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  1. Justice Scalia discusses the changing court in rare interview
  2. Katrina and Socialist Central Planning
  3. People who say that public education is "underfunded" never tell you the numbers.
  4. Is this caring and touchy-feely enough for everyone?
  5. Unicef bombs Smurf village in Belgian commercial.
  6. Iraq-Corpse Web site operator held for obscenity
  7. Supply and Demand - New Orleans Burger King offers $6,000 signing bonus.
  8. British office bans Winnie The Pooh after Muslim crazies complain.
  9. Earth's unstoppable 1500 year climate cycle...
  10. Ex-FBI Chief Puts Clinton Critique in Print
  11. Hell has frozen over - Coulter Turns Against Bush
  12. Woman kicked off flight over offensive T-shirt
  13. Birth mom wins egg donor ruling
  14. Bush on a "Mission from God"
  15. Need a job? Al Qaeda is hiring
  16. US & allies have disrupted 10 Al Qaeda plots since 9/11/01
  17. Minuteman project shifts to northern border
  18. Senate OKs Terror Suspect Treatment Limits
  19. Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight
  20. Why did the chicken cross the road.
  21. White guy asks to be a part of black caucus...
  22. High Court to Hear Assisted-Suicide Case
  23. If They Were Alive Today - What Political Party Would They Belong To Game?
  24. Who will replace Alan Greenspan?
  25. What do you do when you have 10% unemployment?
  26. FEMA suspends Phoenix Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue Team....
  27. What if Joe Kennedy Jr had lived?
  28. So when did Iraq become such a beloved country??
  29. 20% of Seniors Flunk High School Graduation Exam (in CA)
  30. CNN: Bush "reluctantly" accepts SC nominee Miers's request to withdraw nomination
  31. Giuliani to Mull 2008 Decision Next Year
  32. In the past 50 years, illegitimacy has increased from 4% to 35%.
  33. No thread on the Bali bombing 10/1?
  34. See if you can balance the budget and erase the deficit!
  35. Judge Orders 17-Year-Old Girl Not To Have Sex
  36. Teen who hit pregnant girlfriend with bat sentenced to work at pregnancy center
  37. The Republicans' Contract With America
  38. People Are Mad As Hell And They're Not Going To Take It Anymore!
  39. Miller agrees to testify -- Libby was the source
  40. US Army wants you
  41. An Islamic guide on how to beat your wife
  42. The Republican Party Is Corrupt........
  43. Bill Bennett sticks foot in his mouth for remark about blacks, abortion, and crime
  44. Louisiana shows how the working poor behave differently than the welfare poor.
  45. Pentagon Gives Osprey Production Go-Ahead
  46. Clinic offers free abortions in wake of Katrina
  47. Sen. Affleck?
  48. L.A. Efficiency Chosen As Site Of 2000 Libertarian Convention
  49. Cannot stand politics
  50. Political Parties, not good for anything?
  51. Bush: "Dem Terrorist Attacks Err Gonna Increase...MmmmmHmmmm"
  52. No Child Left Behind - Section 9528
  53. Delay indicted for criminal conspiracy -- Delay resigns
  54. Inside the Bubble(Kerry campaign film) preview.
  55. Cali Prop 75 - Union dues for political purposes
  56. Erin [Errin'] Brockovich Gets Harvard Award
  57. San Francisco Anti-War Rally 9/24/2005....
  58. FEMA Will Use Taxpayer Money To Reimburse Religious Organizations & Churches
  59. Pelosi, Waxman Introduce Anti-Cronyism Bill
  60. Environmentalists like minefields
  61. The Scopes 2: "intelligent design" trial makes me feel like crawling under a rug
  62. Dvorak: De-Centralize the US government
  63. New Factcheck.org article: "Bush lied"
  64. People complaining about FEMA's response to Rita now
  65. State of California Discusses Regulating Cow Emissions!
  66. Pentagon: Top Zarqawi Aide Killed
  67. Detroit #1 in Justifiable Homicides
  68. Caption This: Kim Jong-Il Edition
  69. Senator Frist under investigation
  70. A Question About Patriotism....
  71. Jimmy Carter: Gore beat Bush in 2000....
  72. S African white farm to be seized
  73. RED CROSS: We Need More Money
  74. Rove Is Paving Way for Guest Worker Program
  75. Democrat staffers stole Lt. Gov. Steele's credit history
  76. Deborah Orin: Al Gore May Challenge Hillary Clinton in '08
  77. Vatican to bar homosexual priests: NYT
  78. Israel vs. Palestine....who you got?
  79. Liberals Furious Over New Children's Book
  80. THIS DUDE RULES!!!! General Honore: "You are stuck on stupid!"
  81. Pentagon collecting personal information for recruitment purposes
  82. China honors Clinton
  83. Recruits sought for porn squad
  84. This is funny! When a live TV interview doesn't go as planned.
  85. **NEWSFLASH** Bush blew up levee....Jews knew of 9/11 attacks beforehand.....
  86. One and only Cindy Sheehan thread
  87. Suit: Birth control to blame for brain clot
  88. The federal government pays people to repeatedly rebuild their homes in flood plains.
  89. Question I've pondered lately
  90. Election Reform Report presented today
  91. Should Posse Comitatus laws be eliminated/changed
  92. Bush's proposed spending on Katrina amounts to $400,000 per family.
  93. N. Korea agrees to give up nuclear program
  94. Michael Moore in a nutshell....
  95. Bill Clinton: Raise taxes to pay for Katrina
  96. Illegal muslim student arrested after pilot uniform found
  97. Jeb Bush's son arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest
  98. JFK and RFK Assassination "reasons?"
  99. Sheehan calls for military to leave occupied New Orleans
  100. Arnold Signs Ban on School Junk Food
  101. Tony Blair Pulls the Plug on Kyoto at Clinton Summit
  102. States' lawsuit on carbon emissions dismissed
  103. nobody cares
  104. (9/11) Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders
  105. Ever use Teflon? Your chance to cash in on the latest lawsuit scam.
  106. The ACLU's war on parents
  107. Iran 'may share nuclear know-how'
  108. Presidental Speeches and "Speech Writers"
  109. Schwarzenegger hints at second run for governor
  110. Bush to Condi: Can I Pee?
  111. Top 5 military world powers
  112. Bush calls for corruption-free UN
  113. Past experience shows better recovery from floods without federal aid.
  114. Zarqawi declares "all out war against Shiites everywhere"
  115. Federal Judge: Unconstitutional to recite pledge in public schools.
  116. George Will says that liberals who complain about poverty ignore its biggest cause.
  117. Hooray for what California's government did after the 1994 earthquake!
  118. Jesse Jackson calls for Hurricaine Victims Fund
  119. Both Candidates Black, Campaign has Racial Undertones???
  120. At least 73 die in Baghdad suicide blast
  121. Hunger strike at Guantanamo grows
  122. Unions hire non-unionized workers
  123. Reports of chemical weapons being used in Iraq
  124. Hurricane thread pt2 -- Deaths in N.O. greatly exaggerated (see post 261)
  125. Discussion with fiancee: did Saddam Hussein had Al Queda Terrorist camps or Not?
  126. Holocaust day offensive to Muslims....
  127. Gazans loot greenhouses...
  128. Penguin Film Becomes Political Fodder
  129. Iraqis Take Tal-Afar
  130. Michael Brown Resigns (former FEMA director)
  131. Flight 93 memorial
  132. Red Cross offends people, will make a new symbol
  133. Palestinians mone into Gaza; Burn Synagogues
  134. President's Approval Rating Dips Below 40
  135. What % of blame for "slow response" to Katrina do you place on Bush?
  136. Berkeley lacking blacks
  137. A Letter to All Who Voted for George W. Bush from Michael Moore
  138. U.S. Envisions Using Nukes on Terrorists
  139. Barbara Bush: It's Good Enough for the Poor
  140. Higher gasoline prices encourage conservation. The free market works.
  141. The Coming US Fascism
  142. Where does the politics forum stand on the political compass?
  143. Bush lifts wage rules for Katrina
  144. Bush's approval rating down to...eh, about...um 2%...
  145. September 11, 2001 Goes Hollywood....
  146. Hilarious Bush Photo
  147. Would the Katrina rescue be better and faster if FEMA was abolished?
  148. Now soil causes global warming
  149. Why Do We Invoke Darwin?
  150. U. S. Court Upholds Enemy Combatant's Detention
  151. The Fall of My Leftist House of Mirrors
  152. Sierra Club filed lawsuit to stop raising and foritfication of levees.
  153. "Go [word not allowed in thread titles] Yourself, Mr. Cheney"
  154. Katrina: Beginning Of The End For War On Terror?
  155. AIDS Activists attack PeTA
  156. Chernobyl was bad but not nearly as bad as thought
  157. Evacuee Arrested for Panhandling in Ga.
  158. I nominate Mad Dawg for president of the Otter Political Subforum
  159. Florida court upholds veil ban
  160. Nation of Islam calls for gangs to unit in jihad against police
  161. Voting starts in Egypt's first presidential poll
  162. Annan takes blame for some of oil, food program fraud
  163. When you are down you find out what your friends really think.
  164. Wal-Mart at forefront of Katrina relief effort
  165. Could Colorado shale be turned into a trillion barrels of oil for $30 per barrel?
  166. Mexican Army Coming to the U.S. with Hurricane Aid!
  167. So Katrina exposed the underprivilegeded, what's next?
  168. Saddam confesses to ordering executions of Kurds
  169. CA Assembly Democrats passed controversial SB 60 (illegals allow to drive)
  170. Would you vote for me if I ran for President..
  171. why is this guy director of FEMA??
  172. Breaking News: Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies [merged]
  173. Why is there so much looting? Here's a great explanation.
  174. Best news coverage
  175. The One and Only Katrina Hurricane thread, Pt 4
  176. 20 Amazing (apparently) Facts about Voting in the USA...
  177. Racism or Classism?
  178. a message from michael moore to mr. bush...
  179. Saddam trial to begin on October 19 - govt source
  180. Christian Nuts Say Katrina Was Working for THEIR God
  181. The politically incorrect hurricane aftermath thread....
  182. California Senate votes to allow gay marriage
  183. Robert Byrd to Run For 9th Term in U. S. Senate
  184. Terrorist Katrina Is One of the Soldiers of Allah
  185. Is the war for oil inevitable?
  186. Bush: Don't buy gas if you don't need it
  187. Can't we remember anything?
  188. Taxpayers Foot Bill for Bush's Gas Guzzling Trips
  189. Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides
  190. One and only Politics Talk hurricane thread
  191. Veiled women vice squad fight obscenity in Kashmir.
  192. Bush's ever changing reason for war (this week)
  193. Man with gun permit uses his gun to save woman from attacker who had knife.
  194. Hawaii has set caps on the wholesale price of gasoline.
  195. Hundreds reported killed in Iraq stampede
  196. so what countries are donating or sending help.
  197. Post your hurricane Katrina conspiracy theory!
  198. Nero Fiddled... While Dubyah...
  199. Bush Pledges Border Control
  200. Just Look What George W. Has Done For Us!!
  201. Roberts confirmed as Chief Justice - 78 to 22
  202. Pat Buchanan calls for impeachment of George Bush
  203. Who says we should just take oil from Iraq
  204. You can use the f-word in class (but only five times)
  205. GM lost $1,227 per vehicle through June - Harbour
  206. Taliban Leader Said Killed in Afghanistan
  207. Tired of overconsumption...become a Freegan....
  208. Judge rules Missouri's new limits on strip clubs are unconstitutional
  209. Farrakhan Agrees with Fox's Controversial Statements (Op Ed)
  210. N.M., Mexican Governors to Bulldoze Town
  211. Here is my kind of Democrat, tax cuts for people making $150,000
  212. Family Terrorized After Fox News Wrongly IDs Them As Terrorists
  213. Montana's governor eyes coal to solve U.S. fuel costs
  214. Report: Large Penis Issue Harming Thai Cabinet
  215. Race Disparity Seen During Traffic Stops
  216. Sean Penn reports from Iran.
  217. One and only: the "Left/Right" is crazy, liberal media, foxSucks, ME is doomed thread
  218. PBS Frontline - Why The French Like Nuclear Energy
  219. And people can't seem to understand why I can't stand the left....
  220. CNN head calls Foxnews coverage 'Meaningless Nonsnese'
  221. Feds vote to get tough on illegals
  222. D.C. Radio Host Fired for Anti-Islam Remarks
  223. Al-Qaeda chiefs reveal world domination design
  224. Interesting Op-Ed piece in WP - Mile by Mile, Into the Oil Trap
  225. Religious Extremist Calls For Assassination Of Political Leader
  226. Sperm donor loses appeal on child support
  227. The 2006 Mexican presidential campaign to kick off in Los Angeles, California
  228. Frist backs teaching ID in schools
  229. Northwest Airlines ooperates despite strike
  230. Itís Official: Leftist-Islamist Alliance against the West
  231. What the hell does the Iraq insurgence want?
  232. Off to Iraq...a few parting thoughts
  233. Hagel Says Iraq War Looking Like Vietnam
  234. Ruling gives ranch to two illegal immigrants
  235. San Francisco Shuns Retired USS Iowa
  236. Sen. Reid Reports Suffering Mild Stroke
  237. Weld likely to run for NY governor
  238. Library Missing Roberts File
  239. Jury Awards Widow $253.4M in Vioxx Trial
  240. The Real Tragedy of AIDS
  241. "Die, die, monster home! Die!"
  242. Rockets Fired at US Ships in Jordan ... AQ leader in SA killed
  243. Where is everyone?
  244. FDR would agree with GWB
  245. Did fiery essay get author fired?
  246. New survey says 40% Mexicans would immigrate to the United States if given the chance
  247. If you could remove one current political figure, who would it be and why?
  248. Bringing More Cowbell to All of America: I Give you President Walken!
  249. Bush administration opposes .xxx top-level domain for adult sites
  250. "..... public education operates like a planned economy, a bureaucratic system......"

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