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  1. Anti-Terrorism Raids in NYC 9/13.
  2. The government takeover of the student loan market
  3. Kid-friendly article or webpage on women's right in Egypt and the Middle East?
  4. 9/12 March On Washington
  5. Interesting read on the reality of recession.
  6. The ACORN thread (Update: ACORN disbanding - post 453)
  7. Wilson calls Obama a liar
  8. Health care pt 4
  9. A strange question about presidents and VP
  10. Someone school me on Libertarian thought
  11. Hold On To Your Assets: Alvarez v. Smith
  12. Feds to Let Citizens Log In With Yahoo, Google, Paypal Accounts
  13. "How liberals are hurting Barack Obama"
  14. Republicans don't want Obama talking to children?
  15. U.S. Lifts Almost All Curbs on Family Visits to Cuba
  16. Communist "Truther" is current Obama environmental advisor
  17. Lies for Clunkers??
  18. NYC spends $277,000 and 3 years to develop ad that tells you soda is bad
  19. Historic elections in Japan
  20. Ohio Christian runs away from Muslim family
  21. If you disagree with Obama - you are racist.
  22. Law Passed to Protect Children from Mattel -- Mattel Exempted
  23. Check out the new World Report on HDNET
  24. when is a country not a nation, or a state?
  25. Where are you on the political compass?
  26. MA special election (Was: RIP Ted Kennedy..)
  27. Oops! It seems very likely that a person who was executed in Texas is innocent.
  28. Since Obama Is Not Doing Anything, Court Orders Fed To List Emergency Borrowers
  29. Arkansas gets rid of pay day lenders
  30. The latest from Rush Limbaugh
  31. Politics and World Events (Reverse) Sheep 7 — Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
  32. This 2 minute video is the best description of Obama's administration I've ever heard
  33. Cuban media publishes another bogus photograph of Fidel Castro, who died 3 years ago.
  34. More insane than average guy runs for office
  35. Flickr/Yahoo censors political image cricital of Obama -> budget/deficit discussion
  36. Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession
  37. Afghanistan elections
  38. Impeach Obama
  39. Scotland Lets Lockerbie Bomber Return to Libya
  40. CIA hired Blackwater to try to hit al-Qaida
  41. Please help me analyze my friend's political views
  42. UK government gives Viagra instead of jail time to convicted pedophile
  43. Robert Novak dead at 78
  44. Huckabee says 2 states in Holy Land 'unrealistic'
  45. A "jobless recovery"
  46. The best description of our tax system (using beer)
  47. Politics Sheep 06: Carbon Blob Sheep
  48. Why don't we eliminate the deficit? Are there really limits on taxation?
  49. Health care part 3
  50. The Sheila... uh-uh, just one minute— The Sheila Jac— just one second...
  51. Glenn Beck is an idiot
  52. "President Obama's daughters get healthy school lunches Why don't I?"
  53. "Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies"
  54. The new colonialism
  55. Sex laws Unjust and ineffective
  56. Help with material on the Shoah, particularly the aftermath
  57. The John Hughes Plan to Save the Republican Party
  58. Town rejects hideous statue-- isn't supporting the troops!
  59. War on Terrorism is over... did we win?
  60. Evidence of Nerd Bias in the mainstream media
  61. Washington Post cancels "Mouthpiece Theater" because it made fun of Hillary Clinton.
  62. One Reason School Taxes Are High
  63. My city just voted for an increase in income taxes
  64. top 1% pays more in taxes than bottom 95%
  65. In Memoriam: Corazon Aquino (1933-2009)
  66. "say on pay" anyone heard of this?
  67. Poli Sheep 105: Fair & Balanced Vanity Edition, w/ SheepMates and Land Mines
  68. Are you happy with Obama?
  69. Imagine you locked your keys in the car ...
  70. And the most trusted newscaster in American is...
  71. Federal corruption investigation - 30+ arrests in NY/NJ
  72. Obama, Gates, cops and racism [split from health care thread]
  73. Florida Town Manager is fired over marriage to Porn Star
  74. Obama administration defends Bush wiretapping
  75. FP's "Jay-Z vs the Game: Lessons for the American Primacy Debate" article
  76. Afterbirther Movement (long form released)
  77. The Re-Elect President Sarah Palin 2016 Thread
  78. Health care reform discussion continues...
  79. Organizing for America
  80. Politics Sheep: 4th Term
  81. Marion Barry Arrested (Again)
  82. Robert McNamara, defense chief during Vietnam War, dies
  83. Why don't elected officials have to take a Wonderlic test?
  84. Will there be another Revolutionary War?
  85. Tax Question Involving Refunds Due
  86. Sarah Palin resigns as governor
  87. The Brevity Act: Time for a 28th Amendment
  88. I've said it before and I'll say it again....this ain't no recession!
  89. Coup in Honduras
  90. Why appose the new AES (new energy overhaul) Bill?
  91. Which political party will respond more heavily to Michael Jackson's death?
  92. Conn. church creates stir with gay exorcism video
  93. The One & Only Global Warming Thread, Part 7 (including environmentalism and energy)
  94. Question about Super Inflation
  95. Terry Nichols (OKC Fed. Bldg.) Wants A Lawyer
  96. Do you know where your Governor is? [Update: Having an affair]
  97. Hugo Chavez's redistribution of farmland is a failure.
  98. Have you contacted your senators?
  99. It's OK to kill endangered animals, as long as the killers are unionized.
  100. Cash for Clunkers - why does congress hate me ?
  101. Anyone see Sen. Boxer and the Brig. General?
  102. Supreme Court Says No Right to Post-Conviction DNA Testing
  103. Senators challenge AT&T exclusive iPhone deal
  104. African-Americans, we (the people) are (if approved) officially sorry
  105. Hillary Clinton broke her elbow today, and other news
  106. John Edwards = Utter Scum (Update: Elizabeth Edwards has died)
  107. Japanese men caught smuggling $135B of US bonds
  108. Another GOP sex scandal
  109. Obama Declares War; Conducts Preemptive Strike
  110. The firing of Inspector General Walpin....anyone hear of this?
  111. Conservatives Are Single-Largest Ideological Group
  112. The Iranian Election (2009 edition)
  113. Trying To Make Pocket Knives Illegal - Knife Ban Attempt in US
  114. Obama English as a Romance Language
  115. Letterman Blasts Palin and Her 14-yo Daughter
  116. The One and Only "Gay People are Angry at Obama" Thread
  117. The One and Only Gay People are Angry at Obama" Thread
  118. Caption this
  119. Breaking news: Poland to blame for World War 2!
  120. Nationwide, public defender offices are in crisis
  121. European Parliamentary elections, 2009
  122. Politics & World Events (Reverse) Sheep, Round 3 — Hypersheep
  123. Obama Urges Quick Action on Insurance
  124. "Inside the Obama White House: Brian Williams Reports" ...anyone see this on NBC?
  125. The abortionist-killing, Olbermann & O'Reilly-hatin' thread
  126. Public school for low income minorities goes from horrible to excellent by firing bad
  127. $546,688 - Your share of the National Debt
  128. Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit
  129. D.C. councilmember proposes ban on sales of single slices of pizza.
  130. NH's ($600,000 3000-square-foot) celebrated solar house celebrated
  131. Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape'
  132. Politics & World Events (Reverse) Sheep, Round 2 — Electric Obama-Loo
  133. North Korea Conducts Powerful Underground Nuclear Test
  134. Powell to Republicans: Listen to Moderates, Too
  135. Troy's ($900,000 800-square-foot) celebrated solar house left in dark
  136. Florida Democrat introduces Paid Vacation Act
  137. Adult Film Actress for US Senate 2010
  138. What causes the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?
  139. What was the new Credit Card Legislation?
  140. Politics & World Events Sheep, Round 1 — A Forum Game
  141. Ventura: If waterboarding is fine, why don't cops do it?
  142. Sri Lankan Civil War Over?
  143. Caption This Photo
  144. US Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the Job
  145. FDA tells General Mills to stop making TRUE claims about Cheerios!
  146. Sweden Rules Gender-based Abortion Legal
  147. If you're dead and you got a stimulus check, the government wants you to return it.
  148. Soda Tax Weighed to Pay for Health Care
  149. Question about religion and politics...
  150. Obama Pokes Fun At Himself, Dems, & GOP
  151. 10th Amendment Validations Continue
  152. Ginsburg: Court needs another woman
  153. Michael Savage among 22 banned by Britain
  154. Anger at plans for (3,600 MW) nuclear power station to replace (3.5 MW) wind farm
  155. Jack Kemp, former quarterback and VP nominee, dies
  156. So, are you a terrorist?
  157. Justice Souter to Retire in June [Update - Sotomayor confirmation process]
  158. Sen. Arlen Specter to become Democrat
  159. Low flying plane creates panic in New York [Merged]
  160. Washinton state votes to bail out newspapers
  161. Obama's Report Card - The First 100 Days
  162. Contra Costa County announces it will stop prosecuting many crimes due to budget cuts
  163. SCOTUS hears case on affirmative action
  164. 17 year olds no longer need a prescription for the morning after pill.
  165. Obama & Energy on Earth Day
  166. Cheney Calls the President of the United States "WEAK"
  167. School officials consider expelling student for taking birth control pill at school.
  168. Spies, wiretaps, Alberto Gonzales, Jane Harman, and quid pro quo
  169. Law abiding gun owner shoots and kills 5 armed robbers who shot at him first.
  170. Bush era DOJ torture memos released
  171. Obama wants to bring trains back...
  172. Obama Wants the Government to Do Your Taxes
  173. Biden's Taxes
  174. So how's that getting the rest of the world to love us thing going?
  175. You may be a terrorist if...
  176. Obama Talks, the Market Drops
  177. Bo on B.O. - FDOTUS Speaks Out
  178. Johann Hari's The Dark Side of Dubai — The best piece of writing I've read recently
  179. The Recession may be over (post #326)- part X
  180. American crew overpowers Somali pirates!
  181. Kal Penn leaving acting to join Obama administration
  182. Tea party April 15
  183. Stores pull Chia Obama after complaints.
  184. Iowa Supreme Court Rules for Marriage Equality
  185. Economic inequality.
  186. NY-20 Special Election
  187. Obama's Euro Tour
  188. Do American automakers deserve a bailout? ptII
  189. 'Friend' of Biden's Daughter Shopping Tape of Her Allegedly Doing Cocaine
  190. Smuggling Dishwasher Soap Across State Lines??
  191. Obama lays an egg while parents get rolled on Easter
  192. U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms
  193. Interesting comment by Willie Brown about TV's attempted influence on an election
  194. New York state orders private practice doctor to triple his co-payments.
  195. This article about hungry children says absolutely nothing about their fathers.
  196. How upset are you really about the AIG thing?
  197. Experts blame increasing teen pregnancy rate on George W. Bush.
  198. Did Michael Jordan ever publicly support Obama?
  199. Philadelphia Examiner "Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG"
  200. Obama to Wounded Vets: Pay for your own health care.
  201. Save the Papers! -- The Continuing Disaster of Nancy Pelosi's Speakership
  202. Obama wants to raise taxes on small business so he can lend the money back to them.
  203. Cheney Says Obama's Policies 'Raise the Risk' of U. S. Terror Attack, etal.
  204. Cold War II? -- Interfax: Cuba, Venezuela may host Russian bombers
  205. Dutch police arrest 7 suspected of planning attack
  206. US corporations respond to Obama's tax increases by relocating to low-tax Switzerland
  207. 6 months, 40 member task force, 5 subcommittees, and $50,000 for consultants
  208. Cubans applaud new U.S. family travel rules
  209. The Economist: How to Stop the Drug Wars
  210. The Official Obama lifts limits on Federal funding of stem cell research thread!
  211. Conservative Am Spectator praises liberal Alec Baldwin for defending voodoo economics
  212. Obama: US should reach out to Taliban "moderates"
  213. Jonathan Krohn: 14 year old Conservative Pundit
  214. Rush versus the Democrats: the sequel!
  215. So what happens if (or likely WHEN) the US can't make it's minimum debt payments?
  216. Obama's Safety Net: The TelePrompter
  217. So, what would happen if FDIC went broke?
  218. The Obama Foreign Policy thread, w/Blockbuster Gift content inside!
  219. Epic Political Cartoon
  220. Time magazine: "Obama's Middle Class Task Force Has No Middle Class."
  221. The Economy (Recession) sucks - part IX
  222. "Up or down vote!? We never said anything about an up or down vote!"
  223. Chavez Seizes Venezuelan Rice (processing) Plants
  224. State Freedom Rankings
  225. President Nixon critiques All In the Family
  226. IL-5 Special Election
  227. What are Obama's plans for education?
  228. Study finds conservatives biggest porn consumers
  229. U.S. to yield marijuana jurisdiction to states
  230. TSA Wacky Fun Time: Mule Drivers Need Background Checks
  231. Obama's Budget
  232. Supreme Court lets city refuse religious monument but keep others
  233. Iran Tests Nuclear Plant (Another facility found)
  234. Public schools punish students by giving them the same lunch my mom packed for me...
  235. Please someone tell me they're watching Jindal on NBC
  236. Let's Play O-BINGO! Obama to bring back Hope® in speech tonight! (banana dance)
  237. Let's Not Forget - The Government Must Be Kept Running
  238. Illegal Immigration - What has changed?
  239. RIP to my favorite Clinton
  240. Ruskies Sink Chinese Ship
  241. America's Religious Gap
  242. Obama does Canada
  243. Chimp Uproar
  244. Pelosi meets Pope
  245. Afghanistan: The War Continues Under Obama
  246. What would of happened if Richard Nixon did not resign?
  247. Oregon considering raising beer tax 1,900%
  248. Massachusetts considers charging you by the mile for driving.
  249. Obama's Mortgage Assistance Program
  250. Joe Biden presents: stupid political soundbites