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  1. Was Jesus a Revolutionary or a Reactionary?
  2. The first Presidential debate Monday night
  3. President Obama email pseudonym?
  4. Cascade Mall Shooting: 5 Dead Burlington, Washington.
  5. How are you getting involved in the election process?
  6. What Does the Constitution Actually Mean by Religious Liberty?
  7. Explosion In New York City - 25+ Injured
  8. Phyllis Schlafly (conservative activist), 1924-2016
  9. Do you feel safer now wrt terrorism?
  10. Obama Admin Strikes Blow Against the Prison-Industrial Complex
  11. There's Debil Weed in the White House!
  12. Transgender teacher wins $60K settlement for co-workers’ improper gender pronouns
  13. Melania Trump: Feminist Hero (but nobody talks about it)
  14. In which American city would a real life "Purge" most possibly occur?
  15. The Republican Party: Dead or Just Pining for the Fjords?
  16. Who are you voting for in the presidential election?
  17. Official who oversees whistleblower complaints files one of his own
  18. John Hinckley Jr to be released
  19. Rep. Alan Grayson Accused of Two Decades of Domestic Abuse
  20. The DNC Convention Thread
  21. Would "one more year" make things better?
  22. Unarmed White Woman Killed by BLM Supporter
  23. Unarmed black man shot by police while laying on his back with his hands in the air.
  24. Republicans have waged a 3-decade war on government.
  25. Congressman Comes Out in Support of White Supremacy on National TV
  26. German Train Stabbing/Axing (Over 20 injured)
  27. The RNC Convention Thread (Speeches, Protests & John Kasich-free!)
  28. 3 officers dead in Baton Rouge
  29. Coup underway in Turkey. [Update: No Coup for You! ]
  30. The Islamic Terrorist Attack Thread
  31. Apparent terror attack in Nice, France
  32. Dallas Police Shootings
  33. Court Rules Christian Mingle must match LGBT couples
  34. Gretchen Carlson alleges sex harassment at Fox
  35. Will Hillary Clinton be indicted?
  36. Central Park Explosion: "Just ummm...an experiment...yeah that."
  37. Deadliest attack in a year kills 115 in central Baghdad
  38. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, dead at 87.
  39. If By Whiskey...
  40. 36 Dead &147 injured in suicide attacks at Istanbul Airport
  41. Michael Jackson Child Pornography - New Information Released
  42. Philly Passes The Sugar Tax...What City Will Be Next?
  43. YAMS: Sovereign Citizen Goes on Rampage While Preparing for End Times
  44. Brexit welcomes PM Theresa May!
  45. One and only Hillary email, sham charity, and various scandals thread
  46. California Gov Jerry Brown Signs Undocumented Immigrant Healthcare Bill
  47. Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting: 50 dead, 53 injured
  48. Christina Grimmie: Shot Dead
  49. 'Rays' sideline reporter axed after racist comments in Facebook chat
  50. Valedictorian tweets about undocumented status, is driven from Twitter
  51. UCLA Shooting
  52. Chomsky: GOP is Dangerous
  53. Melbourne University advertises female-only jobs in bid to remedy gender imbalance...
  54. Milwaukee frozen custard shop defends ‘English only’ policy
  55. Vehemently Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested On 70 Counts Of Child Porn
  56. The Aspiring Novelist Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru
  57. Fake hate crimes
  58. Obama puts gun toting Republican Harriet Tubman on $20 bill
  59. Whole Foods sues customer who falsely accused it of putting homophobic slur on cake
  60. Saudi Arabia: The War Against America
  61. The Citadel considers first-ever uniform exception: allowing a Muslim hijab
  62. Film Dialogue: 2000 screenplays broken down by Gender and Age
  63. A new ride-hailing service is trying to improve women’s safety — by banning men
  64. PayPal to North Carolina: No, thanks!
  65. Panama Papers
  66. Obama administration censors video of French president saying "Islamist terrorism"
  67. Shooting at U.S Capitol; Lockdown in D.C.
  68. North Carolina just passed a law which requires this person to use women’s bathroom
  69. Minnesota public schools encourage students to pray, but only if they're Muslim
  70. U.K. man arrested for making a tweet that some poeple say is offensive
  71. 43 Giant Presidential Heads on a field in Croaker, Virginia
  72. If you had two daughters, and could only give money to one of them...
  73. Christian Idea Exchange
  74. Explosion at Belgian airport
  75. Note to self: when visiting North Korea, don't steal stuff..
  76. An unarmed 17-year-old black teen named Trevon has been shot and killed in Florida
  77. More Americans okay with gay relationships & living together ... divorce, not so much
  78. Lesbian professor in Michigan admits she made up gaybashing story
  79. The Regressive Left
  80. Is It Time to Legalize Prostitution?
  81. Nancy Reagan has Passed at age 94
  82. Wyoming best, New York worst for retirement
  83. So 6 or 7 police cars pulled up in front of my house yesterday
  84. Wounded Warrior Project - Questionable Spending Practices Allegations
  85. O.J. Simpson Case - Murder Weaponj Found?
  86. Comcast says Stream TV not an internet service.
  87. Kansas Shooting Spree
  88. Toddler sentenced to life in prison for Murder (Not Florida)
  89. MSNBC only mentions TPP 2 times in 18 months
  90. It's not the economy, stupids!
  91. Twitter Cracks Down on Jerks. Conservatives Outraged
  92. South Florida Jewish Community Concerned Over Bizarre Encounters
  93. IS faces budget crunch, cutting perks and trimming salaries
  94. Government tells Apple to create a hack for the iPhone, Apple says no.
  95. Court stops Obama from keeping low income black children trapped in horrible schools
  96. Man Skipped Work For 6 Years And No One Noticed Until He Won An Award
  97. Feds approve first U.S. factory in Cuba
  98. Justice Scalia -- dead at 79
  99. Michigan Senate: Sweet Buttlove Could Get You 15 Years in the Can
  100. 10-Year Old Austrian Boy Raped By Iraqi Refugee Due To "Sexual Emergency"
  101. President Obama Signs 'Ceasefire' in War on Medical Marijuana
  102. 9-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot by 3-Year-Old Brother, Cops Say
  103. Passenger Catches Fire and Is Sucked From Plane at 14,000 Feet
  104. Obama’s mosque visit demonstrates tacit acceptance of a form of gender apartheid
  105. DC is voting on a bill that would pay people not to commit crimes
  106. Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, report says
  107. "Active Shooter" reported in San Diego Naval Medical Center
  108. If each of the presidential candidates was offered this deal ...
  109. Cuomo wants 12 weeks paid leave through payroll tax
  110. 2016 One and Only Abortion Thread
  111. Is America finally ready for socialism?
  112. Likely Democratic voters, which presidential candidate do you support?
  113. Gender-Equal Pay Questions
  114. U.S. Episcopal Church Suspended For 3 Years Over Same-Sex Marriage
  115. Ban on child marriage [and rape] declared un-Islamic.
  116. Anyone following the Flint MI water situation?
  117. 70 percent of domestic violence is committed by women against men
  118. Germany In Shock After "Monstrous" Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men "Of Arab Or North Afric
  119. The Radicalization of Luke Skywalker: A Jedi’s Path to Jihad
  120. Armed Militia Takes Over Federal Park Building in Oregon
  121. Obama Should Encourage Use of Blanks?
  122. Terrorist plot thwarted in Rochester
  123. 2016 Prognostications
  124. The McLaughlin Group Year-end Awards, 2015
  125. Cliche overload! An "aspiring rapper" and "good guy" was "turning his life around."
  126. The Story Behind the Photo of Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon.
  127. Passenger says Muslims protect Christians in Islamist attack on Kenyan bus
  128. If a presidential debate is held and nobody watches, does it really happen?
  129. All Los Angles Unified Schools closed today due to threat.
  130. Why are so many politicians corrupt?
  131. 2016 Vice-Presidential Thread
  132. The War on Zombie Christmas
  133. Fox News Alert! (A Fox News Thread)
  134. Study: >75% of high school heroin users started with prescription opioids
  135. Did you know that 17 people were shot at a New Orleans playground a week ago?
  136. Shooting in San Bernardino
  137. LA City Council Considers Sending ‘Dear John’ Letters To Homes Of Men Who Solicit
  138. ISIS or Al-Qaeda?
  139. Uh, gasp? 'Full Range of Collusion' Between Big Oil and TTIP Trade Reps
  140. Saudi poet sentenced to death for apostasy
  141. ISIS: A war of words
  142. Democrat Presidential Debate 11/14/2015?
  143. A thread to talk about immigration policy
  144. Gunmen Attack French Citizens (Paris)
  145. The War for Free Expression at College: The One & Only Megathread
  146. Race Issues at Univ of Missouri - Real or Imagined?
  147. Yale’s Halloween Advice Stokes a Racially Charged Debate
  148. Girl who identifies as a boy is on my daughter's soccer team
  149. Mormon church to excommunicate members who are in same-sex marriages
  150. Feds: Palatine district discriminated against transgender student by barring her from
  151. KKK Politicians!
  152. A new record!
  153. Benghazi! Hearings
  154. 13 year old hacks CIA director Brennan's AOL email
  155. S.F. middle school delays election results because winners not diverse enough
  156. Canadian Election 2015 discussion: better late than never, eh?
  157. Obama & His Admin Anti-Israel Stance
  158. Democrat Presidential Debate 10/13/2015
  159. Add the term "Yacht Club" to the P.C. list of offensive terms
  160. The Battle of Tours
  161. Doctors Without Borders Says It Is Leaving Kunduz After Strike on Hospital
  162. You say Gun control i say gun rights let's call the whole thing off discussion
  163. Shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon
  164. Stampede in Mecca kills at least 1,100 people
  165. Teen Boy Will Be Charged as Adult for Having Naked Pics of a Minor: Himself
  166. Speaker Boehner resigning at end of October
  167. Not everyone pleased with Pope's canonization of 18th-century missionary.
  168. Drug Company Raises Price 5000% -- For The Good of Humanity
  169. VW/Audi "Clean Diesel" Technology is Apparently Filth Diesel
  170. Muslim Teen brings clock to school.. gets arrested
  171. On this day...9/11..
  172. Heads Will Roll! (Religious)
  173. Cops Lives Matter in Texas
  174. Denali's not just a mountain in Alaska...
  175. Reporter and Photographer Shot During Live Broadcast
  176. Stock Market Crash 2015
  177. US Marines take out terrorist on French train
  178. Matisyahu, BDS and Rototom Reggae
  179. Former President Jimmy Carter reveals he has cancer that has spread
  180. The Nature of Evil (AKA Does Evil Exist? What Is It?)
  181. GOP Debate BINGO
  182. Sexy First Ladies
  183. BSA Lifts Ban On Gay Scout Leaders
  184. The one and only "people shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend" thread
  185. Mass shooting at Louisiana movie theater
  186. Half of world’s Muslims are inbred due to generations of incest
  187. Black Lives Matter Takes Over Liberal Meeting
  188. EEOC Adds LGBT Citizens to 1964 Civil Rights Act
  189. Shooting At TN Naval Recruiting Building
  190. Video: Planned Parenthood uses partial-birth abortions to sell baby parts
  191. Time to End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions?
  192. New York Post: "20 years of cleaning up NYC pissed away"
  193. Obama going to federal prison! =O
  194. Colleges charging $50k or more increased 2400% over last 3 years.
  195. FAA makes changes because too many white males were passing air traffic control class
  196. War On Christianity
  197. You don't need to know were your meat comes from!
  198. The Official Bristol Palin is Knocked Up Again Thread
  199. Since 9/11, more Americans killed by non-Muslim extremists than by Muslim extremists
  200. Forgiveness for a murder
  201. Where is the NY Prison Escape Thread?
  202. SJW, MRA, Puppies and other assorted stuff
  203. Chemical agents tested on minority soldiers in secret experiments during WWII
  204. Should the U.S. bring back the duel?
  205. One and only legal cannabis thread
  206. If people would actually listen to you, could you fix the world? Your top 3.
  207. The One and Only Civil Seizure thread
  208. Shooting at Charleston SC Church
  209. Rachel Dolezal sued University for discriminating against her because she’s white!
  210. China's Spies Can Blackmail 21.5M Americans
  211. Montana GOP Gov Candidate : 600 year old Noah Didn't Retire, why should you?
  212. Obama continues to ignore history - Secret Service operating without eunuchs
  213. U.S. tech companies expected to lose more than $35 billion due to NSA spying
  214. Abortion and Child Support: Choices
  215. Kansas Gov. Brownback pulls an FDR (tries to stack courts)
  216. Innocent black teen who spent 3 years in jail without trial commits suicide
  217. Federal judge says it's "racist" to test teachers on their reading and math skills
  218. Obama says there is "nothing secret" about his secret trade deal
  219. "Bake it So!" Bigot Patrick Stewart Defends Anti-Gay Bakery
  220. Pastor Creflo Dollar gets parishioners to give $65 million to pay for his private jet
  221. Twitter covers for US politicians
  222. Why not nuke ISIS?
  223. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted
  224. Arizona cartoon contest outside mosque: ISIS threatens
  225. Ireland Becomes First Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Popular Vote
  226. Nebraska Legislature votes to abolish death penalty
  227. Duke Professor: Racist Or Accurate?
  228. American declares a kingdom in northeast Africa
  229. Train derails in Philadelphia
  230. The US Has Five Million Fewer Christians than When Obama Took Office
  231. Do our votes really count?
  232. Conspiracy theories over military exercise run amok in Texas
  233. Obama's war on people in Disney costumes selling cheap heroin
  234. Eternal Boner
  235. Israel's Jewish Ethiopian Minority Rallies Against Racism
  236. Woman to become NY firefighter despite failing crucial fitness test
  237. Muhammad Cartoons Get People Shot
  238. Obama Says He Might Go Back to Community Organizing
  239. George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill
  240. SCOTUS warned of civil disobedience over same-sex marriage
  241. Baltimore Riots
  242. Pew study: More Americans Want Religion in Politics
  243. Bruce Jenner says, ‘Of course I’m a Republican’
  244. Former Lesbian Speaks at National Press Club Conference 4/24/2015
  245. Former Lesbian Speaks at National Press Club Conference 4/24/2015
  246. Valdosta State Classes Canceled Over Flag Protests
  247. Johns Hopkins SGA ban hypothetical Chik-Fil-A
  248. Bobby Jindal: I’m Holding Firm Against Gay Marriage
  249. Idaho rejects a multinational child support treaty
  250. Ben Affleck is related to a slave owner--for shame!

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