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  1. ST: Voyager S4 discs...
  2. Luke/Biggs Darklighter cute scene.
  3. Eternal Sunshine - Watch Out!
  4. Any Word On Dallas Season 3?
  5. A thread for everyone annoyed by the "constant complaining" about Star Wars
  6. Just got Aladdin great DVD!
  7. More Mad About You coming, but not Season 3...
  8. Like watching it for the the first time...
  9. Marilyn Manson Dvd Missing Video
  10. Burning Question about C3PO & R2
  11. Super Size Me: "Enhanced for Widescreen TVs" Yes? No?
  12. ANH: Explain THIS plothole!
  13. The New Hitch Box Set: Whadya Think?
  14. In Living Color - Season Two: Another case of censored syndicated versions?
  15. Netflix problem I need phone number
  16. Metallica, "some kind of monster" documentary release date? (no thread craps please)
  17. Pioneer's/Geneon's "Master Keaton" Easter Eggs
  18. Invader Zim Box and Bonus Disc?
  19. Future DVDs could hold 100 times more
  20. Disorderlies? Ski Patrol? Alligator?
  21. What changes would you make? SPOILERS
  22. Beverly Hillbillies (Jim Varney) due 12/7
  23. Born on 4th of July Special Edition!
  24. DTS selected as mandatory Audio format for Blu-Ray & HD-DVD
  25. December Criterions
  26. Is Cannonball (1976) in stores?
  27. Roswell - Season 2 Case Covers
  28. FIRE & ICE / FRAZETTA Doc. coming to DVD!
  29. pre-release dvds?
  30. Anyone else picking up the second season of Land of the Lost?
  31. Last Action Hero Widescreen DVD?
  32. Tiger Town DVD
  33. Any news on 'The Reflecting Skin'?
  34. Audio Sync Issues In Dialog
  35. MARTIN (George Romero)---new Lions Gate Release
  36. Why Won't Netflix Carry Decline of American Empire???
  37. ST:TOS S1 Text Commentary Issues
  38. was it mentioned that trilogy release was number one dvd waiting for?
  39. Resident Evil: Apocalypse --> Dec. 28th
  40. is there any change Lucas DIDN'T make, but you feel that he should have?
  41. Origin of ""George Lucas raped my childhood"?
  42. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (9/27 - 10/3)
  43. Backbeat SE Delayed?
  44. If the "Trilogy" were filmed today, what would it look like & would it be as revered?
  45. DVD release too early?
  46. Flashes in the lightsaber battle in a New Hope
  47. Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed question?
  48. LOTR Extended Editions BOX?!!!!
  49. Is BU's Circle of Iron DVD cut?
  50. What Order to Watch The Star Wars DVD's?
  51. Luke Skywalker - Coffee Achiever?
  52. The Special Edition trilogy is better than the original trilogy!
  53. I need Blade Runner help
  54. Das Boot Superbit
  55. Shawshank 3 Disc Edition - Book or Booklet?
  56. Falling Down SE?
  57. Planet of the Apes: Evolution New version?
  58. Collateral --> Dec. 14th
  59. Whats all the Hype about-
  60. Black Hawk Down DE layer change where? noticeable?
  61. The Village --> Jan. 11, 2005
  62. The REALLY BIG list of limited editions
  63. Spaced?
  64. Website for comparing public domain releases?
  65. Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore Shows
  66. Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.
  67. alan clarke films: recommend?
  68. Do you watch new DVD's you buy immediately?
  69. Top Gun SE & Return of the King Expanded Edition- 12/14
  70. Did your THX-1138 DVD include a bonus metal ear tag, like the one on the cover?
  71. Why is Annie full screen in the special edition?
  72. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
  73. ANH glaring error
  74. IRON MAIDEN "The Early Days"
  75. What did you learn about Making of SW after listening to Commentaries & "Bonus DVD"?
  76. Return of the Jedi (Spoiler)
  77. Please help - what DVD has drunken audio commentary?
  78. Which is a better set? El Mariachi and Desperado Doub. Feature or MadTV Season 1?
  79. Wanted on DVD ~TWO FOR THE ROAD
  80. Is that Lukes hand?
  81. Indiana Jones released as a single dvd?
  82. Napoleon Dynamite and Garden State DVD Release Dates
  83. ANH: Luke's friend Tank?
  84. God No!!! MGM is now making billingual covers.
  85. Mae West's early classics on DVD??
  86. Region 1 vs. Region 2
  87. Fox series "John Doe" on DVD?
  88. "Landau" Calrissian?!
  89. TV Shows on DVD music Changes?
  90. One Tree Hill
  91. Office Space SE - 11/1
  92. Is "The Clone Wars" animated series on DVD or coming soon?
  93. Star Wars DVD audio glitches
  94. Where is Hellraiser Box for R1? R2's Looks great!!
  95. Dazed and Confused (Criterion) -- June 2006 [merged]
  96. Open Water ---> Dec. 28th!
  97. THX-1138 2-Disc Set--Limited?
  98. Clerks X: 10th Ann. - Not Even Supposed to be Here Today?
  99. Star Trek TNG boxsets have dropped in price....why?
  100. ''Naked Wookiees and broken R2-D2s''
  101. Red Dwarf News - Series V Insert and Disc Art!
  102. How long are ads for B&M's done in advance?
  103. VH1's I Love The 70s, 80s, 90s on disc?
  104. M-M-Max Headroom series on DVD?
  105. What make Star Wars so great/special...
  106. I Just Realized This about the Torture Scene in ESB
  107. Empire skipping on samsung players?
  108. small question about the Star Wars box set
  109. Tick Animated Series Dvd
  110. John Water's Cry-Baby Is Finally Coming!
  111. "Jedi's" Flying sneaker scene
  112. What?! No deleted scenes?
  113. New 2001 Special Edition....???
  114. Movies that should be on dvd
  115. Are all new movies transfer good?
  116. DVD and Game Rentals online- who?
  117. GITS : SAC v2 (Audio Q / Problem!)
  118. DVD Extras
  119. The Mask of Fu Manchu/Mark of The Vampire/Mad Love when on DVD?
  120. Star Wars Box Set earns $115 Million in sales
  121. Anyone else like mystery series on DVD?
  122. ANH commentary comment
  123. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD question,...
  124. Best Place to Pre-Order Dawn Of The Dead '04 (not online)
  125. Tales from the Crypt in 2005!!!
  126. What DVDs are you getting 09.28.2004..?
  127. Emperor's Dialogue change in ESB
  128. Different Editions at different date??
  129. James Stewart DVDs
  130. My SW DVD is better than yours! AKA Up yours LOTR!
  131. The Next Fox/Fortune Star Martial Arts Wave?
  132. Aspect Ratio question.
  133. Man On Fire SE
  134. Batman SE is in the works!!
  135. Anybody watching these with a "lazy eye"?
  136. Green Saber in ANH?
  137. Is there a list of Star Wars DVD defects?
  138. Cat Power DVD 10/26 - Speaking For Trees: A Film By Mark Borthwick
  139. G.I. Joe: Valor vs Venom?
  140. On the Waterfront/Wild One two pack anywhere?
  141. The High and the Mighty / Island In the Sky
  142. Is Geoff trying to tell us something?
  143. List of Unrated/Rated releases?
  144. Episode I & II OOP?
  145. In defense of Return of the Jedi
  146. Random thought for those clamoring for the Original Original Trilogy...
  147. Screw the sound, how 'bout those Cubbies...er, picture quality?
  148. Latest Penny Arcade (it's funny.. laugh)
  149. Daewoo players
  150. Any World's Wildest Police Videos?
  151. Alias Season 3 Sound Error
  152. If they dubbed Boba Fett . . .
  153. people who preordered SW from amazon
  154. My Plastic wrapping is thick!
  155. Upcoming DVD Release Calendar
  156. Colour problems on A New Hope
  157. The Digital Bits just went down!!!!!
  158. Return of the King:Extended Edition date?
  159. Criterion's Cassavetes Box? Anybody get this?
  160. Which LaserDisc is the closest to the original?
  161. Empire Of Dreams - Anamorphic?
  162. Star Wars Easter Eggs?
  163. About the recent THX1138 and StarWars releases
  164. RotJ, weren't there subtitles for Jabba?
  165. Luke in Empire (Spoiler)
  166. New Paul Champagne Designs Star Wars cases!
  167. Wedge dialog in ESB
  168. Empire Strikes Back is the best!
  169. The stop complaining and enjoy one of the greatest DVD sets in history thread!
  170. Dracula III: Legacy & Hellraiser VII: Deader (Oct 5th ?) ?
  171. Classic Horror releases?Lugosi,Browning,Karloff..
  172. interesting Star Wars thingy
  173. STAR WARS SET, really cheap looking?
  174. Layer change problems on A NEW HOPE...
  175. the any idea of how many copies the Star Wars Trilogy have been sold thread?
  176. Remember these one season shows?
  177. Sting: Moment of Truth on DVD
  178. Finally....
  179. Faster Pussycat
  180. Why is the Star Wars Trilogy silver and not gold? (widescreen)
  181. The Manchurian Candidate(s)
  182. Devil's Advocate and True Lies
  183. DTS Samplers
  184. Another Star Wars thread? Boba Fett (spoiler)
  185. Star Wars- The extrabackground thread...
  186. The "ultimate" full-screen adoration thread :-(
  187. Coupling: Season 4 coming January 25th
  188. Most deleted/extended scenes on DVD?
  189. Are you satisfied with the condition of the box of Star Wars Trilogy?
  190. Napoleon Dynamite - December 21st
  191. Where to Get WWE Tagged Classics?
  192. Coffee and Cigarettes DVD, WB saves on trees
  193. The Hannitization of America
  194. Help with DVD Profiler
  195. Hey look, a thread that's not about that one set that came out today...
  196. David O Russell's Spanking the Monkey?
  197. Quality of these Chaplin shorts?
  198. Issues on Star Wars: A New Hope DVD
  199. The Star Wars DVD menus thread.
  200. Shield 3?
  202. Your Star Wars DVD Buying Experience
  203. Problems with Star Wars bonus disk?
  204. How are people adding Star Wars to their collection?
  205. Garden State DVD Dec 28th
  206. The one and only Star Wars DVDs alterations thread!
  207. One & Only Thread About Star Wars Bonus Features! (merged)
  208. Mean Girls, La Dolce Vita, THX 1138- I Love Netflix
  209. Wash. Post Online noon today w/Star Wars DVD guy
  210. The official I got the "Star Wars Trilogy" and am so happy thread!
  211. The ultimate blasphemy: Jar Jar Binks in "Return of the Jedi"
  212. Maniac Cop?
  213. Sex and the City season 1-5 set question
  214. Raimi SEs?
  215. Twin Peaks Season 2 DVD - More Bad News
  216. Star Wars Widescreen Vs. Full Screen Comparison Pics?
  217. Vote for "Popular Season 2" Cover Art
  218. The New Outer Limits on DVD. Please?
  219. Les Miserables Superbit - Any news?
  220. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (9/20 - 9/26)
  221. Heart w/ Christopher Eccleston --WOW awesome unknown gem! better versions anywhere?
  222. Simpsons Season 5?
  223. Good NYTimes article on the HD-on-DVD format war
  224. Tarantino articles on the Jacke Brown DVD?
  225. Romance and Rejection: What's the OAR?
  226. may have found difference in Re-Animator
  227. One & Only Thread About Star Wars Trilogy Audio Quality
  228. George Lucas replies on the OT "if anybody wants it''
  229. New Anchor bay titles for 2005
  230. Son of Flubber - 1963...
  231. Sopranos Season 5???
  232. Aladdin: Platinum vs. Special Edition Gift Set?
  233. Toys R Us free $10 Gift Card with SW purchase
  234. The lack of SUBTITLES on bonus materials. Will hollywood ever notice...or care?
  235. WWE SummerSlam audio trouble? Click here to resolve it.
  236. Fraggle Rock dvd(s)?
  237. Shawshank Redemption LE canceled?
  238. Slacker audio problems...
  239. DVD Skipping problem (help)
  240. Wong Kai-Wai Box Set
  241. How bout "Backdraft" SE?
  242. Any word on a Home Alone SE?
  243. King of the hill season 3 12/28
  244. Donnie Darko Directors Cut DVD???
  245. The Critic complete series
  246. Television Christmas Classics DVDs have new packaging this year!
  247. What will be your next upgrade from LD to DVD?
  248. South Park Season 5?
  249. about star wars trilogy.... [in Europe asking about R1 specs]
  250. Is the Colossus and the Headhunters dvd ever coming out?