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  1. McCain doesn't have a shot in hell
  2. Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1 -- Troops given "homeland" mission
  3. Somalia pirates hijack ship with 33 Russian T-72 tanks. (now more hijackings)
  4. Palin Thread part 3.5 (Was VP debate thread)
  5. Who do you think won the Sep 26 debate?
  6. The economy part 5, now with new improved bailout!
  7. The 2008 U.S. Presidential election "debate" thread
  8. How Close Were US Presidential Elections?
  9. Possible Evidence To Indict Gov. Blagojevich
  10. City school policy sets 50% as minimum score. 1+1=3? In city schools, it's half right
  11. Hauser's Law: Federal tax revenue is always 19.5% of GDP, regardless of tax rates.
  12. Figure in Rosenberg Case Admits to Soviet Spying
  13. Moldy Mattress Nets Inmate (murderer) $295k ("he did not suffer any physical harm")
  14. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and France cut taxes for the rich.
  15. Move to keep Obama and McCain of ballot
  16. Joe Biden say's...
  17. The Economy, Hell, and the Handbasket, Part IV
  18. "October Surprises" 2004 and earlier
  19. The New And Improved Sarah Palin Thread! (part 3)
  20. CNN's Cafferty: Racism to blame for close polls in the campaign
  21. Happy Constitution Day!
  22. So, are we at war with Pakistan?
  23. Is Obama the Messiah? (The One and Only)
  24. New Study: Conservatives Are Anti-Rational
  25. California Budget approved, but veto is threatened
  26. New Evidence on Taxes and Income
  27. What would it take for you to vote across the aisle?
  28. Obama waffles
  29. Do you favor or oppose Obama's plan to raise taxes on small businesses?
  30. After the election, who will win the civil war?
  31. Dems worried about losing control of Congress
  32. Federal government rewards school districts for having high truancy rates.
  33. What questions should Gibson ask Palin?
  34. Government officials in bed with oil industry
  35. The Joe Biden VP nominee thread ("international crisis" merged)
  36. So how long til Al Qaeda campaigns for Obama?
  37. World still isn't sure radical Islamo-Fascists were behind 9/11
  38. One and only Polling/Electoral Vote Projection Thread
  39. Rev. Jeremiah Wright has an affair, and other fun tidbits
  40. What is the problem with chairmen of the House Ways and Means Committee?
  41. North Korean Leader Is Very Ill, American Official Says [Update: Dead]
  42. Enron the 2008 version
  43. Olbermann or O'Reilly (now with Glenn Beck content)
  44. Ron Paul to Make Major Announcement Next Week
  45. The Ultimate Sarah Palin Thread pt II
  46. Once again. Should the electoral college be eliminated.
  47. Between Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin, who would you want as President?
  48. Republican National Convention, 2008 ptII
  49. 2008 election "non-issue" thread (aka pt 25)
  50. 2008 election "issues" thread (aka pt 24)
  51. Obama on THE FACTOR! (9-4-08)
  52. Republican National Convention, 2008
  53. The Ultimate Palin Thread (The One and Only)
  54. Chicago public school officials claim that $11,300 per student per year is not enough
  55. The One and Only Can we stop the One and Only threads, (politics), already?
  56. A Salute To The Citizens Of Mexico
  57. Republican National Convention, 2008 - Hijacked
  58. Republican National Convention, 2008
  59. Who will be the next VP of the US, Biden or Palin? part III
  60. The 23rd version of the selection of the 44th President thread
  61. Who will be the next VP of the US? "Veepstakes" part II
  62. Live abroad - best way to watch DNC speeches?
  63. Left Wing Loons or Right Wing Loons
  64. Obama Assassination Attempt Stopped
  65. Democratic National Convention, 2008
  66. So, do you know how many houses you own?
  67. The runaway cost of college education.
  68. AOL Presidental Straw poll
  69. Seperated At Birth?
  70. 100 College Presidents seek to get drinking age limit lowered from 21 to 18
  71. Pakistan: Musharraf may be resigning....
  72. Oregon's government health care plan offers patient $50 to commit suicide.
  73. Texas school district to let teachers carry guns!
  74. Will China Become the No. 1 Superpower?
  75. Family sues school because school did NOT enforce dress code..
  76. have you ever voted for someone solely based on their party?
  77. Does anyone think this House Republican "protest" session will actually do anything?
  78. America the Uncompetitive (U.S. has world's second highest corporate tax rate)
  79. Where does your city rank in personal freedom?
  80. Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes
  81. The Constitution Does Not Matter in Arkansas
  82. 2008 Presidential election version 22.0, now with infanticide!
  83. Former SSR Georgia 'under attack' [update - Russia behind Kyrgyzstan base close?]
  84. I just figured out who I am going to vote for:
  85. The Latest Greatest Capital Punishment Defense: Too Fat!!!
  86. Mexican-born rape-murderer to be executed against wishes of World Court
  87. Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn 1918-2008
  88. Another possible stimulus check ?
  89. Anthrax 'suspect' is found dead
  90. Crazies in the voters pamphlet
  91. Why hasn't John Edwards sued National Enquirer over story on his out of wedlock baby?
  92. Anyone hear Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern? 07/29/08
  93. Earthquake in CA
  94. Ted Stevens to be guilty of 7 counts [4/1/09 - Justice Dept. wants to drop charges]
  95. Man opens fire on churchgoers hoping to kill liberals
  96. Study questions US strategy against al-Qaida
  97. Budget Deficit will reach a record this year
  98. 2008 Presidential election, the 21st thread thereof
  99. Who is America's Best Friend?
  100. The Dark Knight is GW?
  101. Talk of impeachment again...
  102. "free from want"
  103. Cuban Missle Crisis Part 2?
  104. Schwarzenegger plans temp wage reduction for 200k workers over 15% BELOW CA min wage
  105. Panel OKs one-year ban on new fast-food restaurants in South L.A.
  106. Hugo Chavez seeks alliance, arms with Russia.
  107. Instant Gratification Nation: Can We Still Sacrifice for the Future?
  108. UK jails 14 year old for refusing to study with students who couldn't speak English.
  109. Chicago suburb bans "saggy pants"
  110. George W. Bush sewage treatment plant proposed.
  111. NPR article about hunger in the U.S.
  112. Michael Savage: Autism is a fraud, a racket
  113. California as No. 1 (high state taxes causing brain drain and capital flight)
  114. New Jersey takes the cake on this one.
  115. US slips down development index
  116. Today is Primary Election Day in Georgia...
  117. Pakistan says US not hunting bin Laden on its turf
  118. In viewership, Fox goes down with a fight
  119. Germany plans to give vote to babies
  120. Is The Economy Going To Hell In A Handbasket? - Pt III
  121. Which Issue Is The Most Important Issue To You?
  122. What Issue Do You Believe Is The Most Important Issue Facing This Country?
  123. President George Bush: 'Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter'
  124. The 20th 2008 Presidential election thread (merged "annointed child" thread)
  125. Which of McCain's Flip Flops is the most funny?
  126. President Bush pardons himself against potential warcrimes
  127. Warner wants to bring back the national 55 MPH speed limit
  128. This isn't the road to serfdom, this is serfdom. (Mandatory national service.)
  129. World Bank says biofuels have caused world food prices to increase by 75%.
  130. Jesse Helms is dead at 86.
  131. Which of Obama's shifts to the right do you think is the most funny?
  132. Jazz singer switches National Anthem for 'black anthem' at political event
  133. Anybody surprised George W was never assassinated?
  134. Could you pass the latest citizenship test?
  135. New Georgia Law allows Concealed Weapons
  136. Replacement windows cost school $6,300 each (at a Washington D.C. public school)
  137. Clinton question?
  138. U.S. students improve in math and reading, report finds
  139. Israel attacking Iran looks "unavoidable'
  140. Bush Lifts Sanctions Against North Korea
  141. Do You Believe You're Paying Too Much In Federal Income Taxes?
  142. Tax "fairness" or increase revenue?
  143. Flashback to the 1992 election
  144. Thad McCotter's "How to speak democrat"
  145. al-Hurra - the U.S. government-funded Arab TV network
  146. Do you think Bush is using energy prices to get what he wants?
  147. Truth in gov't statistics....or lack thereof (AKA Classicman's "I told ya so!")
  148. Congress agrees to telecom immunity, other changes in FISA law
  149. Pastors Challenge Law, Endorse Candidates From Pulpit
  150. HR 6257 -- "Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008"
  151. What is your position on: gay marriage?
  152. UK jails one legged war veteran for using club to defend woman and baby from thugs.
  153. Oklahoma Claiming sovereignty under Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
  154. Teachers without education degrees are better than teachers with them.
  155. Ireland voters reject "EU constitution"
  156. Does Google Hate America [Slate]
  157. The 2008 Presidential Election thread part XIX [Merged - Obama: Speak Spanish!]
  158. McCain's Response To USSC Decision On Gitmo & Habeas Corpus
  159. Tim Russert, 1950 - 2008
  160. How Iran Has Bush Over a Barrel [TIME]
  161. Big Oil is run by greedy dicks, part 2
  162. Democrats Revealed As One-Issue Voters
  163. President Bush decides to be the better man.
  164. Man facing 100 years in prison for dispensing medical marijuana
  165. Muslim Women and Virginity: 2 Worlds Collide
  166. I'm Voting Republican
  167. Relax, liberals. You've already won.
  168. Who will be the next Vice President of the United States?
  169. Political forum informal agreement re: political figure nicknames
  170. Threat of world Aids pandemic among heterosexuals is over, report admits
  171. Supreme Court 2007-08 Term Winding Down in June (Justice Ginsburg has cancer)
  172. ‘Max Hardcore’ Porn Producer Convicted for Obscenity in Florida
  173. Watch this video and tell me your thoughts
  174. DC to Seal Off Neighborhoods
  175. Do you think this UK government education bureaucrat should be fired?
  176. What's the cost of a vote?
  177. Will you be casting a ballot for or against the next President?
  178. If Obama picked a Clinton VP: Which One?
  179. The 2008 election's 18th thread
  180. New Foreign Policy Advisors to President Bush and Condoleeza Rice...
  181. State your political philosophy
  182. 66-year old serial killer sentenced to life in prison
  183. The One and Only Global Warming Thread Part 5
  184. Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) - Foot In Mouth
  185. caption this W. chest bump edition
  186. Do you listen/read/watch the opinions of the "other side"?
  187. FOXNEWS #1 For the 77th consecutive month...
  188. Rachel Ray: Secret Muslim
  189. The UN in action....
  190. Will the U.S. ever see < $3/gal for gas ever again?
  191. McClellan whacks Bush, White House
  192. You Think NAFTA, CAFTA & the Economy is Bad Now? Wait...
  193. So you just became Governor of New York what are you going to do?
  194. UNASUR — Mercosur & the Andean community merge; ultimate goal is EU-like integration
  195. Does "social justice" have any substantial disagreements with "socialism"?
  196. "Death Comes Knocking"--great Memorial Day article in The Week
  197. McCain in 2000: By 2008, I think I might be ready to go down to the old soldiers home
  198. McCain rejects minister's endorsement
  199. Do You Favor Absentee, Remote, or Proxy Voting in the House & the Senate?
  200. Disaster Fatigue
  201. Budget Hero: You balance the US budget
  202. '08 election v.17
  203. Wall St. Journal "You Can't Soak the Rich."
  204. UK govt rewards airplane hijacker with welfare, free housing, and job at an airport!
  205. AngryRenter.com
  206. Chris Matthews completely owns Kevin James
  207. 100 years ago, the US had very few taxes.
  208. Why Doctors Are Heading for Texas.
  209. Ted Kennedy hospitalized with symptoms of stroke (Edit: it's a brain tumor post#41)
  210. Saudi Arabia To Bush: Screw You - We Love High Oil Prices
  211. In 2007, Texas built 25 times as much new wind power as California.
  212. Republicans lose 3rd straight special election
  213. American foreign policy, as explained by The Godfather
  214. Is this pic racist?
  215. Californians who care about property rights - vote yes on Prop 98, no on Prop 99
  216. Islam and the West
  217. Republicans come out with campaign slogan...
  218. Big Earthquake in Little China
  219. California replaces 900 MW nuclear power plant with 4 MW solar power plant.
  220. Does the LA Times carry a liberal or conservative bias?
  221. Republicans Hate Your Mother
  222. What is the possibility that this could happen?
  223. Florida to become the 51st state?
  224. What do you think of this law change in WA?
  225. Chinese company outsources to the US, where costs are cheaper
  226. If I call it now...
  227. 2008 Presidential Election part XVI
  228. More fun with police raids -- courtesy of Little Rock, Arkansas
  229. Dilemma regarding sweatshops
  230. What do people think about this bill re: what is termed "rape by fraud?"
  231. Cyclone Nargis: >10,000 Dead in SE Asia
  232. So what does the Fed cutting the interest rate really do... for us?
  233. 2008 Presidential Election part XV
  234. Should using unmufflered leaf blowers in residential neighborhoods be outlawed?
  235. All Politics Is Local - The I'd Pee in Her Butt Edition
  236. Iraq thread v.5 - Including SHOES!
  237. Could new oil fields in Brazil end reliance on Middle East?
  238. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Life Imitates the Onion
  239. Nigeria rebels attack Shell oil pipelines
  240. Video: Toddler Threatens To Kill President Bush
  241. So the Free State Project never really took off. How about Paulville?
  242. Captial gains tax: Bill Clinton vs Barack Obama
  243. For senior, abortion a medium for art, political discourse
  244. Obama vs McCain - if Barack loses BIG, will it start a race war?
  245. Pope US visit 08
  246. Should George W Bush be worried?
  247. Feds to collect DNA in every arrest
  248. Care to speculate: What would the Bush Administration have been like without 9/11?
  249. The 2008 Italian election thread
  250. Election 08 v14

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