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  1. Progressive scan capability question
  2. Need recommendations for coordinating connections around InFocus X1
  3. Surround Sound System
  4. Bose QuietComfort 1 vs. QuietComfort 2?
  5. Sony Wega red lines during dark scenes
  6. Home Theater newbie needs advice
  7. Just bought a KLIPSCH SUB (KSW12) questions---->
  8. using Avia to calibrate video
  9. DVD Player Random pixilation
  10. Finally caved in....just bought the Panasonic PT50LC14 TV
  11. LG 44" DLP - opinions?
  12. How does a DVD player work?
  13. Problems with Sony DVP C660 5-disc Changer
  14. Thinking about buying New HT Audio
  15. Sony HT-DDW750 System DTS help
  16. Pioneer DVR-225 DVD Recorder? Good buy??
  17. 2 ??'s Digital recorder & where do you buy your wire?
  18. DirecTivo question...
  19. So I just purchased my first big screen!!!
  20. Is the yamaha YHT-450 a good buy???
  21. HTIB question
  22. Polk Audio Speakers - RM7200 (Originally $1299) Now $499 - Good deal?
  23. Grainy Sharpness Problem.
  24. Home Theater Audio suggestions??
  25. Plasma vs. LCD vs. DLP vs. CRT
  26. Just finished building my own sub!
  27. What kind of Tivo unit should I buy? Or what about Replaytv?
  28. Component Video Selector
  29. Dvd player with DTS encoder question?
  30. RPT - CRT vs. LCD/DLP - any point in getting a regular CRT ??
  31. TIVO hookup without phone line
  32. Help on buying $400-$600 speakers
  33. Suggestions for good surround headphones?
  34. General questions about DVD Player
  35. Target Monster Cables?
  36. I need Help on Buying a Flat Screen TV!?!
  37. Mitsubishi TV help needed
  38. White Highlights
  39. thinking of buying this HDTV from Best Buy
  40. question about receiver in standby mode
  41. DVD/VHS recorder unit combos worth buying?
  42. Problems with my Toshiba 4900
  43. Comcast HD Digital Cable: Does DVI make a difference?
  44. is there such a thing as a digital audio selector?
  45. Satellite to DVD - What gear do I need to record digital signal to DVD?
  46. Tuner question
  47. Looking for graphic equalizer recommendations
  48. Surge protectors and video quality
  49. those with boltz dvd rack and sony grand wega 3 tvs need opinion
  50. Does the Onkyo 502 upcovert through component?
  51. Digital Optical vs. Coaxial
  52. Help - Overscan problem
  53. DTS Problem
  54. Panasonic A110 error msg?
  55. Just got Comcast DVR Moto box, non HD/digi channels are grainy...
  56. Where can I get a Christie TV?
  57. My new bedroom TV
  58. Comcast HD channels seem kind of dark?
  59. My new HT setup AKA the Man Room (pics)
  60. my HT
  61. Opinions on 30 inch HD Sanyo from WM?
  62. New receiver and sub question
  63. New DVD player suggestions?
  64. Need small subwoofer
  65. Does anyone know if ALL region DVDs will play on either X-box or Playstation?
  66. Magnavox portable dvd player..
  67. Can a signal amplifier help me?
  68. Best 50" widescreen TV for ~Cdn$4000?
  69. can you REALLY trust refurbished products?
  70. Wega Service Menu Question
  71. Question about making a JVC RX-DV3SL region free
  72. help with a new TV
  73. Directv tivo hookup ?
  74. Panasonic RP91 player problem
  75. Region Free Player
  76. Is a DVD recorder worth buying? Can you save TiVo shows to DVD? [merged]
  77. Im a newbie. What 5.1 Speaker system should i get?
  78. Sony KLV-32M1 32" LCD TV
  79. Sony RPTV Problems
  80. Updating from a dinosaur speaker system.
  81. Surrond Sound upgrade question
  82. Horizontal floor-standing speaker?
  83. HTIB Questions?
  84. Errrr...'off brand' players
  85. Ultra Compact DVD Player Recommendations?
  86. Problem getting a ISF certified calibration...
  87. DVDs Causing TV to "Buzz"
  88. Why Does DirecTivo Keep Adding Channels?
  89. Any opinions and/or deals on HD satellite receivers?
  90. What is the best 60"+ DLP right now?
  91. Which TV is better?
  92. shopping for a DVD Recorder...could you give me opinions on what you own?
  93. I'm having problems w/ the Toshiba SD-4900 multi region hack
  94. Semi Urgent: Are these speaker cables??
  95. Time for a new DVD player - opinions?
  96. Anyone Know Of A Good TV Picture Tweaking Disc?
  97. What is the best HDTV for DVD?
  98. Sony KP-46WT510 question
  99. Wiring out of the ceiling, how to make it look best?
  100. Opinions on Yamaha receiver
  101. What's the best way to sell an HDTV
  102. Fuse keeps blowing on my sub
  103. Mits 313 and 315 Models
  104. Help - bad infared sensor on Onkyo receiver
  105. Does this DVD Player exist? Please help!
  106. Where is a good place to buy cables?
  107. $200 progressive scan DVD player at Circuit City help
  108. Looking for best DVD player that plays both DVD+ and DVD-
  109. Toshiba 32AF44 vs. JVC AV32F475.....which to get?
  110. Onkyo Dvcp702 Versus Harmon Kardon Dvd22
  111. Furniture help. Need a low profile entertainment center.
  112. Philips DVP624 vs. Toshiba 4900 (or any other)?
  113. how can i sell my broken tv?
  114. Refurbs
  115. DVD Recorder w/hard drive vs. TiVO
  116. Anyone own the Momitsu DVD-V880?
  117. A VERY strange DVD playback problem
  118. watching hd dvd on home theater setup
  119. Fixing my sony remote
  120. HDTV with DVD Recorder questions
  121. Denon 2105 receiver & Denon 1910 DVD Player
  122. Good, reputable HT stores online?
  123. URGENT: Cheapo Home Theater Help Needed
  124. Trying to Make DVD of Trailers
  125. "crunching" noise from speakers
  126. Wireless home theater speakers?
  127. phillips rear projection - any experiences ??
  128. Are extended warranties really worth it?
  129. Sony DVPNS725P or similar...
  130. Best & Cheapest Region Free Player?
  131. Need something to raise height of TV in Ent. Center?
  132. Charter DVR??
  133. HDTV questions
  134. Site for running wires thru walls?
  135. How do you know when an optical cable is bad?
  136. Projection TV
  137. compatibility DVD-A - pioneer 525 ?
  138. New speakers for an audio/HT newbie?
  139. Subwoofer help please
  140. A Few Quick HT Setup Questions
  141. Is DVD Player with progressive scan necessary?
  142. Mintek 1770 Loud Playback?
  143. Bestbuy makes Cyberhome CH-DVD 300 region free
  144. Audio Drops??
  145. Zenith DVB413 problem
  146. Anybody know how to fix the overscan on my Sony KV-34HS510
  147. Is there such a thing as a dvd player without a layer transition pause?
  148. Wiring gurus...lend me your rears!
  149. Need to sell my TV, what kind of value does it have?
  150. Lack of speaker shielding - is it harmful?
  151. Need advice on a new HT setup
  152. DVD Player Help
  153. Regular ole busted TV question
  154. Yamaha YHT-150
  155. Phillips 27" 27DV693R TV/DVD Combo- Any Owners And Opinions?
  156. DVD player profits down to $1
  157. how do i get my tv to recognize widescreen tv shows?
  158. Advice needed on Component Cables and Picture Quality
  159. Question About Laying Down Wiring for HT Speakers
  160. Bought a new portable DVD player last night . . .
  161. What do you connect to switched or unswitched?
  162. OLD TV-- Can I hook up my DVD?
  163. ABC HD reception question
  164. TV Help
  165. Should I buy this HDTV?
  166. Stereo system woes. Can you help me?
  167. Calling Bfrank. Speaker questions
  168. Recommend some good headphones for a home theater
  169. Law, HD-Ready vs HD-Built-In
  170. R1 DVD Sound
  171. DVD (portable & in-house) comparisons site?
  172. Any suggestions on cleaning DVD's
  173. Any get this rack?
  174. Recommendations for region free DVD player
  175. The best demo DVD(TV Show) with a large display
  176. Recommendations on a Subwoofer
  177. HDTV question ?????
  178. Good $500-600 speakers??
  179. Best portable DVD for DVD-Rs and all region tweaks?
  180. Will PAL devices work in SECAM countries?
  181. $1000 bucks to spend on Widescreen HDTV...
  182. What is the best DVD player out now or coming soon?
  183. Looking for answers and comments about sound and visual
  184. Yamaha YHT-750...any good?
  185. HK AVR430 vs AVR630
  186. I want to see pictures/websites of INSANE DVD/home theatre setups
  187. Some HD reception questions...
  188. Where to Buy DVD Players?
  189. S video multi-input box?
  190. Tube Video Problems
  191. black bars with a widescreen tv?
  192. Player on the crapper!
  193. DVD Recorder question (work related, kinda urgent)
  194. DVD Racks
  195. Anyone having problems with voom?
  196. What in the world is THIS?
  197. Any thoughts on this TV? (Toshiba 32HF73)
  198. Speaker Help
  199. Yet another DIRECTV TIVO question re: dual-tuner
  200. Is it bad to keep on unplugging and replugging in my Sony TV?
  201. Good portable DVD player?
  202. Need help hooking up my VCR, DVD player, TV to a stereo receiver
  203. Gear in an unfinished basement in a new home.
  204. Question about Sony-MDP-500 Laserdisc Player
  205. Cheap receiver and speaker recommendations?
  206. Subwoofer problem?
  207. Are all region dvd players any good ?
  208. Which Good dvd players play divx & svcd also?
  209. Problem W/ Philips DVD 727 (No Picture)
  210. ?'s about TV inputs
  211. Need help! Best DVD player for Gateway 42" plasma EDTV
  212. Question about space on DirecTV 40GB Tivo...
  213. Is it no good to place your center Speaker on top of your TV?
  214. Question About TV Remote Codes
  215. Which VCD software - suggestions?
  216. PLEASE HELP me chose an All-in-one system
  217. Dubbing VHS tape to DVD
  218. What is the best DVR to buy for $500-$600?
  219. Anyone using the JBL SP-5's?
  220. Optoma RD50
  221. Connecting HD cable box to plasma
  222. Best amp between 2-3k
  223. Help!! How do I hook up a TV and my receiver (in another room) to the same speakers??
  224. Are these Toshiba dvd players the same?
  225. went to a concert - now I may get the DLP go-ahead!!!
  226. DVD Player Comparisons?
  227. Great Price On Sony DVP-CX985V 400 disk DVD/SACD Player
  228. Looking for WS TV for @$500?
  229. Difference between treble and bass?
  230. JVC DVD Player XV-NP10S (DivX Certified) Opinions wanted?
  231. DVI connection
  232. Broadcast Satellite hardware in Japan
  233. Display of 4x3 dvds on widescreen tv
  234. Need Recommendation on compact HT speakers
  235. Mitsubishi ws-55513?
  236. Anyone ever hear of this brand
  237. Direct TV: its guide slightly off schedule affects my timer recording. Correction?
  238. Have a Mini-Component Stereo, want to prop up from floor
  239. HK AVR65 help!
  240. Need Help with Cyberhome 415
  241. Do you still use a VCR?
  242. large dvd storage units in or around the Los Angeles Area?
  243. Setup worries - Moving overseas
  244. Wireless AV Switcher
  245. Anyone have opinions on this TV/DVD Player
  246. Best value in 27" or 32" TV?
  247. Pioneer 563A & Beach Boys Pet Sounds DVD-A
  248. Panasonic DMR-85 Connection Question Newbiew
  250. help, need to replace equipment