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  1. Personal Messaging....
  2. Please fix Top 10 List
  3. How about moving Twin Peaks from the coming soon ad?
  4. Mods have huge eggos
  5. Flashing banner ads, like the WINNER one.
  6. For all that is holy, please change thmbsdwn to thumbsdown
  7. expired coupons
  8. MODs, immediate action needed
  9. Thread crapping in the video game exchange forum
  10. this is only a test.. do not reply to this thread
  11. Problems using STL on a Mac?
  12. Just exactly how many words are banned here?
  13. Profanity Question
  14. We need a way to change our email addresses for our contact info
  15. Help!
  16. Rate Geoff's Head Performance
  17. WorldView ad [WTC related]
  18. couldn't get on to dvdtalk.com last night
  19. Faq
  20. Switchouse.com ad banner not working
  21. Geoff -- Total Movie offer legit?
  22. newletter
  23. Email notifications not going to correct posts
  24. Annoying Ad
  25. How to find Yi Yi using search?
  26. Is there any chance that we could enable personal messages for the forum?
  27. Emotion evocking signatures...can we limit this?
  28. My thread gets closed, but mycock stays open?
  29. There is a glitch in the Forum
  30. HELP!!! ISP Connection w/ DVDTalk
  31. Ghost world typo
  32. Video Game Exchange Forum
  33. Why am I getting requests to run ActiveX controls all of a sudden?
  34. Testdrive offer Forum?
  35. Problems connecting to DVDtalk?
  36. Geoff... could you please update the Coming Soon page...?
  37. I'm getting weird emails that seem to be related to DVD Talk
  38. Do you sell our emails?
  39. Geoff, why was my orignal post in the wrong place?
  40. Scrolling while writing a post
  41. I don't like moving musical DVDs to another forum
  42. Feed Up Feedback gkleinman pls read
  43. what is wrong with discussing banned/reprimanded members?
  44. Forum....Slow......
  45. what forum does this belong in
  46. Email Updates to Subscribed Threads
  47. Would a mod please make this a sticky thread?
  48. Adding outside links rule
  49. Sub Forum
  50. Forum timing problems?
  51. DVD Error/Glitch Forum
  52. can a mod please sticky this thread?
  53. Censor question.
  54. Avatars
  55. How to get Logged out?
  56. Customer service thread
  57. this
  58. thank you for the links
  59. What exactly are the rules on hijacking a thread?
  60. Movie Talk and Harry Potter
  61. How are new forums chosen?
  62. Saving a few Kilobytes...
  63. Why are the Other Meet threads stickyed in the Other ?
  64. Post editing probem?
  65. Question and comment about new Other Forum ads
  66. How's everyone's response been today?
  67. search function not working right?
  68. Five Years, Five DVDs
  69. Geoff: been getting pop-ups lately
  70. Page numbers in search results?
  71. Threads stealing focus
  72. What's Up With All These New Cookies?
  73. Fewer ads? Has Geoff been abducted?
  74. Elmore Leonard Book Thread
  75. Expressing my dislike for 'Otter Meet' threads
  76. Can we get a buy/sell/trade in the video game forum?
  77. Expressing MY dislike for pr0n everywhere in the other
  78. Can this thread be archived?
  79. :confused: over porn
  80. When Book Talk forum mods come in and close DVD Talk threads...
  81. Anyone hear about the review position?
  82. about locked threads
  83. In the Theaters forum?
  84. Expressing my dislike for "One and Only" threads
  85. Fraternty vs Non-fraternity arguing
  86. Hijacked threads
  87. New E-Mail List? Re: New Releases...
  88. Forum Changes: Merge Movie Talk/In The Theaters & Close Studio Talk
  89. changing user name?
  90. sticky threads in other
  91. Closure of this thread: Pearl Harbor Director's Cut 4-disc set DISCUSSION
  92. How about a music forum?
  93. online icon not working for some people?
  94. Can the review search function be improved?
  95. A sort by fucntion?
  96. Could the seach default the the forum you are in
  97. Is it me or is the name field taking up more of the forum
  98. dvdtalk forum changes?
  99. Can there be a link to the DVDtalk chat room in each forum?
  100. Shrek deal on front page
  101. Wasn't there talk earlier this year about adding a DVD tracker-type database?
  102. Uh-oh! Did Serrano's disks screw up the Forum?
  103. forum clock is whacked
  104. Tossing My Cookies!
  105. Can those members in the VIEWS collum be identified by Geoff & the Mod Squad?
  106. Status titles
  107. Pop Up Ads!!!???
  108. have there been a rush of new members since the commercial?
  109. Forum timeout
  110. What happened to Click for DVD forum?
  111. Dots
  112. Backlashing new members!
  113. There was an email sent to me from the DVDTalk Moderators
  114. How come thread starters are not allowed to change thread topics later on?
  115. Adult Forum
  116. Can we get rid of the Web Bugs??
  117. half.com coupon?
  118. Geoff, can you make the pages links bigger?
  119. Music forum?
  120. DVD packaging
  121. "Already Read" flag errors
  122. Quick Reboot
  123. I have to keep logging in tonight
  124. Embedded quotes?
  125. Link stuff
  126. how about a list of name changes
  127. Something wrong with dvdtalk.com?
  128. Wanted: "Please Release" voting page
  129. Interesting point brought up by Riker
  130. Geoff you closed this thread but why?
  131. Why can't I post a picture from Photopoint?
  132. "Live Nude Girls" Review
  133. Please make a STL Part 2 thread
  134. correction on HKflix JC discs
  135. Geoff, What about a "support" page?
  136. Geoff, the Half.com Coupon isn't working anymore
  137. Error in one of the "New Review" links
  138. report post to mods?
  139. Geoff HTML needs to be turned on in the music forum <NM>
  140. A Poll forum?
  141. Review search feature?
  142. Why is there a :thumbsup: but not a :thumbsdown:? (or am I just missing it?)
  143. A little nitpick from me about the pulldown menus
  144. What's the latest on T shirts?
  145. How do DVDtalk names get assigned?
  146. Are those ADS are HUGE?
  147. Canada considered domestic or international?
  148. Am I the only one not able to connect to the DVD player giveaway?
  149. Geoff, September's almost over, how's the Music/DVD Audio forum coming?
  150. Is a spell check possible
  151. Is talking about Orderbox allowed ?
  152. Music Forum?
  153. i want the old mad smilely
  154. What does it take to get suspended?
  155. Ravan!
  156. Email Updates
  157. [insert name here] threads
  158. Geoff - can we have a FS/FT thread in the International Forum?
  159. Invalid threads?
  160. Geoff, any to change DVDTALK logo to..
  161. Twin Peaks link goes to St. Elmos Fire...
  162. Hey Geoff, any chance of a WTC/current event forum?
  163. cookie dying
  164. Enable Archives feature?
  165. Could we maybe limit the amount of threads on this horrible event.
  166. How to change Avatar
  167. What's with that Netflix popup window?
  168. Planned Outage on 9/17 2am ET
  169. Closing of hoax threads in "other"
  170. attention Dead:
  171. moderator status should be re-dubbed trigger happy
  172. why do my threads keep getting closed?
  173. WTC tragedy - many thanks to the Other forum mods!
  174. Is the time that a message is posted wrong on this board?
  175. Are competitions here open to overseas people?
  176. minor spelling edit
  177. Hey Geoff what was skywalker ranch like?
  178. Limit Sticky thread to 3 per forum, plus. . .
  179. "Sticky" Suggestion
  180. I Think Todd B. Deserves To Be A Moderator In The DVD Clubs Forum ...
  181. Contest winners listed anywhere?
  182. Place at DVDTalk to host pictures?
  183. What about a "Profile" option to change name?
  184. Suggestion of new category for dvdTalk coverage
  185. Petition Rule Request
  186. Geoff, I present you with this petition.
  187. Fawlty price for Fawlty Towers
  188. Why can't one post a common Internet inquiry in the Other Forum?
  189. Can we have to old search engine back?
  190. Something needs to be done in the video game forum.....
  191. Geoff, Thanks for Adding the New Moderators
  192. Um, I haven't got my Mod E-mail yet.
  193. How about splitting the Other Forum?
  194. Minor change
  195. Ack! The Winner banner is back!
  196. What Type of New Forum would you Most like to see ?
  197. where did the infinty dvd thread go?
  198. How do Affiliate Links work exactly?
  199. Ads, price search, DVD covers not needed on EVERY page
  200. psstt ... GANDHI misspellt in Our Week column
  201. test
  202. How about a Sports forum?
  203. Geoff, why close the one BFL thread?
  204. Why do "new" posts get reset if I take too long?
  205. Off-topic movie bashing making a resurgence
  206. Please make the Good Trader List thread a sticky
  207. Thread won't completely load?
  208. How to search within an existing thread
  209. The option to show Printable Versions is susceptible to open html tags
  210. Sports forum?
  211. Does somebody eat my cookie?
  212. can we crack down a little on the anti p&s threads?
  213. Why do some threads get moved and others don't?
  214. Forum look with browsers
  215. Problem with the search feature
  216. Please "Sticky" the General WB petition
  217. BUG REPORT: colour is improperly remembered for SIG
  218. Geoff can we have a POST COUNT Day pls ?
  219. Bad Link
  220. DVD Talk uses Web Bugs???
  221. Buy and Sell Forum?
  222. To Edit Profile I must have new e-mail address?
  223. Geoff, the Other forum mods are acting childish and immature.
  224. I'm on DSL.. so why is this forum NOW so slow? It wasn't before.
  225. New Review Server!
  226. smilies
  227. bad link on homepage
  228. Geoff - DVD Talk has been running very well the last couple of days.
  229. avatars?
  230. REQ: More info added to DVD Reviews?
  231. A Music Forum
  232. Is it just me or is the OF getting REALLY female friendly?
  233. Studio Talk
  234. How about a front page blurb about the willy wonka unhappiness?
  235. Remove Willy Wonka from Coming Soon ad at the top of the forum screens?
  236. Comments about recent response
  237. Make pictures bigger
  238. Show Signature Option??????
  239. I need my STL password please
  240. Anyone else get spammed by BigwheelOnline DVD?
  241. Are rankings customizable?
  242. Just asking...
  243. polls
  244. Bargain forum house cleaning...
  245. What's wrong here?
  246. Hey Geoff
  247. Porn Popup
  248. Please change Sopranos announcement on front page. Cruel Joke!
  249. Updates to your Site
  250. Quick question about the International DVD forum