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  1. Father throws acid at daughter's face for no apparent reason
  2. What's your favorite comfort food?
  3. Teen killed after after sticking head out of party bus
  4. Older Otters: what do you miss doing that you can't do anymore?
  5. YASP: Wal-Mart or Target?
  6. 'Missing' woman joins search for herself
  7. What's up with my riding lawn mower?
  8. This may be the awesomest Kickstarter ever.
  9. Communicating is tof do complex: do you do?
  10. best way to kick your friend out of your house?
  11. Russian power lifter drops 400lbs on chest, dies (with video)
  12. So whilst i am away the thieves are at play.
  13. Bizarre 'Penis Head' Fish Discovered
  14. Denon AKDL1 - The $10,000 ethernet cable
  15. 'Hitler' clothing store stirs anger in India
  16. Wells Fargo Fires Iowa Worker for Minor 1963 Crime
  17. YAAAT: Boy finds glob of whale vomit worth +$60K
  18. Dukes of Hazzard -Flag removed...for real
  19. Preschool makes 3 year old boy change his name because "Hunter" is too violent
  20. It's official, California is doomed!
  21. Man killed while trying to create Bigfoot sighting
  22. Lindbergh Kidnapping - apparent freedom for subsequent children?
  23. Track official dies after successfully catching javelin with his throat.
  24. Father mistakes son for monkey, shoots him dead
  25. In 1974 a female news anchor committed suicide during newscast
  26. How to tell if a girl is a virgin
  27. Astronaut Neil Armstrong Passes Away at 82
  28. Woman drowns while getting wedding pictures taken
  29. I'm having a fun weekend
  30. Weird Bendy Toy
  31. Watch any video of anything, ever
  32. Where should I actually sell gold?
  33. Shooting at Empire State building
  34. Cobra vs Man biting contest
  35. I like turtles
  36. What's in your Home Emergency Kit?
  37. Thinking of buying a generator
  38. Lesbian activist gets serious about gay rights
  39. YASFT: Honey Mustard Pretzels
  40. 1. Chavril
  41. Prince Harry Nude and Partyin' in VEGAS.
  42. The Beloit College Mindset List for the The Class of 2016.
  43. Old lady doesn't ask permission to restore painting, resulting in hilarity
  44. Free Hugs this Friday by Models in NYC
  45. YEAT: good experience!
  46. Valedictorian drops the H bomb in graduation speech and is denied her diploma!
  47. Casino fles lawsuits after unshuffled cards lead to big winnings for gamblers
  48. So Apparently Amazon Threw The Ban Hammer At Me
  49. Are you guys nice now?
  50. Just Got Out Of The Army...Now Where Does He Work?
  51. Going to Chicago - What Should i See?
  52. Thinking of joing a branch of the Military - Advice before I see a recruiter?
  53. Gangnam Style
  54. Sadly only one ninja is left in the world
  55. New bikini craze in China!
  56. Morning Intruder
  57. If you became a billionaire tomorrow, how would your life change?
  58. What's the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia?
  59. Everyone I know is getting married...
  60. Nearly half of all West Nile cases in US are in Texas
  61. Herbalife Systems
  62. Anyone else have any good Usenet memories?
  63. Teacher Accused of Having Group Sex With Students on Video
  64. Gardening
  65. Anyone know anything about Antique Asian paintings?
  66. The Six Million Dollar Chinese Man
  67. ABC News says you shouldn't take sleeping pills before driving.
  68. Rich Kids of Instagram - JTFC!
  69. Well Why Not? Anal tattoos are the "next big thing."
  70. where to go in santa monica/venice beach?
  71. How to make a man pay attention? Drink Visine! For 3yrs!
  72. Legal Question - Buyer trying to back out after signed contract?
  73. Finally, real Americans standing up to threatening foreigners...
  74. YEAT: Buyer wants me to pay for repairs or a full refund
  75. Homemade "Sex chair" or "Sex stool" ideas - help...
  76. Three prisoners escape with a little help from two of their friends
  77. Helen Gurley Brown dies at age 90, 50 years after "Sex and the Single Girl"
  78. $2 million theft ring undone via rewards card! Florida!
  79. Shooting near Texas A&M
  80. Bride 'accidently' stabs fiance to death on wedding day
  81. School me on: Annuities
  82. If you had to use a $250 pre-paid card in the next three days what would you buy?
  83. ESPN Body issue
  84. The He Hormone
  85. glass bottom pool 24 stories in the air
  86. Adding "In Bed" at the end of fortune cookies
  87. Tennessee’s deadbeat dads: The three men who have 81 children by 46 different women.
  88. Law advice needed (child college payment)
  89. Robot movie (Bollywood)
  90. Why not sell condiment packs to the public?
  91. US cop did not feel safe in Calgary without his gun...
  92. Embryogenesis
  93. Norwegian bears go on alcoholic vandalism spree
  94. Free Pussy Riot
  95. Doctor's remove Lego piece from boy's nose after 3 years
  96. Doctors remove spider hiding in woman’s ear canal
  97. How often do you change your electric toothbrush heads?
  98. Any value in 'detoxing' with a vitamin or nutrition regimen?
  99. 5 Soviet Space Programs that show they were insane
  100. The state with the fastest Internet is...
  101. Ryan Goslings dating life
  102. YACT - Cassie [Update: Not Dead]
  103. another gay/bible thread
  104. Help! Need parents w tablets for quick survey + get free app..
  105. Help me out with a TV Jumble?
  106. IT Certifications / Degrees and Job Prospects
  107. Applebee's becoming a hot nightlife spot (guess where)
  108. any plumbing experts in here?
  109. Anyone else "randomly" selected for the American Community Survey?
  110. I want to hurt Windows7
  111. So no love for Michael Clarke Duncan having a heart attack?
  112. Batman look-alike arrested outside Home Depot in New Jersey
  113. Woman in chase fled because she was topless, deputies say (FLORIDA!!!)
  114. Ohio man shoots wife of 45 years in hospital ICU
  115. Do Olympic Swimmers Pee in the Pool? Yes, yes they do. All of them.
  116. NASA Mars Rover after midnight...will it make it?
  117. Shooting at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin
  118. That was bad
  119. Stuffed toy bunny helps uncover child porn network
  120. Soylent Green Now Available!
  121. Credit Repair Companies?
  122. Vermont man crushes police cars with tractor
  123. To call or not to call...
  124. A telemarketer hung up on me
  125. Man texts, "I need to quit texting," before driving off cliff
  126. Former rapist teacher turned himself in thinking statute of limitations expired
  127. Someone hacks MLB teams twitter accounts, hilariity ensues
  128. So that company Knight lost $440 mil because of a "glitch"
  129. Lifeguard gets 2,600$ bill after saving boy from the Surf
  130. Crazy 7-11 Employee curses, gives finger, & car chase (FLORIDA)
  131. Not sure if we have bed bugs...
  132. My sister died.
  133. Is "waiting for google analytics" the modern equivalent of "waiting for godot"?
  134. Need Ideas For A Girrl ~$50
  135. Florida gunman shoots unarmed man, says to police, 'I only shot a '
  136. Are you one of those internet weirdos?
  137. 40oz. to Random Freedom Picture Thread
  138. Who is your Olympic athlete body type match?
  139. Gore Vidal dead.
  140. Friend from long ago committed suicide, 3 years after his twin sister died
  141. The Five Dollar Question
  142. The Five Million Dollar Question.
  143. Bill Murray to embark on party-crashing tour in August
  144. What did YOU do today?
  145. Anyone watch that show Trade Kings
  146. Former NFL Cheerleader Accused of Being the "Female Sandusky"
  147. Need help Identifying this Model
  148. YAJT Non Compete Clauses
  149. Water meter is reading too high - how do I fight City Hall?
  150. How can B of A Visa Card get away with this?
  151. Bullied Georgia Teen, Receives Free Plastic Surgery From Charity Organization
  152. Mississippi Sex Ed: Majority Of School Districts Choose Abstinence-Only Curriculum
  153. Anyone have a Kia? extra points if it is a Sorento.
  154. Squares for fun
  155. Opinions on the 2013 Nissan Altima (or Nissan in general)?
  156. The War on Buckyballs
  157. 9-year-old Attacks Toddler, Daycare Worker Arrested, Neglect of Minor
  158. I thought people in Iowa knew better: Mercury poisoning.
  159. The More You Nose — The Thread of Household Smells
  160. Anyone in Lower Hudson Valley, NY can help me locate something?
  161. Question for the mods or anyone else who might know...
  162. legitimate website?
  163. YAAT: Spending a day in Austin. Do all the things!
  164. Gay Self Hate is a Helluva Drug...Christian AntiGay Blogger Outed
  165. Cone-ing is out, Falling is in!
  166. Cone-ing (The new planking)
  167. Dragon*Con 2012 - Atlanta Aug. 31- Sept. 3
  168. name my daughter.
  169. Police Search for Dumbass
  170. Balinese Teenager Passes Out While Marrying Cow He Had Sex With
  171. True or False?
  172. So.... what's up?
  173. Farting problem around girls
  174. Man robbed of penis
  175. Nigerian man raped to death by his 5 jealous wives
  176. Minka Kelly Sex Tape
  177. Old man takes care of business, Leicestershire
  178. Couple of general questions for you forum goers:
  179. Help with malfunctioning freezer drain
  180. Does cleaning your ear make you cough?
  181. Sally Ride, the 1st U.S. female Astronaut, dies at age 61
  182. Why don't abused kids get revenge?
  183. 17-year-old sexual assault victim could face charges for tweeting attackers names
  184. How muscular do you have to be to get your man boobs to do the jiggly flex?
  185. Online dating profiles - is is possible to be somewhat incognito?
  186. How to get laid guide
  187. Cops kill someone, near riot breaks out, Police Dog Attacks in OC, CA
  188. Favorite dvdtalk names
  189. Refinancing a home that is underwater
  190. Bad Parents of the month
  191. Anyone in Vegas want IMAX tickets to TDKR?
  192. Join the Army! Get Irradiated!
  193. Picked Up Habits ?
  194. Duh! What do ya think's in the Whoppers?
  195. Gunman opens fire on midnight DKR crowd: kills 10-12
  196. Fred Willard Arrested For Alleged Lewd Act
  197. The Who to honor tickets for a cancelled show from 30+ years ago
  198. Seattle terrorists caught smuggling Kinder eggs into US.
  199. Anyone ever been to a Seth Meyers stand up show?
  200. 300 Teens Destroy Wal-Mart (Guess where?)
  201. Local News calls mob a flash mob
  202. Conjoined twins Lori and Dori (George)Schappell
  203. $666 "Douche Burger" wrapped in 5 sheets of edible gold
  204. Felon shoots himself in the penis, arrested for possession of a firearm
  205. Old man takes care of business, Florida
  206. Lost my Dad last week
  207. Do you celebrate your pet's birthdays
  208. KKK carved into blind man's belly during surgery
  209. 2 Girls 1 Beaver
  210. Happy 110th birthday, Air Conditioner!
  211. Pataks Indian Cooking Product
  212. Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door (FL!)
  213. OK fess up! which one of you did it?
  214. Otter uprising in Minnesota!!
  215. Ever have a moment when you wanted to punch yourself in the face?
  216. 10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America
  217. Attack of the Evil Electric Bill! It's Huge, Run For Your Lives!
  218. Where are you on the global fat scale?
  219. YAFP: What's the big deal with sweet potato fries?
  220. Texas woman pleads guilty to battering 2-year-old daughter.
  221. Paging all slumlords... need some help
  222. It's happening: Rise of the Planet of the Apes in Las Vegas
  223. Vegetarian help needed
  224. Feel good story: Family makes good on dying family member’s last wish: Leave $500 tip
  225. Sushi: what to try?
  226. So, I was reading about that "plasti dip" stuff
  227. South Carolina funeral home is building a Starbucks.
  228. Mustard or ketchup on your hot dog?
  229. Tenant in GOVERNMENT funded housing offended by American flag, ruins it for everyone
  230. YAFP: Favorite diet or reduced-calorie cola?
  231. Do you post while on the toilet?
  232. Real or Fake?
  233. Detroit rapper Calicoe shows off dog 'fighting' operation.
  234. Can I legally Destroy my own car?
  235. Evolution in 2 minutes.
  236. Any frequent flyers here? need advice on missing a flight
  237. Stupid teen posts pictures of a pile of Grandma's cash, house robbed hours later
  238. COOL, I think I'm being scammed on Craigslist
  239. When was the last time you slept at least 12 hours?
  240. Impenetrable 10,000 sq.ft. anti-zombie stronghold for $10,900,000
  241. Summer has arrived 2012
  242. Twilight Fan Hit By Car & Killed At Comic Con
  243. YA real estate + lawyer question
  244. Phoenix Man Jailed for Hosting Bible Study!
  245. Don't hug a Detroit cop!
  246. And now: A moment of "Ewww"
  247. Mayor designates parking spaces for men
  248. Ernest Borgnine, dead at 95
  249. Will we ever have a second Golden Age of Conversion Vans?
  250. South pole and north pole to switch energy fields