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  1. Help pick between these 20" Toshiba/Sony...
  2. Malata DVP-520 issue
  3. First Widescreen TV ever made?
  4. Best way to connect dvd to receiver: optical, coaxial, or 5.1?
  5. VCD Help
  6. I'm having a very strange problem(HT related)...
  7. little bastard alert! (how to fix a pushed in tweeter dome?)
  8. Does the Panasonic DVD-F65S or K do 3:2?
  9. PAL to NTSC system converter?
  10. Problem with JVC XV-N50BK , XV-N55S
  11. New Receiver/Speaker combo
  12. What can be done for TVs w/ only a cable input?
  13. how do you check to see if optical cable is bad?
  14. New DVD player, switches to TV
  15. Regent HT-391
  16. What would cause the dvd tray on a my 5 disc DVD changer...
  17. Hitachi 57F500: using grey or black side bars when watching non 16x9?
  18. pixilization on satellite, could it be a bad cable?
  19. any1 watchin HDTV via satellite?
  20. Website for DVD Player and HT Gear Reviews?
  21. need a good S-VHS VCR... any recommendations?
  22. Pioneer VSXD912K any good?
  23. looking for a new tv
  24. NEC Develops Combo Drive for Next and Current DVDs
  25. Which of these portables?
  26. Does the dish 501 remote use infrared or radio waves?
  27. Projector Recommendation
  28. My DVD player won't play DVD-Rs. Help me pick a new one.
  29. Is this a good DVD recorder? (Panasonic DMR-E80H)
  30. Reccommend a decent portable DVD player
  31. Mitsubishi 313 Vs. 413
  32. dvd recordable
  33. Help with a dishplayer 7100
  34. Problems with anamorphic squeeze distortion on non-flat CRT TVs?
  35. does 3:2 pulldown matter with older TV?
  36. Picture problems w/ new HDTV
  37. Yamaha RX-V2400 and 3300? HELP!
  38. Anybody using wireless speakers?
  39. Looking for recommend. on 27" tv
  40. Denon 1200? Samsung HD931? Son DVPNS725P
  41. Just bought myself a tv...
  42. Wireless Headphone recommendations
  43. Need help in playing back DVD continuously
  44. New Dvd Player Recommendations
  45. Pronto, Profiler and Sony DVD changer
  46. Any DVD recorder buying guides around?
  47. To DVI or not to DVI that is my question
  48. SONY RM-3000 remote questions...
  49. KOSS KD270 DVD Skipping problem
  50. I have a 20" and a 13" 4x3 tv, yet I LOVE Widescreen. Am I a minority?
  51. Problem with my Daewoo DVDS151 All Region Player
  52. Confused about Home Theater Systems
  53. Looking for best Region Free DVD Recorder?
  55. Have HD widescreen TV, viewing mode choices??
  56. I Need Sub Woofer Help
  57. Tv's within a budget...
  58. Anyone have any experience with the Phillips 615?
  59. Nedd DVD Player, Have Amazon GCs To spend
  60. Toshiba SD K730
  61. Anybody familiar with this Sharp DVD player?
  62. Can a Sony Playstation 2 work w a TV/VCR Combo?
  63. What models of RPTV do you recomend.
  64. Anyone use Best Buy's financing?
  65. How many speakers do I need?
  66. TV magnetic field & AV equipment
  67. inexpensive DVD recorder recommendations
  68. Do both TV and DVD player need "16:9" mode...?
  69. Cheap DVD player recommendations?
  70. Hooking up a Digital Cable Terminal to 5.1 Sound Receiver.
  71. 27" Television w/ Anamorphic Sqeeze Mode!?
  72. Sony Subtitles Issue (DVP-NC655P)
  73. 2 (very newbie) DVD questions . . .
  74. BOSE wave radio/CD player
  75. Help in deciding on a HDTV
  76. coaxial digital input cable question
  77. Looking for HT recommendations
  78. Why are there so many closed-caption fields, when one is almost always used?
  79. Vintage speaker (tannoy) and turntable (transcriptor): info requested
  80. Tosh 57H93 and Pioneer DV-563A good combo?
  81. Would you recommend these dvd players?
  82. Home Theater Accessories List - Great for Xmas or any time!
  83. 30" WS TV at Frys
  84. any info on Polaroid DVP-1000?
  85. KLH Home Theater Receiver - R7000
  86. What is overscan?
  87. Adjusting Sony Widescreen
  88. Buying a new TV, lots of questions!
  89. Best fit for me?
  90. anyone got inf on the Classic DVR 1000 DVD Player/recorder from hasting
  91. Scared to buy a RPTV...Help!
  92. Problem with a new Apex AD-2600
  93. Question: most versatile DVD player under $100?
  94. DVD Players which can play DIVX (Mpeg4), anyone have one ?
  95. DVD Player scratching disks?
  96. ReplayTV vs. Tivo
  97. Toshiba 30HF83 - Fantastic! But....
  98. Need the best deal on portable DVD
  99. Yamaha YHT-440 & Speaker Questions
  100. Good DVD Recorder w/ PVR
  101. Question about first surround system...help.
  102. APEX defective television?
  103. HT help. I'm looking for the little speakers that sound really clear and kick.
  104. Any Experience with the LiteOn LVW-5001 DVD Recorder?
  105. Pioneer DV563A
  106. Panasonic SA-XR25 Question
  107. Cleaning a laserdisc player...
  108. Panasonic SA-XR25 Question
  109. Best DVD Player Under $400
  110. returning portable rca
  111. DVD Player has lost sound! Help
  112. Looking for region-free dvd player recommendations
  113. I bought a Sony DVP-NS725P....did i make a mistake?
  114. Anamorphic on WS tv question:
  115. Any DVD players out that plays sharp/clear through component,progrssive??
  116. Is 300-Watt enough (Home Theater)
  117. DVD home theater for trade
  118. So...how about those $30 DVD players...
  119. Samsung DVD/VHS combo player question
  120. Panasonic or Onkyo Home Theater in a box?
  121. Would this DVD surround give me a gud home experience?
  122. I'm stuck in Progressive Mode! HELP!
  123. 1080i capable players?
  124. Is this a good deal?
  125. Okay, hot deal AND computer forum question
  126. need some recommendations for a really good receiver under $1000.00...
  127. Home theater set up question
  128. Are APEX tv's a good choice?
  129. dvd Problem please help.
  130. Coax + splitter + 2 subs = good or bad idea?
  131. DVD player with DTS decoder?
  132. 1.85:1 dvds fill up my 16:9 tv, is this normal?
  133. Plasma & LCD
  134. Any good HDTV Black Friday Deals?
  135. Home Karaoke
  136. Poloroid Compact DVD Player
  137. Cheap multi-region DVD player now at Best Buy
  138. Is there a PVR that does NOT need phone line and/or is not TIVO or Replay?
  139. Dishnetwork and PVR's
  140. Akai MulitRegion DVD-3850S Review Wanted
  141. Advent 32" HDTv $650. Any info?
  142. Yamaha RX-V1400 for $529 shipped (authorized dealer, too)
  143. Best Place with the Best Price on X1 Projector
  144. Anyone using hanging wall speakers?
  145. need opinion on Sony’s KF-60WE610 60" Grand WEGA™ LCD Rear Projection TV
  146. Need Sub. Any info on Earthquake Supernova? Recommendations?
  147. Whats wrong with my TV/DVD?
  148. Samsung 30" Widescreen HDTV Monitor TXN3075WHF, $899, is this a good deal?
  149. so whats on your holiday wish list?
  150. DVI equipped players?
  151. Confused about 6.1 Sound
  152. speaker recommendations for panasonic sahe70k
  153. Problems with Sony Wide Screen Projection TV!
  154. How do i know if my DVD player has progressive scan?
  155. Wall Mounting Speakers Questions (Energy Encore system)
  156. Dish Network - how does this deal look?
  157. Toshiba SD3750 - PAL compatible?
  158. Wire Tape
  159. LCD TV calibration?
  160. Help needed: Toshiba SD-2900 (blank screen)
  161. Thicker subwoofer cable = less boomy bass?
  162. Best DVD Recorder
  163. HD Receiver? To buy or not to buy...
  164. What does everyone know about these 720/1080 dvd players?
  165. Need another DVD player, any suggestions?
  166. Subwoofer questions
  167. Standalone DVD Recorders?
  168. I'm new at this...question about optimizing sound
  169. BOSE Audio
  170. recommend me some speakers
  171. Component Video Cable Splitter?
  172. Apex DVD Player at Sears...questions...
  173. Question about optical cables...
  174. Dvd recording from Vhs/Dvd combo question..
  175. Which HDTV to buy? Sony 46" or Mitsubishi 48"
  176. wireless speakers
  177. Will THESE speakers work with THIS reciever?! HELP!
  178. Spdif?
  179. Cheapest HDTV with 3 component inputs?
  180. Avia HT Guide vs (new) Digital Video Essentials. Which one is better?
  181. More (stupid) questions about 3:2 pulldown
  182. Owners of Sony KF 50WE610 - Whats the best deal you got?
  183. Did my subwoofer just die?
  184. Opinions on Kenwood VR-6070 Reciever?
  185. Dish DVR questions
  186. Any tips on Networking the HT?
  187. mom needs a dvd player...please help.
  188. 2 TV's - which one!?
  189. Two component devices but just one input on the TV? What can I do?
  190. Disturbing trend in new Receivers...
  191. Recommend me a DVD player
  192. Question about 3:2 Pull Down
  193. Remote for Panasonic XP30
  194. Can You Help Me Decide Which Of These 2 To Get?
  195. Recommend me a good receiver?
  196. NEED Quick Component Video Setup Help!
  197. looking for a $200 audio system -- ideas?
  198. Toshiba 20AF43
  199. please recommend s-video cable
  200. SD-H400 DVD-Player any good??
  201. List of 60" plus TV's....Which is a better deal?
  202. Strange KS3122 player problems
  203. JBL S series out of production?
  204. Sony KV32S42 help needed
  205. [640x480.DivX].avi DVD Compatability
  206. 6 ohm speakers with 8 ohm system???
  207. Newbie help for a WS HDTV 65"
  208. Directv Tivo Hdtv box, when?
  209. RPTV Question
  210. Is this a good price on this receiver?
  211. Lost my reciever remote
  212. Question on speakers
  213. MegaTheater 505 DVD Home Theater System?
  214. Newbie looking to get a new receiver
  215. DVD/VCR combo outputs?
  216. Planar PDP-42B flat-panel TV?
  217. What's that P/S - LB button do on my DVD player?
  218. Bad picture from Cable box to VCR
  219. Toshiba 34HFX83 or 34HF83 recall???
  220. Component vs S-Video
  221. Anyone own the $360 1911 Popcorn Machine?
  222. JVC XV-N40BK vs. XV-N50BK
  223. Help me feel good about my purchase -- Mitsu WS-65313
  224. Tivo question, could be really stupid
  225. Audiovox portable vs. RCA portable?
  226. Good Pick for Widescreen Projection TV?
  227. has anyone used the kameleon 8 remote?
  228. Question about speaker wires upgrade..
  229. Please Help: Scratched Screen on my Big Screen!
  230. Good Pioneer DVD Player?
  231. Wireless to tv from tivo or receiver?
  232. New low for HTIB at Wal-mart...
  233. 5.1 rear surround speaker placement
  234. Hitachi 4:3 RPTV: Convergence is tilted?
  235. calibration tools
  236. Phillips Pronto TSU-3000 -- Any thoughts on this remote?
  237. Component question
  238. Help! I think my receiver died!
  239. Upgrading low end speakers but keeping low end receiver
  240. Split cable signal to HD and DVR?
  241. Color of DVD Playback on TV
  242. Philips 30" Widescreen TV? Anyone?
  243. Question for Yamaha owners
  244. Budget Speaker Systems ?
  245. Sony DVP-NS725P vs. Toshiba SD-3900
  246. coaxial or s-video or both??
  247. any difference on Panny S35 and S25?
  248. Time Warner HDTV Cable Box Questions
  249. Questions/comments on my new HDTV
  250. Mitsubishi 65" WS-65513