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  1. two towers ee, noticed two lines one at the top and other at the bottom through out
  2. Problems with West Wing?
  3. Quantum Leap?
  4. lotr extended cut
  5. Melody Time R2 is uncensored!!
  6. Help - back to the future question
  7. Home Theater System Question
  8. What Are You Watching This THANKSGIVING Week/Weekend? (11/24 - 11/30)
  9. Will Blockbusters only carry DVDs in the future?
  10. Any info of possible price drop on "Executive Decision"?
  11. Alien Quadrilogy Disc Label Problem?
  12. I Was Wondering If Everybody Could Help Me Test Something
  13. Dyno-mite!! Good Times Season 2 coming Feb 3rd
  14. Life Of Brian-{Criterion) is the price ever going to be reduced?
  15. LOTR-TTT dvd from Amazon question
  16. Head's Up for Space Ghost C2C Fans
  17. Anybody get rid of their cases and put their DVD in folders?
  18. Return of the Living Dead 3 unrated ever?
  19. Meaning of Life replacement disc?
  20. kubrick collection
  21. Princess Blade DVD--disappointing
  22. How long before DVDs show up at the 99 Cents Only Stores?
  23. Alias season 2 is out at Blockbuster!
  24. Alien Quad custom covers...
  25. The Brigitte Bardot X 7 Boxset (made In Québec)
  26. Need some cover scans (FREE DVD for filling them)
  27. “The Bear” unavailable on DVD, or even VHS…?
  28. Question About DVD Profiler?
  29. Help me understand the DVD piracy mindset..
  30. $5.00 Rebate on Two Towers Platinum?
  31. Ed Wood cover art!
  32. Besy Buy and Cradle of Life
  34. AbFab Series 5 comes to DVD
  35. How to file your X FILES seasons
  36. Has anyone in Canada bought BTTF with the green sticker?
  37. Do you purposely omit titles from your online DVD list?
  38. What is the best "Halloween" DVD to own?
  39. Fox Contact Info?
  40. Does x-2 (canada) have bilingual cover ?
  41. What's up with HELLRAISER III? Which version is better?
  42. Where can I get a glass DVD storage cabinet?
  43. I want these Kurosawas on DVD!
  44. Jerky Boys movie on DVD?
  45. 21 Jump Street on DVD ever?
  46. How many DVDs do you have in your Netflix queue?
  47. Mondo Cane outer box replacement announced!
  48. Is the LOTR TTT:EE Collector's Edition worth it?
  50. Who's watching their LOTR TT:EE tonight?
  51. TWO TOWERS DTS setup with 5.1??
  52. You buy movies faster then you watch them?
  53. What DVDs are you getting 11.25.2003..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  54. Spiderman 2 DVD for sale (unreleased)
  55. Please set this straight for me
  56. Sergio Leone's Duck, You Sucka?
  57. Marvel Comics DVD's
  58. Hogan's Heroes (and other TV titles) coming in 2004, no date yet
  59. Movie Studios think your not paying enough for DVDs.
  60. Should I order the Jamie Kennedy Experiment or wait for Punk'd?
  61. Problem with disc 5 of my Smallville season 1 boxset!!
  62. Nemo: #1 DVD (sales) for 2003
  63. Remember Family Dog??
  64. wrong version Last House On The Left on each side of disc.
  65. City of God DVD cover!
  66. No Good Deed: fullscreen only so beware!
  67. What's the most expensive DVD movies you have seen on the market, including EBAY?
  68. Freaks and Geeks?
  69. Anyone seen the newly repackaged Superman cartoons?
  70. Star Wars Archive Edition DVDs?
  71. Music CDs with DVDs????
  72. The BEATLES - Let It Be ?
  73. Universal to release Abbott & Costello DVDs next year!
  74. Ric Flair DVD: more censorship woes
  75. Whats the latest buzz on HD-DVDs???
  76. The Matrix Revolutions DVD Coming Out on January 6th
  77. Lucio Fulci's "Cat in the Brain" - Region 1, when?
  78. Question about buying Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park online
  79. More Looney Tunes Coming in 2004!
  80. Brazil Criterion
  81. Meaning of Life SE question?
  82. Blue Underground Spaghetti Western Collection Question
  83. Just when you thought it was safe....
  84. two towers extended no rotk preview?
  85. WWE Bloodbath questions
  86. DVD Profiler question
  87. Robotech Remastered: Extended Edition 1/27!!
  88. Family Guy Returns!
  89. LOTR TTT:EE freezes
  90. Whee, 3 Criterions (inc. SotL) for ~$57 + a free disc!
  91. How is the quality of the Monty Python series set?
  92. Bad news?
  93. "Two Towers" Giftset, -Fifth disc details?
  94. X-Men Collection, The: X-Men/ X2
  95. On Golden Pond SE?
  96. Industry News: DVD Forum Chooses NEC/Toshiba Blue Laser Technology
  97. SNL - the Original Cast?
  98. China to promote own alternative to DVDs
  99. Found another Ric Flair Easter Egg
  100. Where's GoodFellas and Casino
  101. Transfer question on a couple of discs
  102. Does anyone buy the full screen and OAR versions of DVD's?
  103. Mondo Cane Collection Packaging is exactly what we need to keep down the box-bloat
  104. Flaw in "Once Upon A time in the West's" Audio
  105. Any help out there? Cracks in DVD hub area
  106. James Bond DVD question.
  107. UPC problem for LOTR:TTT EE?
  108. ISO Covers for Music "Bonus DVDs" (DVDs included with studio cd's)...
  109. The OLD Star Wars cartoons? and tv movies?
  110. Strong DVD sales may bring new episodes of Family Guy!
  111. Has Anyone Done A 'Clone Wars Animated' Cover?
  112. Red Hot Chili Peppers GH Videos Play All Error??
  113. LOTR - TTT EE Missing Scene?
  114. The Munsters coming to DVD
  115. Displaying the Bond sets?
  116. Lord of the Rings fans, will we ever see this??
  117. 5 commentary tracks for CABIN FEVER! aye carumba!
  118. Ma and Pa Kettle DVD's?
  119. Help with TWO TOWERS: EE sticker....
  120. U2 Go Home impressions
  121. Godfather Part II DVD problem
  122. Cartoon Clone Wars on DVD?
  123. Coming soon: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: SE
  124. BattleStar Gallactica available in normal box??
  125. Two Towers EE Collector's set question: Removing Gollum ?
  126. Star Trek: Voyager packaging
  127. Terminator 3: misframed or open matte?
  128. DVDTalk's review of Taken
  129. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Extended) impressions...
  130. Leaving "cigarette burns" on the DVD?
  131. Details: Cabin Fever
  132. Rocky Box Set question
  133. announcement of new Disney DVDs including some Wave 4 treasures
  134. How to remove thin paper wrap from TTT:EE???
  135. X-Men Collection question
  136. CITY OF GOD in febuary!
  137. James Bond Collections - why the heck??
  138. The Critic - The Complete Series DVD Details!
  139. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (11/17 - 11/23)
  140. Alien Quad - is there a Canadian version that's different?
  141. Lets say you became blind...
  142. Are You Buying Less DVDs?
  143. pics of altered scenes in Eyes Wide Shut?¿?
  144. Region 2 Silly Symphonies set is not censored!!
  145. Question about Alien 3 Special Edition (Possible Spoilers)
  146. Friends season 5 easter eggs
  147. Upright Citizens Brigade. DVD Chaos!
  148. Place to preorder the new Star Trek: The Original Crew Movies Collection?
  149. Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle missing soundtrack
  150. Any chance of ever getting "The Johnny Cash Show" on DVD?
  151. StarTrek NG Borg Mega Cube in the USA??
  152. LOTR:ROTK EE (might be the longest yet) (poss. spoilers)
  153. starting to get the "classics" on dvd
  154. Question about Airport Terminal Pack & Smokey Pursuit Pack
  155. "The Game" - What is the problem with this dvd?
  156. POTC dvd
  157. Page for logos, details, etc
  158. Vaporware (fluffy) extras on the increase?
  159. zombie where is new version
  160. Good Times and Rocky and Bullwinkle-seasons 2?
  161. where is bronx warriors
  162. Halloween Extended Cut vs. Theatrical Cut (99 THX)
  163. The Gods Must Be Crazy in February
  164. ONE and ONLY Motorcycle DVD Thread
  165. Just picked up POTC...
  166. Kenshi, Bento Box?
  167. Has anybody heard anything about Mr. Show Season 4 DVD?
  168. Watching LOTR:FOTR EE. Again. Am I Weird?
  169. GI Joe - 02/04 for sure!
  170. Demonstrative Speech: WS vs FS help
  171. Dvds from Amazon.Com
  172. A Boy & His Dog (11/25)- anamorphic?
  173. DVD Cover Offset
  174. Superbit - how do they determine which movies to release?
  175. Kids in the Hall season one available for preorder
  176. Musicals on DVD
  177. Does anyone have any "DVD Traditions"?
  178. Dividing Up Bond 007 Sets - A Suggestion
  179. What's your Two Towers situation?
  180. how many dvds do you own?
  181. Back To The Future Collection
  182. SNL Christmas includes Hanakuh Harry Sketch!
  183. What classic concert videos need to be released on DVD?
  184. What DVDs are you getting 11.18.2003..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  185. Will The 'Elf' DVD Be Delayed?
  186. The Top 10 MUST SEE DVD's according to MSN
  187. MSN article on "Must see DVDs"
  188. "LOTR: TTT EE" --- Wrong Street Date on Shipping Boxes at Toys R Us
  189. Open Matte vs. OAR: Can it ever be better?
  190. Francis Ford Coppola's One from the Heart SE in January
  191. Concert for George Harrison DVD
  192. dont leave your lotr ee boxes in the sun...
  193. Rip-off Alert - George of the Jungle (widescreen)
  194. King of Queen's 1st season DVD...
  195. 2003 WWE DVD Release List
  196. How can you find out what kind of case a DVD has?
  197. Kill Bill - Vol. 1 ---> Feb. 3, 2004
  198. Diane Lane's Under the Tuscan Sun-specs/coverwork
  199. The Horse Whisperer Aspect Ratio
  200. Will there ever be DVD players that will skip/fastforward forced commercials?
  201. New Beta DVD Profiler 2.2.0 build744
  202. is wide screen or full screen better?
  203. Would have been nice to have both T3 wide/full on one disc :/
  204. Question about Shrek DVD
  205. Friends season 1
  206. Pumping Iron AR???
  207. Lost in Translation: 2/3/04
  208. Has anyone ever heard of the Family Classics 50 Movie Pack?
  209. Warner classics to be released Feb '04
  210. Any chances of 10th anniversary dvds of Dumb and Dumber or Ace Ventura?
  211. Any info on a Beatles-Let It Be DVD release?
  212. Friends Season 5 Loose/Scratched Discs
  213. What WWE dvds are worth buying?
  214. Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool coming out in January
  215. What's with the new Chaplin "Collector's Edition?"
  216. Does anyone have any contact info for 20th century fox regarding defective discs?
  217. Anchor Bay to release Hammer double feature discs
  218. Where to buy Toy Story Toy Box?
  219. The Winds of War?
  220. DVD Contests
  221. Picture Quality and underallocation of space on DVD
  222. Naked Lunch at B&M
  223. Printer
  224. "National Lampoon's Senior Trip" on dvd?
  225. Will Cliffhanger Serials ever come to DVD?
  226. Why the hell is Dumb and Dumberer $19.95?
  227. WTF! Trouble With Angels FULL-FRAME only?
  228. Whats a Criterion Collection??
  229. Bad title choice for new Best Buy Rolling Stones DVD
  230. Did SHOOT TO KILL come out today?
  231. Will Rossellini's Paisan ever come out on DVD?
  232. Thorn Birds coming to DVD!!!!
  233. Tales of the Dark Knight - a series in progress ...
  234. Bond Vol 2 and 3 in stores now.
  235. Gilmore Girls Season 1 coming
  236. Any reviews of the new JFK?
  237. Matrix Revolutions before Christmas... (answer: no)
  238. Antz DVD question
  239. Article on Criterion in Nov. 11 Chicago Tribune
  240. LOTR TTT EE your impressions on the added scenes... SPOILERS
  241. Essential Charlie Chaplin (12 DVD Box Set)
  242. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (11/10 - 11/16)
  243. Rolling Stone Magazines list of best dvds.
  244. What studio populates the most of your DVD's?
  245. Once Upon a Time in Mexico Details
  246. Formula One Review 2003 DVD Coming 11/24!
  247. Complaints on Double-Dipping - is it really that horrible of a thing?
  248. Will salute your shorts or pete and pete ever come out on dvd?
  249. Will There Be a Lord of the Ring Trilogy Pack?
  250. Looney Toons/Porky Pig question