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  1. Translator says Islamic Center of Davis (California) calls for extermination of Jews
  2. Arrest made regarding the House IT network criminal investigation
  3. Senator John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer
  4. Attacks On Women In Saudi Arabia's Kingdom
  5. RNC falsely says “delivery of a voice message directly to a voicemail box does not...
  6. 2018 Congressional election thread
  7. An apology
  8. Trump's biggest fans? Canadian universities
  9. Defense Secretary Mattis interviewed by high school student Teddy Fischer
  10. The latest NRA recruitment video is unsettling to many
  11. Bankrupt - What to do with a broken Illinois?
  12. Suicide bomber triggers an explosion in Belgium
  13. Special elections, 2017-style
  14. SCOTUS Strikes Down Government Intervention In Trademark Case
  15. Car rams police van on Champs-Elysees, armed suspect dead
  16. London vehicle hits pedestrians, police say “number of casualties”
  17. The Grenfell Tower Fire
  18. The Official Trump/Russia Wacky? Conspiracy Thread
  19. Shootings at Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria
  20. Man goes on racist rant at Starbucks, calls black man a slave
  21. Alleged Mis-Use "legal" Chemical Weapons Used By US-Led Forces In Syria
  22. Sen. Sanders Attempts to Apply Religious Test to Nominee
  23. Sen. B. Sanders Applies UnConstitutional Religious Test to Nominee
  24. Why Shouuld Private Businesses Not Be Allowed To Discriminate?
  25. Josh Feuerstein's Facebook page is a riot
  26. The Qatar Crisis: Or How Donald Trump Just Screwed the US Military in the Middle East
  27. Breaking: Possible attack in Paris
  28. Obama Unwittingly Helped Trump Undermine His Own Healthcare Plan...
  29. CNN: London police report 'incident' on London Bridge
  30. Hillary Clinton Claims DNC (and NYT) Did Not Help Her Fight Trump
  31. Blue Cross/Blue Shield to withdraw authorization for ER visits (Atlanta area)
  32. Going too far? Kathy Griffin (Bonus: Am I racist, or just asking questions?)
  33. The American Taliban...(TM)
  34. Chortling with schadenfreude
  35. Caption this
  36. Explosions (w/fatalities) @ Ariana Grande concert in the UK
  37. Christian store owner wins court case in "Pride shirts" case
  38. Roger Ailes, Dead at 77
  39. Poll: Will Trump be impeached or leave office before his first term ends?
  40. Has there ever been a more tumultuous 100+ days of a Presidency (2017)?
  41. People to Follow on Twitter Who Aren't Insane Conspiracy Theorists
  42. Black students at Harvard to hold their own commencement
  43. Does Trump have palilalia? Does Trump have palilalia?
  44. Hackers (Russia?) release French presidential frontrunner's campaign emails
  45. Buckingham Palace Calls Emergency Staff Meeting at 3AM
  46. FBI agent married rapper turned Isis fighter before realising her mistake
  47. Judge: California Must Allow Transgender Inmates' Earrings
  48. Is the Far Left in Putin's Pocket Too?
  49. N.S.A. Halts Collection of Americans’ Emails About Foreign Targets
  50. New Orleans Begins Removing Confederate Monuments, Under Police Guard
  51. Local Trump campaign chairman & former district judge charged with human trafficking.
  52. Police Officers Shot, 1 Killed in France Terror Attack
  53. Bill O'Reilly - Exiting Fox News
  54. Active shooter in Cleveland
  55. US drops MOAB in Afghistan
  56. Man suspected of killing border agent in 'Fast and Furious' scandal arrested
  57. At Least 4 Victims Reported After Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino
  58. US launches missile strikes against Syria
  59. Black Lives Matter (Philly Chapter) Bans White People From Participating
  60. George Takei to challenge Devin Nunes for his seat?
  61. Is it wrong for a cis-gender, straight male to use the lady's shower?
  62. Brit politician Nigel Farage wants to split California in two to benefit Republicans
  63. Internet service providers could sell your browsing history to advertisers
  64. London Terrorist Attack: 4 Dead in Incident Near UK Parliament
  65. Only Democrats commit voter fraud...
  66. North Korea may have fired missiles
  67. Schizophrenic inmate boiled to death by guards; no charges
  68. Tax dodging businesses
  69. Charitable donations thread
  70. Oklahoma GOP State Senator/Trump Supporter Ralph Shortey found in hotel with teen boy
  71. Demise of Public Civil Discourse Toward Opposing Viewpoints
  72. Pusher of Anti-LGBT Legislation Caught in Affair With Cousin
  73. Revenge is mine, bitches
  74. DVD Polizei's International Woman's Day Thread
  75. Obama "Slush Fund" Scheme Is "Worse Than A Mafia Shakedown"
  76. Equal Rights Amendment = Genital Mutilation Free-For-All?
  77. Meet the 16-year-old Canadian girl who took down Milo Yiannopoulos
  78. Riots erupt in Stockholm neighborhood
  79. C-Span 2017 Presidential Rankings
  80. The LGBTQ In The News thread
  81. The 2017 role of religion in the US, the trump administration, and DVDTalk thread.
  82. Bathrooms - Maybe Texas Learned From The Mistakes Of Others
  83. Talking Too Much About Trump Might Cost You An Election....
  84. Time for a new rule in this forum?
  85. World Wars III, IV & V to Be Produced Back-to-Back
  86. Colorado Law Would Enable Victims To Sue Governments For Illegal Immigrant Crimes
  87. Shooting at Quebec City Mosque: 6 dead, 19 wounded, suspect in custody
  88. Steve Bannon - Threat or Menace?
  89. The Women's March on DC 1.21.17(..and the rest of the world)
  90. Free Trade Discussion
  91. The Offical Trump Presidency Thread: Don Jr & Russians
  92. Off to war with the Trumpster
  93. I have an important message for everyone.
  94. Penis Removal: A New Refreshing Way To Protest Trump
  95. What is Trump going to do for you?
  96. rate Obama's presidency
  97. He Said WHAT? The Trump Tweet Thread
  98. How long will Trump be in office?
  99. Fort Lauderdale airport shooting
  100. This thread is an example of why we can't have nice things
  101. The 115th (and possibly last) Congress
  102. How to beat Trump
  103. The Obama Presidential Handover Thread
  104. If You See Something Say Something, Just Don't be Wrong or we'll protest
  105. Election Polls Underestimated Donald Trump In More Than 30 States
  106. How the Obama administration pushed Turkey into Russia’s arms
  107. The Death of the Free Market - Brought to You by the Republican Party
  108. CIA: Russia tried to help Trump win the election: Watersports Anyone?
  109. CNN’s Black Employees File Class Action Suit Accusing CNN Of Racism
  110. Oakland Warehouse Fire: "Our Artistry Is Now An Endangered Species"
  111. In the United Kingdom, many government agencies can now view entire Internet history
  112. What changes are needed in the Democratic Party?
  113. What makes some fall for fake news and others not? (AKA The Generalization Thread).
  114. Hampshire College: US Flag Is Not Flown In Order To Stimulate Dialog...
  115. Making a Buck off the Presidency - The Jill Stein Recount Edition
  116. Rosie O'Donnell Mocks Barron Trump Being Possibly Autistic
  117. Nancy Pelosi Desperately Warns Dispirited Supporters On Obamacare
  118. A Presslashing
  119. Feel like watching a terrifying video?
  120. Making a Buck off the Presidency - The One and Only Trump Graft and Corruption Thread
  121. Showdown at Standing Rock
  122. Attacks on Minorities in Trump's America
  123. India's Cash Crackdown
  124. Goodbye, American neoliberalism. A new era is here - Cornel West
  125. R.I.P. Gwen Ifill 1955-2016
  126. The Random Political Memes Thread
  127. 2020 Presidential Election
  128. What does "tolerance" mean to you?
  129. All things LGBTQ related thread
  130. Anyone lose friends over the election?
  131. Trumpocalypse Now - Day:0 ... Here we go... it was nice knowing you all...
  132. Ending the Electoral College
  133. 2016 Presidential Election Part 2: Armageddon Edition
  134. Venture a guess as to when Bill and Hillary Clinton last had sexual intercourse.
  135. 3rd Presidential debate Wednesday night
  136. White Riot - Is Our Long National Nightmare Just Beginning?
  137. Who will win the presidential election?
  138. The official Ken Bone Thread
  139. 2nd (and last?) Presidential debate Sunday night
  140. New! Improved! The 2020 Presidential Election Thread: It's Never Over! Edition
  141. My manicurist is a conservative Tea Party Republican fundamentalist Christian
  142. Religion + Politics: Does A Candidate's Faith Influence Their Policies?
  143. Vice-Presidential debate Tuesday night
  144. Was Jesus a Revolutionary or a Reactionary?
  145. The first Presidential debate Monday night
  146. President Obama email pseudonym?
  147. Cascade Mall Shooting: 5 Dead Burlington, Washington.
  148. How are you getting involved in the election process?
  149. What Does the Constitution Actually Mean by Religious Liberty?
  150. Explosion In New York City - 25+ Injured
  151. Phyllis Schlafly (conservative activist), 1924-2016
  152. Do you feel safer now wrt terrorism?
  153. Obama Admin Strikes Blow Against the Prison-Industrial Complex
  154. There's Debil Weed in the White House!
  155. Transgender teacher wins $60K settlement for co-workers’ improper gender pronouns
  156. Melania Trump: Feminist Hero (but nobody talks about it)
  157. In which American city would a real life "Purge" most possibly occur?
  158. The Republican Party: Dead or Just Pining for the Fjords?
  159. Who are you voting for in the presidential election?
  160. Official who oversees whistleblower complaints files one of his own
  161. John Hinckley Jr to be released
  162. Rep. Alan Grayson Accused of Two Decades of Domestic Abuse
  163. The DNC Convention Thread
  164. Would "one more year" make things better?
  165. Unarmed White Woman Killed by BLM Supporter
  166. Unarmed black man shot by police while laying on his back with his hands in the air.
  167. Republicans have waged a 3-decade war on government.
  168. Congressman Comes Out in Support of White Supremacy on National TV
  169. German Train Stabbing/Axing (Over 20 injured)
  170. The RNC Convention Thread (Speeches, Protests & John Kasich-free!)
  171. 3 officers dead in Baton Rouge
  172. Coup underway in Turkey. [Update: No Coup for You! ]
  173. The Islamic Terrorist Attack Thread
  174. Apparent terror attack in Nice, France
  175. Dallas Police Shootings
  176. Court Rules Christian Mingle must match LGBT couples
  177. Gretchen Carlson alleges sex harassment at Fox
  178. Will Hillary Clinton be indicted?
  179. Central Park Explosion: "Just ummm...an experiment...yeah that."
  180. Deadliest attack in a year kills 115 in central Baghdad
  181. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, dead at 87.
  182. If By Whiskey...
  183. 36 Dead &147 injured in suicide attacks at Istanbul Airport
  184. Michael Jackson Child Pornography - New Information Released
  185. Philly Passes The Sugar Tax...What City Will Be Next?
  186. YAMS: Sovereign Citizen Goes on Rampage While Preparing for End Times
  187. Brexit welcomes PM Theresa May!
  188. One and only Hillary email, sham charity, and various scandals thread
  189. California Gov Jerry Brown Signs Undocumented Immigrant Healthcare Bill
  190. Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting: 50 dead, 53 injured
  191. Christina Grimmie: Shot Dead
  192. 'Rays' sideline reporter axed after racist comments in Facebook chat
  193. Valedictorian tweets about undocumented status, is driven from Twitter
  194. UCLA Shooting
  195. Chomsky: GOP is Dangerous
  196. Melbourne University advertises female-only jobs in bid to remedy gender imbalance...
  197. Milwaukee frozen custard shop defends ‘English only’ policy
  198. Vehemently Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested On 70 Counts Of Child Porn
  199. The Aspiring Novelist Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru
  200. Fake hate crimes
  201. Obama puts gun toting Republican Harriet Tubman on $20 bill
  202. Whole Foods sues customer who falsely accused it of putting homophobic slur on cake
  203. Saudi Arabia: The War Against America
  204. The Citadel considers first-ever uniform exception: allowing a Muslim hijab
  205. Film Dialogue: 2000 screenplays broken down by Gender and Age
  206. A new ride-hailing service is trying to improve women’s safety — by banning men
  207. PayPal to North Carolina: No, thanks!
  208. Panama Papers
  209. Obama administration censors video of French president saying "Islamist terrorism"
  210. Shooting at U.S Capitol; Lockdown in D.C.
  211. North Carolina just passed a law which requires this person to use women’s bathroom
  212. Minnesota public schools encourage students to pray, but only if they're Muslim
  213. U.K. man arrested for making a tweet that some poeple say is offensive
  214. 43 Giant Presidential Heads on a field in Croaker, Virginia
  215. If you had two daughters, and could only give money to one of them...
  216. Christian Idea Exchange
  217. Explosion at Belgian airport
  218. Note to self: when visiting North Korea, don't steal stuff..
  219. An unarmed 17-year-old black teen named Trevon has been shot and killed in Florida
  220. More Americans okay with gay relationships & living together ... divorce, not so much
  221. Lesbian professor in Michigan admits she made up gaybashing story
  222. The Regressive Left
  223. Is It Time to Legalize Prostitution?
  224. Nancy Reagan has Passed at age 94
  225. Wyoming best, New York worst for retirement
  226. So 6 or 7 police cars pulled up in front of my house yesterday
  227. Wounded Warrior Project - Questionable Spending Practices Allegations
  228. O.J. Simpson Case - Murder Weaponj Found?
  229. Comcast says Stream TV not an internet service.
  230. Kansas Shooting Spree
  231. Toddler sentenced to life in prison for Murder (Not Florida)
  232. MSNBC only mentions TPP 2 times in 18 months
  233. It's not the economy, stupids!
  234. Twitter Cracks Down on Jerks. Conservatives Outraged
  235. South Florida Jewish Community Concerned Over Bizarre Encounters
  236. IS faces budget crunch, cutting perks and trimming salaries
  237. Government tells Apple to create a hack for the iPhone, Apple says no.
  238. Court stops Obama from keeping low income black children trapped in horrible schools
  239. Man Skipped Work For 6 Years And No One Noticed Until He Won An Award
  240. Feds approve first U.S. factory in Cuba
  241. Justice Scalia -- dead at 79
  242. Michigan Senate: Sweet Buttlove Could Get You 15 Years in the Can
  243. 10-Year Old Austrian Boy Raped By Iraqi Refugee Due To "Sexual Emergency"
  244. President Obama Signs 'Ceasefire' in War on Medical Marijuana
  245. 9-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot by 3-Year-Old Brother, Cops Say
  246. Passenger Catches Fire and Is Sucked From Plane at 14,000 Feet
  247. Obama’s mosque visit demonstrates tacit acceptance of a form of gender apartheid
  248. DC is voting on a bill that would pay people not to commit crimes
  249. Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, report says
  250. "Active Shooter" reported in San Diego Naval Medical Center

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