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  1. Is anybody taking Panexa?
  2. Are you supposed to regularly maintenance your automatic garagage door?
  3. Members and their Association
  4. Photo Enlargement
  5. NY airport / taxi question
  6. Ebay tells me I have stuff for sale, and I didn't list anything!!!
  7. SoCal = Crazy (Big Pics, LONG Winded Trip Writeup, more)
  8. Backgammon Thread
  9. Happy New Year...Let's Get Back in Shape
  10. Thoughts on the MILLENIUM - 2006 edition
  11. Sucky new year - stolen motorcycle
  12. is tinypic.com down?
  13. Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner, Police Say
  14. I found $100 in a McDonald's Parking Lot Help Me Spend It
  15. Girlfriend moved out, lease ends in July. Who pays utilities?
  16. Pacman Invasion
  17. Cooking omelettes in non-non-stick pans: What the heck?
  18. The Official "I'm a loser at work the day after New Years Day" Thread
  19. Pyramid Schemes
  20. Coke with Milk, yummy
  21. Avoiding the GF's grandparents/family...Am I in the right?
  22. Roommate/friend owes me money now what?
  23. eBayer's Opinions?
  24. Auto loan refinancing.....does it affect your credit?
  25. Misc videos
  26. Bank Savings Interest Calculator
  27. New Years sucked
  28. Kids stealing straws--why?
  29. 75 Degrees on New Year's Day... A record breaker!
  30. How hungover are you?
  31. So, I just told a girl that im seeing that her family is "trashy". It didnt go well
  32. Anybody else NOT Celebrating New Years?
  33. I know you hate those Christmas Card 'letters', but...
  34. smart and dumb states(list included)
  35. 2007 Dodge Challenger "concept"
  36. eek...a mouse
  37. This is why you shouldn't take trains
  38. What do I need to know about using e-bay's turbo lister?
  39. Hookah Mania
  40. Hello, my name is KentuckyFriedCruelty.com...
  41. We are starting to flood
  42. Anybody ever got one of those loan check things in the mail?
  43. Has anyone seen the(ek) King lately?
  44. So, I'd like to rent from you and I'm a Christian. Think I'll build a deck, too.
  45. Post your predictions for 2006
  46. Airbus pilot maroons drunken passenger on desert island
  47. Hello There.....I'm Not New
  48. So my neighbors tried to burn down my apt ..
  49. The Official "Who's Working on Friday 12/30/05" Thread
  50. Brangelina
  51. Life imitating DVDTalk...
  52. need vacuum advice
  53. Boston Gym Recommendations?
  54. How do you control your cough
  55. Has anyone else been incredibly boned at work this week?
  56. Baby hippo, giant tortoise mark year since adopting each other after tsunami
  57. Face recognition....
  58. San Francisco / San Jose Otter meet
  59. Are Gorillas Appealing Animals?
  60. Did you hear the one about the Boy Scout raking leaves?
  61. Man killed by wood chipper
  62. So, looking for treadmill advice
  63. if the world was to end right now, What would you do?
  64. Happy Birthday Tom Opus!
  65. Cash pours in for student with $million Web idea
  66. Would a suction cup stick to plexiglass?
  67. Best music video EVER! - Probably the funniest thing you'll see all day.
  68. Moneygram and Bidpay?
  69. Does DVDTalk have any 'Professional Posters'??
  70. Roto-Rooter's Top Five Drainpipe Recoveries of 2005
  71. why do parents commonly separate after a child's death?
  72. Are you now, or have you ever been, "That Guy"?
  73. Should I buy a slot machine?
  74. 2 year old baby found drunk
  75. Emergency Bachelor Party?!! Need Help Now!
  76. Anybody still have the Eric Prydz music video?
  77. What are you doing New Years Eve?
  78. Odd flash game: Treasure Box
  79. Back from Disney World (pics & long)
  80. Do You Feel This Way Of Talking Is OK For Gay Parents Of Small Children?
  81. Sick of rude people (long rant)
  82. Ebay question
  83. Grrah! AT&T the lying liars!
  84. Anyone remember...The Otter Farm?
  85. Do you consider a hamburger a "sandwich"?
  86. Plexi Glass...what would you use to cut shapes in it?
  87. No really......Who are you?
  88. 2006 Calendars: which one do you have? (the better thread)
  89. Carmakers widen seats for wider ... seats
  90. It's "time to make the donuts" no more
  91. Need help finding a toothpaste...
  92. Somehow I totally screwed up my travel yesterday!
  93. What's your New Years Resolution?
  94. Best /worst moments of 2005
  95. What's the best theater (movie) in Vegas?
  96. My WWII collection - part 2 - dialup beware
  97. Worst Christmas Gift of 2005
  98. Do you write thank-you notes for gifts?
  99. I need a big comfy chair
  100. Any vacation plans yet for 2006?
  101. Australia's most famous gambler dies
  102. Vincent Schiavelli dies
  103. Best drain cleaners for the short hairs?
  104. Any car mechanics in the house?
  105. STAY the HELL AWAY from 9poker or any of it's derivations....
  106. has anyone used the Costco Scoop Free automatic litter box?
  107. Vacation advice: Arizona? New Mexico?
  108. eBay rant: Why the hell do I have to keep signing in?
  109. Bear costume at Cavs game
  110. Those of you with the 26th off(Boxing Day)-what have you done so far?
  111. Parker, Longoria Stopped by Police
  112. Cut AND eat with right hand?
  113. Who ARE you people?
  114. Help me become a Metrosexual!
  115. The "burqini"...
  116. Are banks and post offices open tomorrow?
  117. Did you have a white Christmas this year?
  118. Merry Christmas to me, I blew out both front speakers on my HT set up
  119. So who had Chinese food today?
  120. No Christmas/Hanukkah loot thread?
  121. I'm dreaming of a Poo-filled Christmas..
  122. Any way to change a flight with priceline?
  123. What will you do with your extra second this year? Leap Second 2006.
  124. What's for XMAS dinner?
  125. I used Google Maps to plan a 4 hour route
  126. Need help...what's open on Christmas day in LA?
  127. What's the best way to start a college fund?
  128. Anyone ever skiied Taos,New Mexico (in March)?
  129. bizarre ad here...
  130. For the santa stalkers........
  131. Can't find specific hardware needed for furniture project
  132. How about the Best Neighborhood you have ever been in?
  133. Merry X-mas, Otters!!!*
  134. do poor people get prenups?
  135. all time best threads from other forums!
  136. The annual "Who's at work?" thread
  137. Spying on Americans has got to stop!
  138. Myspace spam?
  139. Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery...
  140. Need me some Otter advice.
  141. Assembling gifts isn't fun! (Or how I spent a Friday evening.)
  142. Post your funny pictures!
  143. Your chance to buy a gun owned by Hitler!
  144. Cell phone lodged in throat
  145. Credit Card charge question
  146. What is the best site (s) for usless junk?
  147. What should I do? (probably long and girl related)
  148. Mike Myers wants a divorce
  149. Bin Laden's niece poses for GQ
  150. Actor Brad Renfro Arrested in Drug Sting (Update: DEAD)
  151. Damn you! Damn you all to hell!
  152. Pastor's wife says she left airplane of own accord
  153. Am I the only person who thinks this is messed up...?
  154. Flashing pron link?
  155. Is this a legit lawsuit? Read this in my local paper.
  156. My atomic clock was wrong this morning
  157. Modern Humorist Penthouse Letter
  158. This is what I call "My Kind Of Airline"
  159. Naughty or Nice
  160. Do you blog?
  161. What was the Worse Ever Neighbourhood You've Been To?
  162. Is This Normal? (Ear/Hearing Question)
  163. I finally decided on a grill, please help me find it in stock (Orlando, FL)!
  164. The Official Merry Xmas & Happy 2006 thread.
  165. My boyfriend and I just broke up. :(
  166. Why do women use the excuse "too nice"??
  167. good place that does framing?
  168. The Twelve Days of Christmas in Otterville (merged)
  169. Does Santa wrap all of your gifts?
  170. Help! US Post Office damages package and tries to deny responsibility
  171. Photoshop Santa
  172. Ladies, how about a solar powered purse?
  173. I'm back!!!!! [aka....what did I miss?]
  174. Sound wav
  175. Hello from Germany
  176. A New Low in Email Scams?
  177. Release me from your mental grip David Letterman!
  178. Dark chocolate may cut heart disease
  179. "You got fired for that?" Top of 2005
  180. So what are the good, cheap shows in Vegas these days?
  181. Roth 401k
  182. Teen's blog confession forces him to plead guilty
  183. Wanted to be the first to say... (Merry Christmas.. see, not a vague thread title!)
  184. Someon Find The "Free Stuff For Your Birthday" Thread
  185. Will my camera's film be destroyed by going through an X-Ray machine at airport?
  186. MP3 player for around $100?
  187. How do I make the holiday egg nogg, what kind of liquer and how much?
  188. Some places need more gun control...
  189. He's smart for a BLACK guy and all mexocans look like bus boys comercial.
  190. Recommendations for a good Property Management firm in the Seattle, WA area?
  191. Decorate (photoshop) your own "holiday" tree.
  192. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Game "Turtle Hoppin!"
  193. can 911 track your location?
  194. pet owners - what do you do when you go out of town?
  195. inept teenagers try to tow a car out of a snowbank
  196. I'm a daddddddddddy!
  197. Why do people that aren't British use the term "bloody"?
  198. Need ebay advice - I sold something and there is an issue
  199. CES 2006 (Vegas)
  200. Expanded Mardi Gras plan abandoned (St. Louis)
  201. NYC Transit Strike
  202. How to stop unwanted cubicle visitors at work
  203. Did you get a Christmas bonus at work this year?
  204. Whats with ebay and "confirmed addresses?"
  205. I need cheap (or free) business cards
  206. San Diego ComiCon '05 question.
  207. Heaven. Where is it? How do we get there? The answers may surprise you.
  208. What to get your Buddhist monk friend for Christmas
  209. how does rebuying work in poker tourneys?
  210. Christians to get naked
  211. Stomach Noises
  212. Chimp's painting fools experts
  213. Star Wars Fanatics - Need Help with Lightsaber
  214. Any doctors here...Need a Diagnosis
  215. I'm tired of "Made in China" labels!!
  216. Sleepwalking man cleared of rape.
  217. Who do you know that annoys you to no end?
  218. Anyone a member of Classmates.com?
  219. Animal Welfare Charities
  220. The Cahppelle Theory...and his eventual downfall...
  221. Best Frozen Pizza?
  222. Ethical eBay question... as a seller
  223. Quick question for Tax/Accounting people
  224. Kids show host sex in character? Help?
  225. Dear Portland Drivers: Stay Home
  226. Scientists trace DNA mutation for white skin
  227. Phil Gordon's Little Green Book
  228. Girlfriend's mom is in the hospital and it doesn't look good
  229. Anyone had a Bo Jackson Pumpkin Pie?
  230. 14 questions...
  231. I hate smiles. :=)
  232. noisy trane heating unit
  233. Ladies' Drinks
  234. is neteller safe?
  235. Is the post office on steroids this year?
  236. thermalcare wrap for your back
  237. Science teaches us that gas is flammable
  238. Can someone translate these Japanese characters for me?
  239. planning on playing texas hold em for the first time
  240. Reccomend some good gin drinks
  241. Do you need a CC to stay at a hotel/motel?
  242. Food: Bowl or Plate?
  243. How to convert stock certificate to cash?
  244. Ashlee Simpson collaspes and is hospitalized in Japan
  245. Looking for a button
  246. Pics of food that don't do it justice?
  247. Warm socks for Xmas gift?
  248. Thinking of moving to the U.K.
  249. I need help. I think a company online SCREWED me!
  250. Man finds girl of his dreams online...his mother (again)