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  1. Does anybody here voluntarily pay more taxes?
  2. Can Anyone Be President Other Than A Woman?
  3. Obama's "civilian national security force"
  4. Britt Hume Retiring - Glenn Beck moving to Fox News
  5. Reid Looking to Remove Lieberman as Committee Head
  6. Professors’ Liberalism Contagious? Maybe Not
  7. Election results thread #2
  8. Schwarzenegger proposes to temp raise CA sales tax 1.5%
  9. The Media's Role in the Age of Obama
  10. Gas Prices
  11. Rest of the World is Joyous with the Obama win
  12. That Was Quick...Obama To Name Clinton's NAFTA Man As Gatekeeper
  13. Why Is a Progressive Tax System More "Fair" Than a Flat Tax
  14. So, pretend the economic fallout doesn't happen....
  15. so, anyone make/lose any money on the election?
  16. I did not vote for Obama, but I accept him as the next president
  17. Ralph Nader's "Uncle Tom" remark
  18. Oh that wacky Soulja Boy...Gives Shout out to the Slave Masters!
  19. Extra precautions for President Obama?
  20. Will You Miss The Election Cycle?
  21. Why won't they call NC & MO?
  22. World War II - looking for a "simple" answer..
  23. President Elect Obama & the Issues
  24. Wow the GOP is bitter...
  25. Will Smith as Obama, Tom Hanks as Biden...
  26. So was Fox News that biased election night?
  27. Obama [read the rules... no profanity allowed in titles] won!
  28. The One and Only Obama Administration Thread
  29. What now for the Grand Old Party?
  30. What campaign Rep makes you vomit?
  31. "I Voted" - where is my free stuff?
  32. Election Coverage on DirecTv
  33. Did You Vote Thread!
  34. Make Your Final Predictions on the Presidential Race
  35. The 2008 election SCANDAL thread.
  36. The one and only (or one of many) election results thread
  37. Election Day!
  38. Hypothetical: If Obama loses the election...
  39. How are you watching the returns?
  40. Early voting ...have we done this before?
  41. Obama's grandmother has passed away.
  42. Wednesday is going to be the best day ever!
  43. Make Your Election Predictions Here
  44. Has there ever been this high a percentage of undecided this close to an election b4?
  45. So, any Dem/Rep consider not voting or voting a 3rd party?
  46. Please give us a break!
  47. Who would you vote for president, Biden or Palin?
  48. If elected, Obama will CANCEL CHRISTMAS! OH NOS!!1!
  49. How much control of the economy rests in the hands of the man in the oval office?
  50. the next cabinet? (merged with hawkish cabinet)
  51. Why is same sex marriage so bad?
  52. The "US Killing People in Unauthorized Countries" thread
  53. James Dobson's "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America"
  54. Obama infomercial had higher ratings than the World Series
  55. Do you think 4 years from now people will think differently of Bush?
  56. Do you always vote for the person you want to win?
  57. Australian Government to Enact Internet Censorship?
  58. WheN will the next terrorist attack on US soil be?
  59. [Fictional] Lorne Michaels Says Obama "Mulatto" & Sex With Grandma Skit Went Too Far
  60. Obama's 30 Minutes of "Wowsa." - The Prequel Speculation
  61. A "What if" Thread: It's March 20, 2011... and nothing is different.
  62. Should your gaga old grannie be allowed to vote?
  63. Words & phrases you are sick of hearing - Election 2008 edition
  64. Obama turns heel???
  65. Obama assassination plot thwarted
  66. The B-Girl in 2004
  67. First political posting: Illinois constitutional convention??
  68. John McCain gets Rick Roll'd by Obama
  69. Are you voting?
  70. Sean Hannity Encouraged KKK Racists to vote!
  71. GOP consultant fired for sending inflammitory e-mail
  72. McCain has done zilch for vets: Read this interesting article
  73. McCain/Palin a sinking ship? Who will they point blame at?
  74. The Super Ultimate Sarah Palin thread pt V [Fair and balanced Poll version]
  75. Independents: Who are you voting for?
  76. What to watch on election night: the Chronology
  77. Our voting system sucks (Please let this election be undisputed!)
  78. drugs and abortion
  79. Palin 2012?
  80. Political Newb Question
  81. Oil powerhouse Venezuela struggles to keep lights on (since electric nationalization)
  82. Do you have to deal with the political wacko at work?
  83. What are the candidates hiding?
  84. Senate and House races - discuss them here...
  85. Chicago Politics?
  86. US vs Canada (state income tax vs federal income tax)
  87. Obama policy question.
  88. What will happen if the Dems hit 60?
  89. McCain reminds Biden he's been tested in crisis [plus bonus grammar discussion]
  90. Do you live in the "real America"?
  91. Let's talk Socialism...
  92. Do you see a day when elections do not end peacfully?
  93. Factory closure in China a sign of deeper pain (sweatshop workers lose their jobs)
  94. Will Obama Be A One-Term President?
  95. Businesses putting up candidate signs - do you care?
  96. So, apparently it costs $15 million to make copies of e-mails
  97. Who says solar doesn't work?
  98. So, at what point will the national debt become a major problem?
  99. Political .gif thread!!
  100. The Presidential Endorsement Thread (merged in Ron Howard thread)
  101. Facts about Joe the plumber
  102. Do you believe Obama will not raise income taxes on those making up to $250,000?
  103. Caption This - From The End of The 3rd Debate
  104. Simple 3-Question Political Survey
  105. Do you think Joe the plumber's taxes should be increased?
  106. Would Ron Paul have been more successful if not for the War
  107. The Third and Final 2008 Presidential Debate Thread
  108. Michigan's Proposition 2 - Proposal to end ban on Stem Cell Research
  109. Dutch serial rapists/murderers face maximum jail time of 18 months per victim.
  110. Liberals voting for McCain
  111. Presidential influence on the Economy (split from issues thread)
  112. Conservatives voting for Obama
  113. The (Inevitable?) Iceland Implosion Thread — An economic sidebar
  114. Something I just don't get about Obama/democrats....
  115. Edmond, OK Funds Third Attempt for Public Religious Art
  116. Charter (public school) Success in L.A. (is opposed by the teachers unions)
  117. Bailout Bill Unconstitutional?
  118. I have questions on the Obama citizenship "issue."
  119. One & Only Illegal Immigration Thread: Part VII
  120. This Election is Over!!! (for me) Yeah, I Just Voted!
  121. What was the first "gate" scandal after Watergate?
  122. I cannot watch political shows anymore!
  123. Globalization - Shift Happens Video
  124. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 and banks hits home with kvrdave
  125. How heavily does Obama's faith weigh on his supporters?
  126. Connecticut Supreme Court rules on marriage equality
  127. The economy theme park thread... featuring the stock market rollercoaster
  128. Is there a non-partisan voting reform effort out there?
  129. If I Had It To Do All Over Again - I Believe I Would Be A Politician!
  130. Video On The Hunt For Osama Bin Laden - "Kill Bin Laden"
  131. Is this the source of the latest financial crisis?
  132. Obama vs. McCain - Town Hall Poll Edition
  133. Is the word Neo Con/Neo Conservative a mainstream term?
  134. The Second Presidential Debate thread (Town Hall style)
  135. McCain's questionable supporters
  136. Barney Frank's role in the financial crisis
  137. Obama's questionable ties...
  138. How accurate have political polls been in the past?
  139. Whats the 'correct' way to view modern politicians?
  140. A question about demographics
  141. McCain to Attack Obama's Ties to Former Radical
  142. 3 Biggest Threats to the Country When Conservatives Are in Power - 3 Biggest Threats
  143. Rich & Poor Have Same Economic Views
  144. Biden, Obama and the Dems want to forgive loan prinicipal to deadbeats
  145. Who won the VP debate: Biden or Palin?
  146. www.palinbingo.com
  147. Speak correctly, or build a big bunker - Kathleen Parker
  148. "Dont Vote" aka celebatards strike again
  149. Report fears potential 'partisan manipulation' in voter purges
  150. VP Debate Thread (take 2)
  151. Bill Maher from last night's (9/30/08) Daily Show
  152. Election Poll
  153. America's Favorite Hockey Mom (Palin Part Four)
  154. The economy and the bailout blah blah blah, part VI
  155. A Shattering Moment in America's Fall From Power
  156. Which state is more 'Liberal'?
  157. McCain doesn't have a shot in hell
  158. Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1 -- Troops given "homeland" mission
  159. Somalia pirates hijack ship with 33 Russian T-72 tanks. (now more hijackings)
  160. Palin Thread part 3.5 (Was VP debate thread)
  161. Who do you think won the Sep 26 debate?
  162. The economy part 5, now with new improved bailout!
  163. The 2008 U.S. Presidential election "debate" thread
  164. How Close Were US Presidential Elections?
  165. Possible Evidence To Indict Gov. Blagojevich
  166. City school policy sets 50% as minimum score. 1+1=3? In city schools, it's half right
  167. Hauser's Law: Federal tax revenue is always 19.5% of GDP, regardless of tax rates.
  168. Figure in Rosenberg Case Admits to Soviet Spying
  169. Moldy Mattress Nets Inmate (murderer) $295k ("he did not suffer any physical harm")
  170. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and France cut taxes for the rich.
  171. Move to keep Obama and McCain of ballot
  172. Joe Biden say's...
  173. The Economy, Hell, and the Handbasket, Part IV
  174. "October Surprises" 2004 and earlier
  175. The New And Improved Sarah Palin Thread! (part 3)
  176. CNN's Cafferty: Racism to blame for close polls in the campaign
  177. Happy Constitution Day!
  178. So, are we at war with Pakistan?
  179. Is Obama the Messiah? (The One and Only)
  180. New Study: Conservatives Are Anti-Rational
  181. California Budget approved, but veto is threatened
  182. New Evidence on Taxes and Income
  183. What would it take for you to vote across the aisle?
  184. Obama waffles
  185. Do you favor or oppose Obama's plan to raise taxes on small businesses?
  186. After the election, who will win the civil war?
  187. Dems worried about losing control of Congress
  188. Federal government rewards school districts for having high truancy rates.
  189. What questions should Gibson ask Palin?
  190. Government officials in bed with oil industry
  191. The Joe Biden VP nominee thread ("international crisis" merged)
  192. So how long til Al Qaeda campaigns for Obama?
  193. World still isn't sure radical Islamo-Fascists were behind 9/11
  194. One and only Polling/Electoral Vote Projection Thread
  195. Rev. Jeremiah Wright has an affair, and other fun tidbits
  196. What is the problem with chairmen of the House Ways and Means Committee?
  197. North Korean Leader Is Very Ill, American Official Says [Update: Dead]
  198. Enron the 2008 version
  199. Olbermann or O'Reilly (now with Glenn Beck content)
  200. Ron Paul to Make Major Announcement Next Week
  201. The Ultimate Sarah Palin Thread pt II
  202. Once again. Should the electoral college be eliminated.
  203. Between Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin, who would you want as President?
  204. Republican National Convention, 2008 ptII
  205. 2008 election "non-issue" thread (aka pt 25)
  206. 2008 election "issues" thread (aka pt 24)
  207. Obama on THE FACTOR! (9-4-08)
  208. Republican National Convention, 2008
  209. The Ultimate Palin Thread (The One and Only)
  210. Chicago public school officials claim that $11,300 per student per year is not enough
  211. The One and Only Can we stop the One and Only threads, (politics), already?
  212. A Salute To The Citizens Of Mexico
  213. Republican National Convention, 2008 - Hijacked
  214. Republican National Convention, 2008
  215. Who will be the next VP of the US, Biden or Palin? part III
  216. The 23rd version of the selection of the 44th President thread
  217. Who will be the next VP of the US? "Veepstakes" part II
  218. Live abroad - best way to watch DNC speeches?
  219. Left Wing Loons or Right Wing Loons
  220. Obama Assassination Attempt Stopped
  221. Democratic National Convention, 2008
  222. So, do you know how many houses you own?
  223. The runaway cost of college education.
  224. AOL Presidental Straw poll
  225. Seperated At Birth?
  226. 100 College Presidents seek to get drinking age limit lowered from 21 to 18
  227. Pakistan: Musharraf may be resigning....
  228. Oregon's government health care plan offers patient $50 to commit suicide.
  229. Texas school district to let teachers carry guns!
  230. Will China Become the No. 1 Superpower?
  231. Family sues school because school did NOT enforce dress code..
  232. have you ever voted for someone solely based on their party?
  233. Does anyone think this House Republican "protest" session will actually do anything?
  234. America the Uncompetitive (U.S. has world's second highest corporate tax rate)
  235. Where does your city rank in personal freedom?
  236. Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes
  237. The Constitution Does Not Matter in Arkansas
  238. 2008 Presidential election version 22.0, now with infanticide!
  239. Former SSR Georgia 'under attack' [update - Russia behind Kyrgyzstan base close?]
  240. I just figured out who I am going to vote for:
  241. The Latest Greatest Capital Punishment Defense: Too Fat!!!
  242. Mexican-born rape-murderer to be executed against wishes of World Court
  243. Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn 1918-2008
  244. Another possible stimulus check ?
  245. Anthrax 'suspect' is found dead
  246. Crazies in the voters pamphlet
  247. Why hasn't John Edwards sued National Enquirer over story on his out of wedlock baby?
  248. Anyone hear Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern? 07/29/08
  249. Earthquake in CA
  250. Ted Stevens to be guilty of 7 counts [4/1/09 - Justice Dept. wants to drop charges]

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