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  1. Senasian not so great
  2. DVDPlanet/DigitalEyes rude support, bad experience
  3. Amazon problem
  4. Best Buy Shipping? null - null days?????
  5. Any Cyber Monday deals at Amazon?
  6. Anyone ever use 5minutestolive.com?
  7. Question about an item description for Palm Pilot T/X
  8. ebay question
  9. What made this DDD sale different?
  10. Best online retailer for a $2K HDTV ?
  11. DVD Planet shipping query
  12. Axelmusic.com shipping time to USA
  13. Best Buy Return Policy For The Holidays
  14. Is it possible to cancel an order placed with Google Checkout?
  15. Primus Zingers CD at Best Buy
  16. deperately seeking R2 "the advocate"
  17. Question about Amazon Prime
  18. UPS Sucks
  19. Black Friday pricematch?
  20. EBAY .20 cents listing DAY
  21. amazon is selling a bootleg The Oz collection?
  22. Places where I can buy / order a 30x40 frame for a UK Quad Poster?
  23. Would you get Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition if DDD.com Extended even more?
  24. DDD 20% sale extended to 11/23/06!!!
  25. Backordering on DDD, how prevalent is it?
  26. I'm Too Damned Tired! Best Black Friday BigScreen DLP Deal You've Seen So Far?
  27. I Was Deep Inside DDDvd Today
  28. Buy.com won't send me replacement DVD
  29. BestPrices.com
  30. What's coming up that people would be camping out at Best Buy for?
  31. E-Rewards / Borders Question
  32. Just made my first DDD Purchase
  33. DDD and returns...
  34. DDD new site on 2007
  35. DDD Sale- backordered /not in stock item - correct price after shipping?
  36. DDD and box sets?
  37. Refurb Ipod from Apple.com?
  38. Best Buy Question
  39. Amazon Market place
  40. Ever seen this store?
  41. HELP with Paypal online shipping ?
  42. Widesceen DVDs from McDonald's Redbox?
  43. How many people had this problem at Gamestop?
  44. Free Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC's Lithograph from Best Buy!
  45. Online store
  46. Ebay: Import Region 1
  47. DVD Distributor Recommendations?????
  48. Best Buy's Price Matching ???'s
  49. Anyone having problems with CircuitCity.com?
  50. DVD's on Ebay - promos with UPC holes
  51. Amazon Visa Card?
  52. Amazon Gold Box - changes?
  53. Help with something I saw at Costco...
  54. Problems w/ reording the Blockbuster "Q"
  55. Future Shop mistake
  56. Online stores with Flex Pay? (or something similar)
  57. What to look for before buying Dvd's
  58. Suncoast selling email addresses?
  59. Charged multiple times at Gamespot/EB, Anyone else?
  60. Anyone ever use Best Prices.com?
  61. BB 10/12% off coupons for video game hardware?
  62. Best Buy Magazine scam question
  63. overstock question
  64. Best Place to Sell Music Cds and Dvds to-Brick/Mortar-SOCAL?
  65. best store for returns w/o a receipt
  66. Any thoughts on butterflyphoto.com
  67. Borders (and B&N) to Increase Selection of DVDs
  68. Overstock gone clueless!
  69. DVD Trade-In Stores?
  70. Best Way to FIND Entertaining DVD's?
  71. Best Buy Gift Card Problem
  72. Ddd (us) To Canada Shipment Problems?
  73. Problems with Credit Card charges with Google Checkout or buy.com?
  74. Buy.com: Worst Online Shopping Experience Ever
  75. Question about Mail Tampering (rental DVDs)
  76. How many price guarantees can you use on one item?
  77. Ever had a disc missing from a set? How did the exchange go?
  78. Is the Play-Asia.com Affiliate Program worth it?
  79. First Time Buyer -DDD
  80. Anyone ever shop at bestpricecameras.com [merged]
  81. Best Buy website, can't add anything to cart
  82. Buy.com Flat Handling Rate?
  83. Deep Discount Preorders.
  84. Deep Discount to customers - you might notice some strange charges
  85. Best Buy Private Event (Chicago Area)
  86. New Blockbuster Online program?!?
  87. djangomusic.com
  88. Ever buy from ebuyx.com ??
  89. Vendor to buy glass component shelf.
  90. Walmart Return Policy
  91. Reward Zone Mastercard - Has anyone applied?
  92. Anyone else get damaged DVD's from buy.com?
  93. HMV Japan
  94. DDD and bill me later
  95. Probable scam site (best-special-offers.com)
  96. Just ordered through Vanns
  97. Ebay/Paypal forcing me to upgrade to business account, options?
  98. Problems Logging Into Deep discount DVD
  99. Another Stupid Ebay Question.
  100. What's up with Amazon pre-orders..
  101. Best Buy RZ Coupons: 10/9 - 10/31
  102. Another ebay scam? Really need some help on this one
  103. Using $5 Best Buy Bucks when buying DVD's
  104. Proper protocal for requesting a price adjustment w/ Amazon?
  105. Hook Me Up Home Theater - Opinions?
  106. anyone try DVDtoHDDVD.com
  107. DVDWorldUSA.com Experiences?
  108. Question about pre-ordering DVDs
  109. Cheap sneakers (Air Jordan)
  110. FYE.com Rebates - no UPC required?
  111. Turning off Amazon's browsing history
  112. The "Best Buy" Nazi
  113. Experience with "audio-video-furniture.com" or "storeyourmedia.com" ?
  114. NetFlix (fullscreen / widescreen)
  115. DVDPlanet CS Experience
  116. help with paypal!
  117. DDD Price Hike?
  118. CDUniverse returns
  119. Amazon/ A9 Instant Rewards Program Discontinued
  120. How come it takes for Amazon over 3 days to ship something out?
  121. Dollar store DVDs
  122. What calls for a charge back on a credit card?
  123. My "JackAss Employee @ Circuit City" Story
  124. What's The Site That Rates Stores?
  125. Selling to Spun = Suck
  126. How low does netflix go to add a fifth dvd?
  127. Ebay Question Re: Paypal Address
  128. Blockbuster--Online free for a month plus free rental coupons!
  129. Used online retailers?
  130. DVD Planet store credit question....
  131. Hokey smokes! Bestbuy.com above MSRP...
  132. What Happens When You Buy Something Not In Stock?
  133. Sigh DDD
  134. What about DVDPacific?
  135. Amazon.com site problems?
  136. Help me find somewhere online that sells Hotdog Movie magazine.
  137. DDD Return Problems
  138. Have I been taken on ebay?
  139. Chilling news for Tower
  140. I Blame Best Buy for this Star Wars Madness
  141. movieswithasmile.com?? anyone use this site before?
  142. Anybody use oldies.com?
  143. BarterBee.com??
  144. Didn't Circuit City have free shipping on orders $25+?
  145. Best Buy Reward Zone: When do new rates start?
  146. Amazon Shipment Lost?
  147. Best place to buy posters?
  148. Are These Prices Legitmate? (Look @ The 60 gig Ipod)
  149. Anyone with experience ordering/returning with Wherehouse.com? Weird Refund
  150. Anyone ever use/try Redbox?
  151. Are FYE and Overstock related?
  152. Returning a DVD despite throwing everything away for it (Incomplete DVD)?
  153. No more "New Releases Table" at Best Buy
  154. any online toy/collectible stores with reasonable shipping rates?
  155. can i return this dvd? i think its from costco
  156. EusaTech.Com (Scam?)
  157. What are your opinions on DVDboxoffice?
  158. Fry's Electronics credit card
  159. ATTN : DDD (Dave ?)
  160. Dvd Storage Question
  161. Foxstoreauctions
  162. Using gift cards on Barnes and Noble.com
  163. DVD Planet Problems
  164. Anyone buy used DVDs from Netflix?
  165. DDD's $20.00 Back
  166. Shop4Tech.com - Good Seller?
  167. Target's Lame...
  168. Unhappy DirecTV Customer.
  169. Netflix - interesting article
  170. Is Netflix screwing me?
  171. Selling Dvd Help: Dvdplanet Vs. Second Spin
  172. Overstock.com Question
  173. DigitalEyes/DVDPlanet vs. Second Spin
  174. MovieStop.. the store..
  175. Circuit City Spanking Best Buy These Days!
  176. Reward Zone Thank You?
  177. DDD/DVD Planet shipping?
  178. Should I buy from DeepDiscountDvd.com?
  179. Good Fry's Experience (to counter bad BestBuy experiences)
  180. worst experiance ever?
  181. Yet another best buy bad experience
  182. Warning: DVDEmpire Used DVDs now have unremovable stickers on the case
  183. Unbelievable Best Buy experience
  184. What's that website for cheap Amazon items?
  185. BEST BUY driving me crazy!!!
  186. Blockbuster's "Guaranteed In-Stock"
  187. So like...where did Koreandvds.com go?
  188. best online shoe store?
  189. After Today's Visit, Costco remains worthless
  190. another ebay thread: scam?
  191. eFilmic?
  192. FYE and used dvds
  193. CompUSA to close 15 stores over the next 60 to 90 days
  194. Sales Tax Free Weekend. Is it the new Black Friday?
  195. DDD Question
  196. Tower Troubles
  197. Amazon Gold Box Items?
  198. DVD Planet and Deep Discount Just Announced lists
  199. Netflix
  200. HV selling .25 per DVD rental insurance now. Huh?
  201. Gift Cards on Ebay. Why the high prices?
  202. Ebay hacked?
  203. Ever had gift certificate balance disappear from Amazon.com?
  204. Has anyone ever signed up for the Buy.com Visa Card to get $15.00 off initial order?
  205. Anyone have next week's CompUSA ad?
  206. 5MinutestoLive.com
  207. Amazon's return policy -- shipping costs?
  208. Ebay: What to do in this situation???
  209. Best Shopping Experience Ever!
  210. Quick topic - Is there a free shipping code active for Overstock?
  211. Bestbuy.com problem
  212. Question about Oversea's Shipping
  213. Is dvdavenue.tv a legit business?
  214. It is time to crown a new king of low prices
  215. buy.com customer service number
  216. anyone ever been a secret shopper?
  217. Ugh. Damn You, eBay
  218. Buy.com/Amazon.com
  219. Amazon/DDD/Dvdplanet
  220. Deepdiscount and shipping times
  221. Amazon & Toys 'R Us no longer affiliated as of 7/1/06
  222. Kudos To Dave At DeepDiscountDVD
  223. Costco disappointing this week for sets
  224. Help finding vendor for HT
  225. Is this worth trying to do an Ebay return?
  226. 2 DVDs gone from DDD ??
  227. EB Games scammed me!!!
  228. BestBuy Mutilates slipcovers?
  229. Rentalsynergy.com ...... Anyone ever purchase or rent from them?
  230. Will Best Buy Match Online Only Price?
  231. Question with Blockbuster rentals and "Own it ___ for $___ More"
  232. Are DVDPacific the best place to buy R1 DVDs?
  233. Amazon Price Tracker
  234. Target Sale On Rescue Me
  235. BB Reward Zone 12% coupon no good for dvds?
  236. StoreYourMedia.com?
  237. Regular sales at online DVD sites?
  238. Blade 3pack Trilogy from DDD did I get a used product?????
  239. Stay away from Movie Gallery's 5for$15 VHS "Sale"!
  240. Anyone enrolled at Great Fun on DDD ?
  241. Deep Discount Dvd is the WORST...
  242. Netflix PVD Question Regrading "Rental" DVDs
  243. Would like some info on dvdfromkorea.com
  244. How long does Best Buy in-store pickup take?
  245. Any 'Best Buy' online coupons available?
  246. DDD Bill Me Later Question..
  247. Regarding Amazon orders when a dvd is cancelled.
  248. Deep Discount DVD Shipping Problem?
  249. Does anyone have an address for the President, CEO or CFO of Target?
  250. cheap R1 retailer for orders from europe?

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