mini fridge
  246. Bratz: Let your kids play with them?
  247. HELP! Im stuck in a water bottle!
  248. Interesting phone scam....
  249. Ever heard of M&M 'duels'?
  250. Who here belongs to AAA? Do you use it much?