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  1. question regarding credit card expiration dates and pre orders
  2. My Best Buy Extended Their $5.99 Section
  3. Where to Buy Used DVDs?
  4. DVD's in China
  5. What is Best Buy's employee discount?
  6. Amazon removing information from web site?
  7. Questions re: amazon.com's preorder shipping policy
  8. Borders Gift Cards - Buying on Amazon
  9. Half dot com sellers - where are you moving?
  10. DVDPlanet Question
  11. CompUSA is sloooooow on DVDs
  12. ebay help needed.just sold an item and buyer did not receive it
  13. Paypal concern...any help?
  14. Does Best Buy have 18mo/0% interest deals on RPTVs all the time?
  15. Pathmark
  16. amazon.ca
  17. DVD Stores in Syracuse, NY
  18. deepdiscountdvd website problem
  19. my new ebay problem? ever experience this?
  20. reasons to not verify bank account for paypal?
  21. do not use newdotcity.com to register a domain name
  22. Replacing a lost DVD at Netflix
  23. pricematch after rebates?
  24. DVDBoxOffice.com Question
  25. Blockbuster previewed DVD question
  26. Circuit City Price Match policy problem
  27. "Retail Math" at Blockbuster
  28. Netflix and "Myra Breckenridge"
  29. URGENT! need help: can an ebay seller remove a page after a sale?
  30. Splash Dvd Liquidation
  31. Amazon Problem
  32. Coming to New York
  33. DDD Price Match ?
  34. amazon deleted(?) my account and trouble getting order?!
  35. ebay question
  36. Circuit City -- What's next?
  37. Futureshop vs Best Buy Canada
  38. Has Anyone Dealt With SamStores.com?
  39. Why aren't the Disney Treasures May releases not available for preorder from Suncoast
  40. SuperDuperClub.com
  41. Looking for Poster Frames...
  42. it's official: Borders now back to full msrp on all titles*
  43. Best Buy Gift Cards = NO POINTS!
  44. Argh, Why doesn't Bestbuy.com accept gift cards?
  45. Looka BestBuy jacking up prices
  46. Question about using gift certificates at amazon.com
  47. Unusual DVD classifications at BestBuy.com
  48. Is your local Blockbuster or Hollywood video renting....
  49. I can't believe that target returned games back to manufacturer.
  50. need advice, got wrong discs in firefly set, 2 times #1 and no #2, costco all out
  51. bestbuy.com site seems to always be broken
  52. questions about DVD recorders
  53. DVD wholesale dealers
  54. Best Buy won't always price match
  55. returning dvd to DDD?
  56. eBay Rant/Proposal Regarding Bootlegs
  57. DVD Planet Poll-- KC days Vs. Now
  58. Getting shafted at blockbuster
  59. I think Netflix is dicking me around...
  60. items I'm bidding on/won on ebay lists disappeared?
  61. Splitting Payments between CC and PayPal?
  62. Returning Big-Ticket Items
  63. dvdsoon.com experiences?
  64. Ebay Question
  65. DeepDiscountDVD not taking orders?
  66. What the hell is wrong with dvdPlanet?
  67. DVD stores in New York City
  68. BestBuy.com is run by idiots
  69. Netflix question
  70. Anyone use DVD destination (dvdworldonline.com)
  71. can you use a giftcard to pay off store cc balance?
  72. Where can I buy police collectibles? (cars, bikes, figurines, etc).
  73. Leaving Feeback on Half.com Cancellations
  74. What ever happened to . . . Orderbox?
  75. How to package old vinyl records for ebay.
  76. Digital Eyes Quote Machine question
  77. DC Best Buy is a joke
  78. How is etronics.com?
  79. Digital Eyes
  80. Any major store that lets you return without a receipt?
  81. Help with Ft. Lauderdale/Miami B+M's
  82. I really do like ordering my dvds online
  83. need help!!! what to do since I got ripped off on ebay and am beyond 30 days?
  84. Anyone know where to buy bulk Disney DVD's?
  85. Fry's in Austin
  86. DDD - tardy
  87. CyberRebate: File your claim by April 5, 2004
  88. TOWER RECORDS reportedly about to file for bankruptcy
  89. Netflix weakness
  90. Ebay Question: How long to wait and what to do?
  91. Does Blockbuster Still Price Match?
  92. Border's Return Gift Card use on Amazon.com?
  93. Anyone having problems with DDDVD lately?
  94. Where to buy Bulk Disney DVD's?
  95. bmgmusic.com customer service number
  96. Where is Netflick now ??
  97. What happened to Netflick ??? No Web or anything.. cancelling now
  98. Has anyone ordered from Costco online?
  99. Deep Discount DVD Question.
  100. Does FYE price match?
  101. Where is the best place to sell back used dvds?
  102. Someone explain this to me. (Amazon)
  103. Best Buy Prices not so competitive anymore.
  104. Half Seller- Seller Payments Question
  105. Circuit City problems
  106. Combining DDDVD and DDCD orders
  107. An alternative to Paypal??
  108. Does bestbuy match online prices
  109. Messy Store
  110. Is DDD backed up this week?
  111. BMG customer service #
  112. anyone ever used etronics.com?
  113. Best Buy Return Policy Question
  114. Ebay scam artist--Please Help Newbie!!!
  115. DDD and Backorders
  116. What pricing DB do used stores use for buy-back pricing?
  117. Amazon.com and Star Trek VI
  118. WTF is up with DDD?!? Where's my Profiler Season 2?!?
  119. Netflix Turnaround Time
  120. Dave's Video - Studio City
  121. Do buy.com CSRs check this site?
  122. DDD. Sharing Credit Card info!! Warning
  123. Bootleg DVD purchased on Ebay. What to do now?
  124. killertoys.com
  125. Bought a Wireless Router, and got a 32X CD drive...
  126. Where's the best place to buy CDs online?
  127. DVD Soon, more like DVD Never
  128. What's the deal with amazons shipping lately?
  129. Help: Band of Brothers Poster Wanted
  130. Anyone ever return anything to Etronics?
  131. My Last DDD order !!!
  132. Does DDD credit you if their price drops?
  133. check your cc statements from the ddd 20% coupons
  134. Price Match question - can you do it more than once?
  135. All my DVD orders at Amazon disappeared!!!
  136. BEWARE: Best Buy's Price Matching policy!!!
  137. Video Equipment Warranties
  138. Where to find inspiration plaques?
  139. WHERE Do YOU Purchase your DVDs?
  140. problem checking out at amazon.com
  141. weird paypal question
  142. Netflix survey... answer it?
  143. Store Question
  144. Think OfficeMax B&M will honor online price?
  145. This is pathetic...
  146. Turn around time w/ Netflix
  147. A NetFlix question
  148. Best Buy Misleads Customers By Using The Copyright Law To Justify Their Return Policy
  149. Single Discs?
  150. Blockbuster deals
  151. Beware - Best Buy Rebates...
  152. I've got a good new store for PVDs
  153. disturbing trend in gifting......
  154. Where to buy DVDs in Boston
  155. Should I be concerned...
  156. Ordering posters from Poster Now ?
  157. Amazon.ca(.com) Free Shipping + Preorder Question
  158. Blockbuster Freedom Pass
  159. Shadiness with amazon marketplace
  160. DDD and lost orders
  161. Question about combining Borders gift cards
  162. DVDSoon.com Free Shipping Gone (pretty much)!
  163. You *MUST* look at this E-bay auction
  164. Deep Discount DVD slow processing!
  165. Netflix
  166. How to tell if an order is cancelled on DVDPlanet
  167. The NEW Customer Service Phone Number Thread
  168. Another "Pissed off at Amazon" Thread
  169. What does DDD mean?
  170. Overstock.com---Order Problem--What can I do?
  171. Anyone shopped at DVDPlanet recently?
  172. Anybody shop at Suncoast? If so why?
  173. What's Blockbuster's return policy on pre-viewed movies?
  174. Deep Discount DVD = DVD Planet?
  175. Need to buy a new Bed, Simmons or Stearns & Foster?
  176. Digital Eyes sent my credit card information through email!
  177. Walmart selling other stores dvds
  178. Borders gift card and Amazon.com questions
  179. Walmart - DVDs under lock and key
  180. Costco...Why such strict rules?
  181. bestbuy.com reward zone?
  182. when will cry-baby(1990) be released on dvd?
  183. Bestbuy.com unable to handle simple exchange of a defective DVD!
  184. DDD: So-called "New" DVDs with THICK BLACK MAGIC MARKER stripe? Anyone else?
  185. ___ Best Buy!!!
  186. Another winning Best Buy employee.
  187. Is Aqua Teen Hunger Force in stock anywhere?
  188. Best Buy- what the hell?
  189. How Often Does Half.com Update Their Database?
  190. I can't seem to find any "deals" online or in stores
  191. Best Buy Best At Poor Service....
  192. paypal questions...
  193. Macy's gift sticker sufficient for return/exchange?
  194. Is this a good deal?
  195. Amazon... just launched feedback rating
  196. Hollywood Video Coupons, Anyone??
  197. Xmas returns w/o receipt
  198. Best Buy holiday returns involving receipts - a question
  199. My Buffy box is dented, can I exchange it?
  200. Return postage with DDD?
  201. I had a problem with DDD---They fixed it
  202. Does Tower Records sell video games???
  203. Any new Best Buy Gift Card deals comming??
  204. Best Buy Reward Card Letter - Anyone Get One of These?
  205. Best Buy $10 rebate w/ $75 purchase?
  206. anyone order the BTTF trilogy from DDD recently?
  207. DDD - I'm not impressed
  208. DeepDiscountDVD Sucks!
  209. I have a question about returning a dvd player to best buy
  211. Fraud Charges - Any Recent Web Site Hacks?
  212. Best Buy pricing question
  213. deepdiscountdvd.com errors?!?!?
  214. ToysRus price match guarantee frustration
  215. Target Rain Checks
  216. Returning DVD's without a receipt??
  217. Deepdiscountdvd Phone Busy ??
  218. Has anyone ever bought a dvd from Wal-mart.com?
  219. DDD: When is an order really cancelled?
  220. Does Amazon charge tax in CA?
  221. BestBuy.com corporate contact info?
  222. Unexpected Best Buy Credit Weirdness
  223. Help me navigate Best Buy website
  224. DDD Rules!!!!
  225. Amazon Marketplace is a good deal for buyers
  226. Help! re: bad shopping experience at Star Beauty Plus.
  227. Coconuts (TransWorld companies which include Fyes, Strawberries) rebates question....
  228. DDD CS phone number?
  229. Circuit City Price Match Question
  230. Deep Discount is terrible
  231. What ever happen to DVDExpress?
  232. BB online prices not honored problem...
  233. Warning for Dvd Empire Rentals!
  234. JandR customer service is very very rude.
  235. DDD made a mistake, what would you do??
  236. ? about a buyer who receives a "Damaged" DVD on Half.com and the seller's rights?
  237. Thanks to DVDTalk, DDD Came Through for me!!!
  238. DDD really crappy shipping
  239. How's DVD Empire based on your experience?
  240. Netflix versus Walmart online rentals?
  241. How was your experience with the DDD 20% off coupons?
  242. BestBuy.com not honoring ads
  243. deepdiscountdvd CSR's not following thru
  244. half.com vs amazon marketplace
  245. Any Dell.com coupons?
  246. Where does DDD ship from?
  247. Free Shipping-DDD vs. Digital Eyes
  248. DDD Problems!!
  249. Advice for Columbia House
  250. anyone ever try rareflix.com