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  1. DVD Box Office?
  2. Buy.com to go out of business soon?
  3. TWEC.com is no more... new site coming
  4. DVDLair.com Opinions Wanted. . .
  5. Can you email sellers at Half.com?
  6. Has anyone had a Playcentric preorder arrive on time?
  7. How do I find the cheapest item at Amazon.com?
  8. 800.com and Preorders
  9. Has anyone tried DVD Rental Central?
  10. Orderbox or Playcentric?
  11. Best Online retailer...street date wise?
  12. What gives with Orderbox??
  13. Nextcard Visa Amazon rewards page down?
  14. Express.com back to dvdexpress.com
  15. Does Amazon ship larger orders UPS?
  16. Netflix discontinues "Mature" genre
  17. Is it just me or has Best Buy recently jacked up their prices.
  18. Circuit City teaching their staff to lie???
  19. Version of House at DDD?
  20. How safe is our personal info on DVD order sites? Please advise.
  21. Why is the widescreen Wonka not yet up for preorder at Amazon (et al)?
  22. B&M's that don't require receipt?
  23. 9ninety9dvd.com
  24. mediaexchange123.com info?
  25. Does anyone know how to contact Playcentric.com?
  26. Please Help - CDNow hassle for multiple DVD orders!
  27. Does Barnes and Noble do price matching?
  28. When does CDNOW ship Pre-orders?
  29. dvd box office opinions ?
  30. Media Mail Vs. Priority
  31. DVDBoxoffice ..... PAH!!!!
  32. Availability of Phantom Menace at Amazon
  33. Where is the best place to rent movies online?
  34. All DVD's $9.99 ?
  35. OrderBox Tech problems
  36. OPERA shipped from deepdiscount!!!
  37. Amazon teams up with Target
  38. Will you buy Star Wars: Episode 1 in stores or online?
  39. Barnes & Noble cancels all Flooz orders... Part II
  40. Blockbuster is Shifting to DVD's
  41. Which online store ships DVD's before release date?
  42. Pre-ordering at Total Action Universe
  43. DId anybody preorder Memento from Deepdiscountdvd? Have you recieved it yet?
  44. Rediculous spun.com problems
  45. Contacting Troma???
  46. Suspiria from Buy-Anyone get shipping notice??
  47. Amazon complaints--getting $$
  48. Official "I Hate Blockbuster" Thread
  49. PayPal question!
  50. Opinions on Digital Eyes DVD Company
  51. A question for Canadians who have recently ordered from Amazon...
  52. Cast Away preorder at amazon ?
  53. 9/9 BB & CC Ad's??
  54. Express.com back on track?
  55. problems with Staples.com
  56. Does Half.com have a phone number?
  57. rating online stores
  58. From Here To Eternity Price Error
  59. Amazon Shipping Problems
  60. WOW--UNBELIEVABLE Service from Eurekamovies.com (VCDs)
  61. Amazon GCs + Coupons
  62. How do you make a smullyans work right?
  63. Is Express.com not stocking Anime anymore?
  64. Do you like or disslike thumbnail cover images while browsing thru product listings?
  65. Playcentric backorders
  66. Netflix vs. Rentmydvd
  67. Compusa Troubles
  68. Vivedence ripoff
  69. what is everyones experience with preorders from hmv?
  70. Does anyone know this site?
  71. Netflix, RMD, and .....ALBERTSONS!!
  72. Any truth to the CDNOW closing rumors?
  73. Outpost.com... what does "2-3 days" mean to you?
  74. Will Best Buy have Suspiria LE?
  75. Chewed out by musicland employee about akira SE being the LE Tin
  76. My local Best Buy actually broke street date for a change!
  77. Orderbox question
  78. Cancelling Orderbox account
  79. About DeepDiscountDVD
  80. Do Bigstar ship internationally?
  81. On the Waterfront at CDnow?
  82. Anyone know how to order cards from American Greetings?
  83. Anyone have any experience with Spun.com?
  84. How can I reach a live person at AT&T?
  85. DVD E. > Impressed me
  86. Preordering at DVD Planet
  87. How is DDD with Limited Editions?
  88. PayPal Experiences
  89. DTSonline and my credit card bill
  90. Anyone get the rest of their kingdom from HKFlix?
  91. Amazon Friends, how many you got?
  92. DDD Wait time
  93. Amazon pushing shipping dates forward??
  94. Opinions on 3 new players to the game please?
  95. Arrrghh - Wicker Man LE at Best Buy!!!
  96. Dario Argento's Opera: Early Amazon shipping?
  97. just pre-ordered Simpsons from DDD, maybe get it early???!
  98. Universal Monsters at BB
  99. Beware of ENews!
  100. A giggle at BB
  101. I've had it with Best Buy...
  102. Best time of day to shop at a B&M for new releases?
  103. Would you order from a online store without a phone #?
  104. How long does it take stores like Best Buy and other B&M stores to lower prices
  105. Samsung M101 Player
  106. Is CDNOW.COM in good financial health?
  107. Star Wars:Episode I Preorder...
  108. Please help me write a letter to fox about the buy 4 get 1 free promo
  109. DeepDiscountDVD does not work!?
  110. Where can I get the Canandian eXistenZ DVD?
  111. Offical Now - Flooz Is Dead and Filing for bankruptcy!
  112. Cancelling at Deepdiscountdvd
  113. How Long To Re-Stock At DDD
  114. Alldirect.com?
  115. Anyone else get Goonies or Nightbreed from Tower.com?
  116. Playcentric preorder question.
  117. DDD order item shows "discontinued"
  118. which stores accept paypal?
  119. Just got screwed bigtime!!!!
  120. How is Cinestore?
  121. Help - cancelling CDNow order
  122. Best Buy?
  123. Help - canceling a preorder at buy.com
  124. what's a good Canadian store that sells both PC games and DVDs?
  125. Buy.com may not accept credit cards after 9/1/01
  126. DDD - Item seems to have vanished from order?
  127. Ofoto GC + Amazon $15 off $100 coupon - possible to use at same time?
  128. HeartBreakers at DDD
  129. Anyone bought a TV from Crazy Eddie?
  130. Borders.com = Amazon.com?
  131. Buy.com on the fritz?
  132. Deep Discount DVD - shipping confirmation?
  133. Wow, I actually got a DASH check
  134. Disney rewards Phone #
  135. Half.com - Anyone get there money from Direct Deposit from Aug 15th?
  136. Does anyone ever order from this DVD site?
  137. Help! Buy.com Customer Service Number?
  138. Companies that ignore consumer's complaints.
  139. How to get amazon reinstate stl account?
  140. DVD Specs at Amazon filled with errors
  141. question/problem with half.com (please help!!)
  142. Does HKflix do any confirmation e-mails
  143. No Heartbreakers on DDD
  144. Ever get DVD's late???
  145. DVD Empire - Fast shipping
  146. Need help with BFL
  147. made an exploratory trip to local K mart (dvd bargain hunting)...
  148. Is dvdpricesearch.com obsolete now?
  149. CDNOW lowers shipping cost
  150. Amazon gets Circuit City for in-store pickup
  151. What is everyone's APR for the Amazon Next Card?
  152. Is this store selling Pirate stuff?
  153. Interesting CDNow Shipping Information
  154. Help! Need list of good DVD retailers in L.A. area!
  155. The Flooz and its Aftermath Thread
  156. Express.com problem
  157. Cybergold is deadcyber
  158. How to tell if amazon stl is barred from an account?
  159. Has buy.com been slower lately?
  160. DDD and price reduction preorders
  161. My worst Best Buy experience...EVER! (long rant)
  162. Enemy at the Gates cancelled? WFT!?!?!
  163. Orderbox - 14% off at Amazon and $.88 S/H per title (formerly....25% and $.01)
  164. Informal Amazon Poll
  165. Total Action Universe preorder question.
  166. Question, back order from DDD...
  167. Half.com - Any way to purchase an item using account balance?
  168. iwon.com will have cash back...hmmmm
  169. Has anyone ever used HKFlix.com? Are they reliable?
  170. Beyond.com ends direct consumer sales.
  171. Is there a good pricesearch comparison database for Canadian sites?
  172. Akira LE Tin from BUY.com?
  173. another one bites the dust: Egghead.com cracked
  174. Sites that carry Canadian DVDs?
  175. Playcentric.com Coupon codes?
  176. Buy.com sold and also delisted from NASDAQ
  177. BB J.Carpenter Box news?
  178. Is sellmyDVD.com reliable?
  179. Best Buy to acquire Future Shop
  180. Quality of Netflix DVDs from half.com?
  181. Tower coupon question
  182. Barnes & Noble cancel all Flooz orders!!
  183. entertainme.com shipping policy >$180 (thumbs down)
  184. Best Buy mixing of the formats
  185. Which store gets the majority of your PRE-ORDER business?
  186. Will scans of ads form CC or BB work for pricematching at other stores?
  187. Will Blockbuster video..........
  188. DeepDiscountDVD shipping question
  189. Maybe USPS IS to blame for Netflix/RMDVD!!
  190. Shipping from DVD Empire - How long does the media mail take?
  191. Block Buster Gets a Kick from WB
  192. RentMyDvd is as bad aNetflix now
  193. When might CDnow list Sopranos Season 2?
  194. Where is DeepDiscountDVD located?
  195. When does DeepdiscountDVD ship preorders?
  196. Has the Wonka fiasco changed your buying habits?
  197. How long for shipping from BN.com to San Fran?
  198. Poll: Deep Discount DVD: reliable, safe?
  199. Stay away from entertainme.com!
  201. Is Flooz dead?
  202. Total Action Universe
  203. My first (and last) visit to WalMart
  204. BN.com exchange at BN B&M???!!!
  205. Dvdempire order status secure server? Down?
  206. Any good HT shops in NJ/NY?
  207. Any good B&M's in Ottawa?
  208. Any good B+Ms in Vancouver?
  209. Bestprices.com (what's in a name?)
  210. Ebay
  211. CDnow Browser ?
  212. EntertainMe.com Reviews?
  213. Great Site for Printer Supplies
  214. DVDovernight.com
  215. Beware, Half.com screws sellers
  216. Question about Barnes&Noble.com customer service
  217. Good on-line gift sites?
  218. Amazon Florida Ballot menu
  219. Where (not) to buy a digital camcorder? (includes rant on bad business practices)
  220. Best Buy - V dvd
  221. CDnow 15% Cash Back w/ Discover problems..
  222. Lost eBay bid at the last second by $1. How did he do it????
  223. DVDEMPIRE=Bad
  224. Half.com not letting me login
  225. Is there a way to get Amazon GC if they break "street date" for DVD's and videos?
  226. Amazon-Breaking Street Dates and shipping orders not due out yet?WTH?
  227. What do you have to do to get feedback on Half.com?
  228. DVDEMPIRE.....raising prices on an order after it has been placed.....
  229. Wal-Mart and dvd's
  230. "Cries and Whispers"
  231. What the hell is Amazon trying to pull?
  232. Amazon: Usually NOT ship within 24 hours
  233. Borders.com is now Amazon.com
  234. Why DVDLair Sucks
  235. HALF.com not allowing x-rated items on!
  236. Logging in at Amazon?
  237. Stores that Pricematch?
  238. Ken Cranes DVD Planet
  239. ubid - Opinions
  240. AB Sound www.absound.ca
  241. We're getting 3 Costco's in the Indianapolis area ....
  242. Tourist In New York Looking for Bargain DVD
  243. How Do You Get An Amazon GC As Compensation For A Misprice?
  244. Vividence -- Caveat Testor
  245. Netflix: how many had accounts closed??
  246. DeepdiscountDvd, The Wicker Man, Shipping?
  247. BN Shipping - Does Drop Ship Express require signature?
  248. Is there any way to convert Flooz to cash?
  249. Circuit City Ad?
  250. a question for/on deepdiscountdvd

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