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  1. "Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu" comic series to be reprinted starting Summer 2016!
  2. Not Comics, But Still Monthly
  3. The 2nd Annual DVDTalk Horror Comic Book Challenge - October 2015
  4. Bill Finger Getting TV/Film Credit on Gotham & Batman v Superman
  5. Today in Comic Book History
  6. Which TMNT collection to get and other recommendations
  7. The Second Monthly '20 Years Ago This Month' Thread - September 2015
  8. Comic Movie Club!
  9. Fantastic Four vol
  10. The First Annual DVDTalk Exploring New Horizons Comic Book Challenge - September 2015
  11. Marvel Announces Cosplay Variants
  12. Do you spend more time reading comics or regular books?
  13. How many comics do you own? Bonus Question: How many do you read per day?
  14. Must see! Is this the worst (greatest) trailer ever? - Dazzler
  15. Secret Wars!
  16. Did anyone else know Bloom County is back?
  17. The Never-ending Fan-made Comic Book Videos Thread
  18. The First Monthly '20 Years Ago This Month' Thread - August 2015
  19. Top 5 mega popular series/runs that you've never read
  20. What is your favorite comic book cover?
  21. The First Annual DVDTalk Fantasy Comic Book Challenge - August 2015
  22. The Ultimate Comparison between DC Heroes' Heights
  23. Is there a market for comic book
  24. Is there a market for comic crafts
  25. Vintage War Comics: best New York source?
  26. Can anyone recommend some good crime and western comics?
  27. Artist Earl Norem passed away
  28. Micronauts and Rom coming back to comics via IDW
  29. Back to the Future Comic Book Mini-Series announced by IDW
  30. DC 2016 mini-series lineup with classic writers returning
  31. Grant Morrison new Editor-in-chief at Heavy Metal
  32. The First Monthly '25 Years Ago This Month' Thread - July 2015
  33. Leonard Starr Has Died
  34. Marvel October
  35. The First Annual DVDTalk Science Fiction Comic Book Challenge - July 2015
  36. Are DC titles worth the recent price increase?
  37. The New Robin Is a Black Guy. And an Asian Girl. And a White Dude.
  38. Comic Book Podcasts
  39. Stories of meeting writers/artists
  40. Christmas in July Exchange
  41. Marvel Reboot/Marketing Stunt- Fall 2015
  42. Memory Lane Idea, or, How Old Are You?
  43. The First Annual DVDTalk Reality Comic Book Challenge - June 2015
  44. EC Comics - anything similar
  45. Scott Shaw! and Roy Thomas Get No Royalties For Captain Carrot
  46. I found a neat little gem on Amazon Marketplace.
  47. DC-Why so few Omnibuses?
  48. Have you ever read a Harvey Comic?
  49. Have you ever read an Archie comic before?
  50. The First Annual DVDTalk Make-Your-Own Comic Book Challenge - May 2015
  51. Origin and First Appearance Site
  52. Gerry Conway on creators rights and DC's twisted logic.
  53. The Dark Knight III: The Master Race - Azzarello/Miller
  54. Free Comic Book Day - May 2, 2015
  55. Founding Member of the X-Men comes out of the closet
  56. Comics you thought would be worth a lot of money but now are not
  57. Herb Trimpe Passes Away
  58. Custom Binding...
  59. The First Annual DVDTalk TBD Comic Book Challenge - April 2015
  60. Books and Magazines about comics
  61. DC Comics Cancels "Batgirl" Joker Variant Cover
  62. Irwin Hasen (1918 2015)
  63. SUPERMAN CAST REUNION at WonderCon 2015
  64. Superman's New Haircut
  65. Teach me about 70's/80's Batman
  66. Storage and the whatnot
  67. The First Annual DVDTalk Rotating Company Comic Book Challenge - March 2015
  68. DC Comics announces that Catwoman is bisexual
  69. Scribd (ebook subscription site) now offering comics
  70. Comic Book Rant - Hard to get rid of anything
  71. Intercompany Crossovers (i.e. DC v Marvel, Archie Meets The Punisher, Spawn/Batman)
  72. Request for reprints of the '80 DC "F. of Firestorm" & "Firestorm the N. Man" series
  73. List of comic books included with DVDs/BDs/etc
  74. Random comic-related pic thread
  75. The New 52 ends (Kinda...)
  76. Returning to comics after 2 1/2 years - Please help with pull list
  77. The First Annual DVDTalk Eisner Comic Book Challenge - February 2015
  78. American Splendor comics & other titles by Harvey Pekar
  79. Starting to read comics...need a few suggestions where to start
  80. Best Of 2014
  81. Star Wars comics
  82. The First Annual DVDTalk TV/Movie Comic Book Challenge - January 2015
  83. I need suggestions from Fantastic 4 fans
  84. Norm Breyfogle had a stroke
  85. February will be Harley Quinn Variant Cover month at DC
  86. 90s Guardians of the Galaxy
  87. Starting point for Judge Dredd
  88. Any comic book related New Year resolutions?
  89. Batman 66 - Question
  90. Marvel Unlimited
  91. Return of the BatGod (Very recent Batman SPOILERS)
  92. Perfect World Comic Book Wish
  93. DVDTalk Comic Book Challenge Omnibus Thread
  94. The First Annual DVDTalk Holiday Comic Book Challenge - 11/17/14 to 01/02/15
  95. Radio Commercial for Marvel Comics!
  96. The First Annual DVDTalk Comedy Comic Book Challenge - November 2014
  97. Make a bold statement about comics
  98. Marvel's Ultimate Universe Ends.... Again
  99. Where to get printable comic book cover images
  100. What Joker focused Batman collections/dark novels/omnibus should I get?
  101. First we had Archie Meets Punisher...
  102. Rumored ending to Spider-Verse SPOILERS
  103. Drawing the line at... $4.99
  104. The First Annual DVDTalk Horror Comic Book Challenge - October 2014
  105. Batman Evolution by the Piano Guys
  106. How do you display your signed comics?
  107. What do comic stores generally pay/have you ever sold to one?
  108. Are Asgardians gods or aliens?
  109. New to comics! a year later
  110. The Nicest Action Comics #1 You'll Ever See
  111. Recommendation for Wonder Woman for young readers?
  112. Key books you'd like to buy
  113. Going OOP list?
  114. Digital vs. Physical copies
  115. Comic book "Grand Master" sought for arts festival
  116. Doctor Strange: Collected Edition Recommendations?
  117. Couple of Marvel collection questions (Superior Spider-Man, Empire of the Dead)
  118. anyone looking for any free comic book issues?
  119. Marvel Unlimited - $0.99 for One Month
  120. Batman Day: July 23 &26
  121. Anyone have experience commissioning art?
  122. Bryan Lee O'Malley - "Seconds: A Graphic Novel" out TODAY (15/7/2014)
  123. Marvel to announce new title on the View 11am EST
  124. Last Alan Moore Interview?
  125. I just read Grant Morrison's New 52 Action Comics run and my head is going to explode
  126. Brian Azzarello and puns
  127. The Wicked + The Divine
  128. Nick Fury
  129. What are some of your favorite single issues / one shots?
  130. Has Fables stayed good throughout it's entire run?
  131. modern day X-Men recommendations
  132. Cosmic Marvel
  133. Is Big Damn Sin City the best way to own all of Sin City?
  134. Who's the comic artist on these guitars?
  135. What are you preordering in Previews this month?
  136. Any one here attended any of the Wizard World Cons?
  137. What should I get Stan Lee to sign?
  138. Good sites for comic reviews?
  139. Betty or Veronica?
  140. My Comic Shop Documentary
  141. Need help identifying a comic in a current TV commercial
  142. Al Feldstein, Mad Magazine Editor, has died at 88
  143. Free Comic Book Day - May 3, 2014
  144. Amazon buys Comixology
  145. So Long Archie, You Were a Good Man
  146. How accessible is Marvel Now?
  147. Guardians of the Galaxy recommendations?
  148. Comic Numbering - Does It Matter?
  149. DC covers go retro with Bombshell Pinup variants
  150. Promotional Comics - cereal boxes, etc
  151. Comic Book Vending Machines
  152. Comixology hacked...
  153. Transformers Classics
  154. What were the first comics you ever read?
  155. A Voice in the Dark
  156. 3D Covers Return in September
  157. Top moments in comic books
  158. Comic books that have made you cry
  159. Superhero characters: why do we love them?
  160. Popular Batman Character Returns in Batman #28
  161. Why Marvel Vs. DC?
  162. Green Lantern question
  163. John Romita Jr. at DC?!
  164. Comic Digital Codes Sale/Exchange Thread
  165. Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Vol. 3)
  166. Dark Horse loses Star Wars license by end of the year (to Marvel of course)
  167. Interesting interview about Wolverine's creation
  168. Sandman HC Vol. 3 (Dream Country) book question
  169. Best of 2013
  170. Holy graffiti, Batman!
  171. Ultra-high-grade Amazing Spider-Man Run in Pedigree Grand Auction
  172. Relics from our collecting past
  173. What's the most popular super hero introduced in the last 25 years?
  174. Who is the most popular non-DC/Marvel superhero?
  175. Will we ever see Marvel/DC get a third competitor?
  176. Al Plastino Passes, Age 91
  177. 70-Year-Old Woman Auctions Off $1 Million Worth Of Comics
  178. Those Comics in Your Basement? Probably Worthless
  179. Artist Nick Cardy Passes Away
  180. If you have an interest in drawing or writing
  181. Original comic book art
  182. What to do with boxes of comics...
  183. Amazon Kindle vs Comixology
  184. Superman Comic Question
  185. Thoughts on new logo of Comixology?
  186. Oreos are addictive!
  187. How is Marvel Unlimited?
  188. The One and Only Creator Signing Thread
  189. Neal Adams left portfolio in NYC cab
  190. If you could own any one comic book, what would you choose? (to keep, not sell)
  191. That didn't take long (recent Spider-Man SPOILERS)
  192. Religion in Comics
  193. Best comic book in England?
  194. Best American comic book?
  195. Stan Lee's High School Yearbook
  196. PBS Documentary Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle
  197. Help! Neal Adams quandary on Thursday 9/5/13
  198. Read Comics in Public Day (August 28th)
  199. Marve's Infinty Event
  200. fans who can't accept changes
  201. Early DC collected editions for 2014
  202. Comic Book Circulation Figures?
  203. Diving into comics..need suggestions
  204. Are Graphic Novels Not the Same as Comic Books?
  205. School me on DC comics
  206. Do we want to move out from under Book Talk?
  207. X-Men Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga?
  208. What's the last comic-related film you watched?
  209. What's the last comic-related TV show you watched?
  210. Swamp Thing question
  211. Think you have a large comic book collection? Think again.
  212. I never read... (Comic Book Edition)
  213. What's the last TPB/Graphic Novel you read?
  214. What's the last TPB/Graphic Novel you bought?
  215. What's the last comic (single issue) you read?
  216. What's the last comic (single issue) you bought?
  217. What are the gems of your collection?
  218. 'Official' Deals on Comic Book Films/Shows/Media Thread
  219. Is Red Hood & The Outlaws Vol. 1 tpb out of print already?
  220. Is DC Comics going to continue their "Chronicles" collections?
  221. Moron accidentally uses valuable comic books to make a paper mache scultpure
  222. Fantagraphics' co-publisher passes away at 56
  223. Spider-Man gets a sister?
  224. "Free" Man of Steel All-Star Superman #1 at BN TODAY (6/12) ONLY with any purchase
  225. Can someone provide context for this image? (Thor related)
  226. Odd Ebay Amazing Fantasy Listings
  227. Man finds comic book worth $100,000 being used as wall insulation
  228. Question about digital comics
  229. Anybody else reading The Private Eye (Vaughan)?
  230. Masters Of The Universe Comics
  231. Stan Lee: Genuine or Phony?
  232. Saga #12 banned by Apple
  233. Comics Legend Carmine Infantino Has Died
  234. The Star Wars The Comic Book
  235. Kindle vs. Comixology?
  236. Adam West's Batman Returning as Digital Comic Book.
  237. Sandman: OMNIBUS or Absolute?
  238. Bob Bolling's Sabrina comics from the early 80s can be read online for free
  239. Physical Comic Books - "Keep 'em" or "Sell 'em and move on"?
  240. HOT Fictional Red heads
  241. New York Post spoils Batman Inc #8
  242. Major Expose about Frederic Wertham's "Seduction of the Innocent"
  243. Your Favourite adult (X rated) comics thread
  244. Comic/Super-Hero Sheep NOW!
  245. Free Comic Book Day - May 4, 2013
  246. Judge Dredd might "Be Gay"....
  247. career retrospective interview with comic book legend Gerry Conway
  248. Scott Snyder's "Court of Owls" Overrated or Not?
  249. question for anyone who reads thor \ journey into mystery (no spoilers)
  250. Anomaly