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  1. Any talk of the movie Kissed coming to dvd?
  2. Looking to buy some shelving...
  3. Is there a 2 disc of Day After Tomorrow in the works?
  4. upcoming Seinfeld seasons?
  5. How to remove the wrapping from a DVD movie
  6. Some Kind of Monster DVD Deleted Scenes Info
  7. Davis DVD down?
  8. Anybody else psyched up for the Ultimate Rodney DVD set that comes out next week?
  9. HERO...disapointing PQ?
  10. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  11. Matrix Revisted NOT the same??
  12. Lucas changes Star Wars again.. Ewok Adventures DVD
  13. Sony Christmas Classics (3 DVD set)??
  14. Decorating your HT/DVD's for the holidays? Let's see the pics!
  15. Smooth Talk dvd -- Available Dec. 7th
  16. Walt Disney treasures wave 4 review thread
  17. DVDs for a 3 year old.. (help)
  18. Matrix UE gripe
  19. Mad About You Collection just announced,BUT what episodes???
  20. The Fantastic Films of Ray Harryhausen - Legendary Science Fiction Series
  21. 3rd Rock from the Sun? DVD cover? Release?
  22. Who Else Wants "emergency" On Dvd??
  23. WM SM2/MIB2 2-pack
  24. Matrix Boxset at Blockbuster
  25. Spider-Man 2 *newuser*
  26. How do you organize your DVDs?
  27. "El Cid: La Leyenda" R1 release?
  28. Which Studio do you hate the most?
  29. "The Grudge" Cover Art!
  30. SeaQuest DSV and Robocop (1993-1994) series on DVD ever?
  31. Bad Day at Black Rock?
  32. Star Trek: Enterprise packaging
  33. What Are You Watching This Week? (11/29 - 12/5)
  34. Adam 12???
  35. I Heart the Huckabees - $39.98 MSRP!!
  36. Criterion February Releases
  37. Stop buying DVD because of the new format?
  38. Toy Soliders (1991)
  39. DavisDVD down?
  40. Will the region 0 release of Hero hurt the new DVD sales?
  41. LOTR: ROTK EE Six Minute Preview
  42. Rejected WWE DVDs (humor)
  43. WHo's been watching mickey's christmas carol this week
  44. Definitive list of DVDs with the Script-to-Screen feature?
  45. Miami Vice is comming on DVD!!!!!!!
  46. Seinfeld - Widescreen Version??
  47. "I'd rather play The Matrix video game than watch this": Critics' speak on Matrix DVD
  48. X-Files season dvd's to be released again?
  49. Four film studios are expected to release movies on the new HD format...
  50. Lowry Digital-
  51. True Lies SE?
  52. Gleaming the Cube?
  53. Studios Strike HD-DVD Deals For Holiday 2005
  54. Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison Set
  55. Any news on Rebel Without a Cause SE/CE?
  56. Spider-Man 2, which version??!!
  57. is Wild at Heart uncut?
  58. I Want My Wonder Years Complete Seasons on DVD...Who's with me?????
  59. Is there a new Blade Runner on the horizon? I think so.
  60. 7 disc RotK? Any1 know what this is????
  61. Stand and Deliver Special Edition?
  62. Warriors of Heaven and Earth - 12/7
  63. WWE to Release Andre The Giant DVD in 2004
  64. Forward Versatile Disc (FVD)
  65. The weirdest thing I've ever seen on a DVD...
  66. SCTV season 2 problems.
  67. Sex and the City: Season Six
  68. Rocky Rerelease on DVD???
  69. What DVDs are you asking for Christmas???
  70. It's A Wonderful Life Question
  71. The European Michel Audiard boxset
  72. Is Crouching Tiger and The Patriot (Gibson) Superbit OOP??
  73. Sex and the City Season 6 Part 2
  74. "Spider-Man 2" out early.
  75. Miramax [Kitano] Zatoichi vs others
  76. Man from Uncle/Wild Wild West (question)
  77. HP+POA plastic cover
  78. What DVDs are you getting 11.30.2004..?
  79. Lucky Buck is Back...
  80. A Fish Called Wanda 2 disc SE-- will it be R1 any time soon?
  81. Boiler Room?
  82. Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban...possible glich or defect
  83. Demon Lover Easter Egg?
  84. Muppet DVDs Going OOP?
  85. City of God - Palace II Short
  86. Brown Bunny R2 = 93 min. what about others?
  87. GOZU subtitle bug
  88. KAGEMUSHA and M COVER's and Special Features info. Criterion Collection
  89. DVD Shortage in 2005?
  90. Hearts Of Darkness DVD Holdup
  91. Best "10 Horror movies" dvds?
  92. The Lone Gunmen coming to DVD in March
  93. Heat Se!!
  94. Is anybody gonna buy the Special Edition of Monster?
  95. Seinfeld Boxset opinion???
  96. GUNGA DIN - December 7
  97. looking for good sting dvds
  98. I, Robot Special Edition Coming?
  99. MGM using clear cases for older titles?
  100. a little help
  101. My Own Private Idaho - Criterion
  102. Criterion Gift Set on Amazon
  103. WWE RVD One Of A Kind DVD Listing
  104. Question about "Heaven and Earth" DVD
  105. Remastered Godfather??????
  106. The Big Red One SE?
  107. Finally! The Muppet Show - Season Sets (August 9)
  108. DVD menu usability - request for participation
  109. Special Edition I, Robot in Japan
  110. Parker Lewis Can't Lose
  111. Franzetta's Fire & Ice
  112. School Daze 2-Disc SE on 2/1/05
  113. Exclusive Top Gun DVD at Best Buy
  114. ADV FILMS '2009: Lost Memories' Problems
  115. Hey Gang, What's Up With the Harry Potter Packaging?
  116. Where can I find Warren Beatty's Reds?
  117. Night Stalker TV show on DVD?
  118. Seinfeld Slipcover Poll
  119. New Rambos question
  120. Golden Girls Season 1 gets DVDTalk Collector's Series rating
  121. Who got Home Improvement Season 1?
  122. Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation DVD Wal-Mart exclusive (I think)
  123. Brgitte Bardots "Viva Maria" available on DVD??
  124. The Seinfeld DVD Thread
  125. New York, New York 02/08/2005
  126. Will "Thursday" be re-released?
  127. Why buy on Tuesday?
  128. What Are You Watching This [Turkey Day/Black Friday] Week? (11/22 - 11/28)
  129. Kiyoshi Kurosawa's DOPPELGANGER
  130. The Game
  131. Alf Season 2....any news?
  132. Any info on a region 1 release of Night of the Demons 2?
  133. Any new info on La Femme Nikita season 2 on?
  134. Rest in peace VHS
  135. Team America - March 29th
  136. Where's "Shack Out On 101" ?
  137. New Classic Disney Shorts series...Chip and Dale here
  138. 1938 Christmas Carol - Why isn't it out on DVD yet?
  139. Green Acres season 2 on DVD will be a reality!
  140. Iron Giant SE: Skipping Problems?
  141. Ray --> Feb. 1st!
  142. The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch, 03/01/05
  143. Will we ever see these Brando films on DVD?
  144. Simpsons Disc Gone Bad?
  145. Intimate Strangers (Patrice Leconte) 12/28
  146. Homicide: Life on the Street - Season 6 to be released Jan. 25
  147. Almost Famous missing HBO feature
  148. Any news on an WWE Bret Hart DVD?
  149. Is "Anamorphic" the same thing as "Enhanced for Widescreen"?
  150. What version of The Terminal are you getting?
  151. DVD profiler question ?
  152. What site generally has the new DVD release reviews first?
  153. Does anyone know when the Subspecies (1-3) or C.H.U.D 2 will come out on DVD
  154. Any Chance of a Peanuts Ultimate Box Set?
  155. What's with the hatred against Eddie Murphy?
  156. Is this the Brain Damage i'm gonna recieve?
  157. Any problems with World at War(newer version)?
  158. Buffy Season Seven...Cut! (Warning, contains spoilers)
  159. Big Red One?
  160. Altman's Kansas City coming 02/15/2005
  161. The Warriors 25th Anniversary Edition?
  162. Possible problem with Riddick dvd
  163. In Living Color S2 - Cut?
  164. Day After Tomorrow dvd-rom complaints
  165. Star Wars Animated: Droids - not even the full series?
  166. Question about Simpsons holiday specials
  167. Transformers Special Edition???
  168. 4:3 DVDs with anamorphic menus?
  169. RIDDICK Directors Cut is Cut!
  170. Recommended dvd for Thanksgiving (family) viewing?
  171. Spider-Man 2 - THE New Demo DVD!
  172. Ski School 2???
  173. Felicity & Popular Final Seasons --> March 8, 2005
  174. Hard Eight isolated score?
  175. Space: Above & Beyond in 2005
  176. Assualt on Precinct 13/Dreamscape Two Pack
  177. Movies besides Star Wars that have ONLY versions on DVD that are not the theatrical?
  178. Is there a release date for Casshern yet?
  179. What DVDs are you getting 11.23.2004..?
  180. The Incredible Melting Man-wasn't it supposed to be released on DVD?
  181. Ferngully re-release February 2005?
  182. Planet of the Apes
  183. Do you feel that the majority of the movies you watch have puking scenes?
  184. BACKBEAT to be released as a SE soon....
  185. Sundance "Anatomy of a Scene" in DVD special features.
  186. Super Fuzz - December 7th!!!
  187. Everybody! Homestarrunner DVDs are out!
  188. Mens Journal's top 25 action DVDs
  189. T-Shirt for all the Star Wars geeks here!
  190. Once more: Back to the Future [merged]
  191. Best Stand-up comedy DVD's?
  192. Did Dr. Strangelove DVD come with a script?
  193. italian job, gone in 60 seconds...
  194. Truffaut's "The Bride Wore Black" back in print?
  195. Queen - On Fire At The Bowl (Milton Keynes) DVD
  196. The Keep...Still being Released 11/30?
  197. Lion King DVD going into the vault.
  198. Kill Bill DC in 8/05?
  199. Status of early 80s horror films not on DVD?
  200. Anyway to get just "The Matrix" from the new boxset?
  201. What are some good short film dvds?
  202. Is INVADER ZIM Vol. 3 fixed now?
  203. "Colossus:The Forbin Project" IS full frame!
  204. LOTR:Fellowship of The Ring Boxset
  205. Any news on Happy Days or Laverne & Shirley Season 2 and above?
  206. The Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin rerelease?
  207. Deep Space Nine box set
  208. Elf
  209. Queen: On Fire - Live at the Bowl
  210. Anyone here get the Ed Wood Box DVDs?
  211. Supergirl DVD
  212. Journey 1981 Concert?
  213. Kino's Ultimate Box Set Collection
  214. The Road to El Dorado - Which version should I get?
  215. Hellboy "Branching DVD Comics" help please...
  216. Please Settle My Debate
  217. Any news on Nikita Season Two Release Date?
  218. Upcoming Criterion titles confirmed
  219. ''Sky Captain'' is already on DVD (R5)
  220. My Ebay Account Got Hijacked - Lucky I Know Computers Really
  221. BB Riddick Bonus DVD... not in stores?
  222. BOYCOTT Crusade! (Maybe)
  223. Double Dipping- Discovering A Valid Reason To Do So
  224. Please help. Need complete list of dvd releases for the whole year.
  225. Dawn Of The Dead '04 Sound....
  226. PRIMER: Great new film that will make...
  227. So let me get this straight - there's no DTS on the Shrek 2 DVD, right?
  228. Shawshank Redemption Limited Edition OOP?
  229. More '05 Warner TV Releases, including Superman (G. Reeves) & Max Headroom!!
  230. DVD Profiler Pocket?
  231. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Question
  232. What are some Kung-Fu Action movies to get, I like Jackie Chan in partiular.
  233. Mission Impossoble(tv),Get Smart,Man from UNCLE,Girl from UNCLE?
  234. Any chance of an Austin Powers boxset?
  235. The Grudge --> Feb. 1st!
  236. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (11/15 - 11/21)
  237. Universal titles that are OOP question
  238. Just noticed: Other People's Money & Young Einstein
  239. Apocalypse Now or Redux?
  240. Office Special - Is that everything?
  241. Canadian Availibility of Director's Label Series
  242. Girl on the Bridge - Region 1 release?
  243. What kind of case does Snow White come in?
  244. HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Theron/Cruz...1/25/05
  245. New to Anime
  246. <b>Waco: The Rules of Engagement</b> defect?
  247. Soap: Season 3 coming January 25th
  248. which Matrix boxset are you buying?
  249. You know what we need? Another Army of Darkness Directors Cut DVD...
  250. Will we ever see "Fresh Hare" or "Southern Fried Rabbit" on DVD? Still "in