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  1. Child free hate fest ... a thread Red Dog would be proud of. LOL
  2. Why does this gun smell like tuna?
  3. Lion mauls woman to death while she was having sex in the bush with her boyfriend
  4. Cruise ship turns around because idiot parents left their baby unsupervised
  5. Fashion's Night Out R.I.P. (Good Riddance!)
  6. Guy uses Christian Mingle dating site to rape women
  7. Maryland School Suspends Boy, 7, For Pop-Tart "Gun"
  8. Quick question for a first-time flyer
  9. 50,000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
  10. Nurse Refuses to Give CPR
  11. Taser Sword
  12. Is everybody aware of the "Deep Web" but me?
  13. The height advantage
  14. Antique Furniture Care and ID help (with pics!)
  15. Schools Close After Will Smith Threatens Killing Spree
  16. college dorms- living in: did you do
  17. Miss Delaware stripped of her crown
  18. Mother Kills Son For Having Small Penis
  19. Man Attacks Wife With Meat Cleaver
  20. Diabetes, not obesity, linked to sugar consumption
  21. Woman Charged with 13-Year-Old Boy's Rape at Church
  22. Should I go for it? Relationship advice needed
  23. City Of Portland, OR Now Raising Water Rates...Because You're Conserving Water
  24. Teenagers with Necrophilia Fetish Had Threesome on Murdered Corpses
  25. Con Man makes almost 100K a year pretending to be mentally challenged
  26. Telecommuting
  27. Maker's Mark in a Shamrock Shake might be the best thing ever.
  28. YAET: buyer ripped me a new one - Paypal helped
  29. What Otters' Penis Shrinkage Could Mean for Humans
  30. Writer says in Silicon Valley, Tesla now has 100% of the $100K luxury sedan market
  31. Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads
  32. MC Hammer says arrest was racial profiling
  33. Masterbation as a form of marking territory
  34. Texas de Brazil ...anyone ever been?
  35. Michigan man's vintage porn collection worth $6500 stolen
  36. world's worst tattoo finally fixed
  37. excuse me, waiter? there's a Canadian in my water
  38. "Over" Photoshopping
  39. 2040 Presidential Elections
  40. Why Do People Put "Me In New York" or "New York 20xx) When It's OBVIOUSLY NY!!!?
  41. How important is horsepower on your motorized towel holder?
  42. I said hey, what's goin' on...with you today?
  43. Study shows that farting is good for you, and women's farts smell worse than men's
  44. Chubby Checker sues over manhood app.
  45. How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did
  46. In Toronto For 2 Days
  47. Anyone have a Billiard Table in their house?
  48. Man drinks 20 year old Crystal Pepsi, gets sick.
  49. Stranger Allegedly Slapped Infant on Flight
  50. Was the deli girl flirting with me?
  51. Electric shaver $60-100) recommendations
  52. Whenever I see the dancing banana, I always imagine him dancing to this music...
  53. Chase ends when driver, with child in car, hits police car at 100+ mph
  54. Wrong Text
  55. Meteor hits Russia, injures 100s
  56. Carnival Cruise Triumph
  57. The Harlem Shake.
  58. Steve Martin is a Daddy! Know any old geezers in the same boat?
  59. The Cool Ranch Taco. You knew this was coming.
  60. Are you getting ashes today?
  61. How much are you planning on spending for VD?At least $218 if you want a happy ending
  62. Price of a men's haircut in your area?
  63. Matt Damon buys $15 million mansion, then promises not to use any of its 8 bathrooms
  64. TV Hacker Accesses Emergency Warning System - Tells Montana That Zombies Are Rising
  65. Second-Grader Brings Grenade for Show and Tell (FL, Go Noles!)
  66. Moving to New York (where to live)
  67. Bank robber apprehended after stopping to talk to Bill Murray
  68. The official DVDTalk POPE POOL!
  69. Quick Vegas Question
  70. Have you been to the Xcritic forum lately? (formerly Adult Talk)
  71. Airport Layover Question - Help!
  72. I am never going on a train in China
  73. Getting old sucks. Back/neck pain - Chiroprator or deep tissue massage?
  74. pretty girls making ugly faces
  75. So Cal Law Enforcement on Cop Killer Manhunt...Cops on Edge. [Update: DEAD]
  76. Family sues Disneyland because the White Rabbit refused to hug their black kids
  77. Do you sign your posts at DVDTalk?
  78. Hallmark holiday: valentine's day
  79. Teen flips off judge, hilarity ensues. Florida.
  80. Express Faith: Drive-Thru Ashes
  81. If I do this, will I be acting douchey? Three girls, two questions, one thread....
  82. Cowardly Richard III Found Hiding in Parking Lot
  83. Bakery Refuses To Make Same-Sex Marriage Cake
  84. Photoshop my buddy-
  85. Too bad we can't figure out how to prevent all these deadly nightclub fires
  86. That’s Right Woodchuck-chuckers - it's Groundhog day!
  87. Meet The Cheap Pastor That Got A Hard Working Waitress Fired
  88. Hideous fatty cheerleader banned from Super Bowl
  89. Cell phone talk: what is your monthly bill
  90. Pursuit
  91. Ron Jeremy in critical condition
  92. Surprise,Surprise,Surprise, Jim Nabors marries male partner.
  93. Teacher placed on leave for racy tweets
  94. Defenders of Christ recruited women to have sex with "reincarnated Christ"
  95. Mother Gives her Baby a Tattoo By Force
  96. Why didn't the Aerobie "take off" and become popular?
  97. If "there's nothing wrong with lip syncing," then how come they never tell you in adv
  98. School me on car window tint.
  99. Surfing - Largest wave ever ridden?
  100. Polarized Sunglasses
  101. Poll: Do you wear shoes in your house?
  102. Clap for the Cincinatti Bengals!
  103. I Need A Quick Primer On Craps
  104. Boobs don't kill people, people kill people.
  105. Lego Talk!
  106. The 2013 Anything Related To Taxes Thread.
  107. 26 women sue website that their ex-boyfreinds posted x-rated pictures on for revenge
  108. In the hospital with diverticulitis....
  109. Charlie Brown busted for stalking at the border
  110. Criticism
  111. How should I disinfect a tape measure?
  112. Years later, GatorDeb is redeemed...by Reddit?!
  113. Reseda nurse arrested for alleged sex act on a corpse at Sherman Oaks hospital
  114. Is a resume writing service worth it?
  115. Please help with simple tax question...
  116. The most important choice you'll ever make.
  117. 5 year old suspended, interrogated, & labeled "terrorist threat" over bubble gun
  118. What's your temp today?
  119. Snow Day
  120. Anyone else having problems with the new Chase web site layout?
  121. Like Michael Jackson, But Very, Very Not Guilty
  122. I wanna take my family to Disneyworld--what's the best way to go about it????
  123. "Torque" question: Multiple connections
  124. Advice columnist Abigail Van Buren ("Dear Abby") dies at 94
  125. a footlong isn't a foot long
  126. incredibly awesome typographic art
  127. Dunkin' Donuts returning to California
  128. How much should labor be on new water heater?
  129. Twin XL mattresses for a King
  130. Has a teacher been caught in an inappropriate relationship with a student yet?
  131. Wrong Turn 5 - Follow the GPS
  132. Man Pooping Between Subway Cars Falls And Dies.
  133. Swedish Cleaning lady steals train; crashes it into house
  134. Woman drives 900 miles out of her way after GPS error
  135. "Philadelphia girl kidnapped" - Found alive about 20hrs later, but...
  136. German man throws puppy at biker gang, then flees on bulldozer.
  137. I Was a Paid Internet Shill
  138. Help with finding a google image? (semi movie related)
  139. What do you small business owners use for 1099s?
  140. Can anyone recommend a very low profile baseball cap?
  141. 2014 Corvette announced today
  142. career retrospective interview with comic book legend Gerry Conway
  143. Who has the best remaining avatar?
  144. board's opinion on PUA aka pickup arts
  145. Man photoshops celebs into his holiday photos
  146. Evil Cat: Photoshopping for Otters, Volume 1337
  147. Anyone ever do Weight Watchers?
  148. School ranking by state
  149. The 2013 FLU thread
  150. Insurance Company Offers Me Discount If They Can Track My Habits
  151. Giving "thanks" in Otterville
  152. Doesn't it annoy you when... (Internet etiquette-related)
  153. Woman defends home and children by shooting intruder 5 times
  154. Cat arrested for break-in at Brazilian prison
  155. Piss for brains? yes! really!!
  156. Any plumbing experts?
  157. Would you drive 15 minutes to save $10?
  158. "The Official Solid Snake PAC 'girl thinks she's my gf or damn close to it' Thread"
  159. California court rules rape OK if you can impersonate someone's husband
  160. Lost my wallet....should I sign up to an anti-theft service?
  161. YAPT: Yet Another Pants Thread
  162. the funniest thing i've seen lately
  163. do porn shops buy dvds?
  164. car shopping - do you negotiate based on MSRP or invoice price?
  165. Naked Intruder Tries to Choke Dog, Bites Homeowner (Florida)
  166. Kansas sperm donor owes child support
  167. Boy, 6, suspended over finger gun (Maryland)
  168. Online Canadian Pharmacies ...anyone use them?
  169. Mom's 18-Point iPhone Rules for Son
  170. Slumlord Advice (yeah, you know who I'm looking for)
  171. How much volume should a distributor be forced to order to keep his discount?
  172. Biggest Loser 2013 - Health and Nutrition edition
  173. And what are your neighbors up to??
  174. Anyone else a little 'OCD' about year end/beginning tasks/lists/resolutions?
  175. I am trapp't in Middle Earth--What to do before new years!?
  176. Student wins stalking order against extreme parents
  177. New Year's plans?
  178. strip club etiquette?
  179. What was your favorite school field trip?
  180. Why did you have an affair?
  181. My coworker is flirting with me, cool right?
  182. The Book Of Mormon
  183. Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. has died
  184. New Years Resolutions (2013 Edition)
  185. So how many of you 'people' purposely run over turtles on the road?
  186. 2013: The Year of the Otter
  187. Kate Winslet weds hubby No3 Ned Rocknroll in secret
  188. The 2012-2013 Snowfall Thread Presented in ICEMAX®
  189. The 2013 prediciton thread
  190. Christmas Bonus 2012 edition
  191. Merry Christmas Otters
  192. The Doll on the Island of Misfit Toys
  193. Do you have Secret Santa at your work?
  194. What is this I don't even.
  195. 2012 Year in Review
  196. Am I being overly sensitive or is this racist?
  197. Is there any legitimate musical email christmas card or are they all spam?
  198. Mio ...anyone use it with their water?
  199. I want to be able to refuse a bill like my health insurance company!
  200. Can anyone ID these 80's toys from this pic?
  201. 3 time US Olympian Suzy "Favor" (he he) Hamilton working as $600 Escort
  202. Good news for fans of Boobs!
  203. Growing old sucks - Slumlord chronicles
  204. Anyone speak Southern Mechanic?
  205. How many events do you go to/host on Christmas Eve/Day?
  206. The "end of the world" thread
  207. Which Calvin and Hobbes book was this comic in?
  208. Best/Worst Childhood Xmas Gift
  209. Time Magazine names Obama Person of the Year
  210. My new kitty!
  211. MMA Fighter Suffers Horrific Injury (NOT how you'd expect!)
  212. Online porn addiction 'can make you lose your memory'
  213. You know what is worse than hemorrhoids?
  214. corrie says i need a hobby.. can i have yours?
  215. Hilariously bad science
  216. Which cartoon character do you think has the saddest existence on earth?
  217. Penis Drawing Detection???
  218. Religious arguments on DVDTalk
  219. Suppose you're driving from DC to Boston this Xmas and want to buy a big ticket gift
  220. Child killer free after 3 years. You go Canada!
  221. Arrest Made After Oates Bites Hall's Face
  222. Petition for Death Star
  223. I *heart* New York!
  224. I went crazy today and bought Bose and Dyson products
  225. thank you note etiquette
  226. The insurance company bailout (www.121212concert.org)
  227. COLUMBINE - did any survivors witness the deaths of the two killers?
  228. 12/12/12 - Happy Tom Brady Day everybody!!!
  229. Is December a good month to buy a car?
  230. South Korea's Porn Fight 'Like Shoveling in a Blizzard'
  231. Im looking for free online records
  232. When you visit your parents over the holiday do you rent a hotel room or stay w/ them
  233. What did you get for Christmas? (2012 Edition)
  234. High resolution close-up pictures of celebrity faces
  235. Colorado students accused of sickening class with pot-laced brownies
  236. Best Mangaled/AutoCorrect Texts of 2012
  237. Does Anyone Know Terrance Eagle
  238. Catfish learning to hunt pigeons on land
  239. Florida hosts python hunting contest - What could possibly go wrong?
  240. Tips for finding a local artist?
  241. my dog ate my dimebag (so I sliced him open to get it back) [shockingly NOT Florida]
  242. 50 yr old transsexual now playing women's college basketball
  243. Meanwhile, in Canada: Visual Allergies
  244. Nurse duped by royal phone call about Kate Middleton...commits suicide.
  245. Help with a Woody Woodpecker Picture
  246. I'm pretty sure I've broken my toe. Will a butcher knife do?
  247. Couple announces break-up via Youtube video, video goes viral.
  248. 16% of online holiday shopping in the U.S. is conducted from a toilet.
  249. Anyone who has lived in or around State College, PA: Looking for a apt. or townhouse
  250. Zombie apocalypse is serious business